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H2020 projects about "careers"

The page lists 219 projects related to the topic "careers".

# achronym  title  year 
1 EUCYS 2014 European Union Contest for Young Scientists 2014 2014
3 OurFuture European Researchers' Night: Researchers' For a Better Future 2014
4 ESC European Reseearchers Night: Researchers in Real Life. 2014
5 ERN14-15SVK Festival of Science European Researchers' Night 2014 - 2015 in Slovakia 2014
6 DiscoverResearch Discover Research Dublin - European Researchers' Night 2014/2015 2014
7 Volcanoes Night III Volcanoes' Night III. - Researchers' Night of the Canary Islands 2014
8 BS_Night_140926_150925 Crossing Borders - In jedem steckt ein Forscher / European Researchers Night 2014 + 2015 2014
9 YorNight York: City of the Past, City of the Future 2014
10 RiNG-14-15 European Researchers' Night in Bosnia and Herzegovina 2014-2015 2014
11 Friend2U Friend to understand 2014
12 FLIRT Fall in Love wIth Research Tonight 2014
13 BIOCASCADES BIOCASCADES- Sustainable and Scalable Biocatalytic Cascade Reactions Training Network 2015
15 HypoTRAIN Hyporheic Zone Processes – A training network for enhancing the understanding of complex physical, chemical and biological process interactions 2015
16 MarineUAS Autonomous Unmanned Aerial Systems for Marine and Coastal Monitoring 2015
17 EpiPredict Epigenetic regulation of endocrine therapy resistance in breast cancer: A systems medicine approach to predict treatment outcome 2015
18 InCeM Research Training Network on Integrated Component Cycling in Epithelial Cell Motility 2015
19 CropStrengthen Genetic and molecular priming approaches to increase crop strength and stress tolerance 2015
20 ENHANCE Environmental Humanities for a Concerned Europe 2015
21 MiND Mastering skills in the training Network for attention deficit hyperactivity and autism spectrum Disorders 2015
22 LIGHT2015 The International Year of Light in Europe 2015 2015
23 BeFOre Bioresources For Oliviculture 2015
24 SALEACOM Overcoming Inequalities in Schools and Learning Communities: Innovative Education for a New Century 2015
25 YMOBILITY Youth mobility: maximising opportunities for individuals, labour markets and regions in Europe 2015
26 Smartick Games Smartick games. Augmented math learning. 2014
27 IRC Imagination and Religious Credence 2015
28 NoWork The long-term effects of unemployment on older workers: Studying life-course influences in social context 2016
29 MSCA FIRE MSCA FIRE: Fellows with Industrial Research Enhancement 2015
30 WeForYou Meet and learn What Excellent science does FOR YOU and the society 2014
31 FUSION NIGHT Find Your Passion for Science on Researchers Night 2014
32 AWESOME Advanced Wind Energy Systems Operation and Maintenance Expertise 2015
33 Enabling Excellence Graphene-based nanomaterials for touchscreen technologies: Comprehension, Commerce and Communication 2015
35 P-SPHERE Opening Sphere UAB-CEI to PostDoctoral Fellows 2015
36 INNOVATIVE The Integration of Novel Aerospace Technologies 2016
37 GENERA Gender Equality Network in the European Research Area 2015
38 LIBRA Leading Innovative measures to reach gender Balance in Research Activities 2015
39 COINS Complex and Open Innovation for Networked Society 2015
40 EURAXESS TOP III Making European research careers more attractive by developing new services and enhancing the current services of the EURAXESS network – EURAXESS TOPIII 2015
41 MultiCO Promoting Youth Scientific Career Awareness and it Attractiveness through Multi-stakeholder Co-operation 2015
42 ER4STEM Educational Robotics for STEM 2015
43 Hypatia Hypatia 2015
44 SciChallenge Next Generation Science Challenges Using Digital and Social Media to Make Science Education and Careers Attractive for Young People 2015
