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1 K-TRIO 2 Researchers in the Knowledge Triangle 2014
2 EXPLORATHON EXPLORATHON - European Researchers' Night Scotland 2014
3 ESC European Reseearchers Night: Researchers in Real Life. 2014
4 Power2Nights Malopolska Researchers' Night 2014-2015 2014
5 STIGMATICS Between saints and celebrities. The devotion and promotion of stigmatics in Europe, c.1800-1950 2015
6 BIVAQUM Bivariational Approximations in Quantum Mechanics and Applications to Quantum Chemistry 2015
7 NANOIMAGER A portable single-molecule fluorescence imager 2014
8 MacSeNet Machine Sensing Training Network 2015
9 RePhrase REfactoring Parallel Heterogeneous Resource-Aware Applications - a Software Engineering Approach 2015
10 CloudTeams Collaborative Software Development Framework based on Trusted, Secure Cloud-based Pool of Users 2015
11 DICE Developing Data-Intensive Cloud Applications with Iterative Quality Enhancements 2015
12 SMPFv2.0 Next generation single molecule protein fluorescence 2015
13 SSBD Small Summaries for Big Data 2015
14 CC Combinatorial Construction 2016
15 EUENGAGE Bridging the gap between public opinion and European leadership: Engaging a dialogue on the future path of Europe. 2015
16 Pastguide Pastguide - guide app to run and witness full 3d reenactments of the past events in the heritage place on your mobile device 2014
18 COMACC Commercialisation of a Novel Modular Air Cooled Condenser for Steam Cycle Power Generation 2014
19 CO2NOR Carbon dioxide storage in nanomaterials based on ophiolitic rocks and utilization of the end-product carbonates in the building industry 2015
20 Invisibilia Tracing the Invisible. Old Norse and Latin in medieval manuscripts. 2016
21 HierTough Hierarchical composites for improving toughness: modelling and experimental validation 2015
22 ICELANDIC SCRIBES Scribal networks in 17th-century Iceland: The patronage of Magnús Jónsson í Vigur 2016
23 NETIA Neolithic textiles and clothing industries in the Aegean 2015
25 MHAtriCell Hyaluronan-rich matrices crosslinked with collagen-like peptides for 3D culture of ovarian cancer cells 2015
26 Legal Culture Legal Culture under Stalinism in Poland 2016
27 PATRIMONiT PATRIMONiT. From Cheap Print to Rare Ephemera: 16th-Century Italian 'Popular' Books at the British Library 2016
28 CHAP The transnational mobility of cheap print: British chapbooks in Italy, 1800-1850 2015
29 InCisive creTRAP for in situ Characterization of Fibrosis-Promoting Pathways in Non-alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease 2016
30 SmartDesalt Smart Pressure Vessel for water desalination with reverse osmosis membranes 2015
31 BrainPEER Brain Performance Enhancement Revolution - Advanced Cognitive Training System for Football Players 2015
32 DWAVE Designing waves for the people 2015
34 ToothPic ToothPic, a large-scale camera identification system based on compressed fingerprints 2015
35 TRANSPOP The Transformation of Popular Politics in Europe’s Long Nineteenth Century 2015
36 OpenDreamKit Open Digital Research Environment Toolkit for the Advancement of Mathematics 2015
37 MADE Migration as Development 2015
38 ScienceSquared ERC = ScienceSquared 2015
39 CAMUT Culture Aware Music Technologies 2015
40 PRIGeoC Partnership for Research in Geopolymer Concretes 2016
41 EUROPRACTICE 2016 EUROPRACTICE training, CAD and prototyping services for European universities and research institut 2016
42 COCOA CLOUD COllaborative CO-creation of web Applications on the CLOUD 2015
43 NASDAC iNnovative Approaches for Scalable Data Assimilation in oCeanography 2016
44 RANDGEOM Random Geometry 2016
45 RemoteMyApp Platform to efficiently stream anything (focusing on games, SME and B2B applications), anywhere (to any mobile device) 2016
46 CRISPAIR Study of the interplay between CRISPR interference and DNA repair pathways towards the development of novel CRISPR tools 2016
