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# achronym  title  year 
1 BREATHE Biochemically modified messenger RNA encoding nucleases for in vivo gene correction of severe inherited lung diseases 2015
2 RDRECON Risky Decisions: Revealing Economic Behaviour 2015
3 SUNJET II SUstainable Network for Japan-Europe aerospace research and Technology cooperation II 2014
4 INTRAW International cooperation on Raw materials 2015
5 NanoHeal Nano-tailoring organo-mineral materials -Controlling strength and healing with organic molecules in mineral interfaces 2015
6 ACANTO ACANTO: A CyberphysicAl social NeTwOrk using robot friends 2015
7 IOSTACK Software Defined Storage for Big Data 2015
8 PARTY Participatory Tools for Human Development with the Youth 2015
9 GreenS GreenS – Green public procurement supporters for innovative and sustainable institutional change 2015
10 ingREeS Setting up Qualification and Continuing Education and Training Scheme for Middle and Senior Level Professionals on Energy Efficiency and Use of Renewable Energy Sources in Buildings 2015
11 TANDEM TransAfrican Network Development 2015
12 PhenoMeNal PhenoMeNal: A comprehensive and standardised e-infrastructure for analysing medical metabolic phenotype data 2015
13 JERICO-NEXT Joint European Research Infrastructure network for Coastal Observatory – Novel European eXpertise for coastal observaTories 2015
14 Solarfuels Engineering Silicon Carbide Nanowires for Solar Fuels Production 2015
15 SHARE Shared Emotions, Group Membership, and Empathy 2016
16 AUDICON Neural mechanisms of spectral context effects on auditory processing 2015
17 Walgo What is an Algorithm? Extensional and Intensional Equivalences between Programs 2015
18 CONSCRISIS Households’ Consumption during the Great Recession: A structural analysis on the role of expectations 2015
19 EcoSwing EcoSwing - Energy Cost Optimization using Superconducting Wind Generators - World’s First Demonstration of a 3.6 MW Low-Cost Lightweight DD Superconducting Generator on a Wind Turbine 2015
20 Space-Time from Info Space-Time from Information Flow 2015
21 RareFunctions RAREFUNCTIONS: The causes and consequences of spatial and temporal variation in rare traits. 2016
22 SOLLAY Soft Chemical Control of the Physical Properties of Layered Solids 2016
23 ExTRyG Excitonic transport in cold Rydberg gases 2015
24 VOLES Is rodenticide use disrupting the natural autoregulation of vole populations? 2015
25 TOPOZOO Free-standing three-dimensional topological structures in geometrically confined chiral nematic liquid crystals: fundamentals and applications 2016
26 OLDIAS Online Dialysis Sensor 2015
27 TRAINSFARE Transport System with Artificial Intelligence for Safety and Fare Evasion 2015
28 ADS Project Autonomous Dronistics for Security (ADS): optimized services with fleets of flying robots 2015
29 BRIGHT NANO-DIAMONDS Innovative fluorescent Nanodiamonds as bright permanent markers for diagnostics and anti-counterfeiting 2014
30 SEMICOOL-H Hybrid cooling system for semiconductor detectors of X- and Gamma- Rays 2015
31 AstroFIt2 Astronomy Fellowships in Italy 2 2015
32 Eciwind Cost effective wind turbine of 40 kW of rated capacity 2015
33 ResMet Resampling methods for nonstationary stochastic processes 2015
34 AEROARMS AErial RObotic system integrating multiple ARMS and advanced manipulation capabilities for inspection and maintenance 2015
35 PRACE-4IP PRACE 4th Implementation Phase Project 2015
36 ImplantFreeSpine World’s first complete motion-preservation 'Implant-less' surgical correction for Scoliosis 2015
37 IMPRESS New Easy to Install and Manufacture PRE-Fabricated Modules Supported by a BIM based Integrated Design ProceSS 2015
41 EJD-FunMat European Joint Doctorate in Functional Materials Research 2015
42 TransGeno The ERA Chair for Translational Genomics and Personalized Medicine 2015
43 Fishtimator Continual Acoustic Based Multifunctional Cage Mounted Fish estimator Deigned To Reduce Feed Waste, Fish Mortality, and Predator and Fish Escape Control 2015
44 COTURB Coherent Structures in Wall-bounded Turbulence 2016
45 DEMETER Training Network for the Design and Recycling of Rare-Earth Permanent Magnet Motors and Generators in Hybrid and Full Electric Vehicles 2015