45 CREATIONS CREATIONS - Developing an Engaging Science Classroom 2015
46 INSPIRATION Managing soil and groundwater impacts from agriculture for sustainable intensification 2016
47 Privacy.Us Privacy and Usability 2015
48 INFORM Interfaces in opto-electronic thin film multilayer devices 2015
49 GlyCoCan Exploiting Glycosylation of Colorectal Cancer for the development of improved diagnostics and therapeutics 2015
50 BestPass Boosting plant-Endophyte STability, compatibility and Performance Across ScaleS 2015
51 OPATHY From Omics to Patient: Improving Diagnostics of Pathogenic Yeasts 2015
52 TRAIN-ERS Endoplasmic Reticulum Stress in Health and Disease 2015
53 POLITICALMIND Explaining Politicians' and Voters' Behavior 2015
54 PERFORM Participatory Engagement with Scientific and Technological Research through Performance 2015
55 PLOTINA Promoting gender balance and inclusion in research, innovation and training 2016
56 JobCity JobCity: addressing global youth unemployment by revolutionising psychometrics to enable Multiple Mass Psychometric Testing (MMPT) through online gamification 2015
57 HUNTER Advanced Humidity to Electricity Converter 2015
58 HYDRA Hydraulics modelling for drilling automation 2016
59 NANO-SUPREMI “Tracking nano-bioprocesses using Super-Resolution Microscopy Techniques” 2016
60 RENOIR Reverse EngiNeering of sOcial Information pRocessing 2016
61 DEVELOP Developing Careers through Social Networks and Transversal Competencies 2016
62 BioMEP Biomedical Engineering and Medical Physics 2016
63 STIMEY Science Technology Innovation Mathematics Engineering for the Young 2016
64 EDU-ARCTIC Edu-Arctic – Innovative educational program attracting young people to natural sciences and polar research 2016
65 EURAXIND EURAXESS for Industry 2016
66 UMI-Sci-Ed Exploiting Ubiquitous Computing, Mobile Computing and the Internet of Things to promote Science Education 2016
67 Marine Mammals Using marine mammals for making science education and science careers attractive for young people 2016
68 Career-FIT Career Development Fellowships in the National Technology Centre Programme 2017
69 COFUNDfellowsDTU H.C. Ørsted Fellows Programme – co-funded by Marie SkÅ‚odowska Curie Actions (COFUNDfellowsDTU) 2017
70 EQUAL-IST Gender Equality Plans for Information Sciences and Technology Research Institutions 2016
71 beSCIENCEd beSCIENCEd - Bringing science and research directly to the young people 2016
72 CLoSER Cementing Links between Science and society toward Engagement and Responsibility 2016
73 LT2016 Researchers' Night: It's Your Friday to Discover! 2016
74 SCILIFE Science in everyday life 2016
75 RiNG-16-17 European Researchers' Night in Bosnia and Herzegovina 2016-2017 2016
76 Science Uncovered Science Uncovered 2016
78 FUSION2NIGHT Follow your scientific passion and join us tonight on Researchers’ Night. 2016
79 MadridERN2016-2017 Researchers, moving Europe forward. Meet them, join them! 2016
80 FAWORIT 2016-2017 Fascinating World of Researchers in the Age of Technology 2016/2017 - The New Generation of Innovators 2016
81 RNEst16-17 Researcher's Night 2016-2017 in Estonia 2016
82 COOLandHOT COolest Of Labs Hottest Of Theories 2016
83 SciFe Science for Life 2016
84 FRESH FRESH - Find Researchers Everywhere and SHare 2016
85 CHANGE Researchers Changing Society 2016
86 SMARTICK Disruptive learning through the integration of mathematics and cognitive trainining 2016
87 COSMIC European Training Network for Continuous Sonication and Microwave Reactors 2016
88 ENABLE European Academy for Biomedical Science 2016
89 BBDiag Blood Biomarker-based Diagnostic Tools for Early Stage Alzheimer’s Disease 2017
