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1 ReN2014-15 2014-2015 Researchers' Night: The Greek events 2014
2 SILNE-R Enhancing the effectiveness of programs and strategies to prevent youth smoking: a comparative realist evaluation of 7 European cities 2015
3 aidsocpro Aiding Social Protection: the political economy of externally financing social policy in developing countries 2015
4 ICTIP ICT Inducement Prizes Design for Innovation and Entrepreneurship 2015
5 TRANSLITERACY Exploiting transmedia skills and informal learning strategies to improve formal education 2015
6 Sustain-Owner Sustainable Design and Management of Industrial Assets through Total Value and Cost of Ownership 2015
7 NEGOTIATE Negotiating early job-insecurity and labour market exclusion in Europe 2015
8 PARTISPACE Spaces and Styles of Participation. Formal, non-formal and informal possibilities of young people’s participation in European cities. 2015
9 YMOBILITY Youth mobility: maximising opportunities for individuals, labour markets and regions in Europe 2015
10 EXCEPT Social Exclusion of Youth in Europe: Cumulative Disadvantage, Coping Strategies, Effective Policies and Transfer 2015
11 EMU Choices (former EMU_SCEUS) The Choice for Europe since Maastricht. Member States' Preferences for Economic and Financial Integration 2015
12 CATCH-EyoU Constructing AcTive CitizensHip with European Youth: Policies, Practices, Challenges and Solutions 2015
13 BRISKEE Behavioural Response to Investment Risks in Energy Efficiency 2015
14 CONFAM Confronting sexual pluralism: the regulatory dilemmas and policy challenges of non-monogamous family formations 0
15 STRATNARRA Russia's strategic narrative of the West: A study of influence in Ukraine 2015
17 InnoMarket Innovation in the road freight transportation chain facilitating sustainability and low cost: A socio-technical perspective on work and development of road freight transport markets. 2015
18 PmSust The project of Sustainability: the role of Project Management in developing a more sustainable economy and society 2015
19 Baltic Mikrorayon Past, Present, and Future Lives of Soviet Housing Estates in the Baltic States 2016
21 TRANSIT The daily governance of transit migration in Turkey at European Union borders: The two-way influence of Turkish-European Union border and migration management practices 2015
22 Transnat_farright Transnational nationalism. Far-Right Nationalist Groups in East Central Europe in the 20th and 21st centuries 2015
23 InterDemo Intercultural Democracies: insights from mining conflicts for environmental justice in plurinational Bolivia and Ecuador. 2015
24 EcoDA Experimental co-Design Approaches: Investigating possibilities for creating networks of resilient citizens and civic actions of urban resilience through hybrid platforms 2015
25 FUTURESYRIA Mapping an uncertain future: Social and spatial change in conflicting Syria 2015
26 FertilityPolicies Fertility, Public Policies, and Women in Turkey in Comparative Perspective 2016
27 GGG Gendered Geographies of Gentrification 2016
28 PS-IRAQ Performing a State: State-building in Iraq (2003-2006). 2016
29 SkillUp Skill development and firm upgrading to sustain the competitiveness of the EU manufacturing sector 2015
30 AdoDigitFamX Adolescents, Parents and Digital Media: Looking for the pattern that dis/connects 2015
31 HUMANITECH Humanitarian Technology Interventions 2015
32 RE-DEV Assessing the transition to renewable energy in Rapidly Developing Countries 2015
34 CMCG Engaging Urban Youth: Community, Citizenship, and Democracy 2016
35 NoWork The long-term effects of unemployment on older workers: Studying life-course influences in social context 2016
36 CAMP-BIVALENCE Roma, Gypsies and Travellers' social in/exclusion in European urban camps 2016
37 REINVEST Financing Affordable Housing Under Localism 2015
38 IDEAL InDustrializing Elcogen’s Affordable and durabLe SOFC stack 2015
39 SLIGHT GRANULATION SLIGHT GRANULATION process reducing Water consumption in ceramic tiles industry 2015
40 PersoNews Profiling and targeting news readers – implications for the democratic role of the digital media, user rights and public information policy 2015
