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# achronym  title  year 
1 LUNA 2014 LUnga notte della ricerca - Lange NAcht der Forschung 2014 2014
2 ALEC Aging Lungs in European Cohorts 2015
3 EXPLORATHON EXPLORATHON - European Researchers' Night Scotland 2014
4 Let's Do The Science Life is Science, Science is Life: LET'S DO THE SCIENCE! 2014
5 Science in the City Science in the City 2014
6 DiscoverResearch Discover Research Dublin - European Researchers' Night 2014/2015 2014
7 Power2Nights Malopolska Researchers' Night 2014-2015 2014
8 RiNG-14-15 European Researchers' Night in Bosnia and Herzegovina 2014-2015 2014
9 ScienceCity ScienceCity Szczecin 2014
11 FLIRT Fall in Love wIth Research Tonight 2014
12 MONTENIGHT2014-15 Researchers Night in Montenegro 2014/2015 2014
13 AquaSpace Ecosystem Approach to making Space for Aquaculture 2015
14 DiscardLess DiscardLess – Strategies for the gradual elimination of discards in European fisheries 2015
15 iSQAPER Interactive Soil Quality Assessment in Europe and China for Agricultural Productivity and Environmental Resilience 2015
16 TILDA Towards Industrial LES/DNS in Aeronautics – Paving the Way for Future Accurate CFD 2015
17 ACCEPT Assistant for Quality Check during Construction Execution Processes for Energy-efficienT buildings 2015
18 realFlow Virtualization of Real Flows for Animation and Simulation 2015
19 CoqHoTT Coq for Homotopy Type Theory 2015
20 COMPUTED Computational User Interface Design 2015
21 SenseX Sensory Experiences for Interactive Technologies 2015
22 VEST Virtual Environments for Social Training 2015
23 FlowMachines Flow Machines 2015
24 CIMPLEX Bringing CItizens, Models and Data together in Participatory, Interactive SociaL EXploratories 2015
25 eDrug Drug eDesign: Building the next generation of software solutions for drug design 2015
26 GEO VISION GNSS driven EO and Verifiable Image and Sensor Integration for mission-critical Operational Networks 2015
27 CaBilAvi Capacity building for aviation stakeholders, inside and outside the EU 2015
28 BASE-LiNE Earth Brachiopods As SEnsitive tracers of gLobal marINe Environment: Insights from alkaline, alkaline Earth metal, and metalloid trace element ratios and isotope systems 2015
29 FRESHER FoResight and Modelling for European HEalth Policy and Regulation 2015
30 SWITCH Software Workbench for Interactive, Time Critical and Highly self-adaptive cloud applications 2015
31 fromROLLtoBAG Consumer Driven Local Production with the Help of Virtual Design and Digital Manufacturing 2015
32 Wi-5 What to do With the Wi-Fi Wild West 2015
33 ETexWeld Welding of E-Textiles for Interactive Clothing 2015
34 PING Printed Intelligent NFC Game cards and packaging 2015
35 FACE FACE Entrepreneurship. Failure Aversion Change in Europe, more than a Communication Campaing to create a new generation of European entrepreneurs that can FACE failure and learn from it. 2015
36 POPULATE POPULate AsymmeTric mobile gamEs 2015
37 RETRAINER REaching and grasping Training based on Robotic hybrid AssIstance for Neurological patients: End users Real life evaluation 2015
38 CogIMon Cognitive Interaction in Motion 2015
39 RAPID-MIX Realtime Adaptive Prototyping for Industrial Design of Multimodal Interactive eXpressive technology 2015
40 SERECA Secure Enclaves for REactive Cloud Applications 2015
41 DANCE Dancing in the Dark 2015
42 Vaccinesurvey Monitor population immunity against vaccine preventable diseases 2015
43 YDS Your Data Stories 2015
44 ENATRANS Enabling NAnomedicine TRANSlation 2015
45 ATLASS Advanced high-resolution printing of organic Transistors for Large Area Smart Surfaces 2015
46 EUENGAGE Bridging the gap between public opinion and European leadership: Engaging a dialogue on the future path of Europe. 2015
47 EURECA Datacenter EURECA Project 2015
48 iBoard Large scale interactive multi-touch displays 2014
49 iMoHEALTH iMoHEALTH: A pan-national collaborative analytics platform for the exploration of population health. 2014
