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# achronym  title  year 
1 AtlantOS Optimizing and Enhancing the Integrated Atlantic Ocean Observing System 2015
2 ESC European Reseearchers Night: Researchers in Real Life. 2014
3 AMANAC Advanced Material And NAnotechnology Cluster 2015
4 EfficienSea 2 EfficienSea 2 - Efficient, Safe and Sustainable Traffic at Sea 2015
5 HIGHTS High precision positioning for cooperative ITS applications 2015
6 STYLE Sustainability Toolkit for easY Life-cycle Evaluation 2015
7 MEASURE Metrics for Sustainability Assessment in European Process Industries 2015
8 realFlow Virtualization of Real Flows for Animation and Simulation 2015
9 MAShES Multimodal spectrAl control of laSer processing with cognitivE abilities 2014
10 Watecco Water column profiler for quantification of photosynthesis and biomass of phytoplankton in natural and man made water bodies 2014
11 CorticALS Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis from a cortical perspective: towards alternative therapeutic strategies 2015
12 SHEER SHale gas Exploration and Exploitation induced Risks 2015
13 BINGO Breeding Invertebrates for Next Generation BioControl (BINGO) 2015
14 INSPIRATION INtegrated Spatial PlannIng, land use and soil management Research ActTION 2015
15 PIANO Policies, Innovation And Networks for enhancing Opportunities for China Europe Water Cooperation 2015
16 ERACoSysMed ERACoSysMed - Collaboration on systems medicine funding to promote the implementation of systems biology approaches in clinical research and medical practice 2015
17 E-Rare-3 ERA-NET rare disease research implementing IRDiRC objectives 2014
20 ALIGNED Aligned, Quality-centric Software and Data Engineering 2015
21 CPS Summit Transatlantic CPS Summit 2015
22 EPP - eHealth European Procurers Platform - eHealth - Transforming the market for eHealth Solutions 2015
23 SUNFISH SecUre iNFormation SHaring in federated heterogeneous private clouds 2015
24 COMPLETE Communication Platform for Tenders of Novels Transport Networks - COMPLETE 2015
25 YDS Your Data Stories 2015
26 SmarterEMC2 Smarter Grid: Empowering SG Market Actors through Information and Communication Technologies 2015
27 BODY-UI Using Embodied Cognition to Create the Next Generations of Body-based User Interfaces 2015
28 REVALUE Recognising Energy Efficiency Value in Residential Buildings 2015
29 TripOD Advanced Analytics for Trip Origin-Destination Matrices 2014
30 InnProBio Forum for Bio-Based Innovation in Public Procurement 2015
31 RDA Europe Research Data Alliance - Europe 3 2015
32 EU-LIVE Efficient Urban LIght VEhicles 2015
33 PRIVACY FLAG Enabling Crowd-sourcing based privacy protection for smartphone applications, websites and Internet of Things deployments 2015
34 MitSyn Alpha-synuclein and mitochondrial dysfunction: key links between Gaucher’s disease and Parkinson’s? 2015
35 DOGANA aDvanced sOcial enGineering And vulNerability Assesment Framework 2015
36 OPERANDO Online Privacy Enforcement, Rights Assurance and Optimization 2015
37 GLOBIS-B GLOBal Infrastructures for Supporting Biodiversity research 2015
39 EACISD Embodied and Abstract Concepts in Sensory-motor Deprivation 2015
40 REGMat Rotational effects on strongly gravitating systems with matter 2015
41 PS-IRAQ Performing a State: State-building in Iraq (2003-2006). 2016
42 WATER INCENT Economic Instruments for Sustainable Water Management in Water Scarce and Drought Prone Irrigated Areas 2015
43 TMSP Mass accretion and ejection in transitional millisecond pulsars 2016
44 EctoVision Improved machine vision for guidance of optical system for cost-effective and environmentally safe in-situ removal of ectoparasites from farmed fish 2015
45 SCATMET Developing a multispectral volume scattering meter for measuring the optical properties of sea andocean water 2015
46 Springwave2014 Transitioning to microalgae as a sustainable, high-quality large-scale food source through launching the first daily drink containing spirulina 2015
47 Vaprosep Validation of Progranulin as Biomarker in Diagnostics and Prognosis of Sepsis 2015
48 GReen Desalination GReen Desalination: A closed-loop technology for full recovery of water and raw materials from the wastewater effluent 2015
49 PGE-PLANETS Mineral scale platinum-group-element osmium isotope constraints on planet formation ‘late’ accretion 2015
50 VSP Volumental - The Cloud-Delivered 3D Scanning Service Supporting A Future Of Mass Customization 2015
51 Poul-AR Poultry manure valorization 2014
52 EarthServer-2 Agile Analytics on Big Data Cubes 2015
53 CORONA II Enhancement of training capabilities in VVER technology through establishment of VVER training academy (CORONA II) 2015
54 ESSANUF European Supply of SAfe NUclear Fuel 2015
56 ImagePlanetFormDiscs Imaging the Dynamical Imprints of Planet Formation in Protoplanetary Discs 2015
57 EU-elabus4.0 reduce - recycle - reuse eMobility - retrofitting-kits for busses 2015
58 MISTRANSMITO Tissue-specific mitochondrial signaling and adaptations to mistranslation 2015
