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H2020 projects about "ethical"

The page lists 288 projects related to the topic "ethical".

# achronym  title  year 
1 FORECEE Female cancer prediction using cervical omics to individualise screening and prevention 2015
2 REGAIN REgeneration of inner ear hair cells with GAmma-secretase INhibitors to regain hearing in patients with sensorineural hearing loss 2015
3 MycoSynVac Engineering of Mycoplasma pneumoniae as a broad-spectrum animal vaccine 2015
4 CIPTEC Collective Innovation for Public Transport in European Cities 2015
5 REPROWORM Safeguarding Cell Identities: Mechanisms Counteracting Cell Fate Reprogramming 2015
6 ENHANCE Environmental Humanities for a Concerned Europe 2015
7 GlOPID-R-Sec Global Research Collaboration for Infectious Disease Preparedness (GloPID-R) Secretariat 2015
8 GCOF A stepping stone approach towards the Genetics Clinic of the Future 2015
9 RETHRIM Restoring tissue regeneration in patients with visceral Graft versus Host Disease. 2015
10 ARISE Aortic Valve Replacement using Individualised Regenerative Allografts: Bridging the Therapeutic Gap 2015
11 I-SUPPORT ICT-Supported Bath Robots 2015
12 Do CHANGE Do Cardiac Health: Advanced New Generation Ecosystem 2015
13 ADIPOA2 Clinical trial of autologous adipose-derived mesenchymal stromal cells (ASC) in the treatment of mild to moderate osteoarthritis 2015
14 SC0806 Regenerative treatment of complete Traumatic Spinal Cord injury with a surgical implantation of a biodegradable device with FGF1 and nerve grafts 2015
15 SNIFFPHONE Smart Phone for Disease Detection from Exhaled Breath 2015
16 ODINE Open Data INcubator for Europe 2015
17 OrganiCity OrganiCity – Co-creating smart cities of the future 2015
18 PRECeDI Personalized PREvention of Chronic DIseases 2015
19 EuroStemCell European Consortium for Communicating Stem Cell Research 2015
20 TARGET Training Augmented Reality Generalised Environment Toolkit 2015
21 FORENSOR FOREnsic evidence gathering autonomous seNSOR 2015
23 INSPEC2T Inspiring CitizeNS Participation for Enhanced Community PoliCing AcTions 2015
24 FLYSEC Optimising time-to-FLY and enhancing airport SECurity 2015
25 ICT4COP Community-Based Policing and Post-Conflict Police Reform 2015
26 Ethics and Ageing Ethics and Ageing 2015
28 BETAPEV Beyond Empathy: Toward a phenomenological Ethics of Vulnerability 2015
29 EMMA European Multimodal Metaphor in Advertising 2015
30 BIMEDA Big Medical Data Use in Primary Care: an ethnographic, socio-technical, investigation of challenges and opportunities 2015
31 SCME Selecting, Creating and Modifying Embryos: the ethics of new reproductive genetic technologies 2015
32 distraction Distraction as a Philosophical Concept and a Stylistic Device in France and Italy.17th-19th Centuries 2015
33 METAPHOR People, Space and Time: Understanding metaphors in sustaining cultural landscapes 2015
34 EMBRYON EMBRYON - Develop and commercialize a highly innovative diagnostic-imaging product, improving success rates in the Assisted Reproduction IVF sector 2015
35 IF-EBOla Control of the Ebola Oubreak by both innovative Ultrasensitive Detection of EBOV and therapy 2014
36 AWESOME Advanced Wind Energy Systems Operation and Maintenance Expertise 2015
37 BODEGA BOrdDErGuArd - Proactive Enhancement of Human Performance in Border Control 2015
38 B3Africa Bridging Biobanking and Biomedical Research across Europe and Africa 2015
39 PRINTEGER Promoting Integrity as an Integral Dimension of Excellence in Research 2015
40 MIMIC Mimicking organs on chips for high throughput drug screening and basic research 2016
41 Social Resp Shopping Creating the first Social Responsibility Shopping platform to link small businesses and local non-profits organizations through an innovative business model leveraging on responsible consumption 2015
