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H2020 projects about "shaping"

The page lists 302 projects related to the topic "shaping".

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1 NOVELOG New cooperative business models and guidance for sustainable city logistics 2015
2 REProMag Resource Efficient Production Route for Rare Earth Magnets 2015
3 ThermoTex Woven and 3D-Printed Thermoelectric Textiles 2015
4 EQUALIZE Equalizing or disequalizing? Opposing socio-demographic determinants of the spatial distribution of welfare. 2015
5 Dynamic Nano Dynamic Nanoplasmonics 2015
6 ThermoDrill Fast track innovative drilling system for deep geothermal challenges in Europe 2015
7 ExtraLytics ExtraLytics: Big Data Analytics for Real Estate 2014
8 MUSICARE MUltiSectoral Integrative approaches to CArdiac care 2015
9 EDFx European Digital Forum Thought Leadership and Policy Network Exchange 2015
10 SoMa Soft-bodied intelligence for Manipulation 2015
11 HERA JRP UP HERA Joint Research Programme Uses of the Past 2015
12 LIAGAN Literature against anti-Semitism (1940-1944). French and Soviet emigré writers in France against the persecution of the Jews 2015
13 IMP3rove for Future Adapting and maintaining the innovation management assessment tools and support Enhancing the innovation management capacity of SMEs 2014
14 ACTRIS-2 Aerosols, Clouds, and Trace gases Research InfraStructure 2015
15 NICHE Navigating and Innovating in Complex Healthcare Ecosystems 2015
16 Chinese Labour Shifting Dynamics of Chinese Labour in a Global Perspective 2015
17 MicroCity Microbes in the city: a metagenomic trait-based analysis of microbial metacommunity structure along urbanization gradients 2015
18 EasyEBC Easy-to-Implement Energy-Based Control Design for Systems of Conservation Laws 2015
19 PoetEleg Aestheticization of Life and Cosmopolitan Modernity: The Poetics of Elegance in the Long 19th Century 2016
20 ULISSES Transported cultural landscapes: the role of colonization processes in cultural landscape shaping 2015
21 NeuArc2Fun Biological neural networks: from structure to function 2016
22 INHABIT Cities Investigating Natural, Historical, And Institutional Transformations - Cities 2015
23 Behaviour-Connect Behaviour-Connect: Testing hypotheses on the behavioural drivers of connectivity in the marine environment through novel Bayesian models 2016
24 Molmechindividuality Molecular mechanisms of neuronal connectivity - the synaptic code for variability and stereotypy 2016
25 EPIMAIZE Understading the Maize Epigenome and its Role in Development 2015
26 ABDES An astrochemical study of the early evolutionary stages of sub-stellar mass objects 2015
27 Transnational Localism Transnational Localism and Music after the two World Wars: the case of Francis Poulenc 2015
28 miRNAs in TH2 cells Role of extracellular miRNAs in T cell development, TH2 cell differentiation and TH2 cell-mediated effector function 2015
29 TOPOZOO Free-standing three-dimensional topological structures in geometrically confined chiral nematic liquid crystals: fundamentals and applications 2016
30 QSIPP Exploring bacterial Quorum Sensing Infochemicals and hydrolytic Proteins linked to marine Particle degradation 0
31 WEL-FIT Feasibility Study of the induction WELding, FIbre placement and shaping of Thermoplastic composites 2015
32 MASSIVE Multinationals, Institutions and Innovation in Europe 2015
33 CRYOMAT Antifreeze GlycoProtein Mimetic Polymers 2015
34 VIBCONTROL Vibronic control of organic electronic devices 2015
35 SMART GEMS Smart Grids Energy management Staff 2015
36 Sport Infinity Waste-Based Rapid Adhesive-free Production of Sports goods 2015
37 EVOLHGT Selective Barriers to Horizontal Gene Transfer 2015
38 Q-Room Q-Room – Quintetto’s Holographic Telepresence Room 2015
39 FET-Event Ensuring the success of the next FET Conference and exhibition at a key period for FET 2015
40 QCUMbER Quantum Controlled Ultrafast Multimode Entanglement and Measurement 2015
41 SMART DESIGN Spin-orbit mechanism in adaptive magnetization-reversal techniques, for magnetic memory design 2015
42 NuFEAST Optimising Nutritional Health and Wellbeing Through Local Sustainable Food Systems -NuFEAST (Nutrition - Food (for) Everyone's health, Available, Sustainable and Trusted) 2015
