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H2020 projects about "analyzing"

The page lists 250 projects related to the topic "analyzing".

# achronym  title  year 
1 BeyondSeq Genomic diagnostics beyond the sequence 2015
2 HUCO Human Cooperation to Protect the Global Commons 2015
3 iCspec in-line Cascade laser spectrometer for process control 2015
4 MindBendingGrammars Mind-Bending Grammars: The dynamics of correlated multiple grammatical changes in Early Modern English writers 2015
5 EDUCAGE The EDUCAGE: A Behavioral Platform for Naturalistic Learning 2015
6 SKPLUS Super-Kamiokande plus 2014
7 EWIT EWIT: Developing an e-waste implementation toolkit to support the recycling and the secondary raw material recovery strategies in metropolitan areas in Africa 2015
8 RRI-ICT Forum Supporting and promoting responsible research and innovation in ICT 2015
9 SIGNAT Evaluation of Plant Signaling Networks in Natural Environments 2015
10 SHARCS Secure Hardware-Software Architectures for Robust Computing Systems 2015
11 SYMBIOSYS Symbolic Analysis of Temporal and Functional Behavior of Networked Systems 2015
12 CWASI Coping with water scarcity in a globalized world 2015
13 ADEMU A Dynamic Economic and Monetary Union 2015
14 SOLIDUS SOLIDUS: “Solidarity in European societies: empowerment, social justice and citizenship” 2015
15 GreenS GreenS – Green public procurement supporters for innovative and sustainable institutional change 2015
16 CP2 CP2 is a project to develop a new wrist placement technology that can detect anomalies with both the Cardio and Vascular systems simultaneously. 2014
17 NiGlucoMon A Non-Invasive GLUCOse MONitoring device for diabetics based on Stimulated Raman Spectroscopy in a quick, cheap and painless method. 2014
18 PRIME PRIME (Push Relevantly to Increase Mobile Engagement) 2014
19 PREMADES Preterm Feeding Maturity Measurement and Evaluation 2014
20 InnoMarket Innovation in the road freight transportation chain facilitating sustainability and low cost: A socio-technical perspective on work and development of road freight transport markets. 2015
21 ULISSES Transported cultural landscapes: the role of colonization processes in cultural landscape shaping 2015
22 ASB Amplitudes, String and Branes 2015
23 SCDCDC Design of Switched Capacitor DC-DC Converters Suitable for Wireless and Bio Sensor Applications 2015
24 APCINTERACTIONS Molecular basis for securin and cyclin ubiquitylation by the anaphase-promoting complex (APC/C) 2016
25 MEHYB Many-body effects in hybrid quantum systems 2015
26 ROR2BONE Investigating Ror2-dependent non-canonical Wnt signaling in bone remodeling 2015
27 Imperial Recipes Food in the Spanish and British Caribbean in the Nineteenth Century: Encounters, Exchanges, Identities 2015
28 HyHeat Profiling gene expression in Hydra vulgaris following Gold Nanoparticle-mediated hyperthermia 2015
30 PGEPP Are there rules to the game? Patterns of Genome Evolution in Paleopolyploid Plants 2015
31 Gregory Gregory Nazianzen's methodeology of the theological arguing 2015
32 TCN TimeAnalyzer TimeAnalyzer in real-time networks 2015
33 SMILE Slimming MIcroaLgae Extract : Development of a new highly effective microalgae-based slimming ingredient for nutraceutical applications 2015
34 MultiRev Multi-revolution non-volatile magnetic sensors 2016
35 i2D i2D – intelligence to drive 2015
36 3D Reloaded 3D Reloaded: Novel Algorithms for 3D Shape Inference and Analysis 2015
37 WayTO Wayfinding Through Orientation 2015
38 VIDOCK 2D Conformal mapping of protein surfaces: applications to VIsualization and DOCKing software 2015
39 MammaPrint Improved breast cancer care by innovative diagnostic test MammaPrint 2015
40 SYMCAR Symbolic Computation and Automated Reasoning for Program Analysis 2016
41 DATACTIVE Data activism: The politics of big data according to civil society 2015
42 TAMING Taming non convexity? 2015
43 DIME Disequilibirum metamorphism of stressed lithosphere 2015
44 NuQFT The Hall Plateau Transition and non-unitary Quantum Field Theory 2015
45 ARRAY SEQ Array-tagged single cell gene expression by parallel linear RNA amplification and sequencing 2015
46 TACTILENet TACTILENet: Towards Agile, effiCient, auTonomous and massIvely LargE Network of things 2016
