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H2020 projects about "calculations"

The page lists 220 projects related to the topic "calculations".

# achronym  title  year 
1 InDeV InDeV: In-Depth understanding of accident causation for Vulnerable road users 2015
2 preQFT Strategic Predictions for Quantum Field Theories 2015
3 QUIC Quantum simulations of insulators and conductors 2015
4 SEMICOMPLEX Divide and conquer ab initio semiclassical molecular dynamics for spectroscopic calculations of complex systems 2015
5 Earth core Exploring Thermodynamic Properties of Earth’s Core-Forming Materials 2015
6 GEOAPPS APPS for geotechnical field work 2014
7 EeHPC Energy efficient High Performance Computing 2014
8 OrganoMag Organometallic Single-Molecule Magnets 2015
9 FAANon A functional analytic approach for the analysis of nonlinear transmission problems 2015
10 PHOEBUS PHOto-induced Energy flow in Bio-inspired molecular circuits probed with Ultrafast two-dimensional Spectroscopy 2015
11 INVLOCCY Invariants of local Calabi-Yau 3-folds 2015
12 ASB Amplitudes, String and Branes 2015
13 C-Xaq Cross-Coupling (C-X): Pioneering Mild Aqueous Cross-Coupling Methodologies to Enable Selective Functionalisation and Diversification of Halogenated Natural Products 2015
14 SCME Selecting, Creating and Modifying Embryos: the ethics of new reproductive genetic technologies 2015
15 HIGGS-BSM-EFT Higgs and Beyond the Standard Model Effective Field Theory, systematic developments. 2015
16 DYNECAT Microscopic Surface Dynamics of Pt and Pt Alloy Electrocatalysts under operation conditions 2015
18 ETA4B Energy Trusted Advisor for Buildings 2015
19 IRIS-1 IRIS Feasibility Study – Phase 1 2015
20 EXTMOS EXTended Model of Organic Semiconductors 2015
21 CutLoops Loop amplitudes in quantum field theory 2015
22 BlackHoleMaps Mapping gravitational waves from collisions of black holes 2015
23 IQFT Integrable Structures in Quantum Field Theory 2015
24 corr-DFT Improving the accuracy and reliability of electronic structure calculations: New exchange-correlation functionals from a rigorous expansion at infinite coupling strength 2015
25 MOSTOPHOS Modelling stability of organic phosphorescent light-emitting diodes 2015
26 MOBPOSSTAT Mobile Positioning Data as a Source for Aggregated Human Mobility Statistics 2015
27 VIDOCK 2D Conformal mapping of protein surfaces: applications to VIsualization and DOCKing software 2015
28 NEWPHYS-MOLECULES Probing Physics beyond the Standard Model from Molecules 2015
29 JOIN-EM JOINing of copper to aluminium by ElectroMagnetic fields 2015
30 SIZE Size matters: scaling principles for the prediction of the ecological footprint of biofuels 2015
31 FIRST LIGHT Early Star-Forming Galaxies and Cosmic Reionisation 2015
32 AquaComp Demonstrating the unique properties of new nanocellulose composite for automotive applications 2015
33 EO-SLR Enhanced Satellite Laser Ranging System 2015
34 CORTIME CorTime, a Cloud-based intelligent optimization engine for 3D-CAD 2015
35 BILUM Novel applications based on organic biluminescence 2016
36 WD3D Evolution of white dwarfs with 3D model atmospheres 2016
37 MULTISCALE Precision Multi-Scale Predictions for the LHC: Higgs, Jets and Supersymmetry 2016
38 EUROPIUM The origin of heavy elements: a nuclear physics and astrophysics challenge 2016
39 MobiLab Development of a mobile device for the quick on-site measurement of soil nutrients 2016
40 ProVegFlake High grade PROteins innovatively processed into VEGetal FLAKEs from plant sources with enhanced nutritional benefits 2016
41 QUNS Quantum-Statistical Methods for Nuclear Singlet States in Complex Fluids 2016
42 HiggsEFTatNLO Precise Higgs Properties in the LHC Era 2017
43 SARLEP Simulation and Understanding of the Atmospheric Radical Budget for Regions with Large Emissions from Plants 2016
44 CLUSTER Birth of solids: atomic-scale processes in crystal nucleation 2016
45 NOVAMAG NOVel, critical materials free, high Anisotropy phases for permanent MAGnets, by design. 2016
