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H2020 projects about "writing"

The page lists 209 projects related to the topic "writing".

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1 HEROIC High-frequency printed and direct-written Organic-hybrid Integrated Circuits 2015
2 ONCORNET ONCOgenic Receptor Network of Excellence and Training 2015
3 INFINITY Indium-Free Transparent Conductive Oxides for Glass and Plastic Substrates 2014
4 EURO-SEQUENCES Monomer sequence control in Polymers : Toward next-generation precision materials 2015
5 ChronHib Chronologicon Hibernicum – A Probabilistic Chronological Framework for Dating Early Irish Language Developments and Literature 2015
6 PWP Power and Powerlessness 2015
7 EXTREME Do extreme climatic events facilitate plant invasions? 2016
8 ViGOTHIC Towards a typology of Visigothic script: the Beatus British Library Add. 11695 and its potential for dating and localising Visigothic script manuscripts 2015
9 ACTIVE_MARS Active Surface Processes On Mars: A Laboratory, Field And Remote Sensing Study 2016
10 LUMIMAGNET-NANO Multifunctional luminescent and magnetic nanoparticles for advanced biomedical applications 2015
11 SPAFIL Structured photonics for advanced fibre lasers 2015
12 MetalCell Transition-Metal Mediated Chemistry in Cells 2015
13 SPERONI Sperone Speroni (1500-1588) and the Rebirth of Sophistry in the Italian Renaissance 2015
14 APTALAPS Investigation of the interaction of mesenchymal stem cells with aptamer modified surfaces using Light-Addressable Potentiometric Sensors (LAPS) 2015
15 distraction Distraction as a Philosophical Concept and a Stylistic Device in France and Italy.17th-19th Centuries 2015
16 Gregory Gregory Nazianzen's methodeology of the theological arguing 2015
17 BLACKBINDER Black Binder, all-in System of Digital Scores 2015
18 DOS Domestic Servants in Colonial South Asia 2015
19 EarthServer-2 Agile Analytics on Big Data Cubes 2015
20 Mucky MUCKY: The circular solution for the valorisation of mixed municipal waste streams. 2015
21 HandsandBible The Hands that Wrote the Bible: Digital Palaeography and Scribal Culture of the Dead Sea Scrolls 2015
22 GreenLight Cost effective lignin-based carbon fibres for innovative light-weight applications 2015
23 SMART DESIGN Spin-orbit mechanism in adaptive magnetization-reversal techniques, for magnetic memory design 2015
24 INFORM Interfaces in opto-electronic thin film multilayer devices 2015
25 TRANSINNOV Peer learning on ways to improve knowledge/technology transfer to SMEs in a structured innovation ecosystem 2015
26 FRAGNET FRAGments training NETwork 2016
27 MALMECC Music and Late Medieval European Court Cultures: Towards a Trans-Disciplinary and Post-National Cultural Poetics of the Performative Arts 2016
28 TUMAPOS Using TUnnel Magneto Resistance Technology for MAgnetic POSition MeasurementTUMAPOS 2015
29 ACO The Proceedings of the Ecumenical Councils from Oral Utterance to Manuscript Edition as Evidence for Late Antique Persuasion and Self-Representation Techniques 2016
30 MARKLIM Markets and their limits 2016
31 SIGN-HUB The Sign Hub: preserving, researching and fostering the linguistic, historical and cultural heritage of European Deaf signing communities with an integral resource 2016
32 WInspector Advanced shearography kit and a robotic deployment platform for on-site inspection of wind turbine blades 2016
33 SouthHem Realigning British Romanticism: White Settler and Indigenous Writing in the British-Controlled Southern Hemisphere, 1783-1870 2016
34 NeMoFoil NeMoFoil: electronic foil for neuromonitoring 2016
35 ROMAINE Ovid as Historian. The reception of classical mythology in medieval France and Spain 2017
36 SPIDE Speech-sound Processing in Infant Development and Evolution 2016
37 CREWS Contexts of and Relations between Early Writing Systems 2016
38 THALES Mass-production, landscape transformation and the birth of science in the land of Thales (8th-6th centuries BCE) 2016
39 RE-FRUIT “Rehabilitation: Family Role within the UK in comparison to Turkey” 2016
40 BIDMAG Biological detection with functionalized Magnetic Sensor 2016
41 Stim-Plast-O Effects of non-invasive brain stimulation on motor learning-related neuroplasticity in healthy older adults 2016
