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H2020 projects about "manipulating"

The page lists 163 projects related to the topic "manipulating".

# achronym  title  year 
1 Dynamic Nano Dynamic Nanoplasmonics 2015
2 FOC Foundations of Cryptographic Hardness 2015
3 VEGFDANI Novel enhancers of functional recovery after stroke 2015
4 UNMOVED Simultaneous three dimensional multiphoton microscopy without mechanical depth scanning 2015
5 BioMASCE Biophysical Manipulation of Adult Stem Cell Epigenetics (BioMASCE) By Cell-Penetrating Nanoneedle Substrates 2016
6 HARPOCRATES Smart phononic crystals for aircraft noise reduction 2015
7 YIELDFACTOR Using SP1 to control plastid development and yield in cereals 2016
8 RoleOfNEinPerception The role of noradrenaline in human perception: from single neuron to whole brain and behavior 2015
9 BluGram Identification of genetic factors which determine host specificity in the wheat-powdery mildew pathosystem 2015
10 GABACODEV Role of GABAergic microcircuits with different embryonic origins in the orchestration of early cortical dynamics in the awake mouse pup 2015
11 SUPERSOL Solution processed low-dimensional oxide semiconducting structures and devices 2015
12 Topological superfluidity Topological superfluidity in ultracold gas of Dysprosium atoms 2015
13 RodBot Automated Microhandling System for X-ray Crystallography 2015
14 DevoTed_miR MicroRNA determinants of the balance between effector and regulatory T cells in vivo 2015
15 QUTE Quantum Tensor Networks and Entanglement 2015
16 Marigold Enhancing the lutein content of Marigold 2015
17 STARS Strategies Targeting Thyroid Hormone in Athrophy Related Syndromes 2015
18 NEURO-PATTERNS How neuronal activity patterns drive behavior: novel all-optical control and monitoring of brain neuronal networks with high spatiotemporal resolution 2015
19 Titin Signals Molecular dissection of titin-based mechanisms in charge of cardiomyocyte dysfunction in terminal feart failure 2016
20 PhyMo Structure function relationships of the phyllosphere microbiota 2015
21 IMPACT Ion-Molecule Processes for Analytical Chemical Technologies 2016
22 EQuO Electron Quantum optics in quantum Hall edge channels 2015
23 BRAINCOMPATH Mesoscale Brain Dynamics: Computing with Neuronal Pathways 2016
24 LIAR Living Architecture 2016
25 FALCONER Forging Advanced Liquid-Crystal Coronagraphs Optimized for Novel Exoplanet Research 2016
26 Temporal Coding Do behaving animals extract information from precise spike timing? – The use of temporal codes 2016
27 NanoPacks NanoPacks: Assembling nanoparticles via evaporation-driven droplet collapse for ultrasensitive detection techniques 2016
28 DRAGY Drag Reduction in Turbulent Boundary Layer via Flow Control 2016
29 Open4Citizens Empowering citizens to make meaningful use of open data 2016
30 Standard EF The research of spin orbit torques in perpendicular magnetic anisotropy systems. 2016
31 Co-ReSyF Coastal Waters Research Synergy Framework 2016
32 STC Synaptic Tagging and Capture: From Synapses to Behavior 2016
33 TOCNeT Teaching Old Crypto New Tricks 2016
34 FLAMENCO FLAgellated MicroswimmErs’ locomotioN in Confined flOws 2016
35 ROFeRS Engineering ground-state pair interactions by Rydberg Optical Feshbach Resonance Schemes 2017
36 InfTy Infinitary Rewriting for Type Systems 2016
37 SPRINT Ultra-Short Pulse laser Resonators IN the Terahertz 2016
38 MADAME Mesoscopic lAttices of ryDbergs for quAntuM thErmalization 2016
39 WIRELESS Motor and cognitive functions of the monkey premotor cortex during free social interactions 2016
40 Valleys Valley and spin devices based on two-dimensional semiconductors 2016
41 DENDRITECIRCUITS The origins of dendritic computation within mammalian neural circuits 2016
42 HippAchoMod Deciphering the cholinergic modulation of the hippocampal place code. 2016
