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H2020 projects about "batteries"

The page lists 285 projects related to the topic "batteries".

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1 OMICON Organic Mixed Ion and Electron Conductors for High-Energy Batteries 2015
2 NANOGEN Polymer-based piezoelectric nanogenerators for energy harvesting 2015
3 iPUBLIC Inkjet Printed Ultrafast Batteries and Large Integrated Capacitors 2014
4 CloseWEEE Integrated solutions for pre-processing electronic equipment, closing the loop of post-consumer high-grade plastics, and advanced recovery of critical raw materials antimony and graphite 2014
5 ProSUM Prospecting Secondary raw materials in the Urban mine and Mining waste 2015
6 ELSA Energy Local Storage Advanced system (ELSA) 2015
7 BASMATI Bringing innovAtion by Scaling up nanoMATerials and Inks for printing 2015
8 NAIADES Na-Ion bAttery Demonstration for Electric Storage 2015
9 NETFFICIENT Energy and economic efficiency for today’s smart communities through integrated multi storage technologies 2015
10 TILOS Technology Innovation for the Local Scale, Optimum Integration of Battery Energy Storage 2015
11 VEZ VEZ 2014
12 SKLCarbon Development of CDC production technologies for the next generation of supercapacitors, feasibility study 2014
13 EU-LIVE Efficient Urban LIght VEhicles 2015
14 OPTEMUS Optimised Energy Management and Use 2015
15 eCAIMAN Electrolyte, Cathode and Anode Improvements for Market-near Next-generation Lithium Ion Batteries 2015
16 SPICY Silicon and polyanionic chemistries and architectures of Li-ion cell for high energy battery 2015
17 XERIC Innovative Climate-Control System to Extend Range of Electric Vehicles and Improve Comfort 2015
18 RESOLVE Range of Electric SOlutions for L-category VEhicles 2015
19 FIVEVB Five Volt Lithium Ion Batteries with Silicon Anodes produced for Next Generation Electric Vehicles 2015
20 ATMCinsituNMR Next level real-time characterisation of Li- and Na-ion batteries by – Automatic Tuning Matching Cycler (plus Goniometer) – ATMC(+G) in situ NMR 2015
21 SAFE LIB Electro-thermal modelling of lithium-ion battery packs from the safety perspective 2015
22 GLOBE All Organic Redox Flow Batteries 2015
23 HS-GLASSion Highly stable glasses applied for lithium ion battery electrolytes 2015
24 SOLLAY Soft Chemical Control of the Physical Properties of Layered Solids 2016
25 ORRmetIR Development and in situ Infrared study of Novel Strained Core-shell Electrocatalysts: Towards an Understanding of the Oxygen Reduction Mechanism 2015
26 DESSART Dynamic Energy System Services to Achieve Renewable Targets 2015
27 GRAPHEEN Green and Straightforward process for the synthesis of Graphene based-nanomaterials for energy applications 2015
28 ADS Project Autonomous Dronistics for Security (ADS): optimized services with fleets of flying robots 2015
29 HESS Hybrid Energy Storage System 2015
30 MobileBattery Mobile Energy System for recharging, energy buffering and long-distance travelling 2015
31 FREEWAY FREEWAY : safely and effortless commute in an urban environment 2015
32 XER-HSA Engineered materials scale-up at industrial level for highest energy density ultracapacitors 2015
33 Omniflow Next-generation hybrid wind and solar power technology 2015
34 LESS Lift Energy Saving System for Residential Buildings (LESS) 2015
35 CaNE-HiP-LA Carbon Nano Materials Enabling High-Performance Lead Acid Batteries 2015
36 GULWESS-PROP Green Ultra Light Weight Energy Storage System for Propulsion 2015
37 HyPoGA Feasibility study of a superefficient hybrid power train as a replacement unit for existing engines - Hybrid Power for General Aviation (HyPoGA) 2015
38 ZAS Zinc Air Secondary innovative nanotech based batteries for efficient energy storage 2015
39 HELIS High energy lithium sulphur cells and batteries 2015
40 TheCityGame pilot TheCityGame; Feasibility study and mini-pilots 2015
41 ALISE Advanced Lithium Sulphur battery for xEV 2015
