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H2020 projects about "film"

The page lists 300 projects related to the topic "film".

# achronym  title  year 
1 Light Night Light Night 2015
2 Science in the City Science in the City 2014
3 HyMoCo Hybrid Node Modes for Highly Efficient Light Concentrators 2015
4 CHROMTISOL Towards New Generation of Solid-State Photovoltaic Cell: Harvesting Nanotubular Titania and Hybrid Chromophores 2015
5 Sharc25 Super high efficiency Cu(In,Ga)Se2 thin-film solar cells approaching 25% 2015
6 Nano-Tandem Nanowire based Tandem Solar Cells 2015
7 Carbon Heaters Next-generation of high performance, ultra-light carbon nanotube based heaters 2014
8 ENHANCE Environmental Humanities for a Concerned Europe 2015
9 ALABO Advanced laser ablation barrier films for organic and large area electronic devices 2015
10 LORIX Large Organic Robust Imager for X-ray sensing 2015
11 AutoPost Deformable Surface Tracking and Alpha Matting for the Automation of Post-production Workflows 2015
12 POPART Previz for On-set Production - Adaptive Realtime Tracking 2015
13 TransFlexTeg Large area transparent thin film thermoelectric devices for smart window and flexible applications 2015
14 Film265 Improving European VoD Creative Industry with High Efficiency Video Delivery 2015
15 BASMATI Bringing innovAtion by Scaling up nanoMATerials and Inks for printing 2015
16 GROWMOF Modelling of MOF self-assembly, crystal growth and thin film formation 2015
17 MIGOSA Modified Internal Gate image sensor for low light optimised Out-door Security surveillance Applications 2014
18 SolHyPro Water splitting by solar energy: From lab-scale to prototype devices 2015
19 MOPIGRASFIT Motion Picture Grammatical Rating System for Infants and Toddlers 2015
20 Safe and Sound Drive Design of a serious game for cars to help increase driver skills and lower fuel consumption 2015
21 QuantumLaP Quantum Effects in Multicolor Ultrafast Laser Processing: Broadening Boundaries of Classical Descriptions 2015
22 NICOS Nonlinear optical coatings at high intensities 2015
23 HS-GLASSion Highly stable glasses applied for lithium ion battery electrolytes 2015
24 Micro-SOLUTION Micro-Solid Oxide Fuel Cells based on highly catalytic ceramic oxide thin films nanostructures 2015
25 REAP Real-time diagnostics for Enabling Advanced laser-based roll to roll materials Processing 2015
26 LANDS Large Area Nanoparticle Deposition System 2015
27 Pro-Oxides Properties of metal oxides for electronic and optoelectronic devices 2015
28 FOMBIST Fibre-Optic Multi-parametric BIochemical Sensing Technology 2015
29 STRETCHLENS Deformable platform with thin-film based circuits and ultra-thin Si chips for smart contact lens applications 2016
30 SUPERSOL Solution processed low-dimensional oxide semiconducting structures and devices 2015
31 IMAGINACTIVISM Cultural production, social movements and virtuous spirals; Using cultural production to influence social transformation. An ethnographic case study of a transmedia and translocal experiment. 2015
32 BioStomy Development of manufacturing process for a novel multi-layer film comprising of a water-soluble polymer and a bio-compostable polymer to enable flushable ostomy pouches 2015
33 SiMAX SiMAX – translation machine for sign language 2015
34 TONALITy commercialisation TridimensiOnal Nanoporous ALumIna Templates 2015
36 SWInG Development of thin film Solar cells based on WIde band Gap kesterite absorbers 2015
37 FILMCO Greenhouse film covers with tailor-made properties for enhanced performance 2015
38 ROLL-OUT High-performance, Flexible, AUTOnomous Systems manufactured with Unique, Industrial ROLL-to-roll equipments 2015
