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1 SHARPER SHAring Researchers’ Passion for Excellence and Results. European Reserarchers' Night in the Centre of Italy 2014 - 2015 2014
2 TASCMAR Tools And Strategies to access to original bioactive compounds from Cultivation of MARine invertebrates and associated symbionts 2015
3 OPTIMUM Multi-source Big Data Fusion Driven Proactivity for Intelligent Mobility 2015
4 PLATINUM Papyri and LAtin Texts: INsights and Updated Methodologies.Towards a philological, literary, and historical approach to Latin papyri 2015
5 FOCUS Factory of the Future Clusters 2015
6 META-STRESS Unravelling life-history responses and underlying mechanisms to environmental stress in wild populations 2015
7 CONT-ACT Control of contact interactions for robots acting in the world 2015
8 RADIO Robots in assisted living environments: Unobtrusive, efficient, reliable and modular solutions for independent ageing 2015
9 eNHANCE eNHANCE - intention based enhancement of reaching and grasping in physically disabled people - personalized to maximize user performance 2015
10 SPOOC Automated Security Proofs of Cryptographic Protocols: Privacy, Untrusted Platforms and Applications to E-voting Protocols 2015
11 PARTISPACE Spaces and Styles of Participation. Formal, non-formal and informal possibilities of young people’s participation in European cities. 2015
12 Elastomer Recycling World`s first innovative method for recycling of elastomers and plastics from industrial waste 2014
13 PREDICTIVEMEMORY Multimodal neuroimaging of mechanisms supporting memory-based predictions in the human brain 2015
14 GATTACA Genetics of Alternative Transcript Abundance upon immune Cellular Activation 2015
15 DROUGHTROOT Plants in search of water: physiological and molecular interplay between root hydraulics and architecture during drought stress 2016
16 CONTESTEDWATERS Contested Waters: Rio de Janeiro’s Public Water Supply and the Social Structuring of the City 2015
17 PBIGP Plant-Bacillus Interaction: Gain of Function Project 2016
18 KCs and Gut Antigens Elucidating the role of liver resident Kupffer cells in the regulation of the immune responses to intestinal antigens 2015
19 PULVERCOAT Low Curing Temperature Powder Coatings for Outdoor Applications 2015
20 BrainPEER Brain Performance Enhancement Revolution - Advanced Cognitive Training System for Football Players 2015
21 Smartphone-ANCIH Smartphone A new concept in hearing…”: an interactive real-time embedded audio solution that offers a significant/disruptive change in hearing technology and market. 2015
22 Aerowash II InnovAtive automatic battERy pOwered WASHing robot for the aviation industry – Aerowash II 2015
23 BDoSM Big Data of Small Molecules 2015
24 ISO-COLD Integrated SOlution to enhance COLD chain and logistic tracking 2015
25 SCHOCKO3 Novel Ozone and Thermal Shock Conservation Process for Vegetables 2015
26 IDEM Immunity, DEvelopment and Microbiota: Understanding the Continuous Construction of Biological Identity 2015
27 IMMUTRAIN Training Network for the Immunotherapy of Cancer 2015
28 Polarsol Phase One Disrupting the energy market with the innovation in solar heating 2015
29 SOUTHPARK SOUTHPARK - SOcial and Universal Technology HelPing to detect ARrivals via sdK 2015
30 OUTCOME The outstanding challenge in solid mechanics: engineering structures subjected to extreme loading conditions 2016
31 WASP Wide Spectral Range Photonic Glucometer 2015
32 BrailleJet Digitally controlled Braille jet printing 2015
33 Troy Stem Cells Troy+ stomach stem cells in homeostasis, repair and pathogenesis 2015
34 SocioSmell Social Chemosignaling as a Factor in Human Behavior in both Health and Disease 2015
35 C-Levitonics Classical Levitonics: transposing quantum levitons to classical waves for single side band wireless data transmissions 2015
36 PELLETON PELLETON – a device for production of pellets from biomass and agricultural waste for energy purposes 2015
37 BUNDLEFORCE Unravelling the Mechanosensitivity of Actin Bundles in Filopodia 2016
38 SELFORGANICELL Self-Organization of the Bacterial Cell 2016
39 BRAVIUS Brain-viscera interactions underlie subjectivity 2015
40 ELIRAD Everyday Life Radar Sensors For Transportation 2016
