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The page lists 148 projects related to the topic "supervised".

# achronym  title  year 
1 Hi-EST Holistic Integration of Emerging Supercomputing Technologies 2015
2 FLARECAST Flare Likelihood and Region Eruption Forecasting 2015
3 SURVEIRON SURVEIRON: Advanced surveillance system for the protection of urban soft targets and urban critical infrastructures 2014
4 ECOCHAMPS European COmpetitiveness in Commercial Hybrid and AutoMotive PowertrainS 2015
5 FUTURES Energy Futures of the High North: Assessing Intermediary Expertise and New Valuation Practices that Guide Arctic Hydrocarbon Development 2016
6 Baltic Mikrorayon Past, Present, and Future Lives of Soviet Housing Estates in the Baltic States 2016
7 RContext Radical Contextualism and the Science of Meaning 2015
8 APGAR Air Pollution, Growing brAin and cognitive disordeR in children 2015
9 Ethics and Ageing Ethics and Ageing 2015
10 OPEDGP Omics Phenotyping of Endocrine Disease in the General Population 2015
11 NORNS Northern Narratives: The Poetics of Cultural Contact between Germany and Scandinavia in the Middle Ages 2015
12 GEODEM Geography of Demography: modelling plant population responses to global habitat patterns 2015
13 NovLeuReg Identification and characterization of novel essential regulators of acute myeloid leukemia 2016
14 ExTRyG Excitonic transport in cold Rydberg gases 2015
15 AdoDigitFamX Adolescents, Parents and Digital Media: Looking for the pattern that dis/connects 2015
16 ADWICE Advanced Wireless Technologies for Clever Engineering 2015
17 RIFP Rutherford International Fellowship Programme 2015
18 SECURE Safety Enables Cooperation in Uncertain Robotic Environments 2015
19 REP-BIOTECH European Joint Doctorate in Biology and Technology of Reproductive Health 2015
20 HOLOFRENPOSTMOD Un passé qui ne passe pas. The Ethics and Aesthetics of Contemporary French Holocaust Literature 2016
21 ALKATRAS ALK Activation as a target of TRAanslational Science (ALKATRAS): Break free from cancer 2015
22 SuPER-W Sustainable Product, Energy and Resource Recovery from Wastewater 2016
23 One-EG Wearable Brain Monitoring Technology for Quick Diagnosis of Sleep Disorders 2016
24 SEED Learning to See in a Dynamic World 2016
25 BroadSem Induction of Broad-Coverage Semantic Parsers 2016
26 FUNBIT Imaging Mass Spectrometry of Fungal – Bacterial Interplay 2016
27 BioExtrusion Natural functional plasticizers for controlled protein folding and extrusion into biomaterials. 2016
28 DOLORES Degradation of Lifetime of fuel cell Resistance by Electrochemical impedance Spectroscopy 2016
29 THE VERBAL APE The primate precursors of human consonants and vowels 2017
30 IFNBetaMito Role of IFN-β in mitochondrial homeostasis and impact on Parkinson Disease 2016
31 GROUPNIP Model theory of groups in NIP theories 2017
32 CHIMMM Discovery of novel chiral magnetic molecular materials for the study of magnetochiral effects 2016
33 Gut-InflammAge Age-associated signatures in the composition and pro-inflammatory status of the gut microbiome in humans and mice, and the impact of a periodic fasting intervention to promote healthy aging 2016
34 DURO DURO: Deep-memory Ubiquity, Reliability and Optimization 2016
35 SURVEIRON SURVEIRON: Advanced surveillance system for the protection of urban soft targets and urban critical infrastructures 2016
36 NaMeS “Interdisciplinary NAnoscience School: from phenoMEnology to applicationS” 2016
37 PATH PAssive Tracking of people and things for physical beHavior analysis 2016
38 ChroMe Chromatin and Metabolism Chromatin-metabolism interactions as targets for healthy living 2016
39 Toxoplasma sensing Cytoplasmic sensing of Toxoplasma gondii infection and host cell programmed necrosis 2016
40 EpiTarget Epigenome-targeted therapy for cholangiocarcinoma. 2017
41 Galastick A medical device determining the daily amount of breast milk to improve neonatal nutrition andmothers’ psychophysics well-being. 2016
42 DALI Disagreements and Language Interpretation 2016
44 CATMEC Catalytic Methods for Sustainable Synthesis. A Merged Experimental and Computational Approach 2017
45 CARER-AID Controlled Autonomous Robot for Early detection and Rehabilitation of Autism and Intellectual Disability 2017
46 SURG-Africa Scaling up Safe Surgery for District and Rural Populations in Africa 2017
47 BCSC-ST Breast cancer stem-like cells specific vulnerabilities: focus in HER2 over-expression and protein glycosylation 2017
48 HISTPLAY The History Play and the British Enlightenment, 1750-1815 2017
49 FIRESCAPE Firescape genomics: predicting plant responses to changing fire regimes 2018
