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# achronym  title  year 
1 PLATINUM Papyri and LAtin Texts: INsights and Updated Methodologies.Towards a philological, literary, and historical approach to Latin papyri 2015
2 VOICES Voices Of Individuals: Collectively Exploring Self-determination 2015
3 CORPNET Corporate Network Governance: Power, Ownership and Control in Contemporary Global Capitalism 2015
4 OpenMinTeD Open Mining INfrastructure for TExt and Data 2015
5 Invisibilia Tracing the Invisible. Old Norse and Latin in medieval manuscripts. 2016
6 PWP Power and Powerlessness 2015
7 FUTURES Energy Futures of the High North: Assessing Intermediary Expertise and New Valuation Practices that Guide Arctic Hydrocarbon Development 2016
8 Digiseal Byzantine seals in a digital age: new tools for European research 2015
9 HISTHEOL History and Theology 2015
10 ADRIA Adriatic Perspectives: Memory and Identity on a Transnational European Periphery 2016
11 CONSCRISIS Households’ Consumption during the Great Recession: A structural analysis on the role of expectations 2015
12 EnAct Enacting heritage: The aesthetic dynamics of cultural transmission 2016
13 STATE CAPACITY Neither Dwarf nor Leviathan: Explaining Territorial and Functional Variation in State Capacity 2016
14 KEME Knitting early modern Europe: materials, manufacture and meaning 2015
15 LEXICON POETICUM Lexicon Poeticum: A lexical resource for Old-Norse Icelandic skaldic poetry and its relevant social fields 2016
16 ACTUS ACcelerating Transition in Peri-Urban areaS in East Africa 2016
17 PREF LEARNHEUR Learning heuristics in preference elicitation tasks: insights from behavioural, computational and neurobiological investigations 2015
18 PS-IRAQ Performing a State: State-building in Iraq (2003-2006). 2016
19 SPERONI Sperone Speroni (1500-1588) and the Rebirth of Sophistry in the Italian Renaissance 2015
20 Transpacific Assembling the Transpacific: Indigenous Curatorial Practices, Material Cultures and Source Communities 2015
21 COMOVE Exploring the impact of social mobilization on cooperation in community-based natural resource management systems: Insights from water conflicts in Spain and Mexico 2016
22 PRIME Process Invigoration through Model Embellishment 2015
23 PARADOXGREATLAKES Security Paradoxes in the Great Lakes: Between the Military-Capable and the Good-Governed State 2015
25 NoWork The long-term effects of unemployment on older workers: Studying life-course influences in social context 2016
26 DTHPS Sound and Materialism in the 19th Century 2015
27 DEMSEC Democratic Secrecy: A Philosophical Study of the Role of Secrecy in Democratic Politics 2015
28 SUSTAINABLEOCEAN Accommodating New Interests at Sea: Legal Tools for Sustainable Ocean Governance 2015
29 TRUST Creating and enhancing TRUSTworthy, responsible and equitable partnerships in international research 2015
30 TVOF The values of French language and literature in the European Middle Ages 2015
31 GREYZONE Illuminating the 'Grey Zone': Addressing Complex Complicity in Human Rights Violations 2015
32 JEWSEAST Jews and Christians in the East: Strategies of Interaction between the Mediterranean and the Indian Ocean 2015
33 HOLOFRENPOSTMOD Un passé qui ne passe pas. The Ethics and Aesthetics of Contemporary French Holocaust Literature 2016
34 IntercommunalSpace Intercommunal Space in Late Antiquity 2016
35 READ Recognition and Enrichment of Archival Documents 2016
36 SIR Scriptores Iuris Romani. Texts and Thought. 2015
37 Hyksos Enigma The Enigma of the Hyksos 2016
38 Mulosige Multilingual locals, significant geographies: a new approach to world literature 2016
39 I-Media-Cities Innovative e-environment for Research on Cities and the Media 2016
40 ENLIVEN Encouraging Lifelong Learning for an Inclusive and Vibrant Europe 2016
41 PREWArAs The Dark Side of the Belle Époque. Political violence and Armed Associations in Europe before the First World War 2016
42 MBM Making Biological Minds 2016
