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# achronym  title  year 
1 EUROfusion Implementation of activities described in the Roadmap to Fusion during Horizon 2020 through a Joint programme of the members of the EUROfusion consortium 2014
2 OurFuture European Researchers' Night: Researchers' For a Better Future 2014
3 DIAGORAS Chair/bedside diagnosis of oral and respiratory tract infections, and identification of antibiotic resistances for personalised monitoring and treatment 2015
5 PRIMCHEM Primitive chemistry in planetary atmospheres: From the upper atmosphere down to the surface 2015
6 MEMAN Integral Material and Energy flow MANagement in MANufacturing metal mechanic sector 2015
7 EGSIEM European Gravity Service for Improved Emergency Management 2015
8 URBANFLUXES URBan ANthrpogenic heat FLUX from Earth observation Satellites 2015
9 RELOS Reducing empiricism in luminescence geochronology: Understanding the origins of luminescence from individual sand grains 2015
10 A-LIFE Absorbing aerosol layers in a changing climate: aging, lifetime and dynamics 2015
11 VEGFDANI Novel enhancers of functional recovery after stroke 2015
12 WaterWorks2014 Water Works 2014-2019 in Support of the Water JPI 2015
13 ASSESS CT Assessing SNOMED CT for Large Scale eHealth Deployments in the EU 2015
14 MUSA MUlti-cloud Secure Applications 2015
15 PROTEUS AdaPtive micROfluidic- and nano-enabled smart systems for waTEr qUality Sensing 2015
16 OrganiCity OrganiCity – Co-creating smart cities of the future 2015
17 REC Root zone soil moisture Estimates at the daily and agricultural parcel scales for Crop irrigation management and water use impact – a multi-sensor remote sensing approach 2015
18 Financial Transparency Platform for the Public Sector 2015
19 DIGIWHIST The Digital Whistleblower. Fiscal Transparency, Risk Assessment and Impact of Good Governance Policies Assessed 2015
20 EU-GREAT European guide and recommendations for the combined funding of large-scale RDI initiatives 2015
21 HERA JRP UP HERA Joint Research Programme Uses of the Past 2015
22 ANAPRINT Additive Printing for Cell-based Analysis 2014
23 MD-PACS A new paradigm in medical imaging systems for hospitals, clinics and professionals in spite of their size 2014
24 VSM Validated Surge Model 2014
25 TISSUE Tissue In Stroke Stratification Using e-ASPECTSTW 2014
26 ARCGATE ARCGATE: maximizing the potential of Arctic Ocean Gateway array 2015
27 GREST Getting Ready for EST 2015
28 SIW-SAT-ANTENNAS Circularly Polarized Antenna Arrays for Broadband Satellite Data Terminals Using Substrate Integrated Waveguides enhanced with Metamaterials 2015
29 SNBinaries Close binary progenitors and ejected donor remnants of supernovae type Ia 2015
30 PALAEO Palaeolimnological assessment of methane emissions from lakes in changing environment using stable isotopes 2015
31 eTAG Thermoacoustic- based residential mCHP system 2015
32 ITECCO Innovative Transport Equipment for Coal, Coke and Ore 2015
33 CFMEBR Carbon fiber microelectrodes for human brain research and clinical applications 2015
34 BLACKBINDER Black Binder, all-in System of Digital Scores 2015
35 iLocator iLocator - Map, track and manage point-based-assets 2015
36 CLEV Most cost and time efficient EU-wide cross-border automated parcel delivery solution 2015
37 Delirium Monitor Objective delirium detection with an innovative EEG-based spot monitor 2015
39 MultiScaleNeurovasc Quantifying the structure-function of the neurovascular interface: from micro-circuits to large-scale functional organization 2015
40 IDIFOR Conceptual study for the reconversion of LUFORT: Diversification towards high added value UHPFRC products for face internationalization 2015
41 INSULCLOCK Empowered control of drugs's dosage in chronic diseases. 2015
42 FET-Event Ensuring the success of the next FET Conference and exhibition at a key period for FET 2015
43 HybridBatteryPack Hybrid Battery Pack 2015
44 CALIPRI CALIPRI - an easily customisable all purpose optical gauge for 2D-profiles. 2015
45 MARKETING EXPENDITUR Marketing Expenditure Budgeting: from the Upper Echelon to the Lower Echelon 2015
46 SAMPA Scale-up of an Advanced Manufacturing process to produce a Pharmaceutical product Application (SAMPA). 2015