42 PYANO Retargeted Pyocins: A novel tool for combating major food borne pathogens and exploitingphage-host interactions 2016
43 FLEXOCOMP Enabling flexoelectric engineering through modeling and computation 2016
44 STEPN-UP Stilbene and entomopathogenic nematodes: Unlocking the potential 2017
45 PAThs Tracking Papyrus and Parchment Paths: An Archaeological Atlas of Coptic Literature. Literary Texts in their Geographical Context: Production, Copying, Usage, Dissemination and Storage 2016
46 FINREALNETS “FINancial and REAL Sector NETworks in Europe” 2016
47 HIRESMEMMANIP Spiking network mechanisms underlying short term memory 2016
48 TIDE Travel, Transculturality and Identity in England, c.1550 – 1700 2016
49 EMBEDDING CONQUEST Embedding Conquest: Naturalising Muslim Rule in the Early Islamic Empire (600-1000) 2017
50 XCORE XCORE: Enabling breakthrough weight reduction for the next generation of cars 2016
51 L2STAT Statistical learning and L2 literacy acquisition: Towards a neurobiological theory of assimilating novel writing systems 2016
52 ImpAncCit The Impact of the Ancient City 2016
53 MemoryDynamics Writing and editing of memories from acquisition to long-term consolidation 2016
54 PlaMatSu Plant-inspired materials and surfaces 2016
55 ELENA Low energy ELEctron driven chemistry for the advantage of emerging NAno-fabrication methods 2016
56 EU-GliaPhD Training, Research and Raising of Public Awareness in Cell Biology and Pathology of Neuroglia 2016
57 BrainBIT All-optical brain-to-brain behaviour and information transfer 2016
58 LISTLIT Lists in Literature and Culture: Towards a Listology 2017
59 PHYSIC Photovoltaic with superior crack resistance 2017
60 Wonderlogix STUDIO Wonderlogix STUDIO: Towards Seamless Industrial Control 2016
61 LatinNow The Latinization of the North-western Roman Provinces: Sociolinguistics, Epigraphy and Archaeology 2017
62 CortIMod Implementation and Preliminary Validation of a Novel Noninvasive Neuromodulation Technique to Restore Hand Movement and Promote Recovery after Stroke 2016
63 TechPolChange Technology and Political Change: Nuclear Power in the Post-Soviet Union 2017
64 QUALITY Qualitative and Quantitative Social Science: Unifying the Logic of Causal Inference? 2017
65 Mathador Type and Proof Structures for Concurrent Software Verification 2017
66 TRACY Innovative RFID-UHF Traceability Platform for Human-Derived Products 2016
67 Austere Reasons Do Desires, and only Desires, Justify Action? Evaluating a Radical Version of 'Internalism about Reasons' 2017
68 EUTWIC European Travel Writing in Context. The Socio-Political Dimension of Travelogues 1760-1850 2017
69 MAREXT Macrocyclic receptors for selective anion extraction 2018
70 SKDWONTRACK Room temperature stabilization and all-electrical manipulation of chiral spin structures in metallic multilayers 2018
71 LEEP Longitudinal employer–employee perspectives on the role of human capital investments for retirement transitions 2017
72 PULSATES PULsar Science Across The Electromagnetic Spectrum 2017
73 NETBIO-GE Quantitative brain network biomarkers for patient-specific diagnostics in idiopathic generalized epilepsy 2017
74 DrugSearchTool Innovative FRET-based toolkit for screening of drugs to fight miRNA-related diseases and its use in the development of cancer treatment with miRNA-96 as a therapeutic target 2018
75 FIRESCAPE Firescape genomics: predicting plant responses to changing fire regimes 2018
76 IAUVcontrol Force/position control system to enable compliant manipulation from a floating I-AUV 2017
77 Womenswriting Women’s Plague Writing in Early Modern England 2017
78 CO2RED Sunlight driven carbon-dioxide reduction: Hybrid catalytic systems consisting of molecular catalysts and light-harvesting Quantum-dots and semiconductors 2018
79 CLH What is comparative legal history? Legal historiography and the revolt against formalism, 1930-60 2017
80 CHIRALQUBIT Antiferromagnetic spin-chiral triangles as decoherence-free qubits 2017
81 IMMUNFUNC Female immune function in compensation for polyandry 2017
82 EaRL Expert Rule? Judges, Lawyers, and the Practices of Interpretation in International Criminal Law 2018
