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H2020 projects about "pressures"

The page lists 180 projects related to the topic "pressures".

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1 RED-Heat-to-Power Conversion of Low Grade Heat to Power through closed loop Reverse Electro-Dialysis 2015
2 TRACES Tracing ancient microbial cells embedded in silica 2015
3 FIRSTRUN Fiscal Rules and Strategies under Externalities and Uncertainties 2015
4 Ultramelt An innovative, disruptive, advanced technology for ultrasonic flow enhancement of injection moulding that significantly reduces cooling times improves productivity 2014
5 VSM Validated Surge Model 2014
6 Respon-SEA-ble Sustainable oceans : our collective responsibility, our common interest. Building on real-life knowledge knowledge systems for developing interactive and mutual learning media 2015
7 FLOWLASER Manipulation of Flow Characteristics Using Laser Energy Deposition 2015
8 OPSINEVOL Evolution of opsin genes in guppies (Poecilia reticulata) relative to male colour: a window into the genetics of mate choice 2015
9 CHENGEN An integrated framework to investigate the genetics of changing environments 2015
10 TRANSIT The daily governance of transit migration in Turkey at European Union borders: The two-way influence of Turkish-European Union border and migration management practices 2015
11 LAGRANGE LAte Glacial RANGe Expansion 2016
12 VEiL Visualising Engineered Landscapes: an archaeological approach to unlock environmental resilience and sustainability in antiquity 2015
13 TEACHPOL Freedom of Teaching and Political Control: The Case of Thomas Aquinas’ Assimilation in William of Peter Godin’s Lectura Thomasina (14th C.) 2015
14 PATH Pathways to Heritage: Community heritage and the archaeology of movement in the Adelphi Forest, Cyprus 2016
15 MINOTAUR Metabolic interactions in oceanic photosymbioses 2016
16 MigrWorkers The Race, Class and Gender of Transnational Urban Labour: Romanian Workers in the Cities of London and NYC 2015
17 DISHY Synergistic effects of DISpersant, oil and HYpoxia in a teleost fish: Investigating the impact of oil contamination in hypoxic areas and the use of dispersant as a response technique 2015
18 INNOVCITIES Institutional Innovation for Adapting to Climate Change in Water Governance within Cities 2015
19 CRESWUP Creep resistant steels and welds for ultra supercritical power plants 2015
20 PALAEO Palaeolimnological assessment of methane emissions from lakes in changing environment using stable isotopes 2015
21 ECOHYDRY Advancing dryland ecohydrology: factors and mechanisms determining catastrophic shifts 2016
22 NEARCONTROL NEARshore geological CONTROL on coastal morphodynamics: monitoring and modelling in high-resolution 2016
23 IDEA Investigating Dishonesty with Experimental Applications: Evidence from the Lab and the Field 2015
24 CREATE Congestion Reduction in Europe : Advancing Transport Efficiency (CREATE) 2015
25 BINGO Bringing INnovation to onGOing water management – A better future under climate change 2015
27 EU-CIRCLE A panEuropean framework for strengthening Critical Infrastructure resilience to climate change 2015
28 Solvatten_agri-bus Feasibilty study to determine market entrance for the Solvatten green technology into the agri-business value chains in Eastern Africa 2015
29 NANOSHOCK Manufacturing Shock Interactions for Innovative Nanoscale Processes 2015
30 PhageDiff Distinct Infection Dynamics and Ecological Success among Closely Related Marine Cyanophages: Why the Differences? 2015
31 PLANETDIVE Planetary diversity: the experimental terapascal perspective 2016
