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H2020 projects about "fidelity"

The page lists 146 projects related to the topic "fidelity".

# achronym  title  year 
1 AGILE Aircraft 3rd Generation MDO for Innovative Collaboration of Heterogeneous Teams of Experts 2015
2 MolStruKT Molecular structure and cell cycle regulated assembly of the kinetochore 2015
3 MECTRL Measurement-based dynamic control of mesoscopic many-body systems 2015
4 IQCC Integrated quantum correlation counter 2015
5 AEROWORKS Collaborative Aerial Robotic Workers 2015
6 AUGGMED Automated Serious Game Scenario Generator for Mixed Reality Training 2015
7 FLYELEC Quantum Optics with single flying electrons 2015
8 SINHOPSI Single-Hole Pumping in Silicon 2016
9 Behaviour-Connect Behaviour-Connect: Testing hypotheses on the behavioural drivers of connectivity in the marine environment through novel Bayesian models 2016
10 SPECIFIC fMRI From surrogate hemodynamics-based fMRI towards direct functional imaging of neural activity via sensing activity-induced cell swellings and neurotransmitter releases in vivo 2015
11 TOTIPOTENCY2014 Dissecting the epigenetic control of totipotency. 2016
12 NextGen Airliners Designing Next-Generation Aircraft via High-Fidelity Computational Models and Optimization 2015
13 HiPerMeGaFlowS High-Performance Curved Meshing and Unstructured High-Order Galerkin Solvers for High-Fidelity Flow Simulation 2015
14 PRIMAVERA PRocess-based climate sIMulation: AdVances in high resolution modelling and European climate Risk Assessment 2015
15 ComPat Computing Patterns for High Performance Multiscale Computing 2015
16 ORCHEXTRA A disruptive innovation in mobile marketing and business intelligence for drastically increasing SMEs competitiveness 2015
17 LocalAdaptation Detecting Local Adaptation with Climate-Informed Spatial Genetic Models 2015
18 ChromoCellDev Chromosome Architecture and the Fidelity of Mitosis during Development 2015
19 DNAmics DNA mimetics: Synthetic molecular duplexes 2016
20 PROMISE Origins of the Molecular Cloud Structure 2016
21 MOS-QUITO MOS-based Quantum Information TechnOlogy 2016
22 SimCoDeQ Simulation tool development for a composite manufacturing process default prediction integrated into a quality control system 2016
23 REDISH CROR Engine Debris Impact SHielding. Design, manufacturing, simulation and Impact test preparation 2016
24 PROPTER Support to aerodynamic analysis and design of propellers of a compound helicopter 2015
25 CODOVIREVOL Evolution of viral codon usage preferences:manipulation of translation accuracy and evasion of immune response 2016
26 EDEN2020 Enhanced Delivery Ecosystem for Neurosurgery in 2020 2016
27 DIRECT-fMRI Sensing activity-induced cell swellings and ensuing neurotransmitter releases for in-vivo functional imaging sans hemodynamics 2016
28 SEQUNET Semiconductor-based quantum network 2016
29 FLAMENCO FLAgellated MicroswimmErs’ locomotioN in Confined flOws 2016
30 SUPEREOM Microwave-to-Optical Quantum Link: Quantum Teleportation and Quantum Illumination with cavity Optomechanics 2016
31 ColloQuantO Colloidal Quantum Dot Quantum Optics 2016
32 TRISCPOL The role of the iron-sulpur cluster in human DNA polymerase delta 2016
33 PRESTISSIMO Plasma Reconnection, Shocks and Turbulence in Solar System Interactions: Modelling and Observations 2016
34 MILEPOST Microscale Processes Governing Global Sustainability 2016
35 CAiPSC Determining centromere assembly mechanisms and improving mitotic fidelity during somatic cell reprogramming 2016
36 DG-PESP-CS Deterministic Generation of Polarization Entangled single Photons Cluster States 2016
37 CODECHECK CRACKING THE CODE BEHIND MITOTIC FIDELITY: the roles of tubulin post-translational modifications and a chromosome separation checkpoint 2016
38 AdOMiS Adaptive Optical Microscopy Systems: Unifying theory, practice and applications 2016
39 SQuaPh Scalable Quantum Photonics with Ultra Bright Photon Sources 2016
40 PROSIT Integration of a property simulation tool for virtual design and manufacturing of forged disks for aero engine applications 2016
41 CRORTET Experimental characterization of turbulent pressure fluctuations on realistic Contra-Rotating Open Rotor (CROR) 2D airfoil in representative high subsonic Mach number 2016
42 VADEMECOM VAlidation driven DEvelopment of Modern and Efficient COMbustion technologies 2017
43 SaaStified Simulation-as-a-Service Tool for Industrial Furnaces Innovative Engineering Design (SaaStified) 2016