46 ODYSSEE-MURE ODYSSEE-MURE, a decision support tool for energy efficiency policy evaluation. 2016
47 VSHER Mechanistic Understanding of Heterogenised Hydrogen Evolution Catalysts Through Vibrational Spectroelectrochemistry 2016
48 QLO-QG Quasi-local observables in quantum gravity 2016
49 DynOMIS Dynamic Origins of MHC class I Selector function 2016
50 NOSTA Nanostructured Oxide and Silicide Materials for Thermoelectric Device Applications 2017
52 Hi-ThermCap High-capacity and high-performance Thermal energy storage Capsule for low-carbon and energy efficient heating and cooling systems 2016
53 HiPower Development of a commercial manufacturing process for a low cost, small footprint, high efficiency fully electric compressor and power controls to fulfil a market need for use in heavy goods vehicles 2016
54 OXM Patent pending gearboxA patent pending gearbox for ships that decrease fuel consumption with 25% (appr 500 ton fuel and 1500 ton carbon dioxide per ship and year) 2016
55 QOM3D Quantum Optomechanics in 3D 2016
56 QBox Quantum Gas in a Box 2016
57 PertQCD Automatization of perturbative QCD at very high orders. 2016
58 CHISEL Church Building as Industry in Early Medieval Western Europe 2016
59 CGCglasmaQGP The nonlinear high energy regime of Quantum Chromodynamics 2016
60 NNLOforLHC2 New level of theoretical precision for LHC Run 2 and beyond 2016
61 FIRSTORM Modeling first-order Mott transitions 2016
63 Smartphon Small - and nano - scale soft phononics 2016
64 Rmat3 Theoretical study of cold and ultracold collisions in triatomic systems using inner-region nuclear motion wavefunctions and outer-region R-matrix propagation 2016
65 EDWEL Empirical Demand and Welfare Analysis 2016
66 MOLEQULE Unraveling molecular quantum dynamics with accelerated ab initio algorithms 2016
67 SHIPLYS Ship Lifecycle Software Solutions 2016
68 B-Brighter Enhancing OLED device performance using Fused Borylated Materials 2016
69 AERFOR Advanced Forecasting System for Proactive Airport Passenger Flow Management 2016
70 CardAPcells Cell therapy for patients with chronic heart failure with proprietary cardiac-derived cells (CardAP cells) – “From the Heart to the Heart” 2016
71 IMPACT The giant impact and the Earth and Moon formation 2016
72 isitFlutter dIagnoSIs app for regular aTrial arrhytmia like Flutter 2016
73 CC4SOL Towards chemical accuracy in computational materials science 2017
74 OPRECOMP Open transPREcision COMPuting 2017
75 FASTO-CAT Fundamentals of ASymmeTric Organo-CATalysis 2017
76 NURE Nuclear Reactions for Neutrinoless Double Beta Decay 2017
77 Resummation4PS Advances in higher-order resummation and Parton Shower 2017
78 MECHANISM The effect of water on the Fischer-Tropsch reaction mechanism and kinetics over bimetallic Co-based catalysts: Theoretical and experimental studies 2017
79 GlucoTab A Novel ICT Assistant Solution for de-Risked Management of Insulin Dosing and Blood Glucose Levels in Hospitalized Patients with Type 2 Diabetes 2016
80 FASTPARSE Fast Natural Language Parsing for Large-Scale NLP 2017
81 NOTID Novel treatment of inflammatory diseases 2016
82 FlexBuild Market maturation of innovative Flexible modules for temporary sealing of construction Buildings 2016
83 PECSYS Technology demonstration of large-scale photo-electrochemical system for solar hydrogen production 2017
84 SiLAS SiliconLaser 2017
85 HyperMu Hyperfine splittings in muonic atoms and laser technology 2017
86 MERCURY Modeling the European power sector evolution: low-carbon generation technologies (renewables, CCS, nuclear), the electric infrastructure and their role in the EU leadership in climate policy 2017
87 BACCO Bias and Clustering Calculations Optimised: Maximising discovery with galaxy surveys 2017
88 GlassUniversality Universal explanation of low-temperature glass anomalies 2017
89 metabolicomp Computational dynamics studies of drug metabolism by P450 enzymes 2017
90 MULTIFLEXO Hierarchical multiscale modeling of flexoelectricity and related materials properties from first principles 2017
91 QUANTIVIOL Quantifying Quantum Gravity Violations of Causality and the Equivalence Principle 2017