41 MOBPOSSTAT Mobile Positioning Data as a Source for Aggregated Human Mobility Statistics 2015
42 VARIKIN Cultural Evolution of Kinship Diversity: Variation in Language, Cognition, and Social Norms Regarding Family 2015
43 EXCHANGE Forensic Geneticists and the Transnational Exchange of DNA data in the EU: Engaging Science with Social Control, Citizenship and Democracy 2015
44 DATACTIVE Data activism: The politics of big data according to civil society 2015
45 MEMOIRS Children of Empires and European Postmemories 2015
46 MOPHIMPOC Optical Ultrasound Imaging for Real-time Guidance of Intracardiac Procedures 2015
47 TB and Tobacco Tobacco cessation within TB programmes: A ‘real world’ solution for countries with dual burden of disease 2015
48 JCR Judicial Conflict Resolution: Examining Hybrids of Non-adversarial Justice 2016
49 FAMilyDECisions Family formation decisions and gender attitudes in crisis times: an international, historical and longitudinal comparison. 2016
50 OriginStories Chinese Heritage Tours and Adoptive Origin Stories: Towards a Transnational Adoptive Field 2016
51 PROSO Promoting societal engagement under the terms of RRI 2016
52 CIVILWARS Social Dynamics of Civil Wars 2016
54 CASSPIN Comparative Analysis of Social Spaces in Post-Industrial Nations 2016
55 JUDI-ARCH The Rise of Judicial Self-Government: Changing the Architecture of Separation of Powers without an Architect 2016
56 DIPLOFACE Diplomatic Face-Work - between confidential negotiations and public display 2016
57 FACELOOK Identity Management on Social Media by Diasporic LGBTQs 2016
58 SCD Sexual Citizenship and Disability - Implications for Theory, Practice and Policy 2017
59 INNOVATE The innovation journey of tourism entrepreneurs: evidence from the UK and Spain and policy implications 2016
60 RE-FRUIT “Rehabilitation: Family Role within the UK in comparison to Turkey” 2016
61 SCALABLE DEMOCRACY Can Direct Democracy Be Scaled? The Promise of Networked Democracy and the Affordances of Decision-Making Software 2016
62 PEEK Mobilisation and transformation of personal educational knowledge for teaching: An ethnographic account on teacher knowledge 2017
63 UnRi Understanding the discourse-semantic shift towards risk in the UK and Germany 2016
64 EVIDENCITY Documenting Sarajevo: City and Society During and After the War 2016
65 GranD Cities Green and Diverse Cities. The social impact of urban policies for sustainability in comparative perspective. 2016
66 TOFNITW Transformation of Family Norms in a Transnational World: How LGBT Migrants can Affect Change through Social Remittances 2017
67 PAEDS Prevalence and Experience of Diagnostic Shifts in Youth Mental Healthcare 2017
68 SuMAC Sustainable Mobility, Affordable Cities: How do workplace sustainability plans shape transport affordability in Brussels and Sofia? 2017
69 VIRCOLLAB Virtual Proximity and Collaboration 2016
70 ANTILGBT Anti-LGBT organising and its transnational dynamics: The case of the Balkans 2016
71 uCube2 Development of a complete low cost Card Payment Acceptance Infrastructure 2016
72 OSTEOMET Clinical Validation of a Novel Biomarker for the Prediction of Bone Metastasis in Early Stage Breast and Prostate Cancer 2016
73 PSYCHOCONTEXT Contextualising psychosocial wellbeing and mental health within sociocultural dynamics 2016
74 INDSOC Individualising Socialism. Individual Agency and Social Change in Socialist Yugoslavia's Periphery, 1950s-1970s 2017
75 EUICIT EU Intersex Citizenship 2016
76 DSMM “(De) Securitising Muslims in Cyber space: Social Media, Civil society and Marginalisation After Charlie Hebdo and the Islamic State” 2016
77 OCGN Traditional Organised Crime and the Internet: The changing organization of illegal gambling networks 2017
78 GenderJust Truth and Reconciliation Commissions and the Political Economy of Gender Justice: Discursive Power, Authority and the Subaltern 2017
79 METODA Methodological Explorations between Design and Social Sciences 2016
80 YouthCult The Cultural Experience of International Students: Narratives from North and South Europe 2016
81 EduHubMig Knowledge migration flows in education hubs: Mobile students enrolled at Indian and British branch campuses in the United Arab Emirates 2017