50 INCH INteractive CHarging 2014
51 RESILENS RESILENS: Realising European ReSiliencE for CritIcaL INfraStructure 2015
52 INSPEC2T Inspiring CitizeNS Participation for Enhanced Community PoliCing AcTions 2015
53 DEVOLEMPA The developmental and evolutionary basis of human intersubjectivity 2015
54 NICHE Navigating and Innovating in Complex Healthcare Ecosystems 2015
55 BIHC BIHC- Bio-inspired models of human crowds 2015
56 ECONOMY Plant Ecology for Nitrous Oxide Mitigation and Sustainable Productivity 2016
57 GLUCOTOX Does reducing β-cell glucotoxicity increase the hyperglycaemia-lowering effect of physical exercise in type 2 diabetes? 2015
58 DoRoThy Donating Robots a Theory of Mind 2015
59 InSIght Information from Symbols and Illustrations: how to get it without vision 2015
60 CRISIS Coastal flood risk in Europe and the socio-economic impacts in a changing climate 2016
61 ERIN Europe's Reception of the Irish Melodies and National Airs: Thomas Moore in Europe 2015
62 MoStMusic Models of Structure in Music 2016
63 STOICHIOMET Blending Stoichiometric and Metabolic Theories from Genes to Populations: Resource Stochiometry and Temperature Effects on Consumers with Contrasting Life-history Strategies 2015
64 MorpheuS Hybrid Machine Learning – Optimization techniques To Generate Structured Music Through Morphing And Fusion 2015
65 MIM Enhancing Motion Interaction through Music Performance 2016
66 MUSICAL-MOODS A mood-indexed database of scores, lyrics, musical excerpts, vector-based 3D animations, and dance video recordings 2015
67 SEEING FROM CONTEXT The neural basis of visual interaction between scenes and objects 2016
68 MARSS-5G Modeling and Analysis of Random Spatial Systems for 5G Networks 2015
69 NPA Neurodidactics of Performing Arts: The Impact of Drama Teaching on Second Language Acquisition 2015
70 GDAPIV Genomics Data Analysis Pipelines with Interactive Visualizations 2015
71 SPACEFIT SPAce-CompatiblE- Filters_in_dIelectric waveguide Technology 2015
72 PRINTOO PRINTOO - flexible, thin, printed electronics prototyping kit 2015
73 Interactive Video Automatic creation of interactive video to double video advertising revenues whilst decreasing inconvenience for viewers 2015
75 PFMaker PFMaker, the Advanced Interactive Video Tool 2015
76 KidsSurgicalPlan KidsSurgicalPlan: An Internet enterprise for sketch-based cardiovascular pre-surgical planning 2015
77 SEEABLE An Innovative ICT Solution for Providing Bespoke Safety and Health Training to Workers in the Construction and Transportation Sectors. 2015
78 iMETland iMETland: A new generation of Microbial Electrochemical Wetland for effective decentralized wastewater treatment 2015
79 SMART GEMS Smart Grids Energy management Staff 2015
80 DRIVE Diabetes Reversing Implants with enhanced Viability and long-term Efficacy 2015
81 City.Risks Avoiding and mitigating safety risks in urban environments 2015
82 NUCL-EU 2020 Connecting EURATOM National Contact Points in a pro-active network under EURATOM Programme in Horizon 2020 2015
83 KRTS KRTS - The Art of Losing Weight 2015
84 RISE Research Centre in Interactive Media, Smart Systems and Emerging Technologies 2015
86 VIDOCK 2D Conformal mapping of protein surfaces: applications to VIsualization and DOCKing software 2015
87 Flex5Gware Flexible and efficient hardware/software platforms for 5G network elements and devices 2015
89 HY4ALL Hydrogen For All of Europe (HY4ALL) 2015
91 ETN-FPI European Training Network on Full Parallax Imaging 2015
92 MOTOR Multi-ObjecTive design Optimization of fluid eneRgy machines 2015
93 WATTsUP WATTsUP Electric flight to future 2015
94 ERVE Systematic discovery of functional elements in RNA virus genomes: an Encyclopedia of RNA Virus Elements 2015
95 IMPACT Ion-Molecule Processes for Analytical Chemical Technologies 2016
97 M3M Mobile 3D Modeling 2015
98 INCH INteractive CHarging 2015
99 BrainHack BrainHack: Bringing the arts and sciences of brain and neural computer interface together 2016
