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H2020 projects about "manufacturing"

The page lists 457 projects related to the topic "manufacturing".

# achronym  title  year 
1 ToMax Toolless Manufacturing of Complex Structures 2015
2 MMTech New aerospace advanced cost effective materials and rapid manufacturingtechnologies 2015
3 NOMORFILM Novel marine biomolecules against biofilm. Application to medical devices. 2015
4 nextBioPharmDSP Next-generation biopharmaceutical downstream process 2015
5 ComBoNDT Quality assurance concepts for adhesive bonding of aircraft composite structures by advanced NDT 2015
6 DIVERSITY Cloud Manufacturing and Social Software Based Context Sensitive Product-Service Engineering Environment for Globally Distributed Enterprise 2015
7 PSYMBIOSYS Product-Service sYMBIOtic SYStems 2015
9 REProMag Resource Efficient Production Route for Rare Earth Magnets 2015
10 FoFAM Industrial and regional valorization of FoF Additive Manufacturing Projects 2015
11 PREVIEW PREdictiVe system to recommend Injection mold sEtup in Wireless sensor networks 2015
12 sCorPiuS European Roadmap for Cyber-Physical Systems in Manufacturing 2015
13 COMBILASER COMbination of non-contact, high speed monitoring and non-destructive techniques applicable to LASER Based Manufacturing through a self-learning system 2015
14 C2NET Cloud Collaborative Manufacturing Networks (C2NET) 2015
15 MEMAN Integral Material and Energy flow MANagement in MANufacturing metal mechanic sector 2015
16 Manutelligence Product Service Design and Manufacturing Intelligence Engineering Platform 2015
17 ProRegio Customer-driven design of product-services and production networks to adapt to regional market requirements 2015
18 BOREALIS Borealis – the 3A energy class Flexible Machine for the new Additive and Subtractive Manufacturing on next generation of complex 3D metal parts. 2015
19 CREMA Cloud-based Rapid Elastic MAnufacturing 2015
20 SYMPLEXITY Symbiotic Human-Robot Solutions for Complex Surface Finishing Operations 2015
21 FOCUS Factory of the Future Clusters 2015
22 FourByThree Highly customizable robotic solutions for effective and safe human robot collaboration in manufacturing applications 2014
23 SYMBIO-TIC Symbiotic Human-Robot Collaborative Assembly: Technologies, Innovations and Competitiveness 2015
24 FoF-Impact Enhanced impact of the Factories of the Future PPP through technology transfer and expanded community 2015
26 DISTRO Distributed 3D Object Design 2015
27 Optintegral Advertisement displays manufactured by hybrid in-mould integration 2015
28 ALABO Advanced laser ablation barrier films for organic and large area electronic devices 2015
29 M3TERA Micromachined terahertz systems -a new heterogeneous integration platform enabling the commercialization of the THz frequency spectrum 2015
30 LORIX Large Organic Robust Imager for X-ray sensing 2015
31 fromROLLtoBAG Consumer Driven Local Production with the Help of Virtual Design and Digital Manufacturing 2015
32 PING Printed Intelligent NFC Game cards and packaging 2015
33 SMARTER-SI Smart Access to Manufacturing for Systems Integration 2015
34 TOP HIT Transfer-print operations for heterogeneous integration 2015
35 MACIVIVA MAnufacturing process for Cold-chain Independent VIrosome-based VAccines 2015
36 INSPIRED INdustrial Scale Production of Innovative nanomateRials for printEd Devices 2015
37 M-Future2015 Strategic investments in European manufacturing to win global challenges 2014
38 WMF2015 World Manufacturing Forum 2015 2015
39 R2R Biofluidics Large scale micro-and nanofabrication technologies for bioanalytical devices based on R2R imprinting 2015
40 PLATFORM Open access pilot plants for sustainable industrial scale nanocomposites manufacturing based on buckypapers, doped veils and prepregs 2015
41 NANOFACTURING The Development of Medium- and Large-Scale Sustainable Manufacturing Process Platforms for Clinically Compliant Solid Core Nanopharmaceuticals 2015
42 3D-LEAP 3 Dimensional Light Sensor for Advanced Portable Devices 2014
43 PROFIT Cost-effective high speed Production for Fasteners in Titanium for the automotive industry 2014
44 SPS_TFP_Strut Application of tailored fibre placement technology in integral composite structures for ultra-lightweight space applications 2014
45 SMARTGEARBOX Development of a new gearbox without lubricants for low OM costs, higher efficiency, and oiless applications 2014
46 MIGOSA Modified Internal Gate image sensor for low light optimised Out-door Security surveillance Applications 2014
47 SmartAct-2-3 Scaling of a midsized patented low energy, light weight, highly efficient actuator to meet the demands of smaller and larger scale functions 2014
48 iBoard Large scale interactive multi-touch displays 2014
49 InlinePlat InlinePlat - Innovation in metal coating through automatic high speed electroplating units, process intensification and closed water cycles fully integrated with mechanical manufacturing lines 2014
50 FFI Forward Flow Infusion - Low Cost Composite Manufacturing Process for High Volume Production 2014
51 MOSART Advanced Automated Process for Low Cost Efficient Custom Mosaic Manufacturing 2014
52 APTOS APTOS: industrial scale–up of an Advanced tube forming -Process through Thermal Optimization, enabling energy and manufacturing costs Savings 2014
53 SEAMETEC Smart Efficient Affordable Marine Energy Technology Exploitation using Composites 2014
54 Insuwaste Recycling of hard-to-treat, post-consumer textile wastes and conversion to insulation material for construction industry using a novel conversion technology. 2014
55 AGRAL Development of the optimum AGRAL cermet manufacturing process for aluminium inert anode application and fuel cell interconnect plates. 2015
