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H2020 projects about "envisage"

The page lists 70 projects related to the topic "envisage".

# achronym  title  year 
1 BetaDropNMR Ultra-sensitive NMR in liquids 2015
2 iKaaS intelligent Knowledge-as-a-Service Platform 2014
3 FURNIT-SAVER Smart Augmented and Virtual Reality Marketplace for Furniture Customisation 2015
4 TRICE QFT TRapped Ion Coherent Execution of Quantum Fourier Transform 2015
5 EI-USAXS Imaging ultra-small angle x-ray scattering with edge-illumination: exploiting sub-pixel information in medical diagnostics, materials science and security screening 2015
6 GenSPI Genomic Selection for Potato Improvement 2015
7 DRESSINGTHENEWWORLD Dressing the New World. The Trade and the Culture of Clothing in the New Spanish Colonies (1600-1800) 2015
8 RemoteControl Device Remote Controllable Devices 2015
9 INNOEM Innovative energy management technology for smart energy decisions 2015
10 NEMF21 Noisy Electromagnetic Fields - A Technological Platform for Chip-to-Chip Communication in the 21st Century 2015
11 SCHOCKO3 Novel Ozone and Thermal Shock Conservation Process for Vegetables 2015
12 INTRASTEM INTRASTEM: High Efficiency Delivery of Proteins, Nucleic Acids and Particles to Human Cells 2015
13 Fishtimator Continual Acoustic Based Multifunctional Cage Mounted Fish estimator Deigned To Reduce Feed Waste, Fish Mortality, and Predator and Fish Escape Control 2015
14 GRACE Resource Bounded Graph Query Answering 2015
15 selfBACK A decision support system for self-management of low back pain 2016
16 Playfields Playfields: Prototyping a location based game for higher education. 2016
17 LINGOKIDS LINGOKIDS: Adaptive mobile platform for language learning for early age children 2016
18 ChondUb Identification and characterisation of novel WWP2 substrates and their role in chondrogenesis and osteoarthritis 2016
19 WntELECT Wnt Enhancer LandscapE CharacTerization 2016
20 Immune Regulation How Infection History Shapes the Immune System: Pathogen-induced Changes in Regulatory T Cells 2016
21 MESO_BRAIN Custom architecturally defined 3D stem cell derived functional human neural networks for transformative progress in neuroscience and medicine 2016
22 2D-CHEM Two-Dimensional Chemistry towards New Graphene Derivatives 2016
23 Tamed Cancer Personalized Cancer Therapy by Model-based Optimal Robust Control Algorithm 2016
24 Human City Platform A Human City Platform for town and city councils to foster citizen engagement 2016
25 EVERYDAYNIGHT Wielkopolska Researchers’ Night welcomes - Let the experience of the Night last every day! 2016
26 MILQAS Milk quality antibiotics sensor 2016
27 MarPipe Improving the flow in the pipeline of the next generation of marine biodiscovery scientists 2016
28 ENVISAGE ENhance VIrtual learning Spaces using Applied Gaming in Education 2016
29 Neuroheart Cardiovascular Molecular Imaging for Personalized Tailored Treatment 2017
30 OMCIDC Optical Manipulation of Colloidal Interfaces, Droplets and Crystallites 2017
31 NARMESH Narrating the Mesh: Ecology and the Non-Human in Contemporary Fiction and Oral Storytelling 2017
32 HapticCell Haptic micromanipulation system for low cost autonomous microinjection tasks 2017
33 Envisage ENVISAGE (Development of Environmentally-friendly Innovative Solutions for Affected Grounds and Ecosystems) 2017
34 AERIALIST AdvancEd aicRaft-noIse-AlLeviation devIceS using meTamaterials 2017
35 AUTOMEATIC Automated system for packaging fresh meat with reduced waste/giveaway, processing time, human involvement and contamination 2017
36 WInSiC4AP Wide band gap Innovative SiC for Advanced Power 2017
37 ImmortaSTEM ImmortaSTEM: Transient Immortalisation for Patient Stem Cell Expansion and Therapeutic Application 2017
38 SeCtOR ENABleRs Standard Collagenous ORgans-on-chip ENvisaging Advanced Biological Researches 2017
39 Back4Future Back for the Future 2017
40 CryO2 Telemetric control of oxygen delivery for therapy optimization and adherence 2017
41 COSY-BIO Control Engineering of Biological Systems for Reliable Synthetic Biology Applications 2017
43 TRIPLECON Triple negative breast cancer control through synergistic inhibition of EGFR and CDK9 signaling 2017
44 BETLIV Returning to a Better Place: The (Re)assessment of the ‘Good Life’ in Times of Crisis 2018
45 REBUILDCNS Redirecting glial progenitor fate to rebuild the injured Brain 2018
46 CADOACCFAP Construction and design of advanced colloidal complexes from anisotropic particles 2019
47 OPTIMA Optimised Pest Integrated Management to precisely detect and control plant diseases in perennial crops and open-field vegetables 2018
48 ENIGMA ENIneering MAterial properties with advanced laser direct writing 2019
49 GSAS Genomic Strategies Against STB disease of wheat 2018
50 CellTrainer Low Cost Real-time Multi-Physics Virtual Reality Training System For In-vitro Fertilisation Microinjection Tasks 2018
51 KOBOLD The first Local Production Unit allowing Printing of Complex Multi-material Objects Remotely 2018
52 Medipee A novel touchless method and eHealth system for automated urine monitoring 2018
53 Bac-Tracker Empowering food manufacturers with a novel device for fast, accurate and cost-effective food safety testing 2018
54 DigiBreakers Putting Digital Circuit Breakers at the Centre of the Smart Grid 2019
55 CUREX seCUre and pRivate hEalth data eXchange 2018
56 DCRIDDLE A novel physiological role for IRE1 and RIDD..., maintaining the balance between tolerance and immunity? 2019
57 EXCHANGE Dynamic Complexes and Allosteric Regulation of Small Molecule Transporters 2019
58 HIGHTRIP HIGH speed civil Tilt Rotor wInd tunnel Project 2018
59 COMPLIMB A computational tool to elucidate the mechanobiological regulation of limb development 2019
60 Cata-rotors Visualising age- and cataract-related changed within cell membranes of human eye lens using molecular rotors 2019
61 B-GOOD Giving Beekeeping Guidance by cOmputatiOnal-assisted Decision making 2019
62 SCAFFOLD-NEEDS Commercialization of 3D scaffold platforms for neuronal cell culture models 2019
63 REFLOW constRuctive mEtabolic processes For materiaL flOWs in urban and peri-urban environments across Europe 2019
64 ProgNanoRobot Programmable NanoRobotics for Controlled Manipulation of Molecular Cargoes 2019
65 PRESENT Photoreal REaltime Sentient ENTity 2019
66 DESTINI Smart Data ProcESsing and SysTems of Deep INsIght 2019
67 NEUROPA Non-invasive dynamic neural control by laser-based technology 2020
68 NanoFUNC Functionalisation of ultra-bright all organic nanoparticles for super resolution imaging in intact brain preparations 2020
69 WireVision Intelligent electronic automotive systems repair support tool for auto repair technicians 2020
70 HypoCyclo Multifunctional Polymeric Cyclodextrin Nanocarriers As Novel Triple-Negative Breast Cancer Treatment: A Versatile Photo-Chemotherapy Bypassing Hypoxic Conditions 2020