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H2020 projects about "instrumental"

The page lists 177 projects related to the topic "instrumental".

# achronym  title  year 
1 SUSFANS Metrics, Models and Foresight for European Sustainable Food and Nutrition Security 2015
3 PhosFunc Dissecting the functional importance of eukaryotic protein phosphorylation 2015
4 BISON BIg Speech data analytics for cONtact centres 2015
5 CASPER User-centric Middleware Architecture for Advanced Service Provisioning in Future Networks 2016
6 PREMADES Preterm Feeding Maturity Measurement and Evaluation 2014
8 TentaclesOfVenom Unravelling the enigmatic origin of venom secreting cells in sea anemone 2015
9 fetISC Characterizing drivers of intestinal tissue maturation in vitro and in vivo 2016
10 ROR2BONE Investigating Ror2-dependent non-canonical Wnt signaling in bone remodeling 2015
11 NEOMEDPOT Technological change at the South-western limits of the Mediterranean basin during Neolithic and early Chalcolithic times: pottery production and consumption 2015
12 CONTESSA COuNt data TimE SerieS Analysis: significance tests and sequencing data application 2015
13 NESIAC Nanobody-enabled Structural Investigation of a G Protein-Coupled Receptor-Arrestin Complex 2015
14 ROSNPD Selective vulnerability of neuronal degeneration in Parkinson’s disease: the load of routine behaviour 2016
15 DEALS Biomarker assay development to expedite ALS experimental therapeutic advancement 2015
16 VisHipMem At first glance: How saccades drive communication between the visual system and the hippocampus during memory formation 2015
17 PrecisionTools4LHC High precision predictions and tools for LHC Physics 2015
18 DEDALE Data Learning on Manifolds and Future Challenges 2015
19 Dementia DNA rEpair impaired Mice with accElerated Neurodegeneration as Tool to Improve Alzheimer therapeutics 2015
20 T6SS-PSEUDO-LIP Type VI-dependent Pseudomonas aeruginosa phospholipases and host manipulation 2016
21 ROBUSTNET Quantitative developmental genetic analysis of phenotypic buffering and cryptic variation 2015
22 LAA-THz-CC Lens Antenna Arrays for Coherent THz Cameras 2015
23 ESS-SUSTAIN European Social Survey Sustainability 2015
24 MIMAS Multi-dimensional interferometric amplification of ultrashort laser pulses 2015
25 AFib-TrainNet EU Training Network on Novel Targets and Methods in Atrial Fibrillation 2015
26 IND2016 IND2016: KETs as drivers for the future of industry 2015
27 IMPACT Ion-Molecule Processes for Analytical Chemical Technologies 2016
28 POLITICALMIND Explaining Politicians' and Voters' Behavior 2015
29 WEY-CRISP Well-being among European youth: The contribution of student teacher relationships in the secondary-school population 2016
30 PALEOSEISQUAKE New approaches in subaqueous PALEOseismology using high‐resolution SEISmics to derive single net paleoearthQUAKEs displacement and to characterize the seismic cycle on active faults 2016
31 BALTICS Building on Advanced Lofar Technology for Innovation, Collaboration, and Sustainability 2016
32 BlendIn oneTap e-paper business card wearable gadget to create a real meeting LinkedIN equivalent 2015
34 NOTRE Network for sOcial compuTing REsearch (NOTRE) 2016
36 FALCONER Forging Advanced Liquid-Crystal Coronagraphs Optimized for Novel Exoplanet Research 2016
37 MagneticYSOs Interpreting Dust Polarization Maps to Characterize the Role of the Magnetic Field in Star Formation Processes 2016
38 RICHFIELDS Research Infrastructure on Consumer Health and Food Intake using E-science with Linked Data Sharing 2015
39 Mass-Customization Mass-customization of implants: the business model 2016
40 RITA-MI Rituximab in Acute Myocardial Infarction 2016
41 BEAL Bioenergetics in microalgae : regulation modes of mitochondrial respiration, photosynthesis, and fermentative pathways, and their interactions in secondary algae 2016
42 CritCat Towards Replacement of Critical Catalyst Materials by Improved Nanoparticle Control and Rational Design 2016
43 RecInRep Beyond double-strand break repair: specific mechanisms of homologous recombination at stressed replication forks. 2016
44 TF3C_EM Structure-function studies of the general transcription factor IIIC (TFIIIC) 2017
