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1 PhosFunc Dissecting the functional importance of eukaryotic protein phosphorylation 2015
2 PROCELLDEATH Unraveling the regulatory network of developmental programmed cell death in plants 2015
3 proDataMarket Enabling the property Data Marketplace for Novel Data-driven Business Models 2015
4 POPART Previz for On-set Production - Adaptive Realtime Tracking 2015
5 MIKELANGELO MIcro KErneL virtualizAtioN for hiGh pErfOrmance cLOud and hpc systems 2015
6 AXIOM Apertus° eXtendable Integrated Open Modular Cinema Camera 2015
7 iBoard Large scale interactive multi-touch displays 2014
8 NDTMF New Drying Techniques for Moulded Fibres 2014
9 odis Ensygnia Onescan Market Disruptive Technology 2015
10 PICOMB Photonic Integrated Comb Source: An Economic Feasibility Study 2014
11 FIBERSTAR FIBER-optic sensors for Smart Thermal Ablation at Radiofrequency 2016
12 SSAR Future bio-pesticides for EU: unlocking the code of Saponin Structure-Activity Relationships for use in pest management 2016
13 PERS-RELICT-CLIM The persistence of relict populations under climate change 2016
14 DDRR Dissecting dsRNA uptake in RNAi-based antiviral immunity 2015
15 SilentFACT Functional networks and cancer roles of the essential histone chaperone FACT 2015
16 MUSIC How the brain creates Mutual Understanding during Social InteraCtion 2016
17 NanoMATe Nanoparticles for Molecular Imaging of Atherosclerosis: from Diagnosis to Treatment 2015
18 GDAPIV Genomics Data Analysis Pipelines with Interactive Visualizations 2015
19 eMediCare2 Promoting sustainable patient treatment by an intelligent online medicine dispenser for home care use. 2015
20 GroupEstate GroupEstate Feasibility Study 2015
21 TRADECOM TRADECOM: Trader communication, collaboration and compliance system 2015
22 BRAINSPECT Ultra high resolution Single Photon Computed Emission Tomography for the molecular imaging of brain disease 2015
23 Cydar PaaS Disrupting the real-time medical imaging market, and accelerating innovation, with cloud Platform as a Service (PaaS) 2015
24 BERTHA-G Bertha G - better enzymes - than gas 2015
25 ANGELS Advanced Next GEneration Landing System 2015
27 Lingvist Lingvist - the next generation language-learning software 2015
28 OPE Open Payments Eco-system 2015
29 US4GREENCHEM Combined Ultrasonic and Enzyme treatment of Lignocellulosic Feedstock as Substrate for Sugar Based Biotechnological Applications 2015
30 FRESCO Efficient, Flexible Synthesis of Molecules with Tailored Shapes: from Photo-switchable Helices to anti-Cancer Compounds 2015
31 SWORD Advanced Analytics Platform for Stroke Patients Rehabilitation 2015
32 Marigold Enhancing the lutein content of Marigold 2015
33 WANDERINGMINDS Not all minds that wander are lost: A neurocognitive test of mind-wandering state’s contribution to human cognition. 2015
34 BIOVALID Clinical validation of the DiviTum assay in two high profile clinical studies in Europe 2015
35 WhiteLase-2020 White Light Fibre Lasers - Highly Disruptive Illumination Technology for Industry and Medical Surgery 2015
36 CHoKO Clearing House for Knowledge Options (CHoKO) - creating a marketplace for knowledge 2015
37 WalkableFUTURE Lightweight Active Orthosis for kids who are unable to walk due to brain damage 2015
38 NETIK Smart sensor metering using cloud storage and PLC communication for efficient energy management 2015
39 CWT Clearview Trade - Cloud based collaborative custom system 2015
40 SPECTRA280 A cloud-based food analytics platform for the rapid detection of adulterant matter and quality assessment of milk, fruit juice and olive oil 2015
41 DISRUPT Development of an innovative and safe ultralight two-seater turbine helicopter 2016
42 Video Games Europe World Gaming Federation: The future of Video Games comes from Europe 2016
43 MICCS-SQ Methodology for fast and reliable investigation and characterization of contaminated sites 2015
44 DEMETER Development of E2E Maintenance architecture process and methods enabling a reliable and economic air transport system 2015
45 INNOHEM Innovative 5-part haematology analyser for near-patient diagnostics 2015
46 ICEWIS Intelligent and cost-efficient wind turbine power production using optical sensors 2016
