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1 Friend2U Friend to understand 2014
2 ERC-EuropePMC-2-2014 Extracting funding statements from full text research articles in the life sciences 2014
3 Human Decisions The Neural Determinants of Perceptual Decision Making in the Human Brain 2015
4 NCP_WIDE.NET Transnational Network of cooperation for WIDESPREAD NCPs 2015
5 MAMI The Power of Maternal Microbes on Infant Health 2015
6 PhilPharm Philosophy of Pharmacology: Safety, Statistical standards and Evidence Amalgamation 2015
7 EPIMAC The next generation epigenetic medicine for inflammation 2015
8 BASE-LiNE Earth Brachiopods As SEnsitive tracers of gLobal marINe Environment: Insights from alkaline, alkaline Earth metal, and metalloid trace element ratios and isotope systems 2015
9 RRI-ICT Forum Supporting and promoting responsible research and innovation in ICT 2015
10 Learn Learning From Failing and Passing Executions At the Speed of Internet 2015
11 gluactive Activation Mechanism of a Glutamate Receptor 2015
12 GEOAPPS APPS for geotechnical field work 2014
13 MOLECOPS International mobility, local economics and European cooperation policies in the central Sahara 2015
14 EU-CIVCAP Preventing and responding to conflict: developing EU CIVilian CAPabilities for a sustainable peace 2015
15 IPAD-MD Research Infrastructures for Phenotyping, Archiving and Distribution of Mouse Disease Models - Promoting International Cooperation and User Engagement to Enhance Biomedical Innovation 2015
16 EQRESFRAME Earthquake-resilient self-centering steel frame 2015
17 JELLYPACTS Assessment of Jellyfish Socioeconomic Impacts in the Mediterranean: Implications for Management 2016
18 ESATM Embryonic stem cell origin of the adipose tissue macrophages 2015
19 ECONOMY Plant Ecology for Nitrous Oxide Mitigation and Sustainable Productivity 2016
20 ACTUS ACcelerating Transition in Peri-Urban areaS in East Africa 2016
21 FUTURESYRIA Mapping an uncertain future: Social and spatial change in conflicting Syria 2015
22 MicroFrac Visualization and modelling of fracture at the microscale 2015
23 SkillUp Skill development and firm upgrading to sustain the competitiveness of the EU manufacturing sector 2015
24 MOLMIC Molecular Biology of Sulfide-Oxidizing Nitrate-Reducing Microorganisms Involved in Microbiologically-Influenced Corrosion 2016
25 UVMWREACT Design, fabrication and optimization of a novel integrated UV-microwave assisted catalytic reactor for the continuous flow treatment of wastewater 2015
27 DRESSINGTHENEWWORLD Dressing the New World. The Trade and the Culture of Clothing in the New Spanish Colonies (1600-1800) 2015
28 WATLY An autonomous and mobile water treatment plant powered by solar energy 2015
29 MED1C MED1C : Video Management in Medical practice 2015
30 EbolaVac Development of a Chimpanzee Adenovirus Type 3 Ebolavirus Zaire Vaccine 2014
31 SUMOblock Blocking SUMO conjugation as drug discovery strategy. 2015
32 EeC WITUR Efficient energy cleaning robotic platform for wind turbines (EeC WITUR) 2015
33 CAIN Analysis of multimedia contents published on social networks, using a community of people willing to perform micro-tasks on their mobile devices. Application to marketing and branding 2015
34 mainDSS Intelligent maintenance Decision Support System for the industry 2015
35 CIP Categorical Interoception Project: How generalization and classification strategies link anxiety and interoception 2016
36 MgSpa A highly efficient and eco-friendly electric shower offering health benefits through magnesium sulphate 2015
37 VITAL The Vitality of Disease - Quality of Life in the Making 2015
38 OPE Open Payments Eco-system 2015
39 BIGWHEAT An innovative approach to boost wheat yields 2015
40 NewBusFuel New Bus ReFuelling for European Hydrogen Bus Depots 2015
