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H2020 projects about "fashion"

The page lists 221 projects related to the topic "fashion".

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1 CONSENS Integrated Control and Sensing for Sustainable Operation of Flexible Intensified Processes 2015
2 CREMA Cloud-based Rapid Elastic MAnufacturing 2015
3 ENLIGHTMENT Photonic Electrodes for Enhanced Light Management in Optoelectronic Devices 2015
4 BUCOPHSYS Bottom-up hybrid control and planning synthesis with application to multi-robot multi-human coordination 2015
5 Rethyming Rebuilding the human thymus to create a tolerising system for allogeneic tissue and organ transplantation 2015
6 SENSEI Sequence-Enabled Single cEll Identification device 2015
7 Photo4Future Accelerating photoredox catalysis in continuous-flow systems 2015
8 Do CHANGE Do Cardiac Health: Advanced New Generation Ecosystem 2015
9 fromROLLtoBAG Consumer Driven Local Production with the Help of Virtual Design and Digital Manufacturing 2015
10 AEROWORKS Collaborative Aerial Robotic Workers 2015
11 iART Consumer-oriented ICT Solutions for creative SMEs providing Art in Bespoke Fashion 2015
12 Immuno-NanoDecoder Nanostructured molecular decoders for the quantitative, multiplexed, layer-by-layer detection of disease-associated proteins 2015
13 BODY-UI Using Embodied Cognition to Create the Next Generations of Body-based User Interfaces 2015
14 FIRSTRUN Fiscal Rules and Strategies under Externalities and Uncertainties 2015
15 TRANSLATIS Translating from Latin: Contacts, Transfer, and Rewriting of Historiographical Texts in Medieval Iceland 2015
16 3DNCPM Three-Dimensional Nonlinear Chiral Plasmonic Metamaterials 2015
17 CortexVisionBehavior Neocortical circuits underlying visually-guided behaviors in mice. 2016
18 NanoCuI Nano-Copper Iodide: A New Material for High Performance P-Type Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells 2015
19 CONFINES Controlling Cell Fate through Smart Nanoheaters 2015
20 CODIR Cortical Dynamics of Decision Irrationality 2016
21 [e-POM-Bioanal] Electrobioanalytical Applications of Polyoxometalates 2015
22 Photovitamin Windows Microprocessing photovitamin D3 using photo-high-T intensification. 2015
23 DRESSINGTHENEWWORLD Dressing the New World. The Trade and the Culture of Clothing in the New Spanish Colonies (1600-1800) 2015
24 VisuaLook Novel clothing e-commerce application for reliable size assignment and realistic fitting visualization 2015
25 RePack Reusable, returnable packaging for e-commerce 2015
26 SOMATCH Support IT solution for creative fashion designers by integrated software systems to collect, define and visualize textile and clothing trends through innovative image analysis from open data 2015
27 Trash-2-Cash Trash-2-Cash: Designed high-value products from zero-value waste textiles and fibres via design driven technologies 2015
28 EVOLHGT Selective Barriers to Horizontal Gene Transfer 2015
29 SPRINT Social Protection Innovative Investment in Long Term Care 2015
30 EU-CIRCLE A panEuropean framework for strengthening Critical Infrastructure resilience to climate change 2015
31 InnoSMART An Innovative Method for Improving the Structural Integrity using SMA Revolutionary Technology 2015
32 TailorFit TailorFit; The Integrated “made to measure” workflow automation for menswear 2015
33 CONCERT Description of information transfer across macromolecules by concerted conformational changes 2015
34 ExaFLOW Enabling Exascale Fluid Dynamics Simulations 2015
35 ALLScale An Exascale Programming, Multi-objective Optimisation and Resilience Management Environment Based on Nested Recursive Parallelism 2015
36 STILAVIA Disruptive On-line Stylist Engine 2015
37 LuxFaSS Luxury, fashion and social status in Early Modern South Eastern Europe 2015
38 SYNTOH Synthetic Optical Holography 2016
39 BrightnESS Building a research infrastructure and synergies for highest scientific impact on ESS 2015
40 PANIPLAST Industrial Development of PANIPLAST Process Poly(aniline) Conductive Polymers 2015
41 CRADLE Cancer treatment during pregnancy: from fetal safety to maternal efficacy 2015
42 FamilyComplexity Intergenerational Reproduction and Solidarity in an Era of Family Complexity 2015