47 NANOGENTOOLS Developing and implementation of a new generation of nanosafety assessment tools 2016
48 INNOVA_MEASURE 2 Statistical analyses and composite indicators in research and innovation 2015
49 VaVeL Variety, Veracity, VaLue: Handling the Multiplicity of Urban Sensors 2015
50 STAQAMOF Statistical modelling across price and time scales: a quantitative approach to modern financial regulation 2016
51 MagneticYSOs Interpreting Dust Polarization Maps to Characterize the Role of the Magnetic Field in Star Formation Processes 2016
52 ROBUST Robotic subsea exploration technologies 2015
53 BILAT USA 4.0 Bilateral Coordination for the Enhancement and Development of STI Partnerships between the EU and the USA 2016
54 HetScaleNet Analysis and control of large scale heterogeneous networks: scalability, robustness and fundamental limits 2016
55 HUNAYNNET Transmission of Classical Scientific and Philosophical Literature from Greek into Syriac and Arabic 2016
56 SCALABLE DEMOCRACY Can Direct Democracy Be Scaled? The Promise of Networked Democracy and the Affordances of Decision-Making Software 2016
57 AsLife Life in Arsenic rich environments: a challenge or an opportunity? 2016
58 NeuroASPECT Neuronal Alternative Splicing and RNA-Editing Crosstalk 2017
59 E-GOS Effective Governance of Open Spatial data 2016
60 DynaSpaCER Molecular Mechanisms of Dynamic and Spatial Control of Eph Receptors clustering 2016
61 SURVEIRON SURVEIRON: Advanced surveillance system for the protection of urban soft targets and urban critical infrastructures 2016
62 Insight An accounting integrated carbon management tool for supply chain decarbonisation of SMEs. 2016
63 MOPSA Modular Open Platform for Static Analysis 2016
64 CITADEL Critical Infrastructure Protection using Adaptive MILS 2016
65 collActionStatus We are the 1%, we stand with the 99%: reactions of high-status groups faced with social change attempts from low-status groups 2016
66 METODA Methodological Explorations between Design and Social Sciences 2016
67 Immune Regulation How Infection History Shapes the Immune System: Pathogen-induced Changes in Regulatory T Cells 2016
68 WHIPLASH WHat next? an Integrated PLanetary Atmosphere Simulator: from Habitable worlds to Hot jupiters 2016
69 NanoStaph Force nanoscopy of staphylococcal biofilms 2016
70 AIDSsilences The Power of Silence: A Medical Anthropological Approach to AIDS Care Narratives 2017
71 TiDrugArchitectures Highly Competent and Safe Titanium(IV) Therapeutic Frameworks that are Cancer Targeted based on Complex 1, 2, and 3D Chemical Architectures 2016
72 SCALABLA SCALABLA: a platform for elastic multimedia communications enabling natural social interaction and personalization 2016
73 DigitalMemories We are all Ayotzinapa: The role of Digital Media in the Shaping of Transnational Memories on Disappearance 2016
74 EMoBookTrade The Early Modern Book Trade: An Evidence-based Reconstruction of the Economic and Juridical Framework of the European Book Market 2016
75 SHAPE Shape Understanding: On the Perception of Growth, Form and Process 2016
76 LICORNE LIssage de COrdons Robotisé Novateur Expert 2015
77 MILQAS Milk quality antibiotics sensor 2016
78 POWERVE Portable Weigher for Railway Vehicles 2016
79 MUYA The Multimedia Yasna 2016
80 ROBUST POLICY Developing a robust decision making framework for climate change policy under uncertainty 2016
81 CepBin A sub-percent distance scale from binaries and Cepheids 2016
82 SODA Scalable Oblivious Data Analytics 2017
83 Platforms4CPS Creating the CPS Vision, Strategy, Technology Building Blocks and Supporting Ecosystem for Future CPS Platforms 2016
84 MASHQI Making Books Talk: The Material Evidence of Manuscripts of the Kitab al-Shifa by Qadi Iyad (d.1149) for the Reception of an Andalusian Biography of the Prophet between 1100 and 1900 2017
85 SMILE Statistical Mechanics of Learning 2017
86 NOISYDECISIONS Neural decisions under uncertainty 2016
87 3D-Plant2Cells Exploring the Impact of Pesticide on the 3D Metabolome and the Microbiota from the Whole Plant to the Cell Scale 2017
88 EW-Shopp EW-Shopp - Supporting Event and Weather-based Data Analytics and Marketing along the Shopper Journey 2017
