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H2020 projects about "optimum"

The page lists 183 projects related to the topic "optimum".

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1 FATIMA FArming Tools for external nutrient Inputs and water MAnagement 2015
2 i3-Food Process integration for rapid implementation of sustainable innovative food processing 2015
3 OPTIMUM Multi-source Big Data Fusion Driven Proactivity for Intelligent Mobility 2015
4 ComBoNDT Quality assurance concepts for adhesive bonding of aircraft composite structures by advanced NDT 2015
5 ProPAT Robust and affordable process control technologies for improving standards and optimising industrial operations 2015
6 E2VENT Energy Efficient Ventilated Façades for Optimal Adaptability and Heat Exchange enabling low energy architectural concepts for the refurbishment of existing buildings 2015
7 IODISPlay IOD service mISsions PortfoLio 2015
8 INREP Towards Indium free TCOs 2015
9 TRUSS Training in Reducing Uncertainty in Structural Safety 2015
10 IODA Industrial optimal design using adjoint CFD 2015
11 P2P-SmarTest Peer to Peer Smart Energy Distribution Networks (P2P-SmartTest) 2015
12 TILOS Technology Innovation for the Local Scale, Optimum Integration of Battery Energy Storage 2015
13 EUth EUth - Tools and Tips for Digital and Mobile Youth Participation in and across Europe 2015
14 LIRON-2020 Disruptive Technology for the Global Laundry Equipment Market 2014
15 Hennovation Practice-led innovation supported by science and market-driven actors in the laying hen and other livestock sectors 2015
16 PreFlexMS Predictable Flexible Molten Salts Solar Power Plant 2015
17 HYDIN Experimental constraints on indium transport in hydrothermal systems 2016
19 MSMART Margination of Microcapsules in Small Arteries 2015
20 ACE_GFAT Development of retrieval techniques for aerosol microphysical characterization from multi-wavelength space-borne lidar and radiometric measurements 2016
21 SOCIAL COST Differential costs of social living in nature 2016
22 NASTEX Study feasibility and best route to market for telecare solution in Germany and Japan 2015
23 THEMOTION TheMotion: Revolution in Motion 2015
24 HEATSENS_S Lab-on-a-chip microfluidic device based on plasmonicdriven thermal sensing for rapid detection of Salmonella typhimurium in agro-food field. 2015
25 SmartComm-LED Reconfigurable silicon architecture for connected intelligent lighting. 2015
26 Enabling Excellence Graphene-based nanomaterials for touchscreen technologies: Comprehension, Commerce and Communication 2015
27 IMPRESS New Easy to Install and Manufacture PRE-Fabricated Modules Supported by a BIM based Integrated Design ProceSS 2015
28 Riblet4Wind Riblet-Surfaces for Improvement of Efficiency of Wind Turbines 2015
29 SMARTAgriFor Collaboration to develop a business plan for the Centre of Agriculture and Forestry 2015
30 HybridBatteryPack Hybrid Battery Pack 2015
31 SURFINK Functional materials from on-surface linkage of molecular precursors 2015
32 DAFNEOX Designing Advanced Functionalities through controlled NanoElement integration in OXide thin films 2015
33 FRESCO Efficient, Flexible Synthesis of Molecules with Tailored Shapes: from Photo-switchable Helices to anti-Cancer Compounds 2015
34 FibreRemodel Frontier research in arterial fibre remodelling for vascular disease diagnosis and tissue engineering 2015
35 TAMING Taming non convexity? 2015
36 CTCPlus Multi-Parameter Monitoring and Control System for Grain Silo Plants (CTC+) 2015
37 MIMAS Multi-dimensional interferometric amplification of ultrashort laser pulses 2015
38 SIMUTOOL Integrated design and novel tooling and process optimisation of microwave processing of composites 2015
39 I-ThERM Industrial Thermal Energy Recovery Conversion and Management 2015
40 SHAREBOX Secure Management Platform for Shared Process Resources 2015
41 StableVax Commercialisation of a world changing invention for the stabilisation and delivery of vaccines 2015
42 FOREMAT Finding a needle in a haystack: efficient identification of high performing organic energy materials 2015
43 NOMA-MRI Novel materials to improve magnetic resonance imaging 2015
44 SYSTEMPOLE High Performance Modular Composite Pole for Orchard Hail Protection 2015
45 FishDirector Automatic Scalable VM Management for Data Centre Optimisation 2015
46 WORKSHOP4.0 Automated real-time production forecasting for industry 2016