100 RecRoad From Aquileia to Singidunum (Belgrade), reconstructing the paths of Roman travelers 2016
101 WhoLoDancE Whole-Body Interaction Learning for Dance Education 2016
102 TELMI Technology Enhanced Learning of Musical Instrument Performance 2016
103 COGNITUS Converging broadcast and user generated content for interactive ultra-high definition services 2016
104 2-IMMERSE Creating and Delivering Shared and Personalised Multi-Screen Broadcast and Broadband Experiences 2015
105 L2TOR Second Language Tutoring using Social Robots 2016
106 MAMI Measurement and Architecture for a Middleboxed Internet 2016
107 MPAT Multi-platform application toolkit 2015
108 PI-SCALE Bringing flexible organic electronics to pilot innovation scale 2016
110 SuperHD-ToolBox Next generation Image Processing Engine to support the creation, processing, deployment and transmission of super high definition images for large format ‘smart’ digital displays and signage 2015
112 OPSI Development of Public Sector Innovation Observatory 2016
113 ORPHEUS Object-based broadcasting – for European leadership in next generation audio experiences 2015
114 PROTEUS Scalable online machine learning for predictive analytics and real-time interactive visualization 2015
115 DMC-MALVEC Automated diagnostic platform, data management system and innovative communication tool, for improving the impact of malaria vector control interventions 2016
116 MIN-GUIDE Minerals Policy Guidance for Europe 2016
117 Terpsichore Transforming Intangible Folkloric Performing Arts into Tangible Choreographic Digital Objects 2016
118 SIGN-HUB The Sign Hub: preserving, researching and fostering the linguistic, historical and cultural heritage of European Deaf signing communities with an integral resource 2016
119 MediHealth Novel natural products for healthy ageing from Mediterranean diet and food plants of other global sources 2016
120 smarticipate smart services for calculated impact assessment in open governance 2016
121 CLARITY Champion e-government appLications to increAse tRust, accountabIlity and TransparencY in public services 2016
123 INNO-4-AGRIFOOD Capitalising the full potential of on-line collaboration for SMEs innovation support in the Agri-Food ecosystem 2016
124 EuroDairy A Europe-wide thematic network supporting a sustainable future for EU dairy farmers 2016
125 SCULTMARKET Feasibility Study to Combat Physical Inactivity and Improve Sporting Skills through SCULT Sport Mentors and Coaches Marketplace 2016
126 Fluzo.Tv e-Sports Platform: Watch, Train Win 2016
127 PAIR Physical Activity, Inflammation and Respiratory health: an integrative analysis of biological, behavioural and environmental determinants 2016
128 INTUIT Interactive Toolset for Understanding Trade-offs in ATM Performance 2016
129 FEMSAG Feminist theory after sex and gender: The nature-nurture complex in contemporary feminism reconsidered in light of the Developmental Systems Theory approach to the philosophy of biology 2017
130 CROSSCULT CrossCult: Empowering reuse of digital cultural heritage in context-aware crosscuts of European history 2016
131 SOILCARE Soil Care for profitable and sustainable crop production in Europe 2016
132 Smart-AKIS European Agricultural Knowledge and Innovation Systems (AKIS) towards innovation-driven research in Smart Farming Technology 2016
133 DD-DeCaF Bioinformatics Services for Data-Driven Design of Cell Factories and Communities 2016
134 COBOTNITY A community of surface bots for creative storytelling 2016
135 CLIMIFUN Climatic and temporal control on microbial diversity-ecosystem functioning: insights from a novel conceptual model (CLIMIFUN). 2016
136 AGENTSEGET Itinerant Cultural Agents in Early Modern Europe and the Scotsman Thomas Seget: A Case-Study 2016
137 Dynamic Perspectives Unravelling perspective-taking: Examining the influence of multiple constraints on perspective selection and multimodal behavior through a dynamical systems' approach 2016