47 ACEP Airlander Civil Exploitation Project 2015
48 3Ccar Integrated Components for Complexity Control in affordable electrified cars 2015
49 BIORISE Establishment of the Bioinformatics ERA Chair at the Cyprus Institute of Neurology and Genetics 2015
50 BrightnESS Building a research infrastructure and synergies for highest scientific impact on ESS 2015
51 IChaos Intermediate Chaos 2016
52 CIAO Central Iran Amphibole-bearing Ophiolite 2015
53 MSCA2015 - COFUND Luxembourg EU Presidency Conference 2015 on MSCA COFUND, 10-11 December 2015 2015
54 E-CAM An e-infrastructure for software, training and consultancy in simulation and modelling 2015
55 SPIDERS Synthetic aPerture Interferometric raDiometer for sEcurity in cRitical infraStructures 2015
56 I4MS-Growth Support and stimulation of dynamic and organic growth of pan European ICT for Manufacturing SME Innovation Ecosystems 2015
57 IZADI-NANO2INDUSTRY Injection moulding, casting and coating PILOTS for the production of improved components with nano materials for automotive, construction and agricultural machinery. 2015
58 SV2 Machine vision system for road safety inspection- SV2 2015
59 OMIS Optical Mid Infrared Spectrometer 2015
60 LUCKY STAR Exploring the outer solar system beyond Neptune using stellar occultations 2015
61 ARVisS Augmented Reality Vision for Surgery 2015
62 SoftFIRE Software Defined Networks and Network Function Virtualization Testbed within FIRE+ 2016
63 HELIOtube Inflatable solar collectors for a low cost CSP Plant with irreducibly small carbon footprint 2015
64 iMPACT innovative Medical Protons Achromatic Calorimeter and Tracker 2016
66 PowerKite PowerKite - Power Take-Off System for a Subsea Tidal Kite 2016
67 TILES Tiles: the first platform for shared entertainment 2016
68 POLYCARE POLY-stakeholders for integrated CARE for chronic patients in acute phases 2016
69 ESPrIT Strengthening the Occupational Health Expertise and Scientific Capacity of Public Health Institution of Turkey [ESPRIT] 2016
70 EnerSHIFT Energy Social Housing Innovative Financing Tender 2016
71 C-LEAK Rivers as leak in the terrestrial C sink 2016
72 AUTHENT-NET AUTHENT-NET – Food Authenticity Research Network 2016
73 TOREADOR TrustwOrthy model-awaRE Analytics Data platfORm 2016
75 SARLEP Simulation and Understanding of the Atmospheric Radical Budget for Regions with Large Emissions from Plants 2016
76 DEMETROPIS Degradation of ozone-depleting methyl halides in the troposphere characterized by isotopes 2016
77 OXFLUX Oxidised organic vapours in the atmosphere: From fluxes to chemical mechanisms and impacts 2016
78 CH4ScarabDetect Detecting and quantifying CH4 emissions from scarab larvae using stable carbon isotopes 2016
79 ITHERLAB In-situ thermal rock properties lab 2016
80 MSCCC Marine Stratocumulus Cloud Cover and Climate 2016
81 PMOHR Probabilistic modelling of electronic health records 2016
82 REOPTIMIZE REmineralisation, OPTIcs and Marine partIcle siZE 2016
83 ALGLASS High Performance Cold End Coating for Glass 2016
84 RESSALE Resale Second-hand SoftwAre's License for Enterprises 2016
85 TECNIOspring PLUS ACCIÓ programme to foster mobility of researchers with a focus in applied research and technology transfer 2016
86 REPAiR REPAiR - REsource Management in Peri-urban AReas: Going Beyond Urban Metabolism 2016
87 GlobalMass Global land ice, hydrology and ocean mass trends 2016
88 ByoPiC The Baryon Picture of the Cosmos 2017
89 DryMIN Mineral weathering in the unsaturated zone from the molecular to macro scale 2017
90 INPhINIT Innovative doctoral programme for talented early-stage researchers in Spanish host organisations excellent in the areas of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM). 2016
91 MINDPICS When a Profile is worth more than a Thousand of Hashtags: Automatic Inference of Personality Traits based on Images Shared in Social Networks 2016
92 OBP One Business Place 2016
93 OC-Tech OC-Tech: Innovative vessel for cleaning-up activities in marine and fluvial environments. 2016
94 TM Academy TM Academy - intelligent transport control and monitoring system 2016
97 NITROX NITROX- Nitrogen regeneration under changing oxygen conditions 2016