32 IPPAD Effect of 4500bar injection pressure and super-critical phase change of surrogate and real-world fuels enriched with additives and powering Diesel engines on soot emissions reduction 2015
33 SERISS Synergies for Europe's Research Infrastructures in the Social Sciences 2015
34 COMbAT Commercialization of a novel tool for designing personalized nOvel MelAnoma Therapies 2015
35 PanaMast Development of non-antibiotic therapy for the treatment of bovine mastitis 2015
36 Plants for Plants From plants for plants: enhancing crops potential and resilience by reliable new generation biostimulants 2016
37 DevTMF Development of Experimental Techniques and Predictive Tools to Characterise Thermo-Mechanical Fatigue Behaviour and Damage Mechanisms 2016
39 PRUV Preparedness and Resilience to address Urban Vulnerability 2016
40 EVA EVA - patient ventilation beyond limits 2015
41 BEVSTREAM High Pressure Processing (HPP) equipment for large beverage productions 2016
42 BCOOL Barocaloric materials for energy-efficient solid-state cooling 2016
43 ALTERFOR Alternative models and robust decision-making for future forest management 2016
44 Recyclatrack 100% recovery and RECYCLing of construction vehicle crAwler TRACKs into constituent rubber and steel for sustainable raw material supply 2016
45 CASSPIN Comparative Analysis of Social Spaces in Post-Industrial Nations 2016
46 ISLANDPALECO Tracking past human impact on islands by improving palaeoecological reconstructions with PalEnDNA analysis 2016
47 SocialBrain Brain growth under social pressure: mathematical modelling of brain growth when individuals face social challenges 2016
48 ITHERLAB In-situ thermal rock properties lab 2016
49 DIFIE Direct and Indirect mechanisms of Fisheries-Induced Evolution 2017
50 FTI Cocoon Optimization of the production line of an innovative biodegradable water reservoir to be applied in efficient landscape-scale ecosystem restoration plans 2016
51 MedCoRes Mediterranean Coastal Resources: benefits and constraints for Prehistoric hunters-gatherers 2017
52 MARINA Marine Knowledge Sharing Platform for Federating Responsible Research and Innovation Communities 2016
53 HECATE Hydrogen at Extreme Conditions: Applying Theory to Experiment for creation, verification and understanding 2016
54 U2FAST Unsteadiness in High-Speed Strong Shock-Boundary Layer Interactions 2016
55 REFORMED Reforming Schools Globally: A Multi-Scalar Analysis of Autonomy and Accountability Policies in the Education Sector 2016
56 ELC The evolution of linguistic complexity 2016
57 REALISM Reproducing EArthquakes in the Laboratory: Imaging, Speed and Mineralogy 2016
58 REVOLINC Revolutionizing Insect Control 2016
59 BEU2016 Organisation of the EU international Bioeconomy Stakeholders Conference - Utrecht 2016 2016
60 MANTEL Management of Climatic Extreme Events in Lakes Reservoirs for the Protection of Ecosystem Services 2017
61 CRORTET Experimental characterization of turbulent pressure fluctuations on realistic Contra-Rotating Open Rotor (CROR) 2D airfoil in representative high subsonic Mach number 2016
62 HyperQC Hyper Quantum Criticality 2016
63 MMP Multiparametric probe for monitoring in real time environmental variables in drilling boreholes 2017
64 MUTR Multipurpose test rig for transmissions gearboxes. 2016
65 LiftTrain Aerodynamic Lift force of Trains subjected to cross winds—get it right! 2016
66 HPSuper High-Pressure High-Temperature Superconductivity 2017
67 DiePeR Diesel efficiency improvement with Particulates and emission Reduction 2016
68 TRUE DEPTHS deTeRmine the trUe dEpth of DeEp subduction from PiezobaromeTry on Host –inclusions Systems 2017
69 CO2Catalyst Pilot scale demonstration of novel CO2 co-polymerisation catalysts in the PU polyol market 2016
70 DEEPVIEW High accuracy error detection in curved (prismatic) surfaces at high manufacturing speed 2017