47 OriginStories Chinese Heritage Tours and Adoptive Origin Stories: Towards a Transnational Adoptive Field 2016
48 AGILE Adoptive Gateways for dIverse muLtiple Environments 2016
49 KEEPFISH Knowledge Exchange for Efficient Passage of Fishes in the Southern Hemisphere 2016
50 globalfertilitychain Tracing the global fertility chain- A new political economy of outsourced reproduction 2017
51 INATTENTION Behavioral and Policy Implications of Rational Inattention 2016
52 Extinction Genomics Exploring and exploiting the potential of extinct genome sequencing 2016
53 TOCNeT Teaching Old Crypto New Tricks 2016
54 HURIME Human Rights in the Post-Uprisings Middle East: Emerging Discourses and Practices in Egypt and Tunisia 2017
55 Garibaldinism Garibaldinism and radicalism: Traditions of transnational war volunteering in Southern Europe, 1861-1936 2016
56 HYPERBIO Hybrid Particle-Field Approach Including Electrostatics for Large-Scale Simulations of Biological Systems 2016
57 PopClandSATYRICON Popular readers and clandestine literature: the case of an early modern translation of Petronius’ Satyricon into Italian (17th C.) 2016
58 RESPONSIVENESS The Microfoundations of Authoritarian Responsiveness: E-Participation, Social Unrest and Public Policy in China 2016
59 COLORAMAP Constrained Low-Rank Matrix Approximations: Theoretical and Algorithmic Developments for Practitioners 2016
60 MOPSA Modular Open Platform for Static Analysis 2016
61 NuBSM From Fermi to Planck : a bottom up approach 2016
62 NNI Neuroscience and Narratives of Intimacy 2016
63 IsImAg Isis, Images and Agency. The Creation, Use and Perception of Religious Iconography Concerning the Egyptian Gods in the Hellenistic and Roman Worlds 2017
64 VISMEM Visualising memories of violence in urban places: gender and wellbeing in Istanbul 2016
65 DySoMa The Dynamics of Solidarity on Madagascar: An Ethnography of Political Conflicts and Appeasement Strategies in the Context of a Pronounced Consens Norm 2016
66 ROUFER Eighteenth-century republicanism and the critique of commercial society: the case of Rousseau and Ferguson 2017
67 LSD-CortLVPC Applying voltage-imaging techniques to visualise the effect of lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD) on cortical layer V pyramidal cells and its adaptation during tolerance development 2016
68 SCALABLA SCALABLA: a platform for elastic multimedia communications enabling natural social interaction and personalization 2016
69 STATE Lordship and the Rise of States in Western Europe, 1300-1600 2016
70 ComparingCopperbelt Comparing the Copperbelt: Political Culture and Knowledge Production in Central Africa 2016
71 Film Tourism Worlds of Imagination. A Comparative Study of Film Tourism in India, Brazil, Jamaica, South Korea and the United Kingdom. 2016
72 MOLEQULE Unraveling molecular quantum dynamics with accelerated ab initio algorithms 2016
73 SuccessfulGovernance Success in Public Governance: Assessing and explaining how public problems are sometimes addressed remarkably effectively 2016
74 FerroHub A modular power electronic inverter based on a local DC nanogrid for solar, storage and smart grids 2016
75 Reedsy Connecting authors and publishers with the world`s best publishing professionals to create high-quality books 2016
76 OurMythicalChildhood Our Mythical Childhood... The Reception of Classical Antiquity in Children’s and Young Adults’ Culture in Response to Regional and Global Challenges 2016
77 BigDataOcean BigDataOcean - Exploiting Ocean's of Data for Maritime Applications 2017
78 e-Confidence Confidence in behaviour changes through serious games 2016
79 PRODUCER PeRsOnalized DocUmentary Creation based on Automatically Annotated Content 2017
80 XSPECT Expecting Ourselves: Embodied Prediction and the Construction of Conscious Experience 2017
81 K.I.T.F.E.M. Knowledge and Innovation in, to and from Emerging Markets 2017
82 PerfectDashboard 2.0 First single platform for efficient and security aware management of CMS based websites 2016