45 Descent Control of Action Diversification by Descending Motor CircuitsControl of action diversification by descending motor circuits 2016
46 IFAMID Institutional Family Demography 2016
47 TACKLE TACK Superphylum and Lokiarchaeota Evolution: Dissecting the Ecology and Evolution of Archaea to Elucidate the Prokaryote to Eukaryote Transition 2016
48 HRMECH Nucleases in homologous recombination: from basic principles to genome editing 2016
49 TransSplicHD Single-Cell Transcriptomics and Spliceosome analysis to uncover new mechanisms of neuronal vulnerability to Huntington’s Disease. 2016
50 CHEurope Critical Heritage Studies and the Future of Europe_Towards an integrated, interdisciplinary and transnational training model in cultural heritage research and management 2016
51 GlySign Exploitation of Glycosylation Signatures for Precision Medicine 2016
52 FMF-Dia Immunological Diagnosis of Familial Mediterranean Fever 2016
53 CITADEL Empowering Citizens to TrAnsform European PubLic Administrations 2016
54 inSSIght In-depth support for innovation and exploitation in Smart Systems Integration 2017
55 ERQUAF Entanglement and Renormalisation for Quantum Fields 2017
56 euBusinessGraph Enabling the European Business Graph for Innovative Data Products and Services 2017
57 CROME Crossed Memories, Politics of Silence: The Colonial-Liberation Wars in Postcolonial Times 2017
59 MilkTeeth MilkTeeth: a biogeochemical investigation of ancient weaning and dairy Milk consumption using human Teeth 2016
60 FAFC Foundations and Applications of Functional Cryptography 2017
61 LISTEN Liaison in Scientific Training for European auditory Neuroscience 2016
62 MedEye Accelerated market launch of MedEye, a plug-and-play medication safety solution 2017
63 ODICON-ASMA Optimal Distributed Control and Application to Smart Grids 2017
64 PRESSURE Effectiveness of Terrestrial Protected Areas in Reducing Human Pressure 2017
65 Stepwise Stepwise Stapler is a laparoscopic device for vastly superior tissue closure 2017
66 CancerFluxome Cancer Cellular Metabolism across Space and Time 2017
67 Curtana Patented small molecule therapeutics that target cancer stem cells for the treatment of glioblastoma and other brain cancers 2017
68 BabyVir The role of the virome in shaping the gut ecosystem during the first year of life 2017
69 ROSALIND Investigating fibROmuscular dysplasia and spontaneous coronary Artery dissection using genetic and functionaL genomics to decipher the origIN of two female specific cardiovascular Diseases 2017
70 CARERA Information Day for Hungarian students and young researchers on career possibilities in the European Research Area 2017
72 MYSOBIO MYcenaean SOcial BIOarchaeology: Deciphering the interplay of funerary treatment and social dynamics in the Mycenaean period 2018
73 CONSUMEHealth Using consumer science to improve healthy eating habits 2017
74 LITMUS Linked Irish Traditional Music Project 2017
75 ExItALS RNA-mediated intercellular miscommunication: role of extracellular vesicle cargos in Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis 2017
76 <IMPACT> Connected Car Impacting on the Emerging Connected Car VaLuE Chains 2017
78 SPLICANCER Regulation and reprogramming of alternative splicing in cellular transformation 2017
79 Prolifimeter Growth detection and quantification (GDQ) 2017
80 SpinSolar Characterisation method for spin-dependent processes in solar energy technology 2017
81 DysTrack Brain-speech tracking in noisy conditions: towards the identification and remediation of dyslexia. 2017
82 PRISM PRobabilistic PRedictIon for Smart Mobility under stress scenarios 2017
83 ATM-METFIN Quantifying atmospheric ice nucleating particle (INP) concentrations via advances in measurement techniques and field studies of ice nucleation 2017
84 CREAM4 Chemical Reaction Engineering by Additive Manufacturing of Mesoscale MetaMaterials 2017
85 CIRC-PACK Towards circular economy in the plastic packaging value chain 2017
86 SPACE Space-time structure of climate change 2017
87 Super-Vaccine Exploring the potential applications of live viral vaccine encoded small-hairpin-RNAs in improving both vaccine safety and efficacy through RNA-interference and stimulation of the innate immune system 2018