138 Smart Library The Smart Digital Library of Edutainment by Smile and Learn 2016
139 Panatomy Panatomy 2016
140 EDGE Training network providing cutting-EDGE knowlEDGE on Herpes Virology and Immunology 2016
141 SOCIAL ROBOTS Mechanisms and Consequences of Attributing Socialness to Artificial Agents 2016
142 SIM4NEXUS Sustainable Integrated Management FOR the NEXUS of water-land-food-energy-climate for a resource-efficient Europe 2016
143 SmartResilience Smart Resilience Indicators for Smart Critical Infrastructures 2016
144 InfTy Infinitary Rewriting for Type Systems 2016
145 EDU-ARCTIC Edu-Arctic – Innovative educational program attracting young people to natural sciences and polar research 2016
146 COMPASS Evidence and opportunities for responsible innovation in SMEs 2016
147 Marine Mammals Using marine mammals for making science education and science careers attractive for young people 2016
148 DemocInChange Effects of Institutional Change on Participatory Democracy and the Involvement of Civil Society Organisations 2017
149 WIRE2016 WIRE2016 - The Power of Ecosystems 2016
150 PAThs Tracking Papyrus and Parchment Paths: An Archaeological Atlas of Coptic Literature. Literary Texts in their Geographical Context: Production, Copying, Usage, Dissemination and Storage 2016
151 IceXL IceXL: Advanced modeling and slicing software for additive manufacturing 2016
152 CREATIVITY European Researcher's Night in France 2016
153 Curiosity Carnival The Curiosity Carnival: Oxford European Researchers’ Night 2017 2016
154 RiNG-16-17 European Researchers' Night in Bosnia and Herzegovina 2016-2017 2016
155 ERN16-17 SVK Festival of Science European Researchers´ Night 2016 - 2017 in Slovakia 2016
156 LUNA 2016 LUnga notte della Ricerca - Lange NAcht der Forschung 2016
157 CYPRESS CYprus Promotes RESearch and Science 2016
158 FAWORIT 2016-2017 Fascinating World of Researchers in the Age of Technology 2016/2017 - The New Generation of Innovators 2016
159 CoupledIceClim Coupled climate and Greenland ice sheet evolution:past, present and future 2016
160 MAGELLAN MAGELLAN. The World, Your Playground! 2016
161 SOCIETY in Search Of Certainty - Interactive Event To inspire Young people 2016
162 BrainModes Personalized whole brain simulations: linking connectomics and dynamics in the human brain 2016
163 SuccessfulGovernance Success in Public Governance: Assessing and explaining how public problems are sometimes addressed remarkably effectively 2016
164 BodyCapital The healthy self as body capital: Individuals, market-based societies and body politics in visual twentieth century Europe. 2016
165 CLASP A Consolidated Library of Anglo-Saxon Poetry 2016
166 ONE Unified Principles of Interaction 2016
167 VR4Health Revinax platform for 3D Virtual Reality Learning Techniques for Complex Medical Applications 2016
168 DYCON Dynamic Control and Numerics of Partial Differential Equations 2016
169 DaphNet Dynamic Preservation of Interactive Art: The next frontier of Multimedia Cultural Heritage 2017
171 AffecTech Personal Technologies for Affective Health 2017
172 ETIP OCEAN European Technology and Innovation Platform for Ocean Energy 2016
173 SYNDEGEN Synaptic dysfunction in Neurodegenerative Diseases 2017
174 ViMM Virtual Multimodal Museum 2016
175 EUUSEHEALTHWORK Mapping Skills and Competencies; Providing Access to Knowledge, Tools and Platforms; and Strengthening, Disseminating and Exploiting Success Outcomes for a Skilled Transatlantic eHealth Workforce 2016
176 EMOTIVE Emotive Virtual cultural Experiences through personalized storytelling 2016
177 ICN2020 ICN2020: Advancing ICN towards real-world deployment through research, innovative applications, and global scale experimentation 2016
178 MUYA The Multimedia Yasna 2016
179 CATAPULT Coupling ATomistics and mesoscAle Plasticity for toUghness of noveL hybrid maTerial 2017
180 SheepNet Sharing Expertise and Experience towards sheep Productivity through NETworking 2016
181 KNOWMAK Knowledge in the making in the European society 2017
