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H2020 projects about "pollution"

The page lists 445 projects related to the topic "pollution".

# achronym  title  year 
1 lightMaterInt Exploiting light and material interaction 2015
2 E-ferry E-ferry – prototype and full-scale demonstration of next generation 100% electrically powered ferry for passengers and vehicles 2015
3 RCMS Rethinking Container Management Systems 2015
4 iCspec in-line Cascade laser spectrometer for process control 2015
5 Watecco Water column profiler for quantification of photosynthesis and biomass of phytoplankton in natural and man made water bodies 2014
6 SHEER SHale gas Exploration and Exploitation induced Risks 2015
8 G MOTIT Galileo-Enhanced MOTIT: an electric scooter sharing service for sustainable urban mobility 2015
9 PRIDE Drivers of Pontocaspian biodiversity RIse and DEmise 2015
10 ENACT Enhancing sustainable chemical technologies through the synergy of computer simulation and experiment 2015
11 IMIXSED Integrating isotopic techniques with Bayesian modelling for improved assessment and management of global sedimentation problems 2015
12 REMINE Reuse of mining waste into innovative geopolymeric-based structural panels, precast, ready mixes and insitu applications 2015
13 MobiliSense Air pollution and noise exposure related to personal transport behaviour: short-term and longer-term effects on health 2015
14 FORCE Future Outboards Run Conventionally and Electrically 2014
15 SINTRAN Safe and INtegrated thermal TRANsformation of humid organic waste resulting in green energy and valuable remainders 2014
16 IMPRECSIM Improving wet plastic recycling through innovative lagrangian particle-fluid simulations 2015
18 ESPRIT Easily diStributed Personal RapId Transit 2015
19 FOC4SIP Functionalised Organic Complexes for rapid Sensing of Industrial Polluters 2015
20 CITISEX Understanding the role of sensory ecology and species interactions during sexual signal adaptation to an urbanizing world 2015
21 GENOMIC FOOTPRINT Does a moving hybrid zone leave a genomic footprint? 2016
22 APGAR Air Pollution, Growing brAin and cognitive disordeR in children 2015
23 ESAIRE Engaging Citizens in Science: Promoting the Viability of Participatory Sensing for Monitoring Air and Environmental Quality 2015
24 MicroEcoEvol Ecological and evolutionary forces shaping microbial diversity in freshwater blooms 2015
25 PHYSIO-POP Physiological and environmental controls of water and ozone fluxes in a short rotation poplar plantation: from leaf to tree to ecosystem scale. 2015
26 HotPaNTS Hot-spots of Phosphorus and Nitrogen delivery in Time and Space in agricultural catchments 2016
27 HARPOCRATES Smart phononic crystals for aircraft noise reduction 2015
28 SEDiLINK Sediment linkage between land, river and sea: evaluating impacts of historic mining on sediment quality in the coastal zone 2015
29 Eco-LWG Eco-lightweight granules for energy efficient applications 2015
30 DISHY Synergistic effects of DISpersant, oil and HYpoxia in a teleost fish: Investigating the impact of oil contamination in hypoxic areas and the use of dispersant as a response technique 2015
31 URBANRAD Radiative transfer effects on air pollution dispersion in urban areas: from the street scale to the neighbourhood scale 2015
32 GLANCE calculatinG heaLth impActs of atmospheric pollutioN in a Changing climatE 2015
33 FreshwaterMPs The environmental fate and effects of microplastics in freshwater ecosystems 2015
34 OPTWET Finding optimal size and location for wetland restoration sites for best nutrient removal performance using spatial analysis and modelling 2015
35 UVMWREACT Design, fabrication and optimization of a novel integrated UV-microwave assisted catalytic reactor for the continuous flow treatment of wastewater 2015
36 PHARM AD Removal of pharmaceutical micro-pollutants from waste water by anaerobic digestion and its effect on nitrogen recovery from digestate by micro-algae. 2015
37 ODORPREP Real Time, Automatic and Remote-activated Sampling System for industrial odor emissions compliant with the European Standard EN 13725 2015
38 Greenrail Greenrail: sustainability, safety and saving in the the railroad sleeper of tomorrow 2015
39 SPARK Cost-effective automated process for producing innovative high-performance electric motors 2015
40 USELA Useful energy from contaminated landfill gas 2014
41 GEM E-drive In-wheel electric drive for E-commercial vehicles 2015
42 HESS Hybrid Energy Storage System 2015
43 GroundCLeaner Fast and cost-effective combined remediation technology for the elimination of chlorinated and otherhydrocarbons from soil 2015
45 NEC14 New Electric Vehicle Chassis-Cab 10-14 for urban logistic 2015
46 GT Green battery-less Tire Pressure Monitoring System 2015
47 SCALEPHA Industrial and commercial SCALE-up of Bio-on technology for the production of PHA polymers from sugar industries waste, co- and by-products 2015
48 DEFLUG Development of Environmentally Friendly Flue Gas Purification Solution 2015
49 GaSeS First low cost handheld infrared camera for fugitive emissions, early detection and location, increasing energy efficiency in industrial plants, infrastructures and utilities 2015
50 Remote Sanitation Remote Sanitation – New sustainable sanitation solution for remote areas 2015
51 CLEV Most cost and time efficient EU-wide cross-border automated parcel delivery solution 2015
52 PAIR Plasma active pollution control system 2015
53 TES Total Energy System: innovative in-farm cogeneration plant for manure valorisation viable even for small farms 2015
