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1 ELIPTIC Electrification of public transport in cities 2015
2 OPTIMUM Multi-source Big Data Fusion Driven Proactivity for Intelligent Mobility 2015
3 LYNCEUS2MARKET An innovative people localisation system for safe evacuation of large passenger ships 2015
4 RECOBA Cross-sectorial real-time sensing, advanced control and optimisation of batch processes saving energy and raw materials 2015
5 BRESAER Breakthrough solutions for adaptable envelopes for building refurbishment 2015
6 CoordinatedDopamine Coordination of regional dopamine release in the striatum during habit formation and compulsive behaviour 2015
7 SYNTECH Synthesis Technologies for Reactive Systems Software Engineers 2015
8 GEM From Geometry to Motion: inverse modeling of complex mechanical structures 2015
9 OCT4IOL Optical Coherence Tomography for Intraocular Lenses 2015
10 SPICES Space-borne observations for detecting and forecasting sea ice cover extremes 2015
11 CRASK Cortical Representation of Abstract Semantic Knowledge 2015
12 EDUCAGE The EDUCAGE: A Behavioral Platform for Naturalistic Learning 2015
13 IODA Industrial optimal design using adjoint CFD 2015
14 ENTICE dEcentralized repositories for traNsparent and efficienT vIrtual maChine opErations 2015
15 LISTEN Hands-free Voice-enabled Interface to Web Applications for Smart Home Environments 2015
16 HyVar Scalable Hybrid Variability for Distributed Evolving Software Systems 2015
17 TraMOOC Translation for Massive Open Online Courses 2015
18 WITDOM empoWering prIvacy and securiTy in non-trusteD envirOnMents 2015
19 HimL Health in my Language 2015
20 SCISSOR Security In trusted SCADA and smart-grids 2015
21 ProCAMS Promoting Creativeness in Augmented Media Services 2015
22 POSEIDON Plasmonic-based autOmated lab-on-chip SEnsor for the rapid In-situ Detection of LegiONella 2015
23 CloudSocket Business and IT-Cloud Alignment using a Smart Socket 2015
24 FURNIT-SAVER Smart Augmented and Virtual Reality Marketplace for Furniture Customisation 2015
25 SEWA Automatic Sentiment Estimation in the Wild 2015
26 MECANEX Multimedia Content Annotations for Rapid Exploitation in Multi-Screen Environments 2015
27 RobDREAM Optimising Robot Performance while Dreaming 2015
28 RoMaNS Robotic Manipulation for Nuclear Sort and Segregation 2015
29 ATLASS Advanced high-resolution printing of organic Transistors for Large Area Smart Surfaces 2015
30 Learn Learning From Failing and Passing Executions At the Speed of Internet 2015
31 OCTAVE Objective Control for TAlker VErification 2015
32 LEXICAL Lexical Acquisition Across Languages 2015
33 SeagateSail 20% fuel saving for commercial vessels through a hybrid wind plus motor cruise mode. 2014
34 TherVIS A Thermal-Visual Integrated System Mounted on an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle for 3D energy performance mapping and forecasting and damage evaluation 2014
35 TWIMP Innovative Laser Solution for Cutting Welding TWIP steel with Improved Performance 2014
36 OPTIFUEL A reliable and transparent solid biofuels online quality control system 2014
37 TM Field Analyzer Developing a monitoring system for urban gas pipelines by utilizing state of the art accelerometers, advanced signal processing, and advanced intelligent algorithm based recognition 2014
38 SWH Demonstration of a Binary-Logic Hybrid Transmission for Heavy-Duty Vehicles 2014
39 SIADE Spatial Decision Support System for Transportation Planning 2014
40 PreFlexMS Predictable Flexible Molten Salts Solar Power Plant 2015
41 ATMCinsituNMR Next level real-time characterisation of Li- and Na-ion batteries by – Automatic Tuning Matching Cycler (plus Goniometer) – ATMC(+G) in situ NMR 2015
42 CADORS Computer-Aided Design Of Revolutionary Superalloys 2015
43 MorpheuS Hybrid Machine Learning – Optimization techniques To Generate Structured Music Through Morphing And Fusion 2015
44 MINDS Multivariate analysis for the Imaging of Neuronal activity using Deep architectureS 2016
45 ROSNPD Selective vulnerability of neuronal degeneration in Parkinson’s disease: the load of routine behaviour 2016
46 LV-Pri20 Logic-based Verification of Privacy-Preservation in Europe's 2020 ICT 2015
47 ODORPREP Real Time, Automatic and Remote-activated Sampling System for industrial odor emissions compliant with the European Standard EN 13725 2015
48 EctoVision Improved machine vision for guidance of optical system for cost-effective and environmentally safe in-situ removal of ectoparasites from farmed fish 2015
49 CSAR Ensuring pipeline integrity using Earth Observation Data 2015
50 ADS Project Autonomous Dronistics for Security (ADS): optimized services with fleets of flying robots 2015
51 MDLab Ginestra A novel characterization- and reliability-oriented simulation software for dielectric-based nano-electronic devices 2015
52 ULISENS Ultra Legionella Inmunoanalysis System for Early Sensing 2015
53 SEMICOOL-H Hybrid cooling system for semiconductor detectors of X- and Gamma- Rays 2015
54 GOLFTRACKER Automatic tracking of golf games for improvement and training purposes, using GNSS receivers, wearable sensors and Earth Observation information 2015
55 LEGEND LEGEND, Sport goes viral 2015
