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H2020 projects about "99"

The page lists 147 projects related to the topic "99".

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1 BW-KAM Innovation Management Capacity Building of SME by the Enterprise Europe Network Baden-Württemberg 2014
2 ATLASS Advanced high-resolution printing of organic Transistors for Large Area Smart Surfaces 2015
3 CANCER-TECH Cervical cancer detection platform based on novel laser processing 2016
4 RE-DEV Assessing the transition to renewable energy in Rapidly Developing Countries 2015
5 BigDataScore Improving loan quality and acceptance rates by predicting credit behavior through social mediadata. 2015
6 ULISENS Ultra Legionella Inmunoanalysis System for Early Sensing 2015
7 DEVULC Novel Devulcanization Machine for Industrial and Tyre Rubber Recycling 2015
8 GT Green battery-less Tire Pressure Monitoring System 2015
9 MicroLAB MicroLAB lab-on-a-cartridge, a disruptive concept. Towards an innovative solution for food safety 2015
10 HW2000 Hydrowashr 2000 2015
11 DAO-BACKEND Validating technical assumptions for a multi-tenant mobile multiplayer game backend platform. 2015
12 iTPX In-cavity thermophotonic cooling 2015
13 APA Filter-less air pollution abatement system able to clean a wide range of pollutants at ground level for a healthier workplace and more sustainable environment. 2015
14 SILVERWINE Antiseptic kaolin-silver complex for substituting the use of sulfites in winemaking 2015
15 BW-KAM2 Innovation Management Capacity Building of SME by the Enterprise Europe Network Baden-Württemberg 2 2015
16 BASKAM Innovation services and key account management support for Basque SMEs during 2015-2016 2015
17 BlueBRIDGE Building Research environments for fostering Innovation, Decision making, Governance and Education to support Blue growth 2015
18 eMicrobevol Early Microbial Evolution 2015
19 KAM2EastPoland Enhancing the innovation management capacities of SMEs in East Poland 2015
20 DryCoolerSeeds Optimum, sustainable solution for seed drying and conservation 2015
21 UEWC Ubiqutek Electrical Weed Control (UEWC): An advanced electrical weed control device to be integrated with existing agricultural equipment, yielding a zero chemical, organic result at a reduced cost 2015
23 SMARTDIAGNOS Next generation sepsis diagnosis 2016
24 MAYIM Integrated method for treating a wide range of industrial waste waters based on magnetic settling and catalytic oxidation 2015
25 PERFORM Calibration and integration of peripheral and foveal information in human vision 2016
26 HiPower Development of a commercial manufacturing process for a low cost, small footprint, high efficiency fully electric compressor and power controls to fulfil a market need for use in heavy goods vehicles 2016
27 ATTO A new concept for ultra-high capacity wireless networks 2017
28 CleanOil Global business challenge: Breaking the oilgas water dependency with a cost-effective no-waste nanomembrane technology for water reuse 2016
29 ULISENS Ultra Legionella Inmunoanalysis System for Early Sensing 2016
30 PlastDeink Topic identifier: SMEInst-11-2016-2017 2016
31 DTD SYSTEM A disruptive innovation for the minimisation of railway maintenance costs 2016
32 SEEGLASS Glass Recovering Revolution: High performance Optical Sorter for glass collection from Waste 2016
33 FC21S Cost-effective aluminium die casting for automotive industry 2016
35 HYDROBLOOD Innovative processing plant for optimal production of Decolourised Hydrolysed Protein (DHP). A secure, cost-effective and eco-friendly blood by-product solution. 2016
36 Tech4Freedom 2.0 Assistive Devices for the Visually Impaired and other Disabilities 2016
37 BioMates Reliable Bio-based Refinery Intermediates 2016
38 ToyLabs Enabling an Open Innovation Model for EU Toy Industry SMEs through Co-Creation with FabLabs, Safety Experts and Customer Communities 2017
40 ALZSYN Imaging synaptic contributors to dementia 2016
41 DeepLight Deep imaging with time-reversed light 2017
42 TRIPOD The transition to a renewable electricity system and its interactions with other policy aims 2017
43 TURBOPOC Eliminating turbulence in oil pipelines 2017
44 ABD A bioengineered, naturally-derived, sustainable biocide for breaking down organic biofilms formed by drug-resistant bacteria. 2016
45 RABYD-VAX Development of a Next-Generation, Dual-Target Rabies/Flavivirus Infectious DNA (iDNA) Vaccine 2017
46 OPTELA Disrupting the telematics market with an ultra-low cost and high performance self-learning open platform 2017
47 STILORMADE Highly efficient non-standard solar modules manufactured through an automated, reconfigurable mass production processes delivering 30% reduction in costs 2017
48 CH2P Cogeneration of Hydrogen and Power using solid oxide based system fed by methane rich gas 2017
