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The page lists 214 projects related to the topic "monitored".

# achronym  title  year 
1 MaMMoTH-Up Massively extended Modular Monitoring for Upper Stages 2015
2 ALKENoNE Algal Lipids: the Key to Earth Now and aNcient Earth 2015
3 DEMETRA Demonstrator of EGNSS Services based on Time Reference Architecture 2015
4 TargetCaRe Targeting Cartilage Regeneration in joint and intervertebral disc diseases 2015
5 SUPERSEDE SUpporting evolution and adaptation of PERsonalized Software by Exploiting contextual Data and End-user feedback 2015
6 MEDILIGHT Miniaturized smart system for light stimulation and monitoring of wound healing 2015
7 VIVOIMAG Multimodal imaging of the in vivo fate of bone transplants 2015
8 TRACES Tracing ancient microbial cells embedded in silica 2015
9 ProCold ProCold: Empowering stakeholders to deliver highly energy efficient professional cold products 2015
10 EnPC-INTRANS Capacity Building on Energy Performance Contracting in European Markets in Transition 2015
11 iMUC Improving the Management of Unexplained Chest-pain 2014
12 PRECEDE PRECEDE: PancREatic Cancer Early DEtection 2014
13 SeaChange Sea Change 2015
14 WISER Wide-Impact cyber SEcurity Risk framework 2015
15 AGRAL Development of the optimum AGRAL cermet manufacturing process for aluminium inert anode application and fuel cell interconnect plates. 2015
16 OceanLiNES Ocean Limiting Nutrients – Examination from Space 2015
17 VesHemiSyn Exo- endocytosis cycle of individual synaptic vesicles in synapses and hemi-synapses 2015
18 Helping in Cyanopica Why helping others? The role of direct fitness benefits within the social-networks in cooperatively breeding azure-winged magpies 2015
19 VesSenDrugDeliv A versatile platform for the design of targeting drug delivery vesicles 2015
20 Magnetic HEART Targeting the Human Myocardial Remodeling Process Using Novel Magnetic Force-Based Human Heart Tissue 2016
21 St. Bernard St. Bernard - Emergency EEG and auditory evoked potentials for earlier diagnostics and treatment planning of unconscious patients 2015
22 MIRCAB Validation of diagnostic and/or prognostic miRNAs in triple-negative breast cancer 2015
23 eMediCare2 Promoting sustainable patient treatment by an intelligent online medicine dispenser for home care use. 2015
24 MeRIT MeRIT - Maximising Renewable Energy Integration 2015
25 CORE Camelina Oil for Sustainable Salmon Aquafeed 2015
26 Delirium Monitor Objective delirium detection with an innovative EEG-based spot monitor 2015
27 EeC WITUR Efficient energy cleaning robotic platform for wind turbines (EeC WITUR) 2015
28 BEEP-WATER “Biosensor for Effective Environmental Protection through the on-site, automated monitoring of a large set of chemical contaminants in Water.” 2015
29 Modern2020 Development and Demonstration of monitoring strategies and technologies for geological disposal 2015
30 OPTIMALZ Optical imaging of ocular pathology in Alzheimer’s disease 2015
32 POC products A novel microfluid-based modular system to address POC challenges within the field of coagulation and hemostasis 2015
33 MidFrontalTheta2.0 MidFrontal Cortex Theta Oscillations: Causes and Consequences 2015
34 ICaRO Ion Channels and Receptors Operation 2016
35 MANTIS Cyber Physical System based Proactive Collaborative Maintenance 2015
36 SIRCIW Strengthening International Research Capacity in Wales 2015
37 CREATIONS CREATIONS - Developing an Engaging Science Classroom 2015
38 ZERO-PLUS Achieving near Zero and Positive Energy Settlements in Europe using Advanced Energy Technology 2015
39 One-EG Wearable Brain Monitoring Technology for Quick Diagnosis of Sleep Disorders 2016
40 Eco-Solar Eco-Solar Factory - 40%plus eco-efficiency gains in the photovoltaic value chain with minimised resource and energy consumption by closed loop systems 2015
41 OPENMIND On-demand production of entirely customised minimally invasive medical devices 2015
42 Corruption Roots At the roots of corruption: a behavioral ethics approach 2015