56 ServoTec Fast Data Acquisition and Servo Technologies 2015
57 uDAS An Automatic Microfluidic Device Assembly System 2015
58 SDO-MET Automatic Rail Safety Solution 2015
60 ETA4B Energy Trusted Advisor for Buildings 2015
61 MARVIN Independent Smart Machine-Vision Based Cargo Counting Module 2015
62 DEFLUG Development of Environmentally Friendly Flue Gas Purification Solution 2015
64 STERILISE Safe sustainable reliable in-office processing of medical waste 2015
65 NIRIS Non-Intrusive Resident Identification Sensor 2015
66 Aerowash II InnovAtive automatic battERy pOwered WASHing robot for the aviation industry – Aerowash II 2015
68 SOLID Satellite-based Observation of Land Infrastructure Deformations 2015
69 EarthServer-2 Agile Analytics on Big Data Cubes 2015
70 IDIU Integrated and Detailed Image Understanding 2015
71 CYTO-WATER Integrated and portable image cytometer for rapid response to Legionella and Escherichia coli in industrial and environmental waters 2015
72 Sport Infinity Waste-Based Rapid Adhesive-free Production of Sports goods 2015
73 DEDALE Data Learning on Manifolds and Future Challenges 2015
74 DigiArt The Internet Of Historical Things And Building New 3D Cultural Worlds 2015
75 NanoPoreFab On-chip fabrication of solid state nanopores for high throughput single molecule analysis 2015
76 Scan4Reco Multimodal Scanning of Cultural Heritage Assets for their multilayered digitization and preventive conservation via spatiotemporal 4D Reconstruction and 3D Printing 2015
77 CLEAN-HEAT A highly efficient intelligent industrial microwave heating system based on high power solid state technology 2015
78 Calcivis CAIS Validation of clinical performance and pre-commercial development of a novel diagnostic for dental caries assessment 2015
79 Invest INtelligent Video analytics to analyse complex scenes and Enhance Security of critical infrastructure and urban soft Targets 2015
80 BIWAS Biological Water Alarm System (BiWAS) for protection of urban drinking water infrastructure against CBRN threats 2015
82 RVT The Reversible Variable Transmission – Visionary Transmission for unprecedented Fuel, CO2 and Cost Savings 2015
83 FAST-TRACKS Fast rAdio technologieS for uninterrupTed TRAin to traCKside communications 2015
84 INSWITCH InSwitch – Ultra-Compact Electronic Solid-State Device for Induction Motor Starting and Performance Improvement 2015
85 FASTPRK-2 Enhanced on-street parking management system 2015
86 SafeTrain Piloting and industrial validation of autonomous and sustainable animal deterring system for the rail transport 2015
87 SaveEUSaffron Sales and production acceleration of EU saffron through an innovative cultivation and crop system that allows European producers to increase eco-efficiency, production and processing 2015
88 SYMCAR Symbolic Computation and Automated Reasoning for Program Analysis 2016
89 LASSO Learning, Analysis, SynthesiS and Optimization of Cyber-Physical Systems 2015
90 READEX Runtime Exploitation of Application Dynamism for Energy-efficient eXascale computing 2015
91 Baby Beat Providing Clarity of Fetus Heartbeat Through Baby Beat Bracelet Measuring Fetal Arterial Pulse Wave 2015
92 SENEX Table Top Device based on Nanostructured Sensors for the continuous ENvironmental monitoring of EXplosive substances in sensitive areas 2015
94 MOTOR Multi-ObjecTive design Optimization of fluid eneRgy machines 2015
95 One-EG Wearable Brain Monitoring Technology for Quick Diagnosis of Sleep Disorders 2016
96 ADIR Next generation urban mining - Automated disassembly, separation and recovery of valuable materials from electronic equipment 2015
97 Solaris Solaris Energy Tobacco 2015
98 ANT Automata in Number Theory 2015
99 SEED Learning to See in a Dynamic World 2016
100 ROBOTGRAFT An integrated high throughput robot and a new multi-rootstock grafting technology to improve plant/crop yield 2015
101 JobCity JobCity: addressing global youth unemployment by revolutionising psychometrics to enable Multiple Mass Psychometric Testing (MMPT) through online gamification 2015
102 YODA YOurDigitalAgent: First fully automated tool for the optimisation of digital advertising for drastically increasing SMEs competitiveness and online promotion 2015
103 KareShare KareShare Platform for Effective Collaborative Clinical Care Management 2015
104 D3IMPACT Data-driven decisions for intelligent management of public transportation 2015
105 TWIMP Innovative Laser Solution for Cutting Welding TWIP steel with IMProved Performance 2015
106 REMOSIS A novel smart trap station as an Internet of Things surveillance solution to remotely count and identify the species of disease-carrying mosquitoes 2016
107 ARGO WCET-Aware Parallelization of Model-Based Applications for Heterogeneous Parallel Systems 2016
108 SMARTHE Smart Thermostat Évolution 2015
109 FASTBOX Improvement and sustainability of box production’s process for e-commerce 2015
110 CargoList Freight Auction, reinvented 2016
111 HScan Inspection Sensor and Evaluation Criteria for Assessing the Inner Surface Quality of Holes in CFRP Parts 2016
112 NEODAMP New Enhanced Acoustic Damping Composite Materials 2016
113 SAFE-CTS Efficient and cost-effective intermodal road-rail container freight system 2015