59 LITTLE TOOLS Enacting the Good Economy: Biocapitalization and the little tools of valuation 2015
60 5GEx 5G Exchange 2015
61 METIS-II Mobile and wireless communications Enablers for Twenty-twenty (2020) Information Society-II 2015
62 TRUST Creating and enhancing TRUSTworthy, responsible and equitable partnerships in international research 2015
63 iLABOUR Online Labour: The Construction of Labour Markets, Institutions and Movements on the Internet 2015
64 ReactiveFronts Mixing interfaces as reactive hotspots of porous media flows: theoretical upscaling, experimental imaging and field scale validation 2015
65 SoBigData SoBigData Research Infrastructure 2015
66 EXDCI European eXtreme Data and Computing Initiative 2015
68 ESTUARIES Estuaries shaped by biomorphodynamics, inherited landscape conditions and human interference 2015
69 PROGSY Prosaposin and GPR37 in synucleinopathies 2015
70 IPERION CH Integrated Platform for the European Research Infrastructure ON Cultural Heritage 2015
71 EPN2020-RI EUROPLANET 2020 Research Infrastructure 2015
72 SIMSEA Scenario simulations of the changing Black Sea ecosystem 2015
73 EPOS Enhanced energy and resource Efficiency and Performance in process industry Operations via onsite and cross-sectorial Symbiosis 2015
74 Cancer-Recurrence Tumor cell death supports recurrence of cancer 2015
75 CooExcell2015 Collaborating for the excellence of public entities for business promotion. An example of policies aimed at the improvement of the competitiveness of the regional enterprises throughout the EFQM 2015
76 i-LiveRest Intelligent control system based on smart textiles to reduce pressure ulcer risk by real time measuring of tissue viability and intelligent trigger of prevention strategies adapted to user and context 2015
77 RobustSynapses Maintaining synaptic function for a healthy brain: Membrane trafficking and autophagy in neurodegeneration 2016
78 DISLIFE Liveable disabilities: Life courses and opportunity structures across time 2016
79 SPIDERS Synthetic aPerture Interferometric raDiometer for sEcurity in cRitical infraStructures 2015
80 LUCKY STAR Exploring the outer solar system beyond Neptune using stellar occultations 2015
81 PTAL Planetary Terrestrial Analogues Library 2016
82 SBNAF Small Bodies: Near and Far 2016
83 PPOSS Planetary Protection of Outer Solar System 2016
84 DILITEST Diagnosis and Exclusion of Drug-Induced Liver Injury by using Patient Blood Samples (DILITEST) 2015
85 H2AD-aFDPI H2AD - Innovative and scalable biotechnology using Microbial Fuel Cell and Anaerobic Digestion for the treatment of micro-scale industrial and agriculture effluents to recover energy from waste 2015
86 ANNETTE Advanced Networking for Nuclear Education and Training and Transfer of Expertise 2016
87 CODIC COmmercializing first-in-class dCTPase Inhibitors for treatment of hematological Cancers 2016
88 F-Interop FIRE+ online interoperability and performance test tools to support emerging technologies from research to standardization and market launch The standards and innovations accelerating tool 2015
89 FIRSTTIME That Special First Time - Boosting Turnout and Satisfaction amongst First Time Voters 2016
90 AGILE Adoptive Gateways for dIverse muLtiple Environments 2016
91 Climateurope European Climate Observations, Modelling and Services - 2 2015
92 assymcurv The influence of the cell membrane asymmetry and curvature on the functioning of membrane proteins and the transport of therapeutic compounds 2016
93 MASSTWIN MASSTWIN – Spreading excellence and widening participation in support of mass spectrometry and related techniques in Health, the Environment, and Food Analysis 2016
94 PUBLENEF Supporting PUBLic Authorities for Implementing Energy Efficiency Policies 2016
95 SuperSmart Expertise hub for a market uptake of energy-efficient supermarkets by awareness raising, knowledge transfer and pre-preparation of an EU Ecolabel 2016
96 SCODEV Scooping Device for Aerial Forest Fire Suppressant 2016
97 NETIM New Tools for Innovation Monitoring (NETIM) 2016
98 CAIV_EPBD Concerted Action EPBD IV 2015
99 EuroDairy A Europe-wide thematic network supporting a sustainable future for EU dairy farmers 2016
100 AUTHENT-NET AUTHENT-NET – Food Authenticity Research Network 2016
101 MobiLab Development of a mobile device for the quick on-site measurement of soil nutrients 2016
102 globalfertilitychain Tracing the global fertility chain- A new political economy of outsourced reproduction 2017
103 FEMSAG Feminist theory after sex and gender: The nature-nurture complex in contemporary feminism reconsidered in light of the Developmental Systems Theory approach to the philosophy of biology 2017
104 JUDI-ARCH The Rise of Judicial Self-Government: Changing the Architecture of Separation of Powers without an Architect 2016
105 DigitalDoctors Making Clinical Sense: A comparative study of how doctors learn in digital times 2016
106 PRILA Prisons: the Rule of Law, Accountability and Rights 2016
107 CIRCUS An end-to-end verification architecture for building Certified Implementations of Robust, Cryptographically Secure web applications 2016
