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1 FORECEE Female cancer prediction using cervical omics to individualise screening and prevention 2015
2 EfficienSea 2 EfficienSea 2 - Efficient, Safe and Sustainable Traffic at Sea 2015
4 BRESAER Breakthrough solutions for adaptable envelopes for building refurbishment 2015
5 Human Decisions The Neural Determinants of Perceptual Decision Making in the Human Brain 2015
6 GalNUC Astrophysical Dynamics and Statistical Physics of Galactic Nuclei 2015
7 MIRAGE 20-15 Mid Infra-Red near-field control by Adiabatic frequency Generation Enabling 20fs/15nm resolution 2015
8 Mid-TECH Infrared sensing made visible: Combining infrared light sources and upconversion sensors for improved sensitivity in medical applications and gas analysis 2015
9 TransFlexTeg Large area transparent thin film thermoelectric devices for smart window and flexible applications 2015
10 3DSPIN 3-Dimensional Maps of the Spinning Nucleon 2015
11 RetinArt Clinical biomarker for arterial hypertension based on micro-vascular retinal imaging 2014
12 COMBPDCHEMOTHERAPY Rational design of combined PDT photosensitizers and chemotherapeutic agent as new approach in cancer therapy: a computational approach 2015
13 Egg-Juvenate Deciphering the roles of chromatin modifiers in germline aging 2015
14 TiFuN Tiny Functional Au Nanorods: Novel NIR-Photothermal Nanoprobes for Single-Molecule Tracking at Confined Cellular Environment 2015
15 NeWMaBIL Neural correlates of working memory control in aged bilinguals 2016
16 breast cancer dormancy Molecular characterisation of a clinical model of estrogen receptor-positive breast cancer dormancy 2015
17 NANOLASER Dynamics of semiconductor nanoscale lasers 2015
18 Photovitamin Windows Microprocessing photovitamin D3 using photo-high-T intensification. 2015
19 CuPESS Catchments under Pressure: Ecosystem Service Solutions 2015
20 BRACE Breaking down arenavirus cell entry 2015
21 WINTHERWAX WINdow based on THERmally modified wood with high performance WAX coating 2015
22 FIBGLOW High insulating fiberglass window and curtain wall profiles 2015
23 SDN-Polygraph Cloud-based Visibility Service for Software Defined Networks 2015
24 OPTILIFT OPTILIFT offshore lifting and logistics 2015
25 SWInG Development of thin film Solar cells based on WIde band Gap kesterite absorbers 2015
26 DRESSFORMER Virtual 3D fitting room for online shopping 2015
27 MLSYSTEM MLSYSTEM - heatable, integrated photovoltaics with insulated glass units 2015
28 Collect and Reflect Reducing energy consumption and carbon footprint by implementing Collect and Reflect(TM) blinds for solar energy collection and reflection (Collect and Reflect) 2015
29 LineVu A novel optical sensor platform for detection and measurement of contaminants in gas pipelines to protect critical infrastructure from disruption and damage - Linevu 2015
30 VOXEL volumetric medical x-ray imaging at extremely low dose 2015
31 OPTIMALZ Optical imaging of ocular pathology in Alzheimer’s disease 2015
32 MIRIPSHE MID-IR Integrated Photonic Sensor for Health and Environment 2016
33 NewBusFuel New Bus ReFuelling for European Hydrogen Bus Depots 2015
34 EXODUS Light induced spatially EXact and genetically encoded labeling of immune cells for monitoring of lOng Distance and Ultra-compartment Shuttling during autoimmunity and chronic inflammation 2015
35 CRYVISIL Crystalline and vitreous silica films and their interconversion 2016
36 Multi-Pop Fulfilling the Potential of Globular Clusters as Tracers of Cosmological Mass Assembly 2015
37 UPR NEURO The Unfolded Protein Response in Neurodegeneration 2015
38 iPROTECTION Molecular mechanisms of induced protection against sepsis by DNA damage responses 2015
39 BHstabNL The fate of black holes in high-energy physics -- exploring their dynamical instabilities 2016
40 NANOGRANITES Nanogranite Inclusions: New Window into the Partial Melting of the Deep Earth´s Crust 2016
41 MOSAIC Multi object spectrometer with an array of superconducting integrated circuits 2016
42 WISER WISER – the energy saving and burglar proof window that breathes for enhanced indoor comfort 2015