114 Freach Open Disruptive Innovation Scheme 2015
115 OptArch Optimization Driven Architectural Design of Structures 2016
116 BroadSem Induction of Broad-Coverage Semantic Parsers 2016
117 HElAIrcOPT Helicopter Engine Air Intake OPtimization Tool 2016
118 CoVeCe Coinduction for Verification and Certification 2016
120 TAIS TES App Issuing Software 2015
121 TANGO Transparent heterogeneous hardware Architecture deployment for eNergy Gain in Operation 2016
122 ArchAIDE Archaeological Automatic Interpretation and Documentation of cEramics 2016
123 MATHISIS Managing Affective-learning THrough Intelligent atoms and Smart InteractionS 2016
124 IDENTITY Computer Vision Enabled Multimedia Forensics and People Identification 2016
125 math4AAArisk A mathematical platform for Abdominal Aortic Aneurism risk assessment and surgical planning 2015
126 A3R Air To Air Automatic Refuelling 2016
127 ELIRAD Everyday Life Radar Sensors For Transportation 2016
128 MACAO Development of VOCs and ozone Micro-analysers based on microfluidic devices for Aircraft Cabin Air mOnitoring (MACAO) 2016
129 EASY Pv EGNSS high Accuracy SYstem improving PhotoVoltaic plants maintenance 2016
130 INAPEM International Network on Advanced high energy Permanent Magnets 2016
131 MAINTRAC-Auto MAINTRAC-Auto: Automatization and validation of a liquid biopsy assay “Maintrac-AUTO CTC-analyser” for predictive real time monitoring and success control of solid tumor cancer therapy 2016
132 ASEPTIC-VACBID Energy Saving Aseptic System to Empty Concentrates out of Aseptic Bags for the Juice Production Process. 2016
133 MALORCA Machine Learning of Speech Recognition Models for Controller Assistance 2016
134 TalkingHeads TalkingHeads: Audiovisual Speech Recognition in-the-wild 2016
135 ARGUE_WEB Probabilistic Argumentation on the Web 2016
136 OneClickLCA One Click LCA – transforming the construction industry through automated, affordable and scalable solution for assessing and improving the environmental impacts of construction projects and products 2016
137 THERMIDRONE Automated 3D Thermal Imaging of Industrial Plants and Residential Buildings by Drones 2016
138 RETINAL Retinal Imaging prevention and early detection of chronic diseases 2016
139 gmSCAN Automatic scanner for determing lean meat distribution in pig carcasses 2016
140 RESSALE Resale Second-hand SoftwAre's License for Enterprises 2016
141 C3-Cloud A Federated Collaborative Care Cure Cloud Architecture for Addressing the Needs of Multi-morbidity and Managing Poly-pharmacy 2016
142 MINIMA MItigating Negative Impacts of Monitoring high levels of Automation 2016
143 iBorderCtrl Intelligent Portable Border Control System 2016
144 ReCETT Remote Control of Electrical Transmission Tower 2016
145 ULISENS Ultra Legionella Inmunoanalysis System for Early Sensing 2016
146 Oceanid Large-scale piloting and market maturation of a disruptive technology comprising a fully automatic survey system dramatically reducing the operational cost of handling swarms of autonomous sensornodes 2016
147 EVOTRANS Advanced Transmission System for Bicycles 2016
148 SuperEh Super Variable Vector Combnation for Voltage Optmisation Energy Saving Hub 2016
149 CELSO Low-cost and high-performance pocket Automated Vehicle Monitoring system for Public Transport 2016
150 dSense dSense – Self adapting, cost efficient method for detecting context of a mobile device and a mobile device with a context detection module 2016
151 BreedIT-FIELD Professional tool to facilitate data collection and digitalization in field trials for plant breeding and seed commercialisation 2016
152 TADIL and DITEL TADIL and DITEL 2016
153 Tamed Cancer Personalized Cancer Therapy by Model-based Optimal Robust Control Algorithm 2016
154 OSARES Output-Sensitive Algorithms for Reactive Synthesis 2016
155 LICORNE LIssage de COrdons Robotisé Novateur Expert 2015
156 SEQCLAS A Sequence Classification Framework for Human Language Technology 2016
157 SURGIS Open Platform for X-Ray robotics medical imaging and surgical navigation 2016
158 PAT WRAP oPtimized zero-defect high-tech AuTomatic WRAPping machine 2016
159 SEMENIZER Feasibility study of a fully automated, integrated and standardized computer aided semen analyzer system 2016
160 DEMIURGE Automatic Design of Robot Swarms 2016
161 EDURIO Edurio – a revolutionary web platform for school networks to improve the quality of education through deep analytics of stakeholder feedback 2016
162 Trapview Trapview - Automated pest-monitoring system for sustainable growing with optimal insecticide use 2016
163 NDTonAIR NDTonAIR: Training Network in Non-Destructive Testing and Structural Health Monitoring of Aircraft structures 2016
164 PINTA IP1 Traction TD1 and Brakes TD5 – Phase 1 2016
165 ZAero Zero-defect manufacturing of composite parts in the aerospace industry 2016
166 THOMAS Mobile dual arm robotic workers with embedded cognition for hybrid and dynamically reconfigurable manufacturing systems 2016
167 IN2SMART Intelligent Innovative Smart Maintenance of Assets by integRated Technologies 2016
168 ASPIRE Advanced Smart-grid Power dIstRibution systEm 2016