54 EBBR Commercialisation of expanded bed biofilm reactor technology for the treatment of waste-, used- or contaminated-water and for improved protection of the aquatic environment and atmosphere. 2015
55 WONDANTS Wonder Ants — A new eco-friendly-innovation solution to persistent invasive ants. 2015
56 HybridFarm Eco-innovative housing solution for efficient production of slaughterpigs with limited environmental impact. 2015
57 CYTO-WATER Integrated and portable image cytometer for rapid response to Legionella and Escherichia coli in industrial and environmental waters 2015
58 NANO-CATHEDRAL Nanomaterials for conservation of European architectural heritage developed by research on characteristic lithotypes 2015
59 Starlight Demonstration of a High Definition Low Light Sensor (Starlight) for use in the Surveillance and Protection of Urban Soft Targets and Critical Infrastructures. 2015
60 VitiPrecision 2020 VitiPrecision 2020 2015
61 BIRDWATCH BIRDWATCH, The first integral and modular mobility and security solution for smart parking management 2015
62 Project Buffer Project Buffer ― a new solution to fast charging electrical vehicles “on the road”. 2015
63 APA Filter-less air pollution abatement system able to clean a wide range of pollutants at ground level for a healthier workplace and more sustainable environment. 2015
64 GREENT Greenhouse Gas Mitigation through Advanced Nitrogen Removal Technology 2015
65 ParkBee Private garages’ access system, through a real-time and keyless solution, for cheaper and faster prime inner-city parking. 2015
66 UP-TYRE Feasibility study for scaling UP thermal conversion technology that turns scrap TYREs into high quality resources 2015
67 NAVDEC Navigational Decision Support System for Improved COLREGs Safety Management 2015
68 SWARMs Smart and Networking UnderWAter Robots in Cooperation Meshes 2015
69 ToxicExpertise Toxic Expertise: Environmental Justice and the Global Petrochemical Industry 2015
70 SIMSEA Scenario simulations of the changing Black Sea ecosystem 2015
71 CARVE Clean Air - Reduce Vehicle Emissions 2015
72 VRE4EIC A Europe-wide Interoperable Virtual Research Environment to Empower Multidisciplinary Research Communities and Accelerate Innovation and Collaboration 2015
73 FineSol Assembly of miniaturized PCBs by using low cost hyper-fine solder powders 2015
74 OCEANFISH Open Ocean Fish farms 2015
75 Scaling up Novihum A Sustainable Soil Solution: Scaling up Novihum, an innovation to convert bad soil into better, make brown coal clean and barren land green, and profitably advance food security in Europe and beyond 2015
76 IRON High sensitivity multi-gas handheld gas analysis technology 2015
77 FRESH AIR Free Respiratory Evaluation and Smoke-exposure reductionby primary Health cAre Integrated gRoups 2015
78 CEWET Cost Effective Wireless Electrical Transportation 2015
79 VIGI-LEAK A Smart Technology Trained for Preventing Leakages from Sewer Systems 2015
80 papabuild Advanced physical-acoustic and psycho-acoustic diagnostic methods for innovation in building acoustics 2016
81 CAPTOR Collective Awareness Platform for Tropospheric Ozone Pollution 2016
82 HIGHER HIGHER: “High performance Engine for Light Sport Aircraft 2015
83 HYBRID_BOATS An innovative hybrid propulsion and generation system for yachts 2015
84 LoCOPS Low Cost Onshore Power Supply (LoCOPS) 2015
85 Loc8torHC A disruptive healthcare monitoring solution that by nature of what and how it monitors (IoT) improves home safety, user wellbeing and provides early warning to help avoid critical admissions 2016
86 PHOBIC2ICE Super-IcePhobic Surfaces to Prevent Ice Formation on Aircraft 2016
87 SubCage Submersible Tension Leg Fish Cage for Mariculture in Unsheltered and Offshore Areas 2015
88 BlueHealth Linking Up Environment, Health and Climate for Inter-sector Health Promotion and Disease Prevention in a Rapidly Changing Environment 2016
89 SETA SETA: An open, sustainable, ubiquitous data and service ecosystem for efficient, effective, safe, resilient mobility in metropolitan areas 2016
90 AGILE Adoptive Gateways for dIverse muLtiple Environments 2016
91 STARS4ALL A Collective Awareness Platform for Promoting Dark Skies in Europe 2016
92 hackAIR Collective awareness platform for outdoor air pollution 2016
93 Making Sense Making Sense 2015
94 WaterWorks2015 Water Works 2016-2020 in Support of the Water JPI (WaterWorks2015) - Sustainable water use in agriculture, to increase water use efficiency and reduce soil and water pollution 2016
95 MARSU MARine atmospheric Science Unravelled: Analytical and mass spectrometric techniques development and application 2016
96 SuPREME Twinning for a Sustainable, Proactive Research partnership in distributed Energy systems planning, Modelling and managEment 2015
97 GRACE Integrated oil spill response actions and environmental effects 2016
98 Sea Litter Critters A compact, unmanned, renewables-powered and self-sufficient vessel able to pick up marine litter and to treat it on board for volume reduction and energy recovery 2016
99 PAIR Physical Activity, Inflammation and Respiratory health: an integrative analysis of biological, behavioural and environmental determinants 2016
100 ODEON Online DEposition over OceaNs: Modeling the effect of air pollution on ocean bio-geochemistryin an Earth System Model 2016
101 AQUISS Air Quality Information Services 2016
102 BioExtrusion Natural functional plasticizers for controlled protein folding and extrusion into biomaterials. 2016
103 PBTech Combined Plasma Biotrickling system for treating industrial VOC emissions 2016
104 CONSERVATION The Economics and Politics of Conservation 2016