39 LEO Low-cost / energy Efficient Oleds for lighting 2015
40 EXTMOS EXTended Model of Organic Semiconductors 2015
41 VIBRATE Self-sustaining vibration and mechanical resonance effects in stimuli responsive liquid crystal polymer coatings and membranes (Vibrate) 2015
42 CLIPP PLUS Manufacture and commercialization of high quality recycled polyolefin films using an innovative continuous extrusion recycling process assisted by sc-CO2 for printed plastic waste 2015
43 Soltile A roof integrated solar tile system to develop cost-effective distributed solar power generation. 2015
44 CapTherPV Integration of Capacitor, Thermoelectric and PhotoVoltaic thin films for efficient energy conversion and storage 2015
45 WAYTOGO FAST Which Architecture Yields Two Other Generations Of Fully depleted Advanced Substrate and Technologies 2015
46 DSLIGHT Advanced Lighting Management System for film production, smart lighting and creative industry 2015
47 MICOFLUID Complex Fluid under Micro Confinement 2016
48 CRYVISIL Crystalline and vitreous silica films and their interconversion 2016
49 MSCA2015 - COFUND Luxembourg EU Presidency Conference 2015 on MSCA COFUND, 10-11 December 2015 2015
50 MIMESIS Development of biomaterials through mimesis of plant defensive interfaces to fight wound infections 2015
51 INFORM Interfaces in opto-electronic thin film multilayer devices 2015
53 Filmcolors Film Colors. An Interdisciplinary Approach. 2015
54 cSiOnGlass Development of high-quality crystalline silicon layers on glass 2015
55 SORBET Spin Orbitronics for Electronic Technologies 2015
56 TFQD Thin film light-trapping enhanced quantum dot photovoltaic cells: an enabling technology for high power-to-weight ratio space solar arrays. 2016
57 NanoSol Accelerating Commercialization of Nanowire Solar Cell Technologies 2016
58 NANOGRAPHOUT Design, synthesis, study and applications of distorted nanographenes 2016
59 CARBOTIGHT Diffusion Barrier Layers and Anticorrosive Coatings from Functional Carbon Nanosheets 2016
60 IntelGlazing Intelligent functional glazing with self-cleaning properties to improve the energy efficiency of the built environment 2016
61 ultraSURFACE Ultra Dynamic Optical Systems for High Throughput Laser Surface Processing 2016
62 BET-EU Materials Synergy Integration for a Better Europe 2016
63 COURAGE Cultural Opposition: Understanding the Cultural Heritage of Dissent in the Former Socialist Countries 2016
64 I-Media-Cities Innovative e-environment for Research on Cities and the Media 2016
65 LIQUISWITCH External Control of Liquid Nanofilms for Switchable Friction and Adhesion 2016
66 NeurOLED Organic Light-Emitting Diodes for Optogenetic Control of Neurons 2016
67 Magintlec Controlling interfacial spin effects in magnetic devices through applied electric fields 2016
68 GSAORI Guide Stars Adaptive Optics for Retinal Imaging 2016
69 SELDOM SElective Deposition Of 2D Materials 2016
70 HippBoundariesPE Identifying the building blocks of episodic memory: how the hippocampus parses boundless experience into discrete events 2016
71 2D-EG-FET Printed Optoelectronic Devices from Nanosheet Network Electrochemically-gated Field Effect Transistors 2016
72 WORKRETHINK Rethinking Work: Intellectual Responses to the 2008 Financial Crisis in French Film and Media 2016
73 VAPOMOF Vapour phase deposition of metal-organic frameworks with luminescent guests for solid-state lighting and sensing 2016
74 OUTERMOST Towards Autonomous Large Area Mass Production Sputtering Plants 2016
75 FLEXOCOMP Enabling flexoelectric engineering through modeling and computation 2016