49 BIOROBURplus Advanced direct biogas fuel processor for robust and cost-effective decentralised hydrogen production 2017
50 AWARENET The World´s First Application-Aware Network: Enabling Dynamic Bandwidth Management and Guaranteed Data Connection Quality in Mobile Networks 2017
51 TOPIOS Tracking Of Plastic In Our Seas 2017
52 JIVE Joint Initiative for hydrogen Vehicles across Europe 2017
53 SERVONE The Intelligent Service Network Operator 2017
54 MoniTank Underground Storage Tanks Risk Mitigation System for petrol fuel stations 2017
55 CYCLOMB Disruptive Cyclone-based technology for effective and affordable particulate matter emission reduction in biomass combustion systems 2017
56 BASKAM2 Innovation services and key account management support for Basque SMEs during 2017-2018 2017
57 OpSec Goodmill - Operational Security Through Ensured Connectivity 2017
58 MossTree A new smart city climate infrastructure with a capacity for reducing air pollution equivalent to 275 normal trees 2017
59 BTPin Commercialising Innovative and Market Disruptive Pin Technology for Improving Heavy Machine Operations in Port, Mining and Construction Industries. Phase 1. 2017
60 NIRWOOD Fast, Accurate, Low Cost and Hand Held NIR Technology to Ascertain Wood Origin and Quality during Logistic Operations 2017
61 EUNORS Enhancing innovation management capacity of SMEs in Republika Srpska 2017
63 milkGUARD milkGUARD – a continuous whole milk disinfection system for calf feeding on-farm 2017
64 CGM A next generation nanomedia that can be tailored to capture and recycle specific micropollutants in contaminated industrial waste discharge 2017
65 FONTE Fibre optic nonlinear technologies 2018
66 GOMECSYS VCR system Variable Compression Ratio System for the reduction of fuel consumption and CO2 emissions in motor vehicles 2017
67 AgroPestAlert High Tech and Disruptive Prices Global Solution for Real Time Alerts on Agrifood Pest, based on wing beat, unique features on insects biometric 2017
68 i-vSAVE Intelligent Vessels using space technology for Safety on board. 2017
69 GALERACLUSTER Galera Cluster: World’s Most Advanced Technology to Protect Against Data Loss 2017
71 TRUFUS MAZARO’s innovative transmissions for unrivalled electricity and fuel savings in transport 2017
72 MAMA-MEA Mass Manufacture of MEAs Using High Speed Deposition Processes 2018
73 DRIVER GLASS Terrestrial Traffic Mixed Reality Navigation 2017
74 CULTURED BEEF A cost-effective production process to open worldwide the cultured meat market 2017
75 Aerial Insights Aerial Insights: facilitating access to aerial drone imagery services through novel and cost-effective data analytics solutions 2017
76 ReCO2ST Residential Retrofit assessment platform and demonstrations for near zero energy and CO2 emissions with optimum cost, health, comfort and environmental quality. 2018
77 Multi-AD Feasibility High performance MULTIphase Anaerobic Digester for agroindustrial wastewater treatment 2018
78 WasteShark Marine Litter Prevention with Autonomous Water Drones 2018
79 ARCADIA Advanced platfoRm for ClimAte Data Intelligence and Action 2018
80 APA Filter-less water-based Air Pollution Abatement system 2018
81 DryCoolerSeeds Optimum, sustainable solution for seed drying and conservation 2018
82 CGM A next generation nano media tailored to capture and recycle hazardous micropollutants in contaminated industrial wastewater. 2018
83 BLUECAL Sustainable calcium food additives and dietary supplements of high pureness to boost the ocean clam fisheries 2018
84 S2S Signals to Solutions: a change of paradigm in predictive maintenance market 2018
85 DEGCAE DryGro: Efficient Growth of Crops in Arid Environments (DEGCAE) 2018
86 LEAD Miniature colon spectral scanner that gives real-time automatic alerts for pathological findings. 2018
87 MASTERCOW MASTERCOW, an antibiotic-free bioinorganic therapy for bovine mastitis 2018
88 MilkGuard A continuous milk disinfection system for calf feeding on-farm 2018
89 ExitAplasia Reg-X310: new disruptive medicine for faster exit from aplasia afetr agressive chemotherapy of hematologic malignancies 2018
90 Stibiox Innovative antimony recovery process from lead and plastics wastes. 2018
91 CV4RE Computer vision with an eye For Real Estate 2018
92 SEASCANN Integrative vision and real-time communication system for onboard sorting of fish species 2018
93 CLINICOVERY CLINICOVERY, a versatile, high quality, environmental-friendly, easy to use e-Clinical solution for clinical research 2018
94 PairElOx Paired Electrochemical Oxidation process for feasible industrial production of the crucial FDCA building block for the bioplastic industry 2018
95 MOVARC Modified Vacuum Rankine Cycle 2018
96 Anaergy Ultra-efficient Multi-phase Sequential Waste Water Treatment Technology 2018
97 Motorlisten AI-based acoustic condition monitoring of industrial machinery 2018
98 COMNFT Communication Using the Nonlinear Fourier Transform 2019
