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1 MOCHA Models of Child Health Appraised 2015
3 MOBILE FLIP Mobile and Flexible Industrial Processing of Biomass 2015
4 META-STRESS Unravelling life-history responses and underlying mechanisms to environmental stress in wild populations 2015
5 QUANTPATTERN Quantitative analysis of Nodal/Lefty-mediated pattern formation 2015
6 COLLDENSE Hybrid Colloidal Systems with Designed Response 2015
7 COMBI Calculating and Operationalising the Multiple Benefits of Energy Efficiency Improvements in Europe 2015
8 AUDICON Neural mechanisms of spectral context effects on auditory processing 2015
9 SexDiff Sex differences in expression in the shared genome 2016
10 TRAIT Exploring the biogeography of thermal acclimation in heterotrophic microbes 2015
11 PREF LEARNHEUR Learning heuristics in preference elicitation tasks: insights from behavioural, computational and neurobiological investigations 2015
12 Forests and CO Co-Benefits and Conflicts between CO2 sequestration and biodiversity conservation in European Forests 2015
13 DPaTh-To-Adapt Rethinking climate change vulnerability: Drivers patterns of thermal tolerance adaptation in the ocean. 2016
14 FISHNAV Following a path of breadcrumbs: How fish recognize landmarks during navigation 2015
15 PBIGP Plant-Bacillus Interaction: Gain of Function Project 2016
16 Hi-SynVir High-throughput characterization of host promiscuity for precisely designed synthetic viral capsid 2015
17 MOLMIC Molecular Biology of Sulfide-Oxidizing Nitrate-Reducing Microorganisms Involved in Microbiologically-Influenced Corrosion 2016
18 GESTATE testinG massivE STar formATion modEis 2015
19 SOCIAL COST Differential costs of social living in nature 2016
20 MeshAnalyzer Analysis Tool for Mesh Design of Leading Edge Design of Integrated Circuits 2015
21 HitSeedSME-1-09-14 HitSeed application for the Horizon 2020 dedicated SME Instrument - Phase 1 2014. September 2014. 2014
22 USELA Useful energy from contaminated landfill gas 2014
23 NoisyAgeing Beyond genotype to phenotype: how ancestor lifestyle impacts on lifespan variation in descendants 2015
24 MINERAL EYE Real-time on-line mineralogical analysis for the process optimization and more sustainable mining 2015
25 EcoMultiCloud Hierarchical Approach for Green Workload Management in Distributed Data Centers reducing energy bill and carbon footprint 2015
26 VARIKIN Cultural Evolution of Kinship Diversity: Variation in Language, Cognition, and Social Norms Regarding Family 2015
27 ScalinGreen Innovative solutions to scale-up urban green surfaces across Europe 2015
28 FoTRRIS Fostering a Transition towards Responsible Research and Innovation Systems 2015
29 OUTCOME The outstanding challenge in solid mechanics: engineering structures subjected to extreme loading conditions 2016
30 ASICA New constraints on the Amazonian carbon balance from airborne observations of the stable isotopes of CO2 2015
31 COMSTAR The effects of early-life adversity on cognition: A comparative approach. 2015
32 PICOPROP Photo Induced Collective Properties of Hybrid Halide Perovskites 2015
33 PANINI Physical Activity and Nutrition INfluences In ageing 2016
34 CAMUT Culture Aware Music Technologies 2015
35 TackSHS Tackling secondhand tobacco smoke and e-cigarette emissions: exposure assessment, novel interventions, impact on lung diseases and economic burden in diverse European populations. The TackSHS Project. 2015
36 Tomo-FPS Tomosynthesis is a low-dose alternate to has CT already transformed Breast Imaging, our vision is to reduce the costs, further enhance sensitivity and reduce dose, and transform portability. 2015
37 FASTBOX Improvement and sustainability of box production’s process for e-commerce 2015
38 GROWTHPATTERN Coordination Of Patterning And Growth In The Spinal Cord 2016
39 Liqbiopsens Reliable Novel Liquid Biopsy technology for early detection of colorectal cancer 2016
40 PANEL 2050 Partnership for New Energy Leadership 2050 2016
41 ARCA Analysis and Representation of Complex Activities in Videos 2016
42 EngageME Automated Measurement of Engagement Level of Children with Autism Spectrum Conditions during Human-robot Interaction 2016
43 NanoMembR Nanoscale Effects within Biological Membranes caused by Radiation 2017
44 Ko-Tsah-To Temperatures, ash and soil hydrology: predicting fire impact from plant traits 2016
45 HairGen Genetics of human hair form diversity 2016
46 FIRE-PLUME-SENSE Developing new drone-based gas sensing technology to characterise fire emission plumes by miniature low cost sensors 2017