82 MobileKids Children in multi-local post-separation families 2016
83 POLICYAID Policy, practice and patient experience in the age of intensified data sourcing 2016
84 ASYFAIR Fair and Consistent Border Controls? A Critical, Multi-methodological and Interdisciplinary Study of Asylum Adjudication in Europe 2016
85 APOLOGY Political Apologies across Cultures 2016
86 SURGIS Open Platform for X-Ray robotics medical imaging and surgical navigation 2016
87 CHEETAH Changing Energy Efficiency Technology Adoption in Households 2016
88 EURYKA Reinventing Democracy in Europe: Youth Doing Politics in Times of Increasing Inequalities 2017
89 ECHOES Energy CHOices supporting the Energy union and the Set-plan 2016
90 Gaming Horizons Gaming Horizons 2016
91 SHAPE-ENERGY Social Sciences and Humanities for Advancing Policy in European Energy 2017
92 SIPEA Social Investment Perspective in Work-Family Reconciliation Measures in Europe and East Asia 2016
93 WELFAREPRIORITIES Welfare state politics under pressure: Identifying priorities, trade-offs and reform opportunities among citizens, political and economic elites 2017
94 SYRIANBORDERS The Fall of a Colonial Legacy: A Modern History of Syrian Borders (1920-2015) 2016
95 TRANSNATIONALaw Transnationalism and Unofficial Law: The Case of Kurds in Turkey and Germany 2017
96 FashionBrain Understanding Europe’s Fashion Data Universe 2017
97 TEACHERSCAREERS Cultural roots and institutional transformations of teachers’ careers and the teaching profession in Europe 2017
98 QUALIDEM Eroding Democracies. A qualitative (re-)appraisal of how policies shape democratic linkages in Western democracies 2017
99 InRoad Towards better Synchronisation of Priority Settings and Evaluation Mechanisms for Research Infrastructures Beyond National Relevance 2017
100 BeingL_S Being Lean and Seen: Meeting the challenges of delivering projects successfully in the 21st century 2017
101 eMobilita Electromobility in urban transport: a multi-dimensional innovation (socio-economic and environmental effects) 2017
102 KidsAP The artificial pancreas in children aged 1 to 7 years with type 1 diabetes 2017
103 MUSDEWAR Music in Detention during the (Post) Civil-War Era in Greece (1947-1957) 2017
104 ARAB PARLIAMENTS The role of national parliaments in the Arab transformation processes 2017
105 NARMESH Narrating the Mesh: Ecology and the Non-Human in Contemporary Fiction and Oral Storytelling 2017
106 ProcessCitizenship Processing Citizenship: Digital registration of migrants as co-production of citizens, territory and Europe 2017
107 RINGO Research Infrastructures - Needs, Gaps and Overlaps 2017
108 N4I_CLUSTERS Networking for innovation: how entrepreneurs' network behaviours help clusters to innovate 2017
109 FishMan Unwanted catches of trawl fisheries: ecosystem effects and advances to an integratedmanagement approach in the Mediterranean 2017
110 SHADOWS SHADOWS: Tackling Undeclared Work in the European Union 2017
111 REPLICIAS Architectural replicas in the scramble for the past: Politics of identity in Istanbul, Athens, Skopje 2017
112 CONSUMEHealth Using consumer science to improve healthy eating habits 2017
113 ConscriptedVolunteer Conscripted Volunteering: An Ethnographic Study of Community Engagement Schemes in the Israeli Military 2017
114 T.A.MA 'Sharing without Solidarity: Politics, Heritage and Pilgrimage in a Divided European Society' 2017
115 IMEX Images in Exile:Gender and representations among Syrian Kurdish women in Norway 2017
116 BEHAVE New discrete choice theory for understanding moral decision making behaviour 2017
117 BOB Business Opportunity for innovative Biostimulant platform 2017
118 LIDISNO Linguistic Dimensions of Sexual Normativity 2017
119 INCRICO The International Criminal Court and the Judicial Function: a Socio-Legal Study of Judicial Perceptions and Practices 2018
120 EU-Drones The European Commission in Drone Community: a New Cooperation Area in the Making 2017
121 AgedLGBT Ageing Diversity: LGBT* – Housing and Long-term Care 2017
122 Apricale The impact of literary translation funding on the transnational mobility of minor European literatures. 2017