83 ORFORCREA Locked between formulas: creativity in oral and transitional poetic texts 2017
84 CLCLCL Civil Law, Common Law, Customary Law: Consonance, Divergence and Transformation in Western Europe from the late eleventh to the thirteenth centuries 2017
85 NATRICINE Phenotypic and lineage diversification of natricine snakes 2017
86 SASPAT Smart Alloys Surface Patterning for Properties Tuning 2017
87 Lawforms Forms of Law in the Early Modern Persianate World, 17th-19th centuries 2017
88 dCas9 Dissection of the mammalian transcription termination mechanism by CRISPRi technology. 2017
89 EPICODE Programmable Readers, Writers, and Erasers of the Epigenetic Cytosine Code 2017
90 ENCOPOL Encoding information into polymers 2017
91 MAP Mapping Ancient Polytheisms Cult Epithets as an Interface between Religious Systems and Human Agency 2017
92 MIMICS Electromyography-driven musculoskeletal modelling for biomimetic myoelectric control of prostheses with variable stiffness actuators 2018
93 POLITICO Political Concepts in the World 2018
94 CAPABLE Composite integrated photonic platform by femtosecond laser micromachining 2017
95 Biocrete Biocrete – Bio-inspired bacteria-based stress-responsive concrete. 2017
96 GoNano Governing Nanotechnologies through societal engagement 2017
97 WIDE Wide Incremental learning with Discrimination nEtworks 2017
98 YEASTDOC Yeast Biotechnology Doctoral Training Programme 2017
99 CLOUD-MOTION CLOUD-MObility, Training and InnOvation Network 2017
100 INVITE INnovative Verona university’s Inter-disciplinary, Inter-sectoral and International Training Experience 2017
101 EVWRIT Everyday Writing in Graeco-Roman and Late Antique Egypt (I - VIII AD). A Socio-Semiotic Study of Communicative Variation 2018
102 Aural Paris Aural Paris: The Changing Identities of The City of Sound in Music, Film and Literature, 1870-1940. 2018
103 INFINITE-CELL International cooperation for the development of cost-efficient kesterite/c-Si thin film next generation tandem solar cells 2017
104 CT ‘Challenging Time(s)’ – A New Approach to Written Sources for Ancient Egyptian Chronology 2018
105 M3DLoC Additive Manufacturing of 3D Microfluidic MEMS for Lab-on-a-Chip applications 2018
106 ISCQuM Imaging, Spectroscopy and Control of Quantum states in advanced Materials 2019
107 MiLEDI Micro Quantum Dot-Light Emitting Diode and Organic Light Emitting Diode Direct Patterning (MILEDI) 2018
108 PHENOMENON Laser Manufacturing of 3D nanostructured optics using Advanced Photochemistry 2018
109 Easy Reading Easy Reading: A Framework for Personalised Cognitive Accessibility when using Original Digital Content 2018
110 READCHINA The Politics of Reading in the People’s Republic of China 2018
111 INDILANGHISTCULT Indigenous Language, History and Culture: Politics, Writing and the Decolonization of Knowledge amongst the Maya in Chiapas, Mexico, 1970-2015 2018
112 BIONICS A biomimetic and neuroprotective delivery nanocapsule for the targeted treatment of post-ischemic stroke effects 2018
113 LYSOBONE Cellular and molecular analysis of the skeletal pathologies associated with mucopolysaccharidosis-VI (MPS-VI) 2018
114 CC-LEGO CC-LEGO: robust protein blocks to build cages and layers 2018
115 WHEREAL World Heritage and East Asian Literature – Sinitic writings in Japan as Literary Heritage 2018
116 FemTHEATRE Through Her Own Looking Glass: Rethinking ‘Woman’ in Italian Feminist Dramaturgy 2018
117 ARTES AntifeRromagnetic spin Transport and Switching 2019
118 Selfish discourse Underspecification in spoken and written discourse: interpretation, compensation and cognitive implications 2019
119 SURVIVOR Historic response of a wide-ranging carnivore to climate change 2018
120 NEW_WAY New speakers and use of Russian in the Northern Norway 2018
121 EuroDag The first European daggers: Function, meaning, and social significance 2019
122 COINE Counterfeiting Empire: Money, Crime, and Politics in the British Atlantic World 2018
123 HEforR Forum Third Sector Involvement in Higher Education for Refugees - a Forum Theatre Approach 2019
124 NOTAE NOT A writtEn word but graphic symbols. NOTAE: An evidence-based reconstruction of another written world in pragmatic literacy from Late Antiquity to early medieval Europe. 2018