98 REALISM Reproducing EArthquakes in the Laboratory: Imaging, Speed and Mineralogy 2016
99 ACTTiVAte PAn-European Clusters for Technology Transfer and new VAlue chains 2016
100 ESCaPE A game-changing light aircraft enabled by advanced materials and novel production menthods 2016
101 ELeGaNS Europe-Leading GaN for Space 2016
102 QUIBIM QUantitative Imaging Biomarkers Medice 2016
103 ISOMET Atmospheric content of the most abundant of 12CH4 isotopologues from ground-based and satellite infrared solar observations and development of a methane isotopic GEOS-Chem module. 2016
104 FUNGUSCHAIN Valorisation of mushroom agrowastes to obtain high value products 2016
105 HyproCell Development and validation of integrated multiprocess HYbrid PROduction CELLs for rapid individualized laser-based production 2016
106 HDHL-INTIMIC ERA-Net on INtesTInal MICrobiomics, diet and health, implementing JPI HDHL objectives 2016
107 BE-OI Beyond EPICA - Oldest Ice 2016
108 SME-SEALING A Peer learning based pilot scheme for using the H2020 Seal of Excellence at national level 2016
109 VisualMusic Real Time 3D Motion Graphics Studio for Creative Music Industry SMEs 2016
110 ULPEC Ultra-Low Power Event-Based Camera 2017
111 PeptiEUForce PeptiEUForce: a game-changing ingredient for the pre-diabetic population 2016
112 INSULCLOCK Empowered control of drugs’ dosage in chronic diseases 2016
113 ELECTRIC_AXLE Electric axle for commercial vehicles 2016
114 SLIM Sustainable Low Impact Mining solution for exploitation of small mineral deposits based on advanced rock blasting and environmental technologies 2016
115 DDD60 DDD60 - High Quality VR for FilmTV industry professionals 2016
116 ROSIN ROS-Industrial quality-assured robot software components 2017
117 DYNMECH Dynamic Mechanisms 2017
118 EoC Ethics of Coding: A Report on the Algorithmic Condition 2017
119 SZ_TEST Towards Early Molecular Diagnostics of Schizophrenia 2017
120 VACCELERAID A novel vaccine technology leading to accelerated availability of vaccines and improved delivery 2016
121 QuantERA QuantERA ERA-NET Cofund in Quantum Technologies 2016
122 SURG-Africa Scaling up Safe Surgery for District and Rural Populations in Africa 2017
123 MEMPHYS MEMbrane based Purification of HYdrogen System 2017
124 HyLIPS Hyperspectral Lightweight Imagers for micro-PlatformS 2016
125 NESPINT NEutron Spectrometry to Prevent Illicit Nuclear Trafficking 2017
126 LKN Linknovate – Connect with Emerging Technologies and the Key-Players Behind Them 2017
127 BIOROBURplus Advanced direct biogas fuel processor for robust and cost-effective decentralised hydrogen production 2017
128 FILL2030 The Future of ILL 2030 2017
129 SmartGuide Smart Biopsy Tool for Real-Time Cancerous Cell Characterization at the Tip of the Needle 2017
130 TOPIOS Tracking Of Plastic In Our Seas 2017
131 METLAKE Predicting future methane fluxes from Northern lakes 2017
132 FAST TestOM FAST and accurate Testing of Organic Materials 2017
133 WOW Digitalization of outdoor advertising 2017
134 W-THINK Smart Energy Management and Strategic Decision Making Platform 2017
135 AOrbit Orbiting Journal Bearing Experiment 2017
136 ENERGIZE Efficient Energy Management for Greener Aviation 2017
137 Spontaneous ZeBrain Whole-brain dynamics underlying self-generated behaviour 2017
138 AIR Artificial Intelligence RNA-seq 2017
139 Ground Drone Affordable Robots to Democratize Film and Video Motion Control 2017
140 CitizenLab CitizenLab 2017
141 BARBARA Biopolymers with advanced functionalities for building and automotive parts processed through additive manufacturing 2017
142 Mr.PARTS Minirhizotron: Phenology And Root TraitS 2017
143 ULTIMATE Towards the ultimate dark matter detector 2017
144 LUMABS Therapeutic antibody drug monitoring using bioluminescent sensors proteins and a smartphone 2017
145 DATATRANS PROVENTA Smart Database Transformation Framework 2017
146 FastCan Light weight, impact resistant, canopy for fast compound rotorcraft 2017
147 COMPACT COmpetitive Methods to protect local Public Administration from Cyber security Threats 2017
148 BIOSEA Innovative cost-effective technology for maximizing aquatic biomass-based molecules for food, feed and cosmetic applications 2017