56 CNT-Nanostickers Anisotropic High-Density Carbon Nanotube Coatings for Thin-Film Electronics 2015
57 REAP Real-time diagnostics for Enabling Advanced laser-based roll to roll materials Processing 2015
58 SkillUp Skill development and firm upgrading to sustain the competitiveness of the EU manufacturing sector 2015
59 Res2Pel Innovative treatment process for biogenic waste and residual materials to manufacture compactedfuels as pellets or briquettes 2015
60 GWAFH Emulsar: give the world appetite for health. 2015
61 BioStomy Development of manufacturing process for a novel multi-layer film comprising of a water-soluble polymer and a bio-compostable polymer to enable flushable ostomy pouches 2015
62 SPARK Cost-effective automated process for producing innovative high-performance electric motors 2015
63 MicroInstrmntsBP Novel Materials and Manifacturing Process Enabling Wristed Micro-Instruments: Business Feasibility Of Surgical Applications 2015
65 SMART-GRAN Development and Commercialisation of a Self-Guided Fluidised Bed Granulation Solution 2015
66 EBMPerform High-quality, high-speed EBM 3D printing by the integration of high-performance electron sources 2015
67 CoeLux VR Industrialisation of the CoeLux(VR) product line, through upscaling of the nanodispersion production process, and optimisation of the production chain 2015
68 ESW European Structural Wood - for sustainable building components 2015
69 e2CORK Efficient and Eco-friendly Construction Of Revolutionary surfboard blanKs 2015
70 SOLARGE45 Towards a SOLAR enerGy Efficiency of 45 % 2015
71 Project NGR M Market Entry Feasibility Project for Next Generation Rubber 2015
72 FACTS4WORKERS Worker-Centric Workplaces in Smart Factories 2014
73 Colibri The compact LIBS module for advanced materials analysis 2015
74 MD-SD-OCT An innovative double technologies medical device for corneal diseases. 2015
75 REGHA Medical device combining viscosupplementation with pharmacological active molecule to regenerate cartilage in degenerative or traumatic osteoarthritis. 2015
76 IMPRESS New Easy to Install and Manufacture PRE-Fabricated Modules Supported by a BIM based Integrated Design ProceSS 2015
77 BERTIM Building energy renovation through timber prefabricated modules 2015
80 HERACLES-CP HERACLES-CP: Towards the Conversion of High Performance Research Reactors in Europe 2015
81 WCE Wroclaw Centre of Excellence 2015
82 RELAX Optimal Person-Machine Sensorimotor Coupler for Application to Micro-Manufacturing 2015
83 PICSIMA Next generation 3D print technology (PICSIMA), which for the first time enables the direct full colour printing of silicone to make soft tissue prostheses, orthoses and removable partial dentures. 2015
84 TailorFit TailorFit; The Integrated “made to measure” workflow automation for menswear 2015
85 S-Gearbox The Development of a »New« Planocentric Gearbox with a Closed Cage and S-gear Tooth Flank 2015
86 RUNSAFER Market introduction of an innovative wearable device, consisting of a novel running shoe with embedded electronics providing real-time biomechanical feedback to reduce risk of injuries 2015
87 UFPC Technology Hybrid Ultra Flexible Printed Circuits combining flexible and low-cost printed electronics with high performance traditional silicon components. 2015
88 BINPICKING 3D Generalized bin picking system for automatic handling of unsorted parts in industrial applications 2015
89 PVFINAL Photo Voltaic Fully Integrated and Automated Line 2015
90 INSWITCH InSwitch – Ultra-Compact Electronic Solid-State Device for Induction Motor Starting and Performance Improvement 2015
91 DISCO Data Integrated Supply Chain Optimisation 2015
92 R2POWER300 Preparing R2 extension to 300mm for BCD Smart Power 2015
93 SAMPA Scale-up of an Advanced Manufacturing process to produce a Pharmaceutical product Application (SAMPA). 2015
94 ULTRASUPERTAPE ULTRAfast growth of ultrahigh performance SUPERconducting TAPEs 2015
95 SEFI Solar Energy for Food Industry 2015
96 SmartAct-2-3 Scaling of midsized, patented, low energy, light weight, highly efficient actuator to meet the demands of smaller and larger scale applications 2015
97 IntelServBus Intelligent Hydraulic Systems Enabling Service Business in Heavy Transport 2015
99 TERRA Tandem Electrocatalytic Reactor for energy/Resource efficiency And process intensification 2015
100 Symbionica SYMBIONICA - Reconfigurable Machine for the new Additive and Subtractive Manufacturing of next generation fully personalized bionics and smart prosthetics 2015
101 CerAMfacturing Development of ceramic and multi material components by additive manufacturing methods for personalized medical products 2015
102 IMPROVE Innovative Modeling Approaches for Production Systems to raise validatable efficiency 2015
103 PERFoRM Production harmonizEd Reconfiguration of Flexible Robots and Machinery 2015
104 CAxMan Computer Aided Technologies for Additive Manufacturing 2015
105 SIMUTOOL Integrated design and novel tooling and process optimisation of microwave processing of composites 2015
106 TWIN-CONTROL Twin-model based virtual manufacturing for machine tool-process simulation and control 2015
107 openMOS Open dynamic Manufacturing Operating System for Smart Plug-and-Produce Automation Components 2015
108 IND2016 IND2016: KETs as drivers for the future of industry 2015
109 MICROMAN European Training Network on “Process Fingerprint for Zero-defect Net-shape MICROMANufacturing” 2015
110 LiVoX Magic angle coil spinning NMR on living voxels - LiVoX 2015
111 BATMAN Feasibility study of a high energy BATtery with novel Metallic lithium ANode 2015
112 SeNaTe Seven Nanometer Technology 2015
113 XS2I4MS Access to I4MS 2015
114 MC-SUITE ICT Powered Machining Software Suite 2015