105 High_Performance_TC Development of high performance turbocharger for aeronautical application 2016
106 biowave Upscale and demonstration of a integrated novel microwave pre-treatment system for efficient production of biogas from anaerobic digestion of pig manure to create a sustainable waste management system 2016
107 MSCCC Marine Stratocumulus Cloud Cover and Climate 2016
108 NANOREM A novel isotope tool to assess nanoparticle toxicity in wetland plants 2016
109 FIRE-PLUME-SENSE Developing new drone-based gas sensing technology to characterise fire emission plumes by miniature low cost sensors 2017
110 EXACT Identifying biomarkers of Exposure leading to Lung Cancer with Adductomics 2016
111 InnoPellet Self-supporting biofuel sludge pellet producing system for small and medium sized sewage plants 2016
112 pressureNose Enhance efficiency of combustion engines by monitoring internal chambers Pressure with Novel contactless Optical SEnsor 2016
114 SolardeSaLt A Renewable Approach for Industrial Water Desalination by using Hybrid Photovolt 2016
115 HAZEL HAZEL: Commercialization of a novel, high efficiency equipment for the determination of hazardous atmospheric pollutants 2016
116 EUWaste Ecological Utilization of Waste 2016
117 DIDSON Paracoustics : System active sound reducing system against noise pollution due to transport 2016
118 IRRISAVE Smart Irrigation Control System with 40% Savings in Water for Universal Use 2016
119 MADFORWATER DevelopMent AnD application of integrated technological and management solutions FOR wasteWATER treatment and efficient reuse in agriculture tailored to the needs of Mediterranean African Countries 2016
120 CLAiR-CITY Citizen Led Air pollution Reduction in Cities 2016
121 iSCAPE Improving the Smart Control of Air Pollution in Europe 2016
122 ICARUS Integrated Climate forcing and Air pollution Reduction in Urban Systems 2016
124 OSCA Ozone Sensitivity of Crops in Africa 2016
125 IEA International Environmental Agreements -An Integrated Approach 2017
126 BRYOMICS Application of high-sensitive and high-throughput molecular tools to disentangle the mechanisms of heavy metals accumulation and tolerance in mosses: epigenetic and transcriptomic approaches 2016
127 DAMOCLES Simulating Non-Equilibrium Dynamics of Atmospheric Multicomponent Clusters 2016
128 ECO-TURBINE Development of lamella type of wind turbine made of bio composite polymers 2016
129 GREENAQUA Universal system for microbial analysis of water quality to guarantee a safe and healthy agro-food sector 2016
130 Drygair20 Energy efficient greenhouse dehumidifier for warm climate operating at wide temperature ranges (4-40° C) and free of fluorinated gases 2016
131 EVOTRANS Advanced Transmission System for Bicycles 2016
132 OC-Tech OC-Tech: Innovative vessel for cleaning-up activities in marine and fluvial environments. 2016
133 NEPTUN Novel closed-cage system for high-value marine aquaculture 2016
134 EnviroALARM Early alarm system for groundwater contamination monitoring 2016
135 TM Academy TM Academy - intelligent transport control and monitoring system 2016
136 biowater AQANAT® biowater: Advanced sustainable residue free sanitation system for post-harvest food processing resulting in a 70% reduction in water usage and a 50% reduction in post-harvest losses 2016
137 SP3D Virtual reality fitting simulation for electronic e-commerce 2016
138 CREEV Novel Compound Rotary Engine Range Extender for Electric Vehicles 2016
139 BlockPLA Innovative Biodegradable PLA Plastic for an Increased Range of Packaging Applications 2016
140 Plasmapower PlasmaPower: hydro-catalytic plasma gasification for high-efficiency energy generation 2016
141 SEMENIZER Feasibility study of a fully automated, integrated and standardized computer aided semen analyzer system 2016
142 CLIMASLOW Slowing Down Climate Change: Combining Climate Law and Climate Science to Identify the Best Options to Reduce Emissions of Short-Lived Climate Forcers in Developing Countries 2017
143 AQURI Air Quality at the Urban-Rural Interface 2017
144 ThermoHeart A revolutionary Stirling engine to use low and medium temperature waste heat to generate electricity and to reduce CO2 emissions 2016
145 HYPERBIOCOAT High performance biomass extracted functional hybrid polymer coatings for food, cosmetic and medical device packaging 2016
146 GreenCarbon Advanced Carbon Materials from Biowaste: Sustainable Pathways to Drive Innovative Green Technologies 2016
147 DownToTen Measuring automotive exhaust particles down to 10 nanometres 2016
148 MSO4SC Mathematical Modelling, Simulation and Optimization for Societal Challenges with Scientific Computing 2016
149 ELECTRON4WATER Three-dimensional nanoelectrochemical systems based on low-cost reduced graphene oxide: the next generation of water treatment systems 2017
150 INFARM The vertical farming revolution, urban Farming as a Service. 2016
151 WaterSpy High sensitivity, portable photonic device for pervasive water quality analysis 2016
152 RotorDEMO Norsepower Rotor Sail Solution demonstration project 2017
153 SUITS Supporting Urban Integrated Transport Systems: Transferable tools for authorities 2016
154 SOUTHERNCHANGE Accumulation rates and predominant atmospheric sources of natural and anthropogenic trace elements on the Falkland Islands 2016
155 COCORO Cocoro Advanced Lingerie, the ultimate reusable absorbent underwear 2016
156 UAV-Fuvex UAV-Fuvex Blue Growth 2016
157 POLG Testing and scaling of an electro-magnetic power on line generator for remote areas 2016
159 SHOTL A shared mobility On-Demand Service 2016
160 PHONOMETA Frontiers in Phononics: Parity-Time Symmetric Phononic Metamaterials 2016