41 Predictive Vision Predictive Vision Saving lives in dangerous working environments with Predictive Risk Management software 2015
42 POWERCLOUD Cloud Energy management solution for Office It equipment and Smart devices 2015
43 LiraTower Novel concept of cost-effective and simplified in-situ concrete tower of 140m for harnessing higher and more consistent wind velocities and enhancing the power output of wind turbines 2015
44 SafeAST Continuous structural condition tank integrity monitoring of Above Ground Storage Tanks, aka “SafeAST, no entry: no empty.” 2015
45 InVID In Video Veritas – Verification of Social Media Video Content for the News Industry 2016
46 DE-ENIGMA DE-ENIGMA: Multi-Modal Human-Robot Interaction for Teaching and Expanding Social Imagination in Autistic Children 2016
47 REEEM Role of technologies in an energy efficient economy – model-based analysis of policy measures and transformation pathways to a sustainable energy system 2016
48 HOBBIT Holistic Benchmarking of Big Linked Data 2015
49 ERNCIP CBRNE STDS 16 ERNCIP thematic group activities in 2016 supporting development of Mandate 487 for standards in security 2016
50 ChainReact Making Supplier Networks Transparent, Understandable and Responsive 2016
51 MSP-REFRAM Multi-Stakeholder Platform for a Secure Supply of Refractory Metals in Europe 2015
52 Climateurope European Climate Observations, Modelling and Services - 2 2015
53 RurInno Social Innovations in Structurally Weak Rural Regions: How Social Entrepreneurs Foster Innovative Solutions to Social Problems 2016
54 COURAGE Cultural Opposition: Understanding the Cultural Heritage of Dissent in the Former Socialist Countries 2016
55 EduMAP Adult Education as a Means for Active Participatory Citizenship 2016
56 EuroDairy A Europe-wide thematic network supporting a sustainable future for EU dairy farmers 2016
57 S-PEEK Simple, immediate and economical access to company credit rating and financial information. 2016
58 CIRCUS An end-to-end verification architecture for building Certified Implementations of Robust, Cryptographically Secure web applications 2016
59 G4-PTROs Regulatory network of G-quadruplex dependent Post-Transcriptional mRNA Operons (PTROs) 2016
60 HEAPPs Harvesting energy via aligned porosity pyroelectrics 2016
61 ANTILGBT Anti-LGBT organising and its transnational dynamics: The case of the Balkans 2016
62 LINGOKIDS LINGOKIDS: Adaptive mobile platform for language learning for early age children 2016
63 TORWIRE Mechanical Behavior of Microscale Metallic Wires under Torsional and Tensile Loadings at Elevated Temperatures 2016
64 INTERWOVEN Collecting, Displaying and Understanding Textiles in Decorative Arts Museums: Comparative Approaches in London and Madrid. 2016
65 FIRSTORM Modeling first-order Mott transitions 2016
66 Baltic Gender Baltic Consortium on Promoting Gender Equality in Marine Research Organisations 2016
67 SUMPs-Up European Programme for Accelerating the Take up of Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans 2016
69 SEL 360 Gomins The first holistic mobile game for evaluating and supporting the development of social and emotional skills and competences in childhood 2016
70 MEDIA4SEC The emerging role of new social media in enhancing public security 2016
71 Observable Stability Evolutionary stability, observability, and efficiency 2016
72 ZMOD Blood Vessel Development and Homeostasis: Identification and Functional Analysis of Genetic Modifiers 2016
73 QR-PATROL PRO A cost effective cloud-based platform for delivering the highest level of security, supervision and management for security companies utilizing Push-to-Talk and Internet of Things technologies. 2016