43 TiAlCracks Crack growth threshold analysis in TiAl alloys 2016
44 IntelGlazing Intelligent functional glazing with self-cleaning properties to improve the energy efficiency of the built environment 2016
45 VISION DMD VISION-DMD - Phase 2 Clinical Trials of VBP15: An Innovative Steroid-like Intervention on Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy 2016
46 QBH Quantum Black Holes: A macroscopic window into the microstructure of gravity 2016
47 GravityWaveWindow Gravitational Self-Force and Post-Newtonian Methods for Gravitational Wave Detection 2016
48 HiggspT Differential Higgs distributions as a unique window to New Physics at the LHC 2016
49 ENUBET Enhanced NeUtrino BEams from kaon Tagging 2016
50 SMILE SMILE - SMall Innovative Launcher for Europe 2016
51 Expectancy Unveiling expectancy neuronal coding in the cerebral cortex induced by naturalistic tactile stimuli 2017
52 SOSiC Southern Ocean Silicon Cycling: combining views of the past and present using silicon isotopes 2016
53 TReX Transient Relativistic eXplosions 2016
54 PANDORA Platelets: at the nexus of brain aneurysm 2016
55 MOSAIC Evolution of the Ape Forelimb: Evidence from Internal Bone Structure 2016
56 HOMInG The Home-Migration Nexus: Home as a Window on Migrant Belonging, Integration and Circulation 2016
57 W2C Eco-innovative, frameless wood window with premium design, highest energy saving performance and maximum open area 2016
58 Scubacraft Submersible vessel used for multi-purpose sub-aqua applications to enhance marine life, environment conservation and structural integrity of offshore installations. 2016
59 CLASS Cross-Linguistic Acquisition of Sentence Structure: Integrating Experimental and Computational Approaches 2016
60 3D2DPrint 3D Printing of Novel 2D Nanomaterials: Adding Advanced 2D Functionalities to Revolutionary Tailored 3D Manufacturing 2016
61 PROSOCIAL The neural basis of prosocial development in adolescence 2016
62 SENSOTRA Sensory Transformations and Transgenerational Environmental Relationships in Europe, 1950–2020 2016
63 MIRCOMB Chip-based mid-infrared frequency combs 2016
64 Cassantec Cassantec Online for SMEs, an advanced prognostic platform for predictive maintenance and failure of industrial assets 2016
65 ASSIMILES Advanced Spectroscopy and Spectrometry for Imaging Metabolism using Isotopically-Labeled Endogenous Substrates 2016
66 EENSULATE Development of innovative lightweight and highly insulating energy efficient components and associated enabling materials for cost-effective retrofitting and new construction of curtain wall facades 2016
67 ivMX Development of the new generation of structural biology by coupling in vivo crystallography to intense x-ray sources 2016
68 RE-SERVE Renewables in a Stable Electric Grid 2016
69 MicroContact Microcontact. Language variation and change from the Italian heritage perspective. 2017
70 HYPERTRANS HYPERTRANS: Transport of hyperpolarized substrates for metabolic MR imaging 2016
71 FatemapB High Resolution Mapping of Fetal and Adult B Cell Fates During Ontogeny 2017
72 LYT SONIC Smart Home security device based on infrasound detection technology 2016
73 HF-BWT Safeguarding shipping operations via a novel modular high frequency power converter to boost installation and performance of ballast water treatment systems 2016
74 VISIRday VISible to far-IR optical tuning: passive DAYtime cooling by hierarchical structures and hybrid materials 2017
75 CAMBAT Calcium and magnesium metal anode based batteries 2017
76 CrystalEyes Rapid crystallization design platform based on a novel stereo-imaging probe with anti-fouling system 2017
77 LIFECYCLE Early-life stressors and LifeCycle health 2017
78 PROOF Penumbral Rescue by Normobaric O=O Administration in Patients With Ischaemic Stroke and Target Mismatch ProFile: A Phase II Proof-of-Concept Trial 2017
79 SiLAS SiliconLaser 2017
80 DarkMix Illuminating the dark side of surface meteorology: creating a novel framework to explain atmospheric transport and turbulent mixing in the weak-wind boundary layer 2017
81 RADIOSTAR Radioactivities from Stars to Solar Systems 2017
82 GLYCONTROL Understanding and Controlling Glycosylation Reactions 2017