71 DIGEST The impact of seed-dispersal by animals on plant distributions: an experimental and modelling approach 2017
73 HarshEnergy Perpetual Sensing in Harsh Environments: Self-powered sensors for the Oil Gas industry 2017
74 InvasiveSDM Frontiers in invasive species distribution modelling: incorporating human-associations and intraspecific niche structure to improve risk predictions. 2017
75 BMC-SVAR Developing a Bayesian technique to evaluate the validity of economic models: two applications to the Euro Area 2017
76 FIRESCAPE Firescape genomics: predicting plant responses to changing fire regimes 2018
77 EVOMA The influence of Environmental Variability On Mussel Aquaculture and adaptation in the context of global ocean change 2017
78 MONSTAA Metabolism of Novel Strains of Arctic Algae 2017
79 CH4BioVal Biological Valorization of Methane Emissions 2017
80 PICKLE Planetary Interiors Constrained by Key Laboratory Experiments 2017
81 HARM High Attenuation Recycling Materials as sustainable barriers for waste disposal sites 2018
82 ProFrost Theoretical and Numerical Analysis of Antifreeze and Ice Nucleator Proteins:Coarse-Grain Approach for Multiscale Study and Bio-Engineering 2018
83 SDD Spirits of Displacement and Diaspora 2017
84 ELITE Exploring LIfestyle Transitions: a molecular and physical anthropology approach of ancient Yakut people 2017
85 METCLL Discovery and validation of ‘epidrivers’ of cancer evolution and resistance to therapy 2018
86 MELCA Molecular evolution in the double-clonal longhorn crazy ant 2018
87 SEAMET Multi-driver climate change effects on SEAgrass METabolism: ecosystem implications 2018
88 ReservoirDOCs The evolutionary dynamics of pathogen emergence and establishment: from Reservoir Detection to Outbreak Control 2017
89 COMPCON Competition under (niche) construction 2017
90 TEAM-Coast Toward a new generation of Ecological Assessment tools for the Management Coastal environment 2018
91 BIO-H-BORROW Biocatalytic Amine Synthesis via Hydrogen Borrowing 2017
92 PADDLE Planning in A liquiD worlD with tropicaL StakEs: solutions from an EU-Africa-Brazil perspective 2017
93 ChAMPioN Game-changing Precision Medicine for Curing All Myeloproliferative Neoplasms 2018
94 HPGen On-site Hydrogen Peroxide Generator for effective, safe and sustainable irrigation water treatment 2017
96 PureBlade PureBlade - Clean Sheet Compressor Design, Low Energy Air Supply for Food Drinks Production 2017
97 BEFINE mechanical BEhavior of Fluid-INduced Earthquakes 2018
98 Group-Dynamics-TCB Effects of group dynamics on selection, development and demography in cooperative vertebrates 2018
99 ecoSave Market maturation of a packaging concept for sustainable and resource efficient food packaging 2017
100 HEFT Hidden Emissions of Forest Transitions: GHG effects of socio-metabolic processes reducingpressures on forests 2018
101 EVOTONE The emergence and evolution of linguistic tone 2018
102 BSP Belief Systems Project 2018
103 CO2EXIDE CO2-based Electrosynthesis of ethylene oXIDE 2018
104 GRASSHOPPER GRid ASsiSting modular HydrOgen Pem PowER plant 2018
105 NEPTUNE Next Generation PEM Electrolyser under New Extremes 2018
106 FLOWCAASH FLOW Control Actuators at Aircraft scale manufacturing by SLM with high aerodynamic performance for using in Harsh environment 2018
108 FERHAZ Multiscale Investigations on Si-integrable Ferroelectric Hafnia-Zirconia Systems: From Fundamental Understanding to Everyday Electronics 2018
109 DNA-ENC SYNCELLS DNA Lattice-Encoded Information for Genotype-to-Phenotype Evolution of Self-Replicating Synthetic Cells 2018
110 Divided communities Communities Under Siege: Everyday Challenges in the Divided City of Jerusalem 2018
