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1 EXTPRO Quasi-Randomness in Extremal Combinatorics 2015
2 ICare Integrating Technology into Mental Health Care Delivery in Europe 2015
3 MycoSynVac Engineering of Mycoplasma pneumoniae as a broad-spectrum animal vaccine 2015
4 CNIDARIAMICRORNA Elucidation of the evolution of post-transcriptional regulation by characterizing the cnidarian microRNA pathway 2015
5 FunCatDesign Fundamental Studies in Catalysis – Reactivity Design with Experimental and Computational Tools 2015
6 DISTRO Distributed 3D Object Design 2015
7 Wi-5 What to do With the Wi-Fi Wild West 2015
9 PRIME PRIME (Push Relevantly to Increase Mobile Engagement) 2014
10 SliceWatch Monitoring Meat Texture To Optimize Slicing Yield And Reduce Wasted Meat In High-Speed Slicing Lines 2014
11 HISTORIC High efficiency GaInP/GaAs Tandem wafer bonded solar cell on silicon 2015
12 ZEPHYROS The dawn of writing in Western Mediterranean: a comparative approach to the Iberian epigraphic corpus 2015
13 NextGen RiBiomics Next Generation Proteomic Analysis of Pre-Ribosomal Proteome Dynamics Coupled to Glucose Metabolism in Caner Cells 2016
14 CaMILLET Application of crop genetics to improve Calcium content in millets and other crops for promoting health benefits in the prevention and treatment of osteoporosis 2015
16 TDL2Ho Thin-disk lasers for the 2-micron spectral range based on Ho-doped monoclinic double-tungstate epitaxial structures 2015
17 2D Hetero-architecture Engineered two-dimensional hetero-architectures for nanoelectronics 2016
18 PINC Towards p-type conductivity in In0.5Ga0.5N nanocolumns on a Si (100) substrate with GaN buffer layers 2015
19 RACe The impact of climate change on the uptake of arsenic into rice 2016
21 CarNet Rapid Data Communication Network for Connected Cars 2015
22 DWT-I4FEDW DWT- Impregnation for Fireproof Excellent Durability Wood 2015
23 CONSTRAINTS Ecophysiological and biophysical constraints on domestication in crop plants 2015
24 ECOFISH Researches on the potential conversion of conventional fish farms into organic by establishing a model and good practice guide 2015
25 SUPER-2D Many-body physics and superconductivity in 2D materials 2015
26 Ig-QPD Ion-gated Interfaces for Quantum Phase Devices 2015
27 EE-IT EE-IT - Centre of Excellence on Connected Digital Economy 2015
28 ULTRAQCL Ultrashort Pulse Generation from Terahertz Quantum Cascade Lasers 2015
29 WaterSEED Social, entrepreneurial and excelling doctors for water technology 2016
30 NACCA New Approaches in the Conservation of Contemporary Art 2015
31 FIRST2RUN Flagship demonstration of an integrated biorefinery for dry crops sustainable exploitation towards biobased materials production 2015
32 iLABOUR Online Labour: The Construction of Labour Markets, Institutions and Movements on the Internet 2015
33 BIOXYARN In vitro evaluation of the biocompatibility of nanofibrous yarns from an oxidative stress perspective 2015
34 OSIRIS Optimal SIC substR ates for Integrated Microwave and Power CircuitS 2015
35 CRYVISIL Crystalline and vitreous silica films and their interconversion 2016
36 EDISON Education for Data Intensive Science to Open New science frontiers 2015
37 OPENMIND On-demand production of entirely customised minimally invasive medical devices 2015
38 GENESIS GENEtic DiSsection of Innate Immune Sensing and Signalling 2015
39 QnanoMECA Quantum Optomechanics with a levitating nanoparticle 2015
40 LONGTAIL Transforming digital in-content advertising to deliver global scale 2015
41 FAST Functionally graded Additive Manufacturing scaffolds by hybrid manufacturing 2015
42 NEMAQUA Nematodes as the world first pathogen free, ready-to-use and sustainable live feed for larval aquaculture industry 2015
43 EU ESA Enterprising Students Accreditation Platform for Europe 2015
44 DIMENSION Directly Modulated Lasers on Silicon 2016
