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1 CATCH ME Characterizing Atrial fibrillation by Translating its Causes into Health Modifiers in the Elderly 2015
2 STIGMATICS Between saints and celebrities. The devotion and promotion of stigmatics in Europe, c.1800-1950 2015
3 Medulloblastoma Molecularly defined models of human childhood brain tumors 2015
4 PROMIS Postgraduate Research on Dilute Metamorphic Nanostructures and Metamaterials in Semiconductor Photonics 2015
5 iSwitch Integrated self-assembled SWITCHable systems and materials: towards responsive organic electronics – a multi-site innovative training action 2015
6 BlueSCities Blueprints for Smart Cities: Developing the methodology for a coordinated approach to the integration of the water and waste sectors within the EIP Smart Cities and Communities 2015
7 SYNCHRONICS SupramolecularlY eNgineered arCHitectures for optoelectRonics and photONICS: a multi-site initial training action 2015
8 myAirCoach Analysis, modelling and sensing of both physiological and environmental factors for the customized and predictive self-management of Asthma 2015
9 GreenBubbles Green Bubbles RISE for sustainable diving 2015
10 EoT Eyes of Things 2015
11 HyVar Scalable Hybrid Variability for Distributed Evolving Software Systems 2015
12 UMOBILE Universal, mobile-centric and opportunistic communications architecture 2015
13 CASPER User-centric Middleware Architecture for Advanced Service Provisioning in Future Networks 2016
14 EMERGENT ChiplEss MultisEnsor Rfid for GrEen NeTworks 2015
15 BASMATI Bringing innovAtion by Scaling up nanoMATerials and Inks for printing 2015
16 greenGain Supporting Sustainable Energy Production from Biomass from Landscape Conservation and Maintenance Work 2015
17 DBA Distributed Biological Algorithms 2015
18 MEMBRANEFUSION Structure and mechanism of viral and cellular membrane fusion machineries 2015
19 BMEVLP Biomarkers for clinical assessment of lungs intended for transplantation 2014
20 SeaChange Sea Change 2015
21 TANDEM TransAfrican Network Development 2015
22 HISTHEOL History and Theology 2015
23 FireAndRiskPrevention When the smoke clears: predicting and preventing catastrophic erosion and flooding after wildfires in volcanic terrains 2015
24 StarlightWinds Mass loss in the lives and deaths of massive stars 2015
25 PYROCHEM Biopolymers 13C tracking during fast pyrolysis of biomass-A 2-level mechanistic investigation 2015
26 NICOS Nonlinear optical coatings at high intensities 2015
27 AsymHalogenation Intermolecular Asymmetric Halogenations of Olefins 2015
28 miRTurnOver Identifying genes involved in microRNA turnover in Arabidopsis 2015
29 ARENAVIRUS Molecular mechanisms of arenavirus cell entry and antibody-mediated neutralization 2015
30 ERIN Europe's Reception of the Irish Melodies and National Airs: Thomas Moore in Europe 2015
31 NanoBragg Nanofiber-based atomic Bragg structures 2015
32 Mycena Unraveling the ecology of a widespread fungal group by genomic, isotopic and physiological analyses 2015
33 WISDOM Wavelength conversIon in diSpersion engineereD Optical fibres for Mid-IR applications 2015
34 RoleOfNEinPerception The role of noradrenaline in human perception: from single neuron to whole brain and behavior 2015
35 SUMOblock Blocking SUMO conjugation as drug discovery strategy. 2015
36 MicroLAB MicroLAB lab-on-a-cartridge, a disruptive concept. Towards an innovative solution for food safety 2015
37 STERILISE Safe sustainable reliable in-office processing of medical waste 2015
38 NCP ACADEMY National Contact Points for quality standards and horizontal issues 2014
40 MMAC Centre of Excellence for Mathematical Modeling and Advanced Computing 2015
41 BELS Building European Links toward South East Asia in the field of GNSS 2015
42 OBSERVE Observing Emergence 2015