50 netdis Medicine, Heresy and Freedom of Thought in sixteenth-century Italy: a Network of Dissident Physicians in the Confessional Age 2017
51 SYMBODIN The Symbolism of the Body in Northern Europe. Cognitive Metaphors and Old Norse Myth from the Viking Age to Late Medieval Times 2018
52 ISONEO Isotopic evidence for diet and mobility during the Neolithic transition to farming in the Near East 2017
53 BALTIC KLEMS Baltic Countries Capital, Labour, Energy, Material and Service inputs 2017
54 SEQUOIA Robust algorithms for learning from modern data 2017
55 MicroPhan Rol of obligate bacterial symbiosis in the diversification of a globally distributed aphid genus 2018
56 PROIRICE Proton-Irradiated Ice: Dynamics and Chemistry from First Principles 2017
57 HECoW Household Ecology. Consumption and Wellbeing in Early Modern Iceland 2017
58 CONPLEX The Constitutional Place of Expertise 2018
59 MILO Mining, lobbying and efficient environmental policy 2017
60 GLARE Exploring Gender in Children's Literature from Cognitive Corpus Stylistic Perspective 2017
61 T4C PhD Technology Driven Sciences: Technologies for Cultural Heritage 2018
62 VULCAN.ears Volcano-seismic Unsupervised Labelling and ClAssificatioN Embedded in A Real-time Scenario 2017
63 ImPRESS International Interdisciplinary PhD studies in Biomedical Research and Biostatistics. Supporting the career and training in omic-based research and biostatistics by inter-national and-sectoral mobility 2018
64 RAMSSES Realisation and Demonstration of Advanced Material Solutions for Sustainable and Efficient Ships 2017
65 AlgoRNN Recurrent Neural Networks and Related Machines That Learn Algorithms 2017
66 PercEvite PercEvite - Sense and avoid technology for small drones 2017
67 THOT Comprehensive code for stellar dating, and analysis of exoplanetary systems observed by direct imaging 2017
68 VisIoN European Training Network on Visible light based Interoperability and Networking 2017
69 POEM PARTICIPATORY MEMORY PRACTICES. Concepts, strategies, and media infrastructures for envisioning socially inclusive potential futures of European Societies through culture 2018
70 SPADE from SPArsity to DEep learning 2017
71 PARATOP New paradigms for correlated quantum matter:Hierarchical topology, Kondo topological metals, and deep learning 2018
72 ANTHUSIA Anthropology of Human Security in Africa 2018
73 LIMQUET Light-Matter Interfaces for Quantum Enhanced Technology 2018
74 SVIS Supervised Verification of Infinite-State Systems 2018
75 2-3SST2016 Second and third funding line in 2016-2017 for the establishment of a European SST service provision function 2017
76 peLabDisk Point-of-care molecular diagnostics of psoriasis and eczema – peLabDisk 2018
77 StringHom String topology and group (co)homology 2018
78 EpiSyStem Epigenetics and System Biology of Stem cells and Reprogramming 2018
79 DNA-ENC SYNCELLS DNA Lattice-Encoded Information for Genotype-to-Phenotype Evolution of Self-Replicating Synthetic Cells 2018
81 NEW_WAY New speakers and use of Russian in the Northern Norway 2018
82 CASE-CO2 Carbon Accumulation over Succession to Enhance mitigation of CO2 emissions 2018
84 DIET Direct Interspecies Electron Transfer in advanced anaerobic digestion system for gaseous transport biofuel production 2018
85 DOMES Exhumation mechanisms of deep crust and formation of metamorphic domes in orogens: a Synergybetween naturalistic and numerical approaches 2019
86 NovelExperiSENSE How experience shapes brain specializations 2018
87 ImmunAID Immunome project consortium for AutoInflammatory Disorders 2018
88 DeepInternal Going Deep and Blind with Internal Statistics 2018
89 SINGREP Linking singularity theory and representation theory with homological methods 2018
90 MAGIC Multimodal Agents Grounded via Interactive Communication 2018
91 TREGinAD Role of Aβ Specific Regulatory T cells in harnessing cerebral Aβ clearance in Alzheimer’s Disease 2018
92 LaFS Language, Families, and Society 2019
93 MOVEMED Linking Human Mobility and Marine Megafauna Movement in the Mediterranean Sea for a better integration of Blue Growth 2019
94 EUSKOR Europe, the United States and the Crisis on the KORean Peninsula: Between a Rock and a Hard Place 2018
95 VOLCANOWAVES State of unrest of active VOLCANOes through advanced seismic WAVES analysis - An application to eruption forecast modelling. 2018
96 PORTAL Personalized oncology for refractory and relapsed lymphoma using humanized patient derived othotopic xenografts (ImmunePDOX) 2018
97 LAST_LETTERS Last Letters from the World Wars: Forming Italian Language, Identity and Memory in Texts of Conflict 2018
98 Piql-GO Ultra-secure data storage - and long-term preservation of digital and analogue data 2018