46 AdaptEconII Adaptation to a New Economic Reality 2015
47 SUSPIRE Sustainable Production of Industrial Recovered Energy using energy dissipative and storage technologies 2015
48 REE4EU REE4EU: integrated high temperature electrolysis (HTE) and Ion Liquid Extraction (ILE) for a strong and independent European Rare Earth Elements Supply Chain 2015
49 HIT2GAP Highly Innovative building control Tools Tackling the energy performance GAP 2015
51 NANO2ALL Nanotechnology Mutual Learning Action Plan For Transparent And Responsible Understanding Of Science And Technology 2015
52 WipeOutFear How the Brain Learns to Forget - The Neural Signature of Fear Memory Erasure 2015
53 BitMap Brain injury and trauma monitoring using advanced photonics 2016
54 ICEYE Microsatellite radar network for fast update Arctic ice surveillance. 2015
55 NISCI Antibodies against Nogo-A to enhance plasticity, regeneration and functional recovery after acute spinal cord injury, a multicenter European clinical proof of concept trial 2016
56 D3IMPACT Data-driven decisions for intelligent management of public transportation 2015
57 PerMarDrive Integrated PERmanent Magnet Motor-Clutch Drive for Parallel Hybrid Power MARINE Propulsion Systems 2015
58 BILISTICK BILISTICK: A low cost point-of-care for early diagnosis of hyperbilirubinemia in newborns 2016
59 uP_running Take-off for sustainable supply of woody biomass from agrarian pruning and plantation removal 2016
60 In-Business Growth Innovative Sustainable Business Growth at Global Level 2016
61 C-LEAK Rivers as leak in the terrestrial C sink 2016
62 EXCHANGE-Risk EXperimental Computational Hybrid Assessment of Natural Gas pipelines Exposed to Seismic Risk 2016
63 INAPEM International Network on Advanced high energy Permanent Magnets 2016
64 Bots2ReC Robots to Re-Construction 2016
65 CV SUBUNIQC Sub-Universal Quantum Circuits in Continuous Variables 2016
66 NOVAMAG NOVel, critical materials free, high Anisotropy phases for permanent MAGnets, by design. 2016
67 FRODO Fluorene and dihydroindenofluorene Rings for Optoelectronic Devices Outcomes 2016
68 GEOCRETE Long-term performance simulation of geopolymer concrete under coupled carbonation and chloride transport 2016
69 Stim-Plast-O Effects of non-invasive brain stimulation on motor learning-related neuroplasticity in healthy older adults 2016
70 VIRCOLLAB Virtual Proximity and Collaboration 2016
71 Ko-Tsah-To Temperatures, ash and soil hydrology: predicting fire impact from plant traits 2016
72 ANOXIA-MEM Probing the Memory of Earth Anoxia: New Stable Isotope Constraints on the Rise of Oxygen 2016
73 DACUSNEX DACUSNEX COMBI, the first complete solution for the olive fly (Bactrocera oleae) pests in olive trees 2016
74 AGRICADOPT Environmental indicators for agricultural adoption, success, and continuity in the Nile Delta 2016
75 HOW2WALKAGAIN Mechanisms of recovery after severe spinal cord injury 2016
76 SOILBIODIV Beyond the limits of scale: a novel pipeline for the measurement of soil arthropod biodiversity 2016
77 ToxoPersist Molecular Basis of Toxoplasma gondii Encystation and Persistence 2016
78 BRIGHT Brilliant Researchers Impact on Growth Health and Trust in research. 2016
79 HERO High Efficiency electrical motor 2016
80 StartInnShop StartInnShop - Startup Innovation goes to market 2016
81 e-SPACE monitoring e-Solar Performance Analysis and data Collection for Energy Monitoring: an innovative solution based on measures correlation between an autonomous ground-based solar sensor and Earth observation data 2016
82 iPerm iPerm: Guided wave monitoring tool 2016
83 EXPECTBRAIN How the human brain combines the certainty of prior expectations and the clarity of sensory input during speech perception 2017
85 SKIN Short supply chain Knowledge and Innovation Network 2016
86 CEASELESS Copernicus Evolution and Aplications with Sentinel Enhancements and Land Effluents for Shores and Seas 2016
87 ARTISYM Artificial endosymbiosis 2017
88 AUTOPILOT AUTOmated driving Progressed by Internet Of Things 2017
89 AMPHIBIAN Anisometric permanent hybrid magnets based on inexpensive and non-critical materials 2017
90 MyTherapyTools ABI telerehabilitation system with high impact in patient’s wellbeing at limited cost 2016
