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1 RNEst14-15 Estonian Researchers' Nights 2014-2015 2014
2 InnoManage BB EEN Innovation Management Services Berlin-Brandenburg 2014
3 OrganiCity OrganiCity – Co-creating smart cities of the future 2015
4 TransFlexTeg Large area transparent thin film thermoelectric devices for smart window and flexible applications 2015
5 MARKinPATH Clinical validation of a bioMARKer for use in INtestinal PATHologies 2014
6 BMEVLP Biomarkers for clinical assessment of lungs intended for transplantation 2014
7 OMNICS Observing, Modelling and Predicting in situ Petrophysical Parameter Evolution in a Geologic Carbon Storage System 2016
8 GREAT Deformations of fundamental Groups of REpresentATions 2016
9 PADWIC Power Amplifier Design for Wideband Communications 2015
10 MENTAL IMAGERY The power of imagination – Breaking through behavioural avoidance in depression with mental imagery 2016
11 ACCESS2WM How prior brain states govern access to working memory 2016
12 WetCarb Wetland Emissions of Carbon (CO2 and CH4) in China under Climate Change: Analysis, Development and Implementation 2015
13 HQSTS High-Quality voice model for STatistical parametric speech Synthesis 2015
14 NPL Synthesis of Natural Product Like Compounds for Drug Discovery 2016
15 USES Understanding Social-Ecological Systems: Coupling population and satellite remotely sensed environmental data to improve the evidence base for sustainable development 2015
16 SEAGAS Multi-disciplinary Comparison of Fluid Venting from Gas Hydrate Systems on the Mediterranean and Brazilian Continental Margins over Glacial-Interglacial Timescales 2016
17 CONTESTED URBANISM Contested Cities Revisited: a multidisciplinary, multi-scale analysis of urban space 2015
18 NovLeuReg Identification and characterization of novel essential regulators of acute myeloid leukemia 2016
19 HistoricEpi Quantiative Study of Major Historic Epidemics and Transitions to longer, healthier lives 2015
20 MetalCell Transition-Metal Mediated Chemistry in Cells 2015
21 SEEING FROM CONTEXT The neural basis of visual interaction between scenes and objects 2016
22 NeuroEE Delineation of a brain circuit regulating energy expenditure to impact body weight 2016
23 BluGram Identification of genetic factors which determine host specificity in the wheat-powdery mildew pathosystem 2015
24 CONTESSA COuNt data TimE SerieS Analysis: significance tests and sequencing data application 2015
25 ACT against AMR Abyssomicin C Truncated derivatives against Antimicrobial Resistance 2015
26 Lx Micelles Coordination chemistry in doubly stabilized micelles for the tageted delivery of cytostatic drugs in cancer therapy 2015
27 CARDIOTOX Predicting Cardiotoxicity Induced by Kinase Inhibitors: From Systems Biology to Systems Pharmacology 2015
28 DIRS Deusto International Research School 2016
29 CLAYMBAR Injected Moulded barriers for cost effective food packaging 2015
30 IDIU Integrated and Detailed Image Understanding 2015
31 CD-LINKS Linking Climate and Development Policies - Leveraging International Networks and Knowledge Sharing 2015
32 ORGANO-GOLD CAT Merging organo- and gold-catalysis to design cascade reactions: a shortcut toward molecular complexity 2015
33 COFUND-FP-CERN-2014 COFUNDing of the CERN Fellowship Programme 2014 2015
34 ImpAl Improvements for a cost-effective volume production of advanced aluminum 2015
35 InnoManage BB 1516 EEN Innovation Management Services Berlin-Brandenburg 2015
36 EPN2020-RI EUROPLANET 2020 Research Infrastructure 2015
37 ALKATRAS ALK Activation as a target of TRAanslational Science (ALKATRAS): Break free from cancer 2015