43 COMPEN Penal Policymaking and the prisoner experience: a comparative analysis 2015
44 NeuroN Neurophysiological Biomarkers of Cortical Plasticity Induced by Neuromodulation 2015
45 SciChallenge Next Generation Science Challenges Using Digital and Social Media to Make Science Education and Careers Attractive for Young People 2015
46 ChromatidCohesion Establishment of Sister Chromatid Cohesion 2015
47 ENIW Services to enhance innovation management capacities of SMEs in England, Northern Ireland and Wales 2015 -2016 2015
49 Privacy.Us Privacy and Usability 2015
50 CerAMfacturing Development of ceramic and multi material components by additive manufacturing methods for personalized medical products 2015
51 PhyMo Structure function relationships of the phyllosphere microbiota 2015
52 POLITICALMIND Explaining Politicians' and Voters' Behavior 2015
53 WEY-CRISP Well-being among European youth: The contribution of student teacher relationships in the secondary-school population 2016
54 SocioSmell Social Chemosignaling as a Factor in Human Behavior in both Health and Disease 2015
55 ProDIA Production, control and Demonstration of structured hybrid nanoporous materials for Industrial adsorption Applications 2015
56 EUBrasilCloudFORUM EUBrasilCloudFORUM: Fostering an International dialogue between Europe and Brazil 2016
57 HIPERDIAS HIgh throughPut LasER processing of DIamond and Silicon 2016
58 MagneticYSOs Interpreting Dust Polarization Maps to Characterize the Role of the Magnetic Field in Star Formation Processes 2016
59 SCANS Social Cognition in Adolescents: Brain Networks and Social Networks 2016
60 Mulosige Multilingual locals, significant geographies: a new approach to world literature 2016
61 ultraSURFACE Ultra Dynamic Optical Systems for High Throughput Laser Surface Processing 2016
62 RockEU2 Robotics Coordination Action for Europe Two 2016
63 NICH Novel interactions and species’ responses to climate change 2016
65 PREWArAs The Dark Side of the Belle Époque. Political violence and Armed Associations in Europe before the First World War 2016
66 KeyDynamics Addressing key challenges for forecasting climate change effects on biodiversity: an assessment of dispersal limitation, priority effects and intra-species trait variation in range dynamics 2017
67 SIMRA Social Innovation in Marginalised Rural Areas 2016
68 DEEPVISION Information-age microscopy for deep vision imaging of biological tissue 2016
69 FRANCOBRIT The Outbreak of the Wars of Religion: a Franco-British History (1547-1572) 2016
70 SuMAC Sustainable Mobility, Affordable Cities: How do workplace sustainability plans shape transport affordability in Brussels and Sofia? 2017
71 NeuroASPECT Neuronal Alternative Splicing and RNA-Editing Crosstalk 2017
72 ZF-ILC Characterization of zebrafish innate lymphoid cells and IL-22 2017
73 HGTCODONUSE The evolutionary significance of synonymous variations: Can codon usage preferences drive the propagation of antibiotic resistance? 2016
74 GenderJust Truth and Reconciliation Commissions and the Political Economy of Gender Justice: Discursive Power, Authority and the Subaltern 2017
75 PET3D PET Imaging in Drug Design and Development 2016
76 YouthCult The Cultural Experience of International Students: Narratives from North and South Europe 2016
77 CD4DNASP Cell intrinsic control of CD4 T cell differentiation by cytosolic DNA sensing pathways 2016
78 ByoPiC The Baryon Picture of the Cosmos 2017
79 Magnetic Universe Unveiling interstellar and intergalactic magnetic fields with radio polarimetry and theoretical astrophysics 2017
80 ADMIN Interaction between posterior parietal and prefrontal cortices with occipital visual cortex in visual attention and perceptual decision making. 2017
81 HBIS The Human Behavioral Immune System: Consequences for Health and Innovation 2016
82 EpiMech Epithelial cell sheets as engineering materials: mechanics, resilience and malleability 2016
83 Bionic Aircraft Increasing resource efficiency of aviation through implementation of ALM technology and bionic design in all stages of an aircraft life cycle 2016
84 Cell3Ditor Cost-effective and flexible 3D printed SOFC stacks for commercial applications 2016