88 FOODENGINE Enginomics in food quality design: the case of shelf-stable fruit-, vegetable- and legume-based foods 2018
89 HiRISE High-Resolution Imaging and Spectroscopy of Exoplanets 2017
90 SUPERSTARS Type Ia supernovae: from explosions to cosmology 2018
91 CROSS-MIGRATION Current European and Cross-National Comparative Research and Research Actions on Migration 2018
92 EWC Enabling Weak lensing Cosmology 2018
93 BeyondPlanck Beyond Planck -- delivering state-of-the-art observations of the microwave sky from 30 to 70 GHz for the next decade 2018
94 ExoplANETS A Exoplanet Athmosphere New Emission Transmission Spectra Analysis 2018
95 DoCMA Disorders of Consciousness (DoC): enhancing the transfer of knowledge and professional skills on evidence-based interventions and validated technology for a better management of patients 2018
96 Sea2Cloud Are marine living microorganisms influencing clouds? 2018
97 PAGITA PAGITA - The platform digitizing the world of vending machines 2018
98 SPotEU Sugar Pot manufacture in western Europe in the medieval and post-medieval period (11th-16th centuries AD) 2018
99 MulArEffect Theoretical description of the multifaceted aromaticity and resonance effects in the ground- and excited-state molecular systems 2018
100 Bits2Cosmology Time-domain Gibbs sampling: From bits to inflationary gravitational waves 2018
101 CONDENSATION Aerosol-ClOud iNteractions anD Effects oN atmoSpheric rAdiaTIve fOrciNg 2019
102 MULTI-ACT A Collective Research Impact Framework and multi-variate models to foster the true engagement of actors and stakeholders in Health Research and Innovation 2018
103 NEMO Network Motion 2019
104 GEO4CIVHIC Most Easy, Efficient and Low Cost Geothermal Systems for Retrofitting Civil and Historical Buildings 2018
105 IceDynamO The dynamics of sea ice variability – role of the oceans 2018
106 MECoCaM Human gut Microbiome, gene Expression and Colorectal Cancer: Assigning causal roles from a novel Mendelian randomization perspective. 2018
107 ENERYARN Nanostructured Yarn Composites for Structural Energy Storage 2018
108 TRuST TRanscriptomic analysis improving models to predict microbial SafeTy of ready-to-eat foods 2019
109 NonlinearEBM Nonlinearity of Key Economic and Environmental Variables in Coastal/Marine Ecosystem-Based Management (EBM) 2018
110 ProLung The role of maternal microbiota in offspring lung development and function 2019
111 TAMYOCAL Tamoxifen mediated protection on X-linked centronuclear myopathy: a mechanistic and pre-clinical study 2018
112 NEXTFOOD Educating the next generation of professionals in the agrifood system 2018
113 highECS Reining in the upper bound on Earth’s Climate Sensitivities 2018
114 ChildRescue ChildRescue - Collective Awareness Platform for Missing Children Investigation and Rescue 2018
115 PALAEO-RA A Palaeoreanalysis To Understand Decadal Climate Variability 2018
116 IPaDEGAN Integrable Partial Differential Equations: Geometry, Asymptotics, and Numerics. 2018
117 Clean City Improve urban cleanliness while optimising resources and environmental footprint 2018
118 3DBattery 3DBattery µBattery innovative thin-film flexible Lithium-Ion battery manufacturing 2018
119 RAPID RNA particles for Preparedness against Infectious Diseases 2018
120 Our Science My Science - Our Science 2018
121 ThoR TeraHertz end-to-end wireless systems supporting ultra high data Rate applications 2018
122 BestinclassSOFCs Enabling mass market adoption of SOFC fuel cell systems 2018
123 HyGate Hydrophobic Gating in nanochannels: understanding single channel mechanisms for designing better nanoscale sensors 2019
124 SINNCE Strengthening Nanoscience and Nanotechnology Research at CEITEC 2018
125 Morocco International Energy Agency Joint Work Programme with the Kingdom of Morocco to support the transition away from to a decarbonized energy system. 2018
126 DuRSAAM PhD Training Network on Durable, Reliable and Sustainable Structures with Alkali-Activated Materials 2018
127 HERILAND Cultural HERItage and the planning of European LANDscapes 2019
128 CORolla "CORolla® - a disruptive ""spring like"" metallic device for permanent treatment of diastolic heart failure." 2018
129 DIDONE The Sources of Absolute Music: Mapping Emotions in Eighteenth-Century Italian Opera 2019