42 CapTherPV Integration of Capacitor, Thermoelectric and PhotoVoltaic thin films for efficient energy conversion and storage 2015
43 Chap4Resp Catching in action a novel bacterial chaperone for respiratory complexes 2015
44 RePower Energy and resource surveillance systems without the challenges of batteries 2015
45 ARTIST Advancing Rechargeable-Batteries Through In Situ Techniques 2015
46 ACT4INFRA Innovative Actuators for empowering smart pipeline infrastructures towards secure water, gas and heating supply 2015
47 Li-IonFire An Automated HEV and EV Vehicle Fire Early Warning and Suppression System 2015
48 CHeaP Cost-effective Combined Heat and Power generator for camping vans 2015
49 ARPEMA Anionic redox processes: A transformational approach for advanced energy materials 2015
50 NoMaD The Novel Materials Discovery Laboratory 2015
51 REE4EU REE4EU: integrated high temperature electrolysis (HTE) and Ion Liquid Extraction (ILE) for a strong and independent European Rare Earth Elements Supply Chain 2015
52 SiGrAM Pre-Commercial Production Demonstration of Very High Capacity Silicon Anode for High Performance and Low Cost Li-Ion Batteries 2015
53 BATMAN Feasibility study of a high energy BATtery with novel Metallic lithium ANode 2015
54 sustainablySMART Sustainable Smart Mobile Devices Lifecycles through Advanced Re-design, Reliability, and Re-use and Remanufacturing Technologies 2015
55 LIFE-BATTERY Long lifespan battery for hybrid vehicles 2015
56 INCH INteractive CHarging 2015
57 HERCULES High-Performance Real-time Architectures for Low-Power Embedded Systems 2016
58 JOS JOS, the first electrified Energy Surface with high efficiency, high power and high energy savings for the wireless charging of all low voltage devices. 2015
59 ECLIPSE European Consortium for Lithium-Sulfur Power for Space Environments 2015
60 KUNAK Sensing Anywhere IIoT Ultra-Energy Efficient 2015
61 PlasMelt Design and Manufacture of Scaled up 50 kg capacity Plasma Melt Overflow (PMO) system for the commercial production of titanium and iron-chrome-aluminium alloy fibres. 2016
62 PhotoFluo Synthesis and photopolymerisation of new fluorinated macromonomers for the obtaining of high performance fluoropolymers 2016
63 IONS4SET Ion-irradiation-induced Si Nanodot Self-Assembly for Hybrid SET-CMOS Technology 2016
64 BATMAN Development of Quantitative Metrologies to Guide Lithium Ion Battery Manufacturing 2016
65 LEFAPO Lead free automotive SLI power 2015
66 VOSS Ground-breaking flywheel composed of patented pre-stressed concrete that immensely enhances the electrical storage capabilities of renewable energy sources 2016
67 E-TSIN Modular, scalable, multi-funtional, high power density power controller for electrical taxi 2016
68 HV-EPSA High Voltage Electrical Power System Architecture 2016
69 FlexBatteries Flexible Li ion Batteries via Nanocrystal-Nanocarbon Scaffolded Structures 2016
70 NextGEnergy Next Generation Power Sources for Self-sustainable Devices – Integrated Multi-source Energy Harvesters 2016
71 SPENG Stretchable Piezoelectric Nanogenerators for Energy Harvesting in Elastic Environments 2016
72 EnSO Energy for Smart Objects 2016
73 POWVER Power to the People. Verified. 2016
74 LiRichFCC A new class of powerful materials for electrochemical energy storage: Lithium-rich oxyfluorides with cubic dense packing 2016
75 Oceanid Large-scale piloting and market maturation of a disruptive technology comprising a fully automatic survey system dramatically reducing the operational cost of handling swarms of autonomous sensornodes 2016
76 ANSWER Adaptive Nozzle valve system for Solar Water powered desalination 2016
77 Full Electric Boats New full-electric propulsion system, completely submerged in water, for zero-emissions navigation 2016
78 willpower willpower – make your own fuel from CO2 2016
79 3D2DPrint 3D Printing of Novel 2D Nanomaterials: Adding Advanced 2D Functionalities to Revolutionary Tailored 3D Manufacturing 2016
