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H2020 projects about "inherently"

The page lists 148 projects related to the topic "inherently".

# achronym  title  year 
1 NewAve New avenues towards solving the dark matter puzzle 2015
2 NAPOLI Nanoporous Asymmetric Poly(Ionic Liquid) Membrane 2015
3 SARAFun Smart Assembly Robot with Advanced FUNctionalities 2015
4 SoMa Soft-bodied intelligence for Manipulation 2015
5 MACIVIVA MAnufacturing process for Cold-chain Independent VIrosome-based VAccines 2015
6 IMPRECSIM Improving wet plastic recycling through innovative lagrangian particle-fluid simulations 2015
7 GLOBE All Organic Redox Flow Batteries 2015
8 DLCHHB Artificial Tissue Actuators by the 3D Printing of Responsive Hydrogels 2015
9 MADDOG Multidisciplinary Adjoint Design Optimisation of Gasturbines 2015
10 MISSION Mid Infrared SpectrometerS by an Innovative Optical iNterferometer 2015
11 TWORAINS Winter Rain, Summer Rain: Adaptation, Climate Change, Resilience and the Indus Civilisation 2015
12 EU-CIRCLE A panEuropean framework for strengthening Critical Infrastructure resilience to climate change 2015
13 SAMOFAR A Paradigm Shift in Reactor Safety with the Molten Salt Fast Reactor 2015
15 MICROMIX-ECO-2015 Innovative active-uptake foliar nutrition technology capable of significantly reducing pesticide rates 2015
16 ToxicExpertise Toxic Expertise: Environmental Justice and the Global Petrochemical Industry 2015
17 MaTissE Magnetic approaches for Tissue Mechanics and Engineering 2015
18 INSULATRONICS Controlling Electric Signals with Insulating Antiferromagnets and Insulating Ferromagnets 2015
19 MANGO MANGO: exploring Manycore Architectures for Next-GeneratiOn HPC systems 2015
20 Li-IonFire An Automated HEV and EV Vehicle Fire Early Warning and Suppression System 2015
21 BNYQ Breaking the Nyquist Barrier: A New Paradigm in Data Conversion and Transmission 2015
22 NeCS European Network for Cyber-security 2015
23 AMORPHORM New stability testing method to predict the performance of amorphous formulations 2016
24 Time2Life Advanced signal processing of time-domain data in mass spectrometry to leverage life sciences 2015
25 IZADI-NANO2INDUSTRY Injection moulding, casting and coating PILOTS for the production of improved components with nano materials for automotive, construction and agricultural machinery. 2015
26 MOS-QUITO MOS-based Quantum Information TechnOlogy 2016
27 DynaMech Linking Transcription Factor Binding Dynamics to Promoter Output 2016
28 RNAREG Single molecule observation and manipulation of gene expression dynamics to dissect mechanisms of cell cycle entry 2016
29 SUN-to-LIQUID SUNlight-to-LIQUID: Integrated solar-thermochemical synthesis of liquid hydrocarbon fuels 2016
30 TEMPDEP Ecological and evolutionary constraints on the temperature dependence of the carbon cycle 2016
31 DUT-signal dUTPase Signalling: from Phage to Eukaryotes 2015
32 GAP60PTP Gap Waveguides for Point-To-Point Wireless Links at 60 GHz and beyond 2016
34 DAPP Data-centric Parallel Programming 2016
35 DYNAMICSS Labour market dynamics and optimal policies 2016
36 ExtremeQuantum Quantum materials under extreme conditions 2016
37 PROJESTOR PROJECTED MEMRISTOR: A nanoscale device for cognitive computing 2016
38 EnerTwin EnerTwin: A different approach to micro CHP 2016
39 SCALABLE DEMOCRACY Can Direct Democracy Be Scaled? The Promise of Networked Democracy and the Affordances of Decision-Making Software 2016
40 MISWORD Misshaping by Words. Literary Caricature between Texts, Images, and Mental Models 2017
41 PACE Paleogenetic extraction and analysis from challenging environments 2016
42 PROPERA The Profanation of Opera: Music and Drama on Film 2017
43 REpiReg RNAi-mediated Epigenetic Gene Regulation 2017
44 CSI.interface A molecular interface science approach: Decoding single molecular reactions and interactions at dynamic solid/liquid interfaces 2016
45 MorphoNotch Multi-scale analysis of the interplay between cell morphology and cell-cell signaling 2016
46 ETI Epistemic Transitions in Islamic Philosophy, Theology and Science: From the 12th to the 19th Century 2016
47 B-Brighter Enhancing OLED device performance using Fused Borylated Materials 2016
48 GEOFIN Western banks in Eastern Europe: New geographies of financialisation 2016
49 SAINT Science and Innovation with thunderstorms 2017
50 GO0D MAN aGent Oriented Zero Defect Multi-stage mANufacturing 2016
51 iMARECULTURE Advanced VR, iMmersive serious games and Augmented REality as tools to raise awareness and access to European underwater CULTURal heritagE. 2016
52 SONNET Self-OrganizatioN towards reduced cost and eNergy per bit for future Emerging radio Technologies 2017
53 AGATM A Global Anthropology of Transforming Marriage 2017
54 InteGrid Demonstration of INTElligent grid technologies for renewables INTEgration and INTEractive consumer participation enabling INTEroperable market solutions and INTErconnected stakeholders 2017
55 ANASTACIA Advanced Networked Agents for Security and Trust Assessment in CPS/IOT Architectures 2017
56 SECOMP Efficient Formally Secure Compilers to a Tagged Architecture 2017
57 TRANSPIRE Terahertz RAdio communication using high ANistropy SPIn torque REsonators 2017
58 I-MUST A handheld, ultra-sensitive device for rapid contactless explosive vapour detection in open air, based on Ion Mobility Universal Sensor Technology 2016
59 ADVANTAG5 Advanced Wide-Band Transceiver Architectures for Beyond 5G Wireless Systems 2017
60 ODICON-ASMA Optimal Distributed Control and Application to Smart Grids 2017
61 MUSDEWAR Music in Detention during the (Post) Civil-War Era in Greece (1947-1957) 2017
62 MultiSense Multisensory signal processing: From brain-wide neuronal circuits to behavior 2017
63 FUNGISEI Liquid biopesticide for integrated and effective pest control 2017
64 OPHOCS On-chip Photonic Cluster State Generation 2017
65 TheSBIE Thermodynamic Stabilization by Interface Engineering 2017
66 DENPH Dental anthropology at the Pleistocene-Holocene transition – insights on lifestyle and funerary behaviour from Neolithic Liguria (Italy) 2017
67 SIRFUNCT Chemical Tools for Unravelling Sirtuin Function 2017
68 IMPLANTaLive Explore the potentialities of living implants for medical devices 2017
69 ModelingCommonGround Modeling Common Ground 2017
70 BrainPredictDynamics Temporal predictions in the auditory cortex: neural mechanisms and their specificity across species and stimulus domains 2018
71 OMICRON Optical transmission based on integrability and nonlinear Fourier transform 2018
72 SABRE Shape Adaptive Blades for Rotorcraft Efficiency 2017
73 NANO-MIR Novel 3D nano-antennas for optoelectronic applications in the mid-infrared 2018
74 IMMOVA Novel Immunotherapeutic Vaccine for the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease 2017
75 PET-Yield A new manufacturing method, monitoring platform and material equipment to carry out a more efficient production of plastic bottles, reducing its waste. 2017
76 ANEMONE Antibiofouling Nanopatterned Electrospun Membranes for Nanofiltration Applications 2017
77 InnoDC Innovative tools for offshore wind and DC grids 2017
78 ALGOCom Novel Algorithmic Techniques through the Lens of Combinatorics 2018
79 InDEStruct Integrated Design of Engineering Structures 2018
80 DCS4COP DataCube Service for Copernicus 2017
81 HYDROPHO-CHEAP Commercialization of a novel method for fabricating cheap tailor–made superhydrophobic surfaces 2018
82 STRUCTURE De novo structural elucidation of functional organic powders at natural isotopic abundance 2018
83 PIVOTAL Predictive Memory Systems Across the Human Lifespan 2018
84 PRIViLEDGE Privacy-Enhancing Cryptography in Distributed Ledgers 2018
85 QUANtIC Quantum Nanowire Integrated Photonic Circuits 2019
86 ScaleCell Scalable Kinetic Models: From Molecular Dynamics to Cellular Signaling 2018
87 The insect cochlea The Insect cochlea: a non-invasive path towards enhanced sound detectors 2018
88 CLAReTE Combinatorially Led Advanced Research on Transparent Electrodes 2018
89 BLINK Blingual Literacy and Input Knowledge Outcomes: Tracing Heritage Language Bilingual Development 2018
90 OLYMPUS Oblivious identitY Management for Private and User-friendly Services 2018
91 BPR4GDPR Business Process Re-engineering and functional toolkit for GDPR compliance 2018
92 SeReNa-SEA The Divine Tragedy of Securing the Sacred: Religion, Security and Nationalism in Southeast Asia 2019
93 ANTICORPOL New dimensions and approaches to anti-corruption policy 2018
94 AMNEsIA Interactions of amyloid peptides with the neuronal membrane interface: molecular mechanisms involved in Alzheimer’s disease 2018
95 METACTIVE Nonlinear Approaches for the Design of Active Piezoelectric Metamaterials 2019
96 SPRINT Ultra-versatile Structural PRINTing of amorphous and tuned crystalline matter on multiple substrates 2018
97 RAPID RNA particles for Preparedness against Infectious Diseases 2018
98 StrEnQTh Strong Entanglement in Quantum many-body Theory 2018
99 E3I ECLAUSion Excellence, International, Intersectoral and Interdisciplinary doctoral training at Ecole Centrale Lyon in cotutelle with royal melbourne institute of technology AUStralia 2019
100 Dielec2DNanoLiquids Dielectric measurement of two-dimensional nanoconfined liquids 2018
101 ROSSINI RObot enhanced SenSing, INtelligence and actuation to Improve job quality in manufacturing 2018
102 WeldGalaxy Digital Dynamic Knowledge Platform for Welding in Manufacturing Industries 2018
103 ReTraCE Realising the Transition to the Circular Economy: Models, Methods and Applications 2018
104 ScaleML Elastic Coordination for Scalable Machine Learning 2019
105 SIMPLIFY Sonication and Microwave Processing of Material Feedstock  2018
106 HydMet Fundamentals of Hydrogen in Structural Metals at the Atomic Scale 2018
107 CTS Enertechnos Capacitive Transfer System for efficient electricity transmission and distribution. 2018
108 LINCE Light INduced Cell control by Exogenous organic semiconductors 2019
109 LISA Lithium sulphur for SAfe road electrification 2019
110 LifeLikeMat Dissipative self-assembly in synthetic systems: Towards life-like materials 2019
111 Flaner Flaner, a memory enhancement software platform 2018
112 UNICORE A Common Code Base and Toolkit for Deployment of Applications to Secure and Reliable Virtual Execution Environments 2019
113 APPS Assembly guided by particle position and shape 0
114 DYNASNET Dynamics and Structure of Networks 2019
115 Diacosm Nano Diamond Powder Additive for Cosmetics 2018
116 IMPACT Immune Mechanisms of Necrotic DNA Phagocytosis by Neutrophils: A Role for Integrins 2020
117 WISEFLOW Whole-plant Assessment of Innovative, Sustainable and Energy-efficient Future Layouts of Wastewater Treatment Plants 2019
118 SpinScreen Screening of an electron spin by an epitaxial superconducting island in a semiconductor nanowire 2019
119 Laminar-PL Ultra-high field imaging of perceptual learning and human brain plasticity 2019
120 HyTunnel-CS PNR for safety of hydrogen driven vehicles and transport through tunnels and similar confined spaces 2019
121 High-Risk-No-Gain A new approach to design wireless receivers 2019
122 BICACH Novel bifunctional HAT catalysts for site-divergent C-H functionalizations mediated by photoredox catalysis 2019
123 BB-SLM Polychromatic digital optics for structured light 2020
124 ROLLBAR Roots in armour - a barrier induced to protect against intrusion of soil phytotoxins? 2019
125 LEAPh Light-modulated organic Electrolyte-gAted Phototransistors 2020
126 PEPREP Peptide based self-replicating coacervate protocells 2019
127 SupraFixCO2 Supramolecular Catalysis for Chemofixation and Electroreduction of CO2 2019
128 PonD Particles-on-Demand for Multiscale Fluid Dynamics 2019
129 Bio Ring Diagnostics Bio Ring Diagnostics 2019
130 miPLUNGER Novel premium pre-filled syringe plunger made by micro- /injection moulding for innovative drug delivery systems and auto injectors 2019
131 ECRC Developing a diverse portfolio of vaccine candidates for Rift Valley Fever, Chikungunya and Ebola 2019
132 UltraFastNano Electronic generation and detection in nanoelectronic devices at the picosecond scale 2020
133 FATMOLS FAult Tolerant MOLecular Spin processor 2020
134 BOHEME Bio-Inspired Hierarchical MetaMaterials 2020
135 ConsQuanDyn Constrained Quantum Dynamics 2020
136 bio-T Enabling medical device vendors to realize the potential of the data collectible by their devices 2019
137 SA-VOIR Assessing the feasibility of MT-011, a first-in-class drug to treat glaucoma and other neurodegenerative diseases via a breakthrough mechanism-of-action 2019
138 TRANSIT Train pass-by noise source characterization and separation tools for cost-effective vehicle certification 2019
139 STRATIFY Diagnostic autoantibody assay to stratify bone marrow failure diseases 2020
140 DYNOME Barcoding gene expression dynamics at single-molecule resolution 2020
141 SpaTe Spatio-Temporal Methods for Data-driven Computer Animation and Simulation 2020
142 learNoise The neurobiological and computational origins of behavioral variability 2020
143 POLAR-4DSpace 4DSpace: integrated study for space weather at high latitudes 2020
145 ONCO-VAX A multifaceted cancer immunotherapy based on an immune checkpoint-modulating chimeric oncolytic virus vector in combination with a dendritic cell vaccine 2020
146 HI-ACCURACY High-ACCuracy printed electronics down to µm size, for Organic Large Area Electronics (OLAE) Thin Film Transistor (TFT) and Display Applications. 2020
147 SPECTACLE The lure of the foreign stage: Italian art and artistry serving the French and European spectacle. 2020
148 SUBLIME Solid state sUlfide Based LI-MEtal batteries for EV applications 2020