89 Oncosmart ONCOlogic patient profiling and personalized treatment through SMART bedside diagnostics 2016
90 POLITE Powered, modular Wind-Tunnel model for low and high Reynolds tests 2016
91 TARICA PoliTical And socioinstitutional change in NoRth AfrICA: competition of models and diversity of national trajectories 2017
93 COMPUS Civic community and public space in the ancient Near East. The case of Hittite Anatolia at the end of the Late Bronze Age (14th-13th centuries BCE). 2017
94 STRUGGLE Statistical physics of immune-viral co-evolution 2017
95 X-Pulse ZNMF Pulsed Jet-based Active Flow Control of the UHBR-induced Flow through High Fidelity CFD 2017
96 PROSANCT Bombs, Banks and Sanctions: A Sociology of the Transnational Legal Field of Nuclear Nonproliferation 2017
97 PREMADES Preterm Feeding Maturity Measurement and Evaluation 2017
98 TERA Coding for terabit-per-second fiber-optical communications 2017
99 QTReproART Towards an Inclusive Common European Framework for Assisted Reproductive Technologies (ART): Queer Transgender Reproduction in the Age of ART. 2017
100 MARBAL Mortuary Archaeology of the RameÈ› Bronze Age Landscape: Identity and inequality in early mining communities (2700-2200 BC) 2017
101 ANCAVE Anchialine caves to understand evolutionary processes 2017
102 MedRoute On the route of multiculturalism(s). Marking and hybridizing identities in the late 17th and early 18th centuries Mediterranean port cities 2017
103 MORPHOLITHEX Morphology of Lithic Artifacts: Experimental and Morphometric Approaches 2017
104 VIVIR VIsual representations of VIew Relations to support effective data analysis on large and high-resolution displays 2017
105 MycoIndoor Deciphering the mycobiome of indoor environments by high-throughput sequencing 2018
106 ATLANTIC_ANGOLA Race, Church, and Colonial Government in the Atlantic: the case of Angola in the age of Enlightenment 2017
107 TIMEGG TIMING FERTILIY- A Comparative Analysis of Time Constructions and the Social Practice of Egg-Freezing in Germany and Israel 2018
108 RESOURCE Groundwater quality assessment in areas with intensive livestock: is manure recycling a major source of pollution and dissemination of antibiotic resistance genes?” 2017
109 ARTEFACT The Global as Artefact: Understanding the Patterns of Global Political History Through an Anthropology of Knowledge -- The Case of Agriculture in Four Global Systems from the Neolithic to the Present 2017
110 IMMUNO-RQC Role of Listerin ubiquitin ligase in MHC-I antigen presentation 2017
111 ContraNPM1AML Dissecting to hit the therapeutic targets in nucleophosmin (NPM1)-mutated acute myeloid leukemia 2017
112 BaSaR Beyond the Silk Road: Economic Development, Frontier Zones and Inter-Imperiality in the Afro-Eurasian World Region, 300 BCE to 300 CE 2017
114 EASED3D Early screening of eye diseases using automated diagnosis of high-fidelity 3D images 2017
115 SPACE Space-time structure of climate change 2017
116 GLOBAL-HOT A Global History of Technology, 1850-2000 2017
117 Precision4Life Precision mass spectrometry to leverage applications in life and environmental sciences 2017
118 MAT_STOCKS Understanding the Role of Material Stock Patterns for the Transformation to a Sustainable Society 2018
119 MCircuits Connectivity, plasticity and function of an olfactory memory circuit 2017
120 POWERSHIFTS Shifting political power: the nature and consequences of distributed renewable energy transitions 2017
121 H2S ANALYZER Introduction of an online hydrogen sulphide analytic device for the creation of an efficient andeconomical and ecological sustainable waste water infrastructure in Europe 2017
122 CITCOM A Complimentary Inspection Technique based on Computer Tomography and Plenoptic Camera for MEMS Components 2017
123 CAstRA Comet and Asteroid Re-Shaping through Activity 2018
124 IneqPol Inequality - Public Policy and Political Economy 2018
125 Waves Waves of history in the South Pacific: A gene-culture coevolutionary approach 2018
126 EXPROTEA Exploring Relations in Structured Data with Functional Maps 2018
127 QGP-MYSTERY Demystifying the Quark-Gluon Plasma 2018
128 TFence A patent pending solution/microchip for the IoT cybersecurity market requirements: no access toonline software updates, very small size, inexpensive hardware, low energy consumption. 2017