43 globalfertilitychain Tracing the global fertility chain- A new political economy of outsourced reproduction 2017
44 FEMSAG Feminist theory after sex and gender: The nature-nurture complex in contemporary feminism reconsidered in light of the Developmental Systems Theory approach to the philosophy of biology 2017
45 FAMSIZEMATTERS Family size matters: How low fertility affects the (re)production of social inequalities 2016
46 TRACES Transmitting Contentious Cultural Heritages with the Arts: From Intervention to Co-Production 2016
47 GoldOpera Carlo Goldoni and Europe's New Opera Theatre 2016
48 UnRi Understanding the discourse-semantic shift towards risk in the UK and Germany 2016
49 PHILANTHROPIC RULE International Authority and Intellectual Domination: External Donors and Local Organizations in Latin American Social Sciences (1945-1973). 2017
50 Neighbourhood Change Neighbourhood Change in a Comparative Context: a Social-Mobility Approach 2016
51 TOFNITW Transformation of Family Norms in a Transnational World: How LGBT Migrants can Affect Change through Social Remittances 2017
52 AGENTSEGET Itinerant Cultural Agents in Early Modern Europe and the Scotsman Thomas Seget: A Case-Study 2016
53 MUSLIM-NLNO Muslims condemning violent extremism - An interdisciplinary analysis of public initiatives in the Netherlands and Norway 2001-2015 2016
54 TASTGCEP “Thomas Aquinas’ Summa Theologiae Ia IIae translated by Demetrius Cydones and Bessarion’s incomplete Compendium of the translation – A Critical Editio Princeps” 2016
55 Mapping Anna The Politics of Cultural Exchange: Anna of Denmark and the Uses of European Identity 2017
56 ChroMoLEME The Character of Monastic Landscapes in Early Medieval Europe 2016
57 SRR Sovereignty and the Right to Regulate 2017
58 TraCTUs Tracing European Copper Age Social Dynamics through Pottery Technology and Use 2016
59 CANVAS Constructing an Alliance for Value-driven Cybersecurity 2016
60 PrinTeam Political knowledge as teamwork: The Academy of Zamość print shop (1594-1627) 2016
61 LAWALISI Law, Authority and Learning in Imami Shi'ite Islam 2016
62 HArchitHeC House Architecture and Heritage in modern Crete 2016
63 SAGDESOR The Second Avant-Garde: Design of Domestic Objects in Soviet Russia, 1953-1991 2016
64 DEBUNKER The Problem of European Misperceptions in Politics, Health, and Science:Causes, Consequences, and the Search for Solutions 2016
65 STATE Lordship and the Rise of States in Western Europe, 1300-1600 2016
66 ASYFAIR Fair and Consistent Border Controls? A Critical, Multi-methodological and Interdisciplinary Study of Asylum Adjudication in Europe 2016
67 NEWFAMSTRAT The New Shape of Family-Related Gender Stratification 2016
68 APOLOGY Political Apologies across Cultures 2016
69 CLIMASLOW Slowing Down Climate Change: Combining Climate Law and Climate Science to Identify the Best Options to Reduce Emissions of Short-Lived Climate Forcers in Developing Countries 2017
70 OurMythicalChildhood Our Mythical Childhood... The Reception of Classical Antiquity in Children’s and Young Adults’ Culture in Response to Regional and Global Challenges 2016
71 BeyondtheElite Beyond the Elite: Jewish Daily Life in Medieval Europe 2016
72 NARRATIVENSCIENCE Narrative Ordering and Explanation in the Sciences: Historical Investigations and Perspectives 2016
73 NEUROMEM A Neurocomputational Model of Episodic Memory 2016
74 SK PRES SSH Social Sciences and Humanities: a New Agenda for Europe's Challenges 2016
75 SOCRATES SOcial Cognitive Robotics in The European Society 2016
76 ViEWS The Violence Early-Warning System: Building a Scientific Foundation for Conflict Forecasting 2017
77 BoundSci Boundaries of Science: Medieval Condemnations of Philosophy as Heresy 2016
78 QUALIDEM Eroding Democracies. A qualitative (re-)appraisal of how policies shape democratic linkages in Western democracies 2017
79 LCLW Literary Communities and Literary Worlds 2017
80 L.I.F.E. LIVING IN A FRINGE ENVIRONMENT - Investigating occupation and exploitation of desert frontier areas in the Late Roman Empire 2016