76 Farewell flashbacks Developing science-driven therapies after trauma: Neural mechanisms underlying the modification of intrusive emotional memories 2016
77 PROPERA The Profanation of Opera: Music and Drama on Film 2017
78 TES-FlexThin Novel Thermoelectric Energy Solutions based on Flexible Thin-Film Materials 2016
79 first.stage Fast and easy previsualisation for creative industries 2016
80 SOS Jelly An advanced biological remedy against jellyfish stings 2016
81 RNEst16-17 Researcher's Night 2016-2017 in Estonia 2016
82 LOOWATT European Expansion for Circular Economy Off-Grid Toilets 2016
83 PlastDeink Topic identifier: SMEInst-11-2016-2017 2016
84 TRANSAFELOAD TRANSAFELOAD: Testing the real behaviour of packaged loads during transport 2016
85 RollArray A disruptive mobile photovoltaic array that can pack up to 20kWp of generating power into a domestic trailer and 100kWp of generating power into an ISO 20-foot shipping container. 2016
86 Film Tourism Worlds of Imagination. A Comparative Study of Film Tourism in India, Brazil, Jamaica, South Korea and the United Kingdom. 2016
87 ILID Ionic Liquid Interface Dynamcis 2016
88 BodyCapital The healthy self as body capital: Individuals, market-based societies and body politics in visual twentieth century Europe. 2016
89 MSG Making Sense of Games: A Methodology for Humanistic Game Analysis 2016
90 BioMicroGels Innovative environmentally-benign wastewater treatment reagents offering a step change in efficiency in the cleaning of water from oils and metal ions and in liquidation of emergency oil spills 2016
91 Young-Italian 2015 Dangerous Masculinities: Young Men in Italian Cinema of the 1940s-1960s 2016
92 Lampack A new method for separation full recovery of multilayer packaging waste to create high value materials - LAMPACK 2016
93 FUNGUSCHAIN Valorisation of mushroom agrowastes to obtain high value products 2016
94 MUYA The Multimedia Yasna 2016
95 SolTile A roof integrated solar tile system to develop cost-effective distributed solar power generation 2016
96 HOM Homo Mimeticus: Theory and Criticism 2016
97 SAMBA Sustainable and Advanced Membranes By Aqueous Phase Separation 2017
98 LADIO Live Action Data Input and Output 2016
99 E-motion Electro-motion for the sustainable recovery of high-value nutrients from waste water 2016
100 ULPEC Ultra-Low Power Event-Based Camera 2017
101 VAPORE Vapor deposition of crystalline porous solids 2016
102 DDD60 DDD60 - High Quality VR for FilmTV industry professionals 2016
103 FLICs Enabling flexible integrated circuits and applications 2017
104 SD4Food The Spot Demetallizing Film - a unique, environment and health-friendly technology for effective food packaging. 2016
105 STARCELL Advanced strategies for substitution of critical raw materials in photovoltaics 2017
106 RES URBIS REsources from URban BIo-waSte 2017
107 BIOMULCH Integrated solution for innovative biodegradation control of agricultural plastic mulches. 2016
108 NanoPack Pilot line production of functional polymer nanocomposites from natural halloysite nanotubes: demonstrating controlled release of active antimicrobials in food packaging applications. 2017
109 ARCIGS-M Advanced aRchitectures for ultra-thin high-efficiency CIGS solar cells with high Manufacturability 2016
110 FLEXPOL Antimicrobial FLEXible POLymers for its use in hospital environments 2017
111 FAST FAST (Film Archive Superior Transfer) – A new paradigm for digital preservation of audio visual heritage through fast and cost-efficient film digitization 2016
112 XTPL XTPL - A new generation of TCF layers for use in displays and thin film photovoltaic cells 2017
