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H2020 projects about "hope"

The page lists 132 projects related to the topic "hope".

# achronym  title  year 
1 Medulloblastoma Molecularly defined models of human childhood brain tumors 2015
2 SIMDEQ SIngle Molecule DEtection and Quantification (SIMDEQ): A new platform for genetic and epigenetic analysis 2014
3 MICACT MICroACTuators 2015
4 FREEWAT FREE and open source software tools for WATer resource management 2015
5 COCOHA Cognitive Control of a Hearing Aid 2015
6 RepHorm A device that will dramatically improve the protection of babies during birth. It will monitor the child continuously with better acuity, resulting in better clinical outcomes at a lower cost. 2014
7 RESCBONE The influence of mechanical loading on the decline in bone mass with ageing 2015
8 FreeMi Using FREshwater organisms to MItigate the pathogen Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis 2015
9 BioFrost Life at its Extremes: Biodiversity and Activity of Microorganisms in deep Permafrost 2015
10 ACTUS ACcelerating Transition in Peri-Urban areaS in East Africa 2016
11 EFTA DEVELOPMENT The ‘other’ Europe: the formation and development of the European Free Trade Association (EFTA), 1958–92 2016
13 EMPIREHURIGHTS Empire and Human Rights: Colonization and Sovereignty in a global Iberian Empire (1580-1640) 2016
14 VascColl Temporally controlled delivery of vascular therapeutics from a regenerative template for diabetic wound healing 2015
15 BARREL Barrel Assemblies of Membrane Active Artificial Foldamers 2015
16 DENDRITESONBORDERS Neuronal and dendritic recruitment on neocortical area borders 2016
17 Microflusa Fabricating colloidal materials with microfluidics 2015
18 BIGWHEAT An innovative approach to boost wheat yields 2015
19 INSULATRONICS Controlling Electric Signals with Insulating Antiferromagnets and Insulating Ferromagnets 2015
20 ArtifiCell Synthetic Cell Biology: Designing organelle transport mechanisms 2015
21 HAP-PHEN From haplotype to phenotype: a systems integration of allelic variation, chromatin state and 3D genome data 2015
22 AUROMYC N-Myc and Aurora A: From Protein Stability to Chromosome TopologyN-Myc and Aurora A: From Protein Stability to Chromosome TopologyMyc and Aurora A: From Protein Stability to Chromosome Topology 2015
23 1stProposal An alternative development of analytic number theory and applications 2015
24 XPRESS Exploring mechanisms of gene repression and escape during X-chromosome inactivation 2015
25 NSETHIO Nodding Syndrome: a trans-disciplinary approach to identify the cause and decrease the incidence of river epilepsy 2015
26 SLACC Supplying lung adenocarcinoma cell lines to the cancer research community. 2015
27 TAG Crowd-Sourcing technology to change how people and cars move in cities 2015
28 STAQAMOF Statistical modelling across price and time scales: a quantitative approach to modern financial regulation 2016
29 INCASI Global trends in social inequalities in Europe and Latin America and exploring innovative ways to reduce them through life, occupational and educational trajectories research to face uncertainty 2016
30 BioExtrusion Natural functional plasticizers for controlled protein folding and extrusion into biomaterials. 2016
31 Autocat Autocatalysis: A bottom-up approach to understanding the origins of life 2016
32 RustBelt Logical Foundations for the Future of Safe Systems Programming 2016
33 DISCOVERING Interdisciplinary Model of Schooling: Exploring Ethical Culture in International Science Assessments 2016
34 WORKRETHINK Rethinking Work: Intellectual Responses to the 2008 Financial Crisis in French Film and Media 2016
35 SynBioGABA A new biosynthesis procedure for pharmaceutically active gamma-aminobutyric acids 2016
36 ONCOINTRABODY Targeting common oncogenes with intracellular monobodies 2016
37 InjectCHA Local delivery of PTH(1-34) from an injectable collagen-hydroxyapatite scaffold for non-invasive treatment of bisphosphonate associated atypical femoral fractures 2016
38 Born-Immune Shaping of the Human Immune System by Primal Environmental Exposures In the Newborn Child 2016
39 LSDiASD Leveraging Small Demethylase inhibitors for Autism Spectrum Disorder 2016
