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# achronym  title  year 
1 SUCCESS Sustainable Urban Consolidation CentrES for conStruction 2015
2 EENLondon H2020 Establishing services enhancing the innovation management capacity of SME's in the Enterprise Europe Network- London 2014
3 3D Tune-In 3D-games for TUNing and lEarnINg about hearing aids 2015
4 OrganiCity OrganiCity – Co-creating smart cities of the future 2015
5 OTR Off The Rails 2014
6 INNOVATIONOPTIONS Valuing Innovation Options and Policy Flexibility Under Uncertainty 2016
7 REAPPAST High-Resolution Approach in Middle and Upper Palaeolithic sites for reconstructing Social dynamic and Technical behaviours 2015
8 DecoMP_ECoG Decoding memory processing from experimental and spontaneous human brain activity using intracranial electrophysiological recordings and machine learning based methods. 2015
9 Digiseal Byzantine seals in a digital age: new tools for European research 2015
10 BioMASCE Biophysical Manipulation of Adult Stem Cell Epigenetics (BioMASCE) By Cell-Penetrating Nanoneedle Substrates 2016
11 CortexVisionBehavior Neocortical circuits underlying visually-guided behaviors in mice. 2016
12 ALGOVIS Algorithmic Approaches to Spatially-Informed Information Visualization 2015
13 OUTstandINg Cell-surface immobilized vs. internalized magnetic nanoparticles for magnetic hyperthermia studies 2015
14 EcoDA Experimental co-Design Approaches: Investigating possibilities for creating networks of resilient citizens and civic actions of urban resilience through hybrid platforms 2015
15 SMI REP Investigating eukaryotic replisome dynamics at the single molecule level 2015
16 NEW URBAN UNIVERSITY Situating the New Urban University: Higher Education in an Era of Global Urbanization 2015
17 Savage Warfare Savage Warfare: A Cultural History of British and American Colonial Campaigns 1885-1914 2015
18 MUSIC How the brain creates Mutual Understanding during Social InteraCtion 2016
19 MigrWorkers The Race, Class and Gender of Transnational Urban Labour: Romanian Workers in the Cities of London and NYC 2015
20 EmotionalActions Understanding Emotional Actions 2015
21 Art market ‘The re-privatization of the contemporary art world: private collectors and artist-entrepreneurs in the changing geographies of European art’ 2017
22 AdoDigitFamX Adolescents, Parents and Digital Media: Looking for the pattern that dis/connects 2015
23 REINVEST Financing Affordable Housing Under Localism 2015
24 Sentab SENTAB: Combatting Senior Loneliness through Fun and Entertaining Technology 2015
25 Aerowash II InnovAtive automatic battERy pOwered WASHing robot for the aviation industry – Aerowash II 2015
26 KIOS KIOS Research Center of Excellence for Intelligent Systems and Networks 2015
27 THE DISCOVERIES CTR Development of a Business Plan for establishment of The Discoveries Centre for Regenerative and Precision Medicine, a new Centre of Excellence in Portugal 2015
28 EU-elabus4.0 reduce - recycle - reuse eMobility - retrofitting-kits for busses 2015
29 REACH REACH: Risk, Resilience, Ethnicity and AdolesCent Mental Health 2015
30 Invest INtelligent Video analytics to analyse complex scenes and Enhance Security of critical infrastructure and urban soft Targets 2015
31 ATOM Attention to Marketing (ATOM): Application of eye-tracking to the online market for advertising 2015
32 FIRST LIGHT Early Star-Forming Galaxies and Cosmic Reionisation 2015
33 D3IMPACT Data-driven decisions for intelligent management of public transportation 2015
34 IMPACT Integrated Mobile Platform for Activity Commoditisation in the Travel market (IMPACT) 2015
35 COAT Anti-reflection coatings from solution-processable, high-refractive index inorganic/organic hybrid materials 2015
36 ENGHUM Engaged humanities in Europe: Capacity building for participatory research in linguistic-cultural heritage 2016
37 smarticipate smart services for calculated impact assessment in open governance 2016