182 Next-Lab Next Generation Stakeholders and Next Level Ecosystem for ColLaborative Science Education with Online Labs 2017
183 MMAA Music Magazine and Artist APP project 2016
184 GamECAR Gamification of EcoDriving Behaviours through Intelligent Management of dynamic car and driver information 2017
185 HUB4NGI A Collaborative Platform to Unlock the Value of Next Generation Internet Experimentation 2017
186 AgriDemo-F2F Building an interactive AgriDemo-Hub community: enhancing farmer to farmer learning 2017
187 FLAME Facility for Large-scale Adaptive Media Experimentation 2017
188 iRead Infrastructure and integrated tools for personalized learning of reading skill 2017
189 STORIES Stories of Tomorrow - Students Visions on the Future of Space Exploration 2017
190 INJECT Innovative Journalism: Enhanced Creativity Tools 2017
191 GATES Applying GAming TEchnologies for training professionals in Smart Farming 2017
192 GABLE GAmification for a BEtter Life 2016
193 weDRAW Exploiting the best sensory modality for learning arithmetic and geometrical concepts based on multisensory interactive Information and Communication Technologies and serious games 2017
194 ThinkNature Development of a multi-stakeholder dialogue platform and Think tank to promote innovation with Nature based solutions 2016
195 U4IoT User Engagement for Large Scale Pilots in the Internet of Things 2017
196 PJ24 NCM PJ24 VLD Network Collaborative Management 2016
197 MinFuture Global material flows and demand-supply forecasting for mineral strategies 2016
198 PRODUCER PeRsOnalized DocUmentary Creation based on Automatically Annotated Content 2017
199 REVEAL Realising Education through Virtual Environments and Augmented Locations 2017
200 PJ19 CI Content Integration 2016
201 Nature4Cities Nature Based Solutions for re-naturing cities: knowledge diffusion and decision support platform through new collaborative models 2016
202 InteractiveSkin InteractiveSkin: Digital Fabrication of Personalized On-Body User Interfaces 2017
203 OPTINT OPTINT: Optimization-based Design of Interactive Technologies 2017
204 CO-LAB Improving collaborative working between correctional and mental health services 2017
205 Force Servo Force Servo 2017
206 SEAHUB Real-time Fleet Performance Center (FPC) to optimize energy efficiency in Maritime Transport to reduce fuel consumption and harmful emissions 2016
207 AMPLIFY Amplifying Human Perception Through Interactive Digital Technologies 2016
208 ART Development of an Anger Regulation Tool for Hand-Held Devices 2017
209 CAPID Capacitive Identification Tokens 2017
210 Matryoshka Fast Interactive Verification through Strong Higher-Order Automation 2017
211 CompDB The Computational Database for Real World Awareness 2017
212 FLUFLUX Fluvial Meta-Ecosystem Functioning: Unravelling Regional Ecological Controls Behind Fluvial Carbon Fluxes 2017
213 TUTOR TUTOR: A universal Learning Management System for Robot-based learning 2017
214 ERA-MobilCar.GR ERA Mobility and Researchers Career Days in Greece: A contribution to decrease brain drain 2017
215 CARERA Information Day for Hungarian students and young researchers on career possibilities in the European Research Area 2017
216 ECOSEA Effects of contaminants on seabirds: an energetics approach 2017
217 I2C8 Inspiring to Create 2017
218 Smart Library Smart Library of Edutainment: technology and gamification at the service of Education 2017
219 EUROFRONT European Frontiers: Rural Spaces and Expanding States 2017
220 GAMODRONE Game of Drones: Multimedia Streaming with Flying Terminals in Next Generation Mobile Networks 2017
221 DRAPer Dressing Robotic Assistants for Persons with Reduced Mobility 2018
222 Hepatocarcinoma IVM Spatiotemporal dynamics of CD8+ T cell responses to hepatocellular carcinoma 2017
223 ENCIRCLE European Cbrn Innovation for the maRket CLuster 2017
224 IoMUT The Internet of Musical Things - An ecosystem of interoperable devices connecting performers and audiences 2017