42 TRUST Creating and enhancing TRUSTworthy, responsible and equitable partnerships in international research 2015
43 BioAqua Water as cosubstrate for biocatalytic redox reactions 2015
45 CORBEL Coordinated Research Infrastructures Building Enduring Life-science services 2015
46 DivIDe A multidisciplinary approach to cell division: From human oocyte to synthetic biology 2016
47 AnCon A Comparative Anthropology of Conscience, Ethics and Human Rights 2015
48 HOLOFRENPOSTMOD Un passé qui ne passe pas. The Ethics and Aesthetics of Contemporary French Holocaust Literature 2016
49 SIRCIW Strengthening International Research Capacity in Wales 2015
50 UnPrEDICT Uncertainty and Precaution: Environmental Decisions Involving Catastrophic Threats 2015
51 Corruption Roots At the roots of corruption: a behavioral ethics approach 2015
52 SERISS Synergies for Europe's Research Infrastructures in the Social Sciences 2015
53 EUBorderCare Intimate Encounters in EU Borderlands: Migrant Maternity, Sovereignty and the Politics of Care on Europe’s Peripheries 2015
54 CRADLE Cancer treatment during pregnancy: from fetal safety to maternal efficacy 2015
55 SPIDERS Synthetic aPerture Interferometric raDiometer for sEcurity in cRitical infraStructures 2015
56 BOOSTB4 Boost Brittle Bones Before Birth 2016
57 BrainHack BrainHack: Bringing the arts and sciences of brain and neural computer interface together 2016
58 TeSLA An Adaptive Trust-based e-assesment System for Learning 2016
59 SMART SMART: Small Medicines Advanced Research Training 2016
60 NASDAC iNnovative Approaches for Scalable Data Assimilation in oCeanography 2016
61 WeGovNow Towards We-Government: Collective and participative approaches for addressing local policy challenges 2016
62 PROFIT Promoting Financial Awareness and Stability 2016
63 PSYCHOCELL Cellular substrate of abnormal network maturation in neuropsychiatric disorders 2016
64 MICRO-MACRO-ILC Dissecting the human microbiota-macrophage-innate lymphoid cell crosstalk in the lung 2016
65 DISCOVERING Interdisciplinary Model of Schooling: Exploring Ethical Culture in International Science Assessments 2016
66 PROTON Modelling the PRocesses leading to Organised crime and TerrOrist Networks 2016
67 CANVAS Constructing an Alliance for Value-driven Cybersecurity 2016
68 ASGARD Analysis System for Gathered Raw Data 2016
69 LUMINOUS Studying, Measuring and Altering Consciousness through information theory in the electrical brain 2016
70 AFTAT “Animal-Free Testing for Acute Toxicity” 2016
71 ENERI European Network of Research Ethics and Research Integrity (ENERI) 2016
72 RNEst16-17 Researcher's Night 2016-2017 in Estonia 2016
73 MEDIA4SEC The emerging role of new social media in enhancing public security 2016
74 VI-DAS Vision Inspired Driver Assistance Systems 2016
75 LAB2MARKET Zebra Academy Ready to Market Feasibility Study 2016
76 ENABLE European Academy for Biomedical Science 2016
77 AgriMax Agri and food waste valorisation co-ops based on flexible multi-feedstocks biorefinery processing technologies for new high added value applications 2016
79 INSPEX Integrated Smart Spatial Exploration System 2017
80 REELER Responsible Ethical Learning with Robotics 2017
81 VIRT-EU Values and ethics in Innovation for Responsible Technology in EUrope 2017
82 EU-MACS European Market for Climate Services 2016
83 e-Sides Ethical and Societal Implications of Data Sciences 2017
84 MH-MD My Health - My Data 2016
85 U4IoT User Engagement for Large Scale Pilots in the Internet of Things 2017
86 WEAR Wearable technologists Engage with Artists for Responsible innovation 2017
87 EoC Ethics of Coding: A Report on the Algorithmic Condition 2017
88 TRUESSEC.EU TRUst-Enhancing certified Solutions for SEcurity and protection of Citizens’ rights in digital Europe 2017
89 STIPED Transcranial brain stimulation as innovative therapy for chronic pediatric neuropsychiatric disorder – STIPED 2017