43 BIOFAGE Interaction Dynamics of Bacterial Biofilms with Bacteriophages 2017
44 ORIENT Goal-directed eye-head coordination in dynamic multisensory environments 2017
45 CholAminCo Synergy and antagonism of cholinergic and dopaminergic systems in associative learning 2017
46 REFILLS Robotics Enabling Fully-Integrated Logistics Lines for Supermarkets 2017
47 TILC Targeting Innate Lymphoid Cells 2017
48 GasPlaNt Gas sensing in plants:Oxygen- and nitric oxide-regulated chromatin modification via a targeted protein degradation mechanism 2017
49 BrainDyn Tracking information flow in the brain: A unified and general framework for dynamic communication in brain networks 2017
50 TOPBALAT Setting up high-value Sea cucumber chain in Europe through a new fishing trawl with no environmental impact and advanced processing equipment 2017
51 CITIZINGLOBAL Citizens, Institutions and Globalization 2017
52 MorphGrad Morphogen-like properties of small RNA gradients: A new paradigm for the role of small RNAs in developmental biology 2017
53 OMCIDC Optical Manipulation of Colloidal Interfaces, Droplets and Crystallites 2017
54 SUPRACELL_COMMUN_CCT Supracellular contractility dynamics and cell communication during collective chemotaxis. 2016
55 BabyVir The role of the virome in shaping the gut ecosystem during the first year of life 2017
56 FluCoMa Fluid Corpus Manipulation: Creative Research in Musical Mining of Large Sound/Gesture Datasets through Foundational Access to the Latest Advances of Signal Decomposition. 2017
57 NAROBAND Environmental friendly narrow band-gap colloidal nanocrystals for optoelectronic devices 2017
58 NeuroModSense Peptidergic Neuromodulation of Sensory Representation in the Brain 2017
59 Mr.PARTS Minirhizotron: Phenology And Root TraitS 2017
60 AGG-REST-WEB Let restore our soils : using the soil food web to engineer the soil structure and functionning 2017
61 IMMUNO_CRC Microbiota-immune interaction in colorectal cancer 2017
62 ACRONAM-Speech Assessing Causal Relationships of Oscillatory Neural Activity Mediating Speech 2018
63 TF-bind Determinants Genomic binding of transcription factors as a function of DNA affinity and chromatin. 2017
64 BIREHAB Increasing the robustness and neural integration of bidirectional prostheses for rehabilitation with robust and real time Independent Component Analysis 2017
65 MicroCONtACT Microglial control of neuronal activity in the healthy and the injured brain 2017
66 QuStA Quantum State Assembler 2017
67 FUNCOPLAN Functions of plasticity in adult-born neurons 2017
68 VHPC Optical valley Hall effect in gapped graphene for infrared and terahertz light photodetection 2017
69 PhotoHeatEffect Heat Transport and its Effects on the Performance of Nanostructured, Photonic Materials 2017
70 El_CapiTun An elastocapillary-enabled self-tunable microfluidic chip 2018
71 FunKeyGut Illuminating Functional Networks and Keystone Species in the Gut 2017
72 MITOMAD Functional characterisation of mitochondrial metabolic adaptations to innate sensing in dendritic cell subsets 2017
73 ELECTROQUANTUM-2D Atomistic Electrodynamics-Quantum Mechanical Framework for Characterizing, Manipulating and Optimizing Nonlinear Optical Processes in 2D Materials 2018
74 STYDS Seeing things you don't see: Unifying the philosophy, psychology and neuroscience of multimodal mental imagery 2017
75 SPICY Simulating 2d Spin Lattices with Ion Crystals 2017
76 BOTFIND BOTFIND: Finding Bots, Detect Harassing Automation, and Restoring Trust in Social Media Civic Engagement 2017
77 SleepSynapses The role of sleep in synaptic plasticity 2018
78 LogNeuroDev The molecular and cellular logic of vertebrate neural development 2018
79 MicroBar Microsatellite Barcoding: reconstructing the family tree of hematopoietic cells 2018