113 CLEANI-Rad Effective and Resource efficient cleaning system for X-Ray Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) 2016
114 PECSYS Technology demonstration of large-scale photo-electrochemical system for solar hydrogen production 2017
115 VISORSURF VisorSurf - A Hardware Platform for Software-driven Functional Metasurfaces 2017
116 QHYDRO Quantum Hydrodynamics: Applications to nanoplasmonics 2016
117 SynFoNY Synthesis and Formulation of Nanoparticles for pinning in YBCO coated conductors 2017
118 CAPID Capacitive Identification Tokens 2017
119 CATHDFENS CATHode Development For Enhanced iNterfacial Studies (CATH-DFENS) 2016
120 EspLORE Extending the science perspectives of linear wires of carbon atoms from fundamental research to emerging materials 2017
121 Ground Drone Affordable Robots to Democratize Film and Video Motion Control 2017
122 Uniting PV Applying silicon solar cell technology to revolutionize the design of thin-film solar cells and enhance their efficiency, cost and stability 2017
123 FibrillarMICROSTRUCT Controllable Growth and Charge Carrier Transport of Fibrillar Microstructure of Semiconducting Polymers in Field-Effect Transistors and Photovoltaics 2017
124 DENTADFE Dendron and Dendrimer Derived Thermally Activated Delayed Fluorescence Emitters for Solution-Processed Non-Doped Device 2017
125 EPI-Centrd Epilepsy Controlled with Electronic Neurotransmitter Delivery 2017
126 DISFILM Fluorescent-based innovative measure in thin liquid films: A way to understand stability and energy dissipation in foams and emulsions 2017
127 REsiliENCe Research and development of innovative Enamels and Nanocoatings for the Cooking appliances market 2017
128 PlasmaSolution Demonstration and implementation of an integrated process for the Plasma-Enhanced Chemical Solution Deposition of PMMA-multicomponent coatings on wood and wood-based substrates 2018
129 ColoFILM Multifunctional polymeric film-based drug delivery system for oral anti-TNF-alpha-based inflammatory bowel disease therapy 2017
130 MAESDOSO Maximize Energy Saving and Deliver Comfort by Innovative Switchable Light Transmittance Technology 2017
131 SloMo Slow motion: Transformations of musical time in perception and performance 2017
132 ALDing Novel industrial processes using the Atomic Layer Deposition technique 2017
133 COPWOM The Continuation of Politics with Other Means: War and Protest, 1914-2011 2017
134 MODCOMS Modulated Composite Structures: A 3D Bulk Approach to Incoherent Hetero-Structure Interface Engineering in Oxides for Future Low Temperature Energy Applications 2018
135 H2Bio2Energy Operando FTIR spectro-electrochemistry of hydrogenases: unraveling the basis of biological H2 production for innovative clean energy technologies 2018
136 PHOTOPEROVSKITES Photoexcitation Dynamics and Direct Monitoring of Photovoltaic Processes of Solid-State Hybrid Organic-Inorganic Perovskite Solar Cells 2017
137 GRAPHNANOGEL Advanced graphene nanodevices with functional hydrogels for DNA sequencing 2018
138 GASAC Gender Aspects of Screen Adaptations of the British Nineteenth-Century Female Literary Canon 2017
139 ChildEmp Understanding children's empathy: an ethnographic study among the indigenous Runa of the Ecuadorian Amazon 2018
140 FIEC Fiction, Imagination, and Early Cinema 2017
141 PEROPTO Single Crystalline Halide Metal Perovskites Based Optoelectronics 2018
142 ShakespeareIndia Shakespeare and Indian Cinematic Traditions 2018
143 SARSESNA Sustaining A Regional Screen Ecosystem In A Small Nation: Aarhus and the West Danish Film Fund, 2002-2019 2018
144 IonPEFC Advanced catalyst electrodes from Ionic liquid modified PtNi nanowire arrays for PEFCs 2017