39 BROADimmune Structural, genetic and functional analyses of broadly neutralizing antibodies against human pathogens 2015
40 ScienceSquared ERC = ScienceSquared 2015
41 PTAL Planetary Terrestrial Analogues Library 2016
42 SYNERGY Synergy for Smart Multi-Objective Optimisation 2016
43 PLICO Plant lipidome remodelling during cold acclimation 2016
44 REEEM Role of technologies in an energy efficient economy – model-based analysis of policy measures and transformation pathways to a sustainable energy system 2016
45 TheoryDL Practically Relevant Theory of Deep Learning 2016
46 EngiNear-IR Engineered Near-Infrared Photosynthesis 2015
48 CARDIALLY Capturing and quantitative analysis of multi-scale multi-channel diagnostic data. 2015
49 EXO-ATMOS Exploring the Plurality of New Worlds: Their Origins, Climate and Habitability 2016
50 CSA JPI HDHL 2.0 The second coordination and support action for the JPI Healthy Diet for a Healthy Life 2016
51 BIOACTIVECOATINGS BioActive Coatings in multi-well cell culture plates 2016
52 TIMEnzyme Implementation of Enzymatic Activity in a Naïve, de novo Designed Protein Scaffold by Rational Design and Laboratory Evolution 2016
53 QUAFORD Towards a Worldwide Quantification of Forest Degradation 2017
54 ProVegFlake High grade PROteins innovatively processed into VEGetal FLAKEs from plant sources with enhanced nutritional benefits 2016
55 NEURO-AGE Addressing Neural Declines to Promote Healthy Ageing 2017
56 HARVEST Plant foods in human evolution: Factors affecting the harvest of nutrients from the floral environment 2017
57 PreventStoCan Understanding microbe-induced stomach cancer – the key to a workable strategy for worldwide prevention 2016
58 BIDMAG Biological detection with functionalized Magnetic Sensor 2016
59 PHOTO ORGANO-GOLD Driving asymmetric photoreactions by merging organo- and gold-catalysis 2016
60 IFNBetaMito Role of IFN-β in mitochondrial homeostasis and impact on Parkinson Disease 2016
61 PrecTherLSCC Precision Therapies in Lung Squamous Cell Carcinoma 2016
62 ANCIENT_TEETH An integrative analysis of shifting trends in dental traits in human populations from Neolithic to Iron Age 2016
63 MCANALSMSCA2015 Receptor signalling in space and time - Gaining high-resolution information of the temporal and spatial control of G protein-coupled receptor signalling. 2018
64 SELDOM SElective Deposition Of 2D Materials 2016
65 PACE Paleogenetic extraction and analysis from challenging environments 2016
66 SDchirnanocat Sputtering-deposition of metallic nanoparticles onto chiral ionic liquids andapplications in enantioselective hydrogenation 2016
67 CONJUGATION Synthesis of CONJUGAted Two-DimensIonal Supramolecular POlymers for ElectroNics 2016
68 NanoTrIAL NanoTribochemical Investigation of Advanced Lubricants 2016
69 ANTILGBT Anti-LGBT organising and its transnational dynamics: The case of the Balkans 2016
70 Glial Patterning The genetic basis for glial differentiation in the developing zebrafish retina. 2016
71 SPicEs Smart Pickering Emulsions 2016
73 RELOAD REciprocal LOcal ADapatation: the genetic, behavioural and chemical study of the evolutionary maintenance of a mutualism 2016
74 MITOPLASTICITY Mitochondrial regulation of structural and functional plasticity within adult neurogenic circuits 2016
75 FLAME Fragility and Geopolitics in the Middle East and North Africa 2016
76 SPENG Stretchable Piezoelectric Nanogenerators for Energy Harvesting in Elastic Environments 2016
77 GENETONE Genetic dissection of a tonically active neural circuit 2017