149 KEEN KEEN Quality Keeper - A Competence and Quality Assurance System representing a totally new standard for the health care sector 2017
150 Load Slice Core Load Slice Core: A Power and Cost-Efficient Microarchitecture for the Future 2018
151 SMESEC Protecting Small and Medium-sized Enterprises digital technology through an innovative cyber-SECurity framework 2017
152 POLYWOOD Combining wood and polymers to produce a translucent, reinforced and ecological material 2017
153 COS-OCS Carbonyl Sulphide: new ways of Observing the Climate System 2017
154 CRiSTA Multifunctionnal Cabin ReST Area 2017
155 PanaMast Progressing a non-antibiotic antimicrobial treatment for Bovine Mastitis towards market - PanaMast 2017
156 Pydro Turbine Energy-Recovery Turbine for Water Pipes 2017
157 DISCO Decoding planetary compositions using observations and modelling of planet-forming disks 2017
158 i-vSAVE Intelligent Vessels using space technology for Safety on board. 2017
159 MEMETRE From processes to modelling of methane emissions from trees 2018
160 SOFTWATER Soft Water: understanding what makes a fluid behave like water 2018
161 AdAI Revolutionary Artificial Intelligence Solution for Managing and Optimising Google AdWords 2017
162 ANIMA Aviation Noise Impact Management through Novel Approaches 2017
163 CIRCASA Coordination of International Research Cooperation on soil CArbon Sequestration in Agriculture 2017
165 FLAVE Energetics of natural turbulent flows: the impact of waves and radiation. 2018
166 VERNE Guided (Ultra)sonic Waves for High Performance Deepwater Pipeline Inspection 2017
167 E2DATA European Extreme Performing Big Data Stacks 2018
168 3D-MUSE 3D Multi-Process Sequential Integration for Smart Sensor Interfaces 2018
169 Engage Knowledge Transfer Network proposed in response to the SESAR-ER3-01-2016 Call 2018
170 AirEx AirEx - Smart Ventilation Control 2017
171 HDBAT High Density Batteries for e-Mobility and Industrial Automated Guided Vehicles. 2017
173 DANTE DANTE: Digital Alarm Network and Tracking Equipment for forest fire detection 2018
174 CONCERTO Computation of cOmpouNd rotorCraft latEral RoTor nOise 2018
175 MYCOMOSS Mosses as a gateway of nitrogen into northern ecosystems 2018
176 KEROGREEN Production of Sustainable aircraft grade Kerosene from water and air powered by Renewable Electricity, through the splitting of CO2, syngas formation and Fischer-Tropsch synthesis 2018
177 IMBIO Innovative Manure Biofertilizers 2018
178 C-SERVEES Activating Circular Services in the Electric and Electronic Sector 2018
179 PIXEL Port IoT for Environmental Leverage 2018
180 VIDA Value-added Innovation in fooD chAins 2018
181 SCOM Sustainable Company 2018
182 TENUMECA The technopolitics of nuclear megaproject pathologies, economic controversies and varieties of socioeconomic appraisal 2019
183 RESOLVE Remote sensing of photosynthetic traits for high latitude plant productivity modelling 2018
184 SPEctRUM Seismic Plus EneRgy Upgrading of Masonry Buildings using Advanced Materials 2018
185 TECNIOspringINDUSTRY ACCIÓ programme to foster mobility of researchers with a focus in applied research and technology transfer 2019
186 LOGISTAR Enhanced data management techniques for real time logistics planning and scheduling 2018
187 EUROLAB4HPC2 Consolidation of European Research Excellence in Exascale HPC Systems 2018
188 CoCirculation2 CO-FUNDED Brain Circulation Scheme 2 2018
189 PreciSen PreciSen, the next generation of position sensing technology 2018
190 EXICOM 3D experience anywhere, at any time 2018
191 Datumate Field data analytics cloud platform using drone-photogrammetry and computer vision algorithms for construction infrastructure planning, execution and delivery 2018
192 Pomelody 2.0 Early childhood education eLearning framework, leveraging novel technology for a whole new way of learning music. 2018
193 ICICLES Iron and Carbon Interactions and Biogeochemical CycLing in Subglacial EcosystemS 2018
194 iMEC Real-time assessment of toxic sulphide in wastewater – market maturation of an Industrial Micro Electrochemical Cell 2018
