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H2020 projects about "logistics"

The page lists 48 projects related to the topic "logistics".

# achronym  title  year 
1 U-TURN Rethinking Urban Transportation through advanced tools and supply chain collaboration 2015
2 NEXTRUST Building sustainable logistics through trusted collaborative networks across the entire supply chain 2015
3 CITYLAB City Logistics in Living Laboratories 2015
4 SYNCHRO-NET Synchro-modal Supply Chain Eco-Net 2015
6 NOVELOG New cooperative business models and guidance for sustainable city logistics 2015
7 C2NET Cloud Collaborative Manufacturing Networks (C2NET) 2015
8 GALENA Galileo-based solutions for urban freight transport 2015
9 MARVIN Independent Smart Machine-Vision Based Cargo Counting Module 2015
10 CLEV Most cost and time efficient EU-wide cross-border automated parcel delivery solution 2015
11 E-LOCKS Electronic security for OIL/LPG tanks 2015
12 COLLOGISTICS Express Delivery end-to-end Management System through collaborative intelligence. 2015
13 HELIOtube Inflatable solar collectors for a low cost CSP Plant with irreducibly small carbon footprint 2015
14 SAFE-CTS Efficient and cost-effective intermodal road-rail container freight system 2015
15 UMi-TWINN Reinforcing the scientific excellence and innovation capacity in logistics technologies of the University of Miskolc 2016
16 FLOW New Floating Platform for offshore wind in deep waters. 2016
17 iTRACK Integrated system for real-time TRACKing and collective intelligence in civilian humanitarian missions 2016
18 4FOLD Phase 2 4FOLD Reduction of the International Transport of Empty Containers by Folding 2016
19 SELIS Towards a Shared European Logistics Intelligent Information Space 2016
20 CIVITAS ECCENTRIC Innovative solutions for sustainable mobility of people in suburban city districts and emission free freight logistics in urban centres. 2016
21 2016
22 AEOLIX Architecture for EurOpean Logistics Information eXchange 2016
23 LOOP Disrupting Logistics in Smart Cities and Regions through an Advanced Logistics Platform. 2016
24 NIMBLE Collaboration Network for Industry, Manufacturing, Business and Logistics in Europe 2016
25 DIGICOR Decentralised Agile Coordination Across Supply Chains 2016
26 AGROinLOG Demonstration of innovative integrated biomass logistics centres for the Agro-industry sector in Europe 2016
27 SLIPO Scalable Linking and Integration of Big POI data 2017
28 SIROM Standard Interface for Robotic Manipulation of Payloads in Future Space Missions 2016
29 REFILLS Robotics Enabling Fully-Integrated Logistics Lines for Supermarkets 2017
30 Cargo Beacon Cargo Beacons – no unexpected delays or losses in shipments of valuable cargo 2016
31 TT Transforming Transport 2017
32 SME 4.0 Industry 4.0 for SMEs - Smart Manufacturing and Logistics for SMEs in an X-to-order and Mass Customization Environment 2017
33 PROSFET Promoting Sustainable Freight Transport in Urban Contexts:Policy and Decision-Making Approaches 2017
34 Carr-e CARR·e: Lightweight and versatile electric vehicle applied to urban logistics 2017
35 CLUSTERS 2.0 Open network of hyper connected logistics clusters towards Physical Internet 2017
36 BECOOL Brazil-EU Cooperation for Development of Advanced Lignocellulosic Biofuels 2017
37 COLDTRACK New cloud-base SW for ensuring the Cold Chain during Food Transportation 2017
38 OptiLift OPTILIFT - offshore lifting and logistics 2017
40 L4MS Logistics for Manufacturing SMEs 2017
41 Space at Sea Multi-use affordable standardised floating Space@Sea 2017
42 PICKPLACE Flexible, safe and dependable robotic part handling in industrial environments 2018
43 TiMMi Transport Making CO2-free city logistics a reality 2018
44 ICONET New ICT infrastructure and reference architecture to support Operations in future PI Logistics NETworks 2018
45 CityChangerCargoBike CityChangerCargoBike 2018
46 COG-LO COGnitive Logistics Operations through secure, dynamic and ad-hoc collaborative networks 2018
47 ReCiPSS Resource-efficient Circular Product-Service Systems 2018
48 Have a BLaST Disruptive Bike Logistic Smart Trailer for efficient, painless and zero nuisance last mile delivery in cities 2018