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H2020 projects about "manipulated"

The page lists 94 projects related to the topic "manipulated".

# achronym  title  year 
1 META-STRESS Unravelling life-history responses and underlying mechanisms to environmental stress in wild populations 2015
2 ALKENoNE Algal Lipids: the Key to Earth Now and aNcient Earth 2015
3 RAMCIP Robotic Assistant for MCI patients at home 2015
4 TOP HIT Transfer-print operations for heterogeneous integration 2015
5 SSBD Small Summaries for Big Data 2015
6 FLYELEC Quantum Optics with single flying electrons 2015
7 River-HMV River hydraulics, morphology, and vegetation: A case for improved knowledge and numerical model capabilities 2015
8 CREST UNDER TENSION Mechano-regulation of neural crest cell differentiation. 2015
9 YIELDFACTOR Using SP1 to control plastid development and yield in cereals 2016
10 RyM Experimental Studies of Strongly Interacting Quantum Gases in an Optical Lattice 2015
11 MAGicSky Magnetic Skyrmions for Future Nanospintronic Devices 2015
12 CARDYADS Controlling Cardiomyocyte Dyadic Structure 2015
13 SENSORTHALAMUS Thalamic control of Neuroplasticity 2015
14 MaTissE Magnetic approaches for Tissue Mechanics and Engineering 2015
15 STARS Strategies Targeting Thyroid Hormone in Athrophy Related Syndromes 2015
16 INQMINDS The Evolutionary and Developmental Origins of Inquiring Minds: Studies of Causal Reasoning; Curiosity and Executive Control 2015
17 COMSTAR The effects of early-life adversity on cognition: A comparative approach. 2015
18 XChromosome Functions of the X chromosome in the mammalian germ line 2015
19 EQuO Electron Quantum optics in quantum Hall edge channels 2015
20 MYOP-PATH Towards solving myopia: from genes to pathways using an integrated approach 2015
21 CHPM2030 Combined Heat, Power and Metal extraction from ultra-deep ore bodies 2016
22 HurdlingOxoWall Late First-Row Transition Metal-Oxo Complexes for C–H Bond Activation 2016
23 MODULAR Modular mechanical-atomic quantum systems 2016
24 GROWTHPATTERN Coordination Of Patterning And Growth In The Spinal Cord 2016
25 PSYCHOCELL Cellular substrate of abnormal network maturation in neuropsychiatric disorders 2016
26 APPELS A Probe of the Periodic Elements for Life in the Sea 2016
27 PIM PROTEOMICS Unravelling PIM kinase signal integration in the T cell response 2017
28 EpiHope Epigenetic biomarkers for prediction of vascular complications and response to treatment in subjects with diabetes 2016
29 NIRV_HOST_INT Population genomics of co-evolution between non-retroviral RNA viruses and their hosts 2016
30 THOR THOR – Total solution for High throughput surface enhanced Raman spectroscopy 2016
31 GeNoSOS Generation of Non-classical States in Optomechanical Systems 2016
32 ABSOLUTESPIN Absolute Spin Dynamics in Quantum Materials 2016
33 ES-Cat Directed Protein Evolution for Synthetic Biology and Biocatalysis 2017
34 SWING Patterning Spin-Wave reconfIgurable Nanodevices for loGics and computing. 2016
35 CONNEXIO Physiologically relevant microfluidic neuro-engineering 2016
36 MULTIFUNSOME Anti-EGFR Monoclonal Antibody Conjugated Thermoresponsive Liposome for Triple Negative Breast Cancer Thermo-Chemotherapy 2017
37 InStance Intentional stance for social attunement 2017
38 RARE Dipolar Physics and Rydberg Atoms with Rare-Earth Elements 2016
39 MAGNETIC-SPEED-LIMIT Understanding the speed limits of magnetism 2017
41 NEUROMICRONICA Neuromicronica: Modular behavioural neuroscience 2017
42 TOPPER Targeting of host proteins by unrelated pathogen effectors and their surveillance by allelic immune receptors 2018
43 GenBiLex Multiple Perspectives on Grammatical Gender in the Bilingual Lexicon 2017
44 MARS Can histone code-like switches govern the multifunctionality of RNA-binding proteins? 2017
45 TopoInMulTermJJ Multi-Terminal Josephson Junctions as a novel platform for high dimensional topological matter 2017
46 REBoT Re-Empower the BOdy after Tetraplegia. 2018
47 COMPCON Competition under (niche) construction 2017
48 STEPUP Synthetic DCs for a T cEll ProdUction Platform 2017