145 AMPERE Automated photovoltaic cell and Module industrial Production to regain and secure European Renewable Energy market 2017
146 TRANSARCHIVES Film Heritage and Archival Practices: Past and Present Transcontinental Encounters 2017
147 BIOSMART Bio-based smart packaging for enhanced preservation of food quality. 2017
148 Fresh Solutions Fresh Solutions –‘A fresh approach to food packaging’ 2017
149 Previble Previble - The Previsualization Tool 2017
150 Green-linker Innovative eco-friendly crosslinker for leather and textile finishing 2017
151 ARENA Aligned Roll-to-Roll Shear Coating of Nanotubes 2017
152 Immersify Audiovisual Technologies for Next Generation Immersive Media 2017
153 MAGTOPRECON Perpendicular Magnetic Anisotropy: from Topological Defects to Reconfigurable Magnetic Devices 2018
154 PROTECTOR Improving resource efficiency through a protective film for hose reel irrigation 2017
155 CROSS Cryogenic Rare-event Observatory with Surface Sensitivity 2018
156 ECCO Energy Efficient Coil Coating Process 2017
157 TransFlexBattery Transparent and Flexible Li-Organic 3D Thin-Film Microbattery 2017
158 EQ Supreme EQ Supreme is the cost-effective, ultra-thin silage stretch wrap able to completely eliminate feedlosses due to mould. 2017
159 HYCOAT A European Training Network for Functional Hybrid Coatings by Molecular Layer Deposition 2018
160 SiMAX SiMAX - The Sign Language Avatar 2017
161 CITYCARE Impact of air pollutants on cutaneous responses in both healthy and compromised skin barrier, and innovative solutions to protect skin against urban pollution 2017
162 QuIET Quantum Interference Enhanced Thermoelectricity 2018
163 MuStMAM Multi State Memory in Artificial Multiferroics 2018
164 Aural Paris Aural Paris: The Changing Identities of The City of Sound in Music, Film and Literature, 1870-1940. 2018
165 LubSat Unravelling Multi-scale Oral Lubrication Mechanisms (macro-to-nano): A Novel Strategy to Target Satiety 2017
166 BONDS Bilayered ON-Demand Scaffolds: On-Demand Delivery from induced Pluripotent Stem Cell Derived Scaffolds for Diabetic Foot Ulcers 2017
167 SIRIUS Skills and Integration of Migrants, Refugees and Asylum Applicants in European Labour Markets 2018
168 INFINITE-CELL International cooperation for the development of cost-efficient kesterite/c-Si thin film next generation tandem solar cells 2017
169 TRANSGANG Transnational Gangs as Agents of Mediation: Experiences of Conflict Resolution in Street Youth Organizations in Southern Europe, North Africa and the Americas 2018
170 SALADIN Superb Atomic LAyer Deposition tool for the semiconductor INdustry 2017
171 MMAMA Microwave Microscopy for Advanced and Efficient Materials Analysis and Production 2017
172 FORWARD New Frontiers for Optoelectronics with Artificial Media 2018
173 POPCRYSTAL Precisely Oriented Porous Crystalline Films and Patterns 2018
175 GREENSENSE Sustainable, Wireless, Autonomous Nanocellulose-based Quantitative DoA Biosensing Platform 2018
176 FERHAZ Multiscale Investigations on Si-integrable Ferroelectric Hafnia-Zirconia Systems: From Fundamental Understanding to Everyday Electronics 2018
177 AFFIRMATIVE Affirmative Post-Cinema: Narrative and Aesthetic Responses to Gender and Power 2018
178 KurdishWomen From Kurdistan to Europe: Kurdish Literary, Artistic and Cultural Activism by Kurdish Women Intellectuals 2018
179 Black Cinema-Going Black Cinema-Going in New York of the Interwar Period 2018
180 BioCore VIP Development of environmentally-friendly Bio-sources aerogel as the support Core for vacuum insulation panels (VIPs) 2018
181 DETECt Detecting Transcultural Identity in European Popular Crime Narratives 2018