43 XPRESS Exploring mechanisms of gene repression and escape during X-chromosome inactivation 2015
44 SPIRYT Platform for envIRonmentallY Sustainable Textile processing, to be replicated worldwide in the fashion industry Feasibility Study 2015
45 ARVisS Augmented Reality Vision for Surgery 2015
47 L-SID Light and sound waves in silicon and nonlinear glass waveguides 2016
48 ARCFIRE Large-scale RINA benchmark on FIRE 2016
49 i-PROGNOSIS Intelligent Parkinson eaRly detectiOn Guiding NOvel Supportive InterventionS 2016
50 MagneticYSOs Interpreting Dust Polarization Maps to Characterize the Role of the Magnetic Field in Star Formation Processes 2016
51 SYSMICS Syntax Meets Semantics: Methods, Interactions, and Connections in Substructural logics. 2016
53 SecureCloud Secure Big Data Processing in Untrusted Clouds 2016
54 sqetch Sqetch – easily connecting fashion brands with apparel manufacturers 2016
55 WearMark New approach to Wearable devices wireless performance testing 2016
56 AQUISS Air Quality Information Services 2016
57 EVODIS Exploiting vortices to suppress dispersion and reach new separation power boundaries 2016
58 COcOAB Characterizing the Occipital Oscillatory Activity in Blindness 2016
59 CLLassify Innovative risk assessment for individualizing treatment in chronic lymphocytic leukemia 2016
60 CasMETICS Combining Single Molecule and Ensemble approaches To Investigate Cas9 Target Search 2016
61 ESTIMABLeNANO External Stimuli Triggered Self-assembly of Dynamic Nanomaterials 2016
62 NGUEC Nanostructuring graphene under electrochemical control 2016
63 ADHERE Aptamer nanostructures dual-targeted to the HER receptor family for cancer therapy 2016
64 FabricMetrics Computer-Aided Fashion with Yarn-Level Fabric Models 2017
65 xPRINT 4-Dimensional printing for adaptive optoelectronic components 2016
66 INTERWOVEN Collecting, Displaying and Understanding Textiles in Decorative Arts Museums: Comparative Approaches in London and Madrid. 2016
67 T6S Multi-scale model of bacterial cell-cell interactions 2017
68 PRESTISSIMO Plasma Reconnection, Shocks and Turbulence in Solar System Interactions: Modelling and Observations 2016
69 MAGTOOLS Software tools for fast, reliable analysis of magnetic materials in the electron microscope 2016
70 FITA2.0 A highly innovative size recommendation engine, disrupting the existing online apparel market by using big data and machine-learning algorithms. 2016
71 SP3D Virtual reality fitting simulation for electronic e-commerce 2016
72 AbsZero Feasibility Study: A First-of-its-Kind Software-Defined Virtual Reality Camera 2016
73 TagIt A Minimal-Tag Bioorthogonal Labelling Approach to Protein Uptake, Traffic and Delivery 2016
74 SNAPTRACE Fishing in the dark: unravelling the global trade and traceability of the ‘snappers’ 2016
75 SCOUTFermi2D Strongly correlated ultracold fermions in two-dimensional tailored optical potentials: pairing, superfluidity and disorder 2016
76 X-10 Pathology X-10 Pathology, Empowering diagnostics 2016
78 CONCOM Control Over Noisy Communication Media 2016
79 NIMBLE Collaboration Network for Industry, Manufacturing, Business and Logistics in Europe 2016
80 MUYA The Multimedia Yasna 2016
81 Bio4Comp Parallel network-based biocomputation: technological baseline, scale-up and innovation ecosystem 2017
82 FashionBrain Understanding Europe’s Fashion Data Universe 2017
83 K-PLEX Knowledge Complexity 2017
84 Morpheos MORPHotype EcOSystem – design remote definition based on big data morphology and use ecosystem for creative industries 2017
85 DECODE Decentralised Citizens Owned Data Ecosystem 2016
86 AB-SWITCH Evaluation of commercial potential of a low-cost kit based on DNA-nanoswitches for the single-step measurement of diagnostic antibodies 2017
87 ABD A bioengineered, naturally-derived, sustainable biocide for breaking down organic biofilms formed by drug-resistant bacteria. 2016
88 ESIL Early Stage Investing Launchpad - Unleashing the potential of early stage investing in Europe 2017
89 QD-NOMS Elementary quantum dot networks enabled by on-chip nano-optomechanical systems 2017
90 EU-SEC The European Security Certification Framework 2017
91 APROCS Automated Linear Parameter-Varying Modeling and Control Synthesis for Nonlinear Complex Systems 2017
92 CureTheCloves PIK3CA inhibition in patients with the CLOVES syndrome 2017
