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H2020 projects about "biologists"

The page lists 98 projects related to the topic "biologists".

# achronym  title  year 
1 X-probe Advanced XFEL and Synchrotron based Probes of Protein Structure and Dynamics 2015
2 Weakinteract Weak interactions in self-organizations studied by NMR spectroscopy in the supramolecular solid-state 2015
3 MESOPROBIO Mesoscopic models for propagation in biology 2015
4 ZENCODE-ITN Computational and functional annotation of genomic elements during development of the model vertebrate zebrafish 2015
5 DBA Distributed Biological Algorithms 2015
6 GelSwimming Bacterial motion in polymer solutions and biogels 2016
7 SmartMass Behavioral and cognitive mechanisms promoting collective intelligence in human groups 2015
8 SexDiff Sex differences in expression in the shared genome 2016
9 CHELALZ Multitarget compounds with therapeutic potential against Alzheimer disease: Design and in vitro studies 2016
10 AMIABLE Advanced MIcroscopy of Attine ant BacteriaL Endosymbionts 2015
11 SynBiol-DynHet Diversity in Synthetic Biological Systems 2015
12 MoDATS Model-based Data Analysis of Transcription and Splicing 2016
13 ACOFORS Launching Acoustic Force Spectroscopy - unlocking the potential of biomolecular bungee jumping 2015
14 XPRESSO Breakthrough gene expression search engine for cost reduction and significantly increased use of open data in drug discovery. 2015
15 ComplEvol Evolutionary origins of complex ecological adaptations 2015
16 CHROMAVISION Super-resolution visualisation and manipulation of metaphase chromosomes 2015
17 PRIISM-HD Pathways Regulating Intramyocellular Insulin Sensitivity and Metabolism in Health and Disease 2016
18 DivIDe A multidisciplinary approach to cell division: From human oocyte to synthetic biology 2016
19 West-Life World-wide E-infrastructure for structural biology 2015
20 ArchSci2020 Archaeology on the Edge: Northern Europe and the Circumpolar World 2016
21 RUBICON Training network for Research on molecUlar and Biomechanical Interactions in CONnective tissue disorders 2016
22 EO4wildlife Platform for wildlife monitoring integrating Copernicus and ARGOS data 2016
23 KEEPFISH Knowledge Exchange for Efficient Passage of Fishes in the Southern Hemisphere 2016
24 THAUMECOPHYL Evolutionary history and ecological adaptations of ammonia oxidizing Thaumarchaeota. 2016
25 microMAGNETOFLUIDICS 3D-printed magnetic microfluidics for applications in life sciences 2016
26 DynOMIS Dynamic Origins of MHC class I Selector function 2016
27 INTEGRISTEM Functions of Integrins in Mammary Stem Cell Activity and Tumorigenesis 2016
28 BiominAB-3D Revealing the composition and formation mechanism of carcinogenic asbestos bodies in human lungs 2016
29 BAYESLAND Community Assembly on Islands: A phylogenetic Bayesian approach 2016
30 DisWildPop Impacts of Diseases on Wild Bird Populations 2017
31 BactInd Bacterial cooperation at the individual cell level 2016
32 PlaMatSu Plant-inspired materials and surfaces 2016
33 FoodSmartphone Smartphone analyzers for on-site testing of food quality and safety 2017
34 MMBio Molecular Tools for Nucleic Acid Manipulation for Biological Intervention 2017
35 EVOIMMECH The evolutionary ecology of bacterial immune mechanisms 2017
36 BeeSymOverSpace How to help the hive? Incidence and impact of heritable microbes on bee health 2016
37 CollectSwim Individual and Collective Swimming of Active Microparticles 2017
38 SUMCASTEC Semiconductor-based Ultrawideband Micromanipulation of CAncer STEm Cells 2017
39 ByAxon Towards an active bypass for neural reconnection 2017
40 BIOSENSIZE SIZE selective optical SENsing of BIOmolecules with functionalized porous photonic structures 2016
41 FIBRANET Fibres in Ancient European Textiles 2017
42 DropContEvo A droplet microfluidic system for continuous in vivo evolution. 2018
43 ActiveBioFluids Origins of Collective Motion in Active Biofluids 2017
44 MULTICELLEXPEVO Reconstructing the origins of animal multicellularity using experimental evolution 2018
45 HoloCellDeath Origins and evolution of programmed cell death machinery during the emergence of animal multicellularity 2018
46 EcoEvoClim Ecological and Evolutionary consequences of predator-prey phenological match-mismatch driven by climate change 2017
47 Hybrid Conflicts Speciation and hybridization: a sex chromosome perspective 2018
48 SmartCells Smart Lab-On-Chips for the Real -Time Control of Cells 2017
49 FastFinder Artificial intelligence for automated, standardised interpretation of DNA testing results 2017
50 RESPEC Reconstruction of Pollinator-Mediated Speciation by Identification and Substitution of Causative Mutations 2017