43 LITTLE TOOLS Enacting the Good Economy: Biocapitalization and the little tools of valuation 2015
44 ARTIST Advancing Rechargeable-Batteries Through In Situ Techniques 2015
45 low Pt loading FCCHP Innovative fuel cell system for CHP application in Low Carbon Buildings 2016
46 MIMESIS Mathematics and Materials Science for Steel Production and Manufacturing 2015
47 AnCon A Comparative Anthropology of Conscience, Ethics and Human Rights 2015
48 BioSmartTrainee Training in Bio-Inspired Design of Smart Adhesive Materials 2015
49 PANINI Physical Activity and Nutrition INfluences In ageing 2016
50 ROMIA Research on Microeconometrics: Identification, Inference, and Applications 2016
51 EU-rhythmy Molecular strategies to treat inherited arrhythmias 2015
52 SIMBIONT A data-driven multiscale simulation of organogenesis 2015
53 5G-ENSURE 5G Enablers for Network and System Security and Resilience 2015
54 ERCcOMICS communicating ERC projects through cOMICS 2015
55 METGROW PLUS Metal Recovery from Low Grade Ores and Wastes Plus 2016
56 GN4-1 GN4-1 Research and Education Networking - GÉANT 2015
57 BALTICS Building on Advanced Lofar Technology for Innovation, Collaboration, and Sustainability 2016
58 InVID In Video Veritas – Verification of Social Media Video Content for the News Industry 2016
59 REMINDER Revolutionary embedded memory for internet of things devices and energy reduction 2016
60 QUANTUM DYNAMICS New Geometry of Quantum Dynamics 2016
61 BILUM Novel applications based on organic biluminescence 2016
62 TagItSmart TagItSmart! - Smart Tags driven service platform for enabling ecosystems of connected objects 2016
63 RAMPup Robotic Automation Modules for Production 2016
64 GlucoBeam GlucoBeam: A portable device for pain-free glucose self-monitoring in diabetic patients 2016
65 L-SID Light and sound waves in silicon and nonlinear glass waveguides 2016
66 HYPMED Digital Hybrid Breast PET/MRI for Enhanced Diagnosis of Breast Cancer 2016
67 COSYN Comorbidity and Synapse Biology in Clinically Overlapping Psychiatric Disorders 2016
68 REPLICATE cReative-asset harvEsting PipeLine to Inspire Collective-AuThoring and Experimentation 2016
69 ISABEL Triggering Sustainable Biogas Energy Communities through Social Innovation 2016
70 FAB-MOVE For a Better Tomorrow: Social Enterprises on the Move 2016
71 EULAC Focus Giving focus to the Cultural, Scientific and Social Dimension of EU – CELAC Relations 2016
72 DIBOR Unsymmetric diborane(4) compounds for small molecule activation and B-B coupling 2016
73 ALTERFOR Alternative models and robust decision-making for future forest management 2016
74 Smart-AKIS European Agricultural Knowledge and Innovation Systems (AKIS) towards innovation-driven research in Smart Farming Technology 2016
75 CIRCUS An end-to-end verification architecture for building Certified Implementations of Robust, Cryptographically Secure web applications 2016
76 DOLORES Degradation of Lifetime of fuel cell Resistance by Electrochemical impedance Spectroscopy 2016
77 GSAORI Guide Stars Adaptive Optics for Retinal Imaging 2016
78 a-Si PVT-ORC A novel amorphous silicon cell-based solar cogeneration system using the coupled thermal storage/organic Rankine cycle as an alternative to battery 2017
79 GCG-T3 Dyslipidemia Validation and Molecular Characterization of Novel Glucagon-Thyroid Hormone Conjugates for the Efficient Management of Dyslipidemia and Fatty Liver Disease 2016
80 POMEGRANATE Practice-Oriented Security Models and Granular Designs for Future-Proof Authenticated Encryption 2017
81 QDM Quantum Decision Making 2016
82 FORECASToneMONTH Forecasting Surface Weather and Climate at One-Month Leads through Stratosphere-Troposphere Coupling 2016
83 Mechan-of-Chromo Unfolding the Mechanism of Chromosome Cohesion and Condensation using Single-Molecule Biophysical Approaches 2016