41 SGSOFT Antimicrobial wound care solution to prevent and cure wound infections and cut health care costs 2016
42 sqetch Sqetch – easily connecting fashion brands with apparel manufacturers 2016
43 NATAROM New isolation methods for production of natural aroma ingredients 2016
44 TranslationRegCode Cracking the Translation Regulatory Code 2016
45 TissueMaps Integrating spatial and genetic information via automated image analysis and interactive visualization of tissue data 2016
46 biowave Upscale and demonstration of a integrated novel microwave pre-treatment system for efficient production of biogas from anaerobic digestion of pig manure to create a sustainable waste management system 2016
47 AmpiDots Exponential Amplification and Rapid Detection of miRNAs using DNA-Quantum Dot Bioconjugates for Disease Diagnostics 2017
48 EVIDENCITY Documenting Sarajevo: City and Society During and After the War 2016
49 SUPRACOPHS Design and synthesis of supramolecular copolymers for responsive self-assembled photonic structures. 2016
50 CraNOC Cracking the Nucleo-Olivary Code 2016
51 ECogNeT Embodied Cognitive Neuromorphic Technology 2016
52 ADVANTA Toward a new generation of miniature multifrequency antennas using multiresonance platform based on subwavelength structures inspired by advanced metamaterials 2017
53 Expectancy learning Enhancing expectancy formation in healthy aging through statistical and sensorimotor learning 2016
54 Age Asymmetry Age-Selective Segregation of Organelles 2016
55 MultisensoryIntegration Multisensory Integration in Time and Space 2016
56 IsImAg Isis, Images and Agency. The Creation, Use and Perception of Religious Iconography Concerning the Egyptian Gods in the Hellenistic and Roman Worlds 2017
57 BBRhythms Brain and body rhythms: on the relationship between movement and percept 2016
58 ESASTAP 2020 Strengthening Technology, Research and Innovation Cooperation between Europe and South Africa 2020 2016
59 iCARE MobIle health-Care system for monitoring toxicity and symptoms in cAncer patients ReceivingdiseasE-oriented therapy 2016
60 T-Rex Clathrin-mediated endocytosis in plants: mechanistic insight into the TPLATE REcycling compleX and its interplay with AP-2 2016
61 Tropical lichens Symbionts and changing environment: Lichen diversity and photobiont associations in tropical mountain ecosystems 2016
62 ConnectProtect A total cyber protection service to Small Businesses operating critical infrastructure and Residential customers 2016
63 OLEUM Advanced solutions for assuring the overall authenticity and quality of olive oil 2016
64 NEWRON New and mature neurons in adult circuits: telling memories apart 2016
65 3D2DPrint 3D Printing of Novel 2D Nanomaterials: Adding Advanced 2D Functionalities to Revolutionary Tailored 3D Manufacturing 2016
66 AutoMate Automation as accepted and trustful teamMate to enhance traffic safety and efficiency 2016
67 PrintPack Arranging the Particles: Step Changing Chemical Measurement Technology 2016
68 NeMo NeMo : Hyper-Network for electroMobility 2016
69 PRE2POS PREcession-based drive mechanisms for high-PREcision energy-efficient POSitionining devices 2016
70 Naturbo Naturbo, the first air purification technology using a patented process of biotransformation to transform bad indoor air into healthy, fresh, and natural air. 2016
71 transcriPTIon Understanding transcriptional regulation in plant PAMP-triggered immunity 2016
72 ELASTEST ElasTest: an elastic platform for testing complex distributed large software systems 2017
73 CONNEXIO Physiologically relevant microfluidic neuro-engineering 2016
74 VITASEED the ultimate priming solution scaling up seed storability length 2016
75 CyBioSys An affordable Cyber Biological System combining swarming biosensors and robotics 2016
76 InStance Intentional stance for social attunement 2017
77 FASTSCALE Fast-Beam - Novel modular repair and newbuilding system for concrete bridges 2016
78 INNOLABS INNOvative LABS for leveraging cross capacity building between ICT, Health, BIO and Medicine sectors for new emerging industries in personalized health 2017
79 certMILS Compositional security certification for medium- to high-assurance COTS-based systems in environments with emerging threats 2017
