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# achronym  title  year 
1 SUSTAIN Sustainable tailored integrated care for older people in Europe 2015
2 MOCHA Models of Child Health Appraised 2015
3 FLEXILOG Formal lexically informed logics for searching the web 2015
4 EQUALIZE Equalizing or disequalizing? Opposing socio-demographic determinants of the spatial distribution of welfare. 2015
5 ApoptoMDS Hematopoietic stem cell Apoptosis in bone marrow failure and MyeloDysplastic Syndromes: Friend or foe? 2015
6 QPE Quantum Photonic Engineering 2015
7 MST Moonshine and String Theory 2015
8 FIWIN5G FIber-Wireless Integrated Networks for 5th Generation delivery. 2015
9 ICTIP ICT Inducement Prizes Design for Innovation and Entrepreneurship 2015
10 Re.Cri.Re. Between the representation of the crisis and the crisis of representation. How crisis changed the symbolic background of European societies and identities. Implication for policies and policy making 2015
11 EEPLIANT Energy Efficiency Complaint Products 2014 2015
12 MARIBE Marine Investment for the Blue Economy 2015
13 AORAC-SA Atlantic Ocean Research Alliance Support Action 2015
14 USE-IT Users, Safety, security and Energy In Transport Infrastructure 2015
15 OpenMinTeD Open Mining INfrastructure for TExt and Data 2015
16 TANDEM TransAfrican Network Development 2015
17 DAM-NET Dam-nations? A study on dams, nation-building and transboundary water relations through case-studies from Ethiopia and Tajikistan 2015
20 Super MagneFiQuE Superconducting magnetic-field compatible quantum electronics 2015
21 Repower Democracy Repower Democracy: How grassroots energy initiatives are changing the face of democracy in Europe 2015
22 HYPERLIGHT Combining hyperspectral luminescence imaging and mineralogical identification to date mixed-component samples from volcanic eruptions 2015
23 MED-FARWEST Urban Centres and Landscapes in Transition. The Mediterranean FarWest in Late Antiquity 2015
24 MigrWorkers The Race, Class and Gender of Transnational Urban Labour: Romanian Workers in the Cities of London and NYC 2015
25 FREE_TEEN_DESIRE Contributing to identify causes of gender violence among teenagers 2015
26 EVOLMARIN Rapid evolution and geographic ranges: predicting marine species persistence and distribution in a changing ocean 2015
27 ENGAGE Encouraging Network Generation’s Accountability and Global Engagement 2015
28 BIPHA Bio-physical processes around marine snow aggregates 2015
29 SENet Social and ecological networks supporting biodiversity and food security 2016
30 GRAPHICS GRAphene nonlinear PHotonic Integrated CircuitS 2015
31 SlovakION Slovak Centre of Excellence in Ion Beam and Plasma Technologies for Materials Engineering and Nanotechnology 2015
32 SELECTION Improving Educational Outcomes by Transforming the Selection of Future Teachers 2015
33 SmartMic Smart Multimodal Microscopy for High-Throughput Developmental Biology in Real-Time 2015
34 ExaNoDe European Exascale Processor Memory Node Design 2015
35 IntercommunalSpace Intercommunal Space in Late Antiquity 2016
36 TRODITIES Trust, Global Traders, and Commodities in a Chinese International City 2015
37 Diversity6continents Ecological determinants of tropical-temperate trends in insect diversity 2015
38 COMRADES Collective Platform for Community Resilience and Social Innovation during Crises 2016
39 HYP The Hatha Yoga Project: Mapping Indian and Transnational Traditions of Physical Yoga through Philology and Ethnography 2015
40 CIVILWARS Social Dynamics of Civil Wars 2016
41 VocEmoApI Voice Emotion detection by Appraisal Inference 2015
42 MSP-REFRAM Multi-Stakeholder Platform for a Secure Supply of Refractory Metals in Europe 2015
43 FEUTURE The Future of EU-Turkey Relations. Mapping Dynamics and Testing Scenarios 2016
44 ROMAINE Ovid as Historian. The reception of classical mythology in medieval France and Spain 2017
45 POSE Poetics of Statelessness in Twentieth-Century France and Europe 2016
46 SOILCARE Soil Care for profitable and sustainable crop production in Europe 2016
47 SINet Software-defined Intermittent Networking 2016