47 DIVERGE Diverging Destinies: Introducing the Role of Social Environment and Genetic Sensitivity in the Effects of Family Instability 2016
48 DIFIE Direct and Indirect mechanisms of Fisheries-Induced Evolution 2017
49 LCCMcons Using Land Cover Change Models to Address Important Conservation Issues 2016
50 COSMIC LENS Delivering on the Promise of Measuring Dark Energy from Cosmic Lensing 2016
51 GRADIENT Understanding fire, weather and land cover interactions from long-term terrestrial observations and satellite data in a north to south transect in Europe and North Africa 2016
52 SEA-More-Yield Sea-More-Yield: A Blue Biotechnology Solution for the Reduction of Pod Shatter in Bio-Oil Producing Crops 2016
53 BAYNET Bayesian Networks and Non-Rational Expectations 2016
54 SP3D Virtual reality fitting simulation for electronic e-commerce 2016
55 Born-Immune Shaping of the Human Immune System by Primal Environmental Exposures In the Newborn Child 2016
56 STATLEARN The reading brain as a statistical learning machine 2016
57 DisWildPop Impacts of Diseases on Wild Bird Populations 2017
58 StandBy-U Real Time Response System towards Safety and Emergency Management Improvement in critical infrastructures and soft targets 2016
59 MiTSoPro Migration and Transnational Social Protection in (post-)crisis Europe 2016
60 NEWFAMSTRAT The New Shape of Family-Related Gender Stratification 2016
61 BiT How the Human Brain Masters Time 2016
62 NARRATIVENSCIENCE Narrative Ordering and Explanation in the Sciences: Historical Investigations and Perspectives 2016
63 IMPACT The giant impact and the Earth and Moon formation 2016
64 ROBUST POLICY Developing a robust decision making framework for climate change policy under uncertainty 2016
65 DismantlingNoise Dissecting the (epi)genetic origins of phenotypic variation and metabolic disease susceptibility 2017
66 GENOMIS Illuminating GENome Organization through integrated MIcroscopy and Sequencing 2018
67 ORIENT Goal-directed eye-head coordination in dynamic multisensory environments 2017
68 PJ08 AAM Advanced Airspace Management 2016
69 ORCA Orchestration and Reconfguration Control Architecture 2017
71 TechEvo Technology Evolution in Regional Economies 2017
72 INTEGRID An INTEgral optimisation toolbox for smart GRID data communication network design and planning 2016
73 WISH Wearable Integrated System for Early Detection of Preterm Labour 2016
74 SIMULTAN Aging-related changes in brain activation and deactivation during cognition: novel insights into the physiology of the human mind from simultaneous PET-fMRI imaging 2017
75 SOCIALBOND Social integration and boundary making in adolescence 2017
76 MSMA Moduli Spaces, Manifolds and Arithmetic 2016
77 EUSCREEN Implementation of cost-optimized childhood vision and hearing screening programmes in middle-income countries in Europe 2017
79 GLYCONOISE Emergent properties of cell surface glycosylation in cell-cell communication 2017
80 HapticCell Haptic micromanipulation system for low cost autonomous microinjection tasks 2017
81 AXONE Commercial multiple electrode lead technology for cardiac disease 2017
82 Mitomorphosis Metabolic regulation of mitochondrial morphology 2017
83 JUSTAM Justice, Morality, and the State in Amazonia 2017
84 Survive Surviving metabolism: acid handling and signalling 2017
85 2D-COF-WS Designing and screening two dimensional covalent organic frameworks for effective water splitting 2017
86 ENERGYMAPS Revealing the electronic energy landscape of multi-layered (opto)electronic devices 2017
87 M-TRAIT Modelling Tree Response to Aridity Increase with Traits 2018
88 Demeco Default meanings in compound interpretation 2017
89 Spontaneous activity Functional role of neuronal spontaneous activity for sensory processing 2018
90 UNREDE Understanding Non-Photochemical Quenching Regulation in a Dynamic Environment. 2018
91 SMILE SMart IsLand Energy systems 2017
92 SuPERPORES Structure-performance relationships in porous carbons for energy storage 2017
93 POLITICO Political Concepts in the World 2018
94 Struct. vs. Individ The ‘Declining Significance of Gender’ Reexamined: Cross-Country Comparison of Individual and Structural Aspects of Gender Inequality 2017
95 Honeyguides-Humans How a mutualism evolves: learning, coevolution, and their ecosystem consequences in human-honeyguide interactions 2017
96 FINEPRINT Spatially explicit material footprints: fine-scale assessment of Europe’s global environmental and social impacts 2017
97 LETHE Levels and Trends of Health Expectancy: Understanding its Measurement and Estimation Sensitivity 2017