169 OnTrack Innovative solutions for increasing efficiency and reducing environmental impacts of future wood supply 2016
170 enCOMPASS Collaborative Recommendations and Adaptive Control for Personalised Energy Saving 2016
171 FR8RAIL Development of Functional Requirements for Sustainable and Attractive European Rail Freight 2016
172 X2Rail-1 Start-up activities for Advanced Signalling and Automation Systems 2016
173 Intel-Line An intelligent inspection system for improved and efficient power line cable maintenance 2016
174 VIPERCON Emulating visual perception of contrast for image capture, post-production and synthesis 2016
175 Metacontrol Cognitive control in context: Neural, functional, and social mechanisms of metacontrol 2016
176 ADST Advanced Digital Stuttering Therapy Tools 2016
177 ReCAP Real-time Content Analysis and Processing (ReCAP) for Agile Media Production 2016
178 GLAUrious External Automatic Glaucoma Laser (EAGLE) for the first-line glaucoma treatment: Commercial prototype development and validation 2016
179 STAMP Software Testing AMPlification 2016
180 SLIM Sustainable Low Impact Mining solution for exploitation of small mineral deposits based on advanced rock blasting and environmental technologies 2016
181 SABINA SmArt BI-directional multi eNergy gAteway 2016
182 GOFLEX Generalized Operational FLEXibility for Integrating Renewables in the Distribution Grid 2016
183 DeeBMED Deep learning and Bayesian inference for medical imaging 2016
185 Data-driven research addressing aviation safety intelligence 2016
186 PICCOLO Multimodal highly-sensitive PhotonICs endoscope for improved in-vivo COLOn Cancer diagnosis and clinical decision support 2017
187 KRG-250 A fuel saving, emission reducing and cost effective Continuosuly Variable Transmission for European passenger vehicles 2016
188 InteractiveSkin InteractiveSkin: Digital Fabrication of Personalized On-Body User Interfaces 2017
189 CRYSTAL New innovative textile cutting machine 2016
190 Wonderlogix STUDIO Wonderlogix STUDIO: Towards Seamless Industrial Control 2016
191 IE2advisor Intelligent Energy Efficiency Advisor 2016
192 LungCARD Blood test for clinical therapy guidance of non-small cell lung cancer patients 2017
193 Prometeo Complete Automatization of Tissue Microarray Systems: Unleashing High-Throughput in Pathology Diagnosis, Prognosis and Anticancer Therapy 2016
194 CLEANI-Rad Effective and Resource efficient cleaning system for X-Ray Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) 2016
195 Obox A revolutionary and patented compact device that recovers the majority of the heat from waste water in residential and commercial places 2016
196 SMART.MET PCP for Water Smart Metering 2017
197 EU-SEC The European Security Certification Framework 2017
198 Matryoshka Fast Interactive Verification through Strong Higher-Order Automation 2017
199 LYO-CHECK Automatic inspection of lyophilized preparations through innovative ICT control system 2016
201 Logist-IoT SensorToCloud Technologies for Loss Prevention and Smart “Last Mile” Logistics Operations 2017
202 FLIpER The first on-board automatic ship hull management cleaning system for hull fouling prevention towards maritime eco-efficiency 2017
203 B-On-Chip The first compact and easy-to-use microreactor device for Body-On-Chip experiments. 2017
204 Waste Compactor Green Automatic Waste Compactor 2017
205 smartFEEsh Smart FEEding Systems for Hatcheries: Automatic central feeding system of live food and microdiets for farmed fingerlings 2017
206 GASMETRIC New multi-parameter automaton for measurement of indoor environmental conditions in livestock exploitations 2017
207 SmartECG The world's first universally compatible algorithm and platform for automatic interpretation of electrocardiogram analysis data 2017
208 BactiLine BactiLine at-line system for automatic monitoring of microbial bacteria in water 2017
209 YawSTOP First stabilisation device to enable rotation-free and rotation-controlled lifting and loading of cargo and goods by cranes or helicopters to make transportation more efficient, reliable and safe 2017
210 HANNOVER Hannover – automatic monitoring of horses 2017
211 SANSO V2.0 Innovative mobile “continuous food mixer” to improve the sustainable use of raw materials and the quality of the products 2017
212 WECARMON Wearable Cardiorespiratory Monitor 2017
213 MYCROPHOS The genetic bases of mycorrhizal root responses to phosphate 2017
214 Requirement Robot Software Robot Requirements: Automating requirement extraction and Analysis 2017
215 ROCHI ROCHI - RObotics Coverage Hiring Innovation 2017
216 SONAR-CO2 Southern Ocean Nanoplankton Response to CO2 2018
217 Mr.PARTS Minirhizotron: Phenology And Root TraitS 2017
218 AgroPHYS Understanding how plants overcome drought by controlling stomatal function: applicability and impacts on agriculture 2017
219 I2C8 Inspiring to Create 2017
220 WoodStock Quick and cost-effective integrated web platform for forest inventories 2017
221 AssAZAx AssAZAx: Innovation Methodology for Ground Subsidence Monitoring (The Assessment of small displacements Along Zed Axis) 2017
222 STEADY SaTEllyte synthetic Aperture radar interferometry to model Dam stabilitY 2017