74 Cassantec Cassantec Online for SMEs, an advanced prognostic platform for predictive maintenance and failure of industrial assets 2016
75 SABRE Towards a Reliable Model for Dark Matter Search Experiments 2016
76 ETIP Bioenergy-SABS European Technology and Innovation Platform Bioenergy – Support of Advanced Bioenergy Stakeholders 2016 - 17 2016
77 ShaleSafe Development of a monitoring system for inspection of soil and aquifer contamination by shalegas and fracking chemicals 2016
78 MMPCURSRT A multi-method perspective on children's use of rehearsal in serial recall tasks 2016
79 TrafficWise Transforming Cellular Network Data Into the Next Generation of Mobility Management Platform 2016
80 CROSSMINER Developer-Centric Knowledge Mining from Large Open-Source Software Repositories 2017
81 REITER Support to the Development and Analysis of a Research and Innovation Policy Taxonomy and Questionnaire 2016
82 SAPEA Science Advice for Policy by European Academies 2016
83 AlzDiabetes Insulin resistance and Tauopathy : Insights from Drosophila models and human brain samples 2016
84 HP4all Persistent and Transportable Hyperpolarization for Magnetic Resonance 2017
85 INTRICARE International Network for Training on Risks of vascular Intimal Calcification And roads to Regression of cardiovascular diseasE 2017
86 TICASS Technologies of Imaging in Communication, Art, and Social Sciences 2017
87 StaGraM Stable Crosslinked Graphene Membranes for Water and Molecular Separation 2017
88 AgroRadar Using Copernicus Earth Observation radar data to disrupt Precision Agriculture 2017
89 Trafisense Trafisense is a real-time monitoring and early-warning service for high-risk situations in dry-type distribution and power transformers based on proprietary machine-learning technology. 2017
90 PANTREAT Pancreatic cancer as a treatment target of Dwarfbody-Therapeutics 2017
91 APMAV Innovative drone-based solution for agriculture 2017
92 CitizenLab CitizenLab 2017
93 EUTWIC European Travel Writing in Context. The Socio-Political Dimension of Travelogues 1760-1850 2017
94 ML-TEXTSUM Multi-language text summarization 2017
95 aPad aPad - smaller, lighter, smarter autonomous marine surface vehicle 2017
96 GREEN FORESEEN Proposal title GREEce: modeliNg of the FOREst SEctor EcoNomy 2018
97 MSCFate Fate of mammary stem cells during tumorigenesis and clinical implications 2017
98 HappyHR Commercialising Innovative Disruptive Solution for Improving Human Resources Management and Practices 2017
99 KEEPERS Keepers: The Key to your Child’s Safety 2017
100 AveTransRisk Average - Transaction Costs and Risk Management during the First Globalization (Sixteenth-Eighteenth Centuries) 2017
101 HIVGAYM Analysing the migration choices of HIV-positive gay men in England and France 2018
102 INTERESTS Lost in Transition? Multiple Interests in Contexts of Education, Leisure and Work 2017
103 Urban Informality Capital Accumulation Through Informal Urbanization in India 2017
104 DatA ESPerT Database Analysis for Evaluation of Seismic Performance Assessment Tools 2017
105 The European watch on cybersecurity privacy 2017
106 WoRD-DoME Women's Economic Rights and Cultural Difference: Defining Development for the Middle East 2017
107 TestConCert TestConCert is a future-proof fusion of automation technology using IoT communication strategies with flight test bench control and test management from requirement up to the certification document. 2017
108 HILOGEAR High load gear and bearings materials 2017
109 EU-JUSTICE Building EU civil justice: challenges of procedural innovations bridging access to justice 2017
110 ANDRUPOS Automatic non-destructive recognition of used printing techniques on substrates 2017
111 HDR4EU Enabling End-to-End HDR Ecosystem 2017