45 C-Levitonics Classical Levitonics: transposing quantum levitons to classical waves for single side band wireless data transmissions 2015
46 SLICEWATCH Monitoring meat texture to optimize slicing yield and reduce wasted meat in high-speed slicing lines 2016
47 HEMOTECT Hemozoin Detection using Nitrogen-Vacancy centers in Diamond 2016
49 TOTAL Technology transfer between modern algorithmic paradigms 2016
50 ClusterDynamics Characterising the dynamical properties of size-selected supported metal clusters 2017
51 ANCHOR E3s Anchoring ligandable binding sites at E3 ligase surfaces for plug-and-play PROTACs. 2016
52 RESOLVE antibiotic RESistance and mObile genetic eLements dissemination in enVironmEntal conditions 2016
53 EXTREMDRON Unmanned Aerial Vehicle for protecting soft/critical urban infrastructures, and the general public in extreme environments. 2016
54 ESPCSS Efficient Spin-Photon Coupling in the Solid-State 2016
55 RanDM Randomness and pseudorandomness in discrete mathematics 2016
56 ATENA Advanced Tools to assEss and mitigate the criticality of ICT compoNents and their dependencies over Critical InfrAstructures 2016
57 Schizophrenia Organoids Understanding the role of parvalbumin interneuron development in schizophrenia using human cerebral organoids 2017
58 CentSatRegFunc Dissecting the function and regulation of centriolar satellites: key regulators of the centrosome/cilium complex 2016
59 SNDUST Supernova dust: production and survival rates 2016
60 MESO_BRAIN Custom architecturally defined 3D stem cell derived functional human neural networks for transformative progress in neuroscience and medicine 2016
61 BioSeedMat A labour-efficient, organic herbicide-free and micronutrient infused seed tape and delivery mechanism aiding the growth and harvest of agri-products 2016
62 BIOSKOH BIOSKOH’s Innovation Stepping Stones for a novel European Second Generation BioEconomy 2016
63 SOLVE new machine tool for SimultaneOus pLate beVElling on all material types 2016
64 Relieve-Chol Reprogramming cell identity to develop new therapies against Cholangiopathies 2016
65 INSEETO In-situ second harmonic generation for emergent electronics in transition-metal oxides 2017
66 MSG Making Sense of Games: A Methodology for Humanistic Game Analysis 2016
67 BrainControl Stable Brain-Machine control via a learnable standalone interface 2016
68 INTHER Clinical validation and commercialization of innovative immunostimulating Interstitial Laser Thermotherapy 2016
69 TOUCHVIE Catch what you watch; a game-changer technology that will change how people watch TV and revolutionise in-movie advertising and product placement 2016
70 GREATMILLING Gentle Rice Separation Technology for Smallholder Milling 2016
71 PROMETHEUS Platinum gRoup MEtals saving by monoliTHos Efficient and disrUptive catalySt innovation 2016
72 Qlice Qlice: Environmentally-friendly system to combat sea lice in salmon farms 2016
73 INDEED Innovative Nanowire DEvicE Design 2017
74 ENF2017 EuroNanoForum 2017 2016
75 4PHOTON Novel Quantum Emitters monolithically grown on Si, Ge and III-V substrates 2017
76 LIBBIO Lupinus mutabilis for Increased Biomass from marginal lands and value for BIOrefineries 2016
77 IPCOM Next generation IP-based smart Push-to-Talk communication device for public security 2016
78 dEUdil dEUdil: Building on open data as a new business model in the business information industry 2016
79 MOFcat Fundamental and Applied Science on Molecular Redox-Catalysts of Energy Relevance in Metal-Organic Frameworks 2017
80 CERERE CEreal REnaissance in Rural Europe: embedding diversity in organic and low-input food systems 2016
81 ELASTEST ElasTest: an elastic platform for testing complex distributed large software systems 2017
82 SWING Patterning Spin-Wave reconfIgurable Nanodevices for loGics and computing. 2016