80 EVERLASTING Electric Vehicle Enhanced Range, Lifetime And Safety Through INGenious battery management 2016
82 MORPHCAST Real time video creation according to your emotions 2016
83 ReVibe Vibration energy harvesters to power the IoT revolution 2016
84 HASTECS Hybrid Aircraft; academic reSearch on Thermal and Electrical Components and Systems 2016
85 RePower RePower: Maintenance-free and cost-efficient fuel for wireless sensors to energy- and resource-saving solutions 2016
86 INSPIRAL Spin-Delocalization with a Twist: Chiral Open-Shell Helices 2017
87 NEIL Nanoscale Electrochemistry in Ionic Liquids 2016
88 E-motion Electro-motion for the sustainable recovery of high-value nutrients from waste water 2016
89 HiNaPc Sodium-ion pouch cells with high energy and power density 2017
90 SLB-DES Second Life Batteries for Domestic Electricity Storage 2016
91 INVADE Smart system of renewable energy storage based on INtegrated EVs and bAtteries to empower mobile, Distributed and centralised Energy storage in the distribution grid 2017
92 EBAM Electric vehicle battery monitoring 2016
93 CAMBAT Calcium and magnesium metal anode based batteries 2017
94 Mobi The Mobi Charger, a novel mobile Electric Vehicle charging station that requires no installation costs, offers easy scalability and utility bill savings for users. 2016
95 LCPT SONOLIS ENERGY STORAGE SYSTEM: Lithium Capacitor Power Transfer 2016
96 SORCERER Structural pOweR CompositEs foR futurE civil aiRcraft 2017
97 SoftHand Pro-H A Soft Synergy-based Hand Prosthesis with Hybrid Control 2017
98 CATHDFENS CATHode Development For Enhanced iNterfacial Studies (CATH-DFENS) 2016
99 Carr-e CARR·e: Lightweight and versatile electric vehicle applied to urban logistics 2017
100 MAEROSTRUC Multicomponent Aerogels with Tailored Nano-, Micro- Macrostructure 2017
101 NExtNCNaBatt Novel Extended solids based on N=C chemistry for future Na-ion Batteries 2017
102 ICE Intelligent Control of Energy Storage for Smart Buildings and Grids 2017
103 NAPANODE Molecular Foundation of Structural and Dynamic Transformations in Novel Sodium-Ion Battery Materials 2017
104 3D-POWER Three-Dimensional Perovskite Oxides as Working ElectRochemical devices 2017
105 ENERGSYNTISSUE Energy-generating synthetic tissues 2018
106 BATCA Batteries based on Calcium: from electrolyte development to full cell proof-of-concept 2017
107 RECHARGE Photon-recycling for high-efficiency energy harvesting in GaAs photovoltaic devices on silicon 2017
108 SUPER-Lion Surface Promoted Enhanced Transport of Li-ions 2017
109 MoniTank Underground Storage Tanks Risk Mitigation System for petrol fuel stations 2017
110 TENGEAD Tribo-Electric-Nanogenerator for Energy Autonomous Devices 2017
111 MFreeB Membrane-Free Redox Flow Batteries 2017
112 eAXON Electronic AXONs: wireless microstimulators based on electronic rectification of epidermically applied currents 2017
113 B-PhosphoChem Exploration of the 2D-Chemistry of Black Phosphorous 2017
114 LIB STRESS In situ stress analysis of lithium-ion battery cell 2018
115 SuPERPORES Structure-performance relationships in porous carbons for energy storage 2017
116 STYLUS Sustainable urban mobiliTY: ELectric double decker bUS 2017
117 C2C-NewCap Towards a safe, reliable and cost competitive transport sector in Europe 2017
118 CLEAR 2.0 enabling Consumers to Learn about, Engage with, Adopt and regulate Renewable energy technologies 2.0 2017
119 LeydenJar Boosting Battery Energy Density in Electric Vehicles 2017
121 GIservice GI.service: Asset performance optimiser 2017
122 COLLABORATRICITY Utility-in-a- box software platform connecting local electricity producers and consumers to foster Collaborative Energy Ecosystems 2017
123 ZapGoCharger Rapid charging of cordless appliances using graphene-based supercapacitors 2017
124 EMPhAsIS Electrochemical Testing Platform for Advanced Energy Materials 2017
125 MINIMA Introducing the next computing power revolution: Minima microprocessor technology to reduce the energy need of digital computing by 20 times. 2017