47 DryCoolerSeeds Optimum, sustainable solution for seed drying and conservation 2015
48 ACOTAAL Automation COncepts and Technologies for Aircraft Assembly Lines in the Aircraft Factory of the Future 2016
49 FluctEvol Fluctuating selection, evolution, and plasticity in random environments 2016
50 OptArch Optimization Driven Architectural Design of Structures 2016
51 H2AD-aFDPI H2AD - Innovative and scalable biotechnology using Microbial Fuel Cell and Anaerobic Digestion for the treatment of micro-scale industrial and agriculture effluents to recover energy from waste 2015
52 EQUINOX A novel process for manufacturing complex shaped Fe-Al intermetallic parts resistant to extreme environments 2016
53 CONTREX Controlling Triplet Excitons in Organic Semiconductors 2016
54 OFBioSens-MIP Optical fibre biomimetic sensors based on Lossy Mode Resonances with Molecularly Imprinted Polymers 2016
55 ZephyCloud Making Wind Energy More Bankable…Faster! 2016
56 CRESO Cognition and Representation of Self and the Other in North African Rock Art 2017
57 BRISC Bounded Rationality in Sensorimotor Coordination 2016
58 BRISC Bounded Rationality in Sensorimotor Coordination 2016
59 COSMIC LENS Delivering on the Promise of Measuring Dark Energy from Cosmic Lensing 2016
60 OPTEX Costs and optimality of gene expression levels in Escherichia coli 2017
61 SMART-Plant Scale-up of low-carbon footprint material recovery techniques in existing wastewater treatment plants 2016
62 MONACAT Magnetism and Optics for Nanoparticle Catalysis 2016
63 Scubacraft Submersible vessel used for multi-purpose sub-aqua applications to enhance marine life, environment conservation and structural integrity of offshore installations. 2016
64 DTD SYSTEM A disruptive innovation for the minimisation of railway maintenance costs 2016
65 SOLVE new machine tool for SimultaneOus pLate beVElling on all material types 2016
66 MATRIX Anthropogenic units detected by rare earth elements (REE) soil analysis in archaeological strata. 2016
67 AdOMiS Adaptive Optical Microscopy Systems: Unifying theory, practice and applications 2016
68 SURE Exploring Subtitle Reading Process with Eyetracking Technology 2016
69 CHESS Cegasa Portable Hybrid Energy Storage Solution 2016
70 EPoCH Exploring and Preventing Cryptographic Hardware Backdoors: Protecting the Internet of Things against Next-Generation Attacks 2016
71 LASIMM Large Additive Subtractive Integrated Modular Machine 2016
72 ULTRASTABLE Ultrastable optical frequency comb systems 2016
73 TAVAC Technologies for Active Vibration and Acoustic Comfort 2016
74 GEMex GEMex: Cooperation in Geothermal energy research Europe-Mexico for development of Enhanced Geothermal Systems and Superhot Geothermal Systems 2016
75 CL-Windcon Closed Loop Wind Farm Control 2016
76 ELECTRON4WATER Three-dimensional nanoelectrochemical systems based on low-cost reduced graphene oxide: the next generation of water treatment systems 2017
77 BE-OI Beyond EPICA - Oldest Ice 2016
78 COLIBRI Carrier-selective contacts for silicon photovoltaics based on broadband-transparent oxides 2016
79 A-LEAF An Artificial Leaf: a photo-electro-catalytic cell from earth-abundant materials for sustainable solar production of CO2-based chemicals and fuels 2017
80 SLIM Sustainable Low Impact Mining solution for exploitation of small mineral deposits based on advanced rock blasting and environmental technologies 2016
81 PJ08 AAM Advanced Airspace Management 2016
82 PJ18 4DTM 4D Trajectory Management 2016
83 PJ14 EECNS Essential and Efficient Communication Navigation and Surveillance Integrated System 2016
84 VISIRday VISible to far-IR optical tuning: passive DAYtime cooling by hierarchical structures and hybrid materials 2017
85 inteGRIDy integrated Smart GRID Cross-Functional Solutions for Optimized Synergetic Energy Distribution, Utilization Storage Technologies 2017
86 Graphene 3D Multifunctional Graphene-based Nanocomposites with Robust Electromagnetic and Thermal Properties for 3D-printing Application 2017
87 IHS water and energy efficient Induction Humidification System for textile applications 2016
88 BlueAquality Blue Aquality 2016
89 FUNGITAINER FUNGITAINER: Innovative Modular and Mobile Indoor Farm for Mushrooms and Substrate Production 2017
90 SunDROPS Self-DRiving hydrOPonic System - Develop automated hydroponic systems that use high frequency pulsing-light and intermittent/alternate nutrient supply to optimize resources and plant adaptation. 2018