81 INNOVATION Authority and Innovation in Early Franciscan Thought (c. 1220-56) 2017
83 CO-CREATION The Cohesive City: Addressing Stigmatisation in Disadvantaged Urban Neighbourhoods 2017
84 TransIt Translating science in the long Italian Eighteenth-Century. The role of translators and publishers as “cultural mediators” (1760-1790s) 2017
85 CLLS Analysing coherence in law through legal scholarship 2017
86 COMPUS Civic community and public space in the ancient Near East. The case of Hittite Anatolia at the end of the Late Bronze Age (14th-13th centuries BCE). 2017
87 MICROFOUNDATIONS Microfoundations of International Order 2017
88 TechPolChange Technology and Political Change: Nuclear Power in the Post-Soviet Union 2017
89 ARAB PARLIAMENTS The role of national parliaments in the Arab transformation processes 2017
90 EDST Economic Development and Structural Transformation 2017
91 DEXCORE The Digest and the Exploitation of the Countryside in the Western Roman Empire (2d cent. BC-3rd cent. AD). Evidence of the water control 2017
92 VehmeLit Legal Cultures and Literary Trials in the Age of Goethe. The Vehmic Court Motif in Interdisciplinary and Comparative Perspective 2018
94 PE-FECATS Pasteur's Empire - French Expertise, Colonialism, and Transnational Science 2017
95 TIM-Adrastea “Thinking in Images. Herder’s Adrastea from 1801-03 up to nowadays” 2017
96 BMC-SVAR Developing a Bayesian technique to evaluate the validity of economic models: two applications to the Euro Area 2017
97 Renaissance Idiocy Representing Idiocy and Intellectual Disability in Early Modern English Literature, 1500-1640 2017
98 SURGE Social Sustainability and Urban Regeneration Governance: An International Perspective 2017
99 RefBORDER Reflexivity as capacity in EU’s border security: a contribution to theory and practice through the case of Polish Border Guard training 2017
100 SYMBODIN The Symbolism of the Body in Northern Europe. Cognitive Metaphors and Old Norse Myth from the Viking Age to Late Medieval Times 2018
101 EUROFRONT European Frontiers: Rural Spaces and Expanding States 2017
102 EPISTEMEBEHAVIOUR Behaviour, knowledge, policy. The philosophy of science perspective on the applications of the behavioural sciences in policymaking. 2018
103 WEALTHPOL The Politics of Wealth Inequality and Mobility in the Twenty-First Century 2017
104 Cleansing Water Water and Baptism in Old English Poetry 2017
105 SCRIBE Reading the genetic history of parchment manuscripts. 2017
106 IPACE Iceland: Physical Anthropology of Colonization and Evolution 2017
107 ISSP Infrastructuring SuStainable Playbour 2018
108 CLH What is comparative legal history? Legal historiography and the revolt against formalism, 1930-60 2017
109 ARTEFACT The Global as Artefact: Understanding the Patterns of Global Political History Through an Anthropology of Knowledge -- The Case of Agriculture in Four Global Systems from the Neolithic to the Present 2017
110 ChildAct16 Shaping a Preferable Future: Children Reading, Thinking and Talking aboutAlternative Communities and Times 2017
111 RASCIO Reader, Author, Scholar in a Context of Information Overflow.How to master and manage knowledge when there is too much to know? 2018
112 CLCLCL Civil Law, Common Law, Customary Law: Consonance, Divergence and Transformation in Western Europe from the late eleventh to the thirteenth centuries 2017
113 GoSMEs Governance and value-creation in SMEs in a service-dominant logic 2017
114 Lawforms Forms of Law in the Early Modern Persianate World, 17th-19th centuries 2017
115 SKILLNET Sharing Knowledge In Learned and Literary Networks. The Republic of Letters as a Pan-European Knowledge Society 2017
116 WoRD-DoME Women's Economic Rights and Cultural Difference: Defining Development for the Middle East 2017
117 CSRS A Comparative Study of Resilience in Survivors of War Rape and Sexual Violence: New Directions for Transitional Justice 2017
118 EarlyModernCosmology Institutions and Metaphysics of Cosmology in the Epistemic Networks of Seventeenth-Century Europe 2017