81 WU TANG Selective Conversion of Water and CO2 Using Interfacial Electrochemical Engineering 2017
82 ViDaR ViDaR: R-enabled large-scale data analytics in ViDa 2018
83 PICKPLACE Flexible, safe and dependable robotic part handling in industrial environments 2018
84 ParallelMemories Cooperative and competitive parallel memory units for choice behaviors 2018
85 FORWARD New Frontiers for Optoelectronics with Artificial Media 2018
86 APOGEE Atomic-scale physics of single-photon sources. 2018
87 NUCLEARWATERS Putting Water at the Centre of Nuclear Energy History 2018
88 CLAUSTRUM The Claustrum: A Circuit Hub for Attention 2018
89 InfoSeekDev Nurturing the Development of Information Seeking Skills 2018
90 LINKSPM Linking atomic-scale properties of 2D correlated materials with their mesoscopic transport and mechanical response 2018
91 SPLINTER Signaling of plant intracellular immune receptors 2018
92 Plasmonic Reactor Super-resolution mapping of hot carriers on plasmonic nanoparticles for enhanced photochemistry. 2018
93 CRASCI Spatial-temporal characteristics of Cortical Reorganization after Spinal Cord Injury and the role of interneurons and astrocytes 2018
94 ELECTRO NEEDLE In situ stem cell monitoring system based on conductive nanoneedle devices for tracking cell fates in invasive manner 2018
95 LIFETimeS Light-Induced Function: from Excitation to Signal through Time and Space 2018
96 INBID Improving the resolution of Neuroinflammation during repetitive mild Traumatic Brain Injury with dietary fatty acid Derivatives 2018
97 TOLKEDA Modulating brain structural plasticity versus neurodegeneration via a novel mechanism involving neurotrophins and dopamine, Tolls and Kek truncated-Trk-like receptors in Drosophila. 2018
98 SUBTOL Understanding seaweed submergence tolerance mechanisms and translating them into land plants 2018
99 MECEDGE Transgenic dissection of the neural circuitry of memory and dementia 2018
100 MECHANOIDS Probing and controlling the three-dimensional organoid mechanobiology 2019
101 INTERSPREC Investigation of interspecific pollen tube reception 2018
102 InCaSQuC Indefinite Causal Structures on an Integrated Silicon Platform for Applications in Quantum Computing 2018
103 GRIFFIN General compliant aerial Robotic manipulation system Integrating Fixed and Flapping wings to INcrease range and safety 2018
104 AGRISCENTS Scents and sensibility in agriculture: exploiting specificity in herbivore- and pathogen-induced plant volatiles for real-time crop monitoring 2018
105 Gut_Fights_PD Investigating protective mechanisms of gut bacteria in C. elegans models of Parkinson’s disease 2019
106 SARF Single-Atom Radio Frequency Fingerprinting 2018
107 CATPERCCOL Perception of signals under varying conditions: implications of proportional processing of signal magnitude for signal design 2019
108 Mito-recombine Homologous recombination and its application in manipulating animal mitochondrial DNA 2019
109 FLAMMINGGOS Functional Links in Avian, Microbial, Macrophyte, and INvertebrate Greenhouse Gas Output Stimulation 2018
110 eHONESTY Embodied Honesty in Real World and Digital Interactions 2018
111 EROSS European Robotic Orbital Support Services 2019
112 MechanoTubes Supramolecular machineries with life-like mechanical functions 2019
113 NemHatch Unlocking mechanisms of cyst Nematode Hatching for sustainable cyst nematode control 2019
114 SYMELS Symbol Elimination in Reliable System Engineering 2019
115 SoftHandler Commercial feasibility of an integrated soft robotic system for industrial handling 2019
116 BoostCrop Boosting Crop Growth using Natural Product and Synthesis Enabled Solar Harvesting 2019
117 EngineeringBAP Engineering brain activity patterns for therapeutics of neuropsychiatric and neurological disorders 2019
118 FICOMOL Field Control of Cold Molecular Collisions 2019