90 HarmonicSS HARMONIzation and integrative analysis of regional, national and international Cohorts on primary Sjögren’s Syndrome (pSS) towards improved stratification, treatment and health policy making 2017
91 LIFECYCLE Early-life stressors and LifeCycle health 2017
92 HPHS The History and Politics of Human Shields 2018
93 PedCRIN Paediatric Clinical Research Infrastructure Network 2017
94 SURVANT SURveillance Video Archives iNvestigation assisTant 2017
95 MEXRES Restoration and Faith: practicing religion and conservation in Mexico's historic churches 2016
96 EMTECH Emotional Machines:The Technological Transformation of Intimacy in Japan 2017
97 Pitstop PLUS RFID-based feeder for giving dairy cows access to additional mineral supplements in a restricted and targeted way during the critical transition period of the lactation cycle 2017
98 IDEM In Defence of Experimental Medicine: Emotional Appeals and Medical Didacticism in Germany,Britain and North America, 1870-1914 2017
100 Art and Ethics Art and Ethics: Restarting and Advancing a Stalled Debate 2017
101 ConscriptedVolunteer Conscripted Volunteering: An Ethnographic Study of Community Engagement Schemes in the Israeli Military 2017
102 GARDair The first predictive in vitro assay for the identification of respiratory sensitizers. 2017
103 MedRoute On the route of multiculturalism(s). Marking and hybridizing identities in the late 17th and early 18th centuries Mediterranean port cities 2017
104 H2Bio2Energy Operando FTIR spectro-electrochemistry of hydrogenases: unraveling the basis of biological H2 production for innovative clean energy technologies 2018
105 TOXANOID Pharmacological safety testing in human adult stem cell-derived organoids 2017
106 TIMEGG TIMING FERTILIY- A Comparative Analysis of Time Constructions and the Social Practice of Egg-Freezing in Germany and Israel 2018
107 eSEAS Enhancing Seafood Ethics and Sustainability: A Values and Ecosystem-based Management Approach 2017
108 ROADMAP Real world Outcomes across the AD spectrum for better care: Multimodal data Access Platform - Sofia ref.: 116020 2016
109 VetBioNet Veterinary Biocontained facility Network for excellence in animal infectiology research and experimentation 2017
110 TITANIUM Tools for the Investigation of Transactions in Underground Markets 2017
111 VIRTUE Wealth, Virtue and Social Justice in Contemporary Tibet 2017
112 InSPIRES Ingenious Science shops to promote Participatory Innovation, Research and Equity in Science. 2017
113 BRAVE BRidging gaps for the adoption of Automated VEhicles 2017
114 SKILLNET Sharing Knowledge In Learned and Literary Networks. The Republic of Letters as a Pan-European Knowledge Society 2017
115 GenEdiDS Rescuing Cognitive Deficits in Neurodevelopmental Disorders by Gene Editing in Brain Development: the Case of Down Syndrome 2017
116 VISAGE Visible Attributes through Genomics: Broadened Forensic Use of DNA for Constructing Composite Sketches from Traces 2017
117 COMPACT COmpetitive Methods to protect local Public Administration from Cyber security Threats 2017
118 VICTORIA Video analysis for Investigation of Criminal and TerrORIst Activities 2017
119 EnTIRE Mapping Normative Frameworks for EThics and Integrity of REsearch 2017
120 SIENNA Stakeholder-informed ethics for new technologies with high socio-economic and human rights impact 2017
121 eggXYt EggXYt: A novel approach for sexing chicken embryos on day one before incubation - saving them from being hatched and disposed. 2017
122 Genome Biologics Reducing the cost and increasing the speed of preclinical research in the pharmaceutical industry 2017
123 EDU EggDetect Unit, the first non-invasive technology to detect egg fertility pre-incubation and thechicken's gender pre-hatching 2017
124 ENERGY ETHICS The Ethics of Oil: Finance Moralities and Environmental Politics in the Global Oil Economy 2017