91 ADVICE ADvancing user acceptance of general purpose hybridized Vehicles by Improved Cost and Efficiency 2017
92 LocationWise LocationWise Payment Card Validation: A cloud based location verification system that willsignificantly lower cost of payment card cyber security 2017
93 CaraSlug Carabids as biocontrol agents for slugs in Oregon and Ireland - a novel and interdisciplinary approach to determine key malacophagous species and beneficial management options 2017
94 SMS Smart Morphing and Sensing 2017
95 VALUEMAG Valuable Products from Algae Using New Magnetic Cultivation and Extraction Techniques 2017
96 SolACE Solutions for improving Agroecosystem and Crop Efficiency for water and nutrient use 2017
97 POLMAG Polarized Radiation Diagnostics for Exploring the Magnetism of the Outer Solar Atmosphere 2018
98 DSSC Data Science and Systems Complexity Research Training Programme 2017
99 Fresh Solutions Fresh Solutions –‘A fresh approach to food packaging’ 2017
100 ACCURATE Aerospace Composite Components - Ultrasonic Robot Assisted Testing (ACCURATE) 2017
101 milkGUARD milkGUARD – a continuous whole milk disinfection system for calf feeding on-farm 2017
102 SaT5G Satellite and Terrestrial Network for 5G 2017
103 iReact-NG iReact-NG 2017
105 MONSON Ultrathin Mixed Matrix Membranes (MMMs) Derived from Metal-Organic Framework (MOF) Nanosheets for Organic Solvent Nanofiltration (OSN) 2017
106 HYDROPHO-CHEAP Commercialization of a novel method for fabricating cheap tailor–made superhydrophobic surfaces 2018
107 M3DLoC Additive Manufacturing of 3D Microfluidic MEMS for Lab-on-a-Chip applications 2018
108 REFLEX Reversible solid oxide Electrolyzer and Fuel cell for optimized Local Energy miX 2018
109 TAHYA TAnk HYdrogen Automotive 2018
110 STRONGRCRAFT Safe, Technically Robust and Optical New Generation fuel system to be integrated on new RotorCRAFT 2018
111 ECOLAND Development of ECO-friendly protection procedures for LANDing gear aluminium alloys 2018
112 TechnocaP Innovative technology for capsule filling machines to boost the pharmaceutical manufacturing process 2018
113 ECOMESH A hybrid solar panel that maximises heat capture and electricity generatio 2018
114 HADES HADES - Optical Hot Air Leak DEtection System 2018
115 DryCoolerSeeds Optimum, sustainable solution for seed drying and conservation 2018
116 COOLEFIN Novel Dinuclear Late Transition Metal Catalysts for CO2/Olefin and CO2/Epoxide/Olefin Copolymerization 2019
117 DenCity Density assemblages: intensity and the city in a global urban age 2018
118 ECOBREED Increasing the efficiency and competitiveness of organic crop breeding 2018
119 OPTIMA Optimised Pest Integrated Management to precisely detect and control plant diseases in perennial crops and open-field vegetables 2018
120 CEN-CE CEN standard Certified ExpertsEU-wide qualification and training scheme based on EPBD mandated CEN standards 2018
121 MMED Development of a Microfluidic Microbial Ecology Device and Mathematical Model to Study Antibiotic Response of Individual Cells 2019
122 PolyHeal Autonomously Healable Thermoplastic Polymer Coatings based on Cooperative Interactions 2018
123 WAMSISE West Antarctic Margin Signatures of Ice Sheet Evolution 2018
124 ADCLICH Climate change and evolution: effects on phenotypic plasticity and genetic pattern 2018
125 SUPRAforORGANS Synthetic supramolecular polymers as artificial extracellular matrix for stem cell expansion towards organoids. 2019
126 MFOptBF Multi-fidelity design optimization of long-span bridges considering probabilistic wind-induced instabilities of flutter and buffeting and hydrodynamics 2018
127 SHui Soil Hydrology research platform underpinning innovation to manage water scarcity in European and Chinese cropping systems 2018
128 HyCool Industrial Cooling through Hybrid system based on Solar Heat 2018
129 HEY BABY Helping Empower Youth Brought up in Adversity with their Babies and Young children 2019
130 QuantCom Ubiquitous Quantum Communications 2018
131 botconnect Collaboration of humans and AI in the enterprise 2018
133 SMART TRAWLING Next-generation control system to enhance performance of commercial fishing trawlers 2018
134 MilkGuard A continuous milk disinfection system for calf feeding on-farm 2018
135 SALLY R Securing a healthy indoor air climate while saving energy in buildings with space technology 2018
