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1 SPENmr Ultrafast Spatiotemporally-Encoding: A Superior Approach to Cancer Diagnosis by Non-Invasive Diffusion-Weighted MRI 2015
2 FLOW Furthering Less Congestion by creating Opportunities for more Walking and cycling 2015
3 CONT-ACT Control of contact interactions for robots acting in the world 2015
4 NanoChemBioVision Next Generation Label-free Chemical Nanoscopy for Biomedical Applications 2015
5 BeeDanceGap Honeybee communication: animal social learning at the height of social complexity 2016
6 GAIA-CLIM Gap Analysis for Integrated Atmospheric ECV CLImate Monitoring 2015
7 RAMCIP Robotic Assistant for MCI patients at home 2015
8 bettervest Crowdfunding for a low carbon energy system: addressing major challenges for EU-wide public and private investments in energy and carbon saving measures 2014
9 SmartAct-2-3 Scaling of a midsized patented low energy, light weight, highly efficient actuator to meet the demands of smaller and larger scale functions 2014
10 SMEphase1 Go to market strategy and technology roadmap towards development of a new license product based upon Onomondo's (form. Hello World Mobile) innovative telecommunications software technology 2015
11 LIAGAN Literature against anti-Semitism (1940-1944). French and Soviet emigré writers in France against the persecution of the Jews 2015
12 HISTHEOL History and Theology 2015
13 STATE CAPACITY Neither Dwarf nor Leviathan: Explaining Territorial and Functional Variation in State Capacity 2016
14 BIOMARK Biomarkers of disordered language in autism 2016
15 NEW URBAN UNIVERSITY Situating the New Urban University: Higher Education in an Era of Global Urbanization 2015
16 STABLE_FABRY Calibration of Astronomical Spectrographs with Stabilized Fabry-Perot Etalons 2016
17 Visualfy Visual Notify - Improving Deaf People's Life 2015
18 YouBeep YouBeep – InStore mobile shopping and analytics 2015
19 ASC Amorphous Speculative Compression 2015
20 DSTB Dyadic Secures The Breach 2015
21 LESS Lift Energy Saving System for Residential Buildings (LESS) 2015
22 RAd RAd (Responsible Advertising) - An innovative donate-per-view digital video advertising model 2015
23 Q-Room Q-Room – Quintetto’s Holographic Telepresence Room 2015
24 HyBurn New high temperature in-situ premix gas combustion systems for more efficient and cleaner combustion of hydrogen and lean gases 2015
25 VRMIND Virtual reality based evaluation of mental disorders 2015
26 GEDII Gender Diversity Impact – Improving research and innovation through gender diversity 2015
27 FAST-TRACKS Fast rAdio technologieS for uninterrupTed TRAin to traCKside communications 2015
28 OlfSwitch OlfSwitch: Neural circuit switches from molecules to behaviour 2015
29 SPIN-PORICS Merging Nanoporous Materials with Energy-Efficient Spintronics 2015
30 MaGic The Materials Genome in Action 2015
31 AMOR A Mile Of Runway 2015
32 BrightnESS Building a research infrastructure and synergies for highest scientific impact on ESS 2015
33 SmartAct-2-3 Scaling of midsized, patented, low energy, light weight, highly efficient actuator to meet the demands of smaller and larger scale applications 2015
34 BrailleJet Digitally controlled Braille jet printing 2015
35 COMSTAR The effects of early-life adversity on cognition: A comparative approach. 2015
36 TeraClear Novel THz radiation source based on compact linear accelerator 2016
37 StableVax Commercialisation of a world changing invention for the stabilisation and delivery of vaccines 2015
38 RETMUS The interpretation of retinal activity by the visual thalamus. 2015
39 OPTIMISED Operational Planning Tool Interfacing Manufacturing Integrated Simulations with Empirical Data 2015
40 SMAV SMAV: Best for the Environment Soda Fountain Smart Valves 2015
41 ANGEO2 For cognitively-impaired or visually-impaired persons suffering from spatial disorientation, a smartphone-based navigation aid that is both reliable and safe for urban pedestrian mobility. 2015
42 SWAPOUT Smart Wireless Access Point with Objective User-Targeting 2015
43 MPAT Multi-platform application toolkit 2015