182 ELECNANO Electrically Tunable Functional Lanthanide Nanoarchitectures on Surfaces 2018
183 ESPResSo Efficient Structures and Processes for Reliable Perovskite Solar Modules 2018
184 3D-CAP 3D micro-supercapacitors for embedded electronics 2018
185 RURALIMAGINATIONS Imagining the Rural in a Globalizing World 2018
186 GB-CORRELATE Correlating the State and Properties of Grain Boundaries 2018
188 MFCPF Multifunctional cellulose photonic films 2018
189 SEARCh SurfacE structure-Activity-Relationship in atomically-defined, ultrathin film perovskite Catalysts 2018
190 ARTEMIS Graphene Molecule Interfaces for Spintronics 2019
191 ESTIMA Electronics and Spintronics of Topological Insulator/MAgnetic Insulator heterostructures 2019
192 PLaTONE PLasmonics@Transparent cONductive oxidEs 2018
193 Piql-GO Ultra-secure data storage - and long-term preservation of digital and analogue data 2018
194 PERTPV Perovskite Thin-film Photovoltaics (PERTPV) 2018
195 CRISEA Competing Regional Integrations in Southeast Asia 2017
196 APRA Active Polymers for Renewable Functional Actuators 2018
197 sFilm-FS Fibrin sealant for anastomotic leaks and haemostasis 2018
198 INTERFACE paINTed mEtal aRteFActs ConsErvation 2018
199 SPRINT Ultra-versatile Structural PRINTing of amorphous and tuned crystalline matter on multiple substrates 2018
200 ComFyt ComFyt, the revolution in compression therapy. A novel Electro-Active Polymers technology applied to a smart stocking that mimics rhythmic calf muscle contractions and stimulates the blood flow. 2018
201 OHMIO Transparent and flexible conductive polymers to boost the photovoltaic industry in Europe 2018
202 Proteus 25 Developing the world’s first food wrapping machine with organic film 2018
203 XIMOFILM The first ultra-low extractable silicone film release liner for electronics, silicone adhesive market and medical applications 2018
204 SOLIMER Low cost, water Soluble, Injection Moulded polyvinyl alcohol polymer for laundry detergent capsules 2018
205 AMBEC Advanced Modelling Methodology for Bearing Chamber in Hot Environment 2018
206 OneSkyConnect Providing air traffic data for the drone revolution 2018
207 VeCoScan Development of a Multispectral, Versatile Film Scanner 2018
209 SuperScienceMe SuperScienceMe: ResEArCH in your REACH - European Researchers' Night 2018
210 Humanities Rocks Humanities Rocks! Science on stage in Ljubljana for 100 years 2018
211 ReFocuS 2.0 Road to Friday of Science 2.0 2018
212 EATEEM Experimental Aero- and Thermal investigation for a next generation Engine Exit Module 2018
213 piqlFilm-GO Scale-up and demonstrate the production of a novel High Resolution piqlFilm for Ultra-secure data storage and long-term preservation of digital and analogue data 2018
214 OLEDSOLAR Innovative manufacturing processes and in-line monitoring techniques for the OLED and thin film and organic photovoltaic industries (CIGS and OPV) 2018
215 SKOPA Skin friction and fiber-optics-based surface pressure measurements for aircraft applications 2018
217 DIGISMART Multifunctional Digital Materials Platform for Smart Integrated Applications 2019
218 SKYTOP Skyrmion-Topological insulator and Weyl semimetal technology 2018
219 VHH Visual History of the Holocaust: Rethinking Curation in the Digital Age 2019
220 IoTMemory Next generation of memory for the age of IoT 2018
221 TheBatteries A novel manufacturing method to bring solid-state thin-film batteries to mass market 2018
222 WAVESHIELD Re-inventing Paint – A Pioneering, Dry Paint Film for Radio Frequency Identification applications 2018
223 DIDONE The Sources of Absolute Music: Mapping Emotions in Eighteenth-Century Italian Opera 2019