85 E-ProMS Business-to-Business (B2B) Business-to-Government (B2G) E-Procurement and Business Intelligence Platform through Smart and Innovative Approaches 2016
86 DigitalMemories We are all Ayotzinapa: The role of Digital Media in the Shaping of Transnational Memories on Disappearance 2016
87 CityNet Cities in Global Financial Networks: Financial and Business Services and Developmentin the 21st Century 2016
88 SensoNMDA Impact of NMDA receptor diversity in sensory information processing 2016
89 COHERENCE Exploiting light coherence in photoacoustic imaging 2016
90 QCALL Quantum Communications for ALL 2016
91 ConFluReM Controlling Fluid Resistances at Membranes 2016
92 TRANSMIT TRANSlating the role of Mitochondria in Tumorigenesis 2017
93 CLUSTERNANOROAD Driving Europe’s NMBP economy - Cross-cluster innovation and value creation through validated NMBP collaborative strategies and roadmap 2016
94 UrbanHist History of European Urbanism in the 20th Century 2016
95 PLUGGY Pluggable Social Platform for Heritage Awareness and Participation 2016
96 REMINDER Role of European Mobility and its Impacts in Narratives, Debates and EU Reforms 2017
97 CARTRE Coordination of Automated Road Transport Deployment for Europe 2016
98 SHAPE-ENERGY Social Sciences and Humanities for Advancing Policy in European Energy 2017
99 HypoSens Nano-confined photonic system for detection of breast cancer spread to the lymph nodes 2016
100 ECSAnVis Extreme Citizen Science: Analysis and Visualisation 2016
101 Diet-namic From fast food to healthy diet: Addressing the dynamic molecular mechanism of sequential diet switch-induced T cell plasticity for the purpose of developing new treatments for immuno-mediated diseases 2016
102 H-CCAT Solid Catalysts for activation of aromatic C-H bonds 2017
103 LCLW Literary Communities and Literary Worlds 2017
104 NanoPhennec Nanophononic devices: from phonon networks to phonon CQED 2017
105 TREND Transparent and flexible electronics with embedded energy harvesting based on oxide nanowire devices 2017
106 INTERFUTURE From microbial interactions to new-concept biopesticides and biofertilizers 2016
107 PhotoPHYTOMICS Photosynthesis in PHYTOplankton Mixtures to Investigate Community Structuration. 2017
108 MacroReflEx Macro Experiments on Reflexivity and Economic Crises 2016
109 GIANTCLIMES Giants through Time: Towards a Comprehensive Giant Planet Climatology 2017
110 Tail Redefining the dog collar - fresh and innovative, first all-in-one IoT platform. 2017
111 MICROGLIA-CIRCUIT Microglia action towards neuronal circuit formation and function in health and disease 2017
112 BabyVir The role of the virome in shaping the gut ecosystem during the first year of life 2017
113 CANCERSCREEN Screening for cancer in the post-genomic era: diagnostic innovation and biomedicalisation in comparative perspective 2017
114 SMARTIES Scattering Media as a Resource Towards Information Processing and Sensing 2017
115 RESISTANCE Resistance evolution in response to spatially variable pathogen communities 2017
116 THEcore Thermally efficient, cost-reduced nanostructured foams for vacuum insulation panels 2017
117 Global India Explaining Global India: a multi-sectoral PhD training programme analysing the emergence of India as a global actor 2017
118 BYONIC Beyond the Iron Curtain 2017
119 MULTIPROSMM MULtiple PROperties Single Molecule Magnets 2017
120 SEQ Scientists and Engineers for the Quantum world 2017
121 TRIM Vulnerable trait-combinations in corals and fishes and their management 2017
122 TIMPANI Test, Predict, and Improve Musical Scene Perception of Hearing-Impaired Listeners 2018
123 ILTIS Innate-Like T-Cells In Sepsis (ILTIS): Implications for Early Diagnosis and Rescue of Immune Suppression. 2017
124 PERIGROWTH States, firms and, sustainable economic growth: A view from the periphery 2018
125 EU-Drones The European Commission in Drone Community: a New Cooperation Area in the Making 2017
126 GYSIART A cultural history of comparative art practices and receptions in Cold War Europe (1945-1991) 2018
127 WEALTHPOL The Politics of Wealth Inequality and Mobility in the Twenty-First Century 2017
129 DiskTorqueOnPlanets New Frontiers in Modeling Planet-Disk Interactions: from Disk Thermodynamics to Multi-Planet Systems 2017