115 Fortissimo 2 Factories of the Future Resources, Technology, Infrastructure and Services for Simulation and Modelling 2 2015
116 OPTIMISED Operational Planning Tool Interfacing Manufacturing Integrated Simulations with Empirical Data 2015
117 sustainablySMART Sustainable Smart Mobile Devices Lifecycles through Advanced Re-design, Reliability, and Re-use and Remanufacturing Technologies 2015
118 BEinCPPS Business Experiments in Cyber Physical Production Systems 2015
119 I4MS-Growth Support and stimulation of dynamic and organic growth of pan European ICT for Manufacturing SME Innovation Ecosystems 2015
120 HORSE Smart integrated Robotics system for SMEs controlled by Internet of Things based on dynamic manufacturing processes 2015
121 FAST Functionally graded Additive Manufacturing scaffolds by hybrid manufacturing 2015
122 IZADI-NANO2INDUSTRY Injection moulding, casting and coating PILOTS for the production of improved components with nano materials for automotive, construction and agricultural machinery. 2015
123 SPS_TFP_SQ TFP Strut Qualification 2015
124 ZinkOn Growth Advanced and smart system for optimizing the non-conformities and concession processes within the aerospace industry. 2015
125 WhiteLase-2020 White Light Fibre Lasers - Highly Disruptive Illumination Technology for Industry and Medical Surgery 2015
126 ANAPRINT Additive Printing for Cell-Based Analysis 2015
127 HIPERDIAS HIgh throughPut LasER processing of DIamond and Silicon 2016
128 TFQD Thin film light-trapping enhanced quantum dot photovoltaic cells: an enabling technology for high power-to-weight ratio space solar arrays. 2016
129 ColRobot Collaborative Robotics for Assembly and Kitting in Smart Manufacturing 2016
130 ENERCOVERY Modular green-energy recovery and business model 2015
131 FC21S Cost-effective aluminium die casting for automotive industry 2015
132 ONEPLY The Greenest Tissue Paper in the World 2015
133 RegoLight Sintering Regolith with Solar Light 2015
134 NEODAMP New Enhanced Acoustic Damping Composite Materials 2016
136 Industrial FW 4.0 Internet 4.0 based Manufacturing Execution System for the SME sector 2015
137 ACOTAAL Automation COncepts and Technologies for Aircraft Assembly Lines in the Aircraft Factory of the Future 2016
138 RESET Re-use of Thermoplastic Composite 2016
139 DISTRACTION Design against DISTortion of metallic aerospace parts based on combination of numeRical modelling ACTivities and topology optimisatION 2016
140 SMARTGEARBOX Development of a new gearbox without lubricants for low OM costs, higher efficiency, and oiless applications 2016
141 AMaTUC Boosting the scientific excellence and innovation capacity in additive manufacturing of the Technical University of Cluj-Napoca 2016
142 AllOxITD Development and Manufacturing of an All-Oxide Inter Turbine Duct for Aeroengines 2015
143 ComMUnion Net-shape joining technology to manufacture 3D multi-materials components based on metal alloys and thermoplastic composites 2015
144 EFFICOMP Efficient Composite parts manufacturing 2016
145 AGS A resource-efficient granulation process for advanced formulation of any compound in food and pharma production 2015
146 MiCARF Multi-tubular Catalytic Reactor for Flexible Production of Fine Chemicals 2016
147 EMUSIC Efficient Manufacturing for Aerospace Components USing Additive Manufacturing, Net Shape HIP and Investment Casting 2016
149 AMOS Additive Manufacturing Optimization and Simulation Platform for repairing and re-manufacturing of aerospace components 2016
150 energywater Improving energy efficiency in industrial water processes through benchmarking and benchlearning tools in Europe manufacturing industry. 2016
151 PEARL Periodically bent crystals for crystalline undulators 2016
152 MAKERS Smart Manufacturing for EU Growth and Prosperity 2016
153 EPSS Enabling Chemical Propulsion System for the Growing Small Satellite Market 2016
154 PIANOSILICA Pianosilica – new, eco-friendly and fire-resistant construction materials. 2016
156 SINTBAT Silicon based materials and new processing technologies for improved lithium-ion batteries 2016
157 1D-Neon 1D Nanofibre Electro-Optic Networks 2016
158 DNSVCFA Development of a novel servovalve concept for aircraft 2017
159 Supra-CNT Supramolecular assembly of Janus Carbon Nanotubes into functional 3D microparticles 2016
160 RICC The Application of Advanced Raman Spectroscopies to the Quantitative Analysis of Industrial Chromatography Columns 2016
161 OPTBIOMAN Optimal Decision Making under Uncertainty in Biomanufacturing Operations 2016
162 INSPUR In-Situ Polyurethane Resins 2016
163 VibraCoat High Performance Nano-structured Composites for Tooling Industry 2016
164 The Invisible Helmet Airbag bicycle helmet based on One Piece Woven technology 2016
165 PureBlade Clean Sheet Compressor design to supply pure air for the food and pharmaceutical industry 2016
166 ALGLASS High Performance Cold End Coating for Glass 2016
167 OUTERMOST Towards Autonomous Large Area Mass Production Sputtering Plants 2016
168 3DRM Accurate Full-Field 3D Shape Measurement Technique of Specular Surfaces by Phase-to-Depth Deflectometry 2016
169 xPRINT 4-Dimensional printing for adaptive optoelectronic components 2016
170 EMS UHPE Engine Mount System for Ultra High Pass Engine 2016
171 SiLaSpaCe Si based Layer Stacks for Rear-Side Passivation and Enhanced Reflection of GaInP/GaInAs/Ge Triple-Junction Space Solar Cells 2016
172 FTI Cocoon Optimization of the production line of an innovative biodegradable water reservoir to be applied in efficient landscape-scale ecosystem restoration plans 2016
173 NANOBreg A new therapeutic platform based on nanotechnology to promote T- and B-regulatory networks 2016
