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H2020 projects about "proteome"

The page lists 95 projects related to the topic "proteome".

# achronym  title  year 
1 PhosFunc Dissecting the functional importance of eukaryotic protein phosphorylation 2015
2 PeroxiSystem Systematic exploration of peroxisomal structure and function 2015
3 MITOsmORFs Identification and analysis of novel mitochondrial proteins encoded by small open reading frames 2015
4 BioGuidePCa Biomarker Guided Prostate Cancer Management 2014
5 Aggregation selection Genome-wide screen of aggregation selection 2015
6 SYNPT The role of autophagy in presynaptic protein turnover 2015
7 HRPCDMECH Investigating how pathogen effector recognition by the host plant activates cell death 2016
8 KSHV QTV Identification of novel KSHV immune evasion mechanisms using a quantitative temporal viromics analysis 2015
9 NextGen RiBiomics Next Generation Proteomic Analysis of Pre-Ribosomal Proteome Dynamics Coupled to Glucose Metabolism in Caner Cells 2016
10 RAPID-KDM Application of peptide screening technology for identification of substrates of the Jumonji-C histone demethylases 2015
11 InVivo_DDR_ADPR Decoding the DNA damage signalling in C. elegans by proteomic analyses of ADP-ribosylation 2016
12 NEUROMITO Mitochondrial Dynamics and Local Protein Synthesis in Dendrites 2016
13 breast cancer dormancy Molecular characterisation of a clinical model of estrogen receptor-positive breast cancer dormancy 2015
14 IntestineUb The role of Ubiquitin System on the homeostatic control of stem cell maintenance and differentiation in crypt stem cells 2016
15 EpiLIVER Characterization and implications of DNA damage response in liver cancer 2016
17 COSMOS Optical point of care system for heart failure mass screening 2015
18 MtbTransReg Translational regulation in the persistence and drug susceptibility of Mycobacterium tuberculosis 2015
19 VIDOCK 2D Conformal mapping of protein surfaces: applications to VIsualization and DOCKing software 2015
20 METALS Formation and Characterization of Protein Post-Translational Modifications and Assessment of Cellular Responses by Application of Metals in Biological Systems 2015
21 PROTEOMICAN Discovery of breast cancer aggressiveness markers using topo-proteomics mapping 2015
22 PROTEOMICS4D Proteomics 4D: The proteome in context 2015
23 RobustSynapses Maintaining synaptic function for a healthy brain: Membrane trafficking and autophagy in neurodegeneration 2016
24 ReaDMe Readout of DNA methylation 2016
25 MSmed Mass spectrometric technology for next generation proteomics in systems medicine 2015
26 RNAREG Single molecule observation and manipulation of gene expression dynamics to dissect mechanisms of cell cycle entry 2016
27 RELENT RELapses prevENTion in chronic autoimmune disease: common mechanisms and co-morbidities 2015
28 CFS modelling Chromosomal Common Fragile Sites: Unravelling their biological functions and the basis of their instability 2016
29 RELYUBL Regulation of lymphocyte biology by ubiquitin and ubiquitin like modifiers 2016
30 Crossover control New insights into wheat meiosis: Crossover resolution in the absence of the Ph1 locus 2016
31 GolgiBiosSys Identification and characterisation of plant Golgi biosynthetic multiprotein systems 2016
32 PyroPhosphoProtein Site-selective chemical pyrophosphorylation of proteins using tag-and-modify approach. 2016
33 AS-ABA Alternative splicing and SR proteins in ABA-mediated plant stress responses 2017
34 DynaOmics From longitudinal proteomics to dynamic individualized diagnostics 2016
35 StemProteostasis Mediation of stem cell identity and aging by proteostasis 2016
36 T-Rex Clathrin-mediated endocytosis in plants: mechanistic insight into the TPLATE REcycling compleX and its interplay with AP-2 2016
37 ALZSYN Imaging synaptic contributors to dementia 2016
38 DPC_REPAIR Mechanism of DNA-protein cross-link repair in S phase 2017
39 VGAP The Viral Genome Associated Proteome 2017
40 COSMOS Control and measurement of single macromolecules in space and time 2018
41 CHEMMINE Chemical proteome mining for functional annotation of disease relevant proteins 2017
42 LIGER Identification of novel substrates for ubiquitin ligases involved in cell cycle and cell migration 2017
43 meltRBP Tracking interactions between RNA and RNA-binding proteins by thermal profiling of the proteome 2017
44 FRAGMENTOME FRAGMENT screening from advanced-sampling molecular dynamics simulations on a proteOME scale. 2017
45 TNFaLysMyr Unique TNFα lysine myristoylation; elucidating its function, regulation and integration into inflammation 2018