84 STORM Safeguarding Cultural Heritage through Technical and Organisational Resources Management 2016
85 FutureTrust Future Trust Services for Trustworthy Global Transactions 2016
86 WntELECT Wnt Enhancer LandscapE CharacTerization 2016
87 UMI-Sci-Ed Exploiting Ubiquitous Computing, Mobile Computing and the Internet of Things to promote Science Education 2016
88 CORE 4.0 High Pressure Die Casting (HPDC) Lost-Core (LC) technology for the production of Aluminium Closed Deck blocks for next generation Euro7 engines 2016
89 ICARUS Innovative Coarsening-resistant Alloys with enhanced Radiation tolerance and Ultra-fine -grained Structure for aerospace application 2016
90 USECFrontiers Frontiers of Usable Security – Principles and Methods for Administrator and Developer Usable Security Research 2016
91 NO-META Feasibility study of a NOvel METAbolic liquid biopsy for cancer therapy monitoring 2016
92 QTOOL Commercialization of Single-Photon Light Sources 2016
93 MICROCLEANERS Active microcleaners for water remediation 2016
94 INCLUSIVE Smart and adaptive interfaces for INCLUSIVE work environment 2016
95 GREEN INSTRUCT Green Integrated Structural Elements for Retrofitting and New Construction of Buildings 2016
96 ReWaCEM Ressource recovery from industrial waste water by cutting edge membrane technologies 2016
97 PlantHUB PlantHUB - Boosting technology transfer and responsible research and innovation (RRI) in plant sciences 2016
98 VINCAT A Unified Approach to Redox-Neutral C-C Couplings: Exploiting Vinyl Cation Rearrangements 2017
99 HEF Higher Epsilon-Factors for Higher Local Fields 2016
100 SCR Disruptive Cybersecurity SaaS for SMEs and freelance developers 2016
101 REMINDER Role of European Mobility and its Impacts in Narratives, Debates and EU Reforms 2017
102 INLIFE Incubate a New Learning and Inspiration Framework for Education 2016
103 SEED Supporting the Recognition of the Silver Economy in Europe in the Digital Era 2016
104 SHAR-Q Storage capacity sharing over virtual neighbourhoods of energy ecosystems 2016
105 VITE Virtualisation of the testing environment 2016
106 HybridSolarFuels Efficient Photoelectrochemical Transformation of CO2 to Useful Fuels on Nanostructured Hybrid Electrodes 2017
107 NEW DEAL New siRNA Nanotherapy for Inflammatory Bowel Diseases, targeting Janus kinases 2017
108 INpaCT An interdisciplinary approach to uncover the mechanisms of progression of cartilage damage at the cellular and tissue levels 2017
109 QUASYModo Symmetric Cryptography in the Post-Quantum World 2017
110 SISCERA Smart Implants from Safe CERAmics 2017
111 Odex A new process for removal of odour from Post Consumer Waste Polymer for non-food applications – ODEX 2016
112 IHS water and energy efficient Induction Humidification System for textile applications 2016
113 STEM Structural energy harvesting composite materials 2016
114 TRUE DEPTHS deTeRmine the trUe dEpth of DeEp subduction from PiezobaromeTry on Host –inclusions Systems 2017
115 SECOMP Efficient Formally Secure Compilers to a Tagged Architecture 2017
116 Circdyn Optical Interrogation of Hippocampal Dentate Granule Circuit Dynamics in Health and Disease 2017
117 EPIC EU-Pacific Partnerships for ICT RDI 2017
118 PINQ The psychology of inequality: Understanding the social, cognitive and motivational foundations of people's attitudes towards the distribution of power and resources in society. 2017
119 EARTHBLOOM Earth’s first biological bloom: An integrated field, geochemical, and geobiological examination of the origins of photosynthesis and carbonate production 3 billion years ago 2017
120 EMA4FLIGHT Development of Electromechanical Actuators and Electronic control Units for Flight Control Systems 2017
121 PREMADES Preterm Feeding Maturity Measurement and Evaluation 2017
122 PHOTO-BORAD Boron chemistry in a new light: exploring the radical reactivity of boronate complexes through photochemical strategies 2017