174 CORE 4.0 High Pressure Die Casting (HPDC) Lost-Core (LC) technology for the production of Aluminium Closed Deck blocks for next generation Euro7 engines 2016
175 BeLEADFREE High Strength Bearing for Large-Bore LEAD FREE Engines 2016
176 SemI40 Power Semiconductor and Electronics Manufacturing 4.0 2016
177 IoSense Flexible FE/BE Sensor Pilot Line for the Internet of Everything 2016
178 EnSO Energy for Smart Objects 2016
179 MILEPOST Microscale Processes Governing Global Sustainability 2016
180 AMECRYS Revolutionising Downstream Processing of Monoclonal Antibodies by Continuous Template-Assisted Membrane Crystallization 2016
181 IceXL IceXL: Advanced modeling and slicing software for additive manufacturing 2016
182 Bionic Aircraft Increasing resource efficiency of aviation through implementation of ALM technology and bionic design in all stages of an aircraft life cycle 2016
183 DISCO Data Integrated Supply Chain Optimisation 2016
184 CRO-INSPECT Collaborative RObotic Solution for Advanced Inspection of Complex Composite parts 2016
185 TactoTek New lightweighting smart surface manufacturing technology for automotive industry 2016
186 TechTanks Revolutionary rib-welding system for the worldwide first fully automated production of large, high quality, on-site welded tanks, bringing considerable cost savings to drinking water applications 2016
187 Ugypsum Up-cycling manufacturing waste from the composite industry 2016
188 XCORE XCORE: Enabling breakthrough weight reduction for the next generation of cars 2016
189 iProcell Commercial validation of iPROCELL: a novel modular assembly practice 2016
190 Cell3Ditor Cost-effective and flexible 3D printed SOFC stacks for commercial applications 2016
191 PROFIT Cost-effective high speed Production for Fasteners in Titanium for the automotive industry 2016
192 ASURI Advanced Surgical Implants (ASURI) 2016
193 GeoFood First industrial use of bio and ecocompatible geopolymers produced from metakaolin to manufacturetanks for wine, beer, vinegar and olive oil production and storage via 3D printing technology 2016
194 SAP-Nano A disruptive technology for vaccines manufacturing based on Self-Assembled Polymeric Nanoparticulate systems 2016
195 HEATSTACK Production Ready Heat Exchangers and Fuel Cell Stacks for Fuel Cell mCHP 2016
196 SOSLeM Solid Oxide Stack Lean Manufacturing 2016
197 IMPAX Inline/Instant Measurement for PhArma eXtrusion 2016
198 LICORNE LIssage de COrdons Robotisé Novateur Expert 2015
199 INTENT Structured Reactors with INTensified ENergy Transfer for Breakthrough Catalytic Technologies 2016
200 I-SEE Intelligent Sensor Enabled Eyewear 2016
201 SpinCo SpinCo, new energy saving worm gear technology by gear rolling contacts 2016
202 PAT WRAP oPtimized zero-defect high-tech AuTomatic WRAPping machine 2016
203 Lattice Cage Titanium based Cervical Spine Implants manufactured using 3D laser sintering to produce a structure optimised for graft-free bone in-growth 2016
204 freescoo Low temperature heat / solar driven air conditioning system for heating, cooling, dehumidification and ventilation of buildings 2016
205 SYNBIOMAN Demonstration of a synthetic biology-driven biomanufacturing platform for adaptable cost-effective production of high-value low volume biologics opportunities. 2016
206 CLEARSILVER Industrial manufacturing of conductive, transparent and flexible electrodes with nanoinks fororganic electronic devices such as OPV and OLED lighting 2016
207 MAESTRO Modular laser based additive manufacturing platform for large scale industrial applications 2016
208 COROMA Cognitively enhanced robot for flexible manufacturing of metal and composite parts 2016
209 ENF2017 EuroNanoForum 2017 2016
210 NIMBLE Collaboration Network for Industry, Manufacturing, Business and Logistics in Europe 2016
211 HINDCON Hybrid INDustrial CONstruction through a 3D printing “all-in-one” machine for large-scale advanced manufacturing and building processes 2016
212 KRAKEN Hybrid automated machine integrating concurrent manufacturing processes, increasing the production volume of functional on-demand using high multi-material deposition rates 2016
213 LASIMM Large Additive Subtractive Integrated Modular Machine 2016
214 Z-Fact0r Zero-defect manufacturing strategies towards on-line production management for European factories 2016
215 STREAM-0D Simulation in Real Time for Manufacturing with Zero Defects 2016
216 Daedalus Distributed control and simulAtion platform to support an Ecosystem of DigitAL aUtomation developerS 2016
217 PAM^2 Precision Additive Metal Manufacturing 2016
218 PARADDISE A Productive, Affordable and Reliable solution for large scale manufacturing of metallic components by combining laser-based ADDItive and Subtractive processes with high Efficiency 2016
219 HUMAN HUman MANufacturing 2016
220 OpenHybrid Developing a novel hybrid AM approach which will offer unrivalled flexibility, part quality and productivity 2016
221 GO0D MAN aGent Oriented Zero Defect Multi-stage mANufacturing 2016
222 ForZDM Integrated Zero Defect Manufacturing Solution for High Value Adding Multi-stage Manufacturing systems 2016
223 A4BLUE Adaptive Automation in Assembly For BLUE collar workers satisfaction in Evolvable context 2016
224 LoCoMaTech Low Cost Materials Processing Technologies for Mass Production of Lightweight Vehicles 2016
225 MANUWORK Balancing Human and Automation Levels for the Manufacturing Workplaces of the Future 2016
226 SAFIRE Cloud-based Situational Analysis for Factories providing Real-time Reconfiguration Services 2016
227 DISRUPT Decentralised architectures for optimised operations via virtualised processes and manufacturing ecosystem collaboration 2016
228 ZAero Zero-defect manufacturing of composite parts in the aerospace industry 2016