43 StableVax Commercialisation of a world changing invention for the stabilisation and delivery of vaccines 2015
44 MC-SUITE ICT Powered Machining Software Suite 2015
45 RESSTORE REgenerative Stem cell therapy for STroke in Europe 2015
46 FutureAgriculture Transforming the future of agriculture through synthetic photorespiration 2016
47 DryCoolerSeeds Optimum, sustainable solution for seed drying and conservation 2015
48 EXCELLABUST Excelling LABUST in marine robotics 2016
49 ISSELUB Innovative sealing and sensing technologies for extended life of lubricated elements. 2016
50 SETA SETA: An open, sustainable, ubiquitous data and service ecosystem for efficient, effective, safe, resilient mobility in metropolitan areas 2016
51 NEVERMIND NEurobehavioural predictiVE and peRsonalised Modelling of depressIve symptoms duriNg primary somatic Diseases with ICT-enabled self-management procedures 2016
52 RECAP Personalised public services in support of the implementation of the CAP 2016
53 DOMINO DOMINO - Connecting Europe, Saving Energy 2016
54 PROSINT Multi-protein interaction kinetics by single molecule methods 2016
55 SOILCARE Soil Care for profitable and sustainable crop production in Europe 2016
56 Hidden Galleries Creative Agency and Religious Minorities: ‘hidden galleries’ in the secret police archives in 20th Century Central and Eastern Europe 2016
57 Optimal-Immunity Optimal diversity in immunity – to overcome pathogens and maximize fitness; moving from correlative associations to a more mechanistic understanding using wild songbirds. 2016
58 PSYCHOCELL Cellular substrate of abnormal network maturation in neuropsychiatric disorders 2016
59 INDRO Remote sensing INdicators for DROught monitoring 2017
60 ClusterDynamics Characterising the dynamical properties of size-selected supported metal clusters 2017
61 POLAR Synthetic Mimicry of Cellular Polarisation 2017
62 TACT Towards an objective and quantitative Assessment of human Corneal Transparency 2017
63 LINGOKIDS LINGOKIDS: Adaptive mobile platform for language learning for early age children 2016
64 PATH PAssive Tracking of people and things for physical beHavior analysis 2016
65 CORA Copper Acquisition 2016
66 BAC-STAR Bacterial Adhesion Control through Surface TArgeted Regulation 2017
67 STARBIOS 2 Structural Transformation to Attain Responsible BIOSciences 2016
68 INFRASTAR Innovation and Networking for Fatigue and Reliability Analysis of Structures - Training for Assessment of Risk 2016
69 UrBAN-WASTE Urban strategies for Waste Management in Tourist Cities 2016
70 EduHubMig Knowledge migration flows in education hubs: Mobile students enrolled at Indian and British branch campuses in the United Arab Emirates 2017
71 EPIDYN Life on a leaf: species interactions and community dynamics in epiphyll communities 2016
73 SuperEh Super Variable Vector Combnation for Voltage Optmisation Energy Saving Hub 2016
74 iNTACT Commercialisation of the world’s first iNTelligent Access Cover Technology for the protection of ALL underground infrastructure. 2016
75 RAGTIME Risk based approaches for Asset inteGrity multimodal Transport Infrastructure ManagEment 2016
76 SCOUT Safe and COnnected aUtomation in road Transport 2016
77 X-10 Pathology X-10 Pathology, Empowering diagnostics 2016
78 ICECHILLING Ice Chilling System for Enhanced Food Cooling 2016
79 4PHOTON Novel Quantum Emitters monolithically grown on Si, Ge and III-V substrates 2017
80 MultiPACK Demonstration of the next generation standardised integrated cooling and heating packages for commercial and public buildings based on environment-friendly carbon dioxide vapour compression cycles. 2016
81 IC-Health Improving digital health literacy in Europe 2016
82 HUB4NGI A Collaborative Platform to Unlock the Value of Next Generation Internet Experimentation 2017
83 MultimodalCellTrack Multimodal preclinical imaging probes to evaluate the safety and efficacy of regenerative medicine therapies 2016
84 CROSSMINER Developer-Centric Knowledge Mining from Large Open-Source Software Repositories 2017