123 EUROFRONT European Frontiers: Rural Spaces and Expanding States 2017
124 HIVGAYM Analysing the migration choices of HIV-positive gay men in England and France 2018
125 TIMEGG TIMING FERTILIY- A Comparative Analysis of Time Constructions and the Social Practice of Egg-Freezing in Germany and Israel 2018
126 RE-mapping Tackling early school leaving and low school performance through working with students’ representational spaces. The case of 15 years old students in France, Italy and Greece. 2017
127 GaTHeR GaTHeR, Gender and Transfer of Knowledge in Hunter Gatherer Research 2017
128 GASAC Gender Aspects of Screen Adaptations of the British Nineteenth-Century Female Literary Canon 2017
129 ELWar Electoral Legacies of War: Political Competition in Postwar Southeast Europe 2017
130 EaRL Expert Rule? Judges, Lawyers, and the Practices of Interpretation in International Criminal Law 2018
131 CONPLEX The Constitutional Place of Expertise 2018
132 NeuCoSe The neural correlates of the self in altered states of consciousness. 2017
133 CPR A cross-country comparison of Communications designed to Prevent Radicalisation 2017
134 ECO_REBUS Profiting from ECO-innovation: the RolE of BUSiness model 2017
135 SYRMAGINE Syrian Imaginations of Europe 2017
136 c2LEARN Short Videos to Increase Learners uptake on Online Content 2017
137 ReconTEP (Re)Conceptualizing teacher educator professionalism 2017
138 LeaD4Value Lean data management for maintenance value 2017
139 USLAMISM USLAMISM:The United States and Political Islam: A Historical and Contemporary Perspective. 2017
140 SIENNA Stakeholder-informed ethics for new technologies with high socio-economic and human rights impact 2017
141 WoRD-DoME Women's Economic Rights and Cultural Difference: Defining Development for the Middle East 2017
142 VERSUS Violence Elites and Resilience in States Under Stress 2017
143 QoLRO Measuring Quality of Life in the general population and Roma minority in Romania: implications for health policies and economic evaluations 2017
144 CRiSTA Multifunctionnal Cabin ReST Area 2017
145 Pydro Turbine Energy-Recovery Turbine for Water Pipes 2017
146 ACOSA Breaking the Ice: INGOs as Arctic Council Observer Status Applicants 2018
147 AIRE Artificial Intelligence for Recruitment Europe 2017
148 REVEAL The Resilience and Evolution of Economic Activism and the Role of Law 2017
149 POWDER Protest and Order. Democratic theory, contentious politics, and the changing shape of western democracies 2018
150 INNO GREEN Encouraging INNOvation for development of GREEN jobs 2017
151 EUROMIX Regulating mixed intimacies in Europe 2017
152 EUCHILD Understanding the impact of EU policies on the deinstitutionalization of child care in non-EU Eastern European countries 2018
153 MEMORISING Remembering the Sound of Images: Cross-cultural study of rock art soundscapes and knowledge transmission in the New and Old Worlds. 2018
154 HATCH SME-led Space Portal for Europe 2017
155 ANTICSS ANTICSS - ANTI-Circumvention of Standards for better market Surveillance 2018
156 Verbatizer A cutting edge transcription process and technology revolutionizing the transcription industry. 2018
157 READCHINA The Politics of Reading in the People’s Republic of China 2018
158 iPER University students' negotiation of physics identity in informal physics programs 2018
159 CRAFT To Craft an Authoritarian Regime: Politicisation of Civil Society and the Judiciary in Turkey 2019
160 ReCitYu Reclaiming the Cities in the post-Yugoslav space 2018
161 REJREG Rejection Regimes: An Ethnographic Study of the Social Life of Intra-EU Border Regimes 2018
162 LocalCom Digital Local Public Sphere and Local Communication Online: A Comparative Study of Four European countries 2019
163 Biased AI Biased Artificial Intelligence: Openness, innovation and the remaking of mental health 2018
164 BUDDHISMAFRICA East-Asian Buddhism in Post-Apartheid South Africa 2018
165 C-POS Children's Palliative care Outcome Scale 2018
166 DiverseJust Addressing Diversity: How Immigration Shapes Criminal Justice and Welfare Policies 2019
167 Divided communities Communities Under Siege: Everyday Challenges in the Divided City of Jerusalem 2018