84 CITIZINGLOBAL Citizens, Institutions and Globalization 2017
85 MPM Modern Pattern Matching 2017
86 PRESSURE Effectiveness of Terrestrial Protected Areas in Reducing Human Pressure 2017
87 Mathador Type and Proof Structures for Concurrent Software Verification 2017
88 MEAQUAS Automated and objective characterization of comminuted meat properties for valorization of high quality processed meat 2017
89 IDEM In Defence of Experimental Medicine: Emotional Appeals and Medical Didacticism in Germany,Britain and North America, 1870-1914 2017
90 MORA Muslim Antisemitism in Colonial Morocco 2017
91 RE-FASHIONING Re-fashioning the Renaissance: Popular Groups, Fashion and the Material and Cultural Significance of Clothing in Europe, 1550-1650 2017
92 VehmeLit Legal Cultures and Literary Trials in the Age of Goethe. The Vehmic Court Motif in Interdisciplinary and Comparative Perspective 2018
93 STRISOC Mass Strikes and Social Movements in India and Brazil 2017
94 EUTWIC European Travel Writing in Context. The Socio-Political Dimension of Travelogues 1760-1850 2017
95 Urban Innovation Lab Innovation Associate for Urban Innovation Lab project 2017
96 DerRadIslam Qur’an and Qital. The violence against the Other in a historical critical deradicalizing perspective. 2017
97 HumanUniqueness Does the temporal cortex make humans special? What comparing the human and great ape brain can tell us about cognitive evolution 2017
98 SloMo Slow motion: Transformations of musical time in perception and performance 2017
99 XtremelY Numerical modelling of reinforced slender wooden window elements 2017
100 BIRTHBRAZIL Birthing Abolition: Reproduction and the Gradual End of Slavery in Brazil 2017
101 GYSIART A cultural history of comparative art practices and receptions in Cold War Europe (1945-1991) 2018
102 BEQOM Bell Experiment on Quantum Optomechanical Microresonators 2017
103 GASAC Gender Aspects of Screen Adaptations of the British Nineteenth-Century Female Literary Canon 2017
104 NeMatrix Nematode-based screening technology for next-generation drug discovery 2017
105 SOCCERMATICS Soccermatics: data for football fans and clubs 2017
106 TRUE Transition paths to sustainable legume based systems in Europe 2017
107 HCG Honour in classical Greece: esteem, status, identity, and society in ancient Greek literature, life, and thought 2018
108 MedFly Mediterranean fruit fly as a food ingredient and protein powder for human consumption, sustainable and eco-friendly alternative to conventional sources of nutrition 2017
109 BrachyDOSE Developing a feasibility study for the future commercialization of BranchyDOSE – an innovative accurate and simple brachytherapy measurements tool 2017
110 HRadio Hybrid Radio everywhere for everyone 2017
111 ENABLE European Network for Alloys Behaviour Law Enhancement 2018
112 INCAP Infusion Cap Technology for a healthy nutrition on-the-go produced in a fully automated single-step process 2017
113 MetLeach Feasibility study on nature based more efficient 2-step bioleaching technology producing methane gas and metal compounds from “low grade” multimetallic European ores/wastes containing organometallics. 2017
114 UNIFY A Unified Framework for the Assessment and Application of Cognitive Models 2018
115 INCOVID Inpainting-based Compression of Visual Data 2017
116 COLSOC The Legacy of Colonialism: Origins and Outcomes of Social Protection 2018
117 SPADE from SPArsity to DEep learning 2017
118 NeMoSanctI New Models of Sanctity in Italy (1960s-2010s).A Semiotic Analysis of Norms, Causes of Saints, Hagiography, and Narratives 2018
119 PUNCTUATION Pervasive Upstream Non-Coding Transcription Underpinning Adaptation 2018
120 UltraFiBi Next-generation Strong Ultrasonic Fingerprint Biometrics 2017
121 GALERACLUSTER Galera Cluster: World’s Most Advanced Technology to Protect Against Data Loss 2017