93 PCBRec PCBRec process: Waste Printed Circuit Board (WPCB) Recycling with Molten Salts 2017
94 RE-FASHIONING Re-fashioning the Renaissance: Popular Groups, Fashion and the Material and Cultural Significance of Clothing in Europe, 1550-1650 2017
95 ICE Intelligent Control of Energy Storage for Smart Buildings and Grids 2017
96 Cytokineproteomics Investigating inflammatory signaling by combining phospho- and ubiquitin proteomics with CRISPR/Cas9 technology 2017
97 ALDing Novel industrial processes using the Atomic Layer Deposition technique 2017
98 METABOLON Molecular understanding of metabolic complexes: Towards engineering the next generation of synthetic biosystems 2018
99 INTERLACE Interacting Decentralized Transactional and Ledger Architecture for Mutual Credit 2017
100 FocAd Structural Studies on Focal Adhesions 2017
101 SIOMICS SIngle-cell multi-OMICs approach to study intra-tumour heterogeneity of soft tissue Sarcomas 2017
102 NEURO_NMD Functional impact of alternative splicing coupled to nonsense-mediated decay in developing neurons 2017
103 PhthaloSupra Exploiting supramolecular interactions in phthalocyanine chemistry 2017
104 NeuroTRACK Tracking and predicting neurodegeneration spreading across the brain connectome 2017
105 POLAR-EM Automated tools for atomic resolution mapping of electrostatic fields in the electron microscope 2017
106 SynPlex Tailored chemical complexity through evolution-inspired synthetic biology 2017
107 CyberGenetics Cybergenetics: Theory and Design Tools for Biomolecular Control Systems 2017
108 EPIC Enabling Practical Wireless Tb/s Communications with Next Generation Channel Coding 2017
109 3ants Enhancing security of digital property rights and citizens’ awareness through an innovative anti-piracyframework of digital content based on Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence 2017
110 ASSTRA Advanced Solid State Transformers 2018
111 TB-EPF Enhanced Place Finding (EPF) of TB transmission hotspots 2017
112 BURSTREG Single-molecule visualization of transcription dynamics to understand regulatory mechanisms of transcriptional bursting and its effects on cellular fitness 2018
113 PRe-ART Predictive Reagent Antibody Replacement Technology 2017
114 COSY-BIO Control Engineering of Biological Systems for Reliable Synthetic Biology Applications 2017
115 FattyCyanos Fatty acid incorporation and modification in cyanobacterial natural products 2018
116 CRISS CRISPR Gene Correction for Severe Combined Immunodeficiency Caused by Mutations in Recombination-activating gene 1 and 2 (RAG1 and RAG2) 2017
117 PANAMA Probabilistic Automated Numerical Analysis in Machine learning and Artificial intelligence 2018
118 PRESTIGE Design-driven integration of innovative PRinted functional matErialS into inTeractive hIgh-end and fashion consumer Goods addressing tomorrow’s societal challEnges 2017
119 SYMBIOSIS A Holistic Opto-Acoustic System for Monitoring Marine Biodiversities 2017
120 M3DLoC Additive Manufacturing of 3D Microfluidic MEMS for Lab-on-a-Chip applications 2018
121 MATUROLIFE Metallisation of Textiles to make Urban living for Older people more Independent Fashionable 2018
122 Smart-Trust Smart Trust: Secure Mobile ID for Trusted Smart Borders 2018
123 BigDataStack High-performance data-centric stack for big data applications and operations 2018
124 FotoInMotion Repurposing and enriching images for immersive storytelling through smart digital tools 2018
126 LexsemLexcat The lexical semantics of lexical categories 2018
127 BHSandAADS The Black Hole Stability Problem and the Analysis of asymptotically anti-de Sitter spacetimes 2018
128 TiMMi Transport Making CO2-free city logistics a reality 2018
129 SENSEI Optimizing Retail Operation With Real-Time Customer Activity Intelligence 2018
130 BROWSE_PLUS Beam-steered Reconfigurable Optical-Wireless System for Energy-efficient communication – Proving the Concept 2018
131 CoMoRoC Comic Motifs in Romances of Chivalry of Spanish Golden Age 2018
132 DECON Deconstruction as Critical Method in Political Theory 2019
133 HybridRetina Hybrid Retinal Prosthesis: High-Resolution Electrode Array Integrated with Neurons for Restoration of Sight 2018
134 SynBioBrain Building biological computers from bacterial populations 2018