168 Healing Encounters Healing Encounters: Reinventing an indigenous medicine in the clinic and beyond 2018
169 JUSTEMOTIONS The construction of objectivity - An international perspective on the emotive-cognitive process of judicial decision-making 2018
170 reFUEL Going global? Renewable fuel trade and social land-use restrictions in a low-carbon energy system 2018
171 NUCLEAR Nuclear Weapons ChoicesGoverning vulnerabilities between past and future 2018
172 NEW_DEMOCRACY Meeting Great Expectations Through Democratic Innovations 2018
173 DREAM Drafting and Enacting the Revolutions in the Arab Mediterranean.In search of Dignity, from the 1950’s until today 2018
174 Urban Sharing Urban Sharing: Sustainability and Institutionalisation Pathways 2018
175 HANDMADE Handmade: Understanding Creative Gesture in Pottery Making 2018
176 HEforR Forum Third Sector Involvement in Higher Education for Refugees - a Forum Theatre Approach 2019
177 INCARE Social and gender inequalities in care: childcare-related policies and parenting practices in the post-Yugoslav countries and the role of policy ideas 2018
178 IMMIGINTEGR The Role of the Welfare State in the Integration of Immigrants: Comparative Analysis of Latino Communities in Spain, the United Kingdom and the United States 2018
179 REvolTURN Managing Migrant Return through 'Voluntariness' 2018
180 HACKIT Hacking your way to IT expertise: What digital societies can (and need to) learn from informal learning in hackerspaces 2019
181 Learn2 Learning and Being in Sport: A Phenomenological Investigation 2019
183 URMAC Ultra Right Media And Communication 2018
184 Queer Muslim Spaces Queer Muslim Asylum Spaces: Between Righfulness and Rightlessness within Germany's Hetero- and Homonormative Asylum System 2018
185 PEDAS The Political Economy of Data: Comparing the Asian Giants 2018
186 ADMEHE Mental health advocacy: Reassessing the history of mental health organizations in the second half of the twentieth century 2019
187 TENUMECA The technopolitics of nuclear megaproject pathologies, economic controversies and varieties of socioeconomic appraisal 2019
188 IDCLOTHING Clothing, fashion and nation building in the Land of Israel 2019
189 REMEDHY Researching Environments that Magnify Health Everyday (REMEDHY) 2018
190 FIRE Fighting Insurgency, Ruining the Environment: towards an understanding of the causal relationship between conflict and forest fires 2018
191 IslamExpertEducation Educating Islamic experts in Western Europe: Between traditional and academized forms of knowledge formation and authority 2019
192 EUSKOR Europe, the United States and the Crisis on the KORean Peninsula: Between a Rock and a Hard Place 2018
193 MessCa The Messina Case: Mafia-type Organised Crime in the Province of Messina 2018
194 CONEX-Plus CONcentrating EXcellence in UC3M - Postdoc Programme 2019
195 GENPARENT Revealing Sources of Gendered Parenthood: A multi-method comparative study of the transition to parenthood in same-sex and different-sex couples 2018
196 IMPRODOVA Improving Frontline Responses to High Impact Domestic Violence 2018
197 TCBI Tracking children in their best interests: electronic monitoring in three European juvenile justice systems 2018
198 ADAFARM Small scale farmers’ sustainable adaptation strategies to climate change based on ecosystem services 2018
199 Governmigration Governing irregular immigration through detention: discourses and practices from an interdisciplinary approach 2018
200 SHERPA Shaping the ethical dimensions of smart information systems (SIS) – a European perspective 2018
201 PaSION A longitudinal assessment of treatment experience, symptoms and potential associations with biomarkers in cancer patients undergoing immune checkpoint inhibitor therapy 2018
202 SCENT Smart Cities EMC Network for Training 2018
203 PECREGEN Photoelectrochemical Hydrogen Production from H2S in a Regenerative Scrubber 2019
204 MARIPOLDATA The Politics of Marine Biodiversity Data: Global and National Policies and Practices of Monitoring the Oceans 2018
205 GULAGECHOES Gulag Echoes in the “multicultural prison”: historical and geographical influences on the identity and politics of ethnic minority prisoners in the communist successor states of Russia Europe. 2018
