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H2020 projects about "door"

The page lists 142 projects related to the topic "door".

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1 EmPowerPutida Exploiting native endowments by re-factoring, re-programming and implementing novel control loops in Pseudomonas putida for bespoke biocatalysis 2015
2 BONVOYAGE From Bilbao to Oslo, intermodal mobility solutions and interfaces for people and goods, supported by an innovative communication network 2015
4 EGSIEM European Gravity Service for Improved Emergency Management 2015
5 realFlow Virtualization of Real Flows for Animation and Simulation 2015
6 DATASET2050 Data driven approach for a Seamless Efficient European Travelling in 2050 2014
7 MIND-SETS Mobility Innovations for a New Dawn in Sustainable (European) Transport Systems 2014
8 GreenDiamond Green Electronics with Diamond Power Devices 2015
9 QLev4G Quantum control of levitated massive mechanical systems: a new approach for gravitational quantum physics 2015
10 STEP_BY_STEP Step by step commitments for energy saving 2015
11 Fractional Fractionalized quantum matter: Characterization, realization and generalization 2015
12 DIGIPHASE Development of Maximum Efficiency Phase Contrast Electron Microscopy 2015
13 ASSEMZYME Continuous self-assembly using enzyme mediated supramolecular switching 2015
14 EPIMAIZE Understading the Maize Epigenome and its Role in Development 2015
15 ECO-SILENTWOOD Cost competitive eco-friendly and acoustic wooden doors for indoor applications 2015
16 FREEWAY FREEWAY : safely and effortless commute in an urban environment 2015
17 OKIDOKEYS New electro-mechanic access system with dematerialized keys for residential market 2015
18 OPTEPLA Open OBDII Telematics Platform - OPTEPLA 2015
19 INTRANSYS Delivering next generation Transport Management System to European transport SMEs 2015
20 PNANOMED Personalized Nanomedicines for Leukemia Patients 2015
21 DEMSEC Democratic Secrecy: A Philosophical Study of the Role of Secrecy in Democratic Politics 2015
22 YbQuantumSim Quantum simulation of novel many-body phenomena with Ytterbium atoms in optical lattices 2015
23 BIWAS Biological Water Alarm System (BiWAS) for protection of urban drinking water infrastructure against CBRN threats 2015
24 NEW_FUN New era of printed paper electronics based on advanced functional cellulose 2015
25 PanEur1970s Looking West: the European Socialist regimes facing pan-European cooperation and the European Community 2015
26 EEN-Innovation PT EEN-Innovation PT 2015
27 KL2MG-interactions K-theory, L^2-invariants, manifolds, groups and their interactions 2015
28 VICINITY Open virtual neighbourhood network to connect intelligent buildings and smart objects 2016
29 PEAKapp Personal Energy Administration Kiosk application: an ICT-ecosystem for Energy Savings through Behavioural Change, Flexible Tariffs and Fun 2016
30 DIPLOFACE Diplomatic Face-Work - between confidential negotiations and public display 2016
31 PreventStoCan Understanding microbe-induced stomach cancer – the key to a workable strategy for worldwide prevention 2016
32 CFQMLD A Computational Framework For Quantitative Modeling of Leaf Development in Arabidopsis and Cardamine 2017
33 BosQuanTran Quantum simulation of transport properties in arbitrary shaped potential landscapes with ultracold bosonic atoms 2016
34 3DRM Accurate Full-Field 3D Shape Measurement Technique of Specular Surfaces by Phase-to-Depth Deflectometry 2016
35 ODESI Optoelectronic detection of single spin in silicon 2016
36 BigData4ATM Passenger-centric Big Data Sources for Socio-economic and Behavioural Research in ATM 2016
37 INTRANSYS Delivering next generation Transport Management System to European transport SMEs 2016
38 Waste4Think Moving towards Life Cycle Thinking by integrating Advanced Waste Management Systems 2016
39 NUHGD Non Uniform Hyperbolicity in Global Dynamics 2016
40 SOFTCHARGE Charge Carrier Transport in Soft Matter: From Fundamentals to High-Performance Materials 2016
41 SDN-Polygraph Cloud-based Monitoring Service for Software Defined Networks 2016
42 SP3D Virtual reality fitting simulation for electronic e-commerce 2016
43 REALISM Reproducing EArthquakes in the Laboratory: Imaging, Speed and Mineralogy 2016