48 DISCOVERING Interdisciplinary Model of Schooling: Exploring Ethical Culture in International Science Assessments 2016
49 Degrees of Belief The Nature of Degrees of Belief 2017
50 PEARLE Peers in ECEC centres: who are they and do they matter? An empirical analysis on ECEC group composition, its drivers and its effects 2016
51 PACEMech The structure and molecular mechanism of transport proteins within the PACE family of multidrug efflux pumps 2017
52 ANTILGBT Anti-LGBT organising and its transnational dynamics: The case of the Balkans 2016
53 CR-Compressor Centric Recipocating Compressor 2016
54 AgriCloud P2 Demonstration of a cloud-based precision farming management system for a sustainable and intensive agriculture to secure long-term food supply in Europe - Phase II 2016
55 PertQCD Automatization of perturbative QCD at very high orders. 2016
56 iTRACK Integrated system for real-time TRACKing and collective intelligence in civilian humanitarian missions 2016
57 Marine Mammals Using marine mammals for making science education and science careers attractive for young people 2016
58 FOODEV Food and Gastronomy as leverage for local development 2016
59 EpiTarget Epigenome-targeted therapy for cholangiocarcinoma. 2017
60 SOFIA Situated Learning Opportunities fostered by ICT applications in Alternative Agro-Food Networks 2016
61 DEPP Designing Effective Public Policies 2016
62 FF16_17 Researchers' Night in Sweden - ForskarFredag 2016-2017 2016
63 SMART BIKING Safe parking system for bicycles 2016
64 PROTEGO Procedural Tools for Effective Governance (PROTEGO) Patterns, Outcomes and Policy DesignProcedural Tools for Effective Growth: Patterns, Outcomes and policy Design 2016
65 Persia and Babylonia Persia and Babylonia: Creating a New Context for Understanding the Emergence of the First World Empire 2017
66 SEMENIZER Feasibility study of a fully automated, integrated and standardized computer aided semen analyzer system 2016
67 SESZEP Support to Energy Stakeholders of the Zero Emission Platform 2016
68 EMOTIVE Emotive Virtual cultural Experiences through personalized storytelling 2016
69 chemos Chemical Hematology: breaking resistance of hematological malignancies through personalized drug trials 2016
71 D3 Interpreting Drawings for 3D Design 2017
72 eInfraCentral European E-Infrastructure Services Gateway 2017
73 CaBiS Chemistry and Biology in Synergy - Studies of hydrogenases using a combination of synthetic chemistry and biological tools 2017
74 CollectSwim Individual and Collective Swimming of Active Microparticles 2017
75 PaDiCare Patient empowered Diabetes care in ambulatory settings 2016
76 Levitate Levitation with localised tactile and audio feedback for mid-air interactions 2017
77 POPSTAR Reasoning about Physical properties Of security Protocols with an Application To contactless Systems 2017
78 PINQ The psychology of inequality: Understanding the social, cognitive and motivational foundations of people's attitudes towards the distribution of power and resources in society. 2017
79 TAMI Tests for leakage identification on Aircraft fluid Mechanical Installations 2017
80 Elbee Elbee, a worldwide unique drive-from-wheelchair vehicle 2017
81 TeleoLogic Logical and Psychological Foundations for a Teleosemantic Theory of Productivity 2017
82 UMAQ Understanding Media Accessibility Quality 2017
83 WILDCAT Wildcat Economics: Informal Mining and Gold from the Global Margins in Contemporary Latin America 2017
84 EGap Epistemological Gaps in Cultural Theories of the Soviet East and Democratic West in the 1960s and 1970s 2017
85 NEUROINTELLIGENCE The Brain Dynamics of Human Fluid Intelligence 2018
86 POEECCP Processes and Outcomes of Educational Evaluation from a Cross-Cultural Perspective 2018
87 ULP.PILAEMA Urban Landscapes of Power in the Iberian Peninsula from Late Antiquity to the Early Middle Ages 2018
88 DAREnet DAnube river region Resillience Exchange network 2017
89 ProsoDeep Deep understanding and modelling of the hierarchical structure of Prosody 2017
90 DEVBRAINTRAIN Neurocognitive mechanisms of inhibitory control training and transfer effects in children 2017