85 SHAR-Q Storage capacity sharing over virtual neighbourhoods of energy ecosystems 2016
86 mySMARTLife Smart Transition of EU cities towards a new concept of smart Life and Economy 2016
87 PJ09 DCB Advanced DCB 2016
88 SPACE-O Space Assisted Water Quality Forecasting Platform for Optimized Decision Making in Water Supply Services 2016
89 InCa InCa - Cardio Watch for Continuous Intra-Cardiac Blood Pressure Sensing 2016
90 PRACE-5IP PRACE 5th Implementation Phase Project 2017
91 AB-SWITCH Evaluation of commercial potential of a low-cost kit based on DNA-nanoswitches for the single-step measurement of diagnostic antibodies 2017
92 T-TAG Innovative tag system providing affordable time-temperature quality control of individual temperature sensitive products 2016
93 ORTHOUNION ORTHOpedic randomized clinical trial with expanded bone marrow MSC and bioceramics versus autograft in long bone nonUNIONs 2017
94 AFloWTest Wind tunnel test for flow control at the engine/pylon with a representative aircraft configuration under fully realistic flow conditions 2017
95 METLAKE Predicting future methane fluxes from Northern lakes 2017
96 NEW-AGE A next-generation platform for catalysing pre-clinical development of drugs against Alzheimer’s and other degenerative diseases of old-age 2017
97 VIVAVE Viral Vaccine Vectors in Personalized Medicine 2017
98 M2M mapKITE to market 2017
99 Trafisense Trafisense is a real-time monitoring and early-warning service for high-risk situations in dry-type distribution and power transformers based on proprietary machine-learning technology. 2017
101 AVAST Advanced Volcanic Ash characteriSaTion 2017
102 Mr.PARTS Minirhizotron: Phenology And Root TraitS 2017
103 FABCARB Fermentation And behaviour of carbohydrates in the colon 2017
104 PhARRAO Photo- And Radical induced Reactivity of Atmospheric Oxidants 2017
105 Photosense Photoacoustic and fluorescence imaging platform for biosensing applications: An innovative approach for the study of disease-related biomarkers 2017
106 FireCracker Reuse of Waste Materials for Fire-Spalling-Proof and Crack-Resistant Sustainable Concrete 2017
107 AIR Aeroponic Inulin and Rubber 2018
108 NEWCOM New competence for building professionals and blue collar workers – certified qualification schemes to upgrade the qualification for building nZEBs 2017
109 EuroEXA Co-designed Innovation and System for Resilient Exascale Computing in Europe: From Applications to Silicon 2017
110 I-LEAD Innovation - Law Enforcement Agencies Dialogue 2017
112 MECHIDENT Who is that? Neural networks and mechanisms for identifying individuals 2017
113 MilliDrop New MilliDrop Analyzer: miniaturized and faster clinical microbiology testing in only one drop 2017
114 CELLUP Innovative in-line Raman analytical sensor for new upstream cell culture monitoring and quality control 2017
115 ALADDIN Advanced hoListic Adverse Drone Detection, Identification Neutralization 2017
116 HYBUILD Innovative compact HYbrid electrical/thermal storage systems for low energy BUILDings 2017
117 ONFIRE Future Optical Networks for Innovation, Research and Experimentation 2017
118 NANONC Nanomaterials in Oncology: Exploiting the Intrinsic Cancer-Specific Toxicity of Nanoparticles. 2018
119 ReUseHeat Recovery of Urban Excess Heat 2017
120 GIMS Geodetic Integrated Monitoring System 2017
121 NOCTURNO Non-Conventional Wave Propagation for Future Sensing and Actuating Technologies 2018
122 MOMIT Multi-scale Observation and Monitoring of railway Infrastructure Threats 2017
123 CLIMB Development of a Cavity Supported Lipid Membranes Biomimetic drug permeability models (CLIMB) 2018
124 TIMEISNOW The Time is Now: Understanding Social Network Dynamics Using Relational Event Histories 2018
125 ToMeTuM Towards the Understanding a Metal-Tumour-Metabolism 2018
127 Newcotiana Developing Multipurpose Nicotiana Crops for Molecular Farming using New Plant Breeding Techniques 2018
128 AITEP Accurate Intravenous Therapy for Every Patient 2017