126 MATRIX CHARGING Novel, automated charging infrastructure for electric vehicles 2017
127 VNL Virtual NanoLab (VNL), a Cross-disciplinary Open Nanotechnology Simulation Platform 2017
128 CARBAT CAlcium Rechargeable BAttery Technology 2017
129 CATALYST Converting DCs in Energy Flexibility Ecosystems (CATALYST) 2017
130 DoDyNet Double Dynamics for design of new responsive polymer networks and gels 2017
131 FlowCamp European Training Network to improve materials for high-performance, low-cost next- generation redox-flow batteries 2017
132 HYCOAT A European Training Network for Functional Hybrid Coatings by Molecular Layer Deposition 2018
133 KTX-20 Mass production platform for L-EVs 2017
134 NUOVOpb A unique Lead Acid Battery (LAB) recycling technology to reduce CO2 emissions by 89%, reduce waste by 81%, and transform the battery recycling industry 2017
135 OBELICS Optimization of scalaBle rEaltime modeLs and functIonal testing for e-drive ConceptS 2017
136 POLYTE European Industrial Doctorate in Innovative POLYmers for Lithium Battery TEchnologies 2018
137 SALBAGE Sulfur-Aluminium Battery with Advanced Polymeric Gel Electrolytes 2017
138 SCORES Self Consumption Of Renewable Energy by hybrid Storage systems 2017
139 GEL-SYS Smart HydroGEL SYStems – From Bioinspired Design to Soft Electronics and Machines 2018
140 RESOLVD Renewable penetration levered by Efficient Low Voltage Distribution grids 2017
141 Portapower Device for much improved performance portable power 2018
142 VIP Véhicule Intelligent et Propre ( Green and Smart Vehicle) 2017
143 iModBatt Industrial Modular Battery Pack Concept Addressing High Energy Density, Environmental Friendliness, Flexibility and Cost Efficiency for Automotive Applications 2017
144 NanoWelds First nanotechnology for the electronic packaging industry based on a room-temperature welding process 2017
145 EcoCurrent Innovative water current picoturbines for the economic and sustainable exploitation of the renewable energy from rivers and estuaries 2017
146 CLEANFUEL Clean and low costs paper-based batteries for powering single use disposable diagnostic devices. 2017
147 HomeEnergyStorage Cost-effective battery for storage of locally produced Photovoltaic energy at residential buildings 2017
149 BATTERY PLUS High performing batteries for accelerated uptake of hybrid and electric vehicles 2018
150 CELION Circular Economy applied to LI-ION batteries for smart electric mobility in cities 2017
151 ORAMA Optimising quality of information in RAw MAterials data collection across Europe 2017
152 POHP Combined waste heat recovery and compact cooling with Pyroelectric-Oscillating Heat Pipe (POHP) system for low temperature thermal to electrical energy conversion 2018
153 TT-Battery Low cost, long durability rechargeable Green Battery based on Zn and MnO2 electrodes. 2018
154 SREM Smart Renewable Energy Manager for the Industrial Prosumer Market 2018
155 ELECTRO-POM From discovery to scale up of cluster based electrolytes for Ultra-high energy storage flow batteries 2018
156 POWERSWAP Fully robotic system for swapping electric car batteries within 3 minutes. 2018
157 TechNovatorXE TechNovator XE remote wireless charging 2017
158 DisorMetox Disorder and Order in the Conversion Mechanism of Metal Oxides in Lithium-ion Batteries 2018
159 RENShip Hybrid Carbon-free electrically driven fishing longliner with low power methanol combustion enginefor propulsion back-up and auxiliary equipment 2018
160 CHESTER Compressed Heat Energy Storage for Energy from Renewable sources 2018
161 MOOiRE Mix-in Organic-InOrganic Redox Events for High Energy Batteries 2018
162 CROCODILE first of a kind commercial Compact system for the efficient Recovery Of CObalt Designed with novel Integrated LEading technologies 2018
163 CYMEIT Cyanated macrocycles for electron and ion transport 2018
164 eJUMP Organic Ionic Plastic Crystals Nanocomposites for Safer Batteries 2019