47 Icarus Bringing Personalized Knowledge to Students in Public Schools Through Artificial Intelligence in ELearning 2016
48 UNRAVEL Understanding the Role of Antisense lncRNA in Vernalization, Memory and Life History 2016
49 NanoBioCar Impacts of Nanoparticles on microphytobenthic Biofilms and consequences on the Carbon cycle 2016
50 CR-Compressor Centric Recipocating Compressor 2016
51 SYNCHRO-CHAIR New synchro-tilt mechanism for high quality and cost-effective office chairs 2016
52 HyTile Sensitive integrated Solar Hybrid Roofing for historical buildings. 2016
53 INFORMATIVEPRICES Market Selection, Frictions, and the Information Content of Prices 2016
54 HAZE Reducing the Burden of Smouldering Megafires: an Earth-Scale Challenge 2016
55 PlantCellMech Quantification of the role of mechanical stresses in plant cell morphogenesis. 2016
56 GENETONE Genetic dissection of a tonically active neural circuit 2017
57 MemoSleep Longing for a good night's sleep: A memory-based mechanism to improve sleep and cognitive functioning. 2016
58 SCALABLA SCALABLA: a platform for elastic multimedia communications enabling natural social interaction and personalization 2016
59 WhiteBox EEG Big Data EEG Recording and Analysis platform 2016
60 FITA2.0 A highly innovative size recommendation engine, disrupting the existing online apparel market by using big data and machine-learning algorithms. 2016
61 RapeedTest IntegRAted control technology for unparalleled high sPEED data acquisition, storage and analysis for TEST rigs 2016
62 BigDecisions BigDecisions – Data-driven decision making with cryptographic confidentiality 2016
63 Neurotoxic An Ultra-sensitive Assay to Measure Oligomer Induced Toxicity in Human Cerebrospinal Fluid 2016
64 willpower willpower – make your own fuel from CO2 2016
65 LIBI Lightning Interception Blade Implant 2016
66 SSL Novel microfiltration technology for emissions reduction 2016
67 IOTI4.0 Integral Open Technology for Industry 4.0 2016
68 Paybon Paybon - disrupting the massive global meal voucher market with a smartphone delivery system 2016
69 SEQUOIA-DD Boosting productivity and performance in drug discovery with SEQUOIA - Semantic Query of Information Assets 2016
70 HypoFlam Targeting hypothalamic inflammation in obesity and diabetes 2016
71 DISRUPT Decentralised architectures for optimised operations via virtualised processes and manufacturing ecosystem collaboration 2016
72 MetalIntelligence European Industrial Doctorate in future efficient minerals analysis, processing and training 2016
73 ProBOS Protection Beyond Operating System - Development of the next generation cyber security solution 2016
75 UWIT UnderWater Information Technology (UWIT) 2016
76 HiperLoc-EP High performance low cost electric propulsion system development 2017
77 DeMMYR Decoding the molecular mechanisms driving host adaptation of yellow rust on cereal crops and grasses 2017
78 SELMUS The Formex® raft: Towards the revolution of the European mussel farming 2016
79 euBusinessGraph Enabling the European Business Graph for Innovative Data Products and Services 2017
80 EBAM Electric vehicle battery monitoring 2016
81 IFM nano thruster A highly efficient propulsion system for micro- and nano-satellites able to double the mission lifetime and to position satellites with unprecedented accuracy 2016
82 Smartaxi Innovative customer forecasting system with 32% savings in Taxi operational costs 2016
84 PVCLOUD Innovative Cloud-Based PV Workflow for Semiconductor Foundries 2017
85 FAST FAST (Film Archive Superior Transfer) – A new paradigm for digital preservation of audio visual heritage through fast and cost-efficient film digitization 2016
87 Augmented Commerce Augmented Commerce, a game-changing augmented reality-based sales experience to disrupt the e-commerce industry 2017
88 IoT4ALL Global cellular connectivity for small and medium-sized IoT device makers 2017
90 Simecos Novel Arthritis Treatment with focus on natural Chitin Oligosaccharides 2017
92 MePlat Application of Cold Plasma Treatment for Antimicrobial Contact Lenses 2017
93 POLYBOOST POLYBOOST: Renovating the Polyclonal Immunotherapy 2016