129 MENTEE MENTEE - Mastery learning in Europe through Technology Enhanced Education 2017
130 STRONGRCRAFT Safe, Technically Robust and Optical New Generation fuel system to be integrated on new RotorCRAFT 2018
132 SynchroGuard Real-time distribution grid monitoring and automated fault management system 2018
133 SmartCharge SmartCharge: Smart integrated circuits for advanced battery management 2018
134 NaTOS Nanoscale Thermo Optical Sensing 2018
135 DryCoolerSeeds Optimum, sustainable solution for seed drying and conservation 2018
136 NOMLI NanoOptoMechanics in classical and quantum Liquids 2018
137 EXCITATOR Active probing of brain excitability by electrical micro-stimulations for drug discovery 2018
138 VolThinSens VolThinSens. Challenging societal needs involving ions detection: New strategies for the development of Voltammetry ion Sensors based on Thin membranes 2018
139 FFP-BSS How to steal food from predators – behavioural strategies of a scavenger 2019
140 CORLID Cortical markers of L-DOPA-induced dyskinesias 2019
141 EMBED Embedded Markets and the Economy 2018
142 SILICOFCM In Silico trials for drug tracing the effects of sarcomeric protein mutations leading to familial cardiomyopathy 2018
143 4DBIOSERS Four-Dimensional Monitoring of Tumour Growth by Surface Enhanced Raman Scattering 2018
144 LABPATCH Lab-in-a-patch for PKU self-assessment 2018
145 PRECRIME Self-assessment Oracles for Anticipatory Testing 2019
146 BrainedFactory Smart Manufacturing Platform for Industrial Part Production through Artificial Intelligence, Big Data & Robotics 2018
147 EVE Eve – From ‘black box’ to yellow box: full insight technology for chicken hatcheries 2018
148 EndoTrainer EndoTrainer - A revolution in non-invasive surgery training 2018
149 Is it fresh Is it fresh. Keeping it fresh digitally 2018
150 EXPOSOGAS The Exposome Paradigm and its Applications in Health and Safety Aspects of Hydrocarbons Operations in the Eastern Mediterranean 2018
151 CONSENT Causes and consequences of senescence in wild insects 2018
152 SIGAGuard Cybersecurity anomaly detection solution for critical infrastructures 2018
153 SeroStrat The first blood test for the early detection and prognosis of Acute Myeloid Leukaemia 2018
155 AQUA-REUSE ReAl-time online QUality Assurance for REUSE of water 2018
156 ORGANITRA Transport of phosphorylated compounds across lipid bilayers by supramolecular receptors 2019
157 A-LIFE The asymmetry of life: towards a unified view of the emergence of biological homochirality 2019
158 NEVADA Novel microengineered environments for mouse embryonic stem cell (mESC) differentiation towards cardiomyocytes 2018
159 ComAir Investigation of cabin ventilation strategies impact on aircraft cabin air quality and passengers’ comfort and wellbeing through subject study in realistic aircraft environment 2018
160 BioRen Development of competitive, next generation biofuels from municipal solid waste 2018
161 PROVEC Promoting Osteogenesis through Vascular Endothelial Cells 2019
162 SIMBA Sustainable innovation of microbiome applications in food system 2018
163 Data Market Services / DMS Accelerator Supporting the European data market providing free support services to data-centric SMEs and start-ups 2019
164 memetis Modular fluidic platform with Shape Memory Alloy miniature valves to disrupt medical technology industry (memetis) 2019
165 BOND Parental BONDing for a better start in life 2018
166 PRACE-6IP PRACE 6th Implementation Phase Project 2019
167 MICADO Migrant Integration Cockpits and Dashboards 2019
168 SafeWaterpark Ensuring the safest conditions in waterparks, public pools and hotel pools and facilitating crowd-based prevention across the world 2019
169 RayVS1 A unique radar sensor system to monitor movement and vital signs for elderly people in care homes 2019
170 M2O MAke RAil The HOpe for protecting Nature 2 future OPERATION 2018
171 OrganoPlate Graft Organ-on-a-Chip technology for in vitro grafting and vascularisation of 3D tissues 2019