135 MicroC Agent-Based Modelling of Gene Networks to model clonal selection in the tumour microenvironment and predict therapeutic resistance 2018
136 Genealogical thought Genealogical Thinking in Nietzsche's Wake (19th-21st Centuries) 2019
137 FBD_BModel A Knowledge-based business model for small series fashion products by integrating customized innovative services in big data environment (Fashion Big Data Business Model) 2017
138 TransparencyMeters Transparency instruments to quantify the method transparency, analytic robustness, and replicability of empirical research 2018
139 RETAIN Routing Energy Transfer via Assembly of Inorganic Nanoplatelets 2018
140 scTRYPseq Understanding the initiation virulence gene expression in African trypanosomes 2019
141 IDCLOTHING Clothing, fashion and nation building in the Land of Israel 2019
142 INRES Inquiring gaps, discrepancies and contradictions in response to domestic gender-based violence. Gender relationships, practical norms and public services in Senegal. 2018
143 PROCHIP Chromatin organization PROfiling with high-throughput super-resolution microscopy on a CHIP 2018
144 SILKNOW SILKNOW. Silk heritage in the Knowledge Society: from punched cards to big data, deep learning and visual / tangible simulations 2018
145 SYNMAT Synthesis of Functional Multi-Component Supramolecular Systems and Materials 2018
146 LeiSHield-MATI A multi-disciplinary international effort to identify clinical, molecular and social factors impacting cutaneous leishmaniasis 2018
147 Fields4CAT Force Fields in Redox Enzymatic Catalysis 2019
148 STURSKIN Innovative products by using tanned sturgeon skin 2018
149 3Dcis 3D Organization of Functionally Conserved Cis-Regulatory Elements 2018
150 MaMs3 Crack-Defined Nanogap Electrodes for High-Throughput Decoding of DNA 2018
151 PET-AlphaSy PET Imaging of Alpha-Synuclein Fibril Formation 2018
152 S2QUIP Scalable Two-Dimensional Quantum Integrated Photonics 2018
153 ANGULON Angulon: physics and applications of a new quasiparticle 2019
154 CellsBox CellsBox: a modular system for automated cell imaging experiments 2019
155 UltimateMembranes Energy-efficient membranes for carbon capture by crystal engineering of two-dimensional nanoporous materials 2019
156 ScaleML Elastic Coordination for Scalable Machine Learning 2019
157 ProTego Data-protection toolkit reducing risks in hospitals and care centers 2019
158 NATURELLA The unique high-performance biodegradable leather tanned with natural elements 2018
159 DetecTag A new level of security in fashion retail – RFID hardtag and label with tamper detection function 2019
160 REFREAM Re-Thinking of Fashion in Research and Artist collaborating development for Urban Manufacturing 2018
161 PushQChem Pushing Quantum Chemistry by Advancing Photoswitchable Catalysis 2019
162 SOLID Suppression of Organelle Defects in Human Disease 2019
163 INFOSAMPLE Information Sampling in Multiattribute Choice 2018
165 PHOTOMASS Imaging Biomolecular Self-Assembly with a Molecular Photonic Scale 2019
166 CREATIVE IPR The History of Intellectual Property Rights in the Creative Industries 2019
167 HEADSpAcE Translational studies of HEAD and neck cancer in South America and Europe 2019
168 MORA Making Optimised Resistant and durable mArble 2019
169 MeningoSpeed A unique cost-effective and point of care (PoC) kit for the non-invasive rapid in vitro diagnosis of meningococcal disease 2019
170 FISHSkin Developing Fish Skin as a sustainable raw material for the fashion industry 2019
171 EUCANCan EUCANCan: a federated network of aligned and interoperable infrastructures for the homogeneous analysis, management and sharing of genomic oncology data for Personalized Medicine. 2019
172 SyLeNCe Synapses between Leukaemia and its Neighbouring Cells 2020
173 SleepCirc Claustrum, Brainstem and Sleep: Mechanisms and Function 2019
174 NSFTA New Strategies For Therapeutic Antibodies – Synthetic bispecific antibodies & Antibody-Drug Conjugates with controlled drug loading. General methods for unexplored ADCs and personalised therapies. 2020
175 TEXDANCE TEXtiles in Etruscan DANCE (8th-5th centuries BC) 2019
176 AtropFluoPhoto Stereoselective Synthesis of Atropisomeric Fluorophores for Asymmetric Photocatalysis 2019
177 CatchGel Catch Bond Cross-linked Hydrogels 2020