229 vf-OS Virtual Factory Open Operating System 2016
230 Factory2Fit Empowering and participatory adaptation of factory automation to fit for workers 2016
231 ALFA Advanced Laminar Flow tAilplane 2016
232 FAR-EDGE Factory Automation Edge Computing Operating System Reference Implementation 2016
233 COMPOSITION Ecosystem for Collaborative Manufacturing Processes – Intra- and Interfactory Integration and Automation 2016
234 HyproCell Development and validation of integrated multiprocess HYbrid PROduction CELLs for rapid individualized laser-based production 2016
235 PoLaRoll Polygon scanner based ultra-short pulse laser processing in roll-to-roll manufacturing 2016
236 ModuLase Development and Pilot Line Validation of a Modular re-configurable Laser Process Head 2016
237 ENCOMPASS ENgineering COMPASS 2016
238 AeroPul Curved profiles for aerospace applications manufactured by Pultrusion 2016
239 AceForm4.0 Activating Value Chains for EU leadership in FORMulation Manufacturing 4.0 2016
240 BRIDAS Brillouin Distributed sensor for Aeronautical Structures 2016
241 OLFITT O.M.P.M LiferCraft Fabrication Innovative Tool Tail 2016
242 DryFiciency Waste Heat Recovery in Industrial Drying Processes 2016
243 COFRARE 2.0 Out of autoclave processes development for composite frames manufacturing with high production rate and low cost. 2016
244 SCORE Score board of competitiveness of European transport manufacturing industries 2016
245 TC2D 2D nanomaterials-based composite films for more efficient thermal conduction 2016
246 INSPIRE Towards growth for business by flexible processing in customer-driven value chains 2016
247 Ascent AM Adding Simulation to the Corporate ENvironmenT for Additive Manufacturing 2016
248 ACTIonRCraft Anti-Crash lightweight fuel bladder Tank Integrated on a new RotorCraft 2016
249 ConnectedFactories Industrial scenarios for connected factories 2016
250 HIPERLAM High Performance Laser-based Additive Manufacturing 2016
251 DISC Double side contacted cells with innovative carrier-selective contacts 2016
252 OpenMaker Harnessing the power of Digital Social Platforms to shake up makers and manufacturing entrepreneurs towards a European Open Manufacturing ecosystem 2016
254 ULPEC Ultra-Low Power Event-Based Camera 2017
255 IntAir Cheaper, Lighter, Safer Composite Materials for Aircraft Interiors 2016
256 SMARTSAND Transforming fly ash waste from coal-fired power plants into lightweight engineered sand formultiple applications 2016
257 InKreate Transfer the real 3D world to interactive creative endeavours in apparel industry 2017
258 PIXAPP Photonic Integrated Circuits Assembly and Packaging Pilot Line 2017
259 ORCA Orchestration and Reconfguration Control Architecture 2017
260 Cargo Beacon Cargo Beacons – no unexpected delays or losses in shipments of valuable cargo 2016
261 WEAR Wearable technologists Engage with Artists for Responsible innovation 2017
262 ECSASDPE European and Chinese Platform for Stacked Aero-Structure Drilling Process and Equipment 2017
263 UFPCC Scale up of the Continuous Production Method for Nano-sized Precipitated Calcium Carbonate, and market Introduction for Industrial End Use 2016
264 SYNERGY Plugplay gasification plant for onsite conversion of otherwise unusable waste into renewable energy 2016
265 IFM nano thruster A highly efficient propulsion system for micro- and nano-satellites able to double the mission lifetime and to position satellites with unprecedented accuracy 2016
266 PANDA Production of Advanced Nano Diamond Additives (PANDA) for various industries, science and medicine 2016
267 InteractiveSkin InteractiveSkin: Digital Fabrication of Personalized On-Body User Interfaces 2017
268 Smart-4-Fabry Smart multifunctional GLA-nanoformulation for Fabry disease 2017
269 A_MADAM Advanced design rules for optimMAl Dynamic properties of Additive Manufacturing products 2017
270 BAMOS Biomaterials and Additive Manufacturing: Osteochondral Scaffold innovation applied to osteoarthritis 2017
271 FIRST virtual Factories: Interoperation suppoRting buSiness innovaTion 2017
272 SME 4.0 Industry 4.0 for SMEs - Smart Manufacturing and Logistics for SMEs in an X-to-order and Mass Customization Environment 2017
273 PVCLOUD Innovative Cloud-Based PV Workflow for Semiconductor Foundries 2017
274 ThingSight Industrial IoT Communication and Analytics Platform for Smart Maintenance 2016
275 VACCELERAID A novel vaccine technology leading to accelerated availability of vaccines and improved delivery 2016
276 HPE1 New high-performance excipients in pharmaceutical industry: an innovative solution for a more efficient and sustainable drug manufacturing process. 2016
277 HbMP-700 The World's First Safe and Efficacious Human Blood Substitute: HbMP-700, a Haemoglobin based oxygen carrier, based on bovine blood. 2017
278 qSOFC Automated mass-manufacturing and quality assurance of Solid Oxide Fuel Cell stacks 2017
279 INLINE Design of a flexible, scalable, high quality production line for PEMFC manufacturing 2017
280 DIGIMAN DIGItal MAterials CharacterisatioN proof-of-process auto assembly 2017
281 Laser-Bioprint Laser-Based Bioprinter 2016
282 NEXTOWER Advanced materials solutions for next generation high efficiency concentrated solar power (CSP) tower systems 2017
283 SoWe Commercializing soft wearable systems from a stretchable electronic material 2017
284 FORMIT Forming and Modular Integration of Thermoplastics 2016
285 AddMan Innovative Re-Design and Validation of Complex Airframe Structural Components Formed by Additive Manufacturing for Weight and Cost Reduction 2017
286 4D hybrid Novel ALL-IN-ONE machines, robots and systems for affordable, worldwide and lifetime Distributed 3D hybrid manufacturing and repair operations 2017