122 ST WI-FI Innovative model of a simultaneous translation service, consisting in a cloud-based softwareplatform that delivers audio translations to venue audience through automated managed Wi-Finetworks. 2017
123 eco-soft Industrial manufacturing of eco-innovative, safe, sustainable functionalised microencapsulated fragrances for fabric softeners 2017
124 COMICS Children in Comics: An Intercultural History from 1865 to Today 2018
125 CAREANDWORK Male Family Caregiver’s Well-being: Balancing Work and Long-Term Care in France and Japan 2018
126 DUST Data Assimilation for Agent-Based Models: Applications to Civil Emergencies 2018
127 SMEthod Methodology for efficient segmenting innovating SMEs based on lifecycles, represented sectors and regional characteristics 2017
128 CATALOG Computational catalog of multiscale materials: a plugin library for industrial finite element codes 2018
129 Aerial Insights Aerial Insights: facilitating access to aerial drone imagery services through novel and cost-effective data analytics solutions 2017
130 ULTRA Increasing the Spatial Correlation of Logical Units of Data to Enable an Ultra-Low Latency Internet 2018
131 VESTA VErified STAtic analysis platform 2018
132 READCHINA The Politics of Reading in the People’s Republic of China 2018
133 Volumizer A natural, non-surgical, and safe facial filler which treats the root cause of facial ageing. 2018
134 RD-ADVANCE Advancing Econometric Methods for Analyzing Data from Regression Discontinuity Designs 2018
135 DETECt Detecting Transcultural Identity in European Popular Crime Narratives 2018
136 SafeHouse Housing, Finance and the Macroeconomy, 1870-2015 2018
137 OLYMPUS Oblivious identitY Management for Private and User-friendly Services 2018
138 REACTOMEgsa Extending the REACTOME Pathway Database for multi-omics biomedical data analysis 2018
139 GENTES Genesis of Ethnicities and Nations in Textual Evidence for Scandinavia, c. 750-c. 1000 2018
140 NINEDOMA New insights into the ecology of the dodo using a multidisciplinary approach 2018
141 FUNDra Remote sensing to model spatiotemporal distribution of functional diversity in the tundra 2018
142 RISE Robust WIrelesS Caching for Mobile NEtworks (RISE) 2018
143 OSCILLOGEL An enzyme-based self-oscillating gel 2019
144 NeOtStraTurkBalk Neo-Ottomanism? New Strategies of Turkey and the Impact of Foreign Aid to Post-War Cultural Reconstruction in the Balkans 2018
145 LIDD Popular Sovereignty vs. the Rule of Law? Defining the Limits of Direct Democracy 2018
146 DOCUMULT Documenting Multiculturalism: coexistence, law and multiculturalism in the administrative and legal documents of Norman and Hohenstaufen Sicily, c.1060-c.1266 2018
147 RadioClick A versatile ultrafast Click platform for antibody based radio diagnostics 2018
148 TCBI Tracking children in their best interests: electronic monitoring in three European juvenile justice systems 2018
149 MMPPF Modern Marronage? The Pursuit and Practice of Freedom in the Contemporary World 2018
150 CHICKPRO70 The chickpea protein revolution – a novel plant-based food ingredient 2018
151 AIC24 Sustainable Datacenters Through Immersed Computing 2018
152 AutoTADes Automating Timed Automata Design 2018
154 Bluecode The Smartphone Payment Scheme for Europe 2018
155 SIESTA-PRO Advance atomic-scale simulation solutions 2018
156 ProPeeler ProPeeler: Enhanced shrimp peeling machine with full control and optimisation of the process to enable full automation of the shrimp peeling industry 2018
157 MOMENTS Multi-sensory experiences for in-home therapy and entertainment 2018
158 PROBE.LY - Web Application Vulnerability Scanning Suite for Agile Teams 2018
159 ESKAM Electric Scalable Axle Module for e-Mobility 2018
160 NEUTRAMENTH A redox-neutral process for the cost-efficient and environmentally friendly production of Menthol 2018
161 FUTURES FUTURES: Create. Imagine. Explore. 2018
162 SPACEPORT 3D Volumetric Video Capturing and Streaming Software- SPACEPORT 2018
163 GoodNews Fake news detection in social networks using geometric deep learning 2018