83 GeoElectricMixing Geophysical Signature of Subsurface Reactive Mixing 2017
84 HISTONEMEMORY New and Old Histones in Epigenetic Cell Memory 2017
85 XtremelY Numerical modelling of reinforced slender wooden window elements 2017
86 S-OMMs Smart Optical Metamaterials: A route towards electro-tuneable fast-reversible self-assembly of nanoparticles at controlled electrochemical interfaces 2018
87 SCRIBE Reading the genetic history of parchment manuscripts. 2017
88 MEMORIS Maternal Enteric Microbiota for Offspring's Repertoire development and Illness Susceptibility 2018
89 DIGESTIVO The DIffuse Galaxy Expansion SignaTures In Various Observables project: understanding the emergence of diffuse, low surface brightness galaxies and the link to their dark matter haloes 2018
90 NeoLaS Novel High-Power Single-Frequency Neodymium-Doped Fibre Lasers 2017
91 ReservoirDOCs The evolutionary dynamics of pathogen emergence and establishment: from Reservoir Detection to Outbreak Control 2017
92 BilProcess French-English bilinguals' processing of morphosyntactic structures: the case of cross-linguistic transfer 2017
95 POLMAG Polarized Radiation Diagnostics for Exploring the Magnetism of the Outer Solar Atmosphere 2018
96 SHERLOC QSP Quilted Stratum Processes (QSP) for low cost and eco thermoplastic manufacturing of complex composite parts 2017
97 Rib-ON Innovative Stamping Die for Aluminium Ribs Hot Stamping 2018
98 ACCURATE Aerospace Composite Components - Ultrasonic Robot Assisted Testing (ACCURATE) 2017
99 CARBAT CAlcium Rechargeable BAttery Technology 2017
100 EnergyMatching Adaptable and adaptive RES envelope solutions to maximise energy harvesting and optimize EU building and district load matching 2017
101 SYN1002 A New Therapeutic Option to Protect Central Nervous System against Acute Ischemic Stroke 2017
102 LIFEGATE Holographic super-resolution micro-endoscopy for in-vivo applications 2017
103 TarMyc Targeting the Oncogenic Function of Myc in vivo 2018
104 soundproof4win Soundproof window with ventilation function 2017
105 NEWTON NEw Windown inTO Earth's iNterior 2018
106 NEOSETAC New Selenium-based Targeted Nanocapsules to treat Breast Cancer 2018
107 CylcoRu4PACT Cyclometallated ruthenium complexes for photo-activated chemotherapy 2018
108 TENSION Efficacy and safety of thrombectomy in stroke with extended lesion and extended time window: a randomized, controlled trial 2018
109 ATOMICAR ATOMic Insight Cavity Array Reactor 2018
110 ToMeTuM Towards the Understanding a Metal-Tumour-Metabolism 2018
111 SolarGaps SolarGaps - Energy generating solar smart window blinds 2017
112 HIV ECLIPSE HIV-1 acquisition and the future of prevention strategies: deciphering the eclipse phase through modelling and phylogenetics 2018
113 Damocles Modelling brain aneurysm to elucidate the role of platelets 2018
114 ExoSonic A microfluidic chip for non-invasive, early detection of pancreatic cancer – liquid biopsy 2018
115 PanePowerSW Transparent Solar Panel Technology for Energy Autonomous Greenhouses and Glass Buildings 2018
116 ATTOLIQ Attosecond X-ray spectroscopy of liquids 2018
117 REMATCH Image-based analysis for drug discovery and repurposing 2018
118 WAI Wiraya Activation Intelligence 2018
119 INVISIBLE WINDOW An innovative, low-carbon window characterised by ultra-high thermal performance created using the most sustainable and energy efficient manufacturing processes. 2018
120 OptiWind Optimized cockpit windshield for large diameter business aircraft 2018
121 aWARE West Africa's Role in Human Evolution 2018
122 CORLINK The therapeutic potential of Genipin as a corneal cross-linking agent: Unlocking a new pathway for the treatment of corneal infection and disease. 2019
123 DARKHIGGS Dark Higgs Hunting at the Large Hadron Collider 2018
124 FutureHealth Global future health: a multi-sited ethnography of an adaptive intervention 2018
125 LUDEME The Digital Ludeme Project: Modelling the Evolution of Traditional Games 2018
126 EUVSBSMP Early Universe Vacuum Stability and Beyond the Standard Model Physics 2019
127 SELECT SEmiconductor disk Lasers for EffiCient Terahertz generation 2019