123 EGYPTOMICS Paleoproteomics for cultural heritage conservation: biomolecular analysis of ancient Egyptian paint binders 2017
124 Survive Surviving metabolism: acid handling and signalling 2017
125 GlucoBeam GlucoBeam: A portable device for pain-free glucose self-monitoring in diabetic patients 2017
126 Urban Innovation Lab Innovation Associate for Urban Innovation Lab project 2017
127 RepliStressTiming Impact of replicative stress on DNA replication timing control 2017
128 HappyFish Understanding the role of the rainbow trout metagenome on growth and health in aquaculturally farmed fish 2018
129 BioNetIllustration BioNetIllustration: User centric illustrations of biological networks 2017
130 EBOVAC2 Development of a Prophylactic Ebola Vaccine Using an Heterologous Prime-Boost Regimen: Phase II - Sofia ref.: 115861 2014
131 MOPEAD Models Of Patient Engagement for Alzheimer’s Disease - Sofia ref.: 115985 2016
132 TENGEAD Tribo-Electric-Nanogenerator for Energy Autonomous Devices 2017
133 Spor-oikos The role of aquatic hyphomycete spores in headwater stream food webs: a food quality approach. 2017
134 POSITS High Performance Wide Bandgap and Stable Perovskite-on-Silicon Tandem Solar Cells 2017
135 SABRE Shape Adaptive Blades for Rotorcraft Efficiency 2017
136 CLCLCL Civil Law, Common Law, Customary Law: Consonance, Divergence and Transformation in Western Europe from the late eleventh to the thirteenth centuries 2017
137 GoSMEs Governance and value-creation in SMEs in a service-dominant logic 2017
138 PyroTRACH Pyrogenic TRansformations Affecting Climate and Health 2017
139 RURECO Institutions for Resilient Groundwater Dependent Rural Economies 2018
141 NGN-PET Modelling Neuron-Glia Networks into a drug discovery platform for Pain Efficacious Treatments - Sofia ref.: 116072 2017
142 CYBECO Supporting Cyberinsurance from a Behavioural Choice Perspective 2017
143 ELECTRA Electrochemically induced Asymmetry: from materials to molecules and back 2017
144 SMALLOSTERY Single-molecule spectroscopy of coordinated motions in allosteric proteins 2017
145 NePLeP Netherlandish Paintings in Ledreborg Palace: A Multi-Disciplinary Research of circa 600 Paintings 2017
146 CLARA Climate forecast enabled knowledge services 2017
147 EuroTechPostdoc International Network of Excellence in Science Technology 2017
148 INSPYRE Investigations Supporting MOX Fuel Licensing in ESNII Prototype Reactors 2017
149 EcoImmuneCosts Immunity in Ecology and Evolution: 'Hidden' costs of disease, immune function and their consequences for Darwinian fitness 2017
150 Epiherigans Writing, reading and managing stress with H3K9me 2017
151 Realist Why do We Need a Realist Constitutional Theory to Study the Politics of Constitutional Change in the Middle East? 2017
152 AiPBAND An Integrated Platform for Developing Brain Cancer Diagnostic Techniques 2018
153 ENSYSTRA Energy Systems in Transition 2017
154 INCOVID Inpainting-based Compression of Visual Data 2017
155 UNITED-GRID Integrated cyber-physical solutions for intelligent distribution grid with high penetration of renewables 2017
156 NECOS Novel Enablers for Cloud Slicing 2017
157 Citizen-driven open consultation on Next Generation Internet 2017
158 EFFORT Effort and Social Inequality: Advancing Measurement and Understanding Parental Origin Effects 2018
159 START Spatio-Temporal Attention and Representation Tracking: the precise neural architecture of conscious object perception 2018
160 Newcotiana Developing Multipurpose Nicotiana Crops for Molecular Farming using New Plant Breeding Techniques 2018
161 OaSIS Optimizing Support for Innovating SMEs 2017
162 Track and Know Big Data for Mobility Tracking Knowledge Extraction in Urban Areas 2018
163 WOOLF An advanced and wearable solution to increase motorcyclists’ safety 2017
