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The page lists 148 projects related to the topic "underpin".

# achronym  title  year 
1 ALEC Aging Lungs in European Cohorts 2015
2 MDS-RIGHT Providing the right care to the right patient with MyeloDysplastic Syndrome at the right time 2015
3 EUROLEISH-NET Control of leishmaniasis, from bench to bedside and community 2015
4 CPSELabs CPS Engineering Labs - expediting and accelerating the realization of cyber-physical systems 2015
5 No One Left Behind No One Left Behind 2015
6 MOLECOPS International mobility, local economics and European cooperation policies in the central Sahara 2015
7 METACLOAK Broadband cloaking and shielding of elastic waves in solids. 2015
8 THOR THOR – Technical and Human Infrastructure for Open Research 2015
9 RItrain Reseach Infrastructures Training Programme 2015
10 MUSAL Multi-scale modelling of waves of porous media with applications to acoustic control and biomechanics 2015
11 EBUCAI European Banking Union and Current Account Imbalances 2016
12 F-Pole Significant or trivial: Fungi in Polar Ecosystems 2016
13 S4ILS Solar Sailing for Space Situational Awareness In the Lunar System 2015
14 SEDiLINK Sediment linkage between land, river and sea: evaluating impacts of historic mining on sediment quality in the coastal zone 2015
15 GENOLACT Consolidating a genomic framework for exploiting lactobacilli 2015
16 APT-Met Atom Probe Tomography (APT) Metrology for future 3D semiconductor devices 2015
17 IRWES Integrated Roof Wind Energy System 2015
18 3Dconvert The dynamics of the mammalian epigenome during transcription factor-induced cell fate conversion 2015
19 IBSEN Bridging the gap: from Individual Behaviour to the Socio-tEchnical MaN 2015
20 MELGEN MELanoma GENetics - understanding and biomarking the genetic and immunological determinants of melanoma survival 2015
21 5G NORMA 5G NOvel Radio Multiservice adaptive network Architecture 2015
22 CORBEL Coordinated Research Infrastructures Building Enduring Life-science services 2015
23 HOARDEVOL The evolution of food hoarding: from environmental pressures to brain mechanisms 2016
24 iNanoEOR In-situ produced nanoparticles for enhanced oil recovery 2015
25 MarineIce Ice Nucleating Particles in the Marine Atmosphere 2015
26 SINE2020 World class Science and Innovation with Neutrons in Europe 2020 – SINE2020 2015
27 DNA2REPAIR DNA strand break repair and links to human disease 2015
28 CHROMOREP Reconstitution of Chromosome Replication and Epigenetic Inheritance 2015
29 GRACE GRACE: Gender and Cultures of Equality in Europe 2015
30 Spin-NANO Nanoscale solid-state spin systems in emerging quantum technologies 2016
31 SCALEFORES SCALEFORES: Scaling Rules For Ecosystem Service Mapping 2016
32 ERNCIP CBRNE STDS 16 ERNCIP thematic group activities in 2016 supporting development of Mandate 487 for standards in security 2016
33 EPIC Exploiting Protein Complexes that Induce Cell-death 2016
34 StarFormMapper A Gaia and Herschel Study of the Density Distribution and Evolution of Young Massive Star Clusters 2016
36 DR-BOB Demand Response in Block of Buildings 2016
37 PRILA Prisons: the Rule of Law, Accountability and Rights 2016
38 ExtremeQuantum Quantum materials under extreme conditions 2016
39 PolyDomFormFuncReg Discovering how polycomb domains form and function in gene regulation 2016
40 TransNic Enantioselective Nickel-Catalyzed trans-Carbometallative Couplings and Cyclizations 2016
41 INDRO Remote sensing INdicators for DROught monitoring 2017
42 JUSECON Legal rights and the political economy of debt and austerity in Europe 2017
43 PalmHydraulics Palm hydraulics linking biodiversity and functioning of tropical forests under climate change 2016
44 SKLCarbonP2 Project: Scale up of CDC production for inclusion in ultracapacitor to double the performance. 2016
45 EvolVir Evolution of virulence in immune-compromised hosts and the adaptation of emerging viruses 2017
46 EDGE Cutting Edge Training - Cutting Edge Technology 2016
47 NETS Networks in Time and Space 2016
48 GROW GROW Observatory 2016
49 SOILBIODIV Beyond the limits of scale: a novel pipeline for the measurement of soil arthropod biodiversity 2016
50 EpiTarget Epigenome-targeted therapy for cholangiocarcinoma. 2017
51 TransPhorm Single molecule imaging of transmembrane protein structure and function in their native state 2016
52 ARCHES Accessible Resources for Cultural Heritage EcoSystems 2016
53 CONCEPT CONductive fast Charge system for Electric buses in Public Transport 2016
54 MetCogCon Metacognition of Concepts 2016