91 IMPROVE Innovative Methods for Psychology: Reproducible, Open, Valid, and Efficient 2017
92 STRCHANGEINEQ Effects of Structural Change on Income Inequality 2017
93 WE4AHA Widening the support for large scale uptake of Digital Innovation for Active and Healthy Ageing 2017
94 z-BURN Zero-Emission Catalytic Burner for heating in Electric and Hybrid Vehicles 2017
95 ARIB Advanced Research Incubator in Biosciences (ARIB): A centre of excellence for disseminating quality biomedical research and boosting the next research generation for sustainable growth 2017
96 evapEOs2 New cold and low-energy concentration technology (evapEOs2) for liquid food products 2017
97 SYN1002 A New Therapeutic Option to Protect Central Nervous System against Acute Ischemic Stroke 2017
98 EEPLIANT2 Energy Efficiency Compliant Products 2 2017
99 PASTRES Pastoralism, Uncertainty and Resilience: Global Lessons from the Margins 2017
100 Eco-Bot Personalised ICT-tools for the Active Engagement of Consumers Towards Sustainable Energy 2017
101 InsSciDE Inventing a Shared Science Diplomacy for Europe 2017
102 HYPER-INSIGHT Hypermutated tumors: insight into genome maintenance and cancer vulnerabilities provided by an extreme burden of somatic mutations 2018
103 BOND Bringing Organisations and Network Development to higher levels in the farming sector in Europe 2017
104 REF-MIG Refugees are Migrants: Refugee Mobility, Recognition and Rights 2018
105 CoSIE Co-creation of service innovation in Europe 2017
106 PARTNERS Tracking and evaluating social relations and potential partners in infancy 2018
107 HEFT Hidden Emissions of Forest Transitions: GHG effects of socio-metabolic processes reducingpressures on forests 2018
108 THEKAISERSMOSQUES Islamic architecture and Orientalizing style in Habsburg Bosnia, 1878-1918 2018
109 S2S4E Sub-seasonal to Seasonal climate forecasting for Energy 2017
110 TeacHy Teaching Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Science and Engineering Across Europe within Horizon 2020 2017
111 SAUCE Smart Asset re-Use in Creative Environments 2018
112 Fun-COMP Functionally scaled computing technology: From novel devices to non-von Neumann architectures and algorithms for a connected intelligent world 2018
113 HandBiblio HandBiblio – Semantic Search Engine for Handwritten Documents - Enabling an effective andautomatic access to contents of handwritten documents, stored as digital images. 2017
114 SIRI Serendipity in Research and Innovation 2018
115 ParallelMemories Cooperative and competitive parallel memory units for choice behaviors 2018
116 ICARe International Cooperation in Aviation Research 2017
117 Morpheus Morphogenesis of photo-mechanized molecular materials 2018
118 SINCERE Spurring INnovations for Forest ECosystem SERvices in Europe 2018
119 C-POS Children's Palliative care Outcome Scale 2018
120 DeciGUT A Grand Unified Theory of Decidability in Logic-Based Knowledge Representation 2018
121 DFitHH Digital Forensics in the Historical Humanities: Hanif Kureishi, The Mass Observation Archive, Glyn Moody 2018
122 SaRNAReg Staphylococcus aureus sRNA targetomes and regulatory networks involved in fast adaptive responses: structure, mechanisms and dynamics 2018
123 COGOV Co Production and Co Governance: Strategic Management, Public Value and Co Creation in the Renewal of Public Agencies across Europe 2018
124 ASIAPAST From herds to empire: Biomolecular and zooarchaeological investigations of mobile pastoralism in the ancient Eurasian steppe 2018
125 WaSH-UPP Water, Sanitation and Hygiene in sub-Saharan Africa: Understanding Policy and Practice 2018
126 SVNeuroTrans Mechanisms of neurotransmitter uptake and storage by synaptic vesicles 2018
127 GENTES Genesis of Ethnicities and Nations in Textual Evidence for Scandinavia, c. 750-c. 1000 2018
128 PiCoBoo 19th-Century European Picture-Books in Colour 2018
129 TurbDDT Predicting flame acceleration and deflagration to detonation transition in industrial scale explosions incorporating the turbulence effects 2018
130 Islamic Law Egypt Adjudicating Islamic Family Law in Egypt: Continuity and Rupture 2018