44 DynaHUBS DynaHUBs is a new application designed to kick start the development of the Physical Internet using a crowd-sourced approach 2016
45 ATTRACkTIVE Advanced Travel Companion and Tracking Services 2016
46 RAPID Rapid Antimicrobial susceptibility testing and phylogenetic Identification 2016
47 NEAR2050 NEAR2050 - future challenges for the rail sector 2016
48 LYT SONIC Smart Home security device based on infrasound detection technology 2016
49 GoOpti GoOpti – Profitable, Smart and Professional DRT over Long Distances 2016
50 SMART Structured nonlinear Metamaterials for efficient generation and Active functional control of Radiation of THz light 2017
51 CREATE Critical Raw materials Elimination by a top-down Approach To hydrogen and Electricity generation 2017
52 VA-RCM Innovative Product for train door condition monitoring based on vibration analysis algorithms 2017
53 QSave QUAKE SAVER: Emergency System for Door opening in any critical condition. 2017
54 SEaSiDE SEaSiDE (Smart Electro-expulsive System for SAT Aircrafts De-Icing) 2017
55 DREAM Design and Realization of equipped engine compartments including cowling for a fast compound rotorcraft 2017
56 EXSEED Extreme-Light Seeded Control of Ultrafast Laser Material Modifications 2017
57 TwoCompQuaGas Dynamics of two-component quantum gases 2017
58 ROSETTA Robust self-testing with applications to device-independent cryptography 2017
59 TreatStroke arTificial neuRal nEtwork prediction of hAemorrhagic Transformation in STROKE. 2017
60 OMICS Origami-based Microfluidic Interface for Cell Signalling 2017
61 CombLimit Limit Theory in Combinatorics 2017
62 HiPPiE_at_LHC High Precision PDFs for the precision Era at the Large Hadron Collider 2017
63 PREP-CRYPTO Preparing Cryptography for Modern Applications 2017
64 ChalEnz Catalysis with Chalcogen Bonds: Toward Artificial Enzymes 2017
65 CLUSTERS 2.0 Open network of hyper connected logistics clusters towards Physical Internet 2017
66 MAHEPA Modular Approach to Hybrid Electric Propulsion Architecture 2017
67 MISSP Manufacturing of Integral Stiffened Skin Panels 2017
68 AutoDrive Advancing fail-aware, fail-safe, and fail-operational electronic components, systems, and architectures for fully automated driving to make future mobility safer, affordable, and end-user acceptable. 2017
69 EEN-Innovate PT EEN-Innovate PT 2017
70 BIOMOTIVE Advanced BIObased polyurethanes and fibres for the autoMOTIVE industry with increased environmental sustainability 2017
71 Cellphmed Accurate cell signatures for the advancement of personalized medicine 2017
73 IoRL Internet of Radio Light 2017
74 BITNET-INNOSUP Improvement of Innovation Management Capacity of SMEs from Bosnia and Herzegovina (FBH) through the Enterprise Europe Network 2017
75 PLUG-N-HARVEST PLUG-N-play passive and active multi-modal energy HARVESTing systems, circular economy by design, with high replicability for Self-sufficient Districts Near-Zero Buildings 2017
76 HTSEmpower The High Throughput Satellite Enabler Instrument: HTSInstrument 2017
78 PHOTO-EMULSION Towards Next-generation Eco-efficient PHOTO and EMULSION Polymerisations Imparting Synergy to Process, Products and Applications 2017
79 VIP Véhicule Intelligent et Propre ( Green and Smart Vehicle) 2017
80 LightZymes Evolution of artificial enzymes for light-driven reactions by implementing unnatural cofactors in protein scaffolds 2018
81 FreeWheel Lifecycle-reconfigurable Smart Mobility Platform to enable autonomous and cost-effective personalized solutions for social inclusion of disabled and elderly while leveraging AM technologies 2017
82 VHIALab Vision and Hearing In Action Laboratory 2018
83 PIVOT Performance Improvement for Vehicles on Track 2017
84 BHSandAADS The Black Hole Stability Problem and the Analysis of asymptotically anti-de Sitter spacetimes 2018
85 Mat4Rail Designing the railway of the future: Fire resistant composite materials and smart modular design 2017
86 INDILANGHISTCULT Indigenous Language, History and Culture: Politics, Writing and the Decolonization of Knowledge amongst the Maya in Chiapas, Mexico, 1970-2015 2018
87 SUPERMIN Correlative Super Resolution Imaging of the Collagen Mineralization Process 2018
88 OPTOvanderWAALS Optoelectronics with Complex van der Waals Heterostructures 2018
89 OROARAB The Orosius Arabicus and the Arab Vision of the Graeco-Roman World: Researches on theMediterranean Responsiveness 2018