225 SolACE Solutions for improving Agroecosystem and Crop Efficiency for water and nutrient use 2017
226 eNOTICE European Network Of CBRN TraIning CEnters 2017
227 GENDERACTION GENDer equality in the ERA Community To Innovate policy implementatiON 2017
228 EnTIRE Mapping Normative Frameworks for EThics and Integrity of REsearch 2017
229 TELLY A 2nd screen mobile application solution providing interactive multiplayer game and real-time votingcapabilities, based on TV content, to better engage TV audiences and sports fans. - TELLY 2017
230 ALEXANDRIA Large-Scale Formal Proof for the Working Mathematician 2017
231 Immersify Audiovisual Technologies for Next Generation Immersive Media 2017
232 CLUNATRA Discovering new Catalysts in the Cluster-Nanoparticle Transition Regime 2017
233 FATE Functional Biology of Hepatic CD8+ T cells 2017
234 IRiMaS Interactive Research in Music as Sound:Transforming Digital Musicology 2017
235 iEBDD A Software Interface for Interactive Ensemble-Based Drug Design 2017
236 DNR Blended Learning Course for Police Students: Death Notification with Responsibility 2017
237 VRTogether An end-to-end system for the production and delivery of photorealistic social immersive virtual reality experiences 2017
238 INVITE Co-designing and piloting demand-driven mechanisms, skill-sets and measures for stimulating and facilitating open innovation across European innovation systems 2017
239 EDIFLO PRO Smart video for smart devices 2017
240 Lyfta Lyfta: an immersive educational storyworld platform 2017
241 MARCONI Multimedia and Augmented Radio Creation: Online, iNteractive, Individual 2017
242 PubFORWARD Disrupting the Digital Publishing and Advertising Markets by New Digital Services 2017
243 scMODULES Cinematographic story-telling, super-zoom, x-ray, infrared (IR) ultraviolet (UV) gigapixel enriched content and cross-museum digital content licensing platform enhancing EU museums competitiveness 2017
244 SCOUT Smart Monitoring COntrol and User interactive ecosystem for improving energy efficiency andeconomic maintenance of Medium-WeighT Ships 2017
245 SHOKA Community-based cyclist navigation solution to increase safety of utility bikers 2017
246 SPRING Setting the framework for the enhanced impact of SPIRE projects 2017
247 TEBO TEBO: Platform for empowering teachers and engaging students 2017
248 CSRC Center for STEAM Education Research, Science Communication and Innovation 2017
249 GoNano Governing Nanotechnologies through societal engagement 2017
250 EPPN European Network for Pilot Production Facilities and Innovation Hubs 2017
251 HubIT The HUB for boosting the Responsibility and inclusiveness of ICT enabled Research and Innovation through constructive interactions with SSH research 2017
252 ImmerSAFE Immersive Visual Technologies for Safety-critical Applications 2018
253 MIDIH Manufacturing Industry Digital Innovation Hubs 2017
254 PHOTO-EMULSION Towards Next-generation Eco-efficient PHOTO and EMULSION Polymerisations Imparting Synergy to Process, Products and Applications 2017
255 RECOMS Building Resourceful and Resilient Communities through Adaptive and Transformative Environmental Practice 2018
256 COLSOC The Legacy of Colonialism: Origins and Outcomes of Social Protection 2018
257 Eco-Bot Personalised ICT-tools for the Active Engagement of Consumers Towards Sustainable Energy 2017
258 EURITO EU Relevant, Inclusive, Timely, Trusted, and Open Research Innovation Indicators 2018
259 ENTRANCE Developing the iTOP kit: Empowering scientists with efficient intracellular delivery of biologicals in hard-to-manipulate cell types 2017
260 RISE Research Center on Interactive Media, Smart System and Emerging Technologies 2017
261 PRESTIGE Design-driven integration of innovative PRinted functional matErialS into inTeractive hIgh-end and fashion consumer Goods addressing tomorrow’s societal challEnges 2017
262 DOIT Entrepreneurial skills for young social innovators in an open digital world. A European Initiative 2017