165 ELECNANO Electrically Tunable Functional Lanthanide Nanoarchitectures on Surfaces 2018
166 AMPERE Accounting for Metallicity, Polarization of the Electrolyte, and Redox reactions in computational Electrochemistry 2018
167 FUN POLYSTORE FUNctionalized POLYmer electrolytes for energy STORagE 2018
168 3D-CAP 3D micro-supercapacitors for embedded electronics 2018
169 ARTISTIC Advanced and Reusable Theory for the In Silico-optimization of composite electrode fabrication processes for rechargeable battery Technologies with Innovative Chemistries 2018
170 LIGNOCAP Lignin-derived carbon fiber flexible supercapacitors 2018
171 iPES-3DBat Innovative Polymeric Batteries by 3D Printing 2018
172 NELMA Nanoscale Electrochemistry on Light Metallic Alloys 2018
173 WPCN Wireless Powered Communication Networks: Architectures, Protocols and Optimized Resource Allocation 2019
174 URCHIN continUous flow ReaCtor for Hierarchically desIgned Nanocomposites 2018
175 ZELDA Investigating the mechanism of spatiotemporal control over genome activation by Zelda in an in vitro reconstituted system 2019
176 iHand The First Soft Robotic Glove for Hand Injury Prevention and Rehabilitation 2018
177 GreenCharge GreenCharge 2018
178 VOLTCLOUD VoltCloud: Bringing the power of the Cloud to a revolutionary renewable home battery 2018
179 Teraloop ESS A highly scalable grid-scale energy storage system utilising 3rd generation flywheel technology for effective integration of renewable energy. 2018
180 3DBattery 3DBattery µBattery innovative thin-film flexible Lithium-Ion battery manufacturing 2018
181 ENIT Agent 2.0 The world's first edge computing solution for SMEs enabling energy efficiency, Industry 4.0 and new business models for the energy sector 2018
182 ALTOM Ground-breaking two-phase cooling solution for Electrical and Hybrid Vehicles 2018
184 IonDrive A novel cost effective industrial process for dispersion of Carbon Nanotubes on electrode materials for Li-Ion Batteries 2018
185 Stibiox Innovative antimony recovery process from lead and plastics wastes. 2018
186 SEABOAT Sustainable Environmentally-friendly Advanced-Composite Zero-Emission Boats 2018
187 LiionFire Automated e-buses Lithium Ion Battery Early Warning and Fire Suppression System 2018
188 MAGIT Magnesium and Aluminium Gas Injection Technology for High Pressure Die Casting 2018
190 BICAR The definitive 100% energy autonomous, CO2-free and recyclable last mile solution 2018
191 Capacitoxx Innovative and advanced manufacturing process to produce biological nanomaterial super-capacitors for superior battery performance in smart devices 2018
192 MapCat High spatial resolution mapping of catalytic reactions on single nanoparticles 2019
193 Tryst Energy Tryst Energy: Light Energy Harvesting for the IoT-industry 2018
194 ASTERIQS Advancing Science and TEchnology thRough dIamond Quantum Sensing 2018
195 ACHILES Advanced Architectures Chassis/Traction concept for Future Electric vehicles 2018
196 SELFIE SELF-sustained and Smart Battery Thermal Management SolutIon for Battery Electric Vehicles 2018
197 A-WEAR A network for dynamic WEarable Applications with pRivacy constraints 2019
198 Matrix Charging Matrix Charging: Novel, automated charging infrastructure for electric vehicles 2018
199 2D-PnictoChem Chemistry and Interface Control of Novel 2D-Pnictogen Nanomaterials 2018
200 E-MAGIC European Magnesium Interactive Battery Community 2019
201 SPECTROINLETS The first equipment to enable real-time liquid analysis for mass spectrometers 2018
202 TheBatteries A novel manufacturing method to bring solid-state thin-film batteries to mass market 2018
203 SYS2WHEEL Integrated components, systems and architectures for efficient adaption and conversion of commercial vehicle platforms to 3rd generation battery electric vehicles for future CO2-free city logistics 2019
204 SMARTUNNEL The longest-life & energy-saving emergency LED lighting system for underground infrastructures 2018