125 OVO-GROWTH Oogenesis spotlighted: making mature human oocytes 2017
126 IMGENE Improving Genome Editing Efficiency (IMGENE) 2017
127 ORCHID Organ on Chip in Development 2017
128 TRANSVAC2 European Vaccine Research and Development Infrastructure 2017
129 ALADDIN Advanced hoListic Adverse Drone Detection, Identification Neutralization 2017
130 POEM PARTICIPATORY MEMORY PRACTICES. Concepts, strategies, and media infrastructures for envisioning socially inclusive potential futures of European Societies through culture 2018
131 MADONNA Microbial deployment of new-to-nature chemistries for refactoring the barriers between living and non-living matter 2018
132 INVICTUS IN VItro Cavitation Through UltraSound 2017
133 EU Engineroom (EU) Explorations in Next Generation Internet emerging research opportunities, technOlogies and methods. 2017
134 SONGBIRD SOphisticated 3D cell culture scaffolds for Next Generation Barrier-on-chip In vitro moDels 2018
135 CROWDBOT Safe Robot Navigation in Dense Crowds 2018
136 SmartCow SmartCow: an integrated infrastructure for increased research capability and innovation in the European cattle sector 2018
137 EEC Economic Engineering of Cooperation in Modern Markets 2018
138 LTCSEI Learning through Categories in Social and Economic Interactions 2018
139 Precaution Being precautionary: how rational? How ethical? 2018
140 TAXINOMISIS A multidisciplinary approach for the stratification of patients with carotid artery disease 2018
141 Newcotiana Developing Multipurpose Nicotiana Crops for Molecular Farming using New Plant Breeding Techniques 2018
142 SOGNO Service Oriented Grid for the Network of the Future 2018
143 BETWEEN THE TIMES “Between the Times”: Embattled Temporalities and Political Imagination in Interwar Europe 2018
144 Machine Vision Machine Vision in Everyday Life: Playful Interactions with Visual Technologies in Digital Art, Games, Narratives and Social Media 2018
145 INBOTS Inclusive Robotics for a better Society (INBOTS) 2018
146 DifMATRIX Ground breaking 3D cell culture platform to eliminate animal testing in pharmaceuticals 2018
147 ID-EPTRI Infradev - European Paediatric Translational Research Infrastructure 2018
148 DATAJUSTICE Global data justice in the era of big data: toward an inclusive framing of informational rights and freedoms 2018
150 Cross-CPP Ecosystem for Services based on integrated Cross-sectorial Data Streams from multiple Cyber Physical Products and Open Data Sources 2017
151 Biased AI Biased Artificial Intelligence: Openness, innovation and the remaking of mental health 2018
152 C-POS Children's Palliative care Outcome Scale 2018
153 CBC-ETHOS Does Cross-border Cooperation relate to a Humanist-ETHical cOde of valueS? Theorizing the institutionalization of a cross-border governance humanist ethical code. 2018
154 ELECTRO NEEDLE In situ stem cell monitoring system based on conductive nanoneedle devices for tracking cell fates in invasive manner 2018
155 ANITA Advanced tools for fighting oNline Illegal TrAfficking 2018
156 CCI Cutting Crime Impact – Practice-based innovation in preventing, investigating and mitigating high-impact petty crime 2018
157 PRO-RES PROmoting integrity in the use of RESearch results 2018
158 LIGHTCODESWORDS Illuminating every sound with lasers, coding words and complex sounds with light. 2018
159 AnticipatoryLedgers Anticipatory design and ethical framework for Distributed Ledger Technologies (blockchain or DAG) and applications (smart contracts, IoTs and supply chain) 2018
160 PEPPER Positive Environment in Public Participation and Engagement for Responsible Research and Innovation 2018
161 PATGOV The governance of the European patent system 2018
162 SECCON Security controversies: exploring the governance of knowledge, innovation and techno-scientific risks 2018