223 ODORPREP Real time, automatic and remote-activated sampling system for industrial odour emissions compliant with the European Standard EN 13725 2017
224 BioNetIllustration BioNetIllustration: User centric illustrations of biological networks 2017
225 Demeco Default meanings in compound interpretation 2017
226 INCEPTION Incremental Nonlinear flight Control supplemented with Envelope ProtecTION techniques 2017
227 CYCLOMB Disruptive Cyclone-based technology for effective and affordable particulate matter emission reduction in biomass combustion systems 2017
228 SKELETON-ID Soft Computing and Computer Vision for Comparative Radiography in Forensic Identification 2018
229 DeepFace Understanding Deep Face Recognition 2017
230 MeBeSafe Measures for behaving safely in traffic 2017
231 AutoCode Programming with Big Code 2017
232 PhonLab A clinical phonetics laboratory service (PhonLab): diagnostics of speech impairment via the web 2017
233 NNNPDF Proton strucure for discovery at the Large Hadron Collider 2017
234 CS-AWARE A cybersecurity situational awareness and information sharing solution for local public administrations based on advanced big data analysis 2017
235 WEGOOI Wind Energy Generator Onshore and Offshore Inspector 2017
236 WUUDIS Making forest asset management easy 2017
237 Steammatic Detergent free steam cleaning system for modular conveyor belts in the food industry 2017
238 Laelia Due A smart pellet stove that combines efficient heat generation with IoT 2017
239 PROOFY Protecting Creations Made Easy. Unique Innovative solution to protect intellectual property of original works in digital format in an easy and cost-effective way 2017
240 AUTOMEATIC Automated system for packaging fresh meat with reduced waste/giveaway, processing time, human involvement and contamination 2017
241 VULCAN.ears Volcano-seismic Unsupervised Labelling and ClAssificatioN Embedded in A Real-time Scenario 2017
242 MASS Micro AIS Shore Station - MASS 2017
243 ANDRUPOS Automatic non-destructive recognition of used printing techniques on substrates 2017
244 eMRB CodeIT Electronic Manufacturing Record Book 2017
245 D-PAL Innovative DePaLletiser for the automated feeding of signatures in the bookbinding industry 2017
246 REDSENTRY Proactive Operational Intelligence Cybersecurity Platform for the Financial Services Industry 2017
247 PROTECTOR Improving resource efficiency through a protective film for hose reel irrigation 2017
248 Smartscope-X Affordable, accessible and automatic screening solution for diabetic retinopathy 2017
249 World RePORT World RePORT Refresh, the Global Biomedical Research Project Database, Technology and Functionality, 2017 (Phase 2) 2017
250 HotPolitics Politics isn’t cool, it’s hot! Do emotions influence political attitudes? 2017
251 DroC2om Drone Critical Communications 2017
252 BabyMinder BabyMinder: Automatic diagnosis of neurocognitive impairment in infants 2017
253 CryO2 Telemetric control of oxygen delivery for therapy optimization and adherence 2017
254 EcoLeather Durable, Environmentally Friendly and High-quality Leather Alternative 2017
255 AutoPro An adaptive system for modular automotive production to boost efficiency and reduce manufacturing cost. 2017
256 EMMTRIX Emmtrix Technologies : European breakthrough in Software parallelization 2017
257 TECSOME Technologies for Supporting Online Music Education 2017
258 Wind-Drone A powerful UAV-based ICT solution allowing safe, reliable and effective inspections of wind turbines 2017
259 BioNet Dynamical Redesign of Biomolecular Networks 2018
260 PREDICT A new era in personalised medicine: Radiomics as decision support tool for diagnostics and theragnostics in oncology 2017
261 COSY-BIO Control Engineering of Biological Systems for Reliable Synthetic Biology Applications 2017
262 ASSURED fASt and Smart charging solutions for full size URban hEavy Duty applications 2017
263 RESOLVD Renewable penetration levered by Efficient Low Voltage Distribution grids 2017
264 MECH-EVO-INSECT The mechanical evolution from biting-chewing to piercing-sucking in insects 2018
265 AV-SMP Algorithmic Verification of String Manipulating Programs 2017
266 FAST-TRACKS Fast rAdio technologieS for uninterrupTed TRAin to traCKside communicationS 2017
267 GLUCOSTAT Automatic Control of Blood Glucose Concentration for Intensive Care patients 2017
268 NATEDE Nature, Technology and Design 2017
269 PANTHEON Precision Farming of Hazelnut Orchards 2017
270 ECOLANG Ecological Language: A multimodal approach to language and the brain 2018
271 SVIS Supervised Verification of Infinite-State Systems 2018
272 SMARTFISH Smart fisheries technologies for an efficient, compliant and environmentally friendly fishing sector 2018
273 GHAIA Geometric and Harmonic Analysis with Interdisciplinary Applications 2017
274 SmartCow SmartCow: an integrated infrastructure for increased research capability and innovation in the European cattle sector 2018
275 SCCD Structure and classification of C*-dynamics 2018
276 P2PMODELS Decentralized Blockchain-based Organizations for Bootstrapping the Collaborative Economy 2018
277 OpenGTN Open Ground Truth Training Network : Magnetic resonance image simulationfor training and validation of image analysis algorithms 2018