172 BATTERY 2030 BATTERY 2030+ At the heart of a connected green society 2019
173 ComfDemo COMFort in the cabin DEMOnstrator 2019
174 SWALLIS SWALLIS - a disruptive wearable device that uses sound patterns to diagnose and monitor swallowing disorders 2019
175 AIRWAVES Automated high resolution water sampler for environmental monitoring 2019
176 PICModForPCa Personalised Image-based Computational Modelling Framework to Forecast Prostate Cancer 2020
177 CINEMA Creating an Infrastructure for the Numerical Exploration of Metallurgical Alloys 2019
178 Trustonomy Building Acceptance and Trust in Autonomous Mobility 2019
179 SOLFORPLAS A solution for plastic waste pollution 2019
180 RecPAIR Genetic landscape of the homology search 2019
181 UNBIAS UNravelling BIvAlve Shell chemistry: Advanced Techniques for Accurate Reconstructions of Sub-annual Climate 2020
182 BITFORM Multiplexed biosensing and tissue-on-a-chip integrated platform for breast cancer biomarkers monitoring 2019
183 AVIATOR Assessing aViation emission Impact on local Air quality at airports: TOwards Regulation 2019
185 EXCALIBUR Exploiting the multifunctional potential of belowground biodiversity in horticultural farming 2019
186 WATERSIGN WATERSIGN: Smart Water Monitoring & Leakage Detection 2019
188 SUPAIR Spectroscopy SUPAIR Spectroscopy: Single-Use Process Analytical Infrared Spectroscopy 2019
189 MDURANCE Pervasive muscle response monitoring for everyone, a physiotherapy revolution 2019
190 VG360 Non-contact precision measurement system for structural health monitoring 2019
191 PHERECLOS Partnerships for pathways to Higher Education and science engagement in Regional Clusters of Open Schooling 2019
192 agROBOfood agROBOfood: Business-Oriented Support to the European Robotics and Agri-food Sector, towards a network of Digital Innovation Hubs in Robotics 2019
193 PANDa Portable ANalyser for Detection of metal micropollutants in water 2019
194 InAir An Air Quality Monitoring Station in a Chip 2019
195 DCS-iSMEs Design Customized Support for Innovative SMEs 2019
196 ISAAC ISAAC-AMD: an active self-tuned device for seismic protection and continuous monitoring of civil structures 2019
197 MERWIS Melanoma Early Warning System 2019
198 ENHAnCE European training Network in intelligent prognostics and Health mAnagement in Composite structurEs 2020
199 CCIMC Coordination chemistry inspires molecular catalysis 2020
200 NETLAS NExt generation of Tuneable LASers for optical coherence tomography 2020
201 InnovEOX Training of a new generation of researchers in Innovative Electrochemical OXidation processes for the removal and analysis of micro-pollutants in water streams 2019
202 iPRODUCE A Social Manufacturing Framework for Streamlined Multi-stakeholder Open Innovation Missions in Consumer Goods Sectors 2020
203 ATELIER AmsTErdam BiLbao cItizen drivEn smaRt cities 2019
204 BioCat Investigating the electron uptake mechanisms of bacteria on bio-cathodes for microbial electrosynthesis 2020
205 Ocean-DAS Ocean-Bottom Distributed Acoustic Sensors: new tools for Underwater Seismology 2020
206 DIONE DIONE: an integrated EO-based toolbox for modernising CAP area-based compliance checks and assessing respective environmental impact 2020
207 CyreenApplication Connecting Ad-Impressions with Purchase. The new advanced Advertisement at the point of sales. 2019
208 CERTO Copernicus Evolution – Research for Transitional-water Observation 2020
209 SeNSE Lithium-ion battery with silicon anode, nickel-rich cathode and in-cell sensor for electric vehicles 2020
210 RRI2SCALE Responsible Research and Innovation Ecosystems at Regional Scale for Intelligent Cities, Transport and Energy 2020
211 PRIME Prevention and Remediation of Insulin Multimorbidity in Europe 2020
212 AquaGen Water quality biomonitoring combining AI and environmental genomics 2019
213 SRCV Molecular Device for Optical Monitoring of Self-Replication in Compartments 2020
214 CYCLOTUBES Artificial microtubules based on switchable cyclic peptides 2020