38 ENHANCE Engineering the 3D Niche to enHANCE functionality of hepatocytes derived from human iPSCs 2016
39 CAtMolChip Cold Atmospheric Molecules on a Chip 2016
40 FORECAST Fluorescence lifetime optical biopsy system 2017
41 TASTGCEP “Thomas Aquinas’ Summa Theologiae Ia IIae translated by Demetrius Cydones and Bessarion’s incomplete Compendium of the translation – A Critical Editio Princeps” 2016
42 RICC The Application of Advanced Raman Spectroscopies to the Quantitative Analysis of Industrial Chromatography Columns 2016
43 SYNC Synchronizing Palaeoclimate data for better understanding of the Solar effect on European Climate 2016
44 PERSIST Systematic identification of (p)ppGpp-dependent multidrug and stress tolerance factors 2016
45 DesignerAntibiotics Towards the prevention of aminoglycoside antibiotic-related deafness 2017
46 COLEDISO Corporate Legitimacy in Digital Society: The Role of Citizens’ Judgments in Social Media 2016
47 SAMA Spaces of Anti-Muslim Acts in the Greater Paris and Greater London regions 2016
48 DSMM “(De) Securitising Muslims in Cyber space: Social Media, Civil society and Marginalisation After Charlie Hebdo and the Islamic State” 2016
49 DITOs Doing It Together science (DITOs) 2016
50 MultisensoryIntegration Multisensory Integration in Time and Space 2016
51 Science Uncovered Science Uncovered 2016
52 HIPPOGRIFFE Hybrid simulations of flow properties using atomistic – fluctuating hydrodynamics modelling for nanoconfined water 2016
53 WAVEFIL WAvelength VErsatile Pulsed Raman FIbre Lasers 2017
54 FuSEL FUnerals as public Services in long Eighteenth century London 2016
55 SURE Exploring Subtitle Reading Process with Eyetracking Technology 2016
56 DEMO Dementia modelling 2016
57 BIOrescue Enhanced bioconversion of agricultural residues through cascading use 2016
58 WARMUSIC The War on Music. Heritage, Islam and Peacekeeping in relation to the Islamist attacks in Mali 2017
59 dEUdil dEUdil: Building on open data as a new business model in the business information industry 2016
60 RADoTE Remote-Activated Delivery of Therapeutic Exosomes (RADoTE) via an Injectable PEG Hydrogel Carrier 2016
61 HHGhole2 High-harmonic spectroscopy for core-hole dynamics 2016
62 TRANSNATIONALaw Transnationalism and Unofficial Law: The Case of Kurds in Turkey and Germany 2017
63 HPSuper High-Pressure High-Temperature Superconductivity 2017
64 KASKO KASKO – delivering insurance as a service at the point of demand 2016
65 NEOSURANCE Neosurance's objective is to propose innovative short-term insurance policies,proposed to the client a few hours before an event he is going to participate,through an advanced machine learning engine 2016
66 PJ25 XSTREAM Cross Border SESAR Trials for Enhanced Arrival Management 2017
67 CO2Catalyst Pilot scale demonstration of novel CO2 co-polymerisation catalysts in the PU polyol market 2016
68 LENSD Liquid Exfoliation of Nanomaterials using Spinning Discs 2017
69 RAINOLVE Accurate irrigation controller with multi-sensoring and interactive cloud-based platform to evaluate real plant needs and save up to 80% of water 2017
70 VehmeLit Legal Cultures and Literary Trials in the Age of Goethe. The Vehmic Court Motif in Interdisciplinary and Comparative Perspective 2018
71 KIOS CoE KIOS Research and Innovation Centre of Excellence 2017
72 THE DISCOVERIES CTR Implementation of The Discoveries Centre for Regenerative and Precision Medicine, a new Centre of Excellence in Portugal 2017
73 qBioNano Quantifying bio-nano interactions of nanoparticles through microfluidic live cell Raman spectroscopy 2017
74 Health1UP2 Differentiated health impacts of primary and secondary ultrafine particles 2017
75 ExoSensor A Nano-photoelectric Exosome Biosensor for Point-of-care Diagnosis of Early-stage Cancer 2017
76 SCAVENGER Determining the drivers and importance of scavenging behaviors in a changing world using agent based modeling approaches. 2017