278 HYFLIERS HYbrid FLying-rollIng with-snakE-aRm robot for contact inSpection 2018
279 SPIRIT A software framework for the efficient setup of industrial inspection robots 2018
280 MeMAD Methods for Managing Audiovisual Data: Combining Automatic Efficiency with Human Accuracy 2018
281 WADcher Web Accessibility Directive Decision Support Environment 2018
282 SAUCE Smart Asset re-Use in Creative Environments 2018
283 SDK4ED Software Development toolKit for Energy optimization and technical Debt elimination 2018
284 MOLOKO Multiplex phOtonic sensor for pLasmonic-based Online detection of contaminants in milK 2018
285 AirBorne AerIal RoBotic technologies for professiOnal seaRch aNd rescuE 2018
287 Novel Jack Automatic Hydraulic Jack with improved capacity, safety and efficiency for agricultural implements 2017
288 SHN Universal Smart Hypodermic Needle for preventing reuse and accidental pricks 2017
289 IntelHeat Intelligent control system for railway points heating with supreme saving of electicity 2017
290 STIM-MC Sacrificial Thermoplastic Injection Moulding platform for manufacturing small and complex metal and ceramic components 2017
292 D-SynMA Distributed Synthesis: from Single to Multiple Agents 2018
293 SARA Search And Rescue Aid and Surveillance using High EGNSS Accuracy 2018
294 TechnocaP Innovative technology for capsule filling machines to boost the pharmaceutical manufacturing process 2018
296 Insulog The Smart snap-on insulin tracker able to manage the insulin intake activity data of diabetes patients 2018
297 PAGITA PAGITA - The platform digitizing the world of vending machines 2018
298 Smart Cooking Low energy, infrared oven for an improved automated cooking 2018
299 Next-EMS Next-Generation Energy-ManagementUpgrading Energy Management Systems with a Next-generation, smarter, resource-saving softwarewith unique automatic pattern recognition of energy consumption data 2018
300 AFPMeT Automatic Fiber Placement Metitalia Tooling 2018
301 LiLa Linking Latin. Building a Knowledge Base of Linguistic Resources for Latin 2018
302 AXO-MATH Imaging and analyzing dynamics of reward-related long-range axons during decision-making in behaving mice 2018
303 BridgeScan Laser Scanning for Automatic Bridge Assessment 2019
304 DataStories DataStories: Making Use of Interpretive Judgments of Data Creators 2019
305 FLEXSEM Graded constraints in semantic cognition: How do we retrieve knowledge in a flexible way? 2018
306 ANITA Advanced tools for fighting oNline Illegal TrAfficking 2018
307 BPR4GDPR Business Process Re-engineering and functional toolkit for GDPR compliance 2018
308 EXCITATOR Active probing of brain excitability by electrical micro-stimulations for drug discovery 2018
309 PS Predicting Suicide 2018
310 VOLCANOWAVES State of unrest of active VOLCANOes through advanced seismic WAVES analysis - An application to eruption forecast modelling. 2018
311 EPEEC European joint Effort toward a Highly Productive Programming Environment for Heterogeneous Exascale Computing (EPEEC) 2018
312 PROCHIP Chromatin organization PROfiling with high-throughput super-resolution microscopy on a CHIP 2018
313 HCR Market maturation of the first on-board autonomous biofouling cleaning system to keep ship’s hull clean at all times 2018
314 SILKNOW SILKNOW. Silk heritage in the Knowledge Society: from punched cards to big data, deep learning and visual / tangible simulations 2018
315 SAPHIR Scalable DSP algorithms for high performance hardware applied to 5G MaMi systems 2018
317 GoSleep Global scale-up of GoSleep Pods more than a seat 2018
318 SAPPHIRO Automated Inspection Tools for Cost-effective Quality Control of Optical Materials 2018
319 AQUA PUR TM Development and market penetration of an innovative water purification technology for industrial applications 2018
320 PROTECTOR Improving resource efficiency through a protective film for hose reel irrigation 2018
321 FAIR VALUE The most accurate Fintech tool for valuation of start-ups, based on artificial intelligence 2018
322 BioDermaCare Advanced Hand Sanitizing and Compliance System for the Healthcare Sector 2018
323 SensaSticker Improving the global cold chain with cutting-edge temperature monitoring solution 2018
324 AIx Automated Trade Execution Engine for Power Markets 2018
325 Sleepwise Non-intrusive solution for Obstructive Sleep Apnea Syndrome 2018
326 EMPLOBOT The First Recruitment Bot to Integrate Labour Market in the EU 2018
327 AlchemyML AlchemyML, The “One-Click Data-In Model-Out” 2018
328 SEASCANN Integrative vision and real-time communication system for onboard sorting of fish species 2018
329 CB1-18 CB1-18 Chatbot tool for automatic job interview 2018
331 MAPAPAIMA Measure of Alkaline Phosphatase Activity of Plankton: An Integrated Microfluidic Approach 2018
333 LiionFire Automated e-buses Lithium Ion Battery Early Warning and Fire Suppression System 2018
334 EPiGRAM-HS Exascale Programming Models for Heterogeneous Systems 2018
336 OneSkyConnect Providing air traffic data for the drone revolution 2018
337 AutoCheMo Automatic generation of Chemical Models 2018
338 SERKET Artificial Intelligence for Livestock Health Management. 2018
339 GAMMAVISION Gamut mapping technology based on vision models 2018