55 reLIVE Unraveling complex organ regeneration through live imaging and molecular profiling approaches 2017
56 VIRT-EU Values and ethics in Innovation for Responsible Technology in EUrope 2017
57 QUESTDO Quantum electronic states in delafossite oxides 2017
58 SHAPE-ENERGY Social Sciences and Humanities for Advancing Policy in European Energy 2017
59 FI-GLOBAL FI-GLOBAL: Building and supporting a global open community of FIWARE innovators and users 2016
60 Odex A new process for removal of odour from Post Consumer Waste Polymer for non-food applications – ODEX 2016
61 FI-NEXT Bringing FIWARE to the NEXT step 2016
62 TRANSPIRE Terahertz RAdio communication using high ANistropy SPIn torque REsonators 2017
63 NanoToX Does climate change enhance the nanoparticle toxicity of freshwater biofilms? 2017
64 HIntNets Higher-order interactions and Laplacian dynamics in complex networks: structure, dynamics and control 2017
65 DynamicBrainStates Monitoring changes in brain states using dynamical causal networks 2017
66 TOPIOS Tracking Of Plastic In Our Seas 2017
67 EARTHBLOOM Earth’s first biological bloom: An integrated field, geochemical, and geobiological examination of the origins of photosynthesis and carbonate production 3 billion years ago 2017
68 UNISLAND Towards a unified mechanistic model of oceanic island biogeography 2017
69 MATESI Multi-modal Approaches for Treatment and Evaluation of Swallowing Insufficiencies 2018
70 OILY MICROCOSM Mechanistic Microscale Approach to the Microbial Degradation of Oil-Droplets in Subsea Crude Oil Releases 2017
71 TRIM Vulnerable trait-combinations in corals and fishes and their management 2017
73 MUC The microbial degradation and utilization of mucin by Bacteroides in ulcerative colitis 2017
74 OMPorg Spatiotemporal organisation of bacterial outer membrane proteins 2017
75 JOINTATT The evolutionary and developmental origins of Joint Attention: a longitudinal cross-species and cross-cultural comparison 2017
77 OxfordNano Implementing Special Nanomaterials in Ultra-performance Mobile Radomes 2017
78 PerformFISH Consumer driven Production: Integrating Innovative Approaches for Competitive and Sustainable Performance across the Mediterranean Aquaculture Value Chain 2017
79 EXORICO Exosome and ribosome coupling 2017
80 BLASTOFF Retooling plant immunity for resistance to blast fungi 2017
81 Honeyguides-Humans How a mutualism evolves: learning, coevolution, and their ecosystem consequences in human-honeyguide interactions 2017
82 PanaMast Progressing a non-antibiotic antimicrobial treatment for Bovine Mastitis towards market - PanaMast 2017
83 MAT_STOCKS Understanding the Role of Material Stock Patterns for the Transformation to a Sustainable Society 2018
84 MICRORULES Structural and Functional Architectures of Multi-Kingdom Microbial Consortia Colonizing Plant Roots 2017
85 ENTRANCE Developing the iTOP kit: Empowering scientists with efficient intracellular delivery of biologicals in hard-to-manipulate cell types 2017
86 EU Engineroom (EU) Explorations in Next Generation Internet emerging research opportunities, technOlogies and methods. 2017
87 LubSat Unravelling Multi-scale Oral Lubrication Mechanisms (macro-to-nano): A Novel Strategy to Target Satiety 2017
88 NEBULAR Novel Blueprints for the Visible-Light-Mediated Assembly of C–N Bonds via Nitrogen Radicals 2018
89 Back-UP Personalised Prognostic Models to Improve Well-being and Return to Work After Neck and Low Back Pain 2018
90 AniStyle Artistic Animation Rendering with Stylization 2018
91 HATCH SME-led Space Portal for Europe 2017
92 topDFT A topological approach to electron correlation in density-functional theories 2018
93 CLAIMS CLAIMing land in early medieval localitieS: an interdisciplinary study of land claims and property regimes in the north-west of the Iberian Peninsula (9th-11th) 2019
94 Healing Encounters Healing Encounters: Reinventing an indigenous medicine in the clinic and beyond 2018
95 AnNuVitE Animal and Human Nutrition Benefits of Nature Identical Vitamin E 2018
96 DTOceanPlus Advanced Design Tools for Ocean Energy Systems Innovation, Development and Deployment 2018
97 ExtComb Extremal Combinatorics: existence, counting and typical structure 2019
98 PolyBact Identifying Chemical Cues in the Polymer-Mediated Engineering of Microorganisms 2019
99 MIONIÑO Resolving the debate on a permanent El Niño-like state in the late Miocene: establishing equatorial Pacific conditions, driving forces and global impacts. 2019
100 STRIAVISE How the striatum contributes to visual-selection 2018