80 BYPASSWITHOUTSURGERY Reaching the effects of gastric bypass on diabetes and obesity without surgery 2017
81 FREEMIND FREE the MIND: the neurocognitive determinants of intentional decision 2017
82 OHS On Human Shielding 2017
83 NESPINT NEutron Spectrometry to Prevent Illicit Nuclear Trafficking 2017
84 MultiSense Multisensory signal processing: From brain-wide neuronal circuits to behavior 2017
85 FAST TestOM FAST and accurate Testing of Organic Materials 2017
86 BikeABS Bicycle Anti-Lock Brake System (ABS) for Cycling Industry 2017
87 321 from Cubic To Linear complexity in computational electromagnetics 2017
88 ChroSoDSB Chromatin Study of DNA Double Strand Breaks 2017
89 SOUNDBITES Sound it out: inferring foraging ecology from a predator-embarked acoustic recorder 2018
90 DiGe Ethnobotany of divided generations in the context of centralization 2017
91 MacroStability Stability and dynamics at different spatial scales: From physiology to Alzheimer's degeneration 2017
92 STOCOVAR A combination of approaches from the molecular to the integrative plant level to understand the bases of stomatal responses to CO2 and their variability 2018
93 SKDWONTRACK Room temperature stabilization and all-electrical manipulation of chiral spin structures in metallic multilayers 2018
94 EVOSPARROW The evolutionary origins and consequences of human-commensalism in Passer sparrows 2018
95 WallWatchers Plant cell wall communication and remodelling: the wall watchers. 2017
96 DELICE Device oriented molecular spin filter based interfaces 2017
97 SIMFREE Open-source freeware for fiber optic communication and sensing simulations 2017
98 Demeco Default meanings in compound interpretation 2017
99 MicroCONtACT Microglial control of neuronal activity in the healthy and the injured brain 2017
100 Rep. Fork Restart Restart of blocked replication fork at replication fork barrier 2017
101 REBUILD Mechanisms of sarcomeric protein homeostasis during physical exercise and ageing 2017
102 SPARK Supporting Pioneer doctoral Researchers through 3i Knowledge partnerships 2017
103 ALMAGIC Aluminium and Magnesium Alloys Green Innovative Coatings 2017
104 OSOS Open Schools for Open Societies 2017
105 GREENTOP GREENTOP - Gamification of cRowdcomputing to ENhance EarTh Observation data Processing 2017
106 MEDAS MedAS: a Machine learning enabled Clinical Decision Support System to prevent prescription errors and improve patient safety 2017
107 AAA Adaptive Actin Architectures 2017
108 NoiseRobustEvo Noise and robustness in the evolution of novel protein phenotypes 2017
109 ChAMPioN Game-changing Precision Medicine for Curing All Myeloproliferative Neoplasms 2018
110 DynaCOMP Assessing compounds targeting DNA replication licensing complexes as anti-tumor agents 2017
111 KuRx Ku-Band Satellite Receiver 2017
112 REDSENTRY Proactive Operational Intelligence Cybersecurity Platform for the Financial Services Industry 2017
113 INCAP Infusion Cap Technology for a healthy nutrition on-the-go produced in a fully automated single-step process 2017
114 SWING Smart connected poWer continuity system enablING European industrial renaissance 2017
115 TRACS Commercialisation of TRACS, An Artificial Intelligence Inspired, Text Response Automation system for Customer Support 2017
116 SERENA VerSatilE plug-and-play platform enabling remote pREdictive mainteNAnce 2017
117 COLHD Commercial vehicles using Optimised Liquid biofuels and HVO Drivetrains 2017
118 RetinalRepurposing Deciphering the computations underlying visual processing: Repurposing of retinal cells and how they are decoded by the visual thalamus 2017
119 UFOS Unveiling Planet Formation by Observations and Simulations 2018
120 GALERACLUSTER Galera Cluster: World’s Most Advanced Technology to Protect Against Data Loss 2017
121 soundproof4win Soundproof window with ventilation function 2017
122 InsularAnxiety Insular cortical circuits controlling fear and anxiety 2018
123 BOUNCE Predicting Effective Adaptation to Breast Cancer to Help Women to BOUNCE Back 2017
124 NOCTURNO Non-Conventional Wave Propagation for Future Sensing and Actuating Technologies 2018
125 PapyGreek Digital Grammar of Greek Documentary Papyri 2018
126 PredictingPain Deconstructing pain with predictive models: from neural architecture to pain relief 2018