94 Bendsai Feasibility study for Bendsai – world’s first standardised machine tending robot 2017
95 FOODSELFI FOOD Safety monitoring by Electrochemical Lateral Flow Immunoassay 2017
96 IMEX Images in Exile:Gender and representations among Syrian Kurdish women in Norway 2017
97 CNS-Insuin-Res How insulin resistance in the dorsal vagal complex affects glucose metabolism and feeding behaviour 2017
98 NEURO-SWARM Efferent modulation of auditory sensitivity in mosquitoes: From auditory transduction to swarming behaviour 2017
99 CC4M Innovation through co-creation in contemporary mining relations: a new paradigm for stakeholder engagement at resource extraction project 2017
100 PIONEER Peri-Ocularly Navigated Exteroceptive Snake Robot for Novel Retinal Interventions 2017
101 IVORIaN RAS/C-RAF interaction: A new pharmacological target in Kras-driven lung cancer. 2017
102 MetEpiClock Circadian Control of Histone Methylation Dynamics through the Fine-tuning of Methionine Metabolic Flux 2017
103 SPLICANCER Regulation and reprogramming of alternative splicing in cellular transformation 2017
104 MicroCONtACT Microglial control of neuronal activity in the healthy and the injured brain 2017
105 STARFISH DNA Stalling the Replication Fork via the Impedimental Stabilization of Higher-order DNAs 2017
106 IoBee Beehive health IoT application to fight Honey Bee Colony Mortality 2017
107 OMPorg Spatiotemporal organisation of bacterial outer membrane proteins 2017
108 Previble Previble - The Previsualization Tool 2017
109 B-shelf Edible coating for preventing loss of water and fungi proliferation in fruits and vegetables 2017
110 iSAFE iSAFE Internet Safety Awareness for European primary school children 2017
111 MOTIONPult Advanced composites for lightweighting land transport structures using pultrusion process 2017
112 SIMPLE FEAST HEALTHY TAKE-AWAY ON SUBSCRIPTION - delicious, organic, plant-based food in season whenever you need it. To promote good health of the European Union’s population. 2017
113 HPGen On-site Hydrogen Peroxide Generator for effective, safe and sustainable irrigation water treatment 2017
114 MINIMA Introducing the next computing power revolution: Minima microprocessor technology to reduce the energy need of digital computing by 20 times. 2017
115 SUBPORT Subsea socket for offshore Platforms based on Tide turbines 2017
116 IFM Micro Thruster The unique modular propulsion system suitable for all small satellites from 1 to 500 kg 2017
117 MCircuits Connectivity, plasticity and function of an olfactory memory circuit 2017
118 PubFORWARD Disrupting the Digital Publishing and Advertising Markets by New Digital Services 2017
119 SENSE Affordable CFD simulation software for SMEs in the transportation industry 2017
120 Crux Agribotics Crux Agribotics: The future of cucumbers harvesting - robot for automated agriculture labors 2017
121 DeviceHub The next generation of internet-of-thing (IoT) connectivity. 2017
122 HiJiffy Connecting guests to hotels through Messaging Apps 2017
123 AIRE Artificial Intelligence for Recruitment Europe 2017
124 TIN-ACT Research School for TINnitus Assessment, Causes and Treatments 2017
125 Uno-sport Delivering contextual information in a hands-free experience, optimized for users engaged inaction sports 2017
126 NanoMAPs High performance algorithms for high precision GPS and cloud solutions for super resolution microscopy 2017
127 PRe-ART Predictive Reagent Antibody Replacement Technology 2017
128 Big Policy Canvas Big Policy Canvas - Needs, Trends and ICT Tools for Advanced Data-Driven Public Sector 2017
129 AMBROSIA Aquaporin-Inside™ Membranes for Brackish water Reverse Osmosis Application 2017
130 BILLON Disrupting the economy – FinTech blockchain solution revolutionises direct payments. Secure, low-cost and simple bank-free payments for everyone 2017
131 BeVision Better vision after cataract and refractive surgery with photonics technology 2017
132 NextPho21 Developing and implementing the Next European Photonics21 industrial PPP Strategy 2018
133 BigDataGrapes Big Data to Enable Global Disruption of the Grapevine-powered Industries 2018
134 SynapseER Endoplasmic reticulum structure and synaptic function in Drosophila 2018