83 A-LEAF An Artificial Leaf: a photo-electro-catalytic cell from earth-abundant materials for sustainable solar production of CO2-based chemicals and fuels 2017
84 KASKO KASKO – delivering insurance as a service at the point of demand 2016
85 CHALLENGE 3C-SiC Hetero-epitaxiALLy grown on silicon compliancE substrates and 3C-SiC substrates for sustaiNable wide-band-Gap powEr devices 2017
86 SCRAMJET Empowering Business Flights 2016
87 3D-Plant2Cells Exploring the Impact of Pesticide on the 3D Metabolome and the Microbiota from the Whole Plant to the Cell Scale 2017
88 STRINGENCY Control of Bacterial Multidrug Tolerance and Stress Response by Alarmone Synthetase SpoT 2017
89 COMPUSAPIEN Computing Server Architecture with Joint Power and Cooling Integration at the Nanoscale 2017
90 CO2Catalyst Pilot scale demonstration of novel CO2 co-polymerisation catalysts in the PU polyol market 2016
91 SymMech Unravelling the mechanisms behind bacterial symbiosis in insects 2017
92 WONOWO Search engine for organising complete collaborative economy experiences. 2017
93 PEPCo Problems in Extremal and Probabilistic Combinatorics 2017
94 FibrillarMICROSTRUCT Controllable Growth and Charge Carrier Transport of Fibrillar Microstructure of Semiconducting Polymers in Field-Effect Transistors and Photovoltaics 2017
95 ESA 2.0 Pushing forward irradiation monitoring efficiency in the PV industry 2017
96 HISMACITY-pro Historical Small Smart City Protocol for integrated interventions. 2017
98 ALDing Novel industrial processes using the Atomic Layer Deposition technique 2017
100 MetaPG Culture-free strain-level population genomics to identify disappearing human-associated microbes in the westernized world 2017
101 CRNPE Chemical Recycling for the New Plastic Economy 2017
102 Act-EPR Active Resonator Development for nano-EPR of single crystal proteins 2017
103 FOOTLOOSE Synthesis of sp3-Rich Organofluorine Compounds through Homologation of Boronic Esters 2017
104 No-LIMIT Boosting Photovoltaic Performance by the Synergistic Interaction of Halide Perovskites and Semiconductor Quantum Dots 2017
105 ReservoirDOCs The evolutionary dynamics of pathogen emergence and establishment: from Reservoir Detection to Outbreak Control 2017
106 VegWaMus CirCrop Developing commercial mushroom and vegetable production in an integrated food to waste to food biosystem. 2017
107 COMPCON Competition under (niche) construction 2017
108 TROPICSAFE Insect-borne prokaryote-associated diseases in tropical and subtropical perennial crops 2017
109 ASTEROID ASTronomy EuROpean Infrared Detection 2017
110 AccessVote The First European Platform for Accesible Paper Vote Cast 2017
111 ENTOMICSBLUEGROWTH Investigating the commercial feasibility of a novel biological enhancement technology for creating a sustainable, high value, insect-derived protein supplement for the EU aquaculture market 2017
112 MAGIC Marginal lands for Growing Industrial Crops: Turning a burden into an opportunity 2017
113 BREEDCAFS BREEDing Coffee for AgroForestry Systems 2017
114 XTOnE Use of Extremophile Bacterium XT1 in Biological Approach to Promote Plant Growth and Tackle Pathogens 2017
115 EPIC Evolving Program Improvement Collaborators 2017
116 SmartEEs SMART Emerging Electronics Servicing DIH 2017
117 MilliDrop New MilliDrop Analyzer: miniaturized and faster clinical microbiology testing in only one drop 2017
118 MUGICLOUD PLUG AND PLAY intelligent transport system for bus and coach sector 2017
119 PROMETHEUS Platinum gRoup MEtals saving by monoliTHos Efficient and disrUptive catalySt innovation 2017
120 TEM TEKLAB Evaporator Management system for energy efficient refrigeration 2017
121 HEMs-DAM Hybrid Epitaxial Materials for Novel Quantum State Detection and Manipulation 2017
122 Crux Agribotics Crux Agribotics: The future of cucumbers harvesting - robot for automated agriculture labors 2017