130 METRO International Organisations and the Rise of a Global Metrological Field 2017
131 MicroCONtACT Microglial control of neuronal activity in the healthy and the injured brain 2017
132 FUNCOPLAN Functions of plasticity in adult-born neurons 2017
133 SAREE The Social Anthropology of Rabies Epidemiology and Elimination 2018
134 USLAMISM USLAMISM:The United States and Political Islam: A Historical and Contemporary Perspective. 2017
135 COMPCON Competition under (niche) construction 2017
136 AEGIS Accelerating EU-US DialoGue for Research and Innovation in CyberSecurity and Privacy 2017
138 MINDED MultIscale precision therapies for NeuroDEvelopmental Disorders 2018
139 Smart4Europe Catalysing Digitisation throughout Europe 2017
140 Global vision, standardisation stakeholder engagement in 5G 2017
141 ENIW Services to enhance innovation management capacities of SMEs in England, Northern Ireland and Wales 2017
142 IPV_Tanzania Investigating the predictors of intimate partner violence: a mixed method longitudinal study in Tanzania 2017
143 XSTREAM X-ray-waveforms at the Space-Time Resolution Extreme for Atomic-scale Movies 2017
144 WEGO Well-being, Ecology, Gender, and cOmmunity 2018
145 FEEDGALAXIES A new vantage point on how gas flows regulate the build-up of galaxies in the early universe 2018
146 PhilAnd The origin and early development of philosophy in tenth-century al-Andalus: the impact of ill-defined materials and channels of transmission. 2017
147 ShapingRoughness Emergence of Surface Roughness in Shaping, Finishing and Wear Processes 2018
148 CellKarma Dissecting the regulatory logic of cell fate reprogramming through integrative and single cell genomics 2018
149 NGI MOVE Ecosystem building blocks for the Next Generation Internet movement 2017
150 CoSIE Co-creation of service innovation in Europe 2017
151 SynapseER Endoplasmic reticulum structure and synaptic function in Drosophila 2018
152 MAGSPEC Spectra of Molecules in Strong Magnetic Fields 2018
153 PRECONFIG Learning and PREdiction based on the PREnatal CONnectome FInGerprint 2018
154 PROTEUS Paradoxes and Metaphors of Time in Early Universe(s) 2018
155 ISCQuM Imaging, Spectroscopy and Control of Quantum states in advanced Materials 2019
156 e.THROUGH Thinking rough towards sustainability 2018
157 MECHABLASTO Morphogenesis during pre-implantation development: molecular and mechanical regulation 2018
158 NPC-BUILD The Nuclear Pore Basket – Functional Architecture of a Membrane Remodeling Machine 2018
159 Asterochronometry Galactic archeology with high temporal resolution 2018
160 HIGDARS High Bandwidth Flexible Satellite communicationSystem for 1 Gigabit/sec communications 2018
161 GenTime Temporal structures of gender inequalities in Asian and Western welfare regimes 2018
162 DNA-ENC SYNCELLS DNA Lattice-Encoded Information for Genotype-to-Phenotype Evolution of Self-Replicating Synthetic Cells 2018
163 Black Cinema-Going Black Cinema-Going in New York of the Interwar Period 2018
165 aWARE West Africa's Role in Human Evolution 2018
166 CBC-ETHOS Does Cross-border Cooperation relate to a Humanist-ETHical cOde of valueS? Theorizing the institutionalization of a cross-border governance humanist ethical code. 2018
167 CRISPR-EVOL The eco-evolutionary costs and benefits of CRISPR-Cas systems, and their effect on genome diversity within populations 2018
168 darkBHgrowth Shedding light on the dark supermassive black hole growth in the early Universe 2018
169 DeepSym Understanding the drivers of the genetic and functional structure of deep-sea sponge symbiont communities 2018
170 DetEdIn Micro-, Meso-, and Macro-Level Determinants of Educational Inequalities: An Interdisciplinary Approach 2018
171 HydroSocialExtremes Uncovering the Mutual Shaping of Hydrological Extremes and Society 2018
172 KITAB Exploring Cultural Memory in the Pre-Modern Islamic World (700–1500):Knowledge, Information Technology, and the Arabic Book 2018
174 ASTRID AddreSsing ThReats for virtualIseD services 2018
175 PROTAX New Methods to PRevent, Investigate and Mitigate COrruption and TAX Crimes in the EU 2018