135 MEMCIRCUIT Deconstruction of a neural circuit for working memory: hubs, coding mechanisms, and signal routing 2018
137 3PEAT 3D Photonic integration platform based on multilayer PolyBoard and TriPleX technology for optical switching and remote sensing and ranging applications 2018
138 QS Mobile Setting a standard for personal digital sperm analysis 2017
139 GameInfluencer Launching the GameInfluencer Marketing Platform to Connect Game Publishers With The Best Matching Influencers Who Create the Most Effective Let’s Plays 2018
140 HandBiblio HandBiblio – Semantic Search Engine for Handwritten Documents - Enabling an effective andautomatic access to contents of handwritten documents, stored as digital images. 2017
141 TOPpipes Technology for Onsite 3D Printing Production of Lengthy Large Diameter Polyethylene Pipes with Cellular Walls 2017
142 EXACT-dna EXtended Analysis of Circulating Tumour DNA to improve cancer management strategies 2017
143 scanvid ScanVid - One-Click Integrated Access to Product-related Digital Content 2017
144 TopATLAS Topological Atlas: Mapping Contemporary Borderscapes 2018
145 REVOsdr REVOsdr - taking drones beyond and bringing them safely back 2018
146 CBCLASER Revolutionizing Industrial Materials Processing with Optical Phased Array Coherent BeamCombined High Power, Digitally controlled Lasers. 2018
147 ClearRing An innovative, minimally invasive medical device used for treatment of Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia symptoms. 2018
148 TrueTalent TrueTalent - Creating the new artist economy 2018
149 KYTERA COMPANION Disrupting the elderly home care with contextual analysis software 2018
150 SEMS Smart Energy Management System 2018
151 ADAPTEM Adaptive transmission electron microscopy: development of a programmable phase plate 2018
152 SOCIOCOMPLEXITY Sociocomplexity — new paradigms for understanding complex group-level adaptation 2018
153 FINDER FINDER: FIghtiNg DEngue viRus, a novel strategy for the development of fully protective antiviralsthat act by disrupting the DENV NS3/NS5 interaction 2018
154 Safer ACC ACC – An efficient harmless Plant Growth Regulator for fruit/vegetables RIPENING 2018
155 C-VoUCHER Circularize ValUe CHains across European Regional Innovation Strategies 2018
156 4D STENT 4D shape memory polymers via microstereolithography for production of thermally responsive stents 2018
157 ESTREA Exome Sequencing in stages of Treatment REsistance to Antidepressants 2018
158 NERHYMUS The Neurobiology of Rhythm: effects of Musical expertise on natural speech comprehension 2018
159 QPARK A Quantitative Approach for Smart Parking 2018
160 CoHuBiCoL Counting as a Human Being in the Era of Computational Law 2019
161 Huntingtin hPSC Unraveling huntingtin function in cortical and striatal human development 2018
162 BASILIC Decoding at systems-level the crosstalk between the T cell antigen receptor, the CD28 costimulator and the PD-1 coinhibitor under physiological and pathological conditions. 2018
163 REPLICHROMA Eukaryotic DNA replication: a single-molecule approach to the study of yeast replication on chromatin 2018
164 IVS Affordable airless packaging system to disrupt the airless packaging market 2018
165 Mycotaff A renewable bio-based material that enables efficient, cost-effective production of high-quality insulation, packaging, dry-wall, and other building materials 2018
166 EXOTRAIL Miniaturised Hall effect propulsion for small satellites 2018
167 Community Cloud Cubbit. The first distributed data-center. 2018
168 CloudStorm Introducing Software Robots 2.0: CloudStorm Enterprise Software Integration and Automation Tool 2018
169 ACE Autonomous Cable assembly Enabler 2018
170 POC PieceOfCake: an AI-driven chatbot to manage complex business data 2018
171 AORTA 2 Alginor's Ocean Refining Total utilisation Application 2018
172 StrawToGold Revolutionizing the packaging industry with a patented treatment to lignin fibres 2018
173 Nanosynex Ultra-fast Antimicrobial Susceptibility Test for diagnosing antimicrobial resistance to provide personalized antibiotic treatments 2018