40 Blue Iodine II Boost BLUE economy trough market uptake an innovative seaweed bioextract for IODINE fortification II 2016
41 BETASCREEN A Unique Pancreatic Human Beta Cells to revolutionize the Diabetes Drug Discovery 2016
42 HoTRiverS Heterogeneity of Temperature in Rivers and Streams 2017
43 Tech4Freedom 2.0 Assistive Devices for the Visually Impaired and other Disabilities 2016
44 Babylearn Neural mechanisms of learning in the infant brain : from Statistics to Rules and Symbols 2016
45 TECH4EFFECT Techniques and Technologies for Effective Wood Procurement 2016
46 ENABLE European Academy for Biomedical Science 2016
47 MMBio Molecular Tools for Nucleic Acid Manipulation for Biological Intervention 2017
48 EUUSEHEALTHWORK Mapping Skills and Competencies; Providing Access to Knowledge, Tools and Platforms; and Strengthening, Disseminating and Exploiting Success Outcomes for a Skilled Transatlantic eHealth Workforce 2016
49 InterWiring Wiring up the SomatoSensory Cortex 2016
51 MECHANO-FLUO Mechanofluorochromism: from molecular engineering to the elaboration of smart materials 2017
52 DiGGeS Discrete Groups and Geometric Structures 2017
53 CliniTrial Enhancement of an advanced clinical trial recruitment platform for Europe to ensure maximum intake of eligible consenting patients for participation 2016
54 HYPOXIMMUNO Tackling the Achilles Heel of Immunotherapy: Validating imaging biomarkers and targeting the immunological niche of tumour hypoxia 2016
55 FORMAT FORMAT: a novel medium FOr Revolutionizing stem cell MAnufacturing Technologies 2017
57 PDClungSME1 A therapeutic vaccine candidate for lung cancer based on an exclusive cell line of Plasmacytoid Dendritic Cells (PDC*line) 2016
58 INNOBCT Innovative combination therapy against bladder cancer 2017
59 SWORD Security Without Obscurity for Reliable Devices 2017
60 Curtana Patented small molecule therapeutics that target cancer stem cells for the treatment of glioblastoma and other brain cancers 2017
61 MoBI Scientist for neurophysiological research applications in Mobile Brain/Body Imaging 2017
62 MILORD Managing trIplets for fLuorescence in ORganics: Towards a predictive moDel (MILORD) 2017
63 sharpEDGE From Bulk to Edge: Realization and Characterization of Fractionalized Quantum Matter 2017
64 CriTiClean Supercritical carbon dioxide for delipidation of soft tissue - Suppressing transplant rejection. 2017
65 QuEST Quantum Energy Conditions and Singularity Theorems 2017
66 TopoInMulTermJJ Multi-Terminal Josephson Junctions as a novel platform for high dimensional topological matter 2017
67 e-walk Biomechanical engineer for robotic healthcare solutions 2017
68 MAWAMOSCA Mass-waste modelling across scales 2017
69 POLBUSNETWORKS Political and Business Networks 2017
70 HOPE Humans On Planet Earth - Long-term impacts on biosphere dynamics 2018
71 BLMs 4 TB Beta-lactams for Tuberculosis Treatment 2018
72 Previble Previble - The Previsualization Tool 2017
73 AAA Adaptive Actin Architectures 2017
74 FBT Transforming Brain Rehabilitation 2017
75 FEWFAST Few-Cycle Electric Field Waveforms for Advanced Science and Technology 2017
76 Realist Why do We Need a Realist Constitutional Theory to Study the Politics of Constitutional Change in the Middle East? 2017
77 HOPE-ON Holistic Open Platform for Energy control and monitoring and facility digitalizatiON 2017
78 TarMyc Targeting the Oncogenic Function of Myc in vivo 2018
79 LightCrypt New Directions in Lightweight Cryptanalysis 2017
80 MODULISPACES Topology of moduli spaces of Riemann surfaces 2018
81 GrowthControl Mechanical and systemic control of growth during Drosophila abdominal development 2018
82 NetRom Early Marriage between Dynamism of Social Network and Legal Autonomy: The case of transnational Romanian Roma 2018
83 MultiPic Language-Affect Interface in Parent-Infant Communication 2019
84 DCMeta Dual Catalysis for Meta Functionalisation under Mild Conditions 2019
85 ESEARCH Direct Empirical Evidence on Labor Market Search Theories 2018
86 Amitochondriates Life without mitochondrion 2018
87 AMBH Ancient Music Beyond Hellenisation 2018
88 Target5LO Targeting 5-lipoxygenase in the context of Acute Myeloid Leukemia 2018