91 PRACE-5IP PRACE 5th Implementation Phase Project 2017
92 CAVEHEART Heart regeneration in the Mexican cavefish: The difference between healing and scarring 2017
93 SEAHUB Real-time Fleet Performance Center (FPC) to optimize energy efficiency in Maritime Transport to reduce fuel consumption and harmful emissions 2016
94 RARE Dipolar Physics and Rydberg Atoms with Rare-Earth Elements 2016
95 TRANSPOS-X Transposable elements, their controllers and the genesis of human-specific transcriptional networks 2017
96 PAPA-ARTIS Paraplegia Prevention in Aortic Aneurysm Repair by Thoracoabdominal Staging with ‘Minimally-Invasive Segmental Artery Coil-Embolization’: A Randomized Controlled Multicentre Trial 2017
97 ColdNano-X ZnO-nanotech cold cathode x-ray tube for the security market 2016
98 WINBOXTOOL High versatility and accurate tooling set produced in All-In-One machine for the cost efficiency Sub-Assembly, Functional Checks and Transport of the Morphing Winglet and Multifunctional Outer flaps. 2017
99 CATHDFENS CATHode Development For Enhanced iNterfacial Studies (CATH-DFENS) 2016
100 EMSO-Link Implementation of the Strategy to Ensure the EMSO ERIC’s Long-term Sustainability 2017
101 BIOECOMARINE New Ultrasonic Cost-Effective Equipment as Anti-Fouling System for Vessels 2017
102 CALITO CAbin LIning auTOmation 2017
103 EURECA Enhanced Human Robot cooperation in Cabin Assembly tasks 2017
104 SULIPRO A scientifically proven, safe, naturally derived drug for the effective treatment of liver damage - an innovative solution for a significant unmet medical need 2017
105 REJUVENATION Repair of Junctional Atrioventricular Conduction and Impulse Formation 2017
106 Cetacean Inner Ear Cetacean Inner Ear 2017
107 WARCAP Fiscal capacity and warfare in Europe and Latin America in the long nineteenth century (1789-1913). 2017
108 BRINE MINING Applying circular economy solutions in industrial wastewater management: request of SME Associate to develop the necessary energy simulation tools for recovery of waste heat from industrial operations 2017
109 ASSIGN Get on top of your multimedia content 2017
110 REsiliENCe Research and development of innovative Enamels and Nanocoatings for the Cooking appliances market 2017
112 CombLimit Limit Theory in Combinatorics 2017
113 GeoMeG Geometry of Metric groups 2017
114 HumRobManip Robotic Manipulation Planning for Human-Robot Collaboration on Forceful Manufacturing Tasks 2017
115 TELOSPERM Sperm telomere length as a mediator of paternal effects 2017
116 ISONEO Isotopic evidence for diet and mobility during the Neolithic transition to farming in the Near East 2017
117 LockChip A custom lock chip for compact NMR 2017
118 HSPLS Highly symmetric partial linear spaces 2017
119 NEDM The Neutron Electric Dipole Moment: pushing the precision to understand the matter-antimatter asymmetry 2017
120 El_CapiTun An elastocapillary-enabled self-tunable microfluidic chip 2018
121 HGRF-IFIC Commissioning, first tests and upgrade of a high-power S-Band Radio Frequency (RF) system for R+D of high-gradient normal-conducting accelerating cavities in breakdown science and RF conditioning 2017
123 S-CAGE Smart Coordination Polymers with Compartmentalized Pockets for Adaptive Guest Entrance 2017
124 FLUOSWITCH Pushing the frontiers of biological imaging with genetically encoded fluorescence switches 2017
125 e-walk Biomechanical engineer for robotic healthcare solutions 2017
126 FCFP FRIAS COFUND Fellowship Programme for Junior and Senior Researchers - Phase 2 2017
127 ASuMED Advanced Superconducting Motor Experimental Demonstrator 2017
128 C-JOINTS Composite joints for improved mechanical and electrical performance 2017
129 cool innov Turning the concept of magnetocaloric cooling on its head 2017
130 DSGE-RD Estimating a DSGE Model with Rare Disasters 2017
131 Global vision, standardisation stakeholder engagement in 5G 2017
132 CellFoam A novel tissue remodelling biomaterial to offer a revolutionary solution for treating Urinary Incontinence in dogs 2017
133 NextWind Harvesting airborne wind energy using rigid kites. 2017
135 e-Sequence e-Sequence: a sequential approach to engineer heteroatom doped graphene nanoribbons for electronic applications 2017