176 IMMIGINTEGR The Role of the Welfare State in the Integration of Immigrants: Comparative Analysis of Latino Communities in Spain, the United Kingdom and the United States 2018
177 SurvCom Surveilling Communities: Public office holders and popular control in Southern Europe (13th-15th century) 2018
178 PEAI Public Epigraphy in Ancient Italy (third-first centuries BCE) 2018
179 HI_IM_NEUROSOCIETY HIstory and IMpact of NEUROimaging on SOCIETY 2019
180 GENOMINT Biogeography and natural hybridization in the genus Mentha 2019
181 Mesophotic Past and present mesophotic coral ecosystems as a predictor for survival of coral reefs in an era of climate change 2018
182 VARIO The influence of natural pH VARIability on ecosystem response to Ocean acidification 2019
183 HG-Emo How sociocultural forces shape the emotion lexicon in hunter-gatherer languages 2018
184 RUSTWATCH RustWatch: A European early-warning system for wheat rust diseases 2018
185 DRONETHICS Emergent Ethics of Drone Violence: Toward a Comprehensive Governance Framework 2018
186 CharFL Characterizing the fitness landscape on population and global scales 2019
187 O.M.J. Origin and Magnetization of astronomical Jets 2018
188 SOLO Single cell omics of the Oligodendrocyte Lineage in develOpment and disease 2018
189 EURJAZZ The Europeanisation of Jazz during the Interwar Period: Beyond National Narratives 2018
190 ULTRACEPT Ultra-layered perception with brain-inspired information processing for vehicle collision avoidance 2018
191 CONCERTO Intensity mapping of the atomic carbon CII line: the promise of a new observational probe of dusty star-formation in post-reionization and reionization epoch 2019
192 COSMOS COSMOS: Computational Shaping and Modeling of Musical Structures 2019
193 DISCOVER Death receptor signalling in tumour immune editing 2018
194 ARcopter The Game Changer Free-wing VTOL Drone for Commercial and Governmental Missions 2018
195 MIGNEX Aligning Migration Management and the Migration-Development Nexus 2018
196 THE SOLAR URBAN HUB A SOLAR URBAN HUB with integrated lighting and information system for optimal Smart Cities efficiency 2018
197 SHAPINGENERATIONS How changing social contexts shape solidarity and adjustment between generations 2019
198 GLOBESCAPE Enabling transformation: Linking design and land system science to foster place-making in peri-urban landscapes under increasing globalization 2018
199 POLINGO The Politics of Legitimacy: Non-partisan global governance and networked INGO power in the global governance of post-war states 2018
200 MODES Multimode light shaping: from optical fibers to nanodevices 2018
201 SkinTrmDeep Tissue Resident Memory (Trm) CD8+ T cells: Genome-wide dissection of cellular differentiation and heterogeneity 2019
202 EvoConBiO Uncovering and engineering the principles governing evolution and cellular control of bioenergetic organelles 2019
203 THEMISS Thermal Evolution Modeling of Icy objects in the Solar System 2019
204 COEVOPRO Drivers and consequences of coevolution in protective symbiosis 2019
205 MOVES Migration and Modernity: Historical and Cultural Challenges 2019
206 GREAT Grating Reflectors Enabled laser Applications and Training 2019
207 NanoBeam Quantum Coherent Control: Self–Interference of Electron Beams with Nanostructures 2019
208 DYMOLAMO Dynamic Modeling of Labor Market Mobility and Human Capital Accumulation 2018
209 FEASIBLe Finding how Earthquakes And Storms Impact the Building of Landscapes 2019
210 NeuroDevo Spontaneous and sensory-evoked activity shape neural circuits in the developing brain 2019
211 MIDA Mediating Islam in the Digital Age. Present issues and past experiences of technological revolutions 2019
212 NEUROTECH Neuromorphic Technology 2018
213 PULSE High-Power Ultrafast LaSErs using Tapered Double-Clad Fibre 2019
214 NGI4ALL Next Generation Internet for All - Promoting Global Visibility on the Human-Centric Internet 2019
215 ORIONAS Lasercom-on-chip for next generation, high-speed satellite constelation interconnectivity 2018
216 CUSTODIAN Customized photonic devices for defectless laser based manufacturing 2018
217 kW-flexiburst Ultrashort pulsed kW-class laser with unprecedented flexible GHz burst operation for high precision high-throughput industrial manufacturing 2019