92 MicroMod-PSII Microscopic modelling of the highly efficient intra- and inter-antennae energy transfer to the reaction centre in plant photosystem II 2017
93 AMPLITUDES Novel structures in scattering amplitudes 2017
94 AssAZAx AssAZAx: Innovation Methodology for Ground Subsidence Monitoring (The Assessment of small displacements Along Zed Axis) 2017
95 FreezeAlz Theoretical prediction of spectral biomarkers for Alzheimer's disease enabled by highly efficient and adaptable mutli-level response methods 2017
96 GOLDENSENS Intrinsically chiral gold nanoclusters as enantiodiscriminating sensors for methamphetamines. 2017
97 quasiTENS Quantum Systems Investigated through Tensor Network States 2017
98 BALTIC KLEMS Baltic Countries Capital, Labour, Energy, Material and Service inputs 2017
99 HT PHOTO DB High throughput computing for accelerated photovoltaic material discovery: From materialdatabase to the new generation of photovoltaic materials. 2018
100 NanoAID Advanced In-situ Techniques for the Development of Metal Oxide Nanostructures. 2017
101 PhARRAO Photo- And Radical induced Reactivity of Atmospheric Oxidants 2017
102 HiProLoop Scattering Amplitudes for Higgs Production at High-Order as touchstone for Automated Multiloop Feynman Calculus 2018
103 PHOTO_IMS The use of mass spectrometry and optical methods to determine the influence of cofactors on the structure and stability of proteins 2018
104 CATRATS Catalytic Enantioselective Allene Cycloisomerisation Reactions for Alkaloid Total Synthesis 2017
105 exciTitania Excitonic quasiparticles in Titania 2017
106 MPAmplitudes Multi-particle scattering amplitudes for precision collider physics 2018
107 RAD-FIRE Efficient methods for radiative heat transfer analysis in fires and water sprays for fire suppression 2017
109 InsideLoops Colour and Kinematics of Quarks and Gluons inside Loops 2017
110 XXQCD Excited and exotic hadron resonances from Quantum Chromodynamics 2017
111 protonCBCT Proton CT reconstruction with a Cone Beam CT prior 2017
112 ELCOREL Electrochemical Conversion of Renewable Electricity into Fuels and Chemicals 2017
113 B-PhosphoChem Exploration of the 2D-Chemistry of Black Phosphorous 2017
114 FINCAP Fuel INjector Coking and Autoxidation Prediction 2017
115 REINVENT REsummation-Improved moNtecarlo eVEnt geNeraTor 2017
116 DDD Diffusive Droplet Dynamics in multicomponent fluid systems 2017
117 FERROVOLT For a better understanding and design of ferroelectric photovoltaics: First-principles study of optical absorption and charge-carrier transport at ferroelectric domain walls in BiFeO3 2017
118 QCLAB Revolutionary new quantum chemical software for molecular simulations 2017
119 DYNAMINT Dynamics of Probed, Pulsed, Quenched and Driven Integrable Quantum Systems 2017
120 GLOBALFIRMS Global Firms and Global Value Chains: Measurement and Mechanisms 2018
121 TEC1p Big-Data Analytics for the Thermal and Electrical Conductivity of Materials from First Principles 2017
122 FINEPRINT Spatially explicit material footprints: fine-scale assessment of Europe’s global environmental and social impacts 2017
123 MobiLab Development of a mobile device for the quick on-site measurement of soil nutrients 2017
124 MedicSen A new innovative method for diabetes treatment, the artificial pancreas system 2017
125 f-ex f-block hydrocarbon interactions: exploration; exploitation 2017
126 MOSSWOOL Sustainable growing media for vegetable cultivation 2017
127 QuESTech QUantum Electronics Science and TECHnology training 2018
128 FUN-PM Fundamental Understanding of Nanoparticle chemistry: towards the prediction of Particulate emissions and Material synthesis 2018
129 FEEDGALAXIES A new vantage point on how gas flows regulate the build-up of galaxies in the early universe 2018
130 BioNet Dynamical Redesign of Biomolecular Networks 2018
131 CoMMaD Computational Molecular Materials Discovery 2018
132 APES Accuracy and precision for molecular solids 2018
133 ABIOS ABIOtic Synthesis of RNA: an investigation on how life started before biology existed 2018