161 EVOMICROCOMM Evolving interactions in microbial communities 2017
162 CM Prevention of Cosmetic-Induced Non-Communicable Diseases and Micro Plastics entering Food Chains with the CosmEthics- Health App 2016
163 SURFACE The unexplored world of aerosol surfaces and their impacts. 2017
164 Water4Food Eco-friendly and scalable seawater desalination container to secure water supply for agriculture and food production in the Mediterranean area 2016
165 SMARTQUA Advanced ICT Risk Assessment Tool to Increase Climate Resilience, Water-Use Efficiency and Environmental Sustainability of Agricultural Production 2016
166 MARANDA Marine application of a new fuel cell powertrain validated in demanding arctic conditions 2017
167 LYO-CHECK Automatic inspection of lyophilized preparations through innovative ICT control system 2016
168 ACTRIS PPP ACTRIS PPP - Aerosols, Clouds and Trace gases Preparatory Phase Project 2017
169 LoCOPS Low Cost Onshore Power Supply 2017
170 BEATTI BEaring Advanced Technologies for Turboprop engine Innovation 2017
171 StaGraM Stable Crosslinked Graphene Membranes for Water and Molecular Separation 2017
172 CAPABLE Chemical Composition characterization of air pollution (aerosols and gases) on the basis of nonlinear multi-channel lidar experiments 2017
173 DarkMix Illuminating the dark side of surface meteorology: creating a novel framework to explain atmospheric transport and turbulent mixing in the weak-wind boundary layer 2017
174 Biofrigas Turning manure into fuel: a container based LBG plant for small to medium scale farms 2017
175 Carr-e CARR·e: Lightweight and versatile electric vehicle applied to urban logistics 2017
176 RADIOSTAR Radioactivities from Stars to Solar Systems 2017
177 TramOpt A Traffic Management Optimization platform for enhanced road network efficiency 2017
178 H2MOVE Hydrogen generator for higher fuel efficiency and lower carbon emissions in maritime transport 2017
179 SIGROW SIGROW AQUA: feasibility study of a disruptive Nutrient Management System for hydroponic farming 2017
181 EnvFate Study of the environmental impact of insecticides by metabolomic foot-printing approach 2017
182 Cetacean Inner Ear Cetacean Inner Ear 2017
183 2D-COF-WS Designing and screening two dimensional covalent organic frameworks for effective water splitting 2017
184 LINKIP Linking time domain spectral IP to hydraulic properties for environmental and engineering applications 2018
185 COGNAC NeuroCOGNitive impact of Air pollution exposures in Childhood: Assessment of air pollution effects on the development of cognition and behaviour in children 2017
186 MOCHA Molecular Characterisation of Anthropogenic Secondary Organic Aerosols. 2017
187 HARM High Attenuation Recycling Materials as sustainable barriers for waste disposal sites 2018
188 SMART-WORKFLOW Development of a smart workflow based on high resolution mass spectrometry for the assessment of the performance of wastewater treatment technologies 2018
189 RESOURCE Groundwater quality assessment in areas with intensive livestock: is manure recycling a major source of pollution and dissemination of antibiotic resistance genes?” 2017
190 nanoPhotoMat Development of nano-Photocatalytic Materials for Indoor Air Purification and Odour Elimination 2017
191 SCHiMAT Silicon Cluster based Hierarchical photocatalysts produced by MATrix assembly cluster source 2017
192 CLUSTERS 2.0 Open network of hyper connected logistics clusters towards Physical Internet 2017
193 MILO Mining, lobbying and efficient environmental policy 2017
194 FluMToGaC Florinated MOF for toxic gas capture 2018
195 PICOGC Market introduction of a revolutionary lab-on-a-chip Micro-Gas-Chromatograph for a cost-effective management of natural gas 2017
196 BUSUP BusUp: Multi-platform On-demand Crowdsourced Bus Transportation for Smart City Mobility 2017
197 SYSTEMIC Systemic large scale eco-innovation to advance circular economy and mineral recovery from organic waste in Europe 2017
198 ATM-GTP Atmospheric Gas-to-Particle conversion 2017
199 URBIOFIN Demonstration of an integrated innovative biorefinery for the transformation of Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) into new BioBased products (URBIOFIN) 2017
200 ALGAMATER Using microalgae bioreactor technology to deliver the world’s most cost-effective, energy-efficient and adaptable system for the treatment of toxic industrial and landfill wastewater 2017
201 MossTree A new smart city climate infrastructure with a capacity for reducing air pollution equivalent to 275 normal trees 2017
202 pHenom A cost effective, smart, calibration free, low maintenance pH sensor providing an integrated approach to monitoring sea and drinking water, facilitating improvements in ocean, animal and human health. 2017
203 Laelia Due A smart pellet stove that combines efficient heat generation with IoT 2017
204 C2C-NewCap Towards a safe, reliable and cost competitive transport sector in Europe 2017
205 WATERPROTECT Innovative tools enabling drinking WATER PROTECTion in rural and urban environments 2017
206 FAirWAY Farm systems that produce good Water quality for drinking water supplies 2017
207 MARQUESS Multiscale Analysis of AiRframe Structures and Quantification of UncErtaintieS System 2017
209 SCCS Smart City Control System (SCCS) For Green Lighting 2017
210 SeaBubble Fast-Forwarding to the Future of On-Demand Urban Water Transportation 2017
211 A2CM Deploying the novel, large-scale Ateknea Air City Monitoring Platform 2017
212 ReTyre Separation and valorisation of carbon black from the pyrolytic char 2017
213 MASS Micro AIS Shore Station - MASS 2017
214 SMART BIKING Safe parking system for bicycles 2017