108 IFNBetaMito Role of IFN-β in mitochondrial homeostasis and impact on Parkinson Disease 2016
109 EBAR Evidence Based Planning of Future Clinical Research 2016
110 TGIP Trans-generational immune priming: molecular basis and fitness consequences 2016
111 E-GOS Effective Governance of Open Spatial data 2016
112 BiominAB-3D Revealing the composition and formation mechanism of carcinogenic asbestos bodies in human lungs 2016
113 EFOX The formation and evolution of monomineralic oxide layers in mafic intrusions 2016
114 OPEST Organisational public engagement with science and society (OPEST) 2016
115 ZephyCloud Making Wind Energy More Bankable…Faster! 2016
116 eoFRESH Earth Observation freshwater monitoring services 2016
118 GAP Gaming for Peace 2016
119 DivMeanBody Divergent Meanings: understanding the postmortem fate of human bodies found in Neolithic settlements from the Balkan area in light of interdisciplinary data 2016
120 DITOs Doing It Together science (DITOs) 2016
121 SCENT Smart Toolbox for Engaging Citizens into a People-Centric Observation Web 2016
122 INTCATCH Development and application of Novel, Integrated Tools for monitoring and managing Catchments 2016
123 TRANSEP Flow physics and interaction of laminar-turbulent transition and flow separation studied by direct numerical simulations 2016
124 PhononGap Heat transfer and friction between two closely spaced objects due to phonon transfer across a vacuum gap 2016
125 HYPERA Affordable Hyperspectral Imaging System for on-line foreign body detection and chemical composition analysis 2016
126 CALIPRI Smart CALIPRI Smart - the easy to use and failsafe handheld optical gauge for 2D-profiles. 2016
127 A reinvented wheel A disruptive innovation removing the need for tyre change on bicycles 2016
128 ENERI European Network of Research Ethics and Research Integrity (ENERI) 2016
129 SmartRAIN SmartRAIN: an IoT-based solution for real time rain mapping 2016
130 FricLess A seamless multi-scale model for contact, friction, and solid lubrication 2016
131 BodyCapital The healthy self as body capital: Individuals, market-based societies and body politics in visual twentieth century Europe. 2016
132 dsRNAEnvFate Environmental fate of double stranded RNA (dsRNA) from RNA interference crop protection technology in agricultural systems: A systematic assessment of dsRNA hydrolysis, adsorption, and photolysis 2016
133 PROCEEDS Probing Complex Dynamical Structures in Three Dimensions 2016
134 NeMo NeMo : Hyper-Network for electroMobility 2016
135 DevelopingTheatre Developing Theatre: Building Expert Networks for Theatre in Emerging Countries after 1945 2016
137 EUROPAH The Extensive and Ubiquitous Role of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs) in Space 2016
138 AM-motion A strategic approach to increasing Europe’s value proposition for Additive Manufacturing technologies and capabilities 2016
139 PLATO The Post-crisis Legitimacy of the European Union European Training Network 2017
140 COCOP Coordinating Optimisation of Complex Industrial Processes. 2016
141 EC4SafeNano European Centre for Risk Management and Safe Innovation in Nanomaterials Nanotechnologies 2016
142 AceForm4.0 Activating Value Chains for EU leadership in FORMulation Manufacturing 4.0 2016
143 Planheat Integrated tool for empowering public authorities in the development of sustainable plans for low carbon heating and cooling 2016
144 MONROE Modelling and evaluating the socio-economic impacts of research and innovation with the suite of macro- and regional-economic models 2017
145 OnTrack Innovative solutions for increasing efficiency and reducing environmental impacts of future wood supply 2016
146 IMPACT The giant impact and the Earth and Moon formation 2016
147 Intersex Genealogy Postcolonial genealogy of intersexuality. Influence of US and Spanish scientific theories in the Colombian medical practices and discourses about intersexuality in the second half of twentieth century 2016
148 EXCITING EU-China study on IoT and 5G 2016
149 GamECAR Gamification of EcoDriving Behaviours through Intelligent Management of dynamic car and driver information 2017
150 EOMORES Earth Observation based services for Monitoring and Reporting of Ecological Status 2016
151 VOLATILIS Origin of volatile elements in the inner Solar System 2017
152 PJ20 AMPLE Master Plan Maintenance 2016
153 InKreate Transfer the real 3D world to interactive creative endeavours in apparel industry 2017
154 Botteega Botteega is a platform that makes it easy to do grocery shopping from traditional city markets, local shops and artisanal producers. 2016
155 BrainBIT All-optical brain-to-brain behaviour and information transfer 2016
156 CORPLINK Corporate Arbitrage and CPL Maps: Hidden Structures of Controls in the Global Economy 2016
157 SynchroniCity SynchroniCity: Delivering an IoT enabled Digital Single Market for Europe and Beyond 2017
158 EERASE3 EERA SEcretariat 3 2016
159 ECO CARS Device for reduction of emissions and fuel consumption, optimizing combustion by treatment of fuel on the vehicle 2016