164 GULAGECHOES Gulag Echoes in the “multicultural prison”: historical and geographical influences on the identity and politics of ethnic minority prisoners in the communist successor states of Russia Europe. 2018
165 Snowless Real-time reaction, autonomous and energy-efficient snowmelt technology for lightly and heavily trafficked pavement surfaces. 2018
166 gSKIN BodyTemp Integration of Heat flux sensor in (wrist) wearable devices for accurately and non-invasively continuous monitoring of core body temperature (CBT) for the early detection of health-related disorders 2018
167 FreshIndex Trust and Transparency for The Food Supply Chain 2018
168 FASTEN Fine-Grained Analysis of Software Ecosystems as Networks 2019
169 TOKUGAWATRAVEL Travel in Tokugawa Period Japan (1603-1868): Identity, Nationand Social Transformation 2019
170 DIDONE The Sources of Absolute Music: Mapping Emotions in Eighteenth-Century Italian Opera 2019
171 PT-SMS Novel structural monitoring solution for safe and sustainable post-tensioned infrastructure 2019
172 WhoP Whales of Power: Aquatic Mammals, Devotional Practices, and Environmental Change in Maritime East Asia 2019
173 EUNOMIA User-oriented, secure, trustful & decentralised social media 2018
174 NewHuman Pathways to humanity: Adaptive niche diversity at the origins of the human lineage 2019
175 MORA Making Optimised Resistant and durable mArble 2019
176 Cinnamon From Essence to Cinnamon: Making our Proprietary CMS Open Source for Customizable Web- Platforms 2019
177 DISINTEGRATION The Mass Politics of Disintegration 2019
178 Os-X High quality real time broadcasting technology that provides reliable and resilient signal. 2019
179 MOVAC Maintenance of variation in aposematic colouration 2020
180 FAKEOLOGY Fake news and pseudo-science as post-modern mythology: The case of the anti-vaccination movement 2019
181 OPTIMAR OPTical Imaging of Molecular and signalling Activity in Real-time: application to flatfish metamorphosis 2020
182 High-Risk-No-Gain A new approach to design wireless receivers 2019
183 CaTPoP Children and Transnational Popular Print, 1700-1900 2019
184 PLPUK Parental leave policies in the UK: an intersectional analysis of policy development and use 2020
185 PapalEmotions Emotions, gender, and authority at the curia of Pope Innocent III (1198-1216) 2019
186 RC-PV/T A Novel Integration of Radiative Cooling into Photovoltaic/Thermal Panel in Buildings by Applying a Spectrally Selective Micro/Nano Coating 2019
187 PTANOIS POSIN Following the paths of itinerant professionals of the arts in the epigraphic sources of the Hellenistic period 2020
188 TRIMANUAL TRIMANUAL coordination assistance for hemiplegic stroke individuals 2019
189 IQRS Imperial Queers, Republican Subjects: The Politics of Queer Historiography in Turkey 2019
190 Living in the media Analysing the Impact of Media Tourism on Locals’ Identities and Sense of Belonging 2020
191 CULTUS Public Cults in Private Hands: the Appropriation of cult sites from the 2nd century BC to the 2nd century AD 2019
192 ClassRockED Rocking in the Midwest: Transmitting and Performing Social Class in Rock Music Education 2019
193 TACOMO Transatlantic Cowgirl Mobilities and the Western Show 2020
194 TamCatHoly Becoming a Martyr in Early Modern South India: The Memory of Tēvacakāyam between Jesuit Mission and Tamil Popular Culture. 2020
195 LCxLCProt Comprehensive two-dimensional liquid chromatography for the characterization of protein biopharmaceuticals at the protein level 2020
196 ETE SPEAKER Robust End-To-End SPEAKER recognition based on deep learning and attention models 2019
197 CEJaMS Choreographing Emigration: Japanese Tango Musicians in Shanghai, 1920-1945 2019
198 GATE Glass Assessment Technology for glass Embedded antennas 2019
199 SolarGaps SolarGaps – Energy generating smart solar window blinds 2019