123 CityBike CityBike: A comfortable, safe, and adaptable electric-bike for everyone 2017
124 HYBRID Innovative Training Network towards raising and supporting the next generation of creative and entrepreneurial cross-speciality imaging experts 2017
125 HYCOAT A European Training Network for Functional Hybrid Coatings by Molecular Layer Deposition 2018
126 i-vSAVE Intelligent Vessels using space technology for Safety on board. 2017
127 KTX-20 Mass production platform for L-EVs 2017
128 blackQD Optoelectronic of narrow band gap nanocrystals 2018
129 PEGASUS Plasma Enabled and Graphene Allowed Synthesis of Unique nano Structures 2017
130 PAMDORA Planetary accretion and migration in discs over all ages 2018
131 DarkGRA Unveiling the dark universe with gravitational waves: Black holes and compact stars as laboratories for fundamental physics 2017
132 BONDS Bilayered ON-Demand Scaffolds: On-Demand Delivery from induced Pluripotent Stem Cell Derived Scaffolds for Diabetic Foot Ulcers 2017
133 Multicellularity The genetic basis of the convergent evolution of fungal multicellularity 2018
134 SWFsEUROPE Legitimacy, Financialization, and Varieties of Capitalism: Understanding Sovereign Wealth Funds in Europe 2018
135 TheMotion The most cost-efficient video ad creation platform; +5.000.000 video-minutes per hour of hyper-personalised videos instantly and at massive scale 2017
136 HIT-CF Personalised Treatment For Cystic Fibrosis Patients With Ultra-rare CFTR Mutations (and beyond) 2018
137 STRUCTURE De novo structural elucidation of functional organic powders at natural isotopic abundance 2018
138 BIOELE Functional Biointerface Elements via Biomicrofabrication 2018
140 HomeEnergyStorage Cost-effective battery for storage of locally produced Photovoltaic energy at residential buildings 2017
141 CALMUSgaming A new tool for creating real-time music within computer games 2017
142 POPCRYSTAL Precisely Oriented Porous Crystalline Films and Patterns 2018
143 HepaCheC HepaCheC - an in vitro diagnostic assay for the early detection of liver cancer 2018
144 Mega-Inliner High tech Inliner for ISO tank containers 2018
145 MULTICURVE Unique multi-curve active catheter for complex endovascular navigation 2018
146 conVIRgens De- and reconstructing virulence strategies of fungal plant pathogens 2018
147 B-SOCIAL BANK SOCIALISER: BANKing platform based on SOCIAL media Interactive SERvices 2018
148 Kjuicer Knowledge Juicer: Readers get Superpowers 2018
149 CoreSat Dynamics of Earth’s core from multi-satellite observations 2018
150 FERHAZ Multiscale Investigations on Si-integrable Ferroelectric Hafnia-Zirconia Systems: From Fundamental Understanding to Everyday Electronics 2018
151 DYNAVOLC Transitions in Rheology and Volatile Dynamics of Magmas: Mapping the Window to Explosive Volcanism 2018
152 BRAIN Bacterial regulation of Apis neurophysiology 2018
153 CRoSh “Chromatin Re-organization during Shade Avoidance” 2019
154 KeepTimeWithTheHeat Keeping in time with the heat: how oscillating temperatures set the plant circadian clock 2018
156 ErMIR Mid-infrared erbium cascade lasers for the remote detection of carbon dioxide 2018
157 RETAIN Routing Energy Transfer via Assembly of Inorganic Nanoplatelets 2018
158 SOT-2DvdW Spin-Orbit Torque in 2D van der Waals Heterostructures 2018
159 BRESOV Breeding for Resilient, Efficient and Sustainable Organic Vegetable production 2018
160 Couplet Transient climate change in the coupled atmosphere--ocean system 2018
161 FirstGalaxies Finding the most distant galaxies with NIRSpec guaranteed time on the James Webb Space Telescope 2020
162 HyArchi Targeting Root Hydraulic Architecture to improve Crops under Drought 2018
163 GALILEO 4 Mobility Fostering the adoption of GALILEO for Mobility as a Service 2017
164 UNIVO-NG Driving greater business value by unleashing hidden capacity of mobile systems 2018