340 SURFWIRE Innovative machine for surface finishing of wire-drawn products 2018
341 HR-Recycler Hybrid Human-Robot RECYcling plant for electriCal and eLEctRonic equipment 2018
342 XILforEV Connected and Shared X-in-the-loop Environment for Electric Vehicles Development 2019
343 CLARITY Bringing social impact to markets - Social Impact rating agency and AI powered SaaS tool for investors to optimize the social impact of their investment portfolios. 2018
344 INTEGRADDE Intelligent data-driven pipeline for the manufacturing of certified metal parts through Direct Energy Deposition processes 2018
345 RIB-AM Research of Innovative and Breakthrough Additive Manufactured leading-edge concept 2018
346 Snowless Real-time reaction, autonomous and energy-efficient snowmelt technology for lightly and heavily trafficked pavement surfaces. 2018
347 MIDAS Modular and Integrated Digital Probe for SAT Aircraft Air Data System 2018
348 INSPiRE-MED INtegrating Magnetic Resonance SPectroscopy and Multimodal Imaging for Research and Education in MEDicine 2019
349 SPARKs Static Analysis for the VErification of Spreadsheets 2019
350 COMPRISE Cost-effective, Multilingual, Privacy-driven voice-enabled Services 2018
351 IDEN Innovative Distributed Electrical Network 2018
352 SELECTOR Smt compatible ELECTroMechanical relay for cOmpact redundancy Ring 2019
353 Oscar Oscar: The first device for managing a warehouse of articles able to visually recognise any label without the need of a barcode. 2018
354 SARMENTI Smart multisensor embedded and secure system for soil nutrient and gaseous emission monitoring 2019
355 ELITR European Live Translator 2019
356 HiSea High Resolution Copernicus-Based Information Services at Sea for Ports and Aquaculture 2019
357 OptiMEMS The world’s highest Signal-to-Noise ratio MEMS microphone 2018
358 DigiMAT Smart solution for connecting process with material characteristics to achieve new generation of digital materials for the automotive industry. 2019
359 SyrinJector SyrinJector, the first smart device for livestock mass vaccination. 2018
360 Wotan One orchestrator for all kinds of clouds 2018
361 Finger Port A non-invasive portable device that measures and tracks several physiological parameters in real-time to determine cardiovascular and health conditions 2018
362 Me-Check Me-Check - Screening of the dry eye syndrome 2019
363 SmartCrys Advanced intelligence and close-loop control for Crystallisation of API’s (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients) 2019
364 WEARPLEX Wearable multiplexed biomedical electrodes 2019
365 MICADO Migrant Integration Cockpits and Dashboards 2019
366 MagentiqEye Automatic Polyp Detection System 2019
367 Scanfly Scanfly – The payload lidar not for UAS 2019
368 THRIVE Helping Businesses Thrive in Sales with a new fully automatic platform that integrates and coordinates different sales tools 2019
369 AMR-G Smart your Water Meter 2019
370 EMP Motion Planning Software for Autonomous Car Industry 2018
371 DREAM Distributed dynamic REpresentations for diAlogue Management 2019
372 ScienceGraph Knowledge Graph based Representation, Augmentation and Exploration of Scholarly Communication 2019
373 MorSR Integrating morpho-phonology in speech recognition 2019
374 METADESIGN On demand design of reversible shape changing metamaterials 2019
375 STIM-MC Sacrificial Thermoplastic Injection Moulding platform for manufacturing small and complex metal and ceramic components 2019
376 TRUTHCHECK Fake News Recognition applying Service-based Cross-Media Analytics 2019
377 SoundID The Smart Broadcast Monitoring and Management System 2019
378 The New Era of Self-Care's Digitalisation. Better Health with Lower Costs More Individually. 2019
379 AutoRay New solution for fully automated analysis and reporting of routine musculoskeletal X-rays 2019
380 Archii Unrivalled AI powered document handling and data extraction system 2019
381 SonicScan Innovative quality inspection methods for CFRP primary structural parts 2019
382 ASSALA Advanced Simulation Solutions Applied to Quality Control of Laser Deposited Metals 2019
383 FOrLedger A Blockchain-based Middleware Platform for Food Tracking Ledger Builder 2019
384 FR8RAIL II Digitalization and Automation of Freight Rail 2018
385 DermoSafe 2.0 An Integral Platform for the Early Diagnosis of Skin Cancer 2018
386 CrossLingference Cross-Linguistic statistical inference using hierarchical Bayesian models 2019
387 ACTAN Automatic Control of Anaesthesia 2019
388 SemioMaths Towards a theory of mathematical signs based on the automatic treatment of mathematical corpora 2019
389 AutoPlayPig Automatic detection of play behaviour in young pigs as a measure of positive affective states. 2020
390 ETE SPEAKER Robust End-To-End SPEAKER recognition based on deep learning and attention models 2019
391 WIKOLLECT Workflows for the Large-Scale Collection and Transference of Knowledge across Languages: Using Natural Language Processing to Produce High-Quality Contents with Language Learners 2020
392 FUTrailer Full-equipped electric trailer to boost the implementation of efficient, eco-friendly and resilient last-mile delivery 2019