218 INNOWWIDE Viability assessment of collaborative and INNOvative business solutions in WorldWIDE markets 2019
219 B Massive Binary massive black hole astrophysics 2019
220 CLIC Classical Influences and Irish Culture 2019
221 SHAPE-ID Shaping Interdisciplinary Practices in Europe 2019
223 PROFECI Mediating the Future: The Social Dynamics of Public Projections 2019
224 CELL-in-CELL Understanding host cellular systems that drive an endosymbiotic interaction 2019
225 LAAA Late Antiquity After Antiquity: The Last of the Ancient Platonists in the Early Modern Period 2019
226 V-ECHO Revealing hidden volcanic triggers for global environmental change events in Earth’s geological past using mercury (Hg) 2019
227 INSCONS Addressing Global Challenges through International Scientific Consortia (INSCONS); Case studies in biomedicine, the geosciences, and nuclear fusion research 2019
228 ENIW Services to enhance innovation management capacities of SMEs in England, Northern Ireland and Wales 2019
229 CRISPR2.0 Microbial genome defence pathways: from molecular mechanisms to next-generation molecular tools 2019
230 LOWCOST-IC Low Cost Interconnects with highly improved Contact Strength for SOC Applications 2019
231 The Damned Algeria, antifascism, and Third Worldism: An anticolonial genealogy of the Western European New Left (Algeria, France, Italy, 1957-1975) 2020
232 SoEvoFish Coral reef fish shape our understanding of social evolution 2019
233 ADOQ Adaptive Optics for Quantum Communication 2019
234 METAPoF Metaphor as the Purpose of the Firm 2019
235 LADIE Investigation of nonlinear stimulated emission in optically excited dielectrics 2020
236 EXPAND Examining pan-neotropical diasporas 2019
237 QIPID Quantum Information Processing with Trapped Ion Qudits 2020
238 COLLECTITUDE Building the collective at times of precarity: precarious labour and its countermovements 2020
239 MINSOC Minority civil society, inter-ethnic peace and sustainable democracy 2019
240 ORIGENDER The Origen of Gender Inequality: Nurture vs. Nature and Quantifying Gender Preference 2019
241 TRANSMODERN Untranslatable Modernity: Modern Literary Theory from Europe to Iran 2019
242 Coh2Shape Modeling of partially spatially coherent distributed sources: derivation of an extended reciprocity theorem, creation of a numerical tool and experimental validation. 2019
243 SignEd.Math Signs of Mathematics: Fostering the Emergence of Conceptual Gesture Among Deaf Students 2019
244 DREGS Deciphering archaeological Residues to understand the history of European Grape cultivation and winemaking Societies 2019
245 PROSPER Politics of Rulemaking, Orchestration of Standards, and Private Economic Regulations 2019
246 EpiEcoMod Through the eye of a mosquito: theoretical modelling of vector-borne zoonotic pathogens 2020
247 PERCEPSION Sexual selection in plants: testing new ideas on the perception of the mating environment and on the mate choice physiology 2020
248 iNet Unraveling interaction networks of ammonia- and nitrite-oxidizing microorganisms 2020
249 BIMAAR Black Inter-American Mobility and Autobiography in the Age of Revolutions (1760-1860) 2019
250 COSuccess Testing the importance of oxidative stress and dietary antioxidants in linking cognitive traits and fitness in free living animals 2020
251 LION L'industrie oubliée de Néandertal - The forgotten industry of Neanderthal 2019
252 BabyBayes Bayesian Learning in the Infant Brain 2019
253 Gentime Eschatological time as women’s time? Gendered temporality and female holiness in Early Christianity and Byzantium 2019
254 PERCEPTIONS Understand the Impact of Novel Technologies, Social Media, and Perceptions in Countries Abroad on Migration Flows and the Security of the EU & Provide Validated Counter Approaches, Tools and Practices 2019
255 SWEETHEART Shaping fruit morphogenesis of floWEring plants by ElucidaTing HEART-shaped fruit development in Capsella rubella 2019
256 3DAddChip Additive manufacturing of 2D nanomaterials for on-chip technologies 2019
257 IDR TOOLKIT Inclusive Design Rating (IDR) Toolkit. The design and assessment tool for tailoring environments for everyone. 2020
258 FRAMTID Sustainable food packaging technology as an alternative to plastic 2019
259 TRASC Trade Agreements and Supply Chains 2019