195 CLEAN CABINET A unique and innovative cleanliness test bench that allows to increase test efficiency and reduce costs for cleanliness assessment of hydraulic, automotive and aeronautic components and systems 2018
196 HeyEducation hey!Education: Breaking Classroom Communication Barriers 2018
197 EMPLOBOT The First Recruitment Bot to Integrate Labour Market in the EU 2018
199 PoCMICRUX An affordable Multi-analyte Point-of-Care system for Chronic Disease Self-Control and Management 2018
200 TRIAGE TRophic state Interactions with drivers of Aquatic greenhouse Gas Emissions 2019
201 PROBE.LY - Web Application Vulnerability Scanning Suite for Agile Teams 2018
202 INPERIO Non-invasive solution for periodontal and peri-implant diseases 2018
203 OR4.0 Development of an intelligent and multi-hospital end-to-end surgical process management system 2018
204 twiner An open, global, business directory with social networking tools for advanced leads discovery and online visibility in B2B digital marketing 2018
205 Simecos A New Adjuvant Nutraceutical from the North Atlantic Ocean for Breast, Lung and Pancreatic Cancer Patients 2018
206 DETER A Decision Support Tool to Manage Earthworks along Road and Rail Networks 2018
207 FREESPACE Free-space optical transmission links with unprecedented receiver sensitivity 2018
208 ClusterWeb Unravelling the physics of particle acceleration and feedback in galaxy clusters and the cosmic web 2019
209 SECONDO a Security ECONomics service platform for smart security investments and cyber insurance pricing in the beyonD 2020 netwOrking era 2019
210 WHILYAS Wound healing ILYA-style 2018
211 SmartAgriHubs Connecting the dots to unleash the innovation potential for digital transformation of the European agri-food sector 2018
213 EROSS European Robotic Orbital Support Services 2019
214 E-BRAKE Design, Manufacturing and Qualification up to TRL5 of Innovative Electro-Mechanical BRAKE actuation System for SAT Application 2018
215 C2C4LMB Gigstarter — A C2C Solution for Live Music Bookings 2018
216 Ceres Proactive system to forecast and reduce environmental footprint while maximising agriculture performance 2018
217 Mokita The NGOs’ virtual reality content viewing platform 2018
218 CALORIC The Smart Thermostat with Heating Power Adjustment 2018
219 RIMA Robotics for Infrastructure Inspection and MAintenance 2019
220 INNOWWIDE Viability assessment of collaborative and INNOvative business solutions in WorldWIDE markets 2019
221 NestIOr Who gets to live forever? Toward an Institutional Theory on the Decline and Death of International Organisations 2019
222 eFactory European Connected Factory Platform for Agile Manufacturing 2019
223 RADAR-AD Remote Assessment of Disease and Relapse – Alzheimer’s Disease 2019
224 ECHO Extending Coherence for Hardware-Driven Optimizations in Multicore Architectures 2019
226 CASSANDRA Accelerating mass loss of Greenland: firn and the shifting runoff limit 2019
227 ENCORE ENergy aware BIM Cloud Platform in a COst-effective Building REnovation Context 2019
228 TRINIDAT Tilt Rotor INlet Innovative Design And Testing 2019
229 MY-CUBE 3D integration of a logic/memory CUBE for In-Memory-Computing 2019
231 DermoSafe 2.0 An Integral Platform for the Early Diagnosis of Skin Cancer 2018
232 MICROREAL Microbial Remediation of Agricultural Land 2018
233 Open ENTRANCE Open ENergy TRansition ANalyses for a low-carbon Economy 2019
234 ECRAID-Plan European Clinical Research Alliance on Infectious Diseases (ECRAID) - Business Plan 2019
235 COLIBRI Click chemistry Options for Live Immuno Brain Imaging 2019
236 2019
237 FREEMIND Ferroelectric REsistors as Emerging Materials for Innovative Neuromorphic Devices 2019
238 CLOSeR Contribution of Land water stOrage to Sea-level Rise 2019
239 SEDILAND Sediment regime disturbance of river catchments in a changing land cover context: Geoenvironmental and population dynamics 2019
240 MANDALA The transition of MultilAyer/multipolymer packagiNg into more sustainable multilayer/single polymer products for the fooD and phArma sectors through the deveLopment of innovative functional Adhesives 2019
241 Magik Star MAGnetic fIeld and Kinematic coupling for massive STAR formation 2019
242 SGA3 COST - Maximising impact 2019