160 ICPerMed Secretariat Secretariat for the International Consortium for Personalised Medicine (IC PerMed) 2016
161 LIFE synapses Long-term Investigation of Functional Excitatory Synapses: Linking Plasticity, Network Wiring andMemory Storage 2017
162 CPB 4.0 Worldwide unique, resource-conserving and energy-efficient treatment of industrial wastewater polluted by oils and heavy metals for implementing the EU Water Framework Directive in a company 2017
163 REASSURE Robust and Efficient Approaches to Evaluating Side Channel and Fault Attack Resilience 2017
164 CCHFVaccine Crimean-Congo Haemorrhagic Fever Vaccine 2017
165 ALIVER Development of DIALIVE, a novel Liver Dialysis Device for the treatment of patients with Acute on Chronic Liver Failure (ACLF) 2017
166 EURE-CART EURopean Endeavour for Chimeric Antigen Receptor Therapies 2017
167 TO-REACH Transfer of Organisational innovations for Resilient, Effective, equitable, Accessible, sustainable and Comprehnsive Health Services and Systems. 2016
168 HeartRater HeartRater: Tools for the systematic evaluation of interoceptive ability 2016
169 HPHS The History and Politics of Human Shields 2018
170 OHS On Human Shielding 2017
171 GLYCONEOBRAIN Exploring glycosidic neo-epitopes of degenerative hippocampal granules in aged mice and humans: implications for ageing and dementia 2017
172 TEMPTATION Thermometry and Photoacoustic-Imaging Outstanding Nanoprobes 2017
173 EmbodiedTech Can humans embody augmentative robotics technology? 2017
174 PLANETESYS The next-generation planet formation model 2017
175 IDEM In Defence of Experimental Medicine: Emotional Appeals and Medical Didacticism in Germany,Britain and North America, 1870-1914 2017
176 GD TCR LIGAND Identification of the ligand of a human public anti-HCMV/cancer γδ T cell receptor 2017
177 IndiVISUAL Role of individual retinal ganglion cell types in visual computation and behaviors 2018
178 XeMoon Sources and sinks for excess Xe and Ar on the Moon 2018
179 GeoElectricMixing Geophysical Signature of Subsurface Reactive Mixing 2017
180 ANCAVE Anchialine caves to understand evolutionary processes 2017
181 LakeMP Spatial and temporal biotransformation of micropollutants in a lake ecosystem 2017
182 MIND THE GUT Mind the Gut: Molecular Markers of Microbiome Evolution 2017
183 Mideast Med A regional history of medicine in the modern Middle East, 1830-1960 2017
184 PICKLE Planetary Interiors Constrained by Key Laboratory Experiments 2017
185 PIONEER The effect of seagrass bed habitat quality on selected ecosystem services 2018
186 AMORPREBIO Amorphous Precursors in Biomineralization. 2018
187 PROIRICE Proton-Irradiated Ice: Dynamics and Chemistry from First Principles 2017
188 RESOURCE Groundwater quality assessment in areas with intensive livestock: is manure recycling a major source of pollution and dissemination of antibiotic resistance genes?” 2017
189 ADAPT-SMART Accelerated Development of Appropriate Patient Therapies: a Sustainable, Multi-stakeholder Approach from Research to Treatment-outcomes - Sofia ref.: 115890 2015
190 PREFER Patient Preferences in benefit risk assessments during the drug life cycle - Sofia ref.: 115966 2016
191 RESCEU REspiratory Syncytial virus Consortium in EUrope - Sofia ref.: 116019 2017
192 METRO International Organisations and the Rise of a Global Metrological Field 2017
193 ZVW Evaluation of the side effects of Virtual Reality technology on young peoples' bodies and minds to create an innovative solution to a nascent problem 2017
194 GrapheneBiosensor Electrochemical Graphene Sensors as Early Alert Tools for Algal Toxin Detection in Water 2017
195 MAWAMOSCA Mass-waste modelling across scales 2017
196 TECAM Theory, Computation and Application of Characteristics Modes 2018
197 EUNITY Cybersecurity and privacy dialogue between Europe and Japan 2017
198 InSPIRES Ingenious Science shops to promote Participatory Innovation, Research and Equity in Science. 2017
199 BIMEET BIM-based EU -wide Standardized Qualification Framework for achieving Energy Efficiency Training 2017
200 eNOTICE European Network Of CBRN TraIning CEnters 2017
201 GEECCO Gender Equality in Engineering through Communication and Commitment 2017
202 RoadToBio Roadmap for the Chemical Industry in Europe towards a Bioeconomy 2017
203 3D-SMoHC 3D SMART MODELS FOR HERITAGE CONSERVATION An Open Science project for documentation, management and representation of Cultural Heritage 2017
204 PROSPECT Peer Powered Cities and Regions 2017
205 ACFD Acoustical and Canonical Fluid Dynamics in numerical general relativity 2017
206 QualitEE Quality certification frameworks for Energy Efficiency services to scale up responsible investment in the building sector 2017
207 CA-EED 2 Concerted Action EED - Support to Member States and participating countries for the implementation of the Energy Efficiency Directive 2017
208 BoVLP-BVD Development of Tagged (DIVA), Virus-Like-Particle polyantigenic Vaccine against Bovine Viral Diarrhea virus (BVDc) 2017