215 Inkless by Tocano Inkless by Tocano – Printing without consumables 2017
216 INTELLICORR Intelligent corrosion management underpinned by advanced engineering science 2017
217 TrACE The Establishment of a Transport Analytics Centre of Excellence in Cyprus (TrACE) 2017
218 EMME-CARE Eastern Mediterranean and Middle East – Climate and Atmosphere Research Centre 2017
219 CARBAT CAlcium Rechargeable BAttery Technology 2017
221 AnchorBuddy AnchorBuddy™ is an intelligent and reliable anchor monitoring safety device that gives you a peace of mind while anchoring. It is a plug and play solution mounted directly on the anchor itself. 2017
222 eSHORE Shore Connection Solution for an efficient, environmentally friendly and safe electric power supply to vessels 2017
223 MEICOM Meiotic Control of Recombination in Crops 2018
224 CITYCARE Impact of air pollutants on cutaneous responses in both healthy and compromised skin barrier, and innovative solutions to protect skin against urban pollution 2017
225 STEVE Smart-Taylored L-category Electric Vehicle demonstration in hEtherogeneous urbanuse-cases 2017
226 NATEDE Nature, Technology and Design 2017
227 IProPBio Integrated Process and Product Design for Sustainable Biorefineries 2018
228 Plume Air Cloud Plume Air Cloud – Air Quality Data Crowdsourcing Platform for Environmentally-friendly Cities 2017
229 YawSTOP First stabilisation device to enable rotation-free and rotation-controlled lifting and loading of cargo and goods by cranes or helicopters to make transportation more efficient, reliable and safe 2017
230 CLAIM Cleaning Litter by developing and Applying Innovative Methods in european seas 2017
231 CoastObs Commercial service platform for user-relevant coastal water monitoring services based on Earth observation 2017
232 THOR TeraHertz quasiOptical Receiver 2017
233 PowerModule Demonstration of the Next Generation Wave Energy Device – POWERMODULE 2017
234 EEC Economic Engineering of Cooperation in Modern Markets 2018
235 MANANDNATURE Man and Nature in Developing Countries 2017
236 SICK OF NOISE SICK OF NOISE - Effects of noise pollution on marine invertebrate health and species interactions 2018
237 Nunataryuk Permafrost thaw and the changing arctic coast: science for socio-economic adaptation 2017
238 PAPILA Prediction of Air Pollution in Latin America 2018
239 ZEFER Zero Emission Fleet vehicles For European Roll-out 2017
240 ICARUS Aviation-driven Data Value Chain for Diversified Global and Local Operations 2018
242 MSH The one-stop-shop for urban and regional mobility 2017
243 CleanCoat Development of eco-friendly architectural coil coatings for clean buildings and pollution-free air 2017
244 ZAP ZAPINAMO – Affordable, future-proof rapid charging infrastructure for electric vehicles from stored[clean and economical] energy 2017
245 BATTERY PLUS High performing batteries for accelerated uptake of hybrid and electric vehicles 2018
246 AFIRMATIVE Acoustic-Flow Interaction Models for Advancing Thermoacoustic Instability prediction in Very low Emission combustors 2018
247 FREEDD A real-time answer to environmental heavy metal contamination 2018
248 Pavnext NextGen Road Safety for smarter cities 2018
249 PulseHaler PulseHaler: Improving the Lives of COPD Patients 2017
250 GENAQ Replicating the Natural Rain Process for a Sustainable Distributed Water Production: More Water with Less Consumed Energy 2018
251 CLEAN CABINET A Unique and Innovative flushing test bench for cleanliness assessment of hydraulic components that allows to increase test efficiency and reduce costs 2018
252 EKOGRID EKOGRID™, the first technology to clean water and underwater sediments with electrokinetic oxidation 2018
253 BLUESKY Robust kit to convert diesel vehicles to Natural Gas and Biogas for extended life and reducedcontaminants emission 2018
254 SALAMANDER Soakback Assessment using LAttice Boltzmann Method and Aerothermal Nodal-network for the Design of the Engine-bay Region 2018
255 GLOMODAT Enhancing data fusion, parallelisation for hydrological modelling and estimating sensitivity to spatialparameterization of SWAT to model nitrogen and phosphorus runoff at local and global scale 2019
256 APA Filter-less water-based Air Pollution Abatement system 2018
257 KEROGREEN Production of Sustainable aircraft grade Kerosene from water and air powered by Renewable Electricity, through the splitting of CO2, syngas formation and Fischer-Tropsch synthesis 2018
258 INDECRUST Integrative ecological indicators of global change based on biocrust tissue traits 2018
259 DEMAIRPO Association of air pollution with dementia risk: is it confounded and mediated by environmental tobacco smoke and consumption of fish? 2018
260 GoJelly GoJelly - A gelatinous solution to plastic pollution 2018
261 DeepGeo Deep Gaussian Processes for Geostatistical Data Analysis 2018
262 DiaMoND Development of composite Metamaterials having Negative stiffness inclusions and exceptional Damping properties 2018
263 VERA VERA: Extracellular VEsicles, miRNAs and particulate Air pollution: developing a new tool to identify subjects with high exposure-associated cardiovascular risk 2018
264 NS-COMP Development of composite structures having negative stiffness inclusions and exceptional dampingproperties 2019
265 LiveSEN In-Field Live Sensing of Nitrate in Crops for Real-Time Fertilization Adjustment 2018
266 Particle-bound ROS Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS) in atmospheric aerosols: exploring formation, sources and dynamics of a new air pollution toxicity metric 2018