206 GRANteD GRant AllocatioN Disparities from a gender perspective 2019
208 CriticalMaaS Concepts, theories and models for planning , operating and evaluating the dynamics of Mobility as a Service 2019
209 NestIOr Who gets to live forever? Toward an Institutional Theory on the Decline and Death of International Organisations 2019
210 CALENDARS Co-production of seasonal representations for adaptive institutions 2019
211 PROFECI Mediating the Future: The Social Dynamics of Public Projections 2019
212 WEIRD WITNESSES Beyond WEIRD Witnesses: Eyewitness Memory in Cross-Cultural Contexts 2019
213 ETOPIA European Training network Of PhD researchers on Innovative EMI analysis and power Applications: ETOPIA 2019
214 PoliticsOfPatents Politics of Patents: Re-imagining citizenship via clothing inventions 1820 - 2020 2019
215 INSCONS Addressing Global Challenges through International Scientific Consortia (INSCONS); Case studies in biomedicine, the geosciences, and nuclear fusion research 2019
216 FETFX Stimulating effects of Future and Emerging Technologies through communication and outreach 2019
217 Sex War-k GIs and ‘Segnorine’: an Entangled History of Post-war Sex Work (1943-1954) 2019
218 The Damned Algeria, antifascism, and Third Worldism: An anticolonial genealogy of the Western European New Left (Algeria, France, Italy, 1957-1975) 2020
219 STRESS-Mums Study on TRansition and Exclusion in Society of Single-Mums 2019
220 FAKEOLOGY Fake news and pseudo-science as post-modern mythology: The case of the anti-vaccination movement 2019
221 PEER The Political Economy of E-Residency 2020
222 MOCHA Understanding and leveraging ‘moments of change’ for pro-environmental behaviour shifts 2019
223 SYRBODY The Tragic Body in the Syrian Context 2019
224 LINSEC The Logic of Informal Security Cooperation: Counterterrorism Intelligence-sharing in Europe 2020
225 VOTEF Voting on the future: Imaginaries and motivations in referendum decisions against extractive industries in Colombia. 2020
226 PLPUK Parental leave policies in the UK: an intersectional analysis of policy development and use 2020
227 REaCHeS References to Environs are Coordinated to be Heard and Seen (REaCHeS): an investigation of multimodal spatial referencing in Eastern Chatino 2019
228 EWPWE Europe at War in Post-war Europe. Performing Greek Tragedies, Comedies and European Identity. 2019
229 JBinBA Joint Bodies in Bilateral Agreements 2019
230 EndoReproTox Embodied Ecologies: An Ethnographic Study of Reproductive Toxicity, Infertility, Endometriosis and Delayed Childbearing 2019
231 ShaRe The potential of Sharing Resources for mitigating carbon emissions and other environmental impacts 2019
233 COLLECTITUDE Building the collective at times of precarity: precarious labour and its countermovements 2020
234 YOUTH-HOME Migrant male youth home-making in Ireland 2019
235 CYBERCULT Strategic Cultures of Cyber Warfare 2019
236 BeyondOpposition Opposing Sexual and Gender Rights and Equalities: Transforming Everyday Spaces 2019
237 AGRUMIG ‘Leaving something behind’ - Migration governance and agricultural & rural change in ‘home’ communities: comparative experience from Europe, Asia and Africa 2019
238 MODFaBe Modelling individual farmer behaviours in Coupled Human Natural Systems under changing climate and society 2020
239 SLIPPED Maintenance and relapse in long-term desistance from crime and recovery from addiction 2019
240 TICLAUS Transitivity in Courtroom Language: A Unified Solution 2020
241 DISCOURSEVAX Institutional Theory and Discourse Analysis: an empirical investigation of the rhetoric of Anti Vaccination movement 2020
242 InterTJRPB The Interplay between Transitional Justice and Reconciliation in Peacebuilding 2019
243 FINGOV Financial Governance: Policy Implementation and Solidarity through EU funding 2019
244 SocioEcoFrontiers Frontiers in social-ecological research: achieving the promise of integration in Marine Spatial Planning for resilient social and environmental outcomes 2020
245 NGOST NGOization of school-to-work transition among Roma youth 2019
246 ASSESSnet Language assessment in virtual mobility initiatives at tertiary level – teachers’ beliefs, practices and perceptions 2019