209 UNALAB Urban Nature Labs 2017
210 PATHS The Paths of International Law: Stability and Change in the International Legal Order 2017
211 MediaRoad MediaRoad – European Media Ecosystem for Innovation 2017
213 IMMOVA Novel Immunotherapeutic Vaccine for the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease 2017
214 NOVIMAR NOVel Iwt and MARitime transport concepts 2017
215 RAMSSES Realisation and Demonstration of Advanced Material Solutions for Sustainable and Efficient Ships 2017
216 IL TROVATORE Innovative cladding materials for advanced accident-tolerant energy systems 2017
217 DNR Blended Learning Course for Police Students: Death Notification with Responsibility 2017
218 HDR4EU Enabling End-to-End HDR Ecosystem 2017
219 METRO-HAUL METRO High bandwidth, 5G Application-aware optical network, with edge storage, compUte and low Latency 2017
220 CORUS Concept of Operations for EuRopean UTM Systems 2017
221 MobiLab Development of a mobile device for the quick on-site measurement of soil nutrients 2017
222 PeptIn employing protein aggregation as an antibacterial design strategy 2017
223 METAMAPPER Super-resolution genomic mapping for the microbiome 2017
224 POWERSHIFTS Shifting political power: the nature and consequences of distributed renewable energy transitions 2017
225 SwiftC A technology marketplace for hospitality compliance services that integrates with public sector authorities and relieves the burden of regulation for businesses 2017
226 TRANSVAC2 European Vaccine Research and Development Infrastructure 2017
227 ETVAX ETVAX – the first oral vaccine for protection against traveller’s diarrhoea caused by ETEC 2017
228 REVEAL The Resilience and Evolution of Economic Activism and the Role of Law 2017
229 CAstRA Comet and Asteroid Re-Shaping through Activity 2018
230 COUPLED Operationalising telecouplings for solving sustainability challenges related to land use 2018
231 EvoCELL Animal evolution from a cell type perspective: multidisciplinary training in single-cell genomics, evo-devo and in science outreach 2018
232 PAMDORA Planetary accretion and migration in discs over all ages 2018
233 VARIAMOLS VAriable ResolutIon Algorithms for macroMOLecular Simulation 2018
234 MICRONEX Microbioreactor platforms as in vivo-like systems to probe the role of Neuroblastoma-derived Exosomes in cancer dissemination 2017
235 Big Policy Canvas Big Policy Canvas - Needs, Trends and ICT Tools for Advanced Data-Driven Public Sector 2017
236 MuBoEx Mushroom Body Expansion in Heliconius butterflies 2018
237 REACH Re-designing access to CH for a wider participation in preservation, (re)use and management of European culture 2017
238 GENDEMOTION The Gendered Politics of Emotion in Austerity Ireland 2017
239 RECOPHARMA Removal and Recovery of Pharmaceutical Persistent Pollutants from Wastewater by Selective Reagentless Process 2018
240 MACUSTAR Develop and validate appropriate and acceptable outcome measures in intermediate age-related macular degeneration for future interventional clinical trials - Sofia ref.: 116076 2017
241 MOMIT Multi-scale Observation and Monitoring of railway Infrastructure Threats 2017
242 THEMPO The missing link between Perception and Cognition: The case of multiple-person scenarios 2018
243 3DCellPhase- In situ Structural Analysis of Molecular Crowding and Phase Separation 2018
244 CORNET Multiscale modelling and characterization to optimize the manufacturing processes of Organic Electronics materials and devices 2018
245 SENSE Accelerating the Path Towards Physical Internet 2017
246 PLANMAP Planetary Mapping 2018
247 MIREU Mining and Metallurgy Regions of EU 2017
248 IMPULSE Implementation of an effective and cost-effective intervention for patients with psychotic disorders in low and middle income countries in South Eastern Europe 2018
249 TeacHy Teaching Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Science and Engineering Across Europe within Horizon 2020 2017
250 ISOOKO A community platform for building peace through information-driven dialogue 2018
251 WAI-Tools Advanced Decision Support Tools for Scalable Web Accessibility Assessments 2017
252 WADcher Web Accessibility Directive Decision Support Environment 2018
253 AAL2 Augmented Approaches to Land 2 2018
254 ANTICSS ANTICSS - ANTI-Circumvention of Standards for better market Surveillance 2018
255 AIRSKIN Touch-sensitive skin for collaborative industrial robots (cobots) 2018
256 DifMATRIX Ground breaking 3D cell culture platform to eliminate animal testing in pharmaceuticals 2018
257 SUPERMIN Correlative Super Resolution Imaging of the Collagen Mineralization Process 2018
258 eyecontrol EyeControl 2018
259 AuroraMHD Constraints on Io's and Europa's atmospheres and interiors from modeling of the satellites' aurora 2018
260 BROWSE_PLUS Beam-steered Reconfigurable Optical-Wireless System for Energy-efficient communication – Proving the Concept 2018
261 Complementarity A unifying model: bulk chondrite complementarity by individual chondrule-matrix mentality 2018