164 SPANC Evolution and Variability of Climate Sensitivity and Polar Amplification during CeNozoic Warm Climates SPANC 2018
165 ShellJeTTPlus Automated System for Total Fouling Removal of Heat Exchangers 2018
166 Ctrl-ImpAct Control of impulsive action 2018
167 NOCO2 Novel CO2 condensation and separation in supersonic flows contributing to carbon capture and storage (CCS) 2019
168 TET-Lanthanide Triplet Energy Transfer at Hybrid Organic-Lanthanide Nanoparticle Interfaces 2018
169 AutoClean Cell-free reconstitution of autophagy to dissect molecular mechanisms 2018
170 PfPHIST Characterisation of the Plasmodium PHIST protein family 2018
171 BioCore VIP Development of environmentally-friendly Bio-sources aerogel as the support Core for vacuum insulation panels (VIPs) 2018
172 BIOGEOS Bio-mediated Geo-material Strengthening for engineering applications 2018
173 CHNIEQ Wealth Acumination and Inequality in China and its Neighboring Emerging Countries: Trends, Drivers and Policy Implications 2018
174 CoM_n_Play-Science Learning science the fun and creative way: coding, making, and play as vehicles for informal science learning in the 21st century 2018
175 COLOURMIND Colouring the Mind: the Impact of Visual Environment on Colour Perception 2018
176 VIDA Value-added Innovation in fooD chAins 2018
177 LIV.IN LIVING INNOVATION - Implementing RRI through co-creation of smart futures with industry and citizens 2018
178 NewBorN Unveiling new B-, N- containing structures through photoredox catalysis 2018
179 IGpath Dissecting the functional pathways of B cell receptor immunoglobulin in antigen driven mature B cell lymphomas 2018
180 Gut-AnorexiaNervosa Metagenomics and metabolomics studies of patients with Anorexia Nervosa to identify intestinal microbial mechanisms contributing to pathogenesis 2018
181 NEUROTILES Bioengineered hippocampal organoids for epilepsy treatment 2018
182 GENOMIA Genomic Modifiers of Inherited Aortapathy 2019
183 EdiCitNet Edible Cities Network Integrating Edible City Solutions for social resilient and sustainably productive cities 2018
184 RECONECT RECONECT- Regenarating ECOsystems with Nature-based solutions for hydro-meteorological risk rEduCTion 2018
186 AIRM A Novel Bottom-Up Sales Channel Between Travelers and Airlines 2018
188 BDVB Oil-Stick “BDVB Oil Stick” – Key enabling technology for online monitoring of crucial electric grid infrastructure. Striving for global market leadership 2018
189 NEXTLEDs Chemical Engineering of Atomically-Flat Colloidal Quantum Wells for Next-Generation Light- Emitting Devices 2018
190 Promised Promoting Archaeological Science in the eastern Mediterranean 2018
191 FORMBECC LaminarPace System: a breakthrough technology for dry-formulation of sensitive pharmaceuticals at room temperature enhancing their stability beyond the cold chain 2018
192 UNIQORN Affordable Quantum Communication for Everyone: Revolutionizing the Quantum Ecosystem from Fabrication to Application 2018
193 UniEqTURB Universal Equilibrium and Beyond - Challenging the Richardson-Kolmogorov Paradigm 2019
194 AQUASENSE Innovative Network for Training in wAter and Food QUality monitoring using Autonomous SENSors and IntelligEnt Data Gathering and Analysis 2018
195 DARE Disability Advocacy Research in Europe 2019
196 MIDNP Metal Ions Dynamic Nuclear Polarization: Novel Route for Probing Functional Materials with Sensitivity and Selectivity 2019
197 aDDRess Joint Training and Research Program on Chromatin Dynamics and the DNA Damage Response 2019
198 HealthAge Joint Training and Research Program on Lifespan Regulation Mechanisms in Health and Disease 2019
199 NanoBeam Quantum Coherent Control: Self–Interference of Electron Beams with Nanostructures 2019
200 I-DireCT Immune DIREcted and Cancer-selective immunoTherapy 2019
201 PHP2 Pulsating Heat Pipes for Hybrid Propulsion systems 2018