90 MarPipe Improving the flow in the pipeline of the next generation of marine biodiscovery scientists 2016
91 Factory2Fit Empowering and participatory adaptation of factory automation to fit for workers 2016
92 CarBon Controlling Cartilage to Bone Transitions for Improved Treatment of Bone Defects and Osteoarthritis 2017
93 PLATO The Post-crisis Legitimacy of the European Union European Training Network 2017
94 STARS Empowering Patients by Professional Stress Avoidance and Recovery Services 2017
95 LysoMod Genetic and Small Molecule Modifiers of Lysosomal Function 2017
96 TEACHERSCAREERS Cultural roots and institutional transformations of teachers’ careers and the teaching profession in Europe 2017
97 SCIENCEatHOME Let's Celebrate Cutting-Edge Science at Home! 2016
98 CoBeN Novel Network-Based Approaches for Studying Cognitive Dysfunction in Behavioral Neurology 2017
99 LCLW Literary Communities and Literary Worlds 2017
100 LISTEN Liaison in Scientific Training for European auditory Neuroscience 2016
101 SEPOMO Spins for Efficient Photovoltaic Devices based on Organic Molecules 2016
102 AMITIE Additive Manufacturing Initiative for Transnational Innovation in Europe 2017
103 ALICE AcceLerate Innovation in urban wastewater management for Climate changE 2017
104 BG_CareerDays Bulgarian Days of Career Development and Mobility of Researchers 2017
105 ERA-MobilCar.GR ERA Mobility and Researchers Career Days in Greece: A contribution to decrease brain drain 2017
107 GirlsInScience Building an Evidence-Base for Reducing Gender Bias in Educational Pathways 2017
108 UCOC Understanding the Commitment in Organized Crime 2018
109 MayDay Mobile researchers careers Attractive to Young scientists 2017
110 MCD 2017 Researchers without borders 2017
111 FCFP FRIAS COFUND Fellowship Programme for Junior and Senior Researchers - Phase 2 2017
112 MoRE2020 Mobility for Regional Excellence 2020 2017
113 MINDED MultIscale precision therapies for NeuroDEvelopmental Disorders 2018
114 EUCYS 2017 European Union Contest for Young Scientists' 2017 2016
115 POLITICO Political Concepts in the World 2018
116 EuroTechPostdoc International Network of Excellence in Science Technology 2017
117 ENENplus Attract, Retain and Develop New Nuclear Talents Beyond Academic Curricula 2017
118 YEASTDOC Yeast Biotechnology Doctoral Training Programme 2017
119 FOODENGINE Enginomics in food quality design: the case of shelf-stable fruit-, vegetable- and legume-based foods 2018
120 GendeResearchIreland Exploring gender equality in Irish higher education: Qualitative case-study research into the response to, and process of Athena SWAN 2018
121 GLOMO Global mobility of employees 2018
122 INTAC The International Register of Academic Job Categories. Facilitating Careers in the European Research Area 2017
123 MAESTRO MAking pErovskiteS TRuly explOitable 2017
124 COUPLED Operationalising telecouplings for solving sustainability challenges related to land use 2018
125 VIRO-FLOW Enabling Technologies and Drug Discovery: Continuous Flow Processes to Discover Novel Antiviral Inhibitors 2017
126 ALGOA Novel algorithm for treatment planning of patients with osteoarthritis 2018
127 FELLINI FELLowship for Innovation at INFN 2018
128 CALLIOPE voCAL articuLations Of Parliamentary Identity and Empire 2018
129 RDA Europe 4.0 The European plug-in to the global Research Data Alliance 2018
130 RIBATI Radically innovative bacterial treatment for recalcitrant industrial wastewater 2017
131 ESQ ESQ-FP: Erwin Schrödinger Quantum Science Programme 2018
132 THERACAT Bio-orthogonal catalysis for cancer therapy 2018
133 EURAXESS TOP IV Open EURAXESS – To strengthen the effectiveness and optimize the services of all partners in an innovative and open EURAXESS network 2018