262 Crater Chron Understanding the role of impact cratering in Earth's evolution through state-of-the-art geochronology 2018
263 EATing more Enhancing Engulfment of Apoptotic cells: basic biology to Therapy 2018
264 EMISSR Efficient Multibody Interactive Simulation for Soft Robotics 2019
265 Healing Encounters Healing Encounters: Reinventing an indigenous medicine in the clinic and beyond 2018
266 SOLARYS Composition of solar system small bodies 2018
267 VALITEST Validation of diagnostic tests to support plant health 2018
268 Circular Agronomics CIRCULAR AGRONOMICS - Efficient Carbon, Nitrogen and Phosphorus cycling in the European Agri-food System and related up- and down-stream processes to mitigate emissions 2018
269 PANDORA Paradigm for Novel Dynamic Oceanic Resource Assessments 2018
270 ImmunAID Immunome project consortium for AutoInflammatory Disorders 2018
271 SCCMMI Single cell correlates of memory, motivation and individuality 2018
272 NELMA Nanoscale Electrochemistry on Light Metallic Alloys 2018
273 TRANS-END Transgender and Intersex protection from gender-based violence: exploring new directions 2018
274 RNAfate RNAfate- revealing regulation of cellular “noise”. 2019
275 InDyMag Internal Dynamics and Magnetic field generation in rocky bodies: planets and large moons in the solar system 2019
276 INTSYS Algebraic, Geometric, and Field-Theoretic Aspects of Integrable Many-Body Systems 2018
277 ProLung The role of maternal microbiota in offspring lung development and function 2019
278 GRAINS Gravitation of Rubble-pile Asteroid with Internal N-body Structure 2018
279 IDEAA Techniques, methods and tools for Issue-Driven European Arena Analytics: supporting citizens to easily explore the trove of publicly available data to build a viewpoint on a specific issue. 2018
280 EthnoCODICES Oracles of the Other World: Using Ethnography to Study Depictions of Human Remains in Mexican Precolonial Codices 2018
281 EPEEC European joint Effort toward a Highly Productive Programming Environment for Heterogeneous Exascale Computing (EPEEC) 2018
282 DEFEND Addressing the dual emerging threats of African Swine Fever and Lumpy Skin Disease in Europe (DEFEND) 2018
283 RUMBLE RegUlation and norM for low sonic Boom LEvels 2017
284 PACIFIC Passive seismic techniques for environmentally friendly and cost efficient mineral exploration 2018
285 ROBINS Robotics Technology for Inspection of Ships 2018
286 SAFEDRONE Activities on drone integration and demonstration in VLL operations 2018
287 LEMAP Laboratory Experiments on Magnetic Phenomena in Geo- and Astrophysics 2018
288 InclusivePublicSpace Inclusive Public Space: Law, Universality and Difference in the Accessibility of Streets 2019
289 ELHO The Age of Hostility: Understanding the Nature, Dynamics, Determinants, and Consequences of Citizens' Electoral Hostility in 27 Democracies 2019
290 MONOCLE Multiscale Observation Networks for Optical monitoring of Coastal waters, Lakes and Estuaries 2018
291 Care300 A mango-based food ingredient, for food supplements and functional foods, that helps maintaining a healthy metabolism and an optimal body composition while preventing glucose intolerance 2018
292 ICICLES Iron and Carbon Interactions and Biogeochemical CycLing in Subglacial EcosystemS 2018
293 LAMBDA Learning, Applying, Multiplying Big Data Analytics 2018
295 VIZLEGAL Building the world's largest Application Programming Interface (API) for law, Vizlegal will change how legal information is utilised and understood by the legal industry. 2018
296 EpiSTOX EPIgenetic Signatures as biomarkers of ecoTOXicological effects 2019
297 SHERPA Shaping the ethical dimensions of smart information systems (SIS) – a European perspective 2018
298 D-NOSES Distributed Network for Odour Sensing, Empowerment and Sustainability 2018
299 VERTEX Swarms of underwater robots for fast & accurate water quality measurements 2018
300 PriMO-5G Virtual Presence in Moving Objects through 5G 2018
301 SuperScienceMe SuperScienceMe: ResEArCH in your REACH - European Researchers' Night 2018
302 5G EVE 5G European Validation platform for Extensive trials 2018
304 WAI-Guide Authoritative Implementation Guidance and International Cooperation to Support Training, Awareness Raising, and Capacity Building 2019
305 WASTE2ROAD Biofuels from WASTE TO ROAD transport 2018
306 PATHWISE Pathwise methods and stochastic calculus in the path towards understanding high-dimensional phenomena 2019
307 TeamUp5G New RAN TEchniques for 5G UltrA-dense Mobile networks 2019
308 SULTAN European Training Network for the remediation and reprocessing of sulfidic mining waste sites 2018
309 BIMERR BIM-based holistic tools for Energy-driven Renovation of existing Residences 2019
310 ReTraCE Realising the Transition to the Circular Economy: Models, Methods and Applications 2018
311 5G-VINNI 5G Verticals INNovation Infrastructure 2018
312 Stardust-R Stardust Reloaded 2019
313 NeEDS Research and Innovation Staff Exchange Network of European Data Scientists 2019
314 EPOQUE Engineering post-quantum cryptography 2018