89 ODYSSEA Population Dynamics in the Southeast European Neolithic: Prehistoric Archaeology and Palaeogenomics 2018
90 HOPE HOminin Proteomes in human Evolution 2018
91 Hot-TEA Hot Terrestrial Exo-planet Atmospheres: preparing new generation instrument observations with a global climate model 2018
92 MoMenT Modelling and Measurement of Thermal Phenomena in Metal Cutting 2018
93 EpiBigDatainWomen Epigenetic Data Integrated in a Big Data Approach to Unravel Novel Pathzays of CV Risk independent of classical CVD Risk Factors in Women. 2019
94 NovelKnees Targeting Subchondral Bone Marrow Lesions, Microdamage and Remodelling using Novel Bisphosphonate-Loaded Delivery Systems to Prevent Post-Traumatic Osteoarthritis after Acute Knee Injury 2018
95 IMI-PainCare Improving the care of patients suffering from acute or chronic pain 2018
96 SUPRAWOC Supramolecular Architectures for Ruthenium Water Oxidation Catalysis 2018
97 ReAct Remembering Activism: The Cultural Memory of Protest in Europe 2019
98 PAH-HOPE New hope for the PAH patient: A Novel Therapeutic for Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension (PAH) 2018
99 QNets Open Quantum Neural Networks: from Fundamental Concepts to Implementations with Atoms and Photons 2019
100 SPECs Sustainable plasmon-enhanced catalysis 2019
101 MetaScience The Metaphysical Unity of Science 2018
102 KAPIBARA Homotopy Theory of Algebraic Varieties and Wild Ramification 2019
103 IMPACCT Improved Patient Care by Combinatorial Treatment 2019
104 HOPE automatic detection and localization of High frequency Oscillation in Paediatric Epilepsy 2019
106 IntegraBrain Integrated Implant Technology for Multi-modal Brain Interfaces 2019
107 SUPRANET Supramolecular Recognition in Dynamic Covalent Networks at Equilibrium and Beyond 2019
108 EnDeCAD Enhancers Decoding the Mechanisms Underlying CAD Risk 2019
109 ICOPT Fundamental Problems at the Interface of Combinatorial Optimization with Integer Programming and Online Optimization 2019
110 SWCSP - Solar Water Creating sustainable fresh water from desalinating seawater using Concentrating Solar Power (CSP) 2019
111 Vezics Highly efficient, scalable chromatography platform for high-quality exosome isolation 2019
112 EOBRECA Differential Roles of Estrogens in Obesity-mediated ER+ Breast Cancer Development 2019
113 SyLeNCe Synapses between Leukaemia and its Neighbouring Cells 2020
114 HUMANE Transcriptional characterization of human postnatal and adult neural progenitors and of the stem cell niches. 2020
115 PersVR Unraveling the persuasive power of 360º-video Virtual Reality narratives 2019
116 CIGNUS CuInGaSe Nanowires Under the Sun 2019
117 NeuroStemX In vitro model of Fragile X Syndrome using naïve iPSCs 2019
118 nanoCellSense A nanotechnology-based approach for label-free single-cell analysis of cytoplasmic proteome 2019
119 ComAlive Diagnosis, prediction, communication and rehabilitation for patients with disorders of consciousness 2019
120 signalling dynamics Bridging biophysics and cell biology: The role of G protein-coupled receptor conformations in signalling 2020
121 PATTERNS Detecting Polygenic Adaptation Targeting Gene Expression Regulation In Humans Using eQTL Networks. 2020
122 NIRLAMS NIR Light Harvesting in Artificial Protein-Lipid-Chromophores Coassembled Molecular System 2020
123 SAAFE Soil quality Assessment in Agriculture For life cycle assessment-based Eco-design 2020
124 RCT4MANU Test an innovative support scheme for manufacturing SMEs and accelerate the use of RCTs in innovation agencies 2019
125 DOC-Stim Communication and rehabilitation for people with Disorders of consciousness via Brain-Computer Interfaces 2020
126 DistMaP Distributed and Massively Parallel Graph Algorithms 2019
127 Piomic Empowering homecare solutions in advanced wound care 2019
128 CANDY Comorbid Analysis of Neurodevelopmental Disorders and Epilepsy 2020
129 PICSOHF PICSOHF, A minimally invasive cardiac intervention medical device to regenerate a damaged heart and extend the life of patients with Heart Failure 2020
130 ImmunoSep Personalized immunotherapy in sepsis: a precision medicine based approach 2020
131 BEHOMO Cosmology Beyond Homogeneity and Isotropy 2020
132 FUSION Single Molecule Imaging-based design of HIV-1 vaccines 2020