202 BEYOND4.0 Inclusive Futures for Europe BEYOND the impacts of Industrie 4.0 and Digital Disruption 2019
203 MMT Moving Marketing Technology (MMT) – Autonomous infotainment display that creatively combines digital media with robotics to produce innovative public engagement 2018
204 EXCELLERAT The European Centre of Excellence for Engineering Applications 2018
205 SLM-Tools EPP manufacturing evolution: Using SLM techniques, advance EPP manufacturing shape complexity possibilities and create efficiencies that reduce industry production costs by 16% 2019
206 DNA Funs DNA-based functional lattices 2019
207 SELECTIONDRIVEN Gaining insights into human evolution and disease prevention from adaptive natural selection driven by lethal epidemics 2019
208 CEAD Contextualizing Evidence for Action on Diabetes in low-resource Settings: A mixed-methods case study in Quito and Esmeraldas, Ecuador. 2019
209 EU-OPENSCREEN-DRIVE Ensuring long-term sustainability of excellence in chemical biology within Europe and beyond 2019
210 Lazaero One box to measure all the most important air pollutants and greenhouse gases 2019
211 IndiGene Genetics of Individuality 2019
212 ULTIMATE Bottom-Up generation of atomicalLy precise syntheTIc 2D MATerials for high performance in energy and Electronic applications – A multi-site innovative training action 2019
213 MAYA MAnufacturing of the lining panel using hYbrid technologies; Additive manufacturing, injection moulding and thermoforming 2019
215 TraffikGene Peptide Dynamic Amphiphiles for Gene Therapy and Macromolecular Delivery 2019
216 INSULAE Maximizing the impact of innovative energy approaches in the EU islands 2019
217 scTALLmap Single-cell map of the composition and evolution of T-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia 2019
218 I-AM-GUT Impact of maternal Adrenomedullin on the Microbiome and Gut health: insights into preventing chronic intestinal disorders 2019
219 RACING Rapid access to functionalized cyclobutanes via ring expansion strategies 2019
220 IMPRESSIVE ground-breakIng tandeM of transPaRent dyE SenSitIsed and peroVskite solar cElls 2019
221 BirthControlEnvirons Contraception meets the environment: everyday contraceptive practices, politics, and futures in a toxic age 2019
222 BABHY-CART Self-Healing Hydrogels for Material-Assisted Cell therapy in Osteoarthritis 2020
223 HyTunnel-CS PNR for safety of hydrogen driven vehicles and transport through tunnels and similar confined spaces 2019
224 SafeCEREAL Safe Copper Engineered for Release and Efficacy on Agricultural Land 2019
225 ULTRADISS Ultra-sensitive mechanical dissipation in classical, quantum and non-equilibrium nanocontacts 2019
226 COLEX Coopetition and Legislation in the Spanish Netherlands (1598-1665) 2019
227 ULTRA-OLEO Ultrasonic standing waves as a new tool for improved oleogels 2020
228 GREEN-FRC Fibre Reinforced Concrete with Recycled and Waste Materials Optimised for Improved Sustainability of Urban Projects 2020
229 TRACER Smart strategies for the transition in coal intensive regions 2019
230 PSF-2-PREDICT Predicting when plant-soil feedbacks promote or prevent alien plant invasion. 2020
231 ReMedIt Between rediscovery and recreation: Renaissance accounts of medieval Italian vernacular literary tradition (1476-1530) 2019
232 CLIMB Calibrating and Improving Mechanistic models of Biodiversity 2019
233 HelpSeeking Ontogenetic and Phylogenetic Roots of Strategic Help-seeking 2020
234 JOLI Using the jellyfish Clytia hemisphaerica to explore the first steps of meiosis by live-imaging. 2019
235 RC-PV/T A Novel Integration of Radiative Cooling into Photovoltaic/Thermal Panel in Buildings by Applying a Spectrally Selective Micro/Nano Coating 2019
236 COSuccess Testing the importance of oxidative stress and dietary antioxidants in linking cognitive traits and fitness in free living animals 2020