119 ImmunoStem Dissecting and Overcoming Innate Immune Barriers for Therapeutically Efficient Hematopoietic Stem Cell Gene Engineering 2019
121 OPTOSOL Interacting optical and topological solitons in frustrated cholesterics 2019
122 LeaRNN Principles of Learning in a Recurrent Neural Network 2019
123 RoboTexTherapy Textile-based Wearable Mechanotheraphy Device with Liquid/Vapor Phase Change Actuation 2019
124 DEMOS Disfluencies and Eye MOvements during Speech: what can they reveal about language production? 2019
125 CheckBacZ Checkpoints in the bacterial cell cycle: role of the cytokinetic Z-ring and implications for antibiotic resistance 2020
126 LIBED-PDs Light Induced Bipolar Electrochemical Doping in Perovskite Devices 2020
127 SOOCCESS SOciO-eConomiC failurE and aSpiration biaseS 2020
128 MAGI Microbial therapy against gut inflammation 2019
129 CONTROL Laser control over crystal nucleation 2019
130 Division Division of Labour and the Evolution of Complexity 2020
131 miR-IBD Fecal miRNAs, new mediators of host-microbiota interaction in Inflammatory Bowel Disease 2019
132 TWISTM Strongly correlated phenomena in twisted bilayers of graphene and transition metal dichacogenides 2020
133 RV by RE Rabbit-View by Rabbit-Eyes 2019
134 Healthybiota Microbiota-host interactions for integrative metabolic health reprogramming 2019
135 GENESIS unveilinG cEll-cell fusioN mEdiated by fuSexins In chordateS 2020
136 Retinoic AC-DC Role of Retinoic Acid signaling in cDC1 and cDC2 on intestinal immune homeostasis and disease 2020
137 STREPUNLOCKED Unlocking the antibiotic production potential in soil bacteria Streptomyces coelicolor 2019
138 REMODEL Research models in infection, cancer and regeneration: replacement and translation 2019
139 TARGET SLEEP Boosting motor learning through sleep and targeted memory reactivation in ageing and Parkinson’s disease 2020
140 MagnEFi Magnetism and the effects of Electric Field 2019
141 DiurnalHealth The circadian clock in day-active species: preserving our health in modern society 2019
142 UltraFastNano Electronic generation and detection in nanoelectronic devices at the picosecond scale 2020
143 SPRING SPin Research IN Graphene 2019
144 euSNN European School of Network Neuroscience 2019
145 Extr3Me Extreme Mechanics of Metamaterials: From ideal to realistic conditions 2020
146 IN-FET Ionic Neuromodulation For Epilepsy Treatment 2020
147 CLAUSTRUM Optical interrogation of the claustrum from synapses to behavior 2019
148 CN Identity Comprehensive anatomical, genetic and functional identification of cerebellar nuclei neurons and their roles in sensorimotor tasks 2019
149 sociOlfa Learning from social scents: from territory to identity 2020
150 3DPartForm 3D-printing of PARTiculate FORMulations utilizing polymer microparticle-based voxels 2020
151 SWORD Smart Wound monitoring Restorative Dressings 2020
152 PSYDISC Developing and Testing the Psychological Distance to Science Model 2020
153 AGEMEC Age-dependent mechanisms of sporadic Alzheimer’s Disease in patient-derived neurons 2020
154 ATTO-GRAM Attosecond Gated Holography 2020
155 uNIQUE NanophononIcs for QUantum information procEssing 2020
156 TNT Truth-not-Trust 2020
157 EXAM Designing Singlet Fission Materials Using Excited State Aromaticity 2020
158 TANQ Taming Non-Equilibrium Quantum Matter 2020
159 MicroMISTRANS Error-prone protein synthesis in fungal pathogens Microsporidia: its scope and potential therapeutic targeting 2020
160 EXPLOSIA EXpansion and Phenotype Loss Of SMCs In Atherosclerosis: Causal effects and therapeutic possibilities 2020
161 RhinalMultiSense Circuits for multisensory integration in the perirhinal cortex 2020
162 APRIL multipurpose robotics for mAniPulation of defoRmable materIaLs in manufacturing processes 2020
163 RCE-OPP Resonant-Cavity-Enhanced Organic Photo-detectors and Photovoltaics 2020