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H2020 projects about "demonstrators"

The page lists 30 projects related to the topic "demonstrators".

# achronym  title  year 
1 LeanShips Low Energy And Near to zero emissions Ships 2015
2 IRENA International Re-Entry demoNstrator Action 2015
3 DEMOCRITOS Demonstrators for Conversion, Reactor, Radiator And Thrusters for Electric Propulsion Systems 2015
4 PHEBE New paradigms for high efficiency blue emitters for white OLEDS 2015
5 FLEXMETER Flexible smart metering for multiple energy vectors with active prosumers 2015
6 SKHINCAPS SKin Healthcare by Innovative NanoCAPsuleS 2015
7 DIMENSION Directly Modulated Lasers on Silicon 2016
8 COGNITUS Converging broadcast and user generated content for interactive ultra-high definition services 2016
9 COAT Anti-reflection coatings from solution-processable, high-refractive index inorganic/organic hybrid materials 2015
10 POCOL Power Conversion Units for LifeRCraft demonstrator 2015
11 3DAM 3D Advanced Metrology and materials for advanced devices 2016
12 MODCOMP Modified cost effective fibre based structures with improved multi-functionality and performance 2016
13 FAST Functionality by Structure 2016
14 KATANA KATANA - Emerging industries as key enablers for the adoption of advanced technologies in the agrifood sector 2016
15 FUDIPO Future Directions of Production Planning and Optimized Energy- and Process Industries 2016
16 DREAM Design for Resource and Energy efficiency in cerAMic kilns 2016
17 IMPACT-1 Indicator Monitoring for a new railway PAradigm in seamlessly integrated Cross modal Transport chains – Phase 1 2016
18 IN2SMART Intelligent Innovative Smart Maintenance of Assets by integRated Technologies 2016
19 SORCERER Structural pOweR CompositEs foR futurE civil aiRcraft 2017
20 TOPMOST Optimization two phases cooling solution using micro pump brick 2017
21 TERMITES 'Total E-field Reconstruction using a MIchelson TEmporal Scan' for spatio-temporal metrology of ultrashort laser beams 2017
22 H2020_Insurance Oasis Innovation Hub for Catastrophe and Climate Extremes Risk Assessment 2017
23 HiLICo High Luminescence In Cockpit 2017
24 X2RAIL-2 Enhancing railway signalling systems based on train satellite positioning, on-board safe train integrity, formal methods approach and standard interfaces, enhancing Traffic Management System functions 2017
25 ReUseHeat Recovery of Urban Excess Heat 2017
26 ProSurf High Precision Process Chains for the Mass Production of Functional Struc-tured Surfaces 2018
27 ESCAPE-2 Energy-efficient SCalable Algorithms for weather and climate Prediction at Exascale 2018
28 TrAM Transport: Advanced and Modular 2018
29 AFarCloud Aggregate Farming in the Cloud 2018
30 5G_GaN2 Advanced RF Transceivers for 5G base stations based on GaN Technology. 2018