200 VIDMIZER The first video content management platform integrated with machine learning to centralize, organize and collect data from marketing videos 2019
201 TheRealCompetition When Public Health Campaigns Warn You, but Your Friends Like to Drink – Connecting Computational Social Science and Neuroscience to Understand Real-World Health Behavior 2019
202 THINK THINK: TeraHertz emitting INK 2019
203 GlobalOrthodoxy Rewriting Global Orthodoxy Oriental Christianity in Europe between 1970 and 2020 2019
204 PuppetPlays Reappraising Western European Repertoires for Puppet and Marionette Theatres 2019
205 DATACONTROL DataControl: Reliable, Secure and Comprehensive cloud backup as a service solution 2019
206 Bluecode The Smartphone Payment Scheme for Europe 2019
207 Smart Tracker First wearable sensor for real-time monitoring and optimisation of sport training 2019
208 SharingGains Sharing Gains from Trade: Global Markets and Farmers Welfare in Developing Countries 2019
209 WAY2GO Expedited emerge of Connected Car data ecosystems in Europe 2019
210 EuGeNeS Euraxess Georgia Network Startup 2019
211 FEDD Fruits of Eurasia: Domestication and Dispersal 2020
212 STRATUS Replicating the rain process to provide a sustainable drinking water supply where most needed 2019
213 ECO-POL Greening the polyurethane industry through versatile and low cost eco-polyols 2019
214 VIETNAMICA Historical Research and Data Processing on Ancient Vietnamese Inscriptions 2019
215 SWING Signals, Waves, and Learning: A Data-Driven Paradigm for Wave-Based Inverse Problems 2020
216 SMARTLABCAM Engineering and commercialization of a smart camera with on-chip image processing for head- and eye-tracking in laboratory animals 2020
217 BioPP BioProtect Paper: Off-line machine for advanced bio-coating paper 2019
218 keyper Captive Customer Connection: Easy and Secure Sharing and Selling of Tickets - and Other Personal Rights 2019
219 ParCos Participatory Communication of Science 2020
221 CONTESTED_TERRITORY From Contested Territories to alternatives of development: Learning from Latin America 2020
222 MILDTECH Affordable, low temperature, rapid and energy efficient dual frequency microwave assisted vacuum system for drying and cooking foods 2019
223 Hastlayer Hastlayer - turning software into hardware for faster computing 2020
224 MACADAMIA Machine learning Augmented Computational Analysis of composite panels: new insights into DAmage Mechanisms In Aerospace structures with nanoparticles 2020
225 ProExcer Projectile exciter for noiseless environment 2020
226 LEAFHOUND Leader-follower hybrid control and task planning for multi-agent systems under spatiotemporal logic specifications 2020
227 AUTONORMS Transforming Norms Research through Practices: Weaponised Artificial Intelligence, Norms, and Order 2020
228 RevolutionaryOpScan Revolutionary Opéra-Comique in Scandinavia: Transfer and Repertoire 2020
229 ALCO2-FUNC A Remote-carboxylation Strategy for Alcohols via a Dual-catalytic System 2020
230 NATIONAL-SUBJECTS Nation – Power – Subjectivity: The Making of National Subjects in Late Medieval Bohemia and Brabant (1300-1450) 2020
231 DJMI Zouj: Dynamic Jewish-Muslim Interaction in Popular Maghribi Comedic Performance Culture since the 1920s 2021
232 CYBERGEN Negotiating gender across online and offline social spaces. A study of cyber-mediated gendered norms, practices and aspirations among women of Moroccan and Turkish descent in France and Germany. 2021
233 SPECTACLE The lure of the foreign stage: Italian art and artistry serving the French and European spectacle. 2020
234 ViRMA Virtual Reality Multimedia Analytics: An interactive approach to large-scale multimedia analysis in a virtual environment 2020
235 SAVIJU Saharan Visions of Jesus. Poetics of Muslim-to-Christian religious conversions 2020
236 LivingTogether Living Together: a study of Hansalim as a model for solidarity pathways towards sustainable food systems 2021
237 BIO-CC Bio-based carbon fiber - commercialization 2020