136 FormulaGP FormulaGP - Recruitment plan for a skilled associate to help developing the patent pending IRIS GreenPlasma device 2017
137 X-Imaging MRI diagnosis using a single-shot imaging technique with unprecedented robustness to field inhomogeneities 2017
138 TETRAMAX TEchnology TRAnsfer via Multinational Application eXperiments 2017
139 5GCAR Fifth Generation Communication Automotive Research and innovation 2017
140 ULTRANERVE Feasibility assessment of an all‐in‐one nerve repair and regeneration product 2017
141 OLDIAS2 On-line Dialysis Sensor Phase2 2017
142 PainCells Decomposition of pain into celltypes 2017
143 SYN1002 A New Therapeutic Option to Protect Central Nervous System against Acute Ischemic Stroke 2017
144 DoDyNet Double Dynamics for design of new responsive polymer networks and gels 2017
145 METEOR Recruiting electronic researcher to develop a predictive sensor to prevent frost on sensitive equipment 2017
146 ModulED Modular Electric Drivetrains 2017
147 ReFreeDrive Rare Earth Free e-Drives featuring low cost manufacturing 2017
148 HybridHeart Development of the first fully biocompatible, soft actuated heart: combining in situ tissue engineering and soft robotics 2017
149 OnTrack Development of a commercial manufacturing process for embeddable RFID and NFC Tags forcomplete lifecycle tracking of tyres 2017
150 SCCD Structure and classification of C*-dynamics 2018
151 RAINDROPS Resilience and Adaptation in Drylands. Identifying past water management practices for drought-resistant crops 2018
152 ENABLING Enhance New Approaches in BioBased Local Innovation Networks for Growth 2017
153 INFACT Innovative, Non-invasive and Fully Acceptable Exploration Technologies 2017
154 SECCOPA The socio-economic consequences of temporary employment: A comparative panel data analysis 2018
155 Mat4Rail Designing the railway of the future: Fire resistant composite materials and smart modular design 2017
156 INTELLICONT Development and Manufacturing of Intelligent Lightweight Composite Aircraft Container 2018
157 quMercury Ultracold mercury for a measurement of the EDM 2018
158 BIONICS A biomimetic and neuroprotective delivery nanocapsule for the targeted treatment of post-ischemic stroke effects 2018
159 CitySleep SLEEP IN THE CITY: How does artificial light at night affect EEG-based measures of sleep? 2018
160 IMAGINE Innovative Method for Affordable Generation IN ocean Energy 2018
161 ConnectExAct-Age Brain Connectivity for Executive Control over Action in Ageing 2018
162 NeCOL NeCOL: An Innovative Methodology for Building Better Deep Learning Tools for Real Word Applications 2018
163 NeuroBid Inside the bi-dialectal mind and brain: An electrophysiological study on executive functions 2018
164 CASE-CO2 Carbon Accumulation over Succession to Enhance mitigation of CO2 emissions 2018
165 CHANCE Climate cHange mitigAtioN poliCies and Equality: distributional implications for different socio-economic groups 2019
166 COINE Counterfeiting Empire: Money, Crime, and Politics in the British Atlantic World 2018
167 DYCODE The Dynamics of Constructive Deliberation 2018
168 HEforR Forum Third Sector Involvement in Higher Education for Refugees - a Forum Theatre Approach 2019
169 SECurITY Social-ECological Interdependencies in TransboundarY water resources systems 2019
170 MIMAT From Micro to Macro: Aggregate Implications of Firm-Level Heterogeneity in International Trade 2018
171 UTILIUM Unraveling The Immune Landscape In Uveal Melanoma 2018
172 MARIA Marian Apocryphal Representations in Art: From Hagiographic Collections to Church Space and Liturgy in Fourteenth-to-Sixteenth-Century France 2018
173 SeReNa-SEA The Divine Tragedy of Securing the Sacred: Religion, Security and Nationalism in Southeast Asia 2019
174 MIMOP Modelling Ice-shelf Melting and ice-Ocean Processes via the phase-field method and direct numerical simulation 2018
175 ODYSSEA Population Dynamics in the Southeast European Neolithic: Prehistoric Archaeology and Palaeogenomics 2018
176 Predict-Plan-Control Integrating robotic control and planning with human activity prediction for efficient human robot collaboration 2018
177 NORMAL-LOAD NORmalize MusculoskeletAL LOadings to Avoid bony Deformities in children with cerebral palsy 2018