111 OPTIMIZERR Errors as cost-optimizing decisions? Redefining the origin and nature of human decision errors in light of associated neural computations 2018
112 PRO-RES PROmoting integrity in the use of RESearch results 2018
113 MIMAT From Micro to Macro: Aggregate Implications of Firm-Level Heterogeneity in International Trade 2018
114 MOVEMED Linking Human Mobility and Marine Megafauna Movement in the Mediterranean Sea for a better integration of Blue Growth 2019
115 SWP Shaming States: Social Sanction and State Behaviour In World Politics 2019
116 NonlinearEBM Nonlinearity of Key Economic and Environmental Variables in Coastal/Marine Ecosystem-Based Management (EBM) 2018
117 COASTAL Collaborative lAnd Sea inTegration pLatform 2018
118 UltraLVP Chemistry and transport properties of bridgmanite controlling lower-mantle dynamics 2018
119 EvoTrap Mechanisms to emerge and replicate the first sequence information of life in geothermal microfluidics of early Earth 2018
120 ATTACK Pressured to Attack: How Carrying-Capacity Stress Creates and Shapes Intergroup Conflict 2018
121 e4SME Utilities engaging SMEs with end-to-end Energy Management Experiences 2018
122 ProPeeler ProPeeler: Enhanced shrimp peeling machine with full control and optimisation of the process to enable full automation of the shrimp peeling industry 2018
123 SHAPINGENERATIONS How changing social contexts shape solidarity and adjustment between generations 2019
124 ECORISK2050 Effects of global change on the emission, fate, effects and risks of chemicals in aquatic ecosystems 2018
125 UCOM Ultrasound Cavitation in Soft Materials 2018
126 RESEARCH REmote SEnsing techniques for ARCHaeology 2018
127 RUSTRANS The Dark Side of Translation: 20th and 21st Century Translation from Russian as a Political Phenomenon in the UK, Ireland, and the USA 2019
128 NestIOr Who gets to live forever? Toward an Institutional Theory on the Decline and Death of International Organisations 2019
129 CITISENSE Evolving communication systems in response to altered sensory environments 2019
130 SERUMS Securing Medical Data in Smart Patient-Centric Healthcare Systems 2019
131 triboREMEDY The triboreactor as breakthrough remediation strategy for safeguarding human and environmental health 2019
132 FeMiT Ferrites-by-design for Millimeter-wave and Terahertz Technologies 2019
133 UrbanDynamics Changing the world of urban mobility thanks to Computer Vision and Artificial Intelligence 2019
134 Sodium_Ion_Batteries Safe, fast-charging long-life Sodium-ion batteries for vehicles and power storage 2018
135 CoDisEASe Communicable Disease in the Age of Seafaring 2018
136 Geo-Drill Development of novel and cost-effective drilling technology for Geothermal Systems 2019
137 LEAFINNOX Development of the Lean Azimuthal Flame as an Innovative aviation gas turbine low-NOX combustion concept 2019
138 WEAVERBIRD_DEFENCE Unravelling an extended phenotype: sexual selection and the evolution of nest architecture in weaverbird defence against brood parasitism 2019
139 GuideArtifEvol Tracking and guiding artificial enzyme evolution via landscape inference 2019
140 TRANSITIONS The skeletal effects of historical transitions in lifestyle 2019
141 SpeSex Does natural selection align with sexual selection to promote reproductive isolation in different environments? An experimental approach 2020
142 DiMaS Retrospective genomic analyses of shortfin Mako shark (Isurus oxyrinchus) using DNA from archived jaws 2019
143 MutANTs Mutation rate evolution in attine ants 2020
144 AGENT Ancient genetics (AGENT): Capturing signatures of nutrient stress tolerance from extant landraces to unlock the production potential of marginal lands 2020