165 DEGCAE DryGro: Efficient Growth of Crops in Arid Environments (DEGCAE) 2018
166 SEEVIX Phase-1 Spidersilk fibers as scaffold for tissue engineering: skin regeneratin and wound healing 2018
167 Anatomy Next Advanced 3D augmented reality technology providing a more accurate, effective and efficient method of medical education 2018
168 MNEMOSYNE EU ERA Chair in Digital Cultural Heritage: Mnemosyne 2019
169 DualMetha A cost-effective process for methanisation of unexploited agricultural waste. 2018
170 CoolHEMT Next Generation GaN Power Amplifiers 2018
171 Triboconditioning Development of an innovative and cost-efficient process for friction and wear reduction 2018
172 Stoock An Innovative Integrated Field Sensor system providing a precise farming tool to reduce productioncosts and water wastage. 2018
173 NEXTLEDs Chemical Engineering of Atomically-Flat Colloidal Quantum Wells for Next-Generation Light- Emitting Devices 2018
174 SmartTrans A real-time Voltage controlled distribution transformer for power grid stabilization in the smart-grid era allowing for 100% adoption of sustainable power sources 2018
175 POM: Peace of Mind for everyone's invoice administration 2018
176 OPVOL Use of dimensional scanner for irregular shaped items in the optimisation of shipments 2018
177 STACCATO European Industrial Doctorate for enhancing upstream biopharmaceutical manufacturing process development through single cell analysis 2019
178 Topo2DEG Topological states in superconducting two-dimensional electron gases 2019
179 MPA Mobile Application for Hybrid Internet 2018
180 HoloFood Holistic solution to improve animal food production through deconstructing the biomolecular interactions between feed, gut microorganisms and animals in relation to performance parameters 2019
181 TUMOURPRINT High Throughput Bioprinting of Tumour Models for Drug Development and Oncology Research 2018
182 C-Air An innovative, reliable, lifesaving industrial air purification system that contains, cleans, and purifies air contaminated by toxic gases. 2018
183 PUReSmart PolyUrethane Recycling towards a Smart Circular Economy 2019
184 LORAX The Lorax Project: Understanding Ecosystemic Politics 2019
185 IQubits Integrated Qubits Towards Future High-Temperature Silicon Quantum Computing Hardware Technologies 2019
186 SmartBuild A real-time adaptive projected augmented reality of 3D blueprints on top of the physical construction site that improves both productivity and safety 2019
187 CELL-in-CELL Understanding host cellular systems that drive an endosymbiotic interaction 2019
188 3DBIOLUNG Bioengineering lung tissue using extracellular matrix based 3D bioprinting 2019
189 NBEB-SSP Nonparametric Bayes and empirical Bayes for species sampling problems: classical questions, new directions and related issues 2019
190 Metercloud A cloud based integration platform as a service (iPaaS) for data management and operations of smart meters 2019
191 BLAPP Blapp, A fun game for the child, an effective tool for the therapist! 2019
192 2D4QT 2D Materials for Quantum Technology 2019
193 aiSim Accelerating Autonomous Vehicle Development with Photorealistic, Virtual AI Training and Testing Simulation 2019
194 Diacosm Nano Diamond Powder Additive for Cosmetics 2018
195 UnleashLupin Unleashing the potential of narrow leaf lupin as locally grown protein crop 2020
196 FAKEOLOGY Fake news and pseudo-science as post-modern mythology: The case of the anti-vaccination movement 2019
197 OakMycEvo Functional ecology of the plant-fungus interface: Harnessing evolutionary genomics, transcriptomics and experimental ecology to dissect communication and nutrient exchange in a mutualistic symbiosis 2019
198 TOPCHEM Topological Chemistry in Ternary Compunds 2019
199 PALEOCARBON PALEOcene greenhouse climate and the effect of basalt weathering on CARBON sequestration 2019