175 Barbara-IoT Barbara is an Operating System Software Platform which enables IoT device manufacturers to boost their level of security, reduce time-to-market, and reduce costs. 2018
176 ProPeeler ProPeeler: Enhanced shrimp peeling machine with full control and optimisation of the process to enable full automation of the shrimp peeling industry 2018
177 ExitAplasia Reg-X310: new disruptive medicine for faster exit from aplasia afetr agressive chemotherapy of hematologic malignancies 2018
179 Safe-Blood A cost and time effective blood test to detect multiple bloodborne diseases 2018
180 HuMaInn DataMall DataMall (Behavee) is an open ecosystem for the eCommerce cyberspace 2018
181 ARCHIMEDES Feasibility study for the further development and market launch of the Archimedes Universal Decision Support System for irrigated crops growers 2018
182 SPOTT Pioneering ICT-platform setting the new standard on advertising and how consumers shop 2018
183 AI4EMS Artificial Intelligence for Emergency Medical Services: a smart digital assistant for faster and more accurate cardiac arrest recognition during emergency calls 2018
184 TFS Feasibility study for Titan Fire System S.L. 2018
185 FAMAS The first magnetic angular sensor which integrates high accuracy for high rotational speed 2018
186 OneSkyConnect Providing air traffic data for the drone revolution 2018
187 PGplant The Facade of Industrial Internet 2018
188 POM: Peace of Mind for everyone's invoice administration 2018
189 Free-AI Free AI-assisted customer service for small businesses 2018
190 SCS The most advanced “Do-it-Yourself” paint vending machine in the market 2018
191 GenderedPeace A Gendered International Law of Peace 2018
192 DIGIMAN4.0 DIGItal MANufacturing Technologies for Zero-defect Industry 4.0 Production 2019
193 Tryst Energy Tryst Energy: Light Energy Harvesting for the IoT-industry 2018
194 LUOS A platform to boost robotic innovation by enabling fast development cycles, reduced cost and low barrier to entry. 2018
195 OptiVerter Solving the triangle for solar mass adoption – Cost, Efficiency and Simplicity 2018
196 FASTFACEREC FAST track 2 FACE REcognition Camera dominance 2018
197 MitoGuide Integration and adaptation of impaired mitochondrial fitness in orchestrating T cell dysfunction in the tumor microenvironment 2019
198 ORIONAS Lasercom-on-chip for next generation, high-speed satellite constelation interconnectivity 2018
199 BEF 2.0 Bee Ethic Frames 2.0 a disruptive technology in Apiculture 2018
200 GASTEJO Decentralized Travel Apartment Distribution Platform 2018
201 TheBatteries A novel manufacturing method to bring solid-state thin-film batteries to mass market 2018
202 LCE-Tool Improving Resource-efficiency in Manufacturing 2018
203 Consentio Boosting conversations to disrupt horticulture trading 2018
204 Konetik eLCV Artificial Intelligence based Smart Charging Assistant for Electric Light Commercial Vehicle Fleets 2018
205 Mantis Mantis is a cloud-based Intelligent Traffic Solution built around a unique algorithm which forecasts traffic evolution saving costs and reducing emissions 2018
206 TXpp A technological solution for the 50 billion EUR VAT fraud problem 2018
207 MOCEAN INTELLIGENCE Empowering SMEs to take part in the Ocean Industry with an Intelligent Platform that will support their Business decisions 2018
208 Multi RoboDOP Multi-camera autonomous robotic cameramen at the fingertips of all live video productions 2018
209 NaturalDyers Textile mass-personalisation and process-automation, integrating the textile value-chain to deliver scalable ‘Virtual Giga Factory’ production of biodegradable woven textiles. 2018
210 AutoCAb Automated computational design of site-targeted repertoires of camelid antibodies 2019
211 INTERACT Modelling the neuromusculoskeletal system across spatiotemporal scales for a new paradigm of human-machine motor interaction 2019
212 Panda Guide Panda Guide 2019
213 DELOX Next generation decontamination: fast, effective, cheap and non-toxic 2019
214 Flaner Flaner, a memory enhancement software platform 2018
215 Gravity Sketch Multiplatform for multi-users 3D content co-creation and collaboration in Real-time (VR/AR/Mobile) 2018