127 OptiMACS European industrial doctorate for efficient multidisciplinary design Optimization ofMultifunctional Aerospace Composite Structures 2018
128 DataBench Evidence Based Big Data Benchmarking to Improve Business Performance 2018
129 CALMUSgaming A new tool for creating real-time music within computer games 2017
130 CoMoCo Development of an Intelligent Controller for Electro-motors 2017
131 OxTube The smartest non-energy aeration system for water cleaning facilities 2017
132 MappingSpatialVision Linking the perceptual and neural mechanisms of human spatial perception using behavioral and ultra-high field fMRI signals 2019
133 TYPHON Polyglot and Hybrid Persistence Architectures for Big Data Analytics 2018
134 Browsec Foundations and Tools for Client-Side Web Security 2018
135 PIXEL Port IoT for Environmental Leverage 2018
136 H3PS H3PS – High Power High Scalability Aircraft Hybrid Powertrain 2018
137 VORTEX Plastic in the Ocean: Microbial Transformation of an ‘Unconventional’ Carbon Substrate 2018
138 DISC Evolutionary diversification across scales 2018
139 GO Religioscapes Churches, Arks of Migratory Narratives: A Comparative Study of the Greek-Orthodox Religioscapes in Germany and Great Britain 2018
140 ORBETEC ORganisational BEhaviour with new TEChnologies: a human resources management model for industry 4.0 2018
141 SC-EpiTranscriptome Investigating differentiation using parallel single cell transcriptomic and epigenomic analysis 2019
142 Ventura Habitat Commercialisation of Ventura Habitat - a novel wind turbine blade maintenance enclosure tomaximize downtime productivity 2018
143 EditMHC How MHC-I editing complexes shape the hierarchical immune response 2019
144 HiVOLT HIGH-VOLTAGE LITHIUM STORAGE - secure + efficient battery storage solution of the next generation 2018
145 PrasinoMed First in the world ecological and sustainable cream for wound care, based on microalgaprasinococcus capsulatus 2018
146 HuMaInn DataMall DataMall (Behavee) is an open ecosystem for the eCommerce cyberspace 2018
147 Sea4Pain Development of a novel analgesic for chronic pain from marine-derived compounds 2018
148 ICRI 2018 International Conference on Research Infrastructures (ICRI) 2018 in Vienna 2017
149 PEA aluminium Portable Element Analyzer 2018
150 CHANGE Cultural Heritage Analysis for New GEnerations 2019
151 FUNGRAPH A New Foundation for Computer Graphics with Inherent Uncertainty 2018
152 SHARPER Sharing Researchers’ Passion for Evidences and Resilience 2018
153 Chairless Chair The worldwide first exoskeleton for the creation of ergonomic, age-neutral and low-fatigue workplaces in industry and for the reduction of physical strains in the ageing workforce 2018
154 FEASIBLe Finding how Earthquakes And Storms Impact the Building of Landscapes 2019
155 DNAProteinCrosslinks DNA-protein crosslinks: endogenous origins and cellular responses. 2019
156 S4Pro Smart and Scalable Satellite High-Speed Processing chain 2018
157 EMWORK EMWORK – The fully automated EMC filter designer 2018
158 SmartWork Smart Age-friendly Living and Working Environment 2019
159 Citrus End-to-End Remote Site Monitoring and Clinical Trial Management Solution 2018
160 ProDIS Provenance for Data-Intensive Systems 2018
162 Morphotonix Protecting consumer and industrial products against counterfeiting with unforgeable nanoscale security elements 2019
163 BX Platform BX Platform Converting real time data into more efficient trucking operations 2018
164 Smart4Health Citizen-centred EU-EHR exchange for personalised health 2019
165 TRAXEN tracking TRAXEN – Ultra low power, long life tracking sensor 2019
166 FACTA An innovative process to extend commercial bioprosthetic heart valves lifespan. 2018
167 DIFFOP Nonlinear Data and Signal Analysis with Diffusion Operators 2019
168 THRIVE Helping Businesses Thrive in Sales with a new fully automatic platform that integrates and coordinates different sales tools 2019
169 XEND Clinical assessment of PILA PHARMA’s TRPV1 antagonist, XEN-D0501, as a novel type of oral anti-diabetic agent 2019
170 ENTRI Enteric-nervous-system-mediated regulation of intestinal inflammation 2019
171 SINUSHUNT SinuShunt – New disruptive medical device for treatment of hydrocephalus 2019