119 AnonymClassic The Arabic Anonymous in a World Classic 2018
120 URBAN_CHINA Urbanization in China's South-western Borderlands. The case of Jinghong, Xiguangbanna 2018
121 EU-LISTCO Europe's External Action and the Dual Challenges of Limited Statehood and Contested Orders 2018
122 S4D4C Using science for/in diplomacy for addressing global challenges 2018
123 ECHOES European Colonial Heritage Modalities in Entangled Cities 2018
124 PhilAnd The origin and early development of philosophy in tenth-century al-Andalus: the impact of ill-defined materials and channels of transmission. 2017
125 FLOS Florilegia Syriaca. The Intercultural Dissemination of Greek Christian Thought in Syriac and Arabic in the First Millennium CE 2018
126 HealthScaping Healthscaping Urban Europe: Bio-Power, Space and Society, 1200-1500 2017
127 N-T-AUTONOMY Non-Territorial Autonomy as Minority Protection in Europe: An Intellectual and Political History of a Travelling Idea, 1850-2000 2018
128 SEnECA Strengthening and Energizing EU-Central Asia relations 2018
129 MRECS Managing Risk in Early Complex Societies in Syria-Palestine: An Investigation of Changing Animal Herding Strategies through the 4th-2nd Millennia BC Using Multi-Element Isotopic Analysis 2018
130 WorkOD Work on Demand: Contracting for Work in a Changing Economy 2018
131 LANGARCHIV Hausa and Kanuri languages as archive for the history of Sahara and Sahel in 18th and 19th century 2018
132 BETLIV Returning to a Better Place: The (Re)assessment of the ‘Good Life’ in Times of Crisis 2018
133 KANTINSA Kant in South America 2018
134 ReIReS Research Infrastructure on Religious Studies 2018
135 PLABOR Platform Labor: Digital transformations of work and livelihood in post-welfare societies 2018
136 QuCIP Qur'anic Commentary: An Integrative Paradigm 2018
137 INDILANGHISTCULT Indigenous Language, History and Culture: Politics, Writing and the Decolonization of Knowledge amongst the Maya in Chiapas, Mexico, 1970-2015 2018
138 CogLit Literature as a Cognitive Object; Cognitive infrastructure and human cultural transmission 2018
139 LiLa Linking Latin. Building a Knowledge Base of Linguistic Resources for Latin 2018
140 Black Cinema-Going Black Cinema-Going in New York of the Interwar Period 2018
141 DIPLOWAR Hybrid Practices of Diplomacy and Warfare 2018
142 OROARAB The Orosius Arabicus and the Arab Vision of the Graeco-Roman World: Researches on theMediterranean Responsiveness 2018
143 Media andConspiracy Lost in an Ocean of Information? Media in the Everyday Life of Conspiracy Theorists 2019
145 BIVIUM Standing at the Crossroads: Doubt in Early Modern Italy (1500-1560) 2018
146 CBC-ETHOS Does Cross-border Cooperation relate to a Humanist-ETHical cOde of valueS? Theorizing the institutionalization of a cross-border governance humanist ethical code. 2018
147 COINE Counterfeiting Empire: Money, Crime, and Politics in the British Atlantic World 2018
149 DataStories DataStories: Making Use of Interpretive Judgments of Data Creators 2019
150 DFitHH Digital Forensics in the Historical Humanities: Hanif Kureishi, The Mass Observation Archive, Glyn Moody 2018
151 EXPO Citizens exposed to dissimilar views in the media: investigating backfire effects 2018
152 NEW_DEMOCRACY Meeting Great Expectations Through Democratic Innovations 2018
153 RURALIMAGINATIONS Imagining the Rural in a Globalizing World 2018
154 NOTAE NOT A writtEn word but graphic symbols. NOTAE: An evidence-based reconstruction of another written world in pragmatic literacy from Late Antiquity to early medieval Europe. 2018
155 WaSH-UPP Water, Sanitation and Hygiene in sub-Saharan Africa: Understanding Policy and Practice 2018
156 TAXT Seals and Sealing Practices in Sasanian Iran: New Evidence from Taxt-e Solaymān 2019
157 GREET Guiding Refugees via European Exchange and Training 2018
158 SAFVEN West meets East in Venice: Cross-cultural interactions and reciprocal influences between theSafavids and Venetians 2019