316 PIONEERS Planetary Instruments based on Optical technologies for an iNnovative European Exploration Using Rotational Seismology 2019
317 NETCHER NETwork and digital platform for Cultural Heritage Enhancing and Rebuilding 2019
319 SYNCHROS SYNergies for Cohorts in Health: integrating the ROle of all Stakeholders 2019
320 5GCroCo Fifth Generation Cross-Border Control 2018
321 EULAC-PerMed Widening EU-CELAC policy and research cooperation in Personalised Medicine 2019
322 NADINE digital iNtegrAteD system for the socIal support of migraNts and refugEes 2018
323 INNOWWIDE Viability assessment of collaborative and INNOvative business solutions in WorldWIDE markets 2019
324 CELLONGATE Unraveling the molecular network that drives cell growth in plants 2019
325 SCREENED A multistage model of thyroid gland function for screening endocrine-disrupting chemicals in a biologically sex-specific manner 2019
326 TOXICROP Cyanotoxins in Irrigation Waters: Surveillance, Risk Assessment, and Innovative Remediation proposals 2019
327 HTx Next Generation Health Technology Assessment to support patient-centred, societally oriented, real-time decision-making on access and reimbursement for health technologies throughout Europe 2019
328 SINTEC Soft intelligence epidermal communication platform 2019
329 MASSTART MASS manufacturing of TrAnsceiveRs for Terabit/s era 2019
330 AERO Improving jet fuel efficiency through automated, high-precision and performance of engine manufacturing 2018
331 VHFMoDRAD Viral Haemorrhagic Fever: Modern Approaches for developing bedside Rapid Diagnostics 2019
332 WASTE2GRIDS Converting WASTE to offer flexible GRID balancing Services with highly-integrated, efficient solid-oxide plants 2019
333 i-TRIBOMAT Intelligent Open Test Bed for Materials Tribological Characterisation Services 2019
334 PRO-Heritage PROtect traditional built HERITAGE Skills – PRO-Heritage 2019
335 MICS Developing metrics and instruments to evaluate citizen science impacts on the environment and society 2019
336 ERIC Forum ERIC Forum Implementation project 2019
337 GuidedNW-PV High-Voltage Micro-Photovoltaic Cells and Photodetectors Based on Guided Nanowires for On-Chip Powering of Autonomous Microsystems 2019
338 M-NBS Smart, flexible, decentralized water treatment 2019
339 SAFEWAVE Guided Data-Driven Safety at Sea 2019
340 HBP SGA2 Human Brain Project Specific Grant Agreement 2 2018
341 ACO AstroChemical Origins 2019
342 MarsFirstWater The physicochemical nature of water on early Mars 2019
343 LArcHer Breaking barriers between Science and Heritage approaches to Levantine Rock Art through Archaeology, Heritage Science and IT 2019
344 PoliticsOfPatents Politics of Patents: Re-imagining citizenship via clothing inventions 1820 - 2020 2019
345 VINCULUM Entailing Perpetuity: Family, Power, Identity. The Social Agency of a Corporate Body(Southern Europe, 14th-17th Centuries) 2019
346 FIAT The Foundations of Institutional AuThority: a multi-dimensional model of the separation of powers 2020
347 iLIVE Living well, dying well. A research programme to support living until the end 2019
348 ARSS Accessible, Reliable and Simple Screening of stress- and memory-related diseases 2018
349 PLASA-2 Smart Planning and Virtual Certification 2018
350 Time Machine Time Machine : Big Data of the Past for the Future of Europe 2019
351 MechanoGenetic Role of mechanical forces in cell-matrix adhesion sites 2019
352 FLEX-RAIL Paradigm shifts for railway – Technology uptake strategies for a lean, integrated and flexible railway system 2018
353 RealFlex Real-time simulator-driver design and manufacturing based on flexible systems 2019
354 EU4IPBES The European Union's Support to the Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services 2019
355 TRANSITIONS The skeletal effects of historical transitions in lifestyle 2019
356 JBinBA Joint Bodies in Bilateral Agreements 2019
357 EFFECT Environmental public goods From Farming through Effective Contract Targeting 2019
358 STARGATE reSilienT fARminG by Adaptive microclimaTe managEment 2019
359 SATIE Security of Air Transport Infrastructure of Europe 2019
360 iProcureNet innovation by developing a European Procurer Networking for security research services 2019
361 U-CERT Towards a new generation of user-centred Energy Performance Assessment and Certification; facilitated and empowered by the EPB Center 2019
362 MICROX Microscopy of living cancer cells at physiological oxygen levels: the MICROX platform 2019
363 X-tendo eXTENDing the energy performance assessment and certification schemes via a mOdular approach 2019
364 QualDeEPC High-quality Energy Performance Assessment and Certification in Europe Accelerating Deep Energy Renovation (QualDeEPC) 2019
365 BoVLP-BVD Tagged (DIVA) polyantigenic vaccine against Bovine Viral Diarrhea virus (BVDv) based on virus-Like-Particles 2019
367 CONSOLE CONtract SOLutions for Effective and lasting delivery of agri-environmental-climate public goods by EU agriculture and forestry 2019
368 DESIRA Digitisation: Economic and Social Impacts in Rural Areas 2019
369 CityLoops Closing the loop for urban material flows 2019