263 PANACEA A thematic network to design the penetration PAth of Non-food Agricultural Crops into European Agriculture 2017
264 EOPEN EOPEN: opEn interOperable Platform for unified access and analysis of Earth observatioN data 2017
265 CIO Common Interactive Objects 2017
266 COMPAR-EU Comparing effectiveness of self-management interventions in 4 high priority chronic diseases in Europe 2018
267 EU-TRAIN The EUropean TRAnsplantation and INnovation (EU-TRAIN) consortium for improving diagnosis and risk stratification in kidney transplant patients 2018
268 Life-Cycle Life-like Supramolecular Materials based on Reaction Cycles with Designed Feedback 2018
269 BSP Belief Systems Project 2018
270 DecoChrom Decorative Applications for Self-Organized Molecular Electrochromic Systems 2018
271 eDREAM eDREAM - enabling new Demand REsponse Advanced, Market oriented and Secure technologies, solutions and business models 2018
272 HATCH SME-led Space Portal for Europe 2017
273 RI Impact Pathways Charting Impact Pathways of Investment in Research Infrastructures 2018
274 INBOTS Inclusive Robotics for a better Society (INBOTS) 2018
275 PTwist PTwist: An open platform for plastics lifecycle awareness, monetization, and sustainable innovation 2018
276 NEOMENTO Redefining Virtual Reality Therapy for Anxiety Disorders 2017
277 Supporting European Experts Presence in International Standardisation Activities in ICT 2018
278 FotoInMotion Repurposing and enriching images for immersive storytelling through smart digital tools 2018
279 ASA Understanding Statehood through Architecture: a comparative study of Africa's state buildings 2018
280 INBOTS Inclusive Robotics for a better Society (INBOTS) 2018
281 SCORE Supporting Consumer Co-Ownership in Renewable Energies 2018
282 NEFERTITI Networking European Farms to Enhance Cross Fertilisation and Innovation Uptake through Demonstration 2018
283 Black Cinema-Going Black Cinema-Going in New York of the Interwar Period 2018
284 DetEdIn Micro-, Meso-, and Macro-Level Determinants of Educational Inequalities: An Interdisciplinary Approach 2018
285 DiCrEd Towards a Digital Critical Edition of The Works of Giuseppe Verdi 2019
286 ECHOE An Electronic Corpus of Anonymous Homilies in Old English 2018
287 EMISSR Efficient Multibody Interactive Simulation for Soft Robotics 2019
288 FoTran Found in Translation – Natural Language Understanding with Cross-Lingual Grounding 2018
289 LUDEME The Digital Ludeme Project: Modelling the Evolution of Traditional Games 2018
290 JUSTINT Justice Interactions and Peacebuilding: From Static to Dynamic Discourses across National, Ethnic, Gender and Age Groups 2018
291 TouchDesign A Computational Design Approach to Haptic Synthesis 2018
292 SOCSEMICS Socio-Semantic Bubbles of Internet Communities 2018
293 INNOSETA Accelerating Innovative practices for Spraying Equipment, Training and Advising in European agriculture through the mobilization of Agricultural Knowledge and Innovation Systems 2018
294 CONNEXIONs InterCONnected NEXt-Generation Immersive IoT Platform of Crime and Terrorism DetectiON, PredictiON, InvestigatiON, and PreventiON Services 2018
295 SMOOTH GDPR Compliance Cloud Platform for Micro Enterprises 2018
296 Interfaces Manipulating Acoustic wavefronts using metamaterials for novel user interfaces 2018
297 MAGIC Multimodal Agents Grounded via Interactive Communication 2018
298 CLAP Natural Hands for Intuitive Virtual 3D Interaction 2019
299 FBD_BModel A Knowledge-based business model for small series fashion products by integrating customized innovative services in big data environment (Fashion Big Data Business Model) 2017
300 PosEnt Positive Entrepreneurship 2018
301 Med-N-Change Assessing the Interactive Effects on N Addition and Climate Change on Soil Processes through the Biological Soil Crust in Mediterranean Ecosystems 2019
302 MInMUS Migration Policy in Multilevel Political Settings. City Network in Europe and North America 2018