178 MIONIÑO Resolving the debate on a permanent El Niño-like state in the late Miocene: establishing equatorial Pacific conditions, driving forces and global impacts. 2019
179 PERSEUS A New Perspective On Star Formation and Spiral Structure in Our Home Galaxy 2018
180 SYMOBLIGA Comparative genomics of host-symbiont dependency 2018
181 iNtoPoreAge Assessing transcriptional and nuclear pore aging in age-equivalent and rejuvenated induced neurons from Alzheimer patients 2019
182 SiBaToGA The influence of stress in the bones and teeth of great apes 2018
183 InnTense Development of new approach for supporting the application of the Open Innovation in SMEs through the Peer-to-Peer leering 2018
184 SUPER-G Developing SUstainable PERmanent Grassland systems and policies 2018
185 SecREEts Secure European Critical Rare Earth Elements 2018
186 CraftEdu Setting up national qualification and training scheme for craftsmen in the Czech Republic and developing the further offer of training courses in Slovakia, Austria and Bulgaria 2018
188 REGENERA Helping cancer survivors restoring their natural breast with resorbable implants inducing self‐tissue regeneration 2018
189 EcoStack Stacking of ecosystem services: mechanisms and interactions for optimal crop protection, pollination enhancement, and productivity 2018
190 RheumArth New drug for the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis 2018
191 Medipee A novel touchless method and eHealth system for automated urine monitoring 2018
192 SanDAL ERA Chair in Mathematical Statistics and Data Science for the University of Luxembourg 2019
193 denovoSkin Personalized, bio-engineered skin grafts for the permanent treatment of skin defects. 2018
194 AIRCOAT Air Induced friction Reducing ship COATing 2018
195 SeafoodTrace SeafoodTrace: Intelligent Traceability Platform enabling full transparency in the Seafood supply chain 2018
196 Para-T System The Para-T System A quick blood group device to match in situ the donor bag and the receptor arm during a blood transfusion, avoiding major incompatible errors. 2018
197 ERN-Apulia European Researchers' Night Apulia 2018-2019 - Discovering the fascinating world of research 2018
198 PanINSULA PanINSULA - The next first commercially sustainable and therapeutically effective beta cell therapy for diabetes 2018
199 denovoSkin Personalized, bio-engineered skin grafts for the permanent treatment of skin defects 2018
200 SRM SRM: Synchronous Reluctance Motor. Introducing a new lifting technology in the elevator market 2018
201 MAREITA Mapping Remediation in Italian Literature Beyond the Digital Revolution 2018
202 AIR-NB Pre-natal exposure to urban AIR pollution and pre- and post-Natal Brain development 2018
203 FITGEN Functionally Integrated E-axle Ready for Mass Market Third GENeration Electric Vehicles 2019
204 DYMOLAMO Dynamic Modeling of Labor Market Mobility and Human Capital Accumulation 2018
205 IGNITE High performance generation channel Integration and Testing 2018
206 SUSTINNO Sustainability Innovations in Global Production Networks – Addressing Socio-Ecological Challenges in the Global Economy 2018
207 MDD Denis Ferranti JTI-CS2-2017-CfP07-LPA-01-40 2018
208 LIPOBITS Liposome-based Biomimetic Treatment for auto-immune diabetes (T1D) 2018
209 Modules New Technology for High Resistant and Flexible Fabric Structures 2018
210 DIDONE The Sources of Absolute Music: Mapping Emotions in Eighteenth-Century Italian Opera 2019
211 EURIPHI EURopean wide Innovative Procurement of Health Innovation 2019
212 PRO-Heritage PROtect traditional built HERITAGE Skills – PRO-Heritage 2019
213 PRACE-6IP PRACE 6th Implementation Phase Project 2019
214 DYNASNET Dynamics and Structure of Networks 2019
215 NOWELTIES Joint PhD Laboratory for New Materials and Inventive Water Treatment Technologies. Harnessing resources effectively through innovation 2019
216 MeningoSpeed A unique cost-effective and point of care (PoC) kit for the non-invasive rapid in vitro diagnosis of meningococcal disease 2019
217 Picterus A remote and price efficient tool for jaundice screening 2019
218 SERAS_v4.0 Seizure Risk Asessment for Epilepsy 2019
219 UncoveRNAi Deciphering the mechanisms of antiviral RNA interference in mammals 2019
220 TER4RAIL Transversal Exploratory Research Activities for Railway 2018