99 PROFILE Data Analytics, Data Sources, and Architecture for Upgraded European Customs Risk Management 2018
100 BANK-LASH Banks, Popular Backlash, and the Post-Crisis Politics of Financial Regulation 2018
101 NATURA Reassessing Realism over Universals in the Time of Peter Abelard 2020
102 FC-Unlimited Eco-efficient and Healthy Commercial Deep Fryer 2018
103 Governmigration Governing irregular immigration through detention: discourses and practices from an interdisciplinary approach 2018
104 TeamUp5G New RAN TEchniques for 5G UltrA-dense Mobile networks 2019
105 MIAMi Refactoring monoterpenoid indole alkaloid production in microbial cell factories 2019
106 MOBILIZE Improving health in people with multimorbidity: a paradigm shift in health care from disease-based curative models to personalized exercise therapy and self-management 2019
107 EPIC Earth-like Planet Imaging with Cognitive computing 2019
108 EXA MODE EXtreme-scale Analytics via Multimodal Ontology Discovery & Enhancement 2019
109 Epilepsy_Core The core and effects of epilepsy: from chronic disease to curable disorder through innovative guided surgery 2019
110 PREFERABLE Project on Exercise for Fatigue Eradication in Advanced Breast cancer to improve quality of life 2019
111 ReHaptix Easy-to-use and highly accurate medical software for quantitative assessment of impairments in neurologically injured people. 2019
112 TRANSITIONS The skeletal effects of historical transitions in lifestyle 2019
113 FEM-RESIST Women, Photography and Resistance in Transnational Perspective 2019
114 STOICISM Stochastic Communication Inside Cortical Microcolumns 2019
115 PRESQUE A predicting platform for designing semiconductor quantum devices 2019
116 WomenWritingSaints Women Writing Saints: Proto-feminist Discourses in Religious texts written by Women in Counter-Reformation Italy 2019
117 MariBet La MaMa Experimental Theatre: a lasting bridge between cultures 2019
118 CLOSeR Contribution of Land water stOrage to Sea-level Rise 2019
119 RES Rights for Ecosystem Services (RES): a framework to protect the environment and sustainable local communities in the EU. 2020
120 INCLUDED Intercultural Digital Media Education for Social Inclusion of Socioeconomically Disadvantaged Youth in the Urban Migration Society 2019
121 STARCloud Bringing Quality of Service to Blockchain-Based Clouds 2019
122 CALCHAS Computational Intelligence for Multi-Source Remote Sensing Data Analytics 2019
123 CID Cuban-Irish Diasporas: Gender, Race and Ethnic Whitening Strategies 2020
124 MEGAFAUNA Detecting, Predicting and Protecting Pelagic Megafauna Hotspots in the Coral Sea 2020
125 BrainMatter Enterprise Grade Lean AI platform 2019
126 HOTHSPOH Homotopy theory of spaces of homomorphisms 2019
127 e-DNA BotStop e-DNA BotStop 2019
128 BE Therapy A revolutionary digital therapeutics platform for personalized and effective neurocognitive rehabilitation 2019
129 RICAIP Research and Innovation Centre on Advanced Industrial Production 2019
130 MrDoc Development and commercialization of a semi-supervised learning AI for robust diagnosis in real world settings. 2019
131 C-PlaNeT Circular Plastics Network for Training 2020
132 TubInTrain Tuning Tubulin Dynamics and Interactions to Face Neurotoxicity: a Multidisciplinary Approach for Training and Research 2019
133 BIOREMIA BIOfilm-REsistant Materials for hard tissue Implant Applications 2020
134 MOTOR5G MObility and Training fOR beyond 5G Ecosystems 2019
135 FAULT-LEARNING Online Class Imbalance Learning for Fault Diagnosis of Critical Infrastructure Systems 2019
137 DISTRACT The Political Economy of Distraction in Digitized Denmark 2020
138 INTERACT Interactive Machine Learning for Compositional Models of Natural Language 2020
139 REMEDIA Impact of exposome on the course of lung diseases 2020
140 STEP4WIND Novel deSign, producTion and opEration aPproaches for floating WIND turbine farms 2020
141 DISIPO Decarbonisation of carbon-intensive industries (Iron and Steel Industries) through Power to gas and Oxy-fuel combustion 2021
142 GLADIUS Gravitational Lensing Analysis for Data Intensive Upcoming Surveys 2020
143 IRPV Chalcopyrite-perovskites for infrared photovoltaics 2020
144 CitIndus The ‘Citizenship Industry’: Commodified citizenship, the corporate sector and global inequality 2020
145 GAMBBa Gene-activated AntiMicrobial Biomaterials for Bone regeneration 2020
146 GALSIZE Galaxy Sizes as Tracers of Dark Matter 2020
147 FIOLENCE FIOLENCE: A New Research Space at the Food/Violence Nexus 2020
148 STAR Sensing and Sensibility - Transcending Disciplines for a Responsible Future 2020