90 ENCORE Exploring Neutrinos: Cosmology, Oscillations, REactors 2018
91 ProLiCell Engineered Protein Nanosheets at Liquid-Liquid Interfaces for Stem Cell Expansion, Sorting and Tissue Engineering 2018
92 Sialoglycan Array Generation of a Cell-Based Sialoglycan Array to Decipher Biological Interactions and Functions of the Human Sialome 2018
93 hetero-switch Smart heterostructures based on 2D materials and switching magnetic molecules. 2019
94 RUMBLE RegUlation and norM for low sonic Boom LEvels 2017
95 MechaDynA Multi-scale mechanics of dynamic leukocyte adhesion 2018
96 ArtMetBio Directed Evolution of Novel Artificial Metalloenzyme Platforms for Biocatalysis 2018
97 SAT GAM 2018 Small Air Transport (SAT) - GAM 2018 2014
98 BUTANOVA Novel technology for biobutanol production 2018
99 bubbleOn Transforming the Customer Experience through Smart, Interactive and Pervasive Proximity Services 2018
100 SmartDtd Smart Household Waste Management 2018
101 Nello One Self-installable device that converts intercoms into a smart keys to allow access from anywhere. 2018
102 SQUARE Scalable Rare Earth Ion Quantum Computing Nodes 2018
103 PREFE This proposal is about PREFEapp, an innovative mobile app that aims at cutting food waste at its roots thanks to the cooperation of final consumers, municipal undertakings and LSRT players. 2018
104 PREVENTOMICS Empowering consumers to PREVENT diet-related diseases through OMICS sciences 2018
105 3D-PXM 3D Piezoresponse X-ray Microscopy 2019
106 TOD Thermoplastic on Doors 2018
107 includeOS The Operating System for the Internet of Things 2019
108 LUMAX Innovative Laser and Fiber System for Non-Toxic, Efficient and Cost-Effective Treatment of Cancer 2018
109 NonlinearTopo Nonlinear Optical and Electrical Phenomena in Topological Semimetals 2019
110 BEBOP Binaries Escorted By Orbiting Planets 2018
111 BITNET-INNOSUP Improvement of Innovation Management Capacity of SMEs from Bosnia and Herzegovina 2019
112 ME4OER Mechanism Engineering of the Oxygen Evolution Reaction 2019
113 PROTONMBRT Spatial fractionation of the dose in proton therapy: a novel therapeutic approach 2019
114 2D4QT 2D Materials for Quantum Technology 2019
115 ELCOCOS Enhanced Low-cost COmplex COmposite Structures 2019
116 PolyBiota Polyphenols and Gut Microbiota interaction in Cardiovascular Health 2020
117 B2B-sync Brain to Brain Synchronization and the role of the shared semantics 2019
118 ChemicalWalks Reactive Transport and Mixing in Heterogeneous Media: Chemical Random Walks under Local Non-equilibrium 2019
119 3D-PRESS 3D-PRintable glass-based Electrolytes for all-Solid-State lithium batteries 2020
120 SymCO Asymptotic Symmetries: from Concepts to Observations 2020
121 QUADAG Quadratic refinements in algebraic geometry 2019
123 InDx InDx - an innovative implant that restores natural motion to patients with thumb base joint arthritis 2019
124 Dynamic BC Dynamic Bright Code: Delivering digital content in offline environments by connecting unique LEDbased optical tags with mobile devices. 2019
125 V-Chiller Next Generation refrigeration Technology based on vacuum rapid cooling 2019
126 NOVA-MRI Novel Applications in 19F Magnetic Resonance Imaging 2020
127 NEQuM Non-Ergodic Quantum Matter: Universality, Dynamics and Control 2020
128 SDG Space Data Gateway 2019
129 Citibox Revolutionising the way in which parcels are delivered 2019
130 WEB DATA OPP New opportunities to enhance or extend (mobile) web survey data and get better insights 2020
132 CARBODIN Car Body Shells, Doors and Interiors 2019
133 OnTarget Deciphering the principles governing robust targeting of proteins to organelles 2020
134 GUARDIAN Eco-friendly smart doors for non-residential building fire protection 2020
135 HSS Homomorphic Secret Sharing: Secure Computation and Beyond 2020
136 SENATOR Staff Exchange for Novel applications in 19f magnetic resonance imaging 2020
137 DisMaLS Distributional Macroeconomics in the Long and Short Run 2020
139 emergenTopo Emergent topology in photon fluids 2020
140 ROMB Retina Organoid Mechanobiology 2020
141 ARMISTICE Analysis and Risk Mitigation measures for Induced Seismicity in supercriTICal gEothermal systems 2021
142 TRANSIT Travel Information Management for Seamless Intermodal Transport 2020