136 AIRGENEX-food Innovative and worldwide unique heat pump based condensation drying technology for drying and preservation of food products 2018
137 Airline Team NCM Airspace User support to the development of Network Collaborative Management 2018
138 PEA aluminium Portable Element Analyzer 2018
139 POEMA Polynomial Optimization, Efficiency through Moments and Algebra 2019
140 IAWAS Innovative Aluminium filler Wires for Aircraft Structures 2018
141 FISRAD Organizing FISA and EuradWaste Conference under the Romanian Presidency of EU Council 2018
142 ADDAPTTA SEALS ADDitive mAnufacturing oPTimized TAilored SEALS 2018
143 DIH² A Pan‐European Network of Robotics DIHs for Agile Production 2019
144 WIISAS Plug and play LED lighting control and monitoring system for new and existing installations 2018
145 LIMONA New Water Softener System for vending machines, minimizing hardness without altering natural water pH nor minerals 2018
146 Hydrogreen Towards local circular economy: biomass-based pyrogasification process for the production of green hydrogen 2018
147 MICROCRACK Micromechanics of rock fracture: enabling energy-efficient mining through next generation cracking models 2019
148 ESTEEM3 Enabling Science and Technology through European Electron Microscopy 2019
149 HIVACS High Voltage Aerospace Cable System 2019
150 i-Weld Integration of advanced experiments, computation and data for Duplex Stainless Steel joininginnovation 2019
151 LOWCOST-IC Low Cost Interconnects with highly improved Contact Strength for SOC Applications 2019
152 GLIOHAB Multiparametric imaging of glioblastoma tumour heterogeneity for supporting treatment decisions and accurate prognostic estimation 2019
153 STRATOS SOCP-Tailored Real-time Algorithm for Trajectory Onboard Synthesis 2020
154 Star Polymers When Soft Matter Goes Really Soft – A New Paradigm for Star Polymer Self-Assembly 2020
155 SNFWD A pH-Responsive Bionanohybrid Nanofibrous Wound Dressing 2019
156 BELENUS Lowering Costs by Improving Efficiencies in Biomass Fueled Boilers: New Materials and Coatings to Reduce Corrosion 2019
157 diFUME Urban carbon dioxide Flux Monitoring using Eddy Covariance and Earth Observation 2019
158 KAFKA Efficient Computational Methods for Active Flow Control Using Adjoint Sensitivities 2020
159 IMPRESS Integrated Modular Power Conversion for Renewable Energy Systems with Storage 2019
160 POLARC High Arctic Polynyas in a Changing Climate 2019
161 GRAPHENE WATER High-Quality Graphene Dispersion in Water for Anti-Corrosion Applications 2019
162 SSINGERG Solid-phase synthesis of imprinted nanoparticles exhibiting glycan epitope recognition in glycoproteins 2019
163 OXIFLOW Next Generation Flow Diverter for the Treatment of Intracranial Aneurysms Delivering Improved Patient Outcomes and Healthcare Cost Savings 2019
164 pvDesign pvDesign® accelerates and optimises the Design of Utility-Scale Photovoltaic plants 2019
165 X-FLEX Integrated energy solutions and new market mechanisms for an eXtended FLEXibility of the European grid 2019
166 INLET INdustrial LEvitation Technology 2019
167 Contentflow Video Livestreaming Has Never Been Easier 2019
168 SENTINEL Multi-spectral remote system for real-time alarm and monitoring of natural hazards 2019
169 SysAgria SysAgria – integrated solution for smart agriculture 2019
170 PARMESCAN Parmesan Cheese Quality Inspection via CAT Scanner and Robotic Arm 2019
171 STRATUS Replicating the rain process to provide a sustainable drinking water supply where most needed 2019
173 DEFACTO Battery DEsign and manuFACTuring Optimization through multiphysic modelling 2020
174 UCL Unmanned Chemical Lab (UCL): autonomous control system for the remote management of soluble and emulsifiable metalworking fluids 2019
175 PJ14-W2 I-CNSS Integrated Communication, Navigation and Surveillance System 2019
176 Predictive sigma Predictive maintenance platform for industrial assets based on AI and IoT 2019
177 HandheldOCT Handheld optical coherence tomography 2020
178 E-Optimum Energy leading-edge technology for high performance gear shaping machines 2020
179 Ofi Ofi, pool management at your fingertips! 2020
180 NanoCPPs Manufacture of nanostructured Conjugated Porous Polymers for energy applications 2020
181 COSMAGREEN COating for SMArt GREENhouses 2021
182 SupraRNA A Comprehensive Supramolecular Approach for an RNA vaccine for Influenza A (H1N1) 2020
183 PolyNanoCat Polymer Nanoparticle for Hydrogen Evolution 2021