99 MicroQC Microwave driven ion trap quantum computing 2018
100 MEGA Heavy metal free emitters for new-generation light sources 2019
101 MOAB Miniaturised optically accessible bioreactor for drug discovery and biological research 2018
102 Stance4Health Smart Technologies for personAlised Nutrition and Consumer Engagement 2018
103 RedStroke Smart ICT-solution to cost-efficiently detect atrial fibrillation to Reduce Europe’s burden of Stroke 2018
104 Matrix Charging Matrix Charging: Novel, automated charging infrastructure for electric vehicles 2018
105 Pregnolia A simple, reliable and safe diagnostic device for preterm birth prevention 2018
106 UBQ Material Converting household waste into sustainable bio-based materials 2018
108 ECOFER ECOFER: Next Generation Slag and Mineral Processing Technology 2018
109 INSTABRIQ Resource-efficient Machine for the Recycling of coal dust into High-calorie Briquettes 2018
110 FOG Frequency protector generator for honeybees 2019
111 BiowatchID A secure wearable for payments, ticketing, access control and ID management 2019
112 ADVERSARY Digital platform for hands-on cybersecurity training 2018
113 P2L Innovative Acrylic(PMMA- Polymethyl methacrylate) Recycling Technology Complying with Regulations 2019
114 EEN InnoS Journey The extended EEN innovation support service for innovative SMEs in Serbia — EEN InnoS Journey 2019
115 BASKAM3 Innovation services and key account management support for Basque SMEs for 2019 2019
116 NANOFLOWSIZER Developing a disruptive and revolutionary tool for real time inline nanoparticle size measurement, for superior quality control and process efficiency. 2019
117 eOutboard High Performance Electric Outboard Motor System and Supply Chain Innovation 2018
118 ULTRA-OLEO Ultrasonic standing waves as a new tool for improved oleogels 2020
119 ERMADA Illuminating Earth’s microbial diversity and origins from metagenomes with deep learning 2019
120 NanoProt-ID Proteome profiling using plasmonic nanopore sensors 2019
121 SUPERBRAIN Magneto-Plasmonic, Raman active Nanocapsules for Superior Pediatric Brain Cancer Therapy 2020
122 SimplyData Unlocking unstructured data towards intelligent wotk automation for the banking industry 2019
123 ROBIRD A truly and unique robotic bird of prey for a long-term effective and safe bird control management of airports 2019
124 BIORECOVER Development of an innovative sustainable strategy for selective biorecover of critical raw materials from Primary and Secondary sources 2019
125 CIRCULAR FLOORING New products from waste PVC flooring and safe end-of-life treatment of plasticisers 2019
126 CoReco Cost competitive process for recycling Cobalt from end of life Li-ion batteries 2019
127 GreenArc500 The first effective oil and water pre-separator, enabling clean water release and fuel efficiency onboard ships 2019
128 INTELEG S HF Feasibility Study for INTELEG® S HF – a Wide Pressure Range Process Gas Analysis System 2019
129 UDIGITAL The Digital Marketplace to empower SMEs for the digital transformation 2019
130 BRAIN Building a Robotics and Artificial Intelligence Network 2019
131 ANAERGY Advanced Multistage Sequential Wastewater Treatment Technology 2019
132 TaxiDriver The EU platform to reinforce traditional taxi drivers and face the challenging competition of digital era 2019
133 CTI A novel, efficient and minimally invasive medical procedure to treat anastomotic leakage during colorectal cancer surgery. 2019
134 CreditStretcher The fastest, easiest and cheapest way to achieve 90 days of credit based on your invoice 2019
136 ADRONE4LIFE An electronic drone pilot and cargo custodian for blood and medical courier services 2019
137 DECONIZER Disrupting the food safety chain. The decontamination unit that removes more than 99% of pathogenic bacteria during poultry meat slaughtering and processing 2019
138 GluttonZen The First Driver-Minded Electric Compact Street-Sweeper 2019
139 SCMS ScreenCancer Mole Scanner - Easily accessible mole scanning service for early detection of skin cancer. 2019
140 Winegrid Fiber optic sensor for real time analytics of the critical parameters for vinification 2019
141 OXIR Vegetable Ozone Therapy Crops Sanitized Naturally from Seed to Feed 2019
142 FOODWATERH2020 Water treatment and reuse technology based on constant water quality monitoring thanks to multi-censoring and AI-Deep Learning software for the Food Industry 2019
143 Dezyne Enterprise The easiest way to build complete, correct and consistent embedded software for cyberphysical systems 2019
144 ETC Solarshade Invisible metal contacts for solar cells – boosting power output while cutting costs 2019
145 Ofi Ofi, pool management at your fingertips! 2020
146 DIANA Organ-on-a-chip Drug screenIng device to tArget braiN diseAse 2020
147 GutBrainGABA Mapping the impact of gut microbiota on brain and behaviour through the lens of GABA 2020