163 JOLT Harnessing Data and Technology for Journalism 2018
164 DRONETHICS Emergent Ethics of Drone Violence: Toward a Comprehensive Governance Framework 2018
165 INSITE Development and use of an integrated in silico-in vitro mesofluidics system for tissue engineering 2018
166 PARADIGM Patients Active in Research and Dialogues for an Improved Generation of Medicines: Advancing meaningful patient engagement in the life cycle of medicines for better health outcomes. 2018
167 MAGNETO Multimedia Analysis and Correlation Engine for Organised Crime Prevention and Investigation 2018
168 eCAPE New energy Consumer roles and smart technologies – Actors, Practices and Equality 2018
169 COPKIT Technology, training and knowledge for Early-Warning / Early-Action led policing in fighting Organised Crime and Terrorism 2018
170 IslamAnimals Animals in the Philosophy of the Islamic World 2018
171 RESCUE Local Training Network on REgenerative medicine and Stem Cell technology in UtrEcht 2018
172 Intigriti The Ethical Hacking Platform - Sharing Economy for Security Testing 2018
173 SHERPA Shaping the ethical dimensions of smart information systems (SIS) – a European perspective 2018
174 Prolific Integrated cascades of PROcesses for the extraction and valorisation of proteins and bioactive molecules from Legumes, Fungi and Coffee agro-industrial side streams 2018
175 OrganoVIR Organoids for Virus Research - An innovative training-ETN programme 2019
176 LAST-JD-RIoE Law, Science and Technology Joint Doctorate: Rights of the Internet of Everything 2019
177 RESPONSIBILITY The Roots of Responsibility: Metaphysics, Humanity, and Society 2018
178 WINK Women's Invisible Ink: Trans-Genre Writing and the Gendering of Intellectual Value in Early Modernity 2019
179 PANELFIT Participatory Approaches to a New Ethical and Legal Framework for ICT 2018
180 SAS Safer Autonomous Systems 2018
181 PARACAT Paramagnetic Species in Catalysis Research. A Unified Approach Towards Heterogeneous, Homogeneous and Enzyme Catalysis 2019
182 ACDC Artificial Cells with Distributed Cores to Decipher Protein Function 2019
183 IMPACT HAU The Hau of Finance: Impact Investing and the Globalization of Social and Environmental Sustainability 2019
184 SYNCHROS SYNergies for Cohorts in Health: integrating the ROle of all Stakeholders 2019
185 VirtualBrainCloud Personalized Recommendations for Neurodegenerative Disease 2018
186 WeNet WeNet - The Internet of US 2019
187 EASI-Genomics European Advanced infraStructure for Innovative Genomics 2019
188 REBUILD REBUILD - ICT-enabled integration facilitator and life rebuilding guidance 2019
189 BIOUNCERTAINTY Deep uncertainties in bioethics: genetic research, preventive medicine, reproductive decisions 2019
190 FIT Augmented Reality Assisted Farmer's Intelligence Toolkit 2019
191 NEUROEPIGENETHICS Epigenetics, Experience and Responsibility: Implications for neurodevelopmental disorders 2019
192 Digital Good The Digital Disruption of Health Research and the Common Good. An Empirical-Philosophical Study 2019
193 RiskGONE Risk Governance of Nanotechnology 2019
194 NANORIGO Establishing a Nanotechnology Risk Governance Framework 2019
195 Minespider Blockchain protocol for responsible mineral sourcing 2018
196 TechChild Just because we can, should we? An anthropological perspective on the initiation of technology dependence to sustain a child’s life 2019
197 HELICAL HEalth data LInkage for ClinicAL benefit 2019
198 CO-ADAPT CO-ADAPT: Adaptive Environments and Conversational Agent Based approaches for Healthy Ageing and Work Ability 2018
199 HBP SGA2 Human Brain Project Specific Grant Agreement 2 2018
200 VALURED Value Judgments and Redistribution Policies 2019
201 AI4EU A European AI On Demand Platform and Ecosystem 2019
202 HomeSafe Non-Invasive, Private and Ultra-Low Cost 24/7 Health Care Monitoring for the Elderly Community 2019