125 ENIGMA ENIneering MAterial properties with advanced laser direct writing 2019
126 USPAIN Suffering America: Writing Pain in Nineteenth-Century United States Literature 2019
127 RCADE Reversible causally-consistent debugging of concurrent programs 2018
128 MRI-Turbulent-Disk Turbulence in Accretion Disks – New Perspectives 2018
129 Spectro-Metrics Advanced Data Mining Procedures Applied to Raman Spectroscopy Investigations of Interactions between Drugs and Cells. 2018
130 SPArKLE New players in immunometabolism: investigating the role of succinate and pyruvate kinase in T cell immunity 2018
131 INMARE Injectable hydrogels for magnetically-activated, remote-controlled drug delivery 2019
132 SKRDC Architecture as a Cross-Cultural Exchange:The Shinkenchiku Residential Design Competition, 1965-2017 2018
133 EVOTOOLS EVOlutionary Trends in mOrphOLogical diverSity: new comparative tools for high-dimensional data 2018
134 FASTMAGNETS Ultrafast Demagnetization Dynamics Using Novel Table-top X-ray Source 2018
135 MAGNET-CELLPATCH Multimodal magnetic cellular-patches with synergistic effects for high performance theranostics 2019
136 PolyBar A new approach to polymorphism through bar recursion 2018
137 LAST_LETTERS Last Letters from the World Wars: Forming Italian Language, Identity and Memory in Texts of Conflict 2018
138 INSCRIBE INvention of SCRIpts and their BEginnings 2018
139 GENHIS-AFRICA Rethinking African Gender Histories: Time, Change, and the Deeper Past in Northern Mozambique 2019
140 Medika Commercialisation of dental medical device for measuring salivary pH 2018
141 TIMB3 Twin to Illuminate Metals in Biology and Biocatalysis through Biospectroscopy 2018
142 SAW-SPIN Pure SPIN currents generated by Surface Acoustic Waves 2019
143 POMOC Charles IV and the power of marvellous objects 2019
144 ABC-EU-XVA Valuation Adjustments for Improved Risk Management 2018
145 AQUASENSE Innovative Network for Training in wAter and Food QUality monitoring using Autonomous SENSors and IntelligEnt Data Gathering and Analysis 2018
146 V.A. Cure A multidisciplinary approach towards sustainable improvement in rare diseases care uniting Europe's top class vascular research to find new treatment strategies for vascular anomalies 2019
147 FUNGLASS FUNctional GLASS 2019
148 WINK Women's Invisible Ink: Trans-Genre Writing and the Gendering of Intellectual Value in Early Modernity 2019
149 DIGISMART Multifunctional Digital Materials Platform for Smart Integrated Applications 2019
150 3D-FNPWriting Unprecedented spatial control of porosity and functionality in nanoporous membranes through 3D printing and microscopy for polymer writing 2019
151 IoTMemory Next generation of memory for the age of IoT 2018
152 SiMBiT Single molecule bio-electronic smart system array for clinical testing 2019
153 RUSTRANS The Dark Side of Translation: 20th and 21st Century Translation from Russian as a Political Phenomenon in the UK, Ireland, and the USA 2019
155 Bergamot Browser-based Multilingual Translation 2019
156 GyroGlove Development and Commercialisation of an Intelligent Wearable Platforms to Stabilise Hand Tremors in Parkinson’s Disease and Essential Tremor 2018
157 EURIPHI EURopean wide Innovative Procurement of Health Innovation 2019
158 IntegraBrain Integrated Implant Technology for Multi-modal Brain Interfaces 2019
159 UnRef Unlikely refuge? Refugees and citizens in East-Central Europe in the 20th century 2019
160 Change Dyslexia Development and scale-up of cognitive detection and stimulation platform for dyslexia by using automatic learning and scientific validations in educational environments 2019
161 Gender-SMART Gender SMART Science Management of Agriculture and life sciences, including Research and Teachning 2019
162 ReduceFear Fear reduction strategies relevant for exposure therapy: Devaluation and extinction learning in anxiety disorder patients and their neurobiological basis 2019
163 ENGAGE ENGineering extracellular matrix-based de novo proteins with high Affinity to Growth factors for Enhancing bone regeneration 2019
164 ENGRAVINg Engaging Grammar and Visual Networks 2019
165 WALCHEMY Early Modern Women and Alchemy, 1550-1700 2019