44 SILKENE SILKENE: Bionic silk with graphene or other nanomaterials spun by silkworms 2016
45 REDISH CROR Engine Debris Impact SHielding. Design, manufacturing, simulation and Impact test preparation 2016
46 BIORECYGAS Farming high value algae with industrial gas emissions 2015
47 Local State State Formation Through the Local Production of Property and Citizenship 2016
48 GeneBodyMethylation Resolving the Nuts and Bolts of Gene Body Methylation 2016
49 InviCitRom Invisible Edges of Citizenship: Re-addressing the position of Romani Minorities in Europe 2017
50 Insight An accounting integrated carbon management tool for supply chain decarbonisation of SMEs. 2016
51 Panatomy Panatomy 2016
52 2for1-SingletFission 2 for 1: Quantum Dynamics of Singlet Fission 2016
53 ReCETT Remote Control of Electrical Transmission Tower 2016
54 POLICYAID Policy, practice and patient experience in the age of intensified data sourcing 2016
55 DEBUNKER The Problem of European Misperceptions in Politics, Health, and Science:Causes, Consequences, and the Search for Solutions 2016
56 SpaceInvader SpaceInvader – Gain value from empty and unused cargo space 2016
57 Galastick A medical device determining the daily amount of breast milk to improve neonatal nutrition andmothers’ psychophysics well-being. 2016
58 STMS Smart Tyre Management System for Safer, Greener and More Economic Transport through Innovative Technology for Smart Infrastructure from Silent Sensors Limited. 2016
59 CreativeNet Enhancement of an advanced media sharing and networking platform to ensure connectivity among world’s creatives 2016
60 AGLARIS AGLARIS: The First Fully-automated Bioreactor for Large Scale Human Stem Cell Production through an Iterative Process. 2016
61 SmartRAIN SmartRAIN: an IoT-based solution for real time rain mapping 2016
62 LightningPro Lightning inhibition for protection of urban soft targets and critical infrastructure against lightning strikes. 2016
63 MemoryDynamics Writing and editing of memories from acquisition to long-term consolidation 2016
64 MAGTEST MAGTEST: Simple and specific next generation lab-on-a-chip in-vitro molecular diagnostic device 2016
65 QTOOL Commercialization of Single-Photon Light Sources 2016
66 Paybon Paybon - disrupting the massive global meal voucher market with a smartphone delivery system 2016
67 EFIResources Resource efficient construction towards Sustainable Design 2016
68 COSMIC European Training Network for Continuous Sonication and Microwave Reactors 2016
69 RePower RePower: Maintenance-free and cost-efficient fuel for wireless sensors to energy- and resource-saving solutions 2016
71 dEUdil dEUdil: Building on open data as a new business model in the business information industry 2016
72 BrailleJet Digitally controlled Braille and tactile graphic jet printing 2016
73 PigHeat Utilizing Pig By-products as Heat Source to Save Recycling and Energy Cost. 2016
74 eCraft2Learn Digital Fabrication and Maker Movement in Education: Making Computer-supported Artefacts from Scratch 2017
75 GLOBALPROD The Global and Local Organization of Production 2017
76 Noke A ground-breaking smart-lock for industrial storage, utilizing patented technology through Bluetooth 4.0, mobile apps, and a cloud platform. 2016
78 StoreHero StoreHero: An AI (Artificial Intelligence) Virtual Business Coach for Physical Retailers 2016
79 ANTI-SUPERBUGS PCP ANTI-SUPERBUG Precommercial procurement 2016
80 CloudBrake How nature's smallest clouds slow down large-scale circulations critical for climate 2017
81 Spiders Fundamental Physics Using Black Widow, Redback and Transitional Pulsar Binaries 2017
82 CompDB The Computational Database for Real World Awareness 2017
83 DeLiCAT Death and Life of Catalysts: a Theory-Guided Unified Approach for Non-Critical Metal Catalyst Development 2017
84 Tail Redefining the dog collar - fresh and innovative, first all-in-one IoT platform. 2017
85 ECOFUNEL Eco Design: Composite functionalization: thermal and electrical conductivity 2017
86 CONSCIOUSNESS Towards a neural and cognitive architecture of consciousness 2017
87 EPI-Centrd Epilepsy Controlled with Electronic Neurotransmitter Delivery 2017