260 INO3D Mechanism of ATP Dependent Chromatin Modelling and Editing by INO80 Remodellers 2019
261 NorKHelp Using population genomics and metabarcoding to pro-actively manage kelp bioresources 2019
262 INREPOSA Indigenous Research, Institutionalisation and Neo-Politicisation: A Conjunctural Analysis of Sami Research in Finland 2019
263 Hybead Hybrid Bead Adsorbents 2019
264 SPANUMBRA Number-space associations in the brain 2019
265 CA3ViAR Composite fan Aerodynamic, Aeroelastic, and Aeroacoustic VAlidation Rig 2019
266 DYNACLIM Ocean DYNAmics reconstruction using remotely sensed variables in two CLIMate hotspots 2019
267 SECRET Exploitation of the SECRETory pathway for cancer therapy to address European research 2019
268 INEDIT open INnovation Ecosystems for Do It Together process 2019
269 SPIAKID SpectroPhotometric Imaging in Astronomy with Kinetic Inductance Detectors 2020
270 IQLev Inertial Sensing Based on Quantum-Enhanced Levitation Systems 2020
271 ImpAct Agencies Impact Actions for social innovation agencies 2019
272 SYGMA Synthetic photobiology for light controllable active matter 2019
273 PeopleAndWriting The Secret Life of Writing: People, Script and Ideas in the Iberian Peninsula (c. 900-1200) 2020
274 DynAMic Dynamic adaptive microscopy for label-free multi-parametric imaging in biology and medicine 2020
275 AVANGARD Advanced manufacturing solutions tightly aligned with business needs 2019
276 GAIA A Genomic and Macroevolutionary Approach to Studying Diversification in an Insect-Plant Arms Race 2020
277 ARIADNE Artificial Intelligence Aided D-band Network for 5G Long Term Evolution 2019
278 Smart4Europe2 Catalysing Digitisation throughout Europe 2020
279 VIROME Shaping of long term innate immunity by viral education of bone marrow monocytes 2020
280 DV SUPPORT Building an evidence base to support Polish women victims of domestic violence in the UK. 2020
281 N-EXTLAW Law as Vehicle for Social Change: Mainstreaming Non-Extractive Economic Practices 2020
282 BRAV3 Computational biomechanics and bioengineering 3D printing to develop a personalized regenerative biological ventricular assist device to provide lasting functional support to damaged hearts 2020
283 E-Optimum Energy leading-edge technology for high performance gear shaping machines 2020
284 SVELTE State-of-the-art solution for efficient manufacturing of complex geometry panels 2020
285 POPULIZATION Behavioral Foundations of Populism and Polarization 2020
286 DiversiPHI Predicting the evolution of complex phage-host interactions 2020
287 ENIW Services to enhance innovation management capacities of SMEs in England, Northern Ireland and Wales 2020
288 B-HUB FOR EUROPE Blockchain HUB FOR EUROPEan startups acceleration and growth 2020
289 FatTFIso Characterizing the roles of transcription factor isoforms in rewiring gene regulatory networks during adipogenesis 2020
290 DEEP3P Three-photon fluorescence imaging deep inside scattering media 2020
291 READESCARTES Reading Descartes: A Reassessment of the Shaping and Transmission of Knowledge in the Seventeenth Century 2021
292 SPINONICS Integrated devices based on spin-orbit photonics. 2020
293 BeamSense Making more with less: intelligent wavefront design to enable high resolution images of unstable samples. 2020
294 CitIndus The ‘Citizenship Industry’: Commodified citizenship, the corporate sector and global inequality 2020
295 ArCAN An Archaeology of Exchange Networks in Central Africa. The Cases of the Copperbelt and Niari Basin Copper Deposits 2020
296 SWEET The sweetest gender: feminine subjectivities and the gendering of sweets in Barcelona (1650-1800) 2020
297 DIGILEAD Digital leadership, well-being and performance in organizations 2020
298 BOAR Veterinarization of Europe? Hunting for Wild Boar Futures in the Time of African Swine Fever 2020
299 TRADEOFF Deciphering fundamental constraints on pathogen adaptation 2021
300 PiQ Poverty in the Qur’ān: Medieval Islamic Interpretations and Uses 2020
301 NeuroVascOme Gut microbiota-Neurovascular Interactions in Early Life 2020
302 RECOMBINE RE-assembly and COMpetition during Biotic INterchangEs: consequences of old invasions on the evolutionary and ecological history of biotas 2021