159 FHNR Charting the process of getting forgotten within the humanities, 18th – 20th centuries: a historical network research analysis 2018
160 VEHICULA VEhicles as High-status Indicators in the CUlture of Late Antiquity 2018
161 ILLR Intellectual Life and Learning on Rhodes (168BC-AD44) 2018
162 PiCoBoo 19th-Century European Picture-Books in Colour 2018
163 ANTICORPOL New dimensions and approaches to anti-corruption policy 2018
164 AirSens High-Accuracy Indoor Tracking and Augmented Sensing using Swarms of UAVs 2018
165 PFoGMH The Prussian Fathers of Greek Military History 2018
166 ArcticLabourTime Investing in the Arctic: the affective and temporal contradictions of work, mobility and inequality in northern peripheries 2018
167 OttMed Reassessing Late Ottoman Literatures within a Mediterranean Framework 2018
168 EStages.UK EStages.UK. Spanish theatre in United Kingdom (1982-2019) 2019
169 LIAE Laughing in an Emergency: Humour, Cultural Resilience and Contemporary Art 2018
170 GEISIE Gender and Ethnic Integration in Science, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship 2018
171 SQoL School for Quality of Life. Policy, practice and theory for a quality of life approach in Europeanschool systems. 2018
172 GIRLPOS A Genealogy of Islamic Religious Leadership in Post-Ottoman States 2018
173 COGNAESTHSYMP A Cognitively Inflected Aesthetics of the Greek Symposion 2019
174 SAGEX Scattering Amplitudes: from Geometry to Experiment 2018
175 NewsEye NewsEye: A Digital Investigator for Historical Newspapers 2018
176 TROMPA Towards Richer Online Music Public-domain Archives 2018
177 FORCe Forensic Culture. A Comparative Analysis of Forensic Practices in Europe, 1930-2000 2018
178 CRISEA Competing Regional Integrations in Southeast Asia 2017
179 LawsOfSocRep Laws of Social Reproduction 2018
180 CONCHA The construction of early modern global Cities and oceanic networks in the Atlantic: An approach via OceaN’s Cultural HeritAge 2018
181 IslamAnimals Animals in the Philosophy of the Islamic World 2018
182 BANK-LASH Banks, Popular Backlash, and the Post-Crisis Politics of Financial Regulation 2018
183 NASTAC Nationalist State Transformation and Conflict 2018
184 SIKB The Development of Students' Identities as Knowledge Builders 2018
185 SIMREC Simulating Roman Economies. Studying the Roman Economy through computational network modelling and archaeological big data 2019
186 WINK Women's Invisible Ink: Trans-Genre Writing and the Gendering of Intellectual Value in Early Modernity 2019
187 DARE Disability Advocacy Research in Europe 2019
188 JEWTACT Jewish Translation and Cultural Transfer in Early Modern Europe 2019
189 PASSIM Patristic sermons in the Middle Ages. The dissemination, manipulation and interpretation of late-antique sermons in the medieval Latin West 2019
190 GROWINPRO Growth Welfare Innovation Productivity 2019
191 POPREBEL Populist rebellion against modernity in 21st-century Eastern Europe: neo-traditionalism and neo-feudalism 2019
192 B2C Beasts to Craft: BioCodicology as a new approach to the study of parchment manuscripts 2018
193 MULTIPALEOIBERIA Population dynamics and cultural adaptations of the last Neandertals and first Modern humans in inland Iberia: a multi-proxy investigation 2019
195 GLOBE Global Governance and the European Union: Future Trends and Scenarios 2019
196 InDivEU Integrating Diversity in the European Union 2019
197 EU3D EU Differentiation, Dominance and Democracy 2019
199 BANTURIVERS At a Crossroads of Bantu Expansions: Present and Past Riverside Communities in the Congo Basin, from an Integrated Linguistic, Anthropological and Archaeological Perspective 2019
200 CULTIVATE MSS Cultural Values and the International Trade in Medieval European Manuscripts, c. 1900-1945 2019
202 GMM Globalized Memorial Museums.Exhibiting Atrocities in the Era of Claims for Moral Universals 2019
203 RISE_SMA RISE Social Media Analytics 2019
204 WEIRD WITNESSES Beyond WEIRD Witnesses: Eyewitness Memory in Cross-Cultural Contexts 2019