303 STRoNA Spatio-Temporal Representation on Neuromorphic Architecture 2018
304 VESTEC Visual Exploration and Sampling Toolkit for Extreme Computing 2018
305 Quake QBeast Utility Analysis to marKet and Enterprise 2018
306 LIAISON Better Rural Innovation: Linking Actors, Instruments and Policies through Networks 2018
307 INSCRIBE INvention of SCRIpts and their BEginnings 2018
308 HOWPER An open or closed process: Determining the global scheme of perception 2018
310 Anatomy Next Advanced 3D augmented reality technology providing a more accurate, effective and efficient method of medical education 2018
311 FOGSCREEN MINI FogsScreen Mini - breakthrough laminar air purification technology with stunning interactive images 2018
312 BRAIN The Digital Insurance Assistant for European consumers 2018
313 MoDELS Metadata Distillery and ExpLoitation System 2018
314 SPOTT Pioneering ICT-platform setting the new standard on advertising and how consumers shop 2018
315 CoME EASY SYncronising EEA to CoM and other EU initiatives (SCIS-EIP, CEN-ISO,S3...) about energy and climate policies to accompany more and more tuned municipalities in their 2030 performance 2018
316 ALTFInator Capacity-building of the financial ecosystem and its participants for improving innovative SME´s access to alternative forms of finance in Europe with focus on SE and CEE 2018
317 HUMAN_ERA Night European Researchers' Night in Cyprus: The Human Era 2018
319 RiNG-18-19 European Researchers' Night in Bosnia and Herzegovina 2018-2019 2018
320 LUNA LUnga notte della ricerca - Lange NAcht der Forschung 2019
321 QriUS Come and Play Science at European Researchers` Night 2018
322 PROBE PROBE: European Researchers' Night at Trinity College Dublin 2018
323 R4H1819 Researchers for Humanity 2018-2019 2018
324 SHERIF reSearcH is sERIous Fun 2018
325 WeCreate European Researchers' Night We Create Science and History 2018
327 NIGHTLV-2018-2019 European Researchers' Night in Latvia 2018-2019 2018
328 WOUNDCOM Interactive biomembranes for wound management – exploiting the unique wound healing and antimicrobial properties of human collagen VI 2018
330 Cork Discovers Cork Discovers: Learn, Live, Love Research 2018
331 FUNGRAPH A New Foundation for Computer Graphics with Inherent Uncertainty 2018
332 RePAST Strengthening European integration through the analysis of conflict discourses: revisiting the past, anticipating the future 2018
333 Morocco International Energy Agency Joint Work Programme with the Kingdom of Morocco to support the transition away from to a decarbonized energy system. 2018
334 AquaIMPACT Genomic and nutritional innovations for genetically superior farmed fish to improve efficiency in European aquaculture 2019
335 EVOCATION Advanced Visual and Geometric Computing for 3D Capture, Display, and Fabrication 2018
336 GIDE Molecular diversification of inhibitory neurons during development 2019
337 EURAKNOS Connecting Thematic Networks as Knowledge Reservoirs: towards a European Agricultural Knowledge Innovation Open Source System 2019
338 SHERLOCK Seamless and safe human - centred robotic applications for novel collaborative workplaces 2018
339 FAWORIT 2018-2019 Fascinating World of Researchers in the Age of Technology – Cultural Heritage & the New Generation of Innovators 2018
340 EnTimeMent EnTimeMent - ENtrainment and synchronization at multiple TIME scales in the MENTal foundations of expressive gesture 2019
341 INFORE Interactive Extreme-Scale Analytics and Forecasting 2019
342 SmartDataLake Sustainable Data Lakes for Extreme-Scale Analytics 2019
343 XR4ALL eXtended Reality for All 2018
344 GE Academy Gender Equality Academy 2019
345 VERICOMP Foundations of Verifiable Computing 2019
346 BE-ARCHAEO BEyond ARCHAEOlogy: an advanced approach linking East to West through science, field archaeology, interactive museum experiences 2019
347 TERI Teaching Robots Interactively 2019
348 wHiSPER investigating Human Shared PErception with Robots 2019
349 PROFECI Mediating the Future: The Social Dynamics