112 3ants Enhancing security of digital property rights and citizens’ awareness through an innovative anti-piracyframework of digital content based on Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence 2017
113 ePatriot Evolved Sky Patriot – Phase 1 Feasibility Study 2017
114 PRIOR PRIOR - Making food and goods more accessible online 2017
115 VNL Virtual NanoLab (VNL), a Cross-disciplinary Open Nanotechnology Simulation Platform 2017
116 CSRS A Comparative Study of Resilience in Survivors of War Rape and Sexual Violence: New Directions for Transitional Justice 2017
117 NANOCOATINGS Innovative Technique for Large-Scale Production of NANO COATINGS to Reach Global Market ofSynthetic Diamond 2017
118 PAY-ME-ATTENTION Disrupting the Communication between Humans and Computers - Understanding the Key Message in Simultaneous Conversations Through Voice Biometrics 2017
119 CuHypMECH New Nuclear Medicine Imaging Radiotracer 64Cu(II) for diagnosing Hypoxia Conditions Based on the Cellular Copper Cycle 2017
120 MOTION Mobile Technology for Infant Social-Cognitive Neuroscience: Interdisciplinary Training Network for Innovative Infancy Research 2018
121 INSIKT Novel Social Data Mining Platform to Detect and Defeat Violent Online Radicalization 2017
122 NANOPORE Precise array of proton selective nanopores in 2D atomically thin membranes 2017
123 MEMORISING Remembering the Sound of Images: Cross-cultural study of rock art soundscapes and knowledge transmission in the New and Old Worlds. 2018
124 CALLIOPE voCAL articuLations Of Parliamentary Identity and Empire 2018
125 PARE Perspectives for the Aeronautical Research in Europe 2017
126 COACCH CO-designing the Assessment of Climate CHange costs 2017
127 Haeolus Hydrogen-Aeolic Energy with Optimised eLectrolysers Upstream of Substation 2018
128 REFHYNE Clean Refinery Hydrogen for Europe 2018
129 Supporting European Experts Presence in International Standardisation Activities in ICT 2018
130 SEP 2.0 Startup Europe Partnership 2.0 2018
131 KoolZone KoolZone- refrigeration control technology to minimise food waste, avoid food poisoning and minimise energy consumption 2017
132 PMT4NIIS Predictive Maintenance Tool for Non-Intrusive Inspection Systems 2018
133 SRE Smart roof edge technology 2017
134 VISTA Vision-based Inspection Systems for automated Testing of Aircraft interiors 2018
135 UPWARDS Understanding of the Physics of Wind Turbine and Rotor Dynamics through an Integrated Simulation Framework 2018
136 KurdishWomen From Kurdistan to Europe: Kurdish Literary, Artistic and Cultural Activism by Kurdish Women Intellectuals 2018
137 IRONAGE Iron as a driver of fibrosis and regeneration 2018
138 COLOSSEO Seismogenic COmpression in southern Italy? – High-resolution topography (Lidar) and mOrphotectonic analySis to test the active nature of the Southern ApenninE Outer Thrust Front 2018
139 NEW_ABC New issues in the Analysis of Business Cycles 2018
140 EPICE Emergent Properties to Improve Climate projections over Europe 2018
141 MOSPhotocat Application of Metal Oxide Semiconductors in Photocatalysis 2018
142 PS Predicting Suicide 2018
143 ProCenDecl Synthesis and validation of chemical Probes for Centrosome Declustering: development of potent and selective anti-cancer agents. 2019
144 TissueMaps Elemental imaging of human tissue: clinical therapy support and development of new diagnostics 2018
145 QPARK A Quantitative Approach for Smart Parking 2018
146 SILICOFCM In Silico trials for drug tracing the effects of sarcomeric protein mutations leading to familial cardiomyopathy 2018
147 UBioRec Development and Testing of a Reference Computational Platform for Understanding BiomolecularRecognition 2018
149 UNIVO-NG Driving greater business value by unleashing hidden capacity of mobile systems 2018
150 POC PieceOfCake: an AI-driven chatbot to manage complex business data 2018