99 BURSTREG Single-molecule visualization of transcription dynamics to understand regulatory mechanisms of transcriptional bursting and its effects on cellular fitness 2018
100 COLD Climate Sensitivity of Glacial Landscape Dynamics 2018
101 transtryp Structural differences in mRNA translation machineries between eukaryotic pathogens and their mammalian hosts 2018
102 RIGHTS The bargaining power of sending countries in influencing the rights of their low skilled migrant workers 2018
103 LexsemLexcat The lexical semantics of lexical categories 2018
104 PASSPORT Part Specific Process Optimization in SLM 2018
105 HADES HADES - Optical Hot Air Leak DEtection System 2018
107 METAGE Metamorphosis as a re-set mechanism of the ageing clock: is early-life stress bypassed by morphogenesis? 2019
108 LocalCom Digital Local Public Sphere and Local Communication Online: A Comparative Study of Four European countries 2019
109 BAHCI Bringing a health claim to information: Measuring the impact of health data on the health outcomes of European citizens 2018
110 BioVOLHum An understated player of Climate Change - increased air humidity - impact on volatile signaling compound emission at northern forests 2019
111 DeepSym Understanding the drivers of the genetic and functional structure of deep-sea sponge symbiont communities 2018
112 DYNOS The coupled dynamics of Southern Ocean climate change 2018
113 Urban Sharing Urban Sharing: Sustainability and Institutionalisation Pathways 2018
114 NEXT New Exploration Technologies 2018
115 DISC Evolutionary diversification across scales 2018
116 IMMIGINTEGR The Role of the Welfare State in the Integration of Immigrants: Comparative Analysis of Latino Communities in Spain, the United Kingdom and the United States 2018
117 Interfaces Manipulating Acoustic wavefronts using metamaterials for novel user interfaces 2018
118 GAP Global dynamics of mountain diversification and persistence 2019
119 TELIOTES Thermal and ELectronic Transport in Inorganic-Organic ThermoElectric Superlattices 2018
120 SUBTOL Understanding seaweed submergence tolerance mechanisms and translating them into land plants 2018
121 PBDM Payoff-Based Decision-Making 2018
122 FSCF Alternative Families Social Change: An interdisciplinary and cross-national study 2018
123 INFLA-AID The role of NLRC4 inflammasome in autoinflammatory diseases 2018
125 MSTAR Massive Star Formation through the Universe 2018
126 ACCUPOL Unlimited Growth? A Comparative Analysis of Causes and Consequences of Policy Accumulation 2018
127 CellTrainer Low Cost Real-time Multi-Physics Virtual Reality Training System For In-vitro Fertilisation Microinjection Tasks 2018
128 CoPEC Colloidal particles in elasto-capillary fields 2019
129 BactoBubble Microscale investigation of key bacterial phenotypes enhancing collection by rising bubbles and aerial dispersal 2018
130 MACI Moduli, Algebraic Cycles, and Invariants 2018
131 COEXIST Bacteria-phage-antibiotic interactions in variable environments: a community ecology perspective 2018
132 NovaTests The first predictive test for radio-sensitivity. A step towards an improved and personalised radiation therapy cancer treatment. 2018
133 FlexiBiome Next Generation Microbiome Platform 2018
134 Polaris Lighter, Cheaper Thermoplastic CNG Tanks for Automotive & Commercial Vehicle Markets 2018
135 CATPERCCOL Perception of signals under varying conditions: implications of proportional processing of signal magnitude for signal design 2019
136 CHANGE Cultural Heritage Analysis for New GEnerations 2019
137 DISARM Disseminating Innovative Solutions for Antibiotic Resistance Management 2019
138 sEEIngDOM Ecological and Evolutionary Importance of Molecular Diversity in Dissolved Organic Matter 2019
139 OXYGEN SENSING Acute oxygen sensing and oxygen tolerance in C. elegans 2019
140 EcoBox Ecosystem in a box: Dissecting the dynamics of a defined microbial community in vitro 2019
141 GULAGECHOES Gulag Echoes in the “multicultural prison”: historical and geographical influences on the identity and politics of ethnic minority prisoners in the communist successor states of Russia Europe. 2018
142 VIRTUALTIMES Exploring and Modifying the Sense of Time in Virtual Environments 2019
143 GANGS Gangs, Gangsters, and Ganglands: Towards a Global Comparative Ethnography 2019
144 TopSurgeons Understanding the influence of human and organizational factors on surgeon performance to enhance patient outcomes: experimental evaluation of a customized coaching program 2019
145 LEGACy CeLac and European consortium for a personalized medicine approach to Gastric Cancer 2019
146 FuncMAB High-throughput single-cell phenotypic analysis of functional antibody repertoires 2019