200 ProTOC Functional Electrical Contacts to Two-Dimensional Materials with Tunable Interfacial Oxides 2019
201 UNBIAS UNravelling BIvAlve Shell chemistry: Advanced Techniques for Accurate Reconstructions of Sub-annual Climate 2020
202 iNet Unraveling interaction networks of ammonia- and nitrite-oxidizing microorganisms 2020
203 multiQCD time-like observables from multi-level lattice QCD 2019
204 SPARKLE SPARKLE - Training Europe's Future Photonics Research Leaders 2019
205 Dinophyte Dinoflagellate phytotoxins exploitation 2019
206 QUINNOVA Unlocking the potential of EU cultivated quinoa through the production of protein-rich quinoa flour and functional quinoa starch 2019
207 M4WASTE Microgel-based high-performance smart filtration membranes for liquid nuclear waste treatment 2020
208 UniMind SaaS platform applying Artificial Intelligence and collaborative learning to the automation of Machine Vision-based manufacturing processes 2019
209 PRO-SCT PROducing Stem Cells for improved Treatment of patients 2019
210 Starborne Novel map-population and rendering techniques for reinventing massively multiplayer online computer games 2019
211 3DBrainStrom Brain metastases: Deciphering tumor-stroma interactions in three dimensions for the rational design of nanomedicines 2019
212 ARIEL Accelerator and Research reactor Infrastructures for Education and Learning 2019
213 DATENE Defect Analysis and Thermal Effects of Nanolasers and Emitters 2020
214 BiomStrip Over-The-Counter Test Strip for Early-Stage Cancer Screening 2019
215 INSPIRATION Investigation of the SNP-induced RNA structure variations between subgenomes in polyploid wheat 2019
216 UNLOCK-EDD UNLOCKing next generation computer-guided Enzyme Discovery and Design. 2019
217 GLISS Gliding epitaxy for inorganic space-power sheets 2020
218 AQUACOMBINE Integrated on-farm Aquaponics systems for co-production of fish, halophyte vegetables, bioactive compounds, and bioenergy 2019
219 EnTER Enhanced Mass Transport in Electrochemical Systems for Renewable Fuels and Clean Water 2020
220 PEVAP Planet Evaporation as a Window into Exoplanetary Origins 2020
221 ISEProD Industrial Structure and the European Productivity Growth Divergence 2020
222 CHILDPHOTOARCHIVE Children’s Photography Archive: a curriculum for child-authored, multimodal citizenship education in primary schools 2020
223 AID Artificial Intelligent Dentistry for cost-efficient X-ray analysis and diagnosis 2019
224 HEPHAESTUS Heating Electric-fields in a Plasma CVD reactor to Heighten Ability to grow Eeco-friendly and Sublime Type IIA Diamonds (which are Unique Stones) 2019
225 ARCAone Next generation security platform to safeguard critical applications and sensitive digital assets 2019
226 LPS For a full data privacy on the go. 2019
227 ARON Assay-Ready Organ Network 2020
228 LocalGlobal Local vs Global Properties of Large Discrete Structures 2021
229 HyCat In-situ fabricated hydrogen evolution catalysts for alkaline water electrolysis 2020
230 Trep-AB Repurposing clinically approved antibacterial drugs for treponematoses therapy 2020
231 DisMaLS Distributional Macroeconomics in the Long and Short Run 2020
233 B-HUB FOR EUROPE Blockchain HUB FOR EUROPEan startups acceleration and growth 2020
234 SNeX The origins of thermonuclear supernova explosions 2020
235 Cartesian Networks Cartesian Networks in Early Modern Europe: A Quantitative and Interdisciplinary Approach 2020
236 EpiStress Epigenetic mechanisms controlling hypoxia and pathogen Stress responses in plants 2021
237 Colorifix A revolutionary dyeing process to help the textile industry reduce its environmental impact 2020
238 ReSensE Reversed-polarity III-nitride Sensors for Enhanced UV-detection 2020
239 LivingTogether Living Together: a study of Hansalim as a model for solidarity pathways towards sustainable food systems 2021