216 MOBILIZE Improving health in people with multimorbidity: a paradigm shift in health care from disease-based curative models to personalized exercise therapy and self-management 2019
217 ELEVATE ELEVATE - Automated Detection & Response Control Access Network Security Platform to face the most sophisticated security threats 2019
218 SensAtouch Grasper Safe and Sensible Tissue Graspers for Pediatric and (Mini-)Laparoscopic Surgery 2019
219 SmartBuild A real-time adaptive projected augmented reality of 3D blueprints on top of the physical construction site that improves both productivity and safety 2019
220 DELPHIS Disrupting ELectrochemical Processes with HIgh-Performance Power Supplies 2018
221 Lazaero One box to measure all the most important air pollutants and greenhouse gases 2019
222 LUMIDUCT Transparent PV that regulates indoor climate 2019
223 GOLIATH Beating Goliath: Generation Of NoveL, Integrated and Internationally Harmonised Approaches for Testing Metabolism Disrupting Compounds 2019
224 SENFLEX SenFlex: the first truly smart and flexible fiber sensor 2019
225 Racefox Making better runners & cross-country skiers by real-time AI coaching 2019
226 IMIR-UP Scale-up of INNER MAGIC and INNER REFLECTION: Virtual Ultrasound Sensors for Smart Devices. 2019
227 MYRIAD Airborne Artificial Intelligence for more efficient, safer and sustainable inspection and surveying of energy industrial areas 2019
228 DACTREOC Disruptive Attitude Control Technology foR Earth Observation Competitiveness 2019
229 Vitreoject Disrupting Medical Instruments for Eye Care. 2019
230 SQP Opening new markets for Single Quantum Photodetectors 2019
231 SOLID Policy Crisis and Crisis Politics. Sovereignty, Solidarity and Identity in the EU post 2008. 2019
232 B2B-sync Brain to Brain Synchronization and the role of the shared semantics 2019
233 CYBERCULT Strategic Cultures of Cyber Warfare 2019
234 FISHSCALE Disentangling Cross-Scale Drivers of Coral Reef Fish Community Structure for Ecosystem-Based Management 2020
235 METACURIO What makes us curious? The role of metacognition. 2019
236 NeoCellBank A revolutionary regenerative therapy for management of chronic inflammatory diseases based on neonatal Mesenchymal Stem Cells 2019
237 FS-UNIT FS-UNIT: Light-weight, portable medical Field Suction Unit to disrupt the pre-hospital market 2019
238 InnoRate Data-driven tools for supporting and improving the decision-making processes of investors for financing innovative SMEs 2019
239 JS_SCZ Investigating impact of schizophrenia-associated non-coding variants on enhancer activity using brain organoids 2020
240 MALAGA Applying Machine Learning to Cyber Risk Analysis and Mitigation 2019
241 3DSCAN Commercialisation of novel ultra-fast 3D laser scanning technology 2019
242 ONCOTECT Early detection of tumor DNA in liquid biopsies as a biomarker of cancer recurrence 2019
243 GreenArc500 The first effective oil and water pre-separator, enabling clean water release and fuel efficiency onboard ships 2019
244 Bio Ring Diagnostics Bio Ring Diagnostics 2019
245 DRONECOP The first integral control and command system for managing missions which delivers 3D cartography and georeferenced data in real-time 2019
247 DLIVER DLIVER - Digital B2B marketplace for fast and efficient parcel delivery 2019
248 Dignum Innovative toilet assistive device enabling people with reduced mobility to become independent 2019
249 DNA-DOCK Precision Docking of Very Large DNA Cargos in Mammalian Genomes 2019
250 TaxiDriver The EU platform to reinforce traditional taxi drivers and face the challenging competition of digital era 2019
251 Genetic Vaccine Study the therapeutic and preventive potential of targeting oncogenic mutations with CRISPR-Cas9 technology 2019
252 mRNAstress Investigating the molecular mechanisms of translational reprogramming during cellular stress 2020
253 Stoli Catalysts Disrupting fine chemicals manufacturing with catalyst-coated tube reactors 2019
254 MatManager MatManager - New standard in road construction efficiency 2019
256 B-Lock The first Physical Access Control that uses uncopiable keys based on butterfly scales 2019
257 CyRaCo Box The next-generation digital inspection platform for fully remote supply chain monitoring 2019