101 GeoFodder The scale and significance of early animal husbandry in SW Europe: development of aninterdisciplinary high-resolution approach to the investigation of livestock diets and herding practices. 2019
102 DEFEND Addressing the dual emerging threats of African Swine Fever and Lumpy Skin Disease in Europe (DEFEND) 2018
103 SECURe Subsurface Evaluation of Carbon capture and storage and Unconventional Risk 2018
104 C-CLEAR Complement: to clear or not to clear 2018
105 NextGen Towards a next generation of water systems and services for the circular economy. 2018
106 DEGCAE DryGro: Efficient Growth of Crops in Arid Environments (DEGCAE) 2018
107 SCENT Smart Cities EMC Network for Training 2018
108 ChemLife Artificial micro-vehicles with life-like behaviour 2018
109 UNBRACE Investigating the Role of the Unfolded Protein Response as a Novel Targetable Pathway in BRAF Mutant Colorectal Cancer 2019
110 CartographY Mapping Stellar Helium 2019
111 GenRes Bridge Joining forces for genetic resources and biodiversity management 2019
112 synBIOcarb Synthetic biology of carbohydrate-binding proteins: engineering protein-carbohydrate interactions for diagnostics and cell targeting 2018
113 DYNACEUTICS Remote control healing: Next generation mechano-nano-therapeutics 2019
114 IMPACT HAU The Hau of Finance: Impact Investing and the Globalization of Social and Environmental Sustainability 2019
116 5E Federating European Electronics Ecosystems for Competitive Electronics Industries 2019
117 Caladan Micro assembled Terabit/s capable optical transceivers for Datacom applications 2019
118 DeepHealth Deep-Learning and HPC to Boost Biomedical Applications for Health 2019
119 IM2PACT Investigating Mechanisms and Models Predictive of Accessibility of Therapeutics (IM2PACT) Into The Brain 2019
120 HiDALGO HPC and Big Data Technologies for Global Systems 2018
121 HBP SGA2 Human Brain Project Specific Grant Agreement 2 2018
122 POLKA POLlution Know-how and Abatement 2019
123 F-ELEMENT_ARCHITECT Building Precise Molecular Architectures to Unlock Remarkable f-Element Properties 2019
124 ONCOFUM Integrating the tissue-specificity and chronology of hereditary renal cancer predisposition 2019
125 IDENSTEM Identification and characterization of enteric nervous system stem cells 2020
126 MOVES MOnitoring VEgetation status and functioning at high spatio-temporal resolution from Sentinel-2 2019
127 SubTideTools Quantifying subsurface hydro-geomechanical properties using the groundwater response to Earth and atmospheric tides 2019
128 MSOPGDM Mechanistic studies of prokaryotic genome defense mechanisms 2019
129 N-STRAINED Nitrogen-Radical-Based Radical Strain-Release Strategies for the Divergent Assembly of Polyfunctionalized 3D-Building Blocks 2019
130 DC Metabolism Metabolic Regulation of Conventional Dendritic Cell Development and Function 2020
131 EvolvAnt Natural selection during the recurrent evolution of a major social trait 2019
132 HyTunnel-CS PNR for safety of hydrogen driven vehicles and transport through tunnels and similar confined spaces 2019
133 SOUTHWEST The politeness system and the emergence of a Sprachbund 2020
134 Biochip-images A Breast Cancer Biomarker Point of CarePOCDiagnostic Platform Integrating Dual-Functionalized Nanoparticle for Magnetic Gradient Ranking and Electrochemical Sensing 2019
135 MONET Merkel cell polyomavirus Oncogenic Network 2019
136 PARIS REINFORCE Delivering on the Paris Agreement: A demand-driven, integrated assessment modelling approach 2019
137 CompBioMed2 A Centre of Excellence in Computational Biomedicine 2019
138 FRC BioEnergetics Functional dissection of metabolic checkpoints in lymph node fibroblastic reticular cells 2020
139 Comm4CHILD Communication for Children with Hearing Impairment to optimise Language Development 2020
140 MOVE Modelling to Optimize Vector Elimination: Destabilising mosquito populations 2020
141 KINMATRIX Uncovering the Kinship Matrix: A New Study of Solidarity and Transmission in European Families 2020
142 IC2PerMed Integrating China in the International Consortium for Personalised Medicine 2020
143 DDREAMM Dna Damage REsponse: Actionabilities, Maps and Mechanisms 2020
144 CORPORATOCRACY The Business Corporation as a Political Actor 2020
145 GLOBAL Tropical rain forest diversification: a GLOBAL approach 2020
146 CHANGINGELITES Changing elites: how social and institutional change has altered the processes of elite formation over time? 2020
147 NSTree Understanding substrate delivery for cell wall biosynthesis in plants 2020
148 PATHOCODE Molecular pathology of anti-viral T cell responses in the central nervous system 2020