129 HORNEAST Horn and Crescent. Connections, Mobility and Exchange between the Horn of Africa and the Middle East in the Middle Ages 2017
130 SleepSynapses The role of sleep in synaptic plasticity 2018
131 MODULISPACES Topology of moduli spaces of Riemann surfaces 2018
132 SMARTFISH Smart fisheries technologies for an efficient, compliant and environmentally friendly fishing sector 2018
133 NanoBioMap Nanoparticle Biointerface Mapping 2018
134 THEKAISERSMOSQUES Islamic architecture and Orientalizing style in Habsburg Bosnia, 1878-1918 2018
135 TIMEISNOW The Time is Now: Understanding Social Network Dynamics Using Relational Event Histories 2018
136 ReSHEALience Rethinking coastal defence and Green-Energy Service infrastructures through enHancEd-durAbiLIty high-performance fiber reinforced cement-based materials. 2018
137 Alliance4Life Life Science Alliance: Closing Research and Innovation Divide in the EU 2018
138 ImmuneHunter Bioinformatics platform for profiling of health: allowing early and accurate detection of multiple diseases simultaneously 2017
139 VESTA VErified STAtic analysis platform 2018
140 GlycoSkin Dissection of Glycan Function by Engineered Tissue Models 2018
141 KYTERA COMPANION Disrupting the elderly home care with contextual analysis software 2018
142 ImmunoFit Harnessing tumor metabolism to overcome immunosupression 2018
143 HADES HADES - Optical Hot Air Leak DEtection System 2018
144 AMFIL Autonomous magnetic field-based indoor location 2018
145 Selfish discourse Underspecification in spoken and written discourse: interpretation, compensation and cognitive implications 2019
146 SPACES Sex, disPlacements, And cross-Cultural EncounterS 2018
147 BEMAR Protection-induced selection and evolution of behavior within marine reserves and the impact on fisheries sustainability 2018
148 CHNIEQ Wealth Acumination and Inequality in China and its Neighboring Emerging Countries: Trends, Drivers and Policy Implications 2018
150 EcoLabSS Ecovillages as Laboratories of Sustainability and Social Change 2018
151 InfoSampCollectJgmt The Implications of Selective Information Sampling for Individual and Collective Judgments 2018
152 SVNeuroTrans Mechanisms of neurotransmitter uptake and storage by synaptic vesicles 2018
153 AirSens High-Accuracy Indoor Tracking and Augmented Sensing using Swarms of UAVs 2018
154 TransparencyMeters Transparency instruments to quantify the method transparency, analytic robustness, and replicability of empirical research 2018
155 REPTOL Pre-leukemic B cell repertoire alterations in patients with familial chronic lymphocytic leukemia: looking for evidence of a genetically-inherited defect in tolerance induction 2019
156 SQuHadron Strategies to tackle the Quest for Hadronization 2019
157 CORVISDEC Cortical circuits underlying visual decision-making behaviors in mice 2018
158 MACRAME Management Accounting and CReativity: Analysis of MEanings 2018
159 InvestorCliques Investor Cliques in Stock Markets 2018
160 DEEPADAPT The molecular drivers of deep-sea adaptation in brittle stars 2018
161 Human Glymphatics Effects of sleep deprivation and adrenergic inhibition on glymphatic flow in humans 2018
162 WCVolcano Quantification of volcanic halogen impacts in the troposphere through WRF-Chem modelling, satellite and in-situ observations 2019
163 IDEAA Techniques, methods and tools for Issue-Driven European Arena Analytics: supporting citizens to easily explore the trove of publicly available data to build a viewpoint on a specific issue. 2018
164 kANNa Knowledge graph completion using Artificial Neural Networks for Herb-Drug Interaction discovery 2019
165 NewsEye NewsEye: A Digital Investigator for Historical Newspapers 2018
166 ROBINS Robotics Technology for Inspection of Ships 2018
167 ACCUPOL Unlimited Growth? A Comparative Analysis of Causes and Consequences of Policy Accumulation 2018
168 RETINAL Retinal imaging prevention and early detection of chronic diseases 2018
169 QBH Structure The Quantum Structure of Black Holes and the Recovery of Information 2019
170 LIGHTUP Turning the cortically blind brain to see: from neural computations to system dynamicsgenerating visual awareness in humans and monkeys 2018