206 SPIDER Safe and Prelithiated hIgh energy DEnsity batteries based on sulphur Rocksalt and silicon chemistries 2019
207 Si-DRIVE Silicon Alloying Anodes for High Energy Density Batteries comprising Lithium Rich Cathodes and Safe Ionic Liquid based Electrolytes for Enhanced High VoltagE Performance. 2019
208 LISA Lithium sulphur for SAfe road electrification 2019
209 VIDICAT Versatile Ionomers for DIvalent CAlcium baTteries 2019
210 Nessox Changing the electric-vehicle paradigm with green, long-lasting and fast recharge liquid batteries 2019
211 GREENGRAPHENE Environment-Friendly and Cost-Effective Production of Graphene Nano Platelets for Composite Applications 2019
212 Aladyn System Ph1 A compact and versatile kit for wireless power supply 2018
213 CAPSEL Cellulose Aluminium Polymer multi-ions composite Solid-electrolyte 2019
214 One4Two All-in-one genetic test for fast and accurate diagnosis of the causes of infertility 2019
215 MIX2FIX Hybrid, organic-inorganic chalcogenide optoelectronics 2019
216 SPIRE A Photovoltaic Plant with thermal co-generation 2019
217 BATTERY 2030 BATTERY 2030+ At the heart of a connected green society 2019
218 DuraCap The first ultra-thin, flexible and durable pseudocapacitor fully integrated in a device for low power applications 2019
219 Sodium_Ion_Batteries Safe, fast-charging long-life Sodium-ion batteries for vehicles and power storage 2018
220 SCOPUS Smart Converters for Optimized Power Usage and Storage 2019
221 eOutboard High Performance Electric Outboard Motor System and Supply Chain Innovation 2018
222 CITRES Chemistry and interface tailored lead-free relaxor thin films for energy storage capacitors 2019
223 ULTIMATE ULtra-ThIck Multi-mAterial baTtery Electrodes 2019
224 MATISSE Multifunctional Hierarchically-Structured Systems for Energy Storage Devices 2019
225 GAlBs Novel porous graphite as cathodes for advanced aluminium-ion batteries 2019
226 3D-PRESS 3D-PRintable glass-based Electrolytes for all-Solid-State lithium batteries 2020
227 Teraloop EES A scalable and sustainable grid-scale energy storage system utilising 3rd generation flywheel technology for effective integration of renewable energy. 2019
228 MLS Multi Lawn Care System Robotic mower fleets to take care of large green areas and replace the fossil-fuel powered mowers 2019
229 REMADYL Removal of Legacy Substances from polyvinylchloride (PVC) via a continuous and sustainable extrusion process 2019
230 CoReco Cost competitive process for recycling Cobalt from end of life Li-ion batteries 2019
231 Coldab An innovative Pulsed Laser Deposition process for next generation of Li-ion batteries 2019
232 ElectroGas New Technology for Efficient Electrochemical Production of Synthetic Natural Gas 2019
233 NANO-TUNE Reproducible synthesis of nanocrystals with tunable properties for sustainable energy solutions 2019
234 LeydenJar Pure Silicon Anodes Boosting the Energy Density of Li-ion Batteries 2019
235 Optium Smart charger device to increase smartphones’ battery lifetime, prevent fire accidents, and provide cross-brand flexibility 2019
236 BATNMR Development and Application of New NMR Methods for Studying Interphases and Interfaces in Batteries 2019
237 aEro The future of aviation is electric 2019
238 HECARRUS Hybrid ElectriC smAll commuteR aiRcraft conceptUal deSign 2019
239 ENERZ Revolutionizing Stationary Energy Storage Cost: Go To Market Plan For Zinc-Ion Rechargeable Batteries 2019
240 X-FLEX Integrated energy solutions and new market mechanisms for an eXtended FLEXibility of the European grid 2019
242 DANUBIAGRAPH The graphene-based resistance temperature sensors application 2019
243 Addionics Innovative 3D electro-printing method to improve power, capacity and safety of lithium ion-batteries 2019
244 ATRA Aerial Transport for Remote Areas 2019
245 BatteryCheck Take the mystery out of battery life. 2019
247 MUSICA Multiple-use-of Space for Island Clean Autonomy 2020
248 UncorrelaTEd Solid-liquid thermoelectric systems with uncorrelated properties 2020