46 IMMUNO-RQC Role of Listerin ubiquitin ligase in MHC-I antigen presentation 2017
47 INNODIA Translational approaches to disease modifying therapy of type 1 diabetes: an innovative approach towards understanding and arresting type 1 diabetes – Sofia ref.: 115797 2015
48 Ub-BAC Dissecting and targeting ubiquitin networks in the course of bacterial infections 2017
49 NeuroRibo Specialized Ribosomes for Neuronal Protein Synthesis 2017
50 GermlineAgeingSoma Getting to the root of ageing: somatic decay as a cost of germline maintenance 2017
51 VitASTEM Regulation of Single Hematopoietic Stem Cells by Intake of Vitamin A 2018
52 MisloQC Dissecting Quality Control Mechanisms of Mislocalized Proteins 2018
53 ProteaseNter Disseminating N-terminomics to Advance Protease Research 2018
54 LSO Liver Spatial Omics 2018
55 TARGETMENISCUS Targeting Meniscus Degradation in Osteoarthritis 2018
56 FatTryp Exploring the hidden life of African trypanosomes: parasite fat tropism and implications for disease 2018
57 ATG9_SOLVES_IT In vitro high resolution reconstitution of autophagosome nucleation and expansion catalyzed byATG9 2018
58 MHCIbiopic MHC-I biogenesis and degradation at the endoplasmic reticulum membrane 2019
59 ASTRO_ECM Deciphering the role of astrocytes in chronic depression. 2018
60 Proteasome in cancer Identification of the proteasome machinery targets in human cancer 2018
61 HOPE HOminin Proteomes in human Evolution 2018
62 MemCHAPS Intramembrane chaperones : their role in folding membrane proteins 2019
63 PathEVome Do Pathogen Extracellular Vesicles Deliver Crop Disease? 2018
64 UPRmt The Mitochondrial Unfolded Protein Response 2018
65 CODEKILLER Killer plasmids as drivers of genetic code changes during yeast evolution 2018
66 PROPHECY Translational control in infection biology: riboproteogenomics of bacterial pathogens 2018
67 MitoGuide Integration and adaptation of impaired mitochondrial fitness in orchestrating T cell dysfunction in the tumor microenvironment 2019
68 TransTempoFold A need for speed: mechanisms to coordinate protein synthesis and folding in metazoans 2019
69 EPIC-XS European Proteomics Infrastructure Consortium providing Access 2019
70 ProteoNE_dynamics Surveillance mechanisms regulating nuclear envelope architecture and homeostasis 2019
71 EXCHANGE Dynamic Complexes and Allosteric Regulation of Small Molecule Transporters 2019
72 uCARE Understanding Circumventing Antibiotic REsistance 2019
73 Visual Proteomics Biomarker discovery by AI-guided, image based single-cell isolation proteomics 2019
74 APTAFRAME DNA-origami frame platform for co-evolution ligand selection 2019
75 SILIA Solid Immersion Lens Microscopy to Study Cilia Assembly 2019
76 LipTransProMet The multi-omics role of lipid transfer proteins in lipid metabolism 2019
77 BiFCCM Bi-directional Force Communication on Cell-Matrix 2019
78 NanoProt-ID Proteome profiling using plasmonic nanopore sensors 2019
79 nanoCellSense A nanotechnology-based approach for label-free single-cell analysis of cytoplasmic proteome 2019
80 FUNTRICAN Functional analysis of thyroid hormone nuclear receptors TRs in human Intestinal Cancer stem cells 2019
81 TargetDUBs Targeting ubiquitin processing in cancer and fibrosis: novel probes for the Ubiquitin Carboxy-Terminal Hydrolases 2019
82 MONET Merkel cell polyomavirus Oncogenic Network 2019
83 StressOME Defining and modulating the stress granule proteome as a therapeutic strategy in Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis 2019
84 B-different The RNA-Binding Protein ZFP36L1 regulates the terminal differentiation of B lymphocytes 2020
85 TOPAS Exploiting the Tumor Proteome Activity Status for Future Cancer Therapies 2019
86 DrugPhosphoProfiler Accelerating drug and biomarker discovery through a new proteomic service: DrugPhosphoProfiler 2019
87 AXONENDO Endosomal control of local protein synthesis in axons 2020
88 PROTEOFIT Adapting protein fate for muscle function and fitness 2019
89 Glue2Degrade Therapeutic hijacking of E3 Ligases 2020
90 ChromatinLEGO Chromatin readout: Dissecting the protein-chromatin interaction code in living cells 2020
91 MyeRIBO Deconstructing the Translational Control of Myelination by Specialized Ribosomes 2020
92 Proteomes-in-3D Three-dimensional dynamic views of proteomes as a novel readout for physiological and pathological alterations 2020
93 RARE MAPS Dynamic proteomic maps of stem cell-derived neurons as a mechanistic discovery pipeline for rare neurological disease 2020
94 UCUPA Unraveling the Molecular Changes that Drive the Repression of the Unfolded Protein Response with Ageing 2020
95 CiliaCircuits Molecular Principles of Mammalian Axonemal Dynein Assembly 2020