171 Blocknetwork Blocknetwork - Fusing Big Data and Implementing Novel Cyber Security Solutions 2018
172 ADAFARM Small scale farmers’ sustainable adaptation strategies to climate change based on ecosystem services 2018
173 SARF Single-Atom Radio Frequency Fingerprinting 2018
174 SCP-Disorder Disordered and strongly-correlated systems: a new theoretical approach 2019
175 Quiske RowP The RowP system by Quiske Ltd is a game changing rowing technique measuring and coaching system for any level of rowers or crew both outdoor and indoors. 2018
176 QIP Towards a Quantitative Theory of Integer Programming 2019
177 TheaTheor Theorizing the Production of 'Comedia Nueva': The Process of Play Configuration in Spanish Golden Age Theater 2018
178 MEDIKURA MEDIKURA: Digital Infrastructure for Drug Safety in Europe 2018
179 GoodNews Fake news detection in social networks using geometric deep learning 2018
180 gSKIN BodyTemp Integration of Heat flux sensor in (wrist) wearable devices for accurately and non-invasively continuous monitoring of core body temperature (CBT) for the early detection of health-related disorders 2018
181 ALEX ALgorithms EXposed. Investigating Automated Personalization and Filtering for Research and Activism 2018
182 Konetik eLCV Artificial Intelligence based Smart Charging Assistant for Electric Light Commercial Vehicle Fleets 2018
183 MIND The Muslim Individual in Imperial and Soviet Russia 2019
184 Homes4Life Certified smart and integrated living environments for ageing well 2018
185 CFA The Clinical Flexible Analyzer- a new generation IVD testing device aimed to increase the competitiveness of local healthcare vs. large laboratories 2018
186 EcoSpy Leveraging the potential of historical spy satellite photography for ecology and conservation 2018
187 SYMELS Symbol Elimination in Reliable System Engineering 2019
188 CREATIVE IPR The History of Intellectual Property Rights in the Creative Industries 2019
189 DeCoCt Knowledge based design of complex synthetic microbial communities for plant protection 2019
190 ReligSpace The Effect of Manifestations of Religion in the Public Space on Sociopolitical Integration of Minority-Religion Immigrants 2019
191 FOXON Functionality of Oxide based devices under Electric-field: Towards Atomic-resolution Operando Nanoscopy 2018
192 POEMS Physics of Extreme Massive Stars 2019
193 AIRWAVES Automated high resolution water sampler for environmental monitoring 2019
194 TRACERxTME Constructing an evolutionary atlas of the immune landscape in lung cancer 2019
195 POSTBREXIT The Brexit effect in media coverage: how the intra-party democracy counters the rise of European populism 2019
196 PEER The Political Economy of E-Residency 2020
197 TransOcean Transoceanic Fishers: Multiple mobilities in and out of the South China Sea 2019
198 DECODE Decoding Context-Dependent Genetic Networks in vivo 2019
199 LUBARTWORLD Migration and Holocaust: Transnational Trajectories of Lubartow Jews Across the World (1920s-1950s) 2019
200 STRICt Sustainable development Transition through Regulation-Induced technological Change 2020
201 MechaPattern Coordination between cell identity, tissue mechanics and proportionate patterning during vertebrate eye formation 2019
202 EpiNet Understanding how biotic interactions influence the distribution of epiphytic orchids in tropical forests: An integrated network approach. 2019
203 PIE ANIMALS Of beasts and men. The animals of the Proto-Indo-Europeans 2019
204 SAECG Prediction of AF incidence using PR interval measurements, echocardiographic data and biomarker profiles: Analyses within epidemiological Framingham Heart Study and LIFE Health Care Study cohorts 2019
205 PhotoWann Bulk Photovoltaic effect via Wannier functions 2019
206 CLIMB Calibrating and Improving Mechanistic models of Biodiversity 2019
207 BODICON BODIes of CONtact: Identity negotiations and biocultural effects in the Roman colonies of Macedonia, Greece 2020
208 SCSC The molecular diversity of regeneration in the zebrafish spinal cord 2020
209 iNet Unraveling interaction networks of ammonia- and nitrite-oxidizing microorganisms 2020
210 CALCHAS Computational Intelligence for Multi-Source Remote Sensing Data Analytics 2019