145 MODSIM Modelling of Twin Screw Granulation on Micro-Macro Scales 2019
146 FRUITFUL On the evolution of fleshy fruits: An integrative test to assess the relative role of intrinsic and extrinsic factors in shaping fruit type 2019
147 EDGE Cutting edge technology: understanding Palaeolithic stone tool design and use from a modern mechanical engineering perspective 2020
148 COZMOS Efficient CO2 conversion over multisite Zeolite-Metal nanocatalysts to fuels and OlefinS 2019
149 RADIOFREPOLIS An Innovative and Energy-Efficient Radio Frequency Pretreatment on Emerging Micropollutants and Transformation Products in Anaerobic Sludge Digestion for Waste Reuse 2019
150 TRIATLAS Tropical and South Atlantic climate-based marine ecosystem predictions for sustainable management 2019
151 INTELEG S HF Feasibility Study for INTELEG® S HF – a Wide Pressure Range Process Gas Analysis System 2019
152 REGREEN Fostering nature-based solutions for smart, green and healthy urban transitions in Europe and China 2019
153 ElectroGas New Technology for Efficient Electrochemical Production of Synthetic Natural Gas 2019
154 NaviFlu Navigating the evolutionary routes of influenza viruses 2019
155 GlobalOrthodoxy Rewriting Global Orthodoxy Oriental Christianity in Europe between 1970 and 2020 2019
157 EvolSpliceKinetics From co-transcriptional splicing kinetics to the evolutionary impact of exon and intron definition 2020
158 ECO DRIVE Noise and vibration in eco-efficient powertrains 2020
160 SysAgria SysAgria – integrated solution for smart agriculture 2019
161 ATLANTIS Whales, waste and sea walnuts: incorporating human impacts on the marine ecosystem within life cycle impact assessment 2020
162 CENSE Enabling the continuous monitoring of drinking water with an all-in-one sensor 2019
163 TACCAMA Atomic-Scale Motion Picture: Taming Cluster Catalysts at the Abyss of Meta-Stability 2020
164 CTSM Competition, time pressure, public speaking and multitasking: The role of willingness and ability to cope with pressure in explaining individual differences and inequality in career outcomes 2019
165 InVivoRuBisCO In vivo Directed Evolution of Ribulose-1,5-Bisphosphate Carboxylase/Oxygenase in Saccharomyces cerevisiae Using an Orthogonal DNA Replication System 2020
166 BRAV3 Computational biomechanics and bioengineering 3D printing to develop a personalized regenerative biological ventricular assist device to provide lasting functional support to damaged hearts 2020
167 CRITICAL When Flows Turn Turbulent in the Supercritical Fluid Region 2020
168 MIMIc Malleability in mediated ideals: A paradigm to understand effects of contemporary media in adolescents’ well-being 2020
169 NitroScission Electrochemical scission of dinitrogen under ambient conditions 2021
170 MaCDAC Machining and Commercialising Diamond Anvil Cells 2020
171 OXYGEN The redox evolution of arc magmas: from the oxygenation of the Earth’s atmosphere to the genesis of giant hydrothermal ore deposits 2020
172 AQUACOSM-plus Network of Leading Ecosystem Scale Experimental AQUAtic MesoCOSM Facilities Connecting Rivers, Lakes, Estuaries and Oceans in Europe and beyond 2020
173 GEOLAKE Exploring the onset of Anthropocene in the Upper Jordan valley (Hula lake) 2020
174 BONEZ Baltic Paganism, Osteology, and New Examinations of Zooarchaeological Evidence 2021
175 CIRCULAR X Experimenting with Circular Service Business Models 2020
176 FEAR Fault Activation and Earthquake Rupture 2020
177 Genesis Geo-inspired pathways towards nanoparticle-based metastable solids 2020
178 M3R Microfluidic Multi-Micropollutant Remediation 2021
179 REWA Resource wars in an unequal world: international law and beyond 2020
180 CLEAR ComputationaL dEsign optimization for unpolluted wAteR 2020