44 LiveDeadFossil Life and death in Doñana National Park (Spain): palaeontological and ecological insights from the study of modern vertebrate death assemblages 2017
45 SPICES Scaling-up Packages of Interventions for Cardiovascular disease prevention in selected sites in Europe and Sub-Saharan Africa: An implementation research (SPICES Project) 2017
46 NECOMADA Nano-Enabled Conducting Materials Accelerating Device Applicability 2017
47 FraMoS Multi-resolution Fracture Models for High-strength Steels: Fully Ductile Fracture to Quasi-cleavage Failure in Hydrogen Environment 2016
48 X-Pulse ZNMF Pulsed Jet-based Active Flow Control of the UHBR-induced Flow through High Fidelity CFD 2017
49 STONECULT Do early stone tools indicate a hominin ability to accumulate culture? 2017
50 OPHOCS On-chip Photonic Cluster State Generation 2017
51 DyNAmics Dynamic synthetic molecular duplexes 2017
52 VLS-QPP Very-Large-Scale Quantum Photonic Processing 2017
53 QuStA Quantum State Assembler 2017
54 CALLIRHEO Multi-scale computational hemodynamics in obese children and adolescents: enabling personalised prediction of cardiovascular disease 2018
55 CENTRELINE ConcEpt validatioN sTudy foR fusElage wake-filLIng propulsioN intEgration 2017
56 SMS Smart Morphing and Sensing 2017
57 SABRE Shape Adaptive Blades for Rotorcraft Efficiency 2017
58 COTCA Co-Translational Chaperone Action at the Single-Molecule Level 2017
59 OPTIMOrph Development of methods for deriving optimized shapes of morphing structures considering both aerodynamic performances and specific mechanical morphing boundary conditions 2017
60 MOTIVATE Matrix Optimization for Testing by Interaction of Virtual And Test Environments 2017
61 DEMMOW Detailed Model of a Morphing Wing 2017
62 SCONE Simulations of CrOr and fan broadband NoisE with reduced order modelling 2017
63 N2N European industrial doctorate for advanced, lightweight and silent, multifunctional composite structures 2018
64 INTERSTELLAR The Interstellar Medium of High Redshift Galaxies 2017
65 ThermalMR Thermal Magnetic Resonance: A New Instrument to Define the Role of Temperature in Biological Systems and Disease for Diagnosis and Therapy 2018
66 PUNCTUATION Pervasive Upstream Non-Coding Transcription Underpinning Adaptation 2018
67 INVICTUS IN VItro Cavitation Through UltraSound 2017
68 mrSANE Magnetic Resonance Shimming Applications with Near-magnet Equipment 2017
69 CMEQIP Cavity-mediated entanglement of trapped-ion qubit arrays for quantum information processing 2018
70 SOTUF SOot in TUrbulent Flames: a new look at soot production processes in turbulent flames leading to novel models for predictive large eddy simulations 2018
71 CHROMDOM Chromosomal domain formation, compartmentalization and architecture 2018
72 LONGSPIN Long-range coupling of hole spins on a silicon chip 2018
73 REDFINCH mid infraREd Fully Integrated CHemical sensors 2017
74 4DRepLy Closing the 4D Real World Reconstruction Loop 2018
75 LOQO-MOTIONS Local quantum operations achieved through the motion of spins 2018
76 START inveSTigation of an ultrA compact Reverse flow combusTor 2018
77 PROTEUS Development of simulation methods and tools to predict the idle and sub-idle behavior of future large Very High Bypass Ratio geared civil turbofan engines. 2018
78 VR-FS Virtual Reality in high fidelity Flight Simulation 2018
79 CONCERTO Computation of cOmpouNd rotorCraft latEral RoTor nOise 2018
80 ALPHA-STEM Advanced Laboratory Phantoms for Soft Tissues in Engineering and Medicine: ALPHA-STEM 2018
81 MappingSpatialVision Linking the perceptual and neural mechanisms of human spatial perception using behavioral and ultra-high field fMRI signals 2019
82 D5S Direct Statistical Simulation of the Sun and Stars 2018
83 DYNaMIC DiarY by Nurses' iMplemented in the Intensive Care unit 2018
84 EMISSR Efficient Multibody Interactive Simulation for Soft Robotics 2019
85 MQC Maintaining Quantum Coherence for Quantum Information Applications 2018
86 NISIHealth Digital Nudges, Incentives and Social Influence in Habit Formation of a Global Health Behaviour 2019
87 Interfaces Manipulating Acoustic wavefronts using metamaterials for novel user interfaces 2018
88 AMACONOE Advanced modelling and control of nitrous oxide emissions from wastewater treatment plants 2018
89 MFOptBF Multi-fidelity design optimization of long-span bridges considering probabilistic wind-induced instabilities of flutter and buffeting and hydrodynamics 2018
90 SpaceUseDrivers Unravellling the biological determinants of space use patterns in animals 2019
91 TOPOREF The Effect of DNA Topology on Eukaryotic Replication 2018