287 INN-BALANCE INNovative Cost Improvements for BALANCE of Plant Components of Automotive PEMFC Systems 2017
288 SkyLight SkyLight: Innovations in titanium investment casting of lightweight structural components for aero engines 2017
289 COBOMEGA Automation of hand lay up manufacturing process for composites stiffeners 2017
290 WINBOXTOOL High versatility and accurate tooling set produced in All-In-One machine for the cost efficiency Sub-Assembly, Functional Checks and Transport of the Morphing Winglet and Multifunctional Outer flaps. 2017
291 INNOMAQ21 High quality and cost-effective metal powder for manufacturing lower weight components with improved properties for transport vehicles 2017
292 3D-COMPETE Mini Factories for 3D printing of Large Industrial Composite Structures 2017
293 MARGHERITA Pizza Vending Machine with Innovative oven and refrigerated storage technology for improved performance and operations 2017
294 LEXR Sterilizer Low Energy X Ray Sterilizer – bringing OEM medical device sterilization in house and streamlining production 2017
295 xBeam xBeam 3D Metal Printing 2017
296 CORDIAL Collaborative OWA robots for drilling and fasteners insertion in assembly lines 2017
297 SMART-LAYUP Development of innovative automated fibre placement machine for composite fuselage manufacturing with high performance hybrid materials 2017
298 DREAM Design and Realization of equipped engine compartments including cowling for a fast compound rotorcraft 2017
299 DEFENDER DEsign, development, manufacture, testing and Flight qualification of nExt geNeration fuel storage system with aDvanced intEgRated gauging and self-sealing capabilities 2017
300 HFLE Hybrid Fixed Leading Edge 2017
301 TICOAJO TItanium COmposite Adhesive JOints 2017
302 Bendsai Feasibility study for Bendsai – world’s first standardised machine tending robot 2017
303 FOODSELFI FOOD Safety monitoring by Electrochemical Lateral Flow Immunoassay 2017
304 NET Nanoreactivity at drastically Extended Timescales 2017
305 HumRobManip Robotic Manipulation Planning for Human-Robot Collaboration on Forceful Manufacturing Tasks 2017
306 LACTOPOC A Low-cost disposAble eleCTrochemical biOsensor for Point Of Care (POC) hypolactasia diagnostic testing 2017
307 CoMRAde A Collaborative Mobile Robot Arm that can Learn Impedance Critical Tasks from Humans 2017
308 EBOMAN Manufacturing and Development for Rapid Access Ebola Vaccine (EBOMAN) 2014
309 NHYTE New Hybrid Thermoplastic Composite Aerostructures manufactured by Out of Autoclave Continuous Automated Technologies 2017
310 Manufuture2017 The Manufuture 2017 Conference 2016
311 AMPERE Automated photovoltaic cell and Module industrial Production to regain and secure European Renewable Energy market 2017
312 PICOGC Market introduction of a revolutionary lab-on-a-chip Micro-Gas-Chromatograph for a cost-effective management of natural gas 2017
313 VADIS Variance Aware Determinate assembly Integrated System 2017
314 MISSP Manufacturing of Integral Stiffened Skin Panels 2017
315 CREAM4 Chemical Reaction Engineering by Additive Manufacturing of Mesoscale MetaMaterials 2017
316 FiberEUse Large scale demonstration of new circular economy value-chains based on the reuse of end-of-life fiber reinforced composites. 2017
317 ECOBULK Circular Process for Eco-Designed Bulky Products and Internal Car Parts 2017
318 FastCan Light weight, impact resistant, canopy for fast compound rotorcraft 2017
319 ECOXY Bio-based recyclable, reshapable and repairable (3R) fibre-reinforced EpOXY composites for automotive and construction sectors. 2017
320 AFTERLIFE Advanced Filtration TEchnologies for the Recovery and Later conversIon of relevant Fractions from wastEwater 2017
321 SHERLOC QSP Quilted Stratum Processes (QSP) for low cost and eco thermoplastic manufacturing of complex composite parts 2017
322 OxfordNano Implementing Special Nanomaterials in Ultra-performance Mobile Radomes 2017
323 PAPERCHAIN New market niches for the Pulp and Paper Industry waste based on circular economy approaches 2017
324 R3-PowerUP 300mm Pilot Line for Smart Power and Power Discretes 2017
325 LATTE Full Fairing for Main Rotor Head of the LifeRCraft demonstrator 2017
326 PET-Yield A new manufacturing method, monitoring platform and material equipment to carry out a moreefficient production of plastic bottles, reducing its waste. 2017
327 LEU-FOREvER Low Enriched Uranium Fuels fOR REsEarch Reactors 2017
328 PSIDESC Predictive Simulation of Defects in Structural Composites 2017
329 iPROCELL Commercial validation of iPROCELL: a novel modular assembly practice 2017
330 GASVESSEL Compressed Natural Gas Transport System 2017
331 ARIESS Augmented Reality and Indoor Navigation for Enhanced ASSembly 2017
332 AlForAMA Innovative Al alloy For aircraft structural parts using Additive MAnufacturing technology 2017
333 VALEMA VALidation tests of ElectroMechanical Actuators and its dedicated control units at TRL 6 level 2017
334 DIATOMIC Digital Innovation Hubs boosting European Microelectronics Industry 2017
335 ENABLE European Network for Alloys Behaviour Law Enhancement 2018
336 INOVER21 Mass-customisation of custom-made medical implants 2017
337 INCAP Infusion Cap Technology for a healthy nutrition on-the-go produced in a fully automated single-step process 2017
338 INDTECH2018 INDustrial TECHnologies 2018 - innovative industries for smart growth 2017
339 LAY2FORM Efficient Material Hybridization by Unconventional Layup and Forming of Metals and Composites for Fabrication of Multifunctional Structures 2017
340 MEMS 4.0 Additive Micro-Manufacturing for Plastic Micro-flectro-Mechanical-Systems 2017
341 NOVUM Pilot line based on novel manufacturing technologies for cellulose-based electrical insulation components 2017