205 EQOP Socioeconomic gaps in language development and school achievement: Mechanisms of inequality and opportunity 2019
206 AFRISCREENWORLDS African Screen Worlds: Decolonising Film and Screen Studies 2019
207 Sex War-k GIs and ‘Segnorine’: an Entangled History of Post-war Sex Work (1943-1954) 2019
208 SOCIALEU The missing pillar. European social policy and Eurosceptic challenges (SOCIALEU) 2019
209 InProV An inventory of the prosimetra in vulgar tongue in the early centuries of Italian Literature (1250-1500) 2019
210 REL-NET Entangled Interfaith Identities and Relations from the Mediterranean to the United States: The St James Association and Its Transnational Christian-Jewish Network in the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict 2019
211 WALCHEMY Early Modern Women and Alchemy, 1550-1700 2019
212 LINSEC The Logic of Informal Security Cooperation: Counterterrorism Intelligence-sharing in Europe 2020
213 DIVLAW How God Became a Lawgiver: The Place of the Torah in Ancient Near Eastern Legal History 2020
214 CReDItIs Critique and Reformation of Doctrine in International Investment Law: Legal Theory and Empirical Legal Studies 2020
215 PIE ANIMALS Of beasts and men. The animals of the Proto-Indo-Europeans 2019
216 EDIFOU Foucault's manuscripts on phenomenology (1950s) at BnF archive: a digital approach to the edition 2019
217 DROSI Death Rites and the Origins of Social Inequality 2019
218 ItalianWoolf Virginia Woolf and Italian Readers 2019
219 HUNG Hunger Bonds: Food Banks, Families and the Feeding of Poverty 2019
220 PapalEmotions Emotions, gender, and authority at the curia of Pope Innocent III (1198-1216) 2019
221 LangMix Language switching and script mixing: multilingual landscapes of medieval Scandinavia 2019
222 ReFraMed Histories Rewriting and (Re-)Framing Memory in Late Medieval Historiography. The Case of Brabant (14th-15th c.) 2019
223 GLORIOUS Digital Poetry in Today’s Russia: Canonisation and Translation 2019
224 JBinBA Joint Bodies in Bilateral Agreements 2019
225 MariBet La MaMa Experimental Theatre: a lasting bridge between cultures 2019
226 PPPCM The Impact of Political Parties on Public Claim Making in European Democracies 2020
227 WMM Women Making Memories: Liturgy and the Remembering Female Body in Medieval Holy Women’s Texts 2019
228 CYBERCULT Strategic Cultures of Cyber Warfare 2019
229 contactVIRT Intergroup Contact in Virtual Reality: Comparative Effects of Two Contact Strategies on Reducing Prejudice and Increasing Trust Between Catholics and Protestants in Northern Ireland 2019
230 SCRIBSCIE Scribal Science: Naturalists' Paper Empire in France ca. 1660-1770 2019
231 BIMAAR Black Inter-American Mobility and Autobiography in the Age of Revolutions (1760-1860) 2019
232 ILSAINC Mapping and theorising the global International Large-Scale Assessment industry 2019
233 REVERE Revisiting the Seventeenth-Century Republic of Letters 2019
234 CRUCIATA Uses and meanings of the word crusade in the late Middle Ages 2019
235 DISCOURSEVAX Institutional Theory and Discourse Analysis: an empirical investigation of the rhetoric of Anti Vaccination movement 2020
236 SSF-value Valuing the socio-cultural and economic contributions of small-scale fisheries to coastal communities 2020
237 FreeDigital The impact of 'free' digital offers on individual behavior and its implications for consumer and data protection laws 2019
238 TRR Exploring Tribal Representation across American Indian-produced radio in US Reservation and Urban Contexts 2019
239 FINGOV Financial Governance: Policy Implementation and Solidarity through EU funding 2019
240 CALCULATORES Imaginable Impossibilities and Thought Experiments. The Tradition of the Oxford Calculators and its Influence on Early-Modern Logic and Natural Philosophy 2019
241 CEJaMS Choreographing Emigration: Japanese Tango Musicians in Shanghai, 1920-1945 2019
242 TACITROOTS The Accademia del Cimento in Florence: tracing the roots of the European scientific enterprise 2019
243 PUNISH Punishment as Communication: Transgressors’ Interpretation and Understanding of Punishment 2019