370 NIVA A New IACS Vision in Action 2019
371 ODYSSEE-MURE Monitoring EU energy efficiency first principle and policy implementation 2019
372 SAM Silk Aquamelts to Market 2019
373 VECTRACK Earth observation service for preventive control of insect disease vectors 2019
374 Human Jigsaw The Human Jigsaw: Matching articulating skeletal elements from mass burials 2019
375 DRONECOP The first integral control and command system for managing missions which delivers 3D cartography and georeferenced data in real-time 2019
376 ARtwin An AR cloud and digital twins solution for industry and construction 4.0 2019
377 Fair4Fusion Fair for Fusion - open access for fusion data in Europe 2019
378 XSpectra XSpectra: The Most Advanced Real Time Food Contaminants Detector 2019
379 ADFU Novel anaerobic digestion fertiliser unit 2019
380 PYRATEX Natural, health-benefiting fabrics to protect our skin from external agents 2019
381 Chaperon ERA Chair Position for Excellent Research in Oncology 2019
382 5G CONNI Private 5G Networks for Connected Industries 2019
383 SMARTEC Pilot line production of transceiver modules for the next generation of smart RF power applications 2019
384 EOSC-Nordic EOSC-Nordic 2019
385 NEUROTWIN Pan-European twinning to re-establish world-level Neuroscience Centre in Kiev (NEUROTWIN) 2019
386 ExPaNDS EOSC Photon and Neutron Data Services 2019
387 DEEPTIME Probing the history of matter in deep time 2020
388 REGATRACE REnewable GAs TRAde Centre in Europe 2019
389 EOSC-synergy European Open Science Cloud - Expanding Capacities by building Capabilities 2019
390 HELoS Health.E Lighthouse Support Initiative 2019
392 PHArA-ON Pilots for Healthy and Active Ageing 2019
393 SKELETONID Fast, Unbiased & Accurate Human Identification: Artificial Intelligence at the service of Physical and Forensic Anthropology 2019
394 BASAJAUN BASAJAUN - Building A SustainAble Joint between rurAl and UrbaN Areas Through Circular And Innovative Wood Construction Value Chains 2019
395 THEIA Topographic effects in planetary fluid cores: application to the Earth-Moon system 2020
396 AlternativesToGd Hyperpolarised MR technologies and molecular probes as alternatives for conventional metal-containing contrast agents for MRI examinations 2019
397 VIDEC Visualizing Death Inducing Protein Complexes 2020
398 5G-CLARITY Beyond 5G multi-tenant private networks integrating Cellular, WiFi, and LiFi, Powered by ARtificial Intelligence and Intent Based PolicY 2019
399 HYPOS HYdro-POwer-Suite 2019
400 WILDHOPPER WILD HOPPER - Heavy-Duty UAV for day and night firefighting operations 2019
401 TiGRE Trust in Governance and Regulation in Europe 2020
402 DISSECT DISSECT: Evidence in International Human Rights Adjudication 2020
403 EOSC Enhance Enhancing the EOSC portal and connecting thematic clouds 2019
404 CoAct Co-designing Citizen Social Science for Collective Action 2020
405 PJ13 - W2 ERICA Enable RPAS Insertion in Controlled Airspace 2019
406 PJ20-W2 AMPLE PJ.20 W2 Master Planning 2019
407 SGPR Development of a breakthrough spectral ground-penetrating radar revolutionizing sub-surface analysis across industries 2020
408 VLD2-W2 STAIRS Surface Traffic Alerts Improve Runway Safety 2019
409 STEP4WIND Novel deSign, producTion and opEration aPproaches for floating WIND turbine farms 2020
410 EXTREMA Engineering Extremely Rare Events in Astrodynamics for Deep-Space Missions in Autonomy 2020
411 trans-argentina Was Sex Inflexible? Practices, Knowledge, Techniques, and Technologies of “Sex Change” Embodiment in Argentina during the Twentieth Century 2020
412 SIGMA Investigating Internal Magnetic Field Sources on the Moon and Mars 2021
413 BV Building Vienna 2020
414 MIGKNOW Migrating Knowledge: The Global Knowledge Networks of German Medic, Botanist and Migration Commissioner Wilhelm Hillebrand in Hawai‘i (1821-1886) 2020
415 BMPARK Development of BMP2 Neurotrophic Therapy for Parkinson’s Disease 2020
416 VegSciLif The Emergence of a Science of Vegetation in Early Modern Natural Philosophy and the Sciences of Life: From Cesalpino to Malpighi 2021
417 CitIndus The ‘Citizenship Industry’: Commodified citizenship, the corporate sector and global inequality 2020
418 MiMoZa Microbiota modulation through horizontal gene transfer. 2020
419 SUPD Sizing Up PD: Cavity-enhanced Characterisation of Single Biomarkers in Human Biofluids 2020
420 VIS-A-VIS How visual action shapes active vision 2020
421 MAP-AD A multimodal approach to accelerate drug discovery and development in Alzheimer’s disease 2021
422 PCPPP Poverty, Child Protection and Parents' Participation 2020
423 MEM-ENTO Tracing memory formation in a behaving animal: analysis of learning-induced morpho-functional plasticity along the bee’s olfactory system 2020
424 RW3D-US Lagrangian Modeling of Denitrification and Nitrous Oxide Production in Soils 2021
425 FIOLENCE FIOLENCE: A New Research Space at the Food/Violence Nexus 2020
426 PAST Paleoenvironmental Assessment of climate and other STressors on long-term dynamics of waterbird populations. 2020