147 EMPORIGIN What are the origins of empathy? A comparative developmental investigation 2019
148 Metasonics Examining the use of Metamaterials for acoustic applications 2019
149 PUPILTRAITS Biomarkers of individual differences in human cortical visual processing 2019
150 BRAINMINT Brains and minds in transition: The dark side of neuroplasticity during sensitive life phases 2019
151 UltimateCOMPASS Navigating the most challenging habitats on earth:unravelling the architecture of a universal compass system 2019
152 OPENFLUX Societal openness, normative flux, and the social modification of heritability 2019
153 ELIPORT Autonomous, self-loading and unloading ground-based robots 2019
154 INDITOL Individual variation in tolerance of hypoxia and high temperatures in teleost fish: mechanisms and implications 2019
155 LipTransProMet The multi-omics role of lipid transfer proteins in lipid metabolism 2019
156 PSF-2-PREDICT Predicting when plant-soil feedbacks promote or prevent alien plant invasion. 2020
157 PlantSoilGradients Plant-soil feedback and local adaptation along soil fertility gradients 2020
158 PPPCM The Impact of Political Parties on Public Claim Making in European Democracies 2020
159 SOOCCESS SOciO-eConomiC failurE and aSpiration biaseS 2020
160 LIPPS Literacy’s influence on the production and perception of speech 2020
161 CancerADAPT Targeting the adaptive capacity of prostate cancer through the manipulation of transcriptional and metabolic traits 2019
162 Division Division of Labour and the Evolution of Complexity 2020
163 MarshFlux The effect of future global climate and land-use change on greenhouse gas fluxes and microbial processes in salt marshes 2020
164 EUSOCDIV Public attitudes towards Social Europe: Diverging interpretations and support within and across EU member states? 2019
165 Cyanide Evolution EVOLUTION OF CYANIDE METABOLIMS IN APOSEMATIC BUTTERFLIES: from gene characterization to community ecology 2020
166 ESCAPE Abandoning ship – sex and dormancy strategies in Daphnia 2019
167 BUNT Colorful Indications of (Ex)Change. 2020
168 ON-MERRIT Observing and Negating Matthew Effects in Responsible Research and Innovation Transition 2019
170 O3-SML Ozone dry deposition to the sea surface microlayer 2019
171 INSPIRATION Investigation of the SNP-induced RNA structure variations between subgenomes in polyploid wheat 2019
172 Angio-NYT Investigating the crosstalk between Notch and YAP/TAZ in sprouting angiogenesis 2020
173 PD-Watch Wearable technology for the selective detection and continuous monitoring of movement disorders related to Parkinson’s disease 2019
174 CyberSANE Cyber Security Incident Handling, Warning and Response System for the European Critical Infrastructures 2019
175 PeptiCHIP PEPTICHIP: Streamlined identification of tumour neoantigens for personalised anti-cancer immunotherapy 2019
176 Immune-Image Immune-Image: Specific Imaging of Immune Cell Dynamics Using Novel Tracer Strategies 2019
177 SpeciationBehaviour The genetic and neural basis of reproductive isolation 2020
178 PANGAIA Pan-genome Graph Algorithms and Data Integration 2020
179 INNODEC Innovation Radar Data-based Identification & Commercialisation 2019
180 EMOTIONACCULTURATION Emotional Acculturation: Emotions as Gateways to Minority Inclusion 2020
181 Preemie Personalised nutrition of low-birth-weight infants 2019
182 CTSM Competition, time pressure, public speaking and multitasking: The role of willingness and ability to cope with pressure in explaining individual differences and inequality in career outcomes 2019
183 EPIDEMIC Experimental Epidemiology in Ant Societies 2020
184 OrgMIGRANT How Work Organizations Shape Ethnic Stratification across Immigrant Generations: Assimilation, Segregation, and Workplace Contexts 2020
185 INDIVISUAL Individual differences in human gaze behaviour and the visual system 2020
186 AgingTimer Systems biology of the individual stochastic timer of aging 2020
187 LOSS Narratives of Loss: Unravelling the Origins of Support for Socially Conservative Political Agendas 2020
188 SIND The Social INdividual’s Decisions: how are they shaped by group affiliation during collective decisions? 2021
189 LearningEmotions Emotion Recognition: A Statistical Learning Approach 2020
190 BioTempSense Understanding the thermodynamic and mechanistic basis of a model biological temperature sensor 2021
191 THRESHOLD Thresholds and tipping points in ecosystem responses to global warming 2021
192 DynFish How the dynamics of personality variation, food intake and social interactions determine anti-predator escape 2021