393 indepenDent The first Colour Denture Printer 2019
394 OroraTech The first commercial CubeSat Constellation for early detection and real time monitoring of wildfires across the entire globe 2019
395 5G-HEART 5G HEalth AquacultuRe and Transport validation trials 2019
396 FACETS Face Aesthetics in Contemporary E-Technological Societies 2019
397 ICELEARNING Artificial Intelligence techniques for ice core analyses 2020
398 CreditStretcher The fastest, easiest and cheapest way to achieve 90 days of credit based on your invoice 2019
400 FIREOUT First fully autonomous fire detection and extinction system for industrial settings 2019
401 MARCIUS MARie Curie Intelligent UltraSound 2019
402 Nature Fresh Development and Commercialisation of a complete compostable film packaging system 2019
403 Optainer An unprecedented water-recycling system for washing, rinsing and drying of thermal insulated containers within the Food Industry 2019
404 NeuroSoNew Portable EEG-based screening of social predispositions in newborns 2019
405 Medusa Innovative technology for Geomechanical and Geophysical Stability Analysis in Tailings Dams 2019
406 DSES Development of an Electronic Wireless Safety System for Power Tools 2019
407 CADR Novel cooling system for the cryogen-free, continuous, and fully-automatic generation of very low temperatures near absolute zero. 2019
408 PPB Innovative Prima system to clean and Polish Bottles 2019
409 XPU Extensible Processing Units (XPUs) as Enablers of the High-Performance Low-Power Embedded Market 2019
410 COS4CLOUD Co-designed Citizen Observatories Services for the EOS-Cloud 2019
411 NL4XAI Interactive Natural Language Technology for Explainable Artificial Intelligence 2019
412 SIHS QOOWEAR, Advanced Connected Worker Technologies: World’s first Smart Interconnected Heating Suite for sub-zero Oil&Gas workers. 2019
413 SKELETONID Fast, Unbiased & Accurate Human Identification: Artificial Intelligence at the service of Physical and Forensic Anthropology 2019
414 SNIPER Water Mist Fire Protection Systems for Engine Compartments in Buses and Coaches 2019
415 FORESTMAP Quick and cost-effective integrated web platform for forest inventories 2019
416 AlgoHex Algorithmic Hexahedral Mesh Generation 2020
417 ATCO2 Automatic collection and processing of voice data from air-traffic communications 2019
418 Mines-In-Time Monitoring System of rock stability in mines based on Advanced 4D seismic analysis. 2019
419 CodeSan Code Sanitization for Vulnerability Pruning and Exploitation Mitigation 2020
420 Citibox Revolutionising the way in which parcels are delivered 2019
421 ONEIO The Intelligent Service Network Operator 2019
422 HLFC 4.0 Hybrid Laminar Fluid Control 4.0 2019
423 SONAR Modelling for the search for new active materials for redox flow batteries 2020
425 LEGO-3D Learning Generative 3D Scene Models for Training and Validating Intelligent Systems 2020
426 VIETNAMICA Historical Research and Data Processing on Ancient Vietnamese Inscriptions 2019
427 WaterSENSE Making SENSE of the Water value chain with Copernicus Earth Observation, models and in-situ data 2020
428 BacterOMIC Intelligence for precision therapies against antimicrobial resistance: The first diagnostic panel that probes all the clinically relevant antibiotics at once 2019
429 ART-AI AI-powered Adaptive radiation dosimetry: An innovative solution for safer and precise MRI guided RadioTherapy 2019
430 ADEPTNESS Design-Operation Continuum Methods for Testing and Deployment under Unforeseen Conditions for Cyber-Physical Systems of Systems 2020
431 Miiskin ML-powered app and platform to identify skin changes over time 2019
432 SMARTSLT Smart speech and language tools for children's development. 2019
433 EVIE 2.0 A slow release insemination that doubles the success rate of the most common first line treatment of infertility. 2019
434 BUGBOX BugBox: Mass Rearing & Production Technology to Produce Protein Powder & Other Sub-Products from Edible Insects 2019
435 TECHEYE Artificial Intelligence beyond quality 2019
436 UCL Unmanned Chemical Lab (UCL): autonomous control system for the remote management of soluble and emulsifiable metalworking fluids 2019
437 DEXIM Deeply Explainable Intelligent Machines 2019
438 PJ10-W2 PROSA Separation Management and Controller Tools 2019
439 STAP-WATCHER The world’s “First and Cleverest Space-Based ULD-Tracker” for Airports and Airfreights in EU and worldwide. 2020
440 ABI Energy Energy Efficiency Technology for Pipeline Transportation 2019
441 Gasgon Development of a Novel Medical Device to Remove Air Bubbles from Medicines, Which Will Improve Patient Safety and Reduce Costs of IV Infusion 2020
442 SEECLEAR Feasibility of ergonomic interface for adaptive eyeglasses for presbyopia correction. 2020
443 SYN-TOOLKIT A Diagnostic Testing Package for Childhood Synaesthesia 2020
444 NANOVR Nanoscale Design using Virtual Reality 2020
445 ConQuER Controlling Quantum Experiments with Reinforcement Learning 2020
446 SemanDiff Semantically correct automatic differentiation 2020
447 BRILLIANCE Bright, coherent and focused light to resolve neural circuits 2020
448 APRIL multipurpose robotics for mAniPulation of defoRmable materIaLs in manufacturing processes 2020