131 TREGinAD Role of Aβ Specific Regulatory T cells in harnessing cerebral Aβ clearance in Alzheimer’s Disease 2018
132 TRANSACT Book History and Translation History: Copyright, Wages, Censorship, and the (Proto-)Professionalisation of Translators in Nineteenth-Century Britain and Ireland 2018
133 OttMed Reassessing Late Ottoman Literatures within a Mediterranean Framework 2018
134 WPMF Women, Politics and Media Framing (WPMF) in the UK and in Israel – Tackling Western Democracies' Gender Inequality in Politics 2018
135 VISSATO Visual Search and Cognitive Control of the Speed-Accuracy Trade-off 2018
137 SCIMOD Foundations of Model Based Science 2018
138 JOLT Harnessing Data and Technology for Journalism 2018
139 DEMOBLACK Demography of black hole binaries in the era of gravitational wave astronomy 2018
140 INSITE Development and use of an integrated in silico-in vitro mesofluidics system for tissue engineering 2018
141 NASTAC Nationalist State Transformation and Conflict 2018
142 FAIR Fairness and the Moral Mind 2018
143 Fields4CAT Force Fields in Redox Enzymatic Catalysis 2019
144 Global Horizons Global Horizons in Pre-Modern Art 2018
145 SmartSyringe SmartSyringe, world easiest, safest and fastest blood collection ever made. 2018
146 RESPONSIBILITY The Roots of Responsibility: Metaphysics, Humanity, and Society 2018
147 sEEIngDOM Ecological and Evolutionary Importance of Molecular Diversity in Dissolved Organic Matter 2019
148 DARE Disability Advocacy Research in Europe 2019
149 GramAdapt Linguistic Adaptation: Typological and Sociolinguistic Perspectives to Language Variation 2019
150 DMAG Draw Me A Garden: Ground-breaking SaaS / e-commerce platform that brings expert and sustainable gardening within everyone’s reach 2018
151 POPREBEL Populist rebellion against modernity in 21st-century Eastern Europe: neo-traditionalism and neo-feudalism 2019
152 INNOWWIDE Viability assessment of collaborative and INNOvative business solutions in WorldWIDE markets 2019
153 GANGS Gangs, Gangsters, and Ganglands: Towards a Global Comparative Ethnography 2019
154 Learning4Kids App-based Learning for Kindergarten Children at Home 2019
155 SSFZEP Support stakeholders in zero emission fossil fuel power plants and energy intensive industry 2018
156 SUNI-SEA Scaling-up NCD Interventions in South East Asia 2019
157 MechanoTubes Supramolecular machineries with life-like mechanical functions 2019
158 MULTIPLY Municipal peer-to-peer learning in integrating transport, land-use planning and energy policy at district level 2018
159 SAMPLING Searching for the Approximation Method used to Perform rationaL inference by INdividuals and Groups 2019
160 FirmIneq Wage inequality within and across firms: The role of market forces, government and firm policies 2019
161 FORTITUDE Project Fortitude: Improving children's legal capability 2019
162 EoCoE-II Energy Oriented Center of Excellence : toward exascale for energy 2019
163 HIVACS High Voltage Aerospace Cable System 2019
164 SOPs4RI Standard Operating Procedures for Research Integrity 2019
165 COMPLIMB A computational tool to elucidate the mechanobiological regulation of limb development 2019
166 SPORTDIPL Postcolonial Diplomacy and the Public Culture of Sport: Britain and India, 1946-1996 2019
167 CIRICC Complicity: Individual Responsibility in Collective Contexts 2019
168 MOVAC Maintenance of variation in aposematic colouration 2020
169 LIMEN Legal Liminality: An Inquiry Into the Cognitive Foundations of the Law 2019
170 TRADITION Long-term coastal adaptation, food security and poverty alleviation in Latin America 2019
171 DISMAC-Y State disintegration in the context of macroeconomic crisis - the case of Yugoslavia 2019
172 HARBOR HARBOR. Humanitarianism and Refugees at the Border: A Transnational Feminist Analysis of Nonprofit Organizations 2019
173 JBinBA Joint Bodies in Bilateral Agreements 2019
174 FED Feeding, Educating, Dieting: a Transnational Approach to Nutrition Discourses in Children’s Narratives (Britain and Italy, 1850-1900) 2019
175 SACRASEC Sacralizing Security: Religion, Violence and Authority in Mega-Cities of the Global South 2019