78 VORTSHEET Vortex sheets - from new intuitions to crucial questions. 2017
79 CatalApp Copper Catalysis Applications 2016
80 NanoThermo Energy Conversion and Information Processing at Small Scales 2016
81 EXPHYLL Discovery of new herbicides through an exploration of the chemistry and biology of the naturally occurring phyllostictines 2016
82 CoSMaS Developing an interdisciplinary Collaborative Self-Management Support model: behavioural and communication tools for integrated care 2017
83 EpiTarget Epigenome-targeted therapy for cholangiocarcinoma. 2017
84 SHARPER SHAring Researchers’ Passion for Engagement and Responsibility 2016
85 SMJCY Single Molecule Junctions With Non-Conventional Architectures, Crafted In Silico 2016
86 STRAVIR Role of the stroma-derived ‘alarmin’ IL-33 in anti-viral immunity 2016
87 FFL4E Future Freight Loco for Europe 2016
88 uPROPHET uPROPHET: Urinary PROteomics in Predicting HEart Transplantation outcomes 2016
89 PJ05 Remote Tower Remote Tower for Multiple Airports 2016
90 LiveDeadFossil Life and death in Doñana National Park (Spain): palaeontological and ecological insights from the study of modern vertebrate death assemblages 2017
91 CaPE The International Court of Justice and the Preservation of Peace in the 21st Century: Global Governance in Action 2016
92 OPTICON Optical Infrared Coordination Network for Astronomy 2017
93 MARINERGI Marine Renewable Energy Research Infrastructure 2017
94 CortIMod Implementation and Preliminary Validation of a Novel Noninvasive Neuromodulation Technique to Restore Hand Movement and Promote Recovery after Stroke 2016
95 XYL-EID Determinants of Xylella fastidiosa host specificity 2016
96 LENSD Liquid Exfoliation of Nanomaterials using Spinning Discs 2017
97 REJUVENATION Repair of Junctional Atrioventricular Conduction and Impulse Formation 2017
98 iMDx Microfiber Electrofluidics for Integrated Molecular Diagnostics 2017
99 STRISOC Mass Strikes and Social Movements in India and Brazil 2017
100 CMI2T IA Harmless Clostridium bacteria as a highly targeted, continuous delivery system for immunomodulatory anti-cancer drugs 2017
101 iPILs4Bionics Innovative Biodegradable Poly(ionic liquid)s for Bioelectronics 2018
102 DOC Dark Ocean Cosmeceuticals -DOC-: The Cosmetical and Pharmaceutical Potential of Marine Dissolved Organic Matter 2017
103 NETBIO-GE Quantitative brain network biomarkers for patient-specific diagnostics in idiopathic generalized epilepsy 2017
104 PRIMASKOTI PReparing Introduction to MArket of SKOTI (PRIMASKOTI) - a breakthrough solution for real-time studies of cytoskeletal motors at single-molecule resolution 2017
105 ALOA Adjustable Level of Automation in an intuitive micro/nano working environment 2017
106 SUPERSPIN Superconducting Spintronics for Highly Energery Efficient Cryogenic Memory Applications 2017
107 IAUVcontrol Force/position control system to enable compliant manipulation from a floating I-AUV 2017
108 RF-MAFS Novel RF Driven MRI Magnet for Imaging Enhancement 2017
109 QuEST Quantum Energy Conditions and Singularity Theorems 2017
110 AMONTRACK Acoustic monitoring of railway track quality 2018
111 MSCHIPBIO Multiscale computational modelling for natural hip biomechanics and tribology 2017
112 TEMPOMATH Temporal delays in mathematical models of cell biology processes 2017
113 MARVEL Novel MAterial and Process Design for ReVerse Electrodialysis-Water ELectrolysis Energy System 2017
114 NewCat4Bio Innovative sol-gel strategies for the production of homogeneous, hydrothermally stable, and porous mixed metal oxide catalysts for biomass conversion applications 2017