88 C18Signaling Regulation of Cellular Growth and Metabolism by C18:0 2017
89 WakeOpColl Learning and collective intelligence for optimized operations in wake flows 2017
90 METABOLON Molecular understanding of metabolic complexes: Towards engineering the next generation of synthetic biosystems 2018
91 ShakespeareIndia Shakespeare and Indian Cinematic Traditions 2018
92 MINORG The role of minerals in the oceanic carbon cycle 2017
93 ReconTEP (Re)Conceptualizing teacher educator professionalism 2017
94 SPARK Supporting Pioneer doctoral Researchers through 3i Knowledge partnerships 2017
95 COGTOM Cognitive tomography of mental representations 2017
96 BUSUP BusUp: Multi-platform On-demand Crowdsourced Bus Transportation for Smart City Mobility 2017
97 CoEXist 'AV-Ready' transport models and road infrastructure for the coexistence of automated and conventional vehicles 2017
98 MEDAS MedAS: a Machine learning enabled Clinical Decision Support System to prevent prescription errors and improve patient safety 2017
99 GROW GREEN Green Cities for Climate and Water Resilience, Sustainable Economic Growth, Healthy Citizens and Environments 2017
100 TruVue A novel and easy to interpret patient safety monitor, for the diagnosis and management of cardiac function, fluid delivery and drug administration during surgery and intensive care. 2017
101 Sightless Touch Sightless touch infotainment system for drivers 2017
102 SynVaccine Rational Design and Construction of Viral Based Products 2017
104 GEMINI Plus Research and Development in support of the GEMINI Initiative 2017
105 METAMAPPER Super-resolution genomic mapping for the microbiome 2017
106 Quipu Cloud A suite of software applications hosted in the cloud for medical ultrasound diagnostics 2017
107 EU HEROES EU routes for High pEnentration of solaR PV into lOcal nEtworkS 2017
108 FONTE Fibre optic nonlinear technologies 2018
109 DSS Deaf Smart Space 2017
110 BP24 A unique life-saving smart-watch for high quality, not-invasive, continuous blood pressure monitoring. 2017
111 CITCOM A Complimentary Inspection Technique based on Computer Tomography and Plenoptic Camera for MEMS Components 2017
112 EMERGE Tuning Emergent Phases in 2D Materials 2017
113 MataMoss Development of a growing and delivery process for mass producing sphagnum moss for peatland restoration and cultivation as an economical and sustainable growing media 2017
114 BORDER Towards a decentred history of the Middle East: Transborder spaces, circulations, frontier effects and state formation, 1920-1946 2017
115 SSID Soundscape Indices 2018
116 TRABIT Translational Brain Imaging Training Network 2017
117 RESOLVD Renewable penetration levered by Efficient Low Voltage Distribution grids 2017
118 HealthScaping Healthscaping Urban Europe: Bio-Power, Space and Society, 1200-1500 2017
119 ERACHRON Eradicating Chronic Infections 2018
120 FODEX Tropical Forest Degradation Experiment 2018
121 SOFIE SOFIE - Secure Open Federation for Internet Everywhere 2018
122 NYSMART Novel dual-fuel system for modernisation of air-polluting diesel locomotives to clean and efficient gas operation 2017
123 Tremipen The first simple monitoring device for Parkinson and other Tremor diseases 2017
124 YellowHarbour Creating Partnerships between NGOs and Businesses 2017
126 roometric3D A disruptive smartphone application to measure three-dimensional spaces to digitally evaluate and view associated surface data 2017
127 ULTRA Increasing the Spatial Correlation of Logical Units of Data to Enable an Ultra-Low Latency Internet 2018
128 Magnetic Fluids A Key Enabling Technology for metals recovery and water management based on functionalized magnetic particles for galvanic industry 2018
129 MISOTOP Mechanochemistry: a unique opportunity for oxygen isotopic labelling and NMR spectroscopy 2018
130 flexiLED A new dynamic precision LED-lighting system for hydro- and aquaponic indoor farming 2018
131 Safer ACC ACC – An efficient harmless Plant Growth Regulator for fruit/vegetables RIPENING 2018
132 EScORIAL Emerging Simplex ORigins In ALS 2018