130 CONTROL Behavioral Foundations of Power and Control 2019
131 CONSULTATIONEFFECTS Effects of stakeholder consultations on inputs, processes and outcomes of executive policymaking 2019
133 IMAGINE Non-Invasive Imaging of Nanoscale Electronic Transport 2019
134 EU IDEA EU Integration and Differentiation for Effectiveness and Accountability 2019
135 COM Cavity-enhanced optical microscope 2019
136 AndQC Andreev qubits for scalable quantum computation 2019
137 LHCtoLISA Precision Gravity: From the LHC to LISA 2019
138 EMC2 Extreme-scale Mathematically-based Computational Chemistry 2019
139 ACO AstroChemical Origins 2019
140 ICORDA Ice CORe DAting tools revisited to infer the dynamic of glacial – interglacial transitions over the last 1.5 million years 2019
141 Agglomerates Infinite Protein Self-Assembly in Health and Disease 2019
142 SSHOC Social Sciences & Humanities Open Cloud 2019
143 DIFFUSION A device enabling quantification of molecular and nanoparticle diffusion within thin solvated films 2019
144 ReligSpace The Effect of Manifestations of Religion in the Public Space on Sociopolitical Integration of Minority-Religion Immigrants 2019
145 BrEXo-Apt Non-invasive and accurate diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer. 2019
146 UbiGolD Deciphering ubiquitin-dependent regulation of Golgi homeostasis control in neurodegeneration 2019
147 UnleashLupin Unleashing the potential of narrow leaf lupin as locally grown protein crop 2020
148 DEEPCAT Degradable Polyolefin Materials Enabled by Catalytic Methods 2019
149 ULTRADISS Ultra-sensitive mechanical dissipation in classical, quantum and non-equilibrium nanocontacts 2019
150 INSPIRE In Situ Probing of transition metal-oxide heteroInterfaces for high-peRformance solid-state Energy devices 2019
151 Long-term migration Immigration, Attitudes of Natives and Immigrants Assimilation 2019
152 StopIG Translating fundamental insights in podocyte metabolism and cell cycle regulation: development of a new treatment for Stopping crescentic Immune Glomerulonephritis 2019
153 HIFIG High-Fidelity Photonic Quantum Gates 2020
154 BIOMOSAIC From Biopigments to BIOelectronics: MOdelling Semiconducting EumelAnin-based InterfaCes 2020
155 Grolaries Cartilage progenitor cells for growth plate regeneration 2019
156 MUSLIMWOMENFILM Locating the Storyteller: Muslim Women’s Auto/Biographical Cinema from the Islamic World 2020
157 INDEXCLIMA Indian-Atlantic interocean exchange as modulator of global climate 2019
158 MIMIC Deciphering how microbiota modulate anti-tumor immune responses in checkpoint therapy 2020
159 LaBRhythms Language and Brain Rhythms 2019
160 DEstiNi Investigation of the Dynamic Estuarine and Marine cycling of Nickel 2019
161 GPCR-Sensor GPCR-based biosensor for synthetic biology applications 2020
162 BOOST HEALTH Introducing preventive management of chronic thyroid conditions through patient empowerment and a ML-powered mHealth solution 2019
163 EYELETS A regenerative medicine approach in diabetes. 2020
164 MEMORIES Mapping dEndritic inforMation prOcessing in behaving mice using simultaneous spatio-tempoRal voltage and calcium Imaging and wholE-cell electrophySiology 2020
165 PALADYN New geochemical approach to reconstruct tropical palaeo-atmospheric dynamics 2019
166 Batista Blade Tip Timing System Validator 2019
167 COSA Contagion Spread Awareness System in Neonatal Intensive Care Units 2019
168 GRAPES learninG, pRocessing, And oPtimising shapES 2019
169 RIBES RIver flow regulation, fish BEhaviour and Status 2020
170 SCORE Signal Correction to Reveal other Earths 2020
171 ADMORPH Towards Adaptively Morphing Embedded Systems 2020
172 MAARvEL A Missing Key Property in Atmospheric AeRosol ChEmistry: the Laplace Pressure 2020
173 SHARE-COHESION Cohesion in further developing and innovating SHARE across all 28 member countries 2019
174 UCUPA Unraveling the Molecular Changes that Drive the Repression of the Unfolded Protein Response with Ageing 2020
175 EAST Using Evolutionary Algorithms to Understand and Secure Web/Enterprise Systems 2020
176 NITROGEN-LIGHT Photo(electro)catalytic Nitrogen Fixation 2021
177 SHINE Chemical Approach to Scalable Fabrication of Hybrid Plasmonic Materials in the Strong-Coupling Regime 2020