134 PAMDORA Planetary accretion and migration in discs over all ages 2018
135 ODDSUPER New mechanisms and materials for odd-frequency superconductivity 2018
136 ModelGenomLand Modelling the genomic landscapes of selection and speciation 2018
137 PrecisionNuclei Strong interactions for precision nuclear physics 2018
138 DISCOVER Design of Mixed Anion Inorganic Semiconductors for Energy Conversion 2018
139 HERMES High Efficiency Real-Time Multithreading Engine for Space applications 2017
140 ZephyCloud-2 Making Wind Energy More Profitable...Faster! 2017
141 ShapingRoughness Emergence of Surface Roughness in Shaping, Finishing and Wear Processes 2018
142 TTNPred Development of novel computational biology pipeline for the efficient classification of titin SNPs for clinical use 2018
143 MODULISPACES Topology of moduli spaces of Riemann surfaces 2018
144 TOP Towards the Bottom of the Periodic Table 2018
145 VHDD Computer-aided Van der Waal Heterostructure Device Design using Unique Response to Electric Fields 2018
146 GreatMoves General Relativistic Moving-Mesh Simulations of Neutron-Star Mergers 2018
147 MAIDEN Masses, isomers and decay studies for elemental nucleosynthesis 2018
148 QML Quantum Machine Learning: Chemical Reactions with Unprecedented Speed and Accuracy 2018
149 START inveSTigation of an ultrA compact Reverse flow combusTor 2018
150 Next-EMS Next-Generation Energy-ManagementUpgrading Energy Management Systems with a Next-generation, smarter, resource-saving softwarewith unique automatic pattern recognition of energy consumption data 2018
152 GOKNOT Modelling the formation of a gordian knot in Human Ubiquitin Hydrolase 2018
153 TNFL-TMML Topological New Fermions under Laser and New Topological Material Exploring via Machine Learning 2018
154 CaLecLig Calcium-dependent Lectins in Human Pathogenic Infections: From Atomistic Understanding to Ligand Design 2018
155 XQCR Electronic structure and energy descriptors for molecular crystals from quantum crystallography and X-ray charge density analysis 2018
156 COMEX COmputational Modelling for EXtreme conditions 2018
157 DCI A new method for theoretical spectroscopy of strongly correlated materials - dynamical configuration interaction 2018
158 ENCORE Exploring Neutrinos: Cosmology, Oscillations, REactors 2018
159 TOUGHIT Tough Interface Tailored Nanostructured Metals 2018
160 LikelyStructures Accounting for correlated errors with maximum likelihood in crystallography and cryo-EM 2018
161 MachineCat Machine Learning for Catalytic Carbon Dioxide Activation 2018
162 ReaDy-NMR Relativistic and Dynamic effects in Computational NMR Spectroscopy of transition-metal complexes 2019
163 OTmeetsDFT Multi-marginal Optimal Transport and Density Functional Theory: a mathematical setting for physical ideas 2019
164 SOT-2DvdW Spin-Orbit Torque in 2D van der Waals Heterostructures 2018
165 PATCHES Protein Adsorption onTo CHarged surfacES 2018
166 PeLED Towards Efficient and Stable Perovskite Light-Emitting Diodes 2018
167 VECMA Verified Exascale Computing for Multiscale Applications 2018
168 SAGEX Scattering Amplitudes: from Geometry to Experiment 2018
169 UHURA Unsteady High-Lift Aerodynamics – Unsteady RANS Validation 2018
170 GENESE 17 Geometries of Exotic NuclEar StructurE 17 2018
171 MolPredict Neural-based solution to boost drug preclinical research success 2018
172 A-LIFE The asymmetry of life: towards a unified view of the emergence of biological homochirality 2019
173 FLORA FLOw control in RAdial compressor 2018
174 JENNIFER2 Japan and Europe Network for Neutrino and Intensity Frontier Experimental Research 2 2019
175 UltimateMembranes Energy-efficient membranes for carbon capture by crystal engineering of two-dimensional nanoporous materials 2019
176 AQTION Advanced quantum computing with trapped ions 2018
177 ANTI-ATOM Many-body theory of antimatter interactions with atoms, molecules and condensed matter 2019
178 BOXBOT A fast and powerful 3D cargo space usage optimization service for logistics industry 2018