247 Drought Drought coping strategies in southern Africa 1966-2016 2020
248 CIFTRESS Climatic Impact on Food Trade RESilience and Security 2019
249 WearHealth Worker 4.0 – Connected. Empowered. Safe and Healthy. The first intelligent and interoperable platform based on AI and wearable/IoT devices for real-time workers safety and health monitoring 2019
250 G20LAP G20 Legitimacy and Policymaking 2019
251 PopulistFP The Populist Politics of Foreign Policy 2019
252 coldbihot Cold Books in Hot Lands: Winning and Losing of Hearts and Minds in the Middle East 2019
253 CONGO_WHALEBOATS Whaleboats in the Forest: Subaltern Technologies of Transportation on Congo’s Inland Waterways 2020
254 ON-MERRIT Observing and Negating Matthew Effects in Responsible Research and Innovation Transition 2019
255 DEMOSERIES Shaping Democratic Spaces: Security and TV Series 2020
256 ChinaUrban Rethinking China’s Model of Urban Governance 2020
257 CIPHER CIPHER: Hip Hop Interpellation (Le Conseil International pour Hip Hop et Recherche / The International Council for Hip Hop Studies) 2019
259 DISTRACT The Political Economy of Distraction in Digitized Denmark 2020
260 CoachingRituals Coaching as a social ritual: acting on people in a liberal-individualistic society (parenting, education, mental health care) 2020
261 EUROSHIP Closing gaps in social citizenship. New tools to foster social resilience in Europe 2020
262 EnTrust Enlightened trust: An examination of trust and distrust in governance – conditions, effects and remedies 2020
263 ADAMO Robot The future of precise personalised robotic physiotherapy 2019
264 CS-Track Expanding our knowledge on Citizen Science through analytics and analysis 2019
265 UrbTerr Urban Terrorism in Europe (2004-2019): Remembering, Imagining, and Anticipating Violence 2019
266 MindTrack Analysis of eye vergence responses for the early detection and monitoring of cognitive and mental disorders 2019
267 SOAR Solitude: Alone but Resilient 2020
268 mecasa-AI Inclusive innovation bringing the digitalizing world to the changing care needs and preferences of Europe’s ageing population 2020
269 NeoliberalTerror Neoliberal Terror: The Radicalisation of Social Policy in Europe 2020
270 PACT Populism and Conspiracy Theory 2020
271 CHANGINGELITES Changing elites: how social and institutional change has altered the processes of elite formation over time? 2020
272 EVaP Elections, Violence, and Parties 2020
273 NUCLEARREV Towards a Third Nuclear Age? Strategic Conventional Weapons and the Next Revolution in Global Nuclear Order 2020
274 EduWell Education and Wellbeing of Youths in Secondary Schools: A Comparative Analysis of Teaching Styles and Happiness in Japan, France, and Finland 2021
275 GROUT Governing ResOurce UrbanisaTion (GROUT): Multi-stakeholder governance of extractive industries in the era of planetary urbanisation 2020
276 PLanTra Plain language for financial content: Assessing the impact of training on students' revisions and readers' comprehension 2020
277 PlaGE Playing at the Gateways of Europe: theatrical languages and performatives practices in the Migrants' Reception Centres of the Mediterranean Area 2020
278 CitIndus The ‘Citizenship Industry’: Commodified citizenship, the corporate sector and global inequality 2020
279 TUECS The Uberization of Europol's Cybercrime Strategy: An Innovative Governance Model on Public-Private Partnership 2020
281 ReMiCom The Challenges of Return Migration in Africa in the Age of Complex Emergencies: Comparing Multilevel Governance Systems in Ethiopia and Nigeria 2020
282 H-MIP Human-Mosquito Interaction Project: Host-vector networks, mobility, and the socio-ecological context of mosquito-borne disease 2020
283 IndeSent IndeSent: Indeterminate sentencing and imprisonment – an interdisciplinary study of the experiences of court processes and prison practices 2021
284 TLDR TL; DR (Too Long; Didn’t Read): Close and hyperreading of literary texts and the modulation of attention 2020
285 KBMSCACAR Pentecostalism and Social media in Brazil: Faith and the digital production of gendered, racialized and class-based Pentecostal bodies 2021