267 SPECADIS Speciation and bioavailability of heavy metal cadmium (Cd) in the soil-plant system: a novel approach combining stable isotope geochemistry and experimental spectroscopy. 2019
268 SELFSENS Printed SELF-power platform for gas SENSing monitoring 2018
269 MOFUS Metal Oxide Functionalized carbon nanostrUctures for photonic gas Sensors 2018
270 NoPHAME Novel PHAge MEthods for improved virus inactivation 2019
271 FUELSAVE FS MARINE+: Hydrogen syngas injection unit for ships to save fuel and cut emissions 2018
272 Project O Project Ô: demonstration of planning and technology tools for a circular, integrated and symbiotic use of water 2018
273 IntelliAQ Artificial Intelligence for Air Quality 2018
274 IDIOM2 Unravelling the role of water stress in Mediterranean isoprene emissions to better project future regional climate-air quality interactions 2018
275 CowficieNcy Upgrading and implementing mathematical models to increase nitrogen use efficiency of lactating dairy cows. 2018
276 GLOBEGOV The Rise of Global Environmental Governance:A History of the Contemporary Human-Earth Relationship 2018
277 Ligninpolymers Transformation of kraft lignin into a biodegradable biopolymer 2018
278 DEBS Significantly cheaper and cleaner energy from biomass combustion 2018
279 CABLESMART Innovative cable car for urban transport 2018
280 Green Radar An advance Multi-Side Boating Platform working with Passive Radar technology boosting a new emerging market 2018
281 Proteus 25 Developing the world’s first food wrapping machine with organic film 2018
282 BlockPLA Innovative nanostructured PLA polymer to expand suitable uses of biodegradable packaging 2018
284 AORTA 2 Alginor's Ocean Refining Total utilisation Application 2018
285 SALLY R Securing a healthy indoor air climate while saving energy in buildings with space technology 2018
286 TCT Bringing innovation forward to fuel powered engines by disrupting Total Combustion Technology to drastically reduce the emissions of motorcycles and Small Off-Road Engines (SORE) 2018
287 ORTO Ocean Reef Tower Oases: Feeding the World, Restoring the Oceans 2018
288 K-Smart Environment Kunak Sensing Anywhere, an ultra-energy-efficient wireless critical system for smart environmental monitoring 2018
289 M-H70 M-H70 2.0 Hydrogen pressure gas regulators specifically designed for Fuel Cell Vehicles 2018
290 MEMBio Application of Microbial Fuel Cells for waste water treatment 2018
291 DUSTCOMB A Novel Technology to Reduce Industrial Dust Pollution and to Enable Most Efficient Energy Recovery 2018
292 LiionFire Automated e-buses Lithium Ion Battery Early Warning and Fire Suppression System 2018
293 MORE Multi-modal Optimisation for Road-space in Europe 2018
294 D-NOSES Distributed Network for Odour Sensing, Empowerment and Sustainability 2018
295 COSMOS-Fenix Process for the reuse of fly ash derived from waste thermal treatments as substitution of critical and toxic flame retardants in the plastic manufacturing. 2018
296 VERTEX Swarms of underwater robots for fast & accurate water quality measurements 2018
297 FESTA Flexible Euv SpecTrometer for Attosecond science 2018
298 FoodEnTwin Twinning of research activities for the frontier research in the fields of food, nutrition and environmental ‘omics 2018
299 Capacitoxx Innovative and advanced manufacturing process to produce biological nanomaterial super-capacitors for superior battery performance in smart devices 2018
300 Smartmushroom Smart MAnagement of spent mushRoom subsTrate to lead the MUSHROOM sector towards a circular economy 2018
301 Airmee Optimizing Logistic Fleets with Machine Learning to Enable Sustainable On-Demand Deliveries in Cities 2018
302 SURFWIRE Innovative machine for surface finishing of wire-drawn products 2018
303 CoPs Continuous hazardous water Pollutants sensing in the environment 2018
304 SINDAM Sunlight-Induced Nonadiabatic Dynamics of Atmospheric Molecules 2019
305 AIR-NB Pre-natal exposure to urban AIR pollution and pre- and post-Natal Brain development 2018
306 iCAREPLAST Integrated Catalytic Recycling of Plastic Residues Into Added-Value Chemicals 2018
307 ADDAPTTA SEALS ADDitive mAnufacturing oPTimized TAilored SEALS 2018
308 Snowless Real-time reaction, autonomous and energy-efficient snowmelt technology for lightly and heavily trafficked pavement surfaces. 2018
309 SUPERCOOL Superelastic Porous Structures for Efficient Elastocaloric Cooling 2019
310 IMPRESSIVE Integrated Marine Pollution Risk assessment and Emergency management Support Service In ports and coastal enVironmEnts 2018
312 STADY STADY: Autonomous intelligent cleaning robot for stables 2018
313 Plan2fix Nitrogen-enriched plasma activated water, an unparalleled plant feeding system 2018
314 CALORIC The Smart Thermostat with Heating Power Adjustment 2018
315 BioFlex Second life of wood: technology to dissolve waste wood to get raw materials 2018
316 recalm ANC headrest Accelerating market introduction of Active Noise Cancelling headrest solutions 2018
317 CitieS-Health Citizen Science for Urban Environment and Health 2019
318 SPW Soundproof Walls 2018
319 PYROTECH Climate Positive Drying System for Coffee Industries using a highly disruptive Pyrolysis Technology 2018
320 HERA Integrating Environment and Health Research: a Vision for the EU 2019
321 C-Air An innovative, reliable, lifesaving industrial air purification system that contains, cleans, and purifies air contaminated by toxic gases. 2018
323 CITISENSE Evolving communication systems in response to altered sensory environments 2019
324 OVO Habitat Sustainable, affordable and code compliant 3D printed houses 2018
325 ACTION Participatory science toolkit against pollution 2019