128 FunGraW Fundamental physics in the era of gravitational-wave astronomy 2019
129 NeuPES Inducing Neural Plasticity Using Electrical Stimulation Delivered by Nano-Structured Electrodes: A Critical Step Toward Post-Stroke Recovery 2018
130 Amplitudes Bootstrap The Bootstrap Method for General Amplitudes 2018
131 SUPEREVOL Evolution of supergenes and the genetic basis of snail colour polymorphism 2018
132 GRACE hiGh-Resolution imAging of the barrel CortEx through VSD and LFP recordings 2019
133 MINERVA Mapping intentionality: demonstrating innovation in Neolithic pottery uptake in the Eastern Balkans. 2018
134 SAGEX Scattering Amplitudes: from Geometry to Experiment 2018
135 4DBIOSERS Four-Dimensional Monitoring of Tumour Growth by Surface Enhanced Raman Scattering 2018
136 MIRed Streak Mid-InfraRed Streak Camera 2018
137 CoDEC Decoding the development of physiologic and epileptic cognitive neural networks 2018
138 NICI Non-Invasive Chemistry Imaging in the whole human body 2018
139 NEWTON-g New Tools for Terrain Gravimetry 2018
140 DEBS Significantly cheaper and cleaner energy from biomass combustion 2018
141 CAtALySt NeurescueTM: Computer- controlled aortic occlusion device for the treatment of cardiac arrest 2018
142 GlasSkin 2018
143 Akselos Integra Disruptive Digital Twin solution combining sensor data streams and high accuracy physics-based models to design and monitor large structural assets 2018
144 PGplant The Facade of Industrial Internet 2018
145 ILO Innovative dual cycle tracking system for contraception and conception on a single device 2018
146 CRAM Crosstalk Analysis for Microchips – a New Market Need 2018
147 TARDIS A novel robotic parcel locker platform for cheap, efficient & convenient last-mile delivery 2018
148 NEVADA Novel microengineered environments for mouse embryonic stem cell (mESC) differentiation towards cardiomyocytes 2018
149 ClusterWeb Unravelling the physics of particle acceleration and feedback in galaxy clusters and the cosmic web 2019
150 SELFIE SELF-sustained and Smart Battery Thermal Management SolutIon for Battery Electric Vehicles 2018
151 DIGISMART Multifunctional Digital Materials Platform for Smart Integrated Applications 2019
152 RESOLUTION Radiocarbon, tree rings, and solar variability provide the accurate time scale for human evolution and geoscience 2019
153 AxScale Axions and relatives across different mass scales 2018
154 GIDE Molecular diversification of inhibitory neurons during development 2019
155 CANCER INVASION Deciphering and targeting the invasive nature of Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma 2019
156 CELLONGATE Unraveling the molecular network that drives cell growth in plants 2019
157 B90 Developing an Oil Free Polypropyelene Diaphragm Pump for Agricultural Application 2018
158 DIDONE The Sources of Absolute Music: Mapping Emotions in Eighteenth-Century Italian Opera 2019
159 HQMAT New Horizons in Quantum Matter: From Critical Fluids to High Temperature Superconductivity 2019
160 PhytoTrace Wanted: Micronutrients! Phytosiderophore-mediated acquisition strategies in grass crops 2019
161 GRAPH-IC Silicon-Integrated Graphene Photodetectors for Future Photonic Integrated Circuits – Graph-IC 2019
162 MAGNESIA The impact of highly magnetic neutron stars in the explosive and transient Universe 2019
163 EQOP Socioeconomic gaps in language development and school achievement: Mechanisms of inequality and opportunity 2019
164 T-GRAND-SLAM Translating the Global Refined Analysis of Newly transcribed RNA and Decay rates by SLAM-seq 2019
165 Cr Free REAL Development and testing of innovative Cr Free solution for REmoval of Anodic Layers 2019
166 ULISSES Ultra low-power integrated optical sensor systems for networked environmental multichannel gas Sensing 2019
167 Cosmoglobe Cosmoglobe -- mapping the universe from the Milky Way to the Big Bang 2019
168 IDENSTEM Identification and characterization of enteric nervous system stem cells 2020
169 Tech4Win Disruptive sustainable TECHnologies FOR next generation pvWINdows 2019
170 TERMINATOR Ribosomal frameshifts as a novel mechanism to control RNA turnover in stress 2019