151 DEMS Data Excellence Management System 2018
152 SHERPA-CAR You will never drive alone 2018
153 Intigriti The Ethical Hacking Platform - Sharing Economy for Security Testing 2018
154 Airline Team xStream Airspace User Support to Arrival Management 2018
155 B2FRESH The ultimate digital platform for full transparency and efficiency in the fruits and vegetables trade 2018
156 PaSION A longitudinal assessment of treatment experience, symptoms and potential associations with biomarkers in cancer patients undergoing immune checkpoint inhibitor therapy 2018
157 INVIS Care Bringing connected to the active elderly 2018
158 DINBEATPRO An innovative system to monitor pet’s health in veterinary clinics 2018
159 PECREGEN Photoelectrochemical Hydrogen Production from H2S in a Regenerative Scrubber 2019
160 DISARM Disseminating Innovative Solutions for Antibiotic Resistance Management 2019
161 GEOENVI Tackling the environmental concerns for deploying geothermal energy in Europe 2018
162 DissectingSociety Nineteenth-Century Sociographic Journalism and the Formation of Ethnographic and Sociological Knowledge 2020
163 HydroLieve A long-lasting non-migrating hydrogel for relieving chronic pain 2018
164 ETIP OCEAN 2 European Technology and Innovation Platform for Ocean Energy 2019
165 REMESH Research Network on Emergency Resources Supply Chain 2019
166 eHONESTY Embodied Honesty in Real World and Digital Interactions 2018
167 DTEU Decarbonising Transport in Europe 2018
168 SMARTSPEND More and better designed national public support for energy technology Research and Innovation 2018
169 Data Market Services / DMS Accelerator Supporting the European data market providing free support services to data-centric SMEs and start-ups 2019
170 WINNING Emotional and Social Intelligence Analysis Advanced Solution for Business Performance Improvement 2018
171 ALL Animated Language Learning Ltd 2018
172 GREENGRAPHENE Environment-Friendly and Cost-Effective Production of Graphene Nano Platelets for Composite Applications 2019
173 SHAPE-ID Shaping Interdisciplinary Practices in Europe 2019
174 EXA MODE EXtreme-scale Analytics via Multimodal Ontology Discovery & Enhancement 2019
175 AMIGOclimate Customised climate index insurance services for agriculture 2019
176 WEIRD WITNESSES Beyond WEIRD Witnesses: Eyewitness Memory in Cross-Cultural Contexts 2019
177 SettleMint The distributed Blockchain middleware that allows business worldwide to build business solutions with Blockchain technology 2019
178 ARCHITECHTURES Empowering building design professionals through Artificial Intelligence on the cloud 2019
179 HORIZON-STE Implementation of the Initiative for Global Leadership in Solar Thermal Electricity 2019
180 SERAS_v4.0 Seizure Risk Asessment for Epilepsy 2019
181 ExACT European network staff eXchange for integrAting precision health in the health Care sysTems 2019
182 RESOLVE tPA-Nanoconstructs for Treating Acute Ischemic Stroke: a Technical and Commercial Analysis 2019
183 IMPACT Immune Mechanisms of Necrotic DNA Phagocytosis by Neutrophils: A Role for Integrins 2020
184 COLIBRI Click chemistry Options for Live Immuno Brain Imaging 2019
185 DIFTERIA Development of a simple and rapid assay for early diphtheria diagnosis. 2020
186 HEGS Hydrologic Extremes at the Global Scale: teleconnections, extreme-rich/poor periods, climate drivers and predictability 2019
187 HUMANE Transcriptional characterization of human postnatal and adult neural progenitors and of the stem cell niches. 2020
188 PENFIX Plasma efficient nitrogen fixation 2019
189 PanILC Deciphering type 2 innate lymphoid cell/epithelial progenitor cell crosstalk in pancreas regeneration and neoplasia 2019
190 CRUZIVAX Vaccine for prevention and treatment of Trypanosoma cruzi infection 2019