326 ToxMate ToxMate: Automated on-line and real-time monitoring of wastewater toxicity with ToxMate 2018
327 NoPest Novel Pesticides for a Sustainable Agriculture 2019
328 PRIME Advanced and versatile PRInting platform for the next generation of active Microfluidic dEvices 2019
329 INITIO INnovative chemIcal sensors for enanTioselective detectIon of chiral pOllutants 2019
330 M-NBS Smart, flexible, decentralized water treatment 2019
331 Lazaero One box to measure all the most important air pollutants and greenhouse gases 2019
332 P2L Innovative Acrylic(PMMA- Polymethyl methacrylate) Recycling Technology Complying with Regulations 2019
333 CHROMOTOPE The 19th century chromatic turn - CHROMOTOPE 2019
334 DEVORHBIOSHIP The Developmental Origins of Health: Biology, Shocks, Investments, and Policies 2019
335 MossTree A new urban green infrastructure to actively reduce air pollution in urban hotspots 2019
336 SRRP A disruptive pre-assembled Self-Regenerating solvent Recovery Plant based on the vapor recompression principle in order to diminish the emission of volatile organic compounds to environment. 2019
337 SECONDS On Time Emergency Response System 2019
338 UrbanDynamics Changing the world of urban mobility thanks to Computer Vision and Artificial Intelligence 2019
339 ELIPORT Autonomous, self-loading and unloading ground-based robots 2019
340 INCALO INCALO: Internal black carbon loading: validation of a novel biomarker 2019
341 GREENER InteGRated systems for Effective ENvironmEntal Remediation 2019
343 BIONA4ART BIO-inspired NAcre-like materials FOR the next generation of conservation treatments in stone ART works 2019
345 PAVITRA GANGA Unlocking wastewater treatment, water re-use and resource recovery opportunities for urban and peri-urban areas in India 2019
346 PAVITR Potential and Validation of Sustainable Natural & Advance Technologies for Water & Wastewater Treatment, Monitoring and Safe Water Reuse in India 2019
347 GRACE GRAssroots Citizen science for global data Environments 2019
348 SOLFORPLAS A solution for plastic waste pollution 2019
349 MULTIPIR Multiscale modelling of migration of pollutant particles in rivers 2020
350 BOHNS-TV Batch Optimization of Process Parameters for Hot Working of High Nitrogen Stainless Steels and Thermodynamic Validation 2019
351 SENSE BioSensing and rhizospherE – eNdosphere geochemical microprofiling of polychlorinated byphenils degradation by Soil microbiota upon stimulation of root Exudates 2019
352 PhotoCatRed Visible-light-driven Photocatalytic CO2 Reduction to Solar fuels by multinary N-Graphene based Heterostructure Composites 2019
353 SPELEOTOLIA Holocene climate reconstructions from western Anatolia based on speleothem data 2019
354 BACTEPEA Unraveling the molecular dialogue in microbial-assisted plant growth in the presence of heavy metals 2020
355 APPARHU The Effects of Air Pollution and Physical Activity on Respiratory Health in Children in the Context of Urbanization 2020
356 CLEAN Carbon fracturing and storage in shale with wellbore infrastructure monitoring 2019
357 LitRivus Assessment of riverine litter (plastics) inputs to the marine environment 2020
358 BioProMarL Bio-inspired Protection of Marble with Lasers 2019
359 Seabubbles Delivering the future of urban water transportation with novel electric hydrofoil boats 2019
360 KATA The therapy app for more air and health 2019
361 WaMoS Wastewater Treatment Monitoring and Advisory System 2019
362 MODALES MOdify Drivers’ behaviour to Adapt for Lower EmissionS 2019
363 DIAS Smart Adaptive Remote Diagnostic Antitampering Systems 2019
364 TRIATLAS Tropical and South Atlantic climate-based marine ecosystem predictions for sustainable management 2019
365 GLASST Global and Local Health Impact Assessment of Transport: methods for prioritising model development 2019
366 EXHAUSTION Exposure to heat and air pollution in EUrope – cardiopulmonary impacts and benefits of mitigation and adaptation 2019
367 FUTrailer Full-equipped electric trailer to boost the implementation of efficient, eco-friendly and resilient last-mile delivery 2019
369 TailWind Revolutionary electric plane technology that can be used for new build aircraft as well as to convert existing non-electric turboprops into fully electric aircraft. 2019
370 MoonBikes A personal electric mobility snow vehicle 2019
371 NOx Conversion NOx Conversion 2019
372 ANAERGY Advanced Multistage Sequential Wastewater Treatment Technology 2019
373 TANDEM Tuneable Acoustic Noise DampEning Material 2019
374 Breeze A cloud-based big data analytics platform for air quality sensing using distributed sensors and an unparalleled AI-powered decision support system 2019
375 PYRATEX Natural, health-benefiting fabrics to protect our skin from external agents 2019
376 Nature Fresh Development and Commercialisation of a complete compostable film packaging system 2019
377 JONIXAirPlasma Robust technology combining both air filtration and purification with zero chemicals used and zero residues produced 2019
378 EMME-CARE Eastern Mediterranean and Middle East – Climate and Atmosphere Research Centre 2019
379 PMCOST Sources and Chemical Composition of Particulate Matter in Poland and their Control Strategies 2019
380 EGG1 Making distributed Combined Heat and Power (CHP) generation with zero pollution convenient 2019
381 LUBRIGONE The first lubrication- and coating-free stoppers for Prefillable Syringes 2019
382 InAir An Air Quality Monitoring Station in a Chip 2019
383 MATE The First Industrial-Scale Commercially Viable & Environmentally Sensitive System For Empty Fruit Bunch Waste Disposal 2019
385 MAAS MOBILITY AS A SERVICE PLATFORM for employers and individuals. 2019