176 BactRNA Bacterial small RNAs networks unravelling novel features of transcription and translation 2019
177 WoMent 'Mad for Him'. Women, Religion and Mental Illness in the Late Middle Ages and in the Early Modern Age 2019
178 HomicidesLACcities Understanding the drivers and impacts of homicides in 4 major Latin American cities. 2020
179 NGOST NGOization of school-to-work transition among Roma youth 2019
180 SPECIMEN Depicting Species: The Role of the Image in Modern Biology 1750-1950 2019
181 MAMONET Massive MIMO for Securing Internet of Things Networks 2020
182 Pop-Machina Collaborative production for the circular economy; a community approach 2019
183 TOMORROW TOwards Multi-stakehOldeRs transition ROadmaps With citizens at the centre 2019
184 STEP Solutions to Tackle Energy Poverty 2019
185 Fluidly Intelligent cashflow management and forecasting platform providing insights for financial decision making of SMEs 2019
186 EXTRIDIM Exploring Triterpene Diversity in Monocots 2020
187 COMMIOS Communities and Connectivities: Iron Age Britons and their Continental Neighbours 2019
188 ELIT Empirical study of Literature Training Network 2020
189 WAY2GO Expedited emerge of Connected Car data ecosystems in Europe 2019
190 BRAVE VD-1: World's first autonomous blood drawing device 2020
191 LINGUINDIC Linguistics from India: new ideas for modern linguistics from ancient India 2020
192 TEXTCOURT Linking the Textual Worlds of Chinese Court Theater, ca. 1600-1800 2019
193 PHAROS Physical Architecture Optimization System 2019
194 ABODYFORCE High Throughput Microfluidic Cell and Nanoparticle Handling by Molecular and Thermal Gradient Acoustic Focusing 2019
196 Ph.D. Phase map of dynamic, adaptive colloidal crystals far from equilibrium 2019
197 DV SUPPORT Building an evidence base to support Polish women victims of domestic violence in the UK. 2020
198 WELCOME Multiple Intelligent Conversation Agent Services for Reception, Management and Integration of Third Country Nationals in the EU 2020
199 QGBoot Scattering Strings and Other Things: A Modern Approach to Quantum Gravity and the Conformal Bootstrap 2020
200 METRICS Metrological Evaluation and Testing of Robots in International CompetitionS 2020
201 IMSquared Immersive Metaphoric Experiences for Well-Being 2020
202 HCA Organoid HCA|Organoid: Pilot action to establish a multi-tissue human organoid platform within the Human Cell Atlas as a booster of future disease-centric, mechanistic, and translational research 2020
203 CONNEKT CONtexts of extremism iN mEna and balKan socieTies 2020
204 DemDX Next generation clinical decision-support & education 2019
205 HyperK Modern Aspects of Geometry: Categories, Cycles and Cohomology of Hyperkähler Varieties 2020
206 HEAAT Historical East African Archaeology and Theory: A framework for historical archaeology and identity formation 2020
207 HEALIN Healthy lifespan inequality: Measurement, trends and determinants 2020
209 mARs mARs: Mobile DNA driven antibiotic resistance spreading: molecular strategies, control and evolution for broad distribution 2021
210 EPN-2024-RI Europlanet 2024 Research Infrastructure 2020
211 RECYPION Resurrecting the Carboxyl Polyether Ionophores 2020
212 TMIM Textiles and the Making of Israeli Modernism: From the Zionist Bauhuas to Feminist Art 2020
213 PostGro Towards a postgrowth economics: A viable postgrowth economy without increasing inequality 2020
214 ReKnow Research Knowledge Documentation, Analysis and Exploration in Empirical and Descriptive Sciences 2020
215 PROCESS REASONING Reasoning about processes: a logico-philosophical investigation 2021
216 CICLE Unveiling the formation and evolution of galaxy clusters through the intracluster light and multidisciplinar techniques of image processing and big data analysis 2020
217 S4DX The world’s first “digital data-fingerprint” for human blood samples. 2020
218 H-MIP Human-Mosquito Interaction Project: Host-vector networks, mobility, and the socio-ecological context of mosquito-borne disease 2020
219 Genesis Geo-inspired pathways towards nanoparticle-based metastable solids 2020
220 GENCARGAP Gender Career Gap and Firm Composition 2020