342 RECODE Recycling carbon dioxide in the cement industry to produce added-value additives: a step towards a CO2 circular economy 2017
343 RECOTRANS Integrated manufacturing of REciclable hybrid metalthermoplastic COmposites for the TRANSport sector. 2017
344 SHARK Laser surface engineering for new and enhanced functional performance with digitally enabled knowledge base 2017
345 SmartLine Smart in-line metrology and control for boosting the yield and quality of high-volume manufacturing of Organic Electronics 2017
346 SNAPTAG Unique machine to produce a revolutionary RFID TAG 2017
348 WMF2018 World Manufacturing Forum 2018 2017
349 WTM-RECYCLE Large scale wind tunnel turboprop aircraft model integrating morphing devices for aerodynamic experimental assessment 2017
350 Z-BRE4K Strategies and Predictive Maintenance models wrapped around physical systems for Zero-unexpected-Breakdowns and increased operating life of Factories 2017
351 Clear5G Converged wireless access for reliable 5G MTC for factories of the future 2017
352 ESSIAL Electrical Steel Structuring, Insulating and Assembling by means of the Laser technologies 2017
353 Himalaia High-Impact Injection Moulding Platform for mass-production of 3D and/or large micro-structured surfaces with Antimicrobial, Self-cleaning, Anti-scratch, Anti-squeak and Aesthetic functionalities 2017
354 I4MS-Go I4MS Going to Market Alliance 2017
355 Classizer A novel and revolutionary instrument for the classification and sizing of micro-” and nano- particles in biological, industrial and environmental complex fluids. 2017
356 FAST-PSAT FAST-PSAT. An innovative solution for building small satellites with a modularity design by using plastic polymers with fast prototyping 3D techniques: a “Lego® brick” concept 2017
357 AutoPro An adaptive system for modular automotive production to boost efficiency and reduce manufacturing cost. 2017
358 VisIoN European Training Network on Visible light based Interoperability and Networking 2017
359 CITCOM A Complimentary Inspection Technique based on Computer Tomography and Plenoptic Camera for MEMS Components 2017
360 CloudiFacturing Cloudification of Production Engineering for Predictive Digital Manufacturing 2017
361 DRIVEMODE Integrated Modular Distributed Drivetrain for Electric/Hybrid Vehicles 2017
362 FORA Fog Computing for Robotics and Industrial Automation 2017
363 L4MS Logistics for Manufacturing SMEs 2017
364 MIDIH Manufacturing Industry Digital Innovation Hubs 2017
365 MOSSWOOL Sustainable growing media for vegetable cultivation 2017
366 OPTIBLANKS Hybrid EMAT-Vision solution for OPTImisation of advanced manufacturing process of automotive tailor welded BLANKS 2017
367 PICASCO Piloting cascaded continuous flow synthesis for the pharmaceutical industry 2017
368 ReFreeDrive Rare Earth Free e-Drives featuring low cost manufacturing 2017
369 SAGAPROPLUS A Unique Herbal Product for the Symptomatic Treatment of Over Active Bladder 2017
370 SERENA VerSatilE plug-and-play platform enabling remote pREdictive mainteNAnce 2017
371 SUPREME Sustainable and flexible powder metallurgy processes optimization by a holistic reduction of raw material resources and energy consumption. 2017
372 A4B Analytics for Biologics 2017
373 AIM Advanced Manufacturing Ecosystem improvement 2017
374 RUN2Rail Innovative RUNning gear soluTiOns for new dependable, sustainable, intelligent and comfortable RAIL vehicles 2017
375 FlexCT Flexible and open-source tool for accurate reconstruction using industrial X-ray computed tomography 2017
376 FASTEN Flexible and Autonomous Manufacturing Systems for Custom-Designed Products 2017
377 QUANTIFY Unraveling the role of anisotropy in material failure 2018
378 VIMMP Virtual Materials Market Place (VIMMP) 2018
379 FreeWheel Lifecycle-reconfigurable Smart Mobility Platform to enable autonomous and cost-effective personalized solutions for social inclusion of disabled and elderly while leveraging AM technologies 2017
380 IMAGE Innovative Manufacturing Routes for Next Generation Batteries in Europe 2017
381 iModBatt Industrial Modular Battery Pack Concept Addressing High Energy Density, Environmental Friendliness, Flexibility and Cost Efficiency for Automotive Applications 2017
382 RadHard Ultra High Efficiency Radiation Hard Space Solar Cells on Large Area Substrates 2018
383 SpaceCarbon European Carbon Fibres and Pre-Impregnated Materials for Space Applications 2018
384 cleanMOULD CleanMOULD: Advanced low friction and fretting-resistant diamond-like coating solution 2017
385 OnTrack Development of a commercial manufacturing process for embeddable RFID and NFC Tags forcomplete lifecycle tracking of tyres 2017
386 BIOSIM Accelerating the commercialisation of a disruptive analytical technology which enables thebiopharmaceutical industry to manufacture drugs faster, cheaper and with greater regulatoryconfidence 2017
387 JetCell Microfluidic bubble JET flow CELL sorter for cell therapy 2018
388 CoopCat Cooperative Catalysis: Using Interdisciplinary Chemical Systems to Develop New Cooperative Catalysts 2018
389 MarketPlace Materials Modelling Marketplace for Increased Industrial Innovation 2018
390 INNPAPER Innovative and Smart Printed Electronics based on Multifunctionalized Paper: from Smart Labelling to Point of Care Bioplatforms 2018
391 VIMMP Virtual Materials Market Place (VIMMP) 2018
392 MASTRO Intelligent bulk MAterials for Smart TRanspOrt industries. 2017
393 MEMBER Advanced MEMBranes and membrane assisted procEsses for pre- and post- combustion CO2 captuRe 2018
394 CORNET Multiscale modelling and characterization to optimize the manufacturing processes of Organic Electronics materials and devices 2018
395 MANU-SQUARE MANUfacturing ecoSystem of QUAlified Resources Exchange 2018