224 Gravity Sketch Multiplatform for multi-users 3D content co-creation and collaboration in Real-time (VR/AR/Mobile) 2018
225 SoFiA Soap Film based Artificial Photosynthesis 2019
226 AFRISCREENWORLDS African Screen Worlds: Decolonising Film and Screen Studies 2019
227 REBICOM New innovative REcyclable and BIo-COMpostable film for flexible packaging 2019
228 DuraCap The first ultra-thin, flexible and durable pseudocapacitor fully integrated in a device for low power applications 2019
229 FOXON Functionality of Oxide based devices under Electric-field: Towards Atomic-resolution Operando Nanoscopy 2018
231 CITRES Chemistry and interface tailored lead-free relaxor thin films for energy storage capacitors 2019
232 EMUSIG Emotional Musical Signals 2019
233 VILB Very high temperature HVDC busbar (180 - 240°) with reliable and cost effective technology 2018
234 perovskites-NMR Atomic-level characterization of multi-component perovskite materials for optoelectronic applications 2019
235 RESWITCH Redox-Controlled Resistive Switching in Hybrid Metal-Organic Thin Films towards Neuromorphic Computing 2019
236 CNSOL Carbon Nanomembranes with Sub-Nanometer Channels for Molecular Separation in Organic Liquids 2019
237 PLASTICERA Plastic ceramic films to improve safety of modern nuclear energy 2019
238 Tech4Win Disruptive sustainable TECHnologies FOR next generation pvWINdows 2019
239 BirthControlEnvirons Contraception meets the environment: everyday contraceptive practices, politics, and futures in a toxic age 2019
240 HELD Hetero-structures for Efficient Luminescent Devices 2019
241 CIGNUS CuInGaSe Nanowires Under the Sun 2019
242 HES-PSC-FCTL High efficiency and stability perovskite solar cells based on the functionalized charge transport layers 2019
243 LIBED-PDs Light Induced Bipolar Electrochemical Doping in Perovskite Devices 2020
244 Thin-CATALYzER Nanostructured anode catalyst layer for oxygen evolution reaction based on a novel thin-film architecture 2020
245 Living in the media Analysing the Impact of Media Tourism on Locals’ Identities and Sense of Belonging 2020
246 SmartSorp Smart Ceramic Hollow Fibers for Energy Efficient Gas and Vapour Sorption 2019
247 MUSLIMWOMENFILM Locating the Storyteller: Muslim Women’s Auto/Biographical Cinema from the Islamic World 2020
248 MANDALA The transition of MultilAyer/multipolymer packagiNg into more sustainable multilayer/single polymer products for the fooD and phArma sectors through the deveLopment of innovative functional Adhesives 2019
249 BioNanoLip Bioactive lipids at the ocular surface: from Langmuir surface balance to ophthalmic nanoemulsions 2020
250 SIPODET Simultaneous imaging using planar optode and diffusive equilibrium in thin-film (DET) 2020
251 Blue-PeLEDs Efficient and Stable Blue Quasi-2D Halide Perovskite Light-Emitting Diodes 2020
252 Hyalcis Hyaluronic-Cisplatin Film for Implant in Malignant Mesothelioma Recurrence 2019
253 ULTRA-LUX Ultra-Bright Thin-Film Light Emitting Devices and Lasers 2019
254 CO2RR VALCAT Valence Band Tuning of Electrocatalysts for the CO2 Reduction Reaction 2019
255 Coldab An innovative Pulsed Laser Deposition process for next generation of Li-ion batteries 2019
256 LubeMonitor Graphene based lubrication monitoring, lowering costs, improving ecology 2019
257 INTELEG S HF Feasibility Study for INTELEG® S HF – a Wide Pressure Range Process Gas Analysis System 2019
258 Perovskite-QDD Innovative Quantum Dot material technology for stunning colours and energy efficiency in QLED televisions 2019
259 TriboMetGlass Thin Film Metallic Glasses for Tribological Applications 2019