221 ECRAID-Plan European Clinical Research Alliance on Infectious Diseases (ECRAID) - Business Plan 2019
222 RoboTexTherapy Textile-based Wearable Mechanotheraphy Device with Liquid/Vapor Phase Change Actuation 2019
223 IRIOA Interactions between reversible and irreversible Operator Algebras. 2019
224 RESTRICTIONAPP A multilinear approach to the restriction problem with applications to geometric measure theory, the Schrödinger equation and inverse problems 2019
225 SCSC The molecular diversity of regeneration in the zebrafish spinal cord 2020
226 IaM NUBIAN Identity and Memory in Christian Nubia: A study on strategies of (self-)presentation and preservation of the past in medieval African society 2019
227 AnalysisAtInfinity Analysis at Infinity: Integral Equations, Limit Operators and Beyond 2019
228 MMQIP Molecular Magnets: Coordination Cages, Frameworks and Multifunctional Materials 2020
229 HoloFlat Holography for Asymptotically Flat Spacetimes 2019
230 MAIRWEN Mapping Argument Structure in Early Irish and Welsh 2019
231 NG2-cells The role of NG2 cells in the neural network in health and disease 2019
233 MathematicsAnalogies Mathematics Analogies 2019
234 PALAEMON PALAEMON – A holistic passenger ship evacuation and rescue ecosystem 2019
235 INNOVEAS INNOVativing the uptake of Energy Auditing Schemes for SMEs 2019
236 SET PLAN ENVE 2019 SET Plan/ENVE Conference 2019 2019
239 VG360 Non-contact precision measurement system for structural health monitoring 2019
240 FIREOUT First fully autonomous fire detection and extinction system for industrial settings 2019
241 Healthy Textile Healthy Textile 2019
242 DCS-iSMEs Design Customized Support for Innovative SMEs 2019
243 VITRIMAT Training in VITRImers: high performance MAterials and Trainees for cutting-edge industrial applications 2020
244 GW4SHM Guided Waves for Structural Health Monitoring 2020
245 ImpAct Agencies Impact Actions for social innovation agencies 2019
246 BRAVE VD-1: World's first autonomous blood drawing device 2020
247 NEMOCRYS Next Generation Multiphysical Models for Crystal Growth Processes 2020
248 G125 A minimally invasive, outpatient treatment for Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD), resulting in permanent relief from both GERD symptoms and life-long drug dependency 2019
249 QUABODYP QUAntum Black hOle DYnamics and Phenomenology 2020
250 ENRIITC European Network of Research Infrastructures & IndusTry for Collaboration 2020
251 SafeGlov Safety Gloves for Protection of Health Care Professionals 2019
252 EHRI-PP European Holocaust Research Infrastructure Preparatory Phase 2019
253 RESBIOS RESponsible research and innovation grounding practices in BIOSciencies 2020
254 P-Gear A revolutionary approach to mechanical transmission: the new gear-free, lubrication-free gearbox 2019
255 SMA-TB A novel Stratified Medicine Algorithm to predict treatment responses to host-directed therapy in TB patients. 2020
256 DORNA Development of high reliability motor drives for next generation propulsion applications 2020
257 PREMSTEM Brain injury in the premature born infant: stem cell regeneration research network 2020
258 Savesight Contact lens embedded sensor for ocular hypertension and glaucoma monitoring 2020
260 CLAUSTROFUNCT Claustrum function in cortical processing and putative claustral dysfunction in schizophrenia 2020
261 NanoGlia Understanding the impact of nanoplastics on the development of neurological disorders 2020
262 EndoSolve A novel medical device for the treatment of Endometriosis 2021
263 NanoFabNet NanoFabNet - International Hub for sustainable industrial-scale Nanofabrication 2020
264 Urb-TWin Urban air temperature and wind speed variability: Empirical modeling to improve planning applications 2020
265 H2O-SurfaceProbe High Throughput Second Harmonic Method to Probe Biological Surfaces at Real-World Conditions 2020
266 PATHOCODE Molecular pathology of anti-viral T cell responses in the central nervous system 2020
267 CoL Climates of Listening: Amplifying Pacific Experiences of Environmental Crisis 2021
268 HABISS Eco-hydrodynamics of cold water coral habitats across integrated spatial scales 2020
269 EURO IMJIN European Literature and the “First East Asian War” of 1592-1598 (EURO-IMJIN) 2020