178 InWAS Non-linear, control-informed optimisation of innovative wave absorbing structures using highly-efficient numerical methods 2020
179 HBPTC Hydrogen Bonding Phase Transfer Catalysis 2019
180 MiniEmbryoBlueprint The mammalian body plan blueprint, an in vitro approach 2019
181 DONNA Engineering de novo production of chlorinated polyketides in Pseudomonas putida 2020
182 TEG AGS Incorporation of Thermoelectric Generator into Advanced Glazing Systems and Vacuum Glazing Systems 2020
183 Green Drop New Digital Pigment Printing System for every Surface, for every Industry, faster, with less energy requirements and with no water needs 2019
184 DEEPLEARNRBP Using Deep Learning to understand RNA Binding Protein binding characteristics 2019
185 Patwiser A revolutionary patent drafting tool powered by cutting-edge AI algorithms 2019
186 ProgNanoRobot Programmable NanoRobotics for Controlled Manipulation of Molecular Cargoes 2019
187 CHINAWHITE The Reconfiguration of Whiteness in China: Privileges, Precariousness, and Racialized Performances 2019
188 BiomStrip Over-The-Counter Test Strip for Early-Stage Cancer Screening 2019
189 BLOCKPOOL Pooling SME adoption and deployment of Blockchain and other DLTs 2019
190 RDS Artificial Intelligence Powered Fashion Insights and Personal Styling Solutions 2019
191 GELATEX The first process to synthesize Leather ‒ A fabric with the identical chemical composition and exact mechanical properties as leather 2019
192 AVATAR SW application for smartphones enabling accurate and easy-to-use 3D body scanning for digitalized design and production process in fashion and textile industry. 2019
193 Mendel KBASE Developing Natural Language Processing and machine learning algorithms for the most comprehensive knowledge base to speed up diagnosis of rare disease patients 2019
194 NewNormal New Sustainable Fiber Production Technology 2019
195 Didimo Humanity in Digital Communication 2019
196 AngstroCAP Fundamental and Applied Science using Two Dimensional Angstrom-scale capillaries 2020
197 OPTIMISE Open data: improving transparency, reproducibility and collaboration in science 2020
198 NANO4LIFE High-throughput 4D imaging for nanoscale cellular studies 2020
199 NANOCELL A DNA NANOtechology toolkit for artificial CELL design 2020
200 ARiAT Advanced Reasoning in Arithmetic Theories 2020
201 ConflictResolution Transcription-replication conflicts in disease and development 2020
202 Rodinia Clothing manufacturing 4.0 – Changing the way we make fashion 2019
203 EXPLOR EXperimentation and simulation based PLatform for beyond 5G Optical-wireless network Research and development 2020
204 OPTIMIST OPTIMised video content delivery chains leveraging data analysis over joint multI-accesS edge computing and 5G radio network infrasTructures 2020
205 ICEBERG Scalable Optimization of Power Systems with Flexible Demand and Renewable Supply 2020
206 OnTarget Deciphering the principles governing robust targeting of proteins to organelles 2020
207 NP-QFT Non-perturbative dynamics of quantum fields: from new deconfined phases of matter to quantum black holes 2020
208 RandomMultiScales Computational Random Multiscale Problems 2020
209 SUPERGRAPH Topological Superconductivity in Graphene 2020
210 TANDEng Engineering catalyst interoperability in next-generation tandem reactions for intensified chemical processes 2020
211 SLANG How the brain learns to see language 2020
212 Brillouin4Life Development of advanced optical tools for studying cellular mechanics at high spatial and temporal resolution 2020
213 EXTREMA Engineering Extremely Rare Events in Astrodynamics for Deep-Space Missions in Autonomy 2020
214 TRANSLATIONAL A new translational strategy for tailored treatment of type 2 diabetes 2020
215 Cu4Peroxide The electrochemical synthesis of hydrogen peroxide 2020
216 TMIM Textiles and the Making of Israeli Modernism: From the Zionist Bauhuas to Feminist Art 2020
217 PolyCRomA Polychromy: the meaning of Colour in Roman African statues 2020
218 Colorifix A revolutionary dyeing process to help the textile industry reduce its environmental impact 2020
219 GiSTDS GridEye Scalable Transactive Distribution Systems 2020
221 FASHION IN IR The Dematerialization of Fashion and France's Couture Propaganda during the 1960s and 1970s 2020