134 TRAINEd TRAIN@Ed 2018
135 Perlis ElderCare Perlis ElderCare System for active independent ageing 2018
136 EUSP Debate Science! European Student Parliament 2018
137 TRACES Traces of research 2018
138 ReConNeCt Research, Connections, Networks and Culture 2018
140 MadridERN 2018-2019 Researchers, key drivers of growth in Europe 2018
141 RENA II REsearchers' Nights organized by Athens area Research Institutions to convey the science benefits to the public and motivate young people to science careers 2018
142 Our Science My Science - Our Science 2018
143 FUTURES FUTURES: Create. Imagine. Explore. 2018
144 RiNG-18-19 European Researchers' Night in Bosnia and Herzegovina 2018-2019 2018
145 QriUS Come and Play Science at European Researchers` Night 2018
146 PROBE PROBE: European Researchers' Night at Trinity College Dublin 2018
147 Humanities Rocks Humanities Rocks! Science on stage in Ljubljana for 100 years 2018
148 SAWE Safe with Science 2018
149 NOCMOC Noč ima svojo moč, European Researchers’ Night (NIGHT) 2018
151 SitC Science in the City 2018
152 ERN-Apulia European Researchers' Night Apulia 2018-2019 - Discovering the fascinating world of research 2018
153 StART StART: Science through ART 2019
154 PROTECT Predictive mOdelling Tools to evaluate the Effects of Climate change on food safeTy and spoilage 2019
155 ChromDesign Chromatin architecture and Design 2018
156 IMPROVE-PD Identification and Management of Patients at Risk – Outcome and Vascular Events in Peritoneal Dialysis 2019
157 REFLOW Phosphorus REcovery for FertiLisers frOm dairy processing Waste 2019
158 E3I ECLAUSion Excellence, International, Intersectoral and Interdisciplinary doctoral training at Ecole Centrale Lyon in cotutelle with royal melbourne institute of technology AUStralia 2019
159 EUCYS2018 European Union Contest for Young Scientists' 2018 2018
160 INNOVATEDIGNITY Training the next generation of leaders to deliver innovations in dignified sustainable care systems for older people 2019
161 ScienceWars ScienceWars - May Science be with you! 2018
162 NHM Night 7 NHM Researchers Night 2018
163 aDDRess Joint Training and Research Program on Chromatin Dynamics and the DNA Damage Response 2019
164 SAS Safer Autonomous Systems 2018
165 UCOM Ultrasound Cavitation in Soft Materials 2018
166 Syn2Psy Synaptic Dysfunction in Neuropsychiatric Disorders 2019
167 synBIOcarb Synthetic biology of carbohydrate-binding proteins: engineering protein-carbohydrate interactions for diagnostics and cell targeting 2018
168 SULTAN European Training Network for the remediation and reprocessing of sulfidic mining waste sites 2018
169 TICARDIO Thrombo-inflammation in cardiovascular disease 2019
170 TADFlife Using the smart matrix approach to enhance TADF-OLED efficiency and lifetime 2018
171 FAWORIT 2018-2019 Fascinating World of Researchers in the Age of Technology – Cultural Heritage & the New Generation of Innovators 2018
172 INSPiRE-MED INtegrating Magnetic Resonance SPectroscopy and Multimodal Imaging for Research and Education in MEDicine 2019
173 RHUMBO modelling and pRedicting Human decision-making Using Measures of subconscious Brain processes through mixed reality interfaces and biOmetric signals 2018
174 GRANteD GRant AllocatioN Disparities from a gender perspective 2019
175 MANAGLOBAL Globalised governance norms and local management and business practices in Africa and on the Arab peninsula 2019
176 ASIMIA Advanced High-Order Simulation Methods for Industrial Applications 2019
177 BRiDGE II Bridge for Researchers in Danger Going to Europe - Step II 2018
178 CONCISE Communication role on perception and beliefs of EU Citizens about Science 2018