396 IMPETUS Pilot line for paper based electrochemical test strips dedicated to quantitative biosensing in liquids 2018
397 OptiMACS European industrial doctorate for efficient multidisciplinary design Optimization ofMultifunctional Aerospace Composite Structures 2018
398 MiLEDI Micro Quantum Dot-Light Emitting Diode and Organic Light Emitting Diode Direct Patterning (MILEDI) 2018
399 MAMA-MEA Mass Manufacture of MEAs Using High Speed Deposition Processes 2018
400 RobotUnion Stimulate ScaleUps to develop novel and challenging TEchnology and systems applicable to new Markets for ROBOtic soLUTIONs 2018
401 NEXIS Next generation X-ray imaging system 2018
402 MORPHIC Mems-based zerO-power Reconfigurable PHotonic ICs 2018
403 PHENOMENON Laser Manufacturing of 3D nanostructured optics using Advanced Photochemistry 2018
404 BOOST 4.0 Big Data Value Spaces for COmpetitiveness of European COnnected Smart FacTories 4.0 2018
405 LIPOCOAT Biomimetic nano-coatings for healthcare. Targeting the contact lenses market 2017
406 OPTOFORCE Robot Learning for Unprecedented Quality and Efficiency Improvements in the Manufacturing Industry 2017
407 TiltHex Tilt Rotor Heat Exchanger 2018
408 NanoTextSurf Nanotextured surfaces for membranes, protective textiles, friction pads and abrasive materials 2017
409 DiCoMI Directional Composites through Manufacturing Innovation 2018
410 BOOST 4.0 Big Data Value Spaces for COmpetitiveness of European COnnected Smart FacTories 4.0 2018
411 DEFLECT DEvelopment of Functionalizable materiaLs for Electrical CabineTs 2018
412 PASSPORT Part Specific Process Optimization in SLM 2018
413 TechnocaP Innovative technology for capsule filling machines to boost the pharmaceutical manufacturing process 2018
415 CLEAN CABINET A Unique and Innovative flushing test bench for cleanliness assessment of hydraulic components that allows to increase test efficiency and reduce costs 2018
416 BioBur Multifuel, Economic, High Efficiency High Thermal Power Rotating Biomass Burner for IndustrialApplications 2018
417 BOOST 4.0 Big Data Value Spaces for COmpetitiveness of European COnnected Smart FacTories 4.0 2018
418 AMuLET Advanced Control Unit for Morphing Leading Edge Management 2018
419 ADD-ON Advanced Damage Detection though Optical sensor Network 2018
420 KEELBEMAN Keel beam manufacturing oriented solution 2018
421 MEPAFUS Metitalia prototype tooling for fuselage panel 2018
423 TextileLab Race to the bottom? Family labour, household livelihood and consumption in the relocation of global cotton manufacturing, ca. 1750-1990 2018
424 BOOST 4.0 Big Data Value Spaces for COmpetitiveness of European COnnected Smart FacTories 4.0 2018
425 PALACE Pump Architecture Linked to Aircraft Cooling Expectations 2018
426 HARP (Harmonised Amphenol Radiall Project) - A next generation high density modular electrical interconnect solution. 2018
427 NATHENA New Additive manufacTuring Heat ExchaNger for Aeronautic 2018
428 InSPIRe Innovative Systems to Prevent Ice on Regional Aircraft 2018
429 APA Filter-less water-based Air Pollution Abatement system 2018
430 C-VoUCHER Circularize ValUe CHains across European Regional Innovation Strategies 2018
431 DeMoMet Design and modelling of metal matrix composites 2018
432 DiaMoND Development of composite Metamaterials having Negative stiffness inclusions and exceptional Damping properties 2018
433 IoT4Industry Towards smarter means of production in European manufacturing SMEs through the use of the Internet of Things technologies 2018
434 NS-COMP Development of composite structures having negative stiffness inclusions and exceptional dampingproperties 2019
435 iPES-3DBat Innovative Polymeric Batteries by 3D Printing 2018
436 SELFSENS Printed SELF-power platform for gas SENSing monitoring 2018
437 REGinTRAN Advanced manufacturing and the transition of regional economies: institutions, social regulation and development in Apulia and Lower Silesia 2018
438 SOFTCAR The cleanest and lowest cost car ever! 2018
439 DACOMAT Damage Controlled Composite Materials 2018
440 PERTPV Perovskite Thin-film Photovoltaics (PERTPV) 2018
441 MATURE-NK MAnufacturing of TUmour-REactive Natural Killer cells 2018
442 MADELEINE Multidisciplinary ADjoint-based Enablers for LArge-scale INdustrial dEsign in aeronautics 2018
443 SuCoHS Sustainable and Cost Efficient High Performance Composite Structures demanding Temperature and Fire Resistance 2018
444 AIRPOXY ThermoformAble, repaIrable and bondable smaRt ePOXY based composites for aero structures 2018
445 ReCiPSS Resource-efficient Circular Product-Service Systems 2018
446 OCEAN12 Opportunity to Carry European Autonomous driviNg further with FDSOI technology up to 12nm node 2018
447 POSITION-II A pilot line for the next generation of smart catheters and implants 2018
448 iDev40 Integrated Development 4.0 2018
449 WAKeMeUP Wafers for Automotive and other Key applications using Memories, embedded in Ulsi Processors 2018
450 PROCESS Engineering Solutions for the Process Industry 2018
451 BioWings Bio-compatible electrostrictive smart materials for future generation of medical micro-electro- mechanical systems 2018
452 HYDRIDE4MOBILITY Hydrogen fuelled utility vehicles and their support systems utilising metal hydrides 2017
453 BIOCOPY BIOCOPY: the new biomolecule copying and screening solution for diagnostics and therapeutics 2018
454 BrainedFactory Smart Manufacturing Platform for Industrial Part Production through Artificial Intelligence, Big Data & Robotics 2018
455 SOLUPORE Solupore® - Enabling the Manufacture of Affordable New Treatments to Cure Cancer 2018
456 FLEMANIE Flexible Microchip Manufacturing for New Industries in Europe 2018
457 NANOFACTORY NANOFACTORY – 3D micro – nano fabrication device 2018