115 AcTaferon Revitalizing the clinical potential of type I IFNs in fighting influenza A virus infections with AcTaferon. 2017
116 exciTitania Excitonic quasiparticles in Titania 2017
117 PLANAFFHO PLANAFFHO - PLANning for AFFordable HOusing 2018
118 MACROSS Multimedia Communication and Processing over Vehicular Cloud Networks for AutonomousDriving 2018
119 DYNAMO Structural Dynamics of Membrane Receptors at native-like conditions 2018
120 ProbSenS Probabilistic neuromorphic architecture for real-time Sensor fusion applied to Smart, water quality monitoring systems 2017
121 SASPAT Smart Alloys Surface Patterning for Properties Tuning 2017
122 ASSIST ASSIST - Support Network for Household Energy Saving 2017
123 InnoManage BB InnoManage BB 2017-2018 2017
124 DAREnet DAnube river region Resillience Exchange network 2017
125 WorldlyMatter Worldly Matter: The Materials of Conceptual Art 2017
126 EUCLEG Breeding forage and grain legumes to increase EU's and China's protein self-sufficiency 2017
127 BIKE Bioconductive Iongels for Cutaneous Electrophysiology 2018
128 FBT Transforming Brain Rehabilitation 2017
129 EExres Estonian Presidency Research Policy Conference ‘European Research Excellence - Impact and Value for the Society’ 2017
130 INDTECH2018 INDustrial TECHnologies 2018 - innovative industries for smart growth 2017
131 MUMMERING MUltiscale, Multimodal and Multidimensional imaging for EngineeRING 2018
132 PHOTO-EMULSION Towards Next-generation Eco-efficient PHOTO and EMULSION Polymerisations Imparting Synergy to Process, Products and Applications 2017
133 SPADE from SPArsity to DEep learning 2017
134 Aftermath THE AFTERMATH OF THE EAST ASIAN WAR OF 1592-1598. 2018
135 LD_Biogenesis Identification and characterization of sites of lipid droplet biogenesis in the ER 2018
136 FELLINI FELLowship for Innovation at INFN 2018
137 LUCCA Land Use and Climate Change Attribution for biodiversity impact assessments 2018
138 FRONTIERPEACE On the Frontiers of Peace. Cross-cultural Peacebuilding on the Global Frontiers of the Iberian Empires (1500-1580) 2018
139 CureCN Adeno-Associated Virus Vector-Mediated Liver Gene Therapy for Crigler-Najjar Syndrome 2018
140 ATOS Advanced Technological Solutions for X band Earth Observation Systems 2018
141 CE-IOT A Framework for Pairing Circular Economy and IoT: IoT as an enabler of the Circular Economy circularity-by-design as an enabler for IoT (CE-IoT) 2018
142 ERA PerMed ERA-Net Cofund in Personalised Medicine 2017
143 AMFIL Autonomous magnetic field-based indoor location 2018
144 PALACE Pump Architecture Linked to Aircraft Cooling Expectations 2018
145 PHOTOCHIRO Photocatalysis to crop protection: asymmetric cascades for chiral heterocycles 2018
146 SPECTRE SPEciation and dynamiCs of TRace Elements 2018
147 eJUMP Organic Ionic Plastic Crystals Nanocomposites for Safer Batteries 2019
148 RYD-QNLO Quantum nonlinear optics through Rydberg interaction 2018
149 NanoMop Smart Cholesterol-Mopping Polymer Nanoparticles in Niemann-Pick Disease Type C 2018
150 LikelyStructures Accounting for correlated errors with maximum likelihood in crystallography and cryo-EM 2018
151 AMACONOE Advanced modelling and control of nitrous oxide emissions from wastewater treatment plants 2018
152 ReMoVE Rendezvous Modelling Visiting and Enhancing 2019
153 MICROBE Metagenomic Investigation of Cow Reproductive Biology and Ecology 2018
154 TFs-HSCs The identification of the Combinatorial Transcription Factor network exerting different roles in Hematopoietic Stem Cells. 2019
155 SQuHadron Strategies to tackle the Quest for Hadronization 2019