51 BRCA-ERC Understanding cancer development in BRCA 1/2 mutation carriers for improved Early detection and Risk Control 2017
52 Tumor-Treg-Targeting Training Network for the education of the next generation scientist in targeting the supressive capacity of regulatory T-cells specifically within tumours 2018
53 CINCHRON Comparative INsect CHRONobiology 2018
54 INVICTUS IN VItro Cavitation Through UltraSound 2017
55 SuperGenE Supergene evolution in a classic plant system - bringing the study of distyly into the genomic era 2018
56 MISOTOP Mechanochemistry: a unique opportunity for oxygen isotopic labelling and NMR spectroscopy 2018
57 MICMAC Bridging MICroevolution and MACroevolution in sticklebacks 2019
58 BRAIN Bacterial regulation of Apis neurophysiology 2018
59 PORTWINGS Decoding the Nature of Flapping Flight by port-Hamiltonian System Theory 2018
60 TimeAdapt Tracking Genetic Adaptation of Populations Using Time-Series Genomic Data 2019
61 GAP Global dynamics of mountain diversification and persistence 2019
62 HoBi Hegel's Philosophy of Biology 2018
63 REDUCTeeth Evolution of cell mechanisms underlying human dental reduction in Europe 2018
64 SHIPWORM 'A transregional and interdisciplinary study of the societal impact of the shipworm epidemic in the North Sea region in the eighteenth century' 2018
65 NICI Non-Invasive Chemistry Imaging in the whole human body 2018
66 MyoChip Building a 3D innervated and irrigated muscle on a chip. 2018
67 DELIVER DELIVERy of advanced therapies for diabetes training network 2019
68 EUROoC Interdisciplinary training network for advancing Organ-on-a-chip technology in Europe 2018
69 MetaScience The Metaphysical Unity of Science 2018
70 AMR-TB Theoretical and computational investigation of tuberculosis antimicrobial resistance development based on extensive experimental library of mycobacterium strains 2019
71 BioRoboost Fostering Synthetic Biology standardisation through international collaboration 2018
72 synBIOcarb Synthetic biology of carbohydrate-binding proteins: engineering protein-carbohydrate interactions for diagnostics and cell targeting 2018
73 PGEN Automated evaluation and correction of generation bias in immune receptor repertoires 2019
74 EDCMET Metabolic effects of Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals: novel testing METhods and adverse outcome pathways 2019
75 EvolvingEconomics Human motivation: evolutionary foundations and their implications for economics 2019
76 RESTORE User-centred smart nanobiomaterial-based 3D matrices for chondral repair 2019
77 BIONICbacteria Integrating a novel layer of synthetic biology tools in Pseudomonas, inspired by bacterial viruses 2019
78 Biosensor Design Engineering Chemotactic Biosensors for a Diverse Spectrum of Metastatic Markers 2020
79 WEAVERBIRD_DEFENCE Unravelling an extended phenotype: sexual selection and the evolution of nest architecture in weaverbird defence against brood parasitism 2019
80 EarlyVertEvo Unravelling the scenario of early vertebrate evolution through computational analysis of the fossil record 2019
81 MechTransition Regulatory mechanisms controlling a new mechanical Epithelial to Mesenchymal Transition in zebrafish 2020
82 MAGELIA A disruptive Magnetically Enhanced Library preparation platform for Next Generation Sequencing 2019
83 FIDELIO Training network for research into bone Fragility In Diabetes in Europe – towards a personaLised medIcine apprOach 2019
84 SYGMA Synthetic photobiology for light controllable active matter 2019
85 RECYCLES Recovering carbon from contaminated matrices by exploiting the nitrogen and sulphur cycles 2020
86 Immune-Image Immune-Image: Specific Imaging of Immune Cell Dynamics Using Novel Tracer Strategies 2019
87 VIDEC Visualizing Death Inducing Protein Complexes 2020
88 GAIA A Genomic and Macroevolutionary Approach to Studying Diversification in an Insect-Plant Arms Race 2020
89 NanoFUNC Functionalisation of ultra-bright all organic nanoparticles for super resolution imaging in intact brain preparations 2020
90 BLACKJACK Fast Monte Carlo integration with repulsive processes 2020
91 CoaExMatter Bio-inspired Coacervate Extruded Materials 2020
92 ZENITH ZEbrafish Neuroscience Interdisciplinary Training Hub 2019
93 Brillouin4Life Development of advanced optical tools for studying cellular mechanics at high spatial and temporal resolution 2020
94 MAD Mechanisms of Apomictic Developments 2020
95 WACONDY Waves and concentration dynamics in biology 2021
96 NATURE-ETN Nucleic Acids for Future Gene Editing, Immunotherapy and Epigenetic Sequence Modification 2020
97 Ceratina Social evolution in Ceratina bees: a comparative approach 2020
98 HiPhy High Phytosterol variants towards improved feedstocks and biofortification of crops 2020