211 BHR_EU The EU as a leading global actor in Business and Human Rights: Towards a coherent policy framework 2019
212 LIBORG EU Externalization of Migration and Border Management to Libya: the Role of Non-Governmental Organizations and Human Rights Implications 2019
213 ROCS Moving Towards Sustainable Mining With ROCS Real-Time Ore Composition Monitoring 2019
214 CHARM-Vis Chromatin accessibility landscape and transcription changes in recognition memory after visual imprinting in chicks 2019
215 CausalBrain Dynamic directed functional connectivity of causal learning 2019
216 JS_SCZ Investigating impact of schizophrenia-associated non-coding variants on enhancer activity using brain organoids 2020
217 CORRELATION Characterization and prediction of service-level traffic for future sliced mobile network 2020
218 DBP Create a business plan for implementing the data-analysis software DatenBerg Backpack in the manufacturing site in the rubber processing industry. 2019
219 SE3DPASTE Structurally Engineered 3D Printed Architectures for Scalable Tissue Engineering 2019
220 SPLITVAC Harnessing the innate and adaptive immune system with targeted neoantigen based cancer vaccines 2019
221 ScleroTest A rapid and cost-effective point-of-care diagnostic kit able to predict treatment response for appropriate Multiple Sclerosis management 2019
222 BUNT Colorful Indications of (Ex)Change. 2020
223 Usersnap Suite Analyzing Smart Bug Tracking and Customer Experience Feedback to Create and Evolve Software Products Users Love 2019
224 HECARRUS Hybrid ElectriC smAll commuteR aiRcraft conceptUal deSign 2019
225 PANTROP Biodiversity and recovery of forest in tropical landscapes 2019
226 Food Monitor Inline real-time 4.0 quality monitoring in food production 2019
227 HIVE-TECH Artificial Intelligence revolution in beekeeping sector: the “Internet of Bees” 2019
228 PIX The Process Improvement Explorer: Automated Discovery and Assessment of Business Process Improvement Opportunities 2019
229 Biotrack-MED Diagnostics device for rapid identification and antibiotics susceptibility testing of pathogens 2019
230 Smart Tracker First wearable sensor for real-time monitoring and optimisation of sport training 2019
231 MENELAOS_NT European Training Network (ETN) on Multimodal Environmental Exploration Systems – Novel Technologies 2020
232 WordMeasures Word Measures in Groups and Random Cayley Graphs 2020
233 CLARA The first superbot to audit calls 2019
234 MULTIMAG Multiscale Magnetic Models for Emerging Energy Conversion Applications 2020
235 ThermoTON Thermophone - a novel heat transfer based approach to global TOnal Noise cancellation in aviation 2020
236 MAMEMS Mount Athos in Medieval Eastern Mediterranean Society: Contextualizing the History of a Monastic Republic (ca. 850-1550) 2020
237 ChromoSOMe Canonical and Non-canonical modes of Chromosome Segregation in Oocyte Meiosis 2020
238 ARGPHENO Using hidden genealogical structure to study the architecture of human disease 2020
239 SIBMOB Social Class Mobility in Comparative Perspective: Bringing Siblings In 2021
240 ENDofLIFE Globalizing Palliative Care? A Multi-sited Ethnographic Study of Practices, Policies and Discourses of Care at the End of Life 2020
241 AVIAZE The social network for pilots, to make flying safer and cheaper 2020
242 EMPOCI Governing sustainable energy-mobility transitions: multi-level policy mixes, transformative capacities and low-carbon innovations 2020
243 MUSAiC Music at the Frontiers of Artificial Creativity and Criticism 2020
244 Proteomes-in-3D Three-dimensional dynamic views of proteomes as a novel readout for physiological and pathological alterations 2020
245 trans-argentina Was Sex Inflexible? Practices, Knowledge, Techniques, and Technologies of “Sex Change” Embodiment in Argentina during the Twentieth Century 2020
246 MALDIP Machine Learning in Disordered Photonics 2020
247 JQ4LHC Jet quenching for heavy-ion collisions at the LHC 2021
248 BatSECoV Canonical and non-canonical secretory mechanisms of cytokines in bat and human cell cultures in response to coronavirus infection: a comparative study 2021
249 GUT3D-PLATE Ready-to-use cell culture plates for gut 3D models 2020
250 ExIQ Exponentially Improved Quantum memory 2020