133 MetaBot Robotic embodiment of a meta-learning neural model of human decision-making 2018
135 GLOPACK Granting society with LOw environmental impact innovative PACKaging 2018
136 MicroWars The Evolution of Bacterial Warfare 2018
137 ESCADA Energy-optimized Symmetric Cryptography by Algebraic Duality Analysis 2018
138 Ida The AI-based intelligent assistant for dairy farmers 2018
139 UNIVO-NG Driving greater business value by unleashing hidden capacity of mobile systems 2018
140 mTAP Taking to market a novel filtration system for air purification 2018
141 Pozyx RTLS An ultra-wideband-based location system that allows highly accurate positioning in indoor environments. 2018
142 Nano4 Colorimetric Precision Nanodiagnostics made Fast and Affordable 2018
143 STET CLEAN Disinfecting the Stethoscope membrane through a hi-tech UV device 2018
144 Breath_Intelligence A portable handheld system for the monitoring of breath compounds related to metabolism and oral hygiene 2018
145 MENUTECH MENUTECH: Automated allergen labeling and translation for restaurant menus 2018
146 PoCMICRUX An affordable Multi-analyte Point-of-Care system for Chronic Disease Self-Control and Management 2018
147 BEATIK Beatik- Collaborative Digital Scores Platform for Classical Music 2018
148 AirBrush A fast non-intrusive vapour detection system that rapidly identifies explosives in public areas 2018
149 Kissmybike No more stress about bicycle theft 2018
150 Schrott24 Scrap dealing in the digital age: a transparent and efficient platform for price and supply chain management 2018
151 UNIGHTED United Europe – United Science – United Culture – United Night 2018
152 SuperScienceMe SuperScienceMe: ResEArCH in your REACH - European Researchers' Night 2018
153 AqFresh AqFresh: High-Performance Odour and VOC Management Innovation with Demonstrated Potential in Many Addressable Markets 2018
154 Smartmushroom Smart MAnagement of spent mushRoom subsTrate to lead the MUSHROOM sector towards a circular economy 2018
155 Microrobots Engineering Biohybrid MicroRobots from Magnetic Swimmers and S-layers 2018
156 CellsBox CellsBox: a modular system for automated cell imaging experiments 2019
157 TREAT-PD Patient-specific treatment for Parkinson's disease using reprogrammed skin cells 2018
160 TRICARIX Minimally invasive transcatheter system for tricuspid heart valve replacement 2018
161 CloudButton Serverless Data Analytics Platform 2019
162 OSCAR Open ScienCe Aeronautic & Air Transport Research 2019
163 Bergamot Browser-based Multilingual Translation 2019
164 SyrinJector SyrinJector, the first smart device for livestock mass vaccination. 2018
165 MNSWLGM An optofluidic platform based on liquid-gradient refractive index microlens for the isolation and quantification of extracellular vesicles 2019
166 NonlinearTopo Nonlinear Optical and Electrical Phenomena in Topological Semimetals 2019
167 SensApp Super-sensitive detection of Alzheimer’s disease biomarkers in plasma by an innovative droplet split-and-stack approach 2019
168 IMAGINE Non-Invasive Imaging of Nanoscale Electronic Transport 2019
169 VerifiedID The online platform for Identity Verification that gives back personal data ownership to the citizens 2018
170 SCARE Side-Channel Aware Engineering 2018
171 COQCOoN COntinuous variables Quantum COmplex Networks 2019
172 AMR-G Smart your Water Meter 2019
173 TechChange Technological Change: New Sources, Consequences, and Impact Mitigation 2019
174 FlexInt Flexible Manufacturing using Semantically Interoperable Data Integration 2019
175 Cinnamon From Essence to Cinnamon: Making our Proprietary CMS Open Source for Customizable Web- Platforms 2019
176 TwingTec Unlocking the Full Power of Wind 2019
178 SAVANA Massive reutilization of Electronic Health Records (EHRs) through AI to enhance clinical research and precision medicine 2018
179 NanoWelds NanoWelds:First nanotechnology for the electronic industry based on a room-temperature welding process 2018
180 CLEAN Well-Confined Mucosal LasEr Ablation with a Negative Pressure Based Endoscopy Capsule 2019
181 E-PILOTS Evolution of cockPIt operations Levering on cOgnitive compuTing Services 2019