77 NETBIO-GE Quantitative brain network biomarkers for patient-specific diagnostics in idiopathic generalized epilepsy 2017
78 HISTPLAY The History Play and the British Enlightenment, 1750-1815 2017
79 FiTTeR Developing a Fibrosis Targeting and Tissue Reparative (FiTTeR) Therapy for the Infarcted Myocardium via an Injectable Functionalized Extracellular Matrix Hydrogel 2017
80 SupaSteD Suppresion of adaptive immunity by the Salmonella effector SteD 2017
81 PERIGROWTH States, firms and, sustainable economic growth: A view from the periphery 2018
82 SURGE Social Sustainability and Urban Regeneration Governance: An International Perspective 2017
83 TRAVELLING SOUNDS Travelling Sounds: A cultural analysis of sonic artefacts in postcolonial Europe 2018
84 RF-MAFS Novel RF Driven MRI Magnet for Imaging Enhancement 2017
85 COGNAC NeuroCOGNitive impact of Air pollution exposures in Childhood: Assessment of air pollution effects on the development of cognition and behaviour in children 2017
86 METROMOD Relocating Modernism: Global Metropolises, Modern Art and Exile 2017
87 Photosense Photoacoustic and fluorescence imaging platform for biosensing applications: An innovative approach for the study of disease-related biomarkers 2017
88 MUTAnTS A microfluidic high throughput approach to helicase biophysics 2018
89 EBODAC Communication strategy and tools for optimizing the impact of Ebola vaccination deployment – Sofia ref.: 115847 2014
90 PLANAFFHO PLANAFFHO - PLANning for AFFordable HOusing 2018
92 CLUSTERS 2.0 Open network of hyper connected logistics clusters towards Physical Internet 2017
93 ZNEOPSIN_II The role of novel opsins in non-visual light detection in the zebrafish brain 2018
94 DesignEng Designing Engineers: Harnessing the Power of Design Projects to Spur Cognitive and Epistemological Development of STEM Students 2018
96 DATASOUND DATASOUND: Understanding data with sound 2017
97 SECURE_TRAY Advanced Security Trays for World Airports 2017
98 Hubble Hubble – smart workplace allocation platform 2017
99 Corvid AI-based autonomous flight control for the electric passenger aircraft of the nearest future 2017
100 ELECTROU MW Fuel Cell micro grid and district heating at King’s Cross 2018
101 ERIEH Exact Results in Extended Holography 2018
102 TRAUMA_CONTEXT Looking at it from a different angle: The role of viewpoint-dependency in traumatic intrusions. 2018
103 OpenGTN Open Ground Truth Training Network : Magnetic resonance image simulationfor training and validation of image analysis algorithms 2018
104 ZEFER Zero Emission Fleet vehicles For European Roll-out 2017
105 Startup Lighthouse Lighthouse: Lighting the way for European scale-ups 2018
106 PICTURE High Performance and High Yield Heterogeneous III-V/Si Photonic Integrated Circuits using a Thin and Uniform Bonding Layer 2018
107 AUTTO Unlocking intelligent workflow automation for the SME market through AUTTO, an AI powered micro-automation SaaS Platform 2017
108 AMPWISE Autonomous Wireless Current Sensor for Aircraft Power Lines 2018
109 WAI Wiraya Activation Intelligence 2018
110 ELECTRO NEEDLE In situ stem cell monitoring system based on conductive nanoneedle devices for tracking cell fates in invasive manner 2018
111 PiCoBoo 19th-Century European Picture-Books in Colour 2018
112 TRANSACT Book History and Translation History: Copyright, Wages, Censorship, and the (Proto-)Professionalisation of Translators in Nineteenth-Century Britain and Ireland 2018
113 RNAmpMax Maximization of amplification of next-generation RNA replicon vaccines through synergistic molecular and formulation design 2019
114 scTRYPseq Understanding the initiation virulence gene expression in African trypanosomes 2019
115 CORVISDEC Cortical circuits underlying visual decision-making behaviors in mice 2018
116 UMOTA Ultracold Molecules in Optical Trap Arrays 2018
117 VACMA Vaccine Media Analytics 2018
118 CLEVER Cities CLEVER Cities - Co-designing Locally tailored Ecological solutions for Value added, socially inclusivE Regeneration in Cities 2018