258 ENDOGI The first multiple stent delivery system for the treatment of biliary, pancreatic and urologic strictures and stenosis 2019
259 Recover4Benefit Industrial scale recovery of high-grade proteins from food-processing by-products 2019
260 CHRONO Chronotype, health and family: The role of biology, socio- and natural environment and their interaction 2019
261 ESPS Epileptic Seizure Prediction System (ESPS) - Predicting and preventing epileptic seizures based on respiratory biofeedback & machine learning. 2019
262 BLACK HAT An eco-friendly ultrasonic system to control and prevent algal blooms and zebra mussel invasion in small and large water surfaces 2019
263 EHS Thermo-adjustable endoscope heater system to solve problems of fogging during surgical interventions 2019
264 SCAT Smart Composites for Additive Technology 2019
265 RASMAC Regulatory Approved Software for Mutation Analysis in Cancer 2019
266 KissAndSpitRhoptry Unravelling the secretion machinery for virulence factors in apicomplexan parasites 2020
267 POBUCA Bot Development of a multiple-domain Outbound Metabot 2019
268 JUSTINMIND-XR Justinmind XR: The First Code-Free Rapid Prototyping Platform for eXtended Reality (VR/AR/MR) and Spatial Computing 2019
269 METAMORFOSIS Disrupting the sports nutrition market with a healthy, high-performance, bee product-based energy gel in highly innovative compostable packaging 2019
270 TRS A paradigm change in the treatment of blinding ocular diseases 2019
271 TeraSlice Terahertz Analogue-to-Digital Conversion Using Photonic Chipscale Soliton Frequency Combs and Massively Parallel Spectrally Sliced Detection 2020
272 Community Cloud Cubbit - the first distributed data-center recycling the internet resources we waste into the most competitive cloud provider. 2019
273 4Gen Light Aircraft Revolutionizing the general aviation industry thanks to a disruptive technology born in ocean racing to deliver a safer, environment-friendly, cost-saving and versatile new generation of aircrafts. 2019
274 IOTI4.0 Integral Open Technology for Industry 4.0 2019
275 HMI4auto aXiom – a first of its kind Human-Machine Interface Chip designed for the automotive industry 2019
276 iFACT iFACT - Iodine Fed Advanced Cusp field Thruster 2020
277 UBI Biological Integral Biogas Upgrading 2019
278 PLMSAT Power line vegetation monitoring and maintenance optimization with satellite imagery 2019
279 PLATFORM DISCOURSES Platform Discourses: A Critical Humanities Approach to the Texts, Images, and Moving Images Produced by Tech Companies 2019
280 Preemie Personalised nutrition of low-birth-weight infants 2019
282 Evolift Evolift - Getting people out of harms way 2019
283 AUTHEVOO DNA-Authenticity & Traceability for Extra Virgin Olive Oil: Τrust the DNA, the label. 2019
284 HAROLBIO 2.0 Sustainable bio-lubricants for green metalwork industry applications 2019
286 DigiFed Digital Innovation Hubs (DIH) federation for large scale adoption of digital technologies by European SMEs 2020
287 LPS For a full data privacy on the go. 2019
288 PatientDataChain PatientDataChain - Blockchain approach to disrupt patient-provider medical records data exchange 2020
289 Mendi Neurofeedback The world’s most powerful brain training device for home use. 2019
290 BATT3RY The first integral repairing method for electric and hybrid vehicle batteries which considers their full life-cycle 2020
291 AIMed Antimicrobial Integrated Methodologies for orthopaedic applications 2020
292 lncImpact Long noncoding RNAs: Impact on Gene Regulatory Networks 2020
293 GlioTarget Inflaming the microenvironment of glioblastoma tumors by ADAR1 inhibition: a two-hit approach for the treatment of brain cancer. 2021
294 ReSensE Reversed-polarity III-nitride Sensors for Enhanced UV-detection 2020
295 THRESHOLD Thresholds and tipping points in ecosystem responses to global warming 2021
296 Pituitary enhancers Identification and functional validation of novel enhancer sequences involved in pituitary gland development and pathology 2020
297 RECYCALYSE New sustainable and recyclable catalytic materials for proton exchange membrane electrolysers 2020
298 FUSION Single Molecule Imaging-based design of HIV-1 vaccines 2020