182 WALCHEMY Early Modern Women and Alchemy, 1550-1700 2019
183 RuCat New Horizons in C–H Activation: the ‘Real-World Molecules’ Challenge 2019
184 FORMSofLABOUR Forms of Labour: Gender, Freedom and Experience of Work in the Preindustrial Economy 2019
185 MaritimeImagination Maritime Imagination: A Cultural Oceanography of The Netherlands 2019
186 JOLI Using the jellyfish Clytia hemisphaerica to explore the first steps of meiosis by live-imaging. 2019
187 CoolNanoDrop Self-Emulsification Route to NanoEmulsions by Cooling of Industrially Relevant Compounds 2019
188 FASTER First responder Advanced technologies for Safe and efficienT Emergency Response 2019
189 COEXIST Co-creating change: experimenting with values for sustainability transformation 2020
190 HoMe Historical Grounding of Migration Decisions of the People at Environmental Risks 2020
191 IBL-302 Inflection Bioscience unique dual mechanism, small molecule, orally available therapeutic targeting major unmet medical needs in breast cancer 2019
192 InnoRate Data-driven tools for supporting and improving the decision-making processes of investors for financing innovative SMEs 2019
193 SMarble Smart motes for industrial and utility inspections 2019
194 GreenArc500 The first effective oil and water pre-separator, enabling clean water release and fuel efficiency onboard ships 2019
195 UnboxingPixels Commercialisation of PXIO – a novel software infrastructure for the seamless and wireless real-time transmission of pixels from manifold pixel sources and digital devices to displays 2019
196 MyoSuit The MyoSuit – mobility assistance for everyday life 2019
197 e-DNA BotStop e-DNA BotStop 2019
198 MECADISTEM A new and innovative method to extract adipose Stromal Vascular Fraction: Application in post-prostatectomy erectile dysfunction 2019
199 MicroCoating Boosting the Performances of Wind Turbines thanks to Microstructure Coating 2019
200 GN4-3N Horizon 2020: H2020-SGA-INFRA-GEANT-2018 Topic [b] Increase of Long-Term Backbone Capacity 2019
201 MrDoc Development and commercialization of a semi-supervised learning AI for robust diagnosis in real world settings. 2019
202 TagAndGo First low-cost semi-passive RFID tags for cold-chain logistics digitalisation and optimisation 2019
203 WarehouseBook WarehouseBook: Creating a new market by offering an unused warehouse space to cargo drivers on the go 2019
204 Anatomus Personalised multimedia digital consultation to revolutionise the doctor-patient consultation process. 2019
205 Back2theFuture Back to the Future: Future expectations and actions in late medieval and early modern Europe, c.1400-c.1830 2020
206 ONEedge A Software-defined Edge Computing Solution 2019
207 ReDS A disruptive, life-saving solution for home monitoring and management of lung fluid congestion in heart failure patients 2019
208 Schneeberger IoT PTO Generators for Emergency Power Supply 2019
210 Centurion 3 Innovative offshore safety system to protect the body from cold shock in extreme conditions 2019
211 MealHero Automated cooking for tasty and healthy meals in a convenient way 2019
212 E-Solution Flexible and effective solution for people with motor disabilities 2019
214 TINTIN Visual narratives as a window into language and cognition 2020
215 UNITY A Single-Photon Source Featuring Unity Efficiency And Unity Indistinguishability For Scalable Optical Quantum Information Processing 2020
216 PP-MAGIC (Photo-)Control of Persisters: Targeting the Magic Spot 2020
217 SLANG How the brain learns to see language 2020
218 BiFlowFilter Bidirectional flow filter: microfluidic device for separation of biomolecules 2020
219 STEMMS Storage and Eruption of Mushy Magma Systems 2020
220 Project Racoon Ultra-Fast Reliable Radio Control Systems for Avionics 2020
221 TS4NC TS4NC: Therapeutic S4N Chelation targeting Alzheimer's Disease. 2020
222 NEMESIS NEgotiation and MEdiation Sensible Issues' Solutions 2020
223 QLIMIT Challenging The Limits Of Molecular Quantum Interference Effects 2020
224 ELECTRAMMOX Bioelectrochemical anaerobic oxidation of ammonia for sustainable N removal from wastewater 2020