156 PHOTO-FLUOR Enantioselective Carbon-Fluorine Bond Formation: A Molecular Editing Approach toward Drug Discovery 2018
157 PERSEUS A New Perspective On Star Formation and Spiral Structure in Our Home Galaxy 2018
158 FSCF Alternative Families Social Change: An interdisciplinary and cross-national study 2018
159 NoPHAME Novel PHAge MEthods for improved virus inactivation 2019
160 MAPoPHAGY Maturation of plant autophagosomes: mapping the route to sustainability 2018
161 SPRINT Ultra-versatile Structural PRINTing of amorphous and tuned crystalline matter on multiple substrates 2018
162 IPaDEGAN Integrable Partial Differential Equations: Geometry, Asymptotics, and Numerics. 2018
163 Have a BLaST Disruptive Bike Logistic Smart Trailer for efficient, painless and zero nuisance last mile delivery in cities 2018
164 ExitAplasia Reg-X310: new disruptive medicine for faster exit from aplasia afetr agressive chemotherapy of hematologic malignancies 2018
165 ALTFInator Capacity-building of the financial ecosystem and its participants for improving innovative SME´s access to alternative forms of finance in Europe with focus on SE and CEE 2018
167 FIT4FoF Making our Workforce Fit for the Factory of the Future 2018
168 WrightBroS Working in a Collaborative Factory of the Flight Simulators Branch of RISE 2019
169 OPEN Outcomes of Patients’ Evidence With Novel, Do-It-Yourself Artificial Pancreas Technology 2019
170 EPIC Enabling Precision Immuno-oncology in Colorectal cancer 2018
171 iqClock Integrated Quantum Clock 2018
172 GRASP Overcoming plant graft incompatibility by modifying signalling and perception 2019
173 UPGRADE Unlocking Precision Gene Therapy 2019
174 LINCE Light INduced Cell control by Exogenous organic semiconductors 2019
175 RADON Rational decomposition and orchestration for serverless computing 2019
176 AFRISCREENWORLDS African Screen Worlds: Decolonising Film and Screen Studies 2019
177 spaceEU Fostering a young, creative and inclusive European Space Community 2018
178 ConPLED Nanostructured Confined ABX3 Perovskite based Light-Emitting Devices 2019
179 FAT-FEEDOX De Novo Fatty Acid Synthesis from Alkane Feedstocks and CO2 2019
180 FrATGaria Identification of the role of autophagy during fruit ripening and stress resistance in Strawberry: Autophagy manipulation as a way to improve Strawberry fitness 2019
181 SILIA Solid Immersion Lens Microscopy to Study Cilia Assembly 2019
182 PANTERA Pan European Technology Energy Research Approach 2019
183 GRINP Action-based routes for numbers: unveiling the core networks of reaching, grasping and number processing in brain damaged and healthy individuals. 2019
184 SO-CUP Southern Ocean Carbon Uptake 2020
185 SSHelectPhagy Regulation of Selective autophagy by sulfide through persulfidation of protein targets. 2019
186 INFINITY Infinity in Mathematics: A Philosophical analysis of Critical Views of Infinity 2019
187 COMBGEOREP Combinatorial and geometric methods in representation theory 2019
188 AtropFluoPhoto Stereoselective Synthesis of Atropisomeric Fluorophores for Asymmetric Photocatalysis 2019
189 PRESQUE A predicting platform for designing semiconductor quantum devices 2019
190 TEAMS Modelling Trust-based Evolutionary Dynamics in Signed Social Networks 2020
191 Stable PeLEDs Towards Stable Perovskite Light-Emitting Diodes 2019
192 MODSIM Modelling of Twin Screw Granulation on Micro-Macro Scales 2019
193 TBNANO Targeted intracellular delivery of antitubercular agents by functionalized nanocapsules 2019