179 Liquid2DM Two-dimensional liquid cell dielectric microscopy 2019
180 LRC Laser Resonance Chromatography of Superheavy Metals 2019
181 SCHINES Spatially-Separated Chirality Inspired Networks 2019
182 LHCtoLISA Precision Gravity: From the LHC to LISA 2019
183 BATTERY 2030 BATTERY 2030+ At the heart of a connected green society 2019
184 SuperH Discovery and Characterization of Hydrogen-Based High-Temperature Superconductors 2019
185 SubTideTools Quantifying subsurface hydro-geomechanical properties using the groundwater response to Earth and atmospheric tides 2019
186 4lessCH4 Rational Design of Ceria-Supported Non-Noble Metal Nanoalloys as Catalysts for the Selective Direct Conversion of Methane to Methanol 2019
187 BALANCE Mapping Dispersion Spectroscopically in Large Gas-Phase Molecular Ions 2019
188 DIEinPEACE Double Incremental Expansion in Potential Energies from Automized Computational Exploration 2019
189 EMAGICS Atomistic spin dynamics and spectroscopic investigation of spin-induced magnetoelectric multiferroic materials 2019
190 OMECRY Organic Mesocrystals: Formation and controlling of oriented nanoparticles of molecular solids for drug development 2019
191 KIDS Kinetics and Dynamics at Surfaces 2019
192 HoloLif Lifshitz holography: hydrodynamics and the large-D limit 2019
193 QMKPFM Quantum approach to modelling high resolution Kelvin Probe Force Microscopy 2020
194 Biogas2Syngas Rational Design for Coke-resistant Dry Reforming Catalyst using Combined Theory and Operando Raman Experiments 2019
195 FLEXBUILD Market maturation of innovative Flexible modules for temporary sealing of construction Buildings 2019
196 TiPACCs Tipping Points in Antarctic Climate Components 2019
197 WOOL2LOOP Mineral wool waste back to loop with advanced sorting, pre-treatment, and alkali activation 2019
198 QUEST Quality Management Investments for Energy Efficiency 2019
199 Foresight Foresight: Autonomous machine monitoring and prognostics system for the Oil and Gas and Maritime sectors 2019
200 STRONG-2020 The strong interaction at the frontier of knowledge: fundamental research and applications 2019
201 FRESCO FeRroElectric control of Spin-charge interCOnversion 2020
202 COLLEXISM Collisional excitation of interstellar molecules: towards reactive systems 2019
203 MetALS Investigating the pharmacokinetic properties of toxic metals and heat shock proteins as risk factors in Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis 2019
204 PROTON Proton transport and proton-coupled transport 2019
205 BatteryCheck Take the mystery out of battery life. 2019
206 HLFC 4.0 Hybrid Laminar Fluid Control 4.0 2019
207 CompBat Computer aided desing for next generation flow batteries 2020
208 FASTCORR Ultrafast dynamics of correlated electrons in solids 2020
209 PLAST2bCLEANED PLASTtics to be CLEANED by sorting and separation of plastics and subsequent recycling of polymers, bromine flame retardants and antimony trioxide 2019
210 Synthara Edge Brain inspired AI processing technology allowing for edge computing that transforms “non-smart chips” into “smart” chips 2020
211 CAPA Global existence and Computer-Assisted Proofs of singularities in incompressible fluids, with Applications 2020
212 PrimeWater Delivering Advanced Predictive Tools form Medium to Seasonal Range for Water Dependent Industries Exploiting the Cross-Cutting Potential of EO and Hydro-Ecological Modeling 2019
214 PeSD-NeSL Photo-excited State Dynamics and Non-equilibrium States under Laser in Van der Waals Stacked Two-dimensional Materials 2020
215 SOLVE Stratospheric Ozone Loss from Volcanic Eruptions 2021
216 COSMAGREEN COating for SMArt GREENhouses 2021
217 RL-ASTROPRO Building blocks of the molecular universe: A coordinated laboratory and theoretical study of elemental C2X (X=N, O, Si, S) molecules 2020
218 NuMagLongRx Nuclear magnetic long-lived state relaxation 2020
219 EnFoRCe Effects of Electric Fields on tuRbulent Combustion 2021
220 QFluidsNano Structural and thermophysical properties of quantum fluids adsorbed on nanostructured surfaces 2020