92 VECMA Verified Exascale Computing for Multiscale Applications 2018
93 MADELEINE Multidisciplinary ADjoint-based Enablers for LArge-scale INdustrial dEsign in aeronautics 2018
94 ARIAS Advanced Research Into Aeromechanical Solutions 2018
95 CoMoQuant Correlated Molecular Quantum Gases in Optical Lattices 2019
96 REPLISTRESS DNA Replication: From Physiology to Replication Stress in Human Cancer 2018
97 photonicIons Cavity-mediated entanglement of trapped-ion qubit arrays for quantum information processing 2019
98 GLOWING Spatio-temporal measurement and plasma-based control of crossflow instabilities for drag reduction 2019
99 COYOTE Coherent Optics Everywhere: a New Dawn for Photonic Networks 2019
100 FLORA FLOw control in RAdial compressor 2018
101 MicroQC Microwave driven ion trap quantum computing 2018
102 SPA4AstroQIT Broadband Quantum-Limited Parametric Amplifier for Astronomy and Quantum Information Technology 2019
103 EVOCATION Advanced Visual and Geometric Computing for 3D Capture, Display, and Fabrication 2018
104 ASIMIA Advanced High-Order Simulation Methods for Industrial Applications 2019
105 ReaxPro Software Platform for Multiscale Modelling of Reactive Materials and Processes 2019
106 RADDICS Reliable Data-Driven Decision Making in Cyber-Physical Systems 2019
107 SOLID Suppression of Organelle Defects in Human Disease 2019
108 WEL-LED-BEING A new generation of LED luminaries for Human Centric Lighting Applications 2019
109 QUCUBE 3D integration technology for silicon spin qubits 2019
110 RoCS Rotorcraft Certification by Simulation 2019
111 ESTiMatE Emissions SooT ModEl 2018
112 RealFlex Real-time simulator-driver design and manufacturing based on flexible systems 2019
113 uTSSreg Regulation of mammalian genes by new classes of promoter proximal transcription start sites 2020
114 HIFIG High-Fidelity Photonic Quantum Gates 2020
115 QIPID Quantum Information Processing with Trapped Ion Qudits 2020
116 CONPARA Control parametric resonance of wave energy conversion systems 2019
117 PERTURB Power effects aerodynamics for a regional turboprop 2019
118 SYNTISU Remotely-controlled functional synthetic tissues 2019
119 ScalableControl Scalable Control of Interconnected Systems 2019
120 DIVE into AD Study of tau strains to understand the phenotypic diversity of Alzheimer’s disease: A step toward personalized therapies 2020
121 KAFKA Efficient Computational Methods for Active Flow Control Using Adjoint Sensitivities 2020
122 AVIATOR Assessing aViation emission Impact on local Air quality at airports: TOwards Regulation 2019
124 Exa-FireFlows Exascale framework for supporting high-fidelity simulations of multiphase reacting flows in complex geometries 2019
125 TACTILITY TACTIle feedback enriched virtual interaction through virtual realITY and beyond 2019
127 GLOWOPT Global-Warming-Optimized Aircraft Design 2019
128 QLUSTER Many-photon quantum entanglement 2019
129 I-GENE In-vivo Gene Editing by NanotransducErs 2019
130 STREAM Simulation of Turbulence and RoughnEss in Additive Manufactured parts 2019
131 CMBLENS CMB Lensing at Sub-Percent Precision: A New Probe of Cosmology and Fundamental Physics 2020
132 Didimo Humanity in Digital Communication 2019
133 ULTRAIMAGE Advanced EUV/soft X-ray microscopy in the ultrafast regime: imaging functionality of nanomaterials across length scales 2020
134 MeDiTATe The Medical Digital Twin for Aneurysm Prevention and Treatment 2020
135 ASTORIA Advanced Steady and unsTeady distORtion sImulAtor 2019
136 ATTILA Advanced Testbed for TILtrotor Aeroelastics 2019
137 MUCUS Modelling revolUtion for Complex flUid flow over Surfaces and walls 2020
138 IVANHOE Installed adVAnced Nacelle uHbr Optimisation and Evaluation 2019
139 PADICTON Part distortion prediction, design for minimized distortion, additive manufactured polymer aerospace parts 2019
140 LEGO-3D Learning Generative 3D Scene Models for Training and Validating Intelligent Systems 2020
141 FIDELITY Full field Imaging for Damage Evaluation in Lightweight structures under Impact TYpe Loading 2020
142 SUBLIME Supporting Understanding of Boundary Layer Ingesting Model Experiment 2019
143 InVivoRuBisCO In vivo Directed Evolution of Ribulose-1,5-Bisphosphate Carboxylase/Oxygenase in Saccharomyces cerevisiae Using an Orthogonal DNA Replication System 2020
144 ESMORGA Exploiting Superconvergence in Meshes for Optimal Representations of the Geometry with high Accuracy 2020
145 U-HARWARD Ultra High Aspect Ratio Wing Advanced Research and Designs 2020
146 ANEUPLOIDY Molecular origins of aneuploidies in healthy and diseased human tissues 2020