194 STARS STable perovskite solar cells via interfacial engineering of 2D/3D mixed-dimensional Absorbers and Robust dopant-free hole transporting materialS 2019
195 NEUROSHELL Advancing knowledge and acquiring expertise in shellfish research by investigating environmental, neuroendocrine and endocrine control of key stages in oyster aquaculture, using a rhythmic approach 2019
196 NotToKill-NotToDie Unrevealing dry season Plasmodium falciparum replication biology 2019
197 SuperVGE Supersonic Variable Geometry Turbine Expanders for High-Efficiency, High Temperature, Organic Rankine Cycle Applications 2019
198 Language Use Languages and Language Use 2019
199 Robust Robust and Energy-Efficient Numerical Solvers Towards Reliable and Sustainable Scientific Computations 2019
200 EDULIBERA Education as an instrument for liberation in Mozambique and Timor-Leste — histories of solidarity and contemporary reflections 2019
201 NIRLAMS NIR Light Harvesting in Artificial Protein-Lipid-Chromophores Coassembled Molecular System 2020
202 UNPACK PD-L1 Molecular mechanism and inhibition of extracellular vesicle-mediated PD-L1 release in melanoma cells 2020
203 ConfliGram Conflicting Grammars: Gender among bilinguals in Mesoamerica and the Caucasus 2019
204 TheRealCompetition When Public Health Campaigns Warn You, but Your Friends Like to Drink – Connecting Computational Social Science and Neuroscience to Understand Real-World Health Behavior 2019
205 6i-DIRS 6i-DIRS: A growing attractive collaborative ecosystem for boosting impact driven research careers 2019
206 EvolSexChrom Testing new hypotheses on the evolution of sex-related chromosomes 2019
207 ON-MERRIT Observing and Negating Matthew Effects in Responsible Research and Innovation Transition 2019
208 THE GREEN FACTORY Avant-garde R&D platform and demonstration plant towards efficient industrial biotechnologies 2019
209 NEANIAS Novel EOSC services for Emerging Atmosphere, Underwater and Space Challenges 2019
210 ICT-AGRI-FOOD ERA-NET Cofund on ICT-enabled agri-food systems 2019
211 HECAT Disruptive Technologies Supporting Labour Market Decision Making 2020
212 CS-Track Expanding our knowledge on Citizen Science through analytics and analysis 2019
213 CHAMELEONS Championing A Multi-Sectoral Education and Learning Experience to Open New Pathways for Doctoral Students 2020
214 ELNANO Charge transport in nanochannels 2019
215 PJ05-W2 DTT PJ05-W2 Digital Technologies for Tower 2019
216 RAGT Robust Algorithmic Game Theory 2020
217 FRRAnt Ordering, Constructing, Empowering: Fragments of the Roman Republican Antiquarians 2020
218 MUSAiC Music at the Frontiers of Artificial Creativity and Criticism 2020
219 KineTic New Reagents for Quantifying the Routing and Kinetics of T-cell Activation 2020
220 EXAM Designing Singlet Fission Materials Using Excited State Aromaticity 2020
221 FuncDis3D Deconstructing gene regulation through functional dissection of the 3D genome 2020
222 PHOTO-CYCLE Photocatalysis in Drug Discovery - Asymmetric Preparation of Bioactive Chiral Lactones and Cyclohexanols 2020
223 PostGro Towards a postgrowth economics: A viable postgrowth economy without increasing inequality 2020
224 LUCiD-Mater Liquids Under Confinement In 2D-MATERials 2020
225 EAST Using Evolutionary Algorithms to Understand and Secure Web/Enterprise Systems 2020
226 SMILIES Two-dimensional Transition Metal Dichalcogenides as Charge Transporting Layers for High Efficient Perovskite Solar Cells 2020
227 MARACHAS MAss RAtio evolution in Clusters between HAlos and Sub-halos 2020
228 EscaPI Exploring the non-genetic (i.e. ePIgenetic) mechanisms that contribute to therapy Escape in melanoma 2020