191 ARESIBO Augmented Reality Enriched Situation awareness for Border security 2019
192 H. Pylori-Scopy Biophotonic Spectroscopic tool for Helicobacter Pylori diagnosis - a pathway for low cost clinical robotic device 2019
193 Self-EsteemProcesses A self-esteem process framework of the transition to work 2020
194 Utilizing Urban Tech to Power Smarter Cities 2019
195 Infobel Infobel Business Data Hub = GET + USE + IMPROVE 2019
196 4C Climate-Carbon Interactions in the Current Century 2019
197 LOCARD Lawful evidence collecting and continuity platform development 2019
198 ImmuniPrDx PrDx - Advanced Software for Predicting the Immune Response During Drug Development 2019
200 BrainPatch BrainPatch – Breakthrough non-invasive brain stimulation using AI 2019
201 GRID Spreadsheets run the world. We run spreadsheets. 2019
202 SAFEMODE Strengthening synergies between Aviation and maritime in the area of human Factors towards achieving more Efficient and resilient MODE of transportation 2019
203 Weekend Shop Reinventing FMCG Market Research with Real-Life Product Testing 2019
204 ExPaNDS EOSC Photon and Neutron Data Services 2019
205 pvDesign pvDesign® accelerates and optimises the Design of Utility-Scale Photovoltaic plants 2019
206 SIGUEMED The first affordable and easy-to-use IoT system that tracks pill intake with printed circuits technology 2019
207 SuPREmE Ship performance monitoring and simulation to reduce fuel consumption and emissions. 2019
208 QI AI-powered image forgery detection 2019
209 BIKEINSIDE Automated modular vertical parking for bicycles: guard your bike inside! 2019
210 PRIMOGAIA Prepolarized MRI at Earth Field to seek new contrasts linked to molecular events for very early detection of pathologies 2019
211 FORESTMAP Quick and cost-effective integrated web platform for forest inventories 2019
212 Windrone Zenith Autonomous & Intelligent UAV-based Wind Turbine Inspection System for Cost-effective, Reliable, Safe and Actionable Blade Fault Detection and Prediction 2019
213 OASyS Overall Air Transport System Vehicle Scenarios 2019
215 GIGSTATS Real-time economic statistics tool for measuring the online gig economy 2020
216 NOVACHIP Novel vascular-like BBB-on-a-chip 2020
217 emmtrix Software Parallelisation with emmtrix Parallel Studio 2019
218 Medical Express Optimal use of healthcare resources through AI-guided support of healthcare professionals 2019
219 DeBug Effective and environmentally friendly mechanical treatment for salmon delousing 2019
220 GRECA GRECA: Revolution in corporate transactions 2019
221 FACE FACE: A real-time facial analysis software to improve the skincare e-commerce. 2019
223 EOSC Enhance Enhancing the EOSC portal and connecting thematic clouds 2019
224 SepsiCare A disruptive multi-sensor chip for fast and effective management of Sepsis at the point of Care 2020
225 WindSider Commercialization of a breakthrough wind resource assessment technology for automated planning of bankable wind farms 2020
226 Plural AI The knowledge engine for finance 2019
227 NEOSIGHT Bringing to the market a new generation of AI-powered Media Monitoring Tools 2020
228 EPOCHAL Beyond seasonal suffering: Effects of Pollen on Cardiorespiratory Health and Allergies 2020
229 CLAUSTROFUNCT Claustrum function in cortical processing and putative claustral dysfunction in schizophrenia 2020
230 OPTIMAL Coming-of-age of Process Research: Connecting Theory with Measurement and Modelling 2020
231 DIGILEAD Digital leadership, well-being and performance in organizations 2020
232 RESCATA Species Responses to Climate Change in the Amazon To Andes region 2020
233 NOSCAR decipheriNg Oncogenic SIgnalling patterns to break CAncer drug Resistance 2020
234 GeMeTIC Gestural Meanings: Typology and Interface Constraints 2020