249 Epishine LEH Next Generation Indoor Light Harvesting: Wireless power for Wireless IoT Sensors 2019
250 SGHES Second-Generation Hybrid Electrolyte Supercapacitor 2019
251 FOCALSPEC Solving the Root Cause of Battery Short Circuits:FocalSpec high-speed 3D imaging sensors revolutionise industrial quality control 2019
252 HYCAP New electrical energy storage device towards sustainable mobility 2019
253 DEBIMAX Carbon coated Silicon Production Scaling Up for Li-ion batteries 2019
254 SONAR Modelling for the search for new active materials for redox flow batteries 2020
255 CoFBAT Advanced material solutions for safer and long-lasting high capacity Cobalt Free Batteries for stationary storage applications 2019
256 NanoMMES Design and NanoEngineering of Microporous Membranes for Energy Storage 2019
257 CompBat Computer aided desing for next generation flow batteries 2020
258 SMARTRange A disruptive wireless transceiver chip to transform the Internet of Things (IoT) by delivering excellent range, ultra-low power, high security, high reliability and cost-effective connectivity. 2019
259 DEMAND Density Modulated Silicon Anode for Lithium Ion Batteries 2019
260 3beLiEVe Delivering the 3b generation of LNMO cells for the xEV market of 2025 and beyond 2020
261 MODALIS2 MODelling of Advanced LI Storage Systems 2020
262 COBRA CObalt-free Batteries for FutuRe Automotive Applications 2020
263 SOLiDIFY Liquid-Processed Solid-State Li-metal Battery: development of upscale materials, processes and architectures 2020
264 MELODY Membrane-free Low cost high Density RFB 2020
265 BALIHT Development of full lignin based organic redox flow battery suitable to work in warm environments and heavy multicycle uses. 2019
266 SeNSE Lithium-ion battery with silicon anode, nickel-rich cathode and in-cell sensor for electric vehicles 2020
267 CANDY Comorbid Analysis of Neurodevelopmental Disorders and Epilepsy 2020
268 BATTERY PLUS High performing batteries for accelerated uptake of hybrid and electric vehicles 2019
269 PRO-S PRO-S: The first highly energy efficient and eco-friendly bio based-photovoltaic module that works without sunlight or battery consumption for Smart buildings 2019
270 WEXOBOT Faster and cheaper robots for object recognition in Waste sorting through AI and external robot control 2019
271 SAFELiMOVE advanced all Solid stAte saFE LIthium Metal technology tOwards Vehicle Electrification 2020
272 BATT3RY The first integral repairing method for electric and hybrid vehicle batteries which considers their full life-cycle 2020
273 FEVER Flexible Energy Production, Demand and Storage-based Virtual Power Plants for Electricity Markets and Resilient DSO Operation 2020
274 MIGHTY Roll-to-Roll Manufacturing of Hierarchical Li-Ion Battery Electrodes 2020
275 Navigato CaaS – Car Charging as a Service for Smart Mobility 2019
276 Worlds of Lithium A multi-sited and transnational study of transitions towards post-fossil fuel societies 2020
277 Programmable Matter New materials enabled by programmable two-dimensional chemical reactions across van der Waals gap 2020
278 EHSTACK Lightweight, Compact and Low-Cost Hydrogen Fuel Cell 2020
279 SEED Solvated Ions in Solid Electrodes: Alternative routes toward rechargeable batteries based on abundant elements 2020
280 MAGIT Magnesium and Aluminium Gas Injection Technology for High Pressure Die Casting 2020
281 ADBCRZB Atomically Dispersed Bifunctional Catalysts for Reversible Zn-CO2 Batteries 2020
282 EconCell Aligned one-dimensional nanostructure electrodes from Electrically Conductive pOrous coordiNation polymer for proton exChange mEmbrane fueL celLs 2021
283 NanoBat GHz nanoscale electrical and dielectric measurements of the solid-electrolyte interface and applications in the battery manufacturing line 2020
284 Electroscopy Electrochemistry of All-solid-state-battery Processes using Operando Electron Microscopy 2020
285 Hydra Hybrid power-energy electrodes for next generation litium-ion batteries 2020