203 ClarifyLupus Launching the Breakthrough in Lupus Diagnostics 2019
205 ExACT European network staff eXchange for integrAting precision health in the health Care sysTems 2019
206 Circlenergy Production of renewable methanol from captured emissions and renewable energy sources, for its utilisation for clean fuel production and green consumer goods 2019
207 euCanSHare An EU-Canada joint infrastructure for next-generation multi-Study Heart research 2018
208 SECURITY FLOWS Enacting border security in the digital age: political worlds of data forms, flows and frictions. 2019
209 ProtMind Protecting Minds: The Right to Mental Integrity and The Ethics of Arational Influence 2020
210 EUCANCan EUCANCan: a federated network of aligned and interoperable infrastructures for the homogeneous analysis, management and sharing of genomic oncology data for Personalized Medicine. 2019
211 RECODID Integrated human data repositories for infectious disease-related international cohorts to foster personalized medicine approaches to infectious disease research 2019
212 CINECA Common Infrastructure for National Cohorts in Europe, Canada, and Africa 2019
213 DiaEthic Map value transformations in a global interconnection. How sensory experiences and cultural interpretations shape concepts of “ethical diamond” and “mining work ethic”. 2019
214 VALUE-Dx The value of diagnostics to combat antimicrobial resistance by optimising antibiotic use 2019
215 ChOLLATERAL Generation of an adverse outcome pathway network on cholestatic liver injury for mechanism-based in vitro testing of chemicals. 2019
216 SUaaVE SUpporting acceptance of automated VEhicle 2019
217 DriveToTheFuture Needs, wants and behaviour of 'Drivers' and automated vehicle users today and into the future 2019
218 Trustonomy Building Acceptance and Trust in Autonomous Mobility 2019
219 Migration Ethics Migration Ethics 2019
220 IMMUcan Integrated IMMUnoprofiling of large adaptive CANcer patients cohorts 2019
221 FORMOBILE From mobile phones to court – A complete FORensic investigation chain targeting MOBILE devices 2019
222 CRITICAL-CHAINS IOT- & Blockchain-Enabled Security Framework for New Generation Critical Cyber-Physical Systems In Finance Sector 2019
223 ROXANNE Real time network, text, and speaker analytics for combating organized crime 2019
224 MeNDD Metaphorical Narratives in Dementia Discourse 2019
225 Bone3Dmatch Patient specific biomimetic materials for bone regeneration 2019
226 DESIRA Digitisation: Economic and Social Impacts in Rural Areas 2019
227 GERMINOID Development of human primordial germ cells towards the onset of sperm and egg differentiation in a novel model culture system 2019
228 MALAGA Applying Machine Learning to Cyber Risk Analysis and Mitigation 2019
229 ARDRE Ageing, Regeneration, and Drug Research 2019
230 indepenDent The first Colour Denture Printer 2019
231 EAR Audio-based Mobile Health Diagnostics 2019
232 5G-SOLUTIONS 5G Solutions for European Citizens 2019
233 CTI A novel, efficient and minimally invasive medical procedure to treat anastomotic leakage during colorectal cancer surgery. 2019
234 PTOoC Plug-n-Play Tool-kit of Organ-on-Chips 2019
235 6i-DIRS 6i-DIRS: A growing attractive collaborative ecosystem for boosting impact driven research careers 2019
236 ActiTOX Active organotypic models for nanoparticle toxicological screening 2019
237 PROTECT Protecting Personal Data Amidst Big Data Innovation 2019
238 CompuLaw Computable Law 2019
239 CY-BIOBANK Biobanking and the Cyprus Human Genome Project 2019
240 OXIFLOW Next Generation Flow Diverter for the Treatment of Intracranial Aneurysms Delivering Improved Patient Outcomes and Healthcare Cost Savings 2019
241 CyRaCo Box The next-generation digital inspection platform for fully remote supply chain monitoring 2019
242 DEMOSERIES Shaping Democratic Spaces: Security and TV Series 2020