244 G20LAP G20 Legitimacy and Policymaking 2019
245 PopulistFP The Populist Politics of Foreign Policy 2019
246 ZARAH Women’s labour activism in Eastern Europe and transnationally, from the age of empires to the late 20th century 2020
247 MAU Making Africa Urban: The transcalar politics of large-scale urban development 2019
249 SlaveVoices Slave Testimonies in the Abolition Era. European Captives, African Slaves and Ottoman servants in 19th century North Africa 2019
250 GlobalOrthodoxy Rewriting Global Orthodoxy Oriental Christianity in Europe between 1970 and 2020 2019
251 DEMOSERIES Shaping Democratic Spaces: Security and TV Series 2020
252 POLISS Policies for Smart Specialisation 2019
253 TACK Communities of Tacit Knowledge: Architecture and its Ways of Knowing 2019
254 EoPPP A Global Comparative Ethnography of Parliaments, Politicians and People: representation, relationships and ruptures 2019
255 DISTRACT The Political Economy of Distraction in Digitized Denmark 2020
256 VIETNAMICA Historical Research and Data Processing on Ancient Vietnamese Inscriptions 2019
257 PLATFORM DISCOURSES Platform Discourses: A Critical Humanities Approach to the Texts, Images, and Moving Images Produced by Tech Companies 2019
258 TiGRE Trust in Governance and Regulation in Europe 2020
259 DiCE Differentiation: Clustering Excellence 2020
260 TRESCA Trustworthy, Reliable and Engaging Scientific Communication Approaches 2020
261 POLIVERNACULARS India's Politics in Its Vernaculars 2020
262 APCG Arabic Poetry in the Cairo Genizah 2020
263 EXTREME The Epistemology and Ethics of Fundamentalism 2020
264 TINTIN Visual narratives as a window into language and cognition 2020
265 LiLI Later Life Intimacy: Women’s Unruly Practices, Spaces and Representations 2020
266 RESILIENCE REligious Studies Infrastructure: tooLs, Experts, conNections and CEnters 2019
268 TMIM Textiles and the Making of Israeli Modernism: From the Zionist Bauhuas to Feminist Art 2020
269 RevolutionaryOpScan Revolutionary Opéra-Comique in Scandinavia: Transfer and Repertoire 2020
270 PARTYOPINION The Informational Role of Political Parties in Citizens’ Opinion Formation 2020
271 LONintLAW The League of Nations and the development of international law: from promotion strategies to giving shape to international legal instruments 2021
272 BV Building Vienna 2020
273 Absent Presences Absent Presences: an ethnographic study of the uncounted lives of people affected by leprosy in Latin America 2020
274 PLanTra Plain language for financial content: Assessing the impact of training on students' revisions and readers' comprehension 2020
275 SunSHINE The Sun-chariot’s Journey Towards the Nordic Sky: on the (Pre-)History of Ideas on Sky, Sun, and Sunlight in Northern Europe 2020
276 LiTechAe Lithic Technology, Social Agency and Cultural Interaction in the Bronze Age Aegean. Percussive stone tools related to stone masonry techniques seen through experimentation and use-wear analysis. 2020
277 OTTOLEGAL The Making of Ottoman Law: The Agency and Interaction of Diverse Groups in Lawmaking, 1450–1650 2020
278 ColonialConsequences Colonial Consequences of the Japanese Empire in the Mariana Islands 2020
279 NEMESIS NEgotiation and MEdiation Sensible Issues' Solutions 2020
280 DIGILEAD Digital leadership, well-being and performance in organizations 2020
281 PHASE How is Populism and Health Associated in Europe (PHASE)? A multilevel analysis of the bi-directional interrelationship between populism and ill health 2020
282 CoL Climates of Listening: Amplifying Pacific Experiences of Environmental Crisis 2021
283 REWA Resource wars in an unequal world: international law and beyond 2020
284 TLDR TL; DR (Too Long; Didn’t Read): Close and hyperreading of literary texts and the modulation of attention 2020
285 PiQ Poverty in the Qur’ān: Medieval Islamic Interpretations and Uses 2020
286 THEIA Themistius, Heavens and Elements. Interpretations of Aristotle’s Cosmology Across the Ages 2020