260 STUDIOTEC Film Studios: Infrastructure, Culture, Innovation in Britain, France, Germany and Italy, 1930-60. 2019
261 Nature Fresh Development and Commercialisation of a complete compostable film packaging system 2019
262 DEMOSERIES Shaping Democratic Spaces: Security and TV Series 2020
264 PROPHET oPtoelectROnic Properties of Hybrid pErovskiTes 2020
265 GRAPHCOAT New generation of polymeric films, LDPE-Graphene based, for industrial applications 2019
266 APS On-site and On-demand Flexible Packaging System 2019
267 TVARC An innovative solid lubricant based nano-dimensional coatings for industrial production 2019
268 DANUBIAGRAPH The graphene-based resistance temperature sensors application 2019
269 ATLANT3D ATomic LAyer NanoprinTer, for rapid micro- and nanoprototyping of complex multi-material 2D/3D structures with high-resolution 2019
270 PLASTDEINK Water based process for the delaminating and deinking of surface printed plastic 2019
271 ORIGENAL Origami electronics for three dimensional integration of computational devices 2019
272 CQWLED Overcoming the efficiency limitation of semiconductor quantum dot-based light-emitting diodes 2020
273 CREATE Crafting Complex Hybrid Materials for Sustainable Energy Conversion 2020
274 GLISS Gliding epitaxy for inorganic space-power sheets 2020
275 FC2DMOF Development of Functional Conjugated Two-Dimensional Metal-Organic Frameworks 2020
276 TRANSLATING MEMORIES Translating Memories: The Eastern European Past in the Global Arena 2020
277 NANOLED Toward single colloidal nanocrystal light-emitting diodes 2020
278 StrataGRT An innovative topical drug delivery system for improving chronic wound healing 2019
279 SOLiDIFY Liquid-Processed Solid-State Li-metal Battery: development of upscale materials, processes and architectures 2020
280 SeNSE Lithium-ion battery with silicon anode, nickel-rich cathode and in-cell sensor for electric vehicles 2020
281 EcoFoil Innovative, sustainable and globally unique storage method for food preservation 2019
282 SPACEX Spatial Practices in Art and ArChitecture for Empathetic EXchange (SPACEX) 2020
283 MeM-Scales Memory technologies with multi-scale time constants for neuromorphic architectures 2020
284 NeoliberalTerror Neoliberal Terror: The Radicalisation of Social Policy in Europe 2020
285 PERCISTAND Development of all thin-film PERovskite on CIS TANDem photovoltaics 2020
286 SENSATE Low dimensional semiconductors for optically tuneable solar harvesters 2020
287 UV-LASE Out of the blue: membrane-based microcavity lasers from the blue to the ultraviolet wavelength regime 2020
288 LuSH Art Luminescent Solar Heterostructures for Artificial photosynthesis 2020
290 NitroScission Electrochemical scission of dinitrogen under ambient conditions 2021
291 SUPERB StructUral ProtEins foR Biomedical materials 2020
292 IRPV Chalcopyrite-perovskites for infrared photovoltaics 2020
293 LUCiD-Mater Liquids Under Confinement In 2D-MATERials 2020
294 UL-Flex-Cell High-performance, ultra-light flexible CIGS Solar Cell 2021
295 AquaLub A new high-performance aqueous lubricant formulation for soft bio-contact surfaces 2020
296 DJMI Zouj: Dynamic Jewish-Muslim Interaction in Popular Maghribi Comedic Performance Culture since the 1920s 2021
298 NanoQI Multimodal X-ray and Hyperspectral Thin-Film Nano-material Evaluation and Quality Imaging 2020
299 HI-ACCURACY High-ACCuracy printed electronics down to µm size, for Organic Large Area Electronics (OLAE) Thin Film Transistor (TFT) and Display Applications. 2020
300 PolySolar Synthesis and nanostructuration of a Pi-conjugated polymer for dye sensitized solar cells 2021