243 HELoS Health.E Lighthouse Support Initiative 2019
244 Trials@Home Trials@Home: Center of Excellence – Remote Decentralised Clinical Trials 2019
245 PriMa Privacy Matters 2020
246 LNETN Legitimation of Newness and Its Impact on EU Agenda for Change 2020
247 NL4XAI Interactive Natural Language Technology for Explainable Artificial Intelligence 2019
248 NoBIAS Artificial Intelligence without Bias 2020
249 INEDIT open INnovation Ecosystems for Do It Together process 2019
250 MATER Innovative Training Network in Female Reproductive Care 2019
251 ATCO2 Automatic collection and processing of voice data from air-traffic communications 2019
252 XAI Science and technology for the explanation of AI decision making 2019
253 eggXYt A novel approach for sexing chicken embryos on day one before incubation - saving them from being hatched and disposed of. 2019
254 ASENT Foundations of Animal Sentience 2020
255 TRANSLATING MEMORIES Translating Memories: The Eastern European Past in the Global Arena 2020
256 CORE CORE - Children Online: Research and Evidence. A knowledge base on children and youth in the digital world 2020
257 TeNDER affecTive basEd iNtegrateD carE for betteR Quality of Life 2019
258 TRUSTS Trusted Secure Data Sharing Space 2020
259 DataVaults Persistent Personal Data Vaults Empowering a Secure and Privacy Preserving Data Storage, Analysis, Sharing and Monetisation Platform 2020
260 DUET Digital Urban European Twins for smarter decision making 2019
261 PEriTiA Policy, Expertise, and Trust in Action 2020
262 METRICS Metrological Evaluation and Testing of Robots in International CompetitionS 2020
263 ETHNA System Ethics Governance System for RRI in Higher Education, Funding and Research Centres 2020
264 PRO-Ethics Participatory Real Life Experiments in Research and Innovation Funding Organisations on Ethics 2020
265 SUSTAINABLEMEAT Addressing the rising global meat demand while protecting the environment: developing Europe’s first competitive “cell-based meat” product 2019
267 HEPHAESTUS Heating Electric-fields in a Plasma CVD reactor to Heighten Ability to grow Eeco-friendly and Sublime Type IIA Diamonds (which are Unique Stones) 2019
268 EU-PEARL EU Patient- cEntric clinicAl tRial pLatform 2019
270 EXTREME The Epistemology and Ethics of Fundamentalism 2020
271 EXPANSE EXposome Powered tools for healthy living in urbAN SEttings 2020
272 HEAP Human Exposome Assessment Platform 2020
273 VEO Versatile Emerging infectious disease Observatory 2020
274 VANGUARD New Generation Cell Therapy: Bioartificial Pancreas to Cure Type 1 Diabetes 2020
275 IDEA-FAST Identifying Digital Endpoints to Assess FAtigue, Sleep and acTivities in daily living in Neurodegenerative disorders and Immune-mediated inflammatory diseases 2019
276 EDUC8 Early Stage Researchers EDUCational Program on Factor VIII Immunogenicity 2020
277 JustCity The Just City: The Ciceronian Conception of Justice and Its Reception in the Western Tradition 2020
278 AQ-WATCH Air Quality: Worldwide Analysis and Forecasting of Atmospheric Composition for Health 2020
279 MUSAiC Music at the Frontiers of Artificial Creativity and Criticism 2020
280 HumanPlacenta Human Placental Development and the Uterine Microenvironment 2020
281 UCUPA Unraveling the Molecular Changes that Drive the Repression of the Unfolded Protein Response with Ageing 2020
282 SoBigData-PlusPlus SoBigData++: European Integrated Infrastructure for Social Mining and Big Data Analytics 2020
283 SmartHeart SmartHeart, a 3D in vitro assay for improved assessment of cardiac drug efficacy and toxicity 2020
285 ECURES Encouraging CUlture of REsponsible RoboticS 2021
286 PCPPP Poverty, Child Protection and Parents' Participation 2020
287 PiQ Poverty in the Qur’ān: Medieval Islamic Interpretations and Uses 2020
288 IRTEMS Instantaneous Road Traffic Emissions Modelling System for cities 2020