386 Sampols A noise pollution measurement and monitoring solution for smart cities 2019
387 CLEAN-Photo-TEX Advanced photocatalytic textiles to remediate urban air pollution 2019
388 H2COLOR-AUX An innovative polymer particle used for textile dying which massively reduces water and energy consumption 2019
389 Great Bubble Barrier The Great Bubble Barrier: An effective solution to plastic pollution 2019
390 Addionics Innovative 3D electro-printing method to improve power, capacity and safety of lithium ion-batteries 2019
391 GreenTRIBOS GreenTRIBOS 2020
392 FertiCycle New bio-based fertilisers from organic waste upcycling 2020
393 LimnoPlast Microplastics in Europe's freshwater ecosystems: From sources to solutions 2019
394 SOCRATIC SOCRATIC: A real-time effluent management software based on artificial intelligence and industrial automation, specific for the prevention of combined sewage overflow 2019
395 EcoFLEXY Innovative nanocellulose bioplastic film from fruit waste 2019
396 UPTEKO First Fully Integrated Drone System for Maritime Operations 2019
397 NPP NanoPowder Plant – Metal nanopowders for a world of great opportunities 2019
398 BioSolar Leaf A sustainable highly efficient cultivation system that produces plant-based, organic, and healthy food ingredients 2019
399 SiC-MOSFET Gas Sensors for future Ultra Low NOx Emission Legislation – Euro 7 2019
400 InnovEOX Training of a new generation of researchers in Innovative Electrochemical OXidation processes for the removal and analysis of micro-pollutants in water streams 2019
401 InVIGO INtake Vortex Ingestion on Ground Operations 2019
402 Schrott24 Leveraging online services to enhance the efficiency and transparency of recycling and trading of metal throughout the EU. 2019
403 Saraswati 2.0 Identifying best available technologies for decentralized wastewater treatment and resource recovery for India 2019
404 IQLev Inertial Sensing Based on Quantum-Enhanced Levitation Systems 2020
405 METAMORFOSIS Disrupting the sports nutrition market with a healthy, high-performance, bee product-based energy gel in highly innovative compostable packaging 2019
406 WAY2GO Expedited emerge of Connected Car data ecosystems in Europe 2019
407 SEALIVE Strategies of circular Economy and Advanced bio-based solutions to keep our Lands and seas alIVE from plastics contamination 2019
408 COOLWIND Subsea Cooler for Offshore Wind HVDC transformer platforms 2019
409 CARAMEL Artificial Intelligence based cybersecurity for connected and automated vehicles 2019
410 SUBMODULAR The Power of Randomness and Continuity in Submodular Optimization 2019
411 BioICEP Bio Innovation of a Circular Economy for Plastics 2020
412 MIX-UP MIXed plastics biodegradation and UPcycling using microbial communities 2020
413 H2OMon In-situ Total Nutrient Analyser System for Natural Waters 2019
414 VEnvirotech From waste to value: Transforming organic waste into biodegradable bioplastics 2019
415 TIMAN262O A new generation of dry & quiet street sweepers 2019
416 ReCreo Sustainable Use of Metallic Resources: Industrial Waste Prevention 2019
418 BIOMAP2SOIL Biological analysis of soils and advanced data analytics for precision agriculture maps 2019
419 MappingAir Mapping air quality with high accuracy and high-spatial resolution 2019
420 PARKUNLOAD Smart Loading Zones in EU and Global market to regulate, control and monitor City Logistics - Last Mile Delivery in dense urban areas, based on Bluetooth devices and mobile apps for commercial drivers 2019
421 HELMET High integrity EGNSS Layer for Multimodal Eco-friendly Transportation 2020
422 WeCount WeCount: Citizens Observing UrbaN Transport 2019
423 LET Real Time 360 Live Streaming Electric City Auto Tours 2019
424 MonoComb Monolithic frequency comb spectrometers 2020
425 ADAM Autonomous Discovery of Advanced Materials 2020
426 LONGITOOLS Dynamic longitudinal exposome trajectories in cardiovascular and metabolic non-communicable diseases 2020
427 EPHOR Exposome project for health and occupational research 2020
429 ToxMate Continuous real-time monitoring of water toxicity 2020
430 WireVision Intelligent electronic automotive systems repair support tool for auto repair technicians 2020
431 AquaGen Water quality biomonitoring combining AI and environmental genomics 2019
432 EPOCHAL Beyond seasonal suffering: Effects of Pollen on Cardiorespiratory Health and Allergies 2020
433 PURE Prototyping emerging bio-based products from lignocellulose by zero-waste pathways 2020
434 METAFOAM Towards acoustic metafoams for broad-range sound insulation 2020
435 NanoGlia Understanding the impact of nanoplastics on the development of neurological disorders 2020
436 SulPure Exhaust Gas Purification System 2020
437 MICRODEV Microplastics: morphological and genetic developmental effects in a marine invertebrate. 2021
438 BESG Bioengineered exosomes based approaches for the effective treatment of non-small cell lung cancer 2020
439 RESIDUE Mongolian Buddhist Waste and the Recalcitrant Materiality of Blessings. 2020
440 DECOMPOSE Degradable commodity plastics from metallosupramolecular polymers 2020
441 M3R Microfluidic Multi-Micropollutant Remediation 2021
442 ELECTRAMMOX Bioelectrochemical anaerobic oxidation of ammonia for sustainable N removal from wastewater 2020
443 INTRANCES Integrated modelling of transport scenarios from stakeholders for air quality and emissions 2020
444 MMAP-VEX Measuring and Modelling Air Pollution Within Vehicles – Implications for daily EXposure and Human Health. 2020
445 UTPE PEB Ultrahigh-throughput protein evolution for polyethylene biodegradation 2020