179 GEWADI Role of Educational Systems on Entry Level Wage Differences 2019
180 OPENFLUX Societal openness, normative flux, and the social modification of heritability 2019
181 spaceEU Fostering a young, creative and inclusive European Space Community 2018
182 POEMS Physics of Extreme Massive Stars 2019
183 REWIRE REinforcing Women In REsearch 2020
184 FCHgo Fuel Cells HydroGen educatiOnal model for schools 2019
185 PTANOIS POSIN Following the paths of itinerant professionals of the arts in the epigraphic sources of the Hellenistic period 2020
186 DIV_INV Knowledge Diversity Building by Inventors 2020
187 ORBITAL Ocular Research By Integrated Training And Learning 2019
188 SeaChanges Thresholds in human exploitation of marine vertebrates 2019
189 UrBIOfuture Boosting future careers, education and research activities in the European bio-based industry 2019
190 REVERE Revisiting the Seventeenth-Century Republic of Letters 2019
191 CHARM-Vis Chromatin accessibility landscape and transcription changes in recognition memory after visual imprinting in chicks 2019
192 4D_REEF Past, present and future of turbid reefs in the Coral Triangle 2019
193 PEARL Programme for EArly-stage Researchers in Lille 2019
194 PASIFIC Polish Academy of Sciences’ Individual Fellowships: Innovation & Creativity 2020
195 PD2PI From Postdoc to PI: Future leaders of ERA 2019
196 BoostUrCAreer Boosting PhD employability @UCA 2019
197 REMAT A new patented technology to turn currently non-recyclable waste into recyclable composite products for a truly circular economy 2019
198 SEAS Science education for action and engagement towards sustainability 2019
199 MULTITOUCH Multimodal haptic with touch devices 2020
200 MagnEFi Magnetism and the effects of Electric Field 2019
201 CLARIFY CLoud ARtificial Intelligence For pathologY 2019
202 proEVLifeCycle The life cycle of extracellular vesicles in prostate cancer: from biogenesis and homing, to functional relevance 2019
203 BactiVax anti-Bacterial Innovative Vaccine Training Network. 2019
204 MINTS Millimeter-wave Networking and Sensing for Beyond 5G 2019
205 EDEM Experimentally Validated DNS and LES Approaches for Fuel Injection, Mixing and Combustion of Dual-Fuel Engines 2019
206 BIOREMIA BIOfilm-REsistant Materials for hard tissue Implant Applications 2020
207 PersonalizeAF Personalized Therapies for Atrial Fibrillation. A Translational Approach 2020
208 SAND Secretion, Autophagy and their role in Neurodegeneration 2019
209 PEPSA-MATE Nanopeptides and Nanosaccharides for Advanced and Sustainable Materials 2020
210 4Gen Light Aircraft Revolutionizing the general aviation industry thanks to a disruptive technology born in ocean racing to deliver a safer, environment-friendly, cost-saving and versatile new generation of aircrafts. 2019
211 SSHARE Self-sufficient humidity to electricity Innovative Radiant Adsorption System Toward Net Zero Energy Buildings 2019
212 vWISE Vine and Wine Innovation through Scientific Exchange 2020
213 CTSM Competition, time pressure, public speaking and multitasking: The role of willingness and ability to cope with pressure in explaining individual differences and inequality in career outcomes 2019
214 CALIPER The CALIPER project: Linking research and innovation for gender equality 2020
215 NGTax Next Generation Taxonomy: Ciliophora and their bacterial symbionts as a proof of concept 2020
216 DYNANSE Righting the Wrongs. A Life Course Dynamics Approach for Non-Standard Employment 2020
217 MIGKNOW Migrating Knowledge: The Global Knowledge Networks of German Medic, Botanist and Migration Commissioner Wilhelm Hillebrand in Hawai‘i (1821-1886) 2020
219 GENCARGAP Gender Career Gap and Firm Composition 2020