49 EMERGE Tuning Emergent Phases in 2D Materials 2017
50 GermlineAgeingSoma Getting to the root of ageing: somatic decay as a cost of germline maintenance 2017
51 PHONUIT Phononic Circuits: manipulation and coherent control of phonons 2018
52 EXPROTEA Exploring Relations in Structured Data with Functional Maps 2018
53 SleepSynapses The role of sleep in synaptic plasticity 2018
54 ViMoAct Modelling cortical information flow during visuomotor adaptation as active inference in the human brain 2017
55 GEMS The World of the Gáidhealtachd and the origins of the Early Modern British State, 1513-1594. 2018
56 ISCQuM Imaging, Spectroscopy and Control of Quantum states in advanced Materials 2019
57 SMART PlantOne A low-cost IoT - solution for predictive maintenance of small electric motors towards the Factory of the Future 2017
58 DYNACQM Dynamics of Correlated Quantum Matter: From Dynamical Probes to Novel Phases of Matter
59 NOXTEK NOx-Mitigation Technology for Retrofitting Diesel Engines 2018
60 SOIL-4-CONTROL Linking plant-soil feedbacks to aboveground-belowground interactions for noxious weed control 2019
61 ROBOTGENSKILL Generalizing human-demonstrated robot skills 2018
62 CLAP Natural Hands for Intuitive Virtual 3D Interaction 2019
63 WolAntiS Using antisense inhibition to understand Wolbachia symbiosis and antiviral protection 2019
64 MATRIX-B Triaxial Magnetic Fields for the Control of Bioactive Materials in Bone Engineering 2018
65 ARTEMIS Graphene Molecule Interfaces for Spintronics 2019
66 MATURE-NK MAnufacturing of TUmour-REactive Natural Killer cells 2018
67 MicroLightProtoCell Microfluidics-assisted design and construction of light-responsive protocells 2018
68 POWERSPIN Low-power spin-wave-based computing 2018
69 ProDIS Provenance for Data-Intensive Systems 2018
70 NOAM Navigation of a mind-space. The spatial organization of declarative knowledge 2019
71 BARINAFLD Using Bariatric Surgery to Discover Weight-Loss Independent Mechanisms Leading to the Reversal of Fatty Liver Disease 2018
72 PETACom Petahertz Quantum Optoelectronic Communication 2019
73 APPS Assembly guided by particle position and shape 0
74 BoostCrop Boosting Crop Growth using Natural Product and Synthesis Enabled Solar Harvesting 2019
75 UltimateCOMPASS Navigating the most challenging habitats on earth:unravelling the architecture of a universal compass system 2019
76 ONTOP On-demand Non-hermitian TOPology 2019
77 ACHROMAS Novel Materials Based on Alkali Chromites and Manganites for the Generation of Magnetic Skyrmions 2019
78 OXWALD 2D Oxide and van der Waals layered devices 2019
79 JAL Uncovering the Behavioural and Neural Correlates of Joint Action Learning 2020
80 MacMeninges Control of Central Nervous Sytem inflammation by meningeal macrophages, and its impairment upon aging 2019
81 VINCI The Value of Information and Choice to Improve Control. 2020
82 DIMAF Direct Imaging and Manipulation of Antiferromagnets 2019
83 BreakingBarriers Targeting endothelial barriers to combat disease 2019
84 HYPATIA Privacy and Utility Allied 2019
85 iNNOGING Remote and Offline Ultrasound Image Analysis Platform 2019
86 proEVLifeCycle The life cycle of extracellular vesicles in prostate cancer: from biogenesis and homing, to functional relevance 2019
87 BatteryCheck Take the mystery out of battery life. 2019
88 CellSex The importance of cellular sex in physiology and the underlying mechanisms 2020
89 DISTRACT The Political Economy of Distraction in Digitized Denmark 2020
90 RAVEN Routing Attack Vulnerability Evaluation for Networks 2020
91 CRYSTALEYES Biogenic Organic Crystals: From Crystal Formation to Genetically Engineered Optical Materials 2020
92 LAF-GRAFT An Investigation into the viability of employing lipoaspirate fluid as a cellular source in the production of small diameter tissue engineered vascular grafts 2016
93 3D MAGiC Three-dimensional magnetization textures: Discovery and control on the nanoscale 2020
94 PhotoSoftMat Photo-controlled two-dimensional soft materials from microgel particles at liquid interfaces 2020