166 WiPASS Wireless Power for Autonomous Sensor Systems 2019
167 DRYSOM Unraveling long-term soil organic matter dynamics under drought in forest soils and their link to ecosystem properties 2019
168 PEER The Political Economy of E-Residency 2020
169 LawLove The origins of the legal protection of heritage. Legislation on the safeguard of monuments and artworks issued in 15th- to 18th-century Europe. 2019
170 Makyaverri Machiavelli and Machiavellism in Japan: 1868-1968. For an Intellectual History of Realism from its Outskirts 2020
171 WomenWritingSaints Women Writing Saints: Proto-feminist Discourses in Religious texts written by Women in Counter-Reformation Italy 2019
172 BIMAAR Black Inter-American Mobility and Autobiography in the Age of Revolutions (1760-1860) 2019
173 PATTERNS Detecting Polygenic Adaptation Targeting Gene Expression Regulation In Humans Using eQTL Networks. 2020
174 POLARC High Arctic Polynyas in a Changing Climate 2019
175 Water-Cultures The Water Cultures of Italy, 1500-1900 2019
176 ISAC International Study on Age-related disparity in Cancer patient survival 2019
177 3DPRINTEDOPTICS 3D printed micro- and nano-optics for future integrated vision and endoscopy systems 2019
178 Retinoic AC-DC Role of Retinoic Acid signaling in cDC1 and cDC2 on intestinal immune homeostasis and disease 2020
179 CNM-MOVES Consensual Non-Monogamies and Social Movements: A Comparative Study of Activism in Portugal and the UK 2019
180 MASMA Magnetic measurement with Absolute Single digit Micron Accuracy 2019
181 DUEL Fighting with Words: Poetic Duelling and its Performance across the Mediterranean 2019
182 SlaveVoices Slave Testimonies in the Abolition Era. European Captives, African Slaves and Ottoman servants in 19th century North Africa 2019
183 NEUROTWIN Pan-European twinning to re-establish world-level Neuroscience Centre in Kiev (NEUROTWIN) 2019
184 Keenious Keenious - Recommendation Engine Research Tool 2019
185 GlobalOrthodoxy Rewriting Global Orthodoxy Oriental Christianity in Europe between 1970 and 2020 2019
186 MAGIC-SWITCH MAGIC-SWITCH: Magnetic Switch Controlled with Voltage 2019
187 JUSTINMIND-XR Justinmind XR: The First Code-Free Rapid Prototyping Platform for eXtended Reality (VR/AR/MR) and Spatial Computing 2019
188 I-GENE In-vivo Gene Editing by NanotransducErs 2019
189 INTUITIVE INnovative Network for Training in ToUch InteracTIVE Interfaces 2019
190 PeopleAndWriting The Secret Life of Writing: People, Script and Ideas in the Iberian Peninsula (c. 900-1200) 2020
191 DEVINTA An Artificial Assistant for Software Developers 2020
192 DISPLAYGHT DISPLAY backliGHT illumination by femtosecond laser micromachining 2019
193 GIGSTATS Real-time economic statistics tool for measuring the online gig economy 2020
194 NanoGraphy Plasmon Enhanced Photocatalytic Nano Lithography 2020
195 APCG Arabic Poetry in the Cairo Genizah 2020
196 MAGSHAKE Shaken and stirred: Terahertz electric field control of magnetism 2020
197 COMEDM Common mechanisms for decision-making and working memory in health and old age 2020
198 ELFO Electronic Food: enabling edible electronic systems for biomedical and food monitoring applications 2020
199 ATRONICS Creating building blocks for atomic-scale electronics 2020
200 SOTMEM Topological Insulator-Based Spin Orbit Torque MEMories 2020
202 SPELLFLICT Understanding spelling conflicts. A case study of new standard languages in the former Yugoslavia in the European context 2020
203 MendoFold Linking mechanics and endoreduplication with tissue folding 2020
204 COASTAL ROUTES Travel, Environment, Sustainability: A Literary and Cultural History of Irish and Scottish Coastal Routes 2020
205 SOON Sustainable Nitrite Biosensor for Food Safety monitoring 2020
206 SandMan Shapes and Meaning. The matt-painted pottery of the North-Lucanian district: culture, identity, symbols and Gender. An interdisciplinary study of a local community in Southern Italy. 2021
207 RAP Sub beati Petri et nostra protectione suscipimus: Re-framing the relations between Rome and the kingdoms of Portugal and Aragon (eleventh-thirteenth centuries) 2020
208 SMILIES Two-dimensional Transition Metal Dichalcogenides as Charge Transporting Layers for High Efficient Perovskite Solar Cells 2020