172 USERBOT Artificial Intelligence for Customer Service 2019
173 TwingTec Unlocking the Full Power of Wind 2019
174 LEWIATH LEveraging WInd-Assisted THrust 2019
175 MechanoGenetic Role of mechanical forces in cell-matrix adhesion sites 2019
176 MEDIATOR MEdiating between Driver and Intelligent Automated Transport systems on Our Roads 2019
177 NSFTA New Strategies For Therapeutic Antibodies – Synthetic bispecific antibodies & Antibody-Drug Conjugates with controlled drug loading. General methods for unexplored ADCs and personalised therapies. 2020
178 PreCoASD Assessing the predictive coding accounts of autism spectrum disorders 2019
179 AmnioticID Understanding the identity of the amniotic fluid stem cells 2019
180 3DConfigurator Fully-automated software platform with 3D freeform configurator for design and production of individual and affordable furniture 2019
181 NOCK NOCK: Real time safety for our senior relatives. 2019
182 WOOL2LOOP Mineral wool waste back to loop with advanced sorting, pre-treatment, and alkali activation 2019
183 IDR TOOLKIT Inclusive Design Rating (IDR) Toolkit. The design and assessment tool for tailoring environments for everyone. 2020
184 StepUP Solutions and Technologies for deep Energy renovation Processes UPtake 2019
185 Modvion Modular wood-made wind turbine towers 2019
186 MOWA A novel, modular, smart and patient-centred Ankle-Foot-Orthosis design and production process 2019
187 VALI Conversion of manure to energy with the VALI solution 2019
188 C0PEP0D Life and death of a virtual copepod in turbulence 2019
189 EBiSC2 EBiSC2 – A sustainable European Bank for induced pluripotent Stem Cells 2019
190 NIRLAMS NIR Light Harvesting in Artificial Protein-Lipid-Chromophores Coassembled Molecular System 2020
192 EUFORPP Developing a European Forum on Paradox and Pluralism 2019
193 NoMaMemo Non-Markovian Memory-Based Modelling of Near- and Far-From-Equilibrium Dynamical Systems 2019
194 StrongPIN The first mobile app to enable LoA 4 hardware backed security on any existing mobile phone safeguarding the identity and privacy on the everyday digital life in an easy to use and scalable manner 2019
195 LymphoDrain LymphoDrain: The definitive solution for chronic lymphedema 2019
196 SOCCRATES SOC & Csirt Response to Attacks & Threats based on attack defence graphs Evaluation Systems 2019
197 BioCombs4Nanofibers Antiadhesive Bionic Combs for Handling of Nanofibers 2019
198 SysAgria SysAgria – integrated solution for smart agriculture 2019
199 CoEvolve Deconstructing and rebuilding the evolution of cell and tissue mechanoadaptation 2020
200 SafeNcy SafeNcy - the safe emergency trajectory generator 2019
201 SUBMODULAR The Power of Randomness and Continuity in Submodular Optimization 2019
202 PANTHEON Novel Approaches for Plant Health Monitoring 2019
203 BacterOMIC Intelligence for precision therapies against antimicrobial resistance: The first diagnostic panel that probes all the clinically relevant antibiotics at once 2019
204 FOODWATERH2020 Water treatment and reuse technology based on constant water quality monitoring thanks to multi-censoring and AI-Deep Learning software for the Food Industry 2019
205 SafeGlov Safety Gloves for Protection of Health Care Professionals 2019
206 REBOUND An algorithmic framework for reducing bias and polarization in online media 2020
207 ICRI 2020 International Conference on Research Infrastructures 2020
208 Ofi Ofi, pool management at your fingertips! 2020
209 COMEDM Common mechanisms for decision-making and working memory in health and old age 2020
210 MAJORIS Majoration-Minimization algorithms for Image Processing 2020
211 SAPIENTIAM Secondary organic Aerosols Production in pre and post-Industrial-like ENvironments : The Impact of biogenic and Anthropogenic emissions on cliMate 2020
212 NanoGlia Understanding the impact of nanoplastics on the development of neurological disorders 2020
213 3DPBio Computational Models of Motion for Fabrication-aware Design of Bioinspired Systems 2020
214 Clarifruit Oct 19 Innovative platform for fresh-produce quality control 2020
215 ROMANCE StRategies fOr iMproving Agronomic practices based oN miCrobiomEs. 2020
216 PROCESS REASONING Reasoning about processes: a logico-philosophical investigation 2021