119 Aqua Gratis Development and commercialisation of cost effective, easy to use, fit and maintain domestic greywater reuse system 2018
120 SEAGEM Developing a process to bring a unique Icelandic natural food sea gem worldwide 2018
121 uEcologies Urban Ecologies: governing nonhuman life in global cities 2018
122 SemanticCity Structuring Raw Scans 2018
123 DISCE Developing Inclusive & Sustainable Creative Economies 2019
124 PLUS Platform Labour in Urban Spaces: Fairness, Welfare, Development 2019
125 Data Market Services / DMS Accelerator Supporting the European data market providing free support services to data-centric SMEs and start-ups 2019
126 MAIA Mapping and Assessment for Integrated ecosystem Accounting (MAIA) 2018
127 Affects Mobilising Affects: Politics of Security and the Withdrawal of Citizenship 2019
128 ThinAirWater Providing water for everyone with water-from-air technology 2018
129 EuQu The European Qur'an. Islamic Scripture in European Culture and Religion 1150-1850 2019
130 ECMO-BIOMARKER Delivering ECMO-BIOMARKER – a ground-breaking ICT-enabled ECMO Biomarker system providing clinicians with bedside decision support for better care and reduced costs of severe ICU patients 2019
131 FODBASA Advanced System for Foreign Object Debris, Drone and Bird-Aircraft Strike Avoidance 2019
132 ReVeAL Regulating Vehicle Access for improved Livability 2019
133 SUBNETVIS Identifying subtype specific networks involved in sensory representation in mouse primary visual cortex 2020
134 ProDelivery High Throughput Synthesis of Polymeric Vesicles for Protein Delivery 2019
135 Affects Mobilising Affects: Withdrawal of Citizenship and Politics of Security 2019
136 MULTIRES MULTI-level framework to enhance seismic RESilience of RC buildings 2019
137 WaysTUP! Value chains for disruptive transformation of urban biowaste into biobased products in the city context 2019
138 STOPFOP Saracatinib Trial tO Prevent FOP 2019
139 DISCOURSEVAX Institutional Theory and Discourse Analysis: an empirical investigation of the rhetoric of Anti Vaccination movement 2020
140 INFANTPATTERNS Development of kinematic and muscle patterns in preterm infants 2019
141 CuDiCy Power through Attraction: British, Greek and Turkish Cultural Diplomacy in Cyprus, 1945-1974 2019
142 CIRCuIT Circular Construction In Regenerative Cities (CIRCuIT) 2019
143 EIPOD4 EMBL Interdisciplinary Postdoc Programme 4 2019
144 HeatTank HeatTANK – The cool way to store heat. Energy efficient solution for cooling telecommunication data centers 2019
145 AIM Commercializing the world’s leading platform for influencer-driven commerce 2019
146 CETOCOEN Excellence CETOCOEN Excellence 2020
147 RDS Artificial Intelligence Powered Fashion Insights and Personal Styling Solutions 2019
148 Malaria POC Ultrasensitive detection of transmissible malaria 2019
149 BIKEINSIDE Automated modular vertical parking for bicycles: guard your bike inside! 2019
150 TCTOOL Innovative Tooling, End-Effector Development and Industrialisation for Welding of Thermoplastic Components 2019
151 SUSTEUS Assessing the socio-economic impact of environmentally sustainable redevelopment plans on communities housed in social housing estates in EU and US cities 2020
152 DemDX Next generation clinical decision-support & education 2019
153 FURTHER-FC Further Understanding Related to Transport limitations at High current density towards future ElectRodes for Fuel Cells 2020
154 CORAL COntrolling network RAndom Lasers on chip 2020
155 URBS The Historic Urban Landscape of European Cathedral Cities: a transnational approach towards an understanding of a shared European heritage 2020
156 Electroscopy Electrochemistry of All-solid-state-battery Processes using Operando Electron Microscopy 2020
157 APOLITICAL The first global peer-to-peer platform for government, to help public servants find the ideas, experts and partners they need to solve today’s hardest challenges 2020