171 INFLOW Finding Flow: Negotiating diverse temporalities in migrant family life 2020
172 Degradation_ID The role of protein degradation in FBXO11-related intellectual disability 2019
173 PAVITR Potential and Validation of Sustainable Natural & Advance Technologies for Water & Wastewater Treatment, Monitoring and Safe Water Reuse in India 2019
174 SPIR Spasers in the infrared range 2020
175 BOHNS-TV Batch Optimization of Process Parameters for Hot Working of High Nitrogen Stainless Steels and Thermodynamic Validation 2019
176 LightBosons Search for Higgs boson decays into Light Bosons in Boosted Hadronic final states 2019
177 WASEABI Optimal utilization of seafood side-streams through the design of new holistic process lines 2019
178 TargetGBM Generating a targeted, brain-permeable and stable polymeric nanoparticle for systemic gene delivery to glioblastoma 2019
179 REMADYL Removal of Legacy Substances from polyvinylchloride (PVC) via a continuous and sustainable extrusion process 2019
180 EYELETS A regenerative medicine approach in diabetes. 2020
181 BodyDMI Development of deuterium metabolic imaging to map body biochemistry with MRI 2019
182 SolarGaps SolarGaps – Energy generating smart solar window blinds 2019
183 UDE Artificial Intelligence and Computer Vision for real-time diagnosis of public spaces 2019
184 SAPPHIRE South American population history revisited: multidisciplinary perspectives on the Upper Amazon 2019
185 RepDiff Revealing novel molecular mechanisms linking DNA replication and cell fate decisions 2020
186 PWS Polyurethane Window System: energy efficient monolithic windows towards Europe’s energy transition 2019
187 Solar-Win Next generation transparent solar windows based on customised integrated photovoltaics 2019
188 NeuroCompSkill A neuro-computational account of success and failure in acquiring communication skills 2019
189 THERADNET International NETwork for training and innovations in THErapeutic RADiation 2019
190 CULTURAL-E Climate and cultural based design and market valuable technology solutions for Plus Energy Houses 2019
191 Intelligent Glass Intelligent Glass: Affordable and Maintenance-Free Solution for Transforming Homes and Working Spaces 2019
192 CAST Active Monitoring of Cancer As An Alternative To Surgery 2019
193 CMBforward A programme for cosmology from current and next-generation Cosmic Microwave Background experiments 2020
194 SGHES Second-Generation Hybrid Electrolyte Supercapacitor 2019
195 DynAMic Dynamic adaptive microscopy for label-free multi-parametric imaging in biology and medicine 2020
196 FPPAs Field Programmable Photonic Arrays 2019
197 PULSE-COM Photo-Piezo-ActUators based on Light SEnsitive COMposite 2019
198 DyNAmecs Early embryonic events, life-long consequences: DNA methylation dynamics in mammalian development 2020
199 PEVAP Planet Evaporation as a Window into Exoplanetary Origins 2020
200 ARM and AWC Disrupting Global Trade Risk Management & Working Capital Solutions 2019
201 Evolift Evolift - Getting people out of harms way 2019
202 SENSE Sterile neutrino search in tritium beta decay 2020
203 PRISAR2 proactive monitoring of cancer as an alternative to surgery 2020
204 AMPLITUDE Advanced Multimodal Photonics Laser Imaging Tool for Urothelial Diagnosis in Endoscopy 2020
205 WINTHER Fast optoacoustic mesoscopy, using the skin as a window for therapeutic monitoring of local and systemic disease. 2020
206 AI4Cities AI accelerating Cities transition to carbon neutrality 2020
207 MATCH Discovering a novel allergen immunotherapy in house dust mite allergy tolerance research 2020
208 JERICO-S3 Joint European Research Infrastructure of Coastal Observatories: Science, Service, Sustainability - JERICO-S3 2020
209 SILENT Seismic Isolation of Einstein Telescope 2020
210 3D MAGiC Three-dimensional magnetization textures: Discovery and control on the nanoscale 2020
211 BoRiS uncovering the anatomical archive of annual RINGS to understand abiotic and biotic drivers of SHRUB growth at the range BORDER 2020
212 POTION Photodiode integration on silicon nitride 2020
213 RCE-OPP Resonant-Cavity-Enhanced Organic Photo-detectors and Photovoltaics 2020