237 PHOTOMECHANICS Photomechanical printing in Europe in the mid-19th century: History, theory, visual culture, science and the international network in the 1840s-1860s 2019
238 MEC Mercury Emissions Control (MEC) technology to enable thorough assessment of combustion and waste incineration plants to meet upcoming legislation directives for the reduction of mercury emissions 2019
239 Caraffee Pioneering the Fourth Wave of Coffee 2019
240 iAtlantic Integrated Assessment of Atlantic Marine Ecosystems in Space and Time 2019
241 C4IIoT Cyber security 4.0: protecting the Industrial Internet Of Things 2019
242 Power2Power The next-generation silicon-based power solutions in mobility, industry and grid for sustainable decarbonisation in the next decade. 2019
243 SIMULTANEOUS DBTMI Preclinical and Pilot Co-Clinical Evaluation of Simultaneous Digital Breast Tomosynthesis and Mechanical Imaging 2019
244 SPOT Smart Process Optimised Tool (SPOT), an Industry 4.0 world first approach for reliable and repeatable crimping and cutting hand tool technology 2019
245 BiD4BEST Big Data applications for Black hole Evolution STudies 2020
246 ACOSENSE ACOSENSE: The first Acoustic online instrument for intelligent fluids analysis 2019
247 Back2theFuture Back to the Future: Future expectations and actions in late medieval and early modern Europe, c.1400-c.1830 2020
248 NEWAVE Next Water Governance 2019
249 SALSETH Innovative bio-inspired sensors and microfluidic devices for saliva-based theranostics of oral and systemic diseases 2019
250 AlternativesToGd Hyperpolarised MR technologies and molecular probes as alternatives for conventional metal-containing contrast agents for MRI examinations 2019
251 HEIST High-temperature Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy Transmission electron microscopy on energy materials 2020
252 COOLER Climatic Controls on Erosion Rates and Relief of Mountain Belts 2020
253 ConquerIons Conquering a New Paradigm for Addressing Ion Detection in Real Scenarios 2020
254 EASY-Diabetes Individualised and Equitable Care of Type 2 Diabetes 2019
255 CADISS A medical device for the selective dissection of pathological tissues and fibrosis 2019
256 DecodeDegRNA Post-transcriptional regulation of RNA degradation in early zebrafish development 2020
257 PREVEX Preventing Violent Extremism in the Balkans and the MENA: Strengthening Resilience in Enabling Environments 2020
258 MODALIS2 MODelling of Advanced LI Storage Systems 2020
259 XEUROPE X-Europe 2020
260 MEDIPOL Molecular Design of Polymers for Biomedical Applications 2020
261 MOFCTP Micro-scale optofludics control based on thermoplasmonic effect of nanoparticle arrays 2020
262 TRANSIT Train pass-by noise source characterization and separation tools for cost-effective vehicle certification 2019
263 ICone ICone: a novel device to scale up robotic rehabilitation and unlock the potential of motor recovery for stroke survivors. 2019
264 MACADAMIA Machine learning Augmented Computational Analysis of composite panels: new insights into DAmage Mechanisms In Aerospace structures with nanoparticles 2020
265 PolyCarbon Polycentric Carbon Pricing Governance: Cooperation, Contestation and Connectivity 2020
267 CoroPrevention Personalized Prevention for Coronary Heart Disease 2020
268 PARTIFACE Green Route to Wood-Derived Janus Particles for Stabilized Interfaces 2020
269 MARIX Methane and Ammonium Removal In redoX transition zones 2020
270 SILENT Seismic Isolation of Einstein Telescope 2020
271 BRILLIANCE Bright, coherent and focused light to resolve neural circuits 2020
272 DEFINE DEciphering mechanisms of presynaptic reFINEment 2020
273 MADE-TEC Advanced Modelling Aided Design of Tissue Engineered Construct for Optimal Soft Tissue Repair 2021
274 CriLiN An Atomic Quantum Simulator with long-range, multi-body interactions 2020