243 TANKRETE A breakthrough concrete mega tank for thermal fluids storage over 500ºC in thermal solar energy generation 2019
244 SO-CHIC Southern Ocean Carbon and Heat Impact on Climate 2019
245 Block.IS Blockchain Innovation Spaces 2019
246 S3FOOD Smart Sensor System for Food Safety, Quality Control and Resource Efficiency in the Food Processing Industry 2019
247 3D DMX Demonstration in Dunkirk 2019
248 NIVA A New IACS Vision in Action 2019
249 FEASIBLE Fostering Sustainable Living cities 2019
250 Career-FIT PLUS Career Development Fellowships in the National Technology Centre Programme 2019
251 QUSTEC QUSTEC: international, interdisciplinary and intersectoral doctoral programme in Quantum Science and Technologies 2019
252 JUNIOR LEADER Junior Leader la Caixa Postdoctoral Fellowship Programme: Shaping the new generation of leaders in research 2019
253 AVEHIL A modern professional race car simulator for racing teams and individuals 2019
254 UDIGITAL The Digital Marketplace to empower SMEs for the digital transformation 2019
255 PASIFIC Polish Academy of Sciences’ Individual Fellowships: Innovation & Creativity 2020
256 MistAndClean Upscaling production and adding new product lines to the unique and patented water-to-mist technology that reduces water use by 98% without loss of functionality and keeping a high user experience 2019
257 PAV-DT A disruptive technology that enables low cost real-time monitoring of road pavement condition by any ordinary vehicle circulating on the road, and automatically designs plans for predictive maintenance. 2019
258 MatManager MatManager - New standard in road construction efficiency 2019
259 eCARE Digital solutions supporting continuum of care for frailty prevention in old adults 2019
260 BLOCKPOOL Pooling SME adoption and deployment of Blockchain and other DLTs 2019
261 IMPRESS Innovative Method for PREStressing and post-tensioning technique addressing more Sustainable and secure concrete buildings 2019
262 DAICY Design and AI for sustainable and safe motorCYcles 2019
263 ECOFIPS ECOFIPS: Ecological Fibres for Insulation, Pulp and Substrate 2019
265 NAOS a disruptive implantable neurostimulator for the treatment of epilepsy 2019
266 EOLOGIX The first wireless wind turbine blade sensor for automatic, real-time condition-based monitoring 2019
267 SkinFactory 2.0 SkinFactory 2.0: GMP-in-a-box 2019
268 METAMORFOSIS Disrupting the sports nutrition market with a healthy, high-performance, bee product-based energy gel in highly innovative compostable packaging 2019
269 DELTA AI Enabled Managemement of Patients at Risk of Diabetic Foot Ulcer 2019
270 PersonalizeAF Personalized Therapies for Atrial Fibrillation. A Translational Approach 2020
271 AUTO-RST Flexible automated manufacturing of RST Facets: High Performance Solar Reflectors for CSP industry 2019
272 EcoStock Mobile thermal energy storage based on recycled ceramics 2019
273 UP2DATE Intelligent software-UPDATE technologies for safe and secure mixed-criticality and high performance cyber physical systems 2020
274 EASY-Diabetes Individualised and Equitable Care of Type 2 Diabetes 2019
275 INSA Integrated Nitrogen Studies in Africa 2020
276 UNICOM Up-scaling the global univocal identification of medicines 2019
277 HEGIAS The World’s First Browser-based and Automated High-end Virtual Reality Content Management System 2020
278 OPT-PCC Optimized Dynamic Point Cloud Compression 2020
279 MonoComb Monolithic frequency comb spectrometers 2020
280 GrapheneCore3 Graphene Flagship Core Project 3 2020
281 OXYGEN The redox evolution of arc magmas: from the oxygenation of the Earth’s atmosphere to the genesis of giant hydrothermal ore deposits 2020
282 LEAF-2-TBM From LEAF to Terrestrial Biosphere Model: Integrating multi-scale observations of highly diverse tropical ecosystems for global scale simulations 2020
283 UCAS Understanding Clouds Across Scales 2020
284 CHLARE CHromospheric magnetic fields in fLAREs and their evolution 2021
285 Quad2BIM A cooperative approach which brings completeness and inclusiveness to the scan-to-BIM modeling process within the historical buildings life cycle. 2020
286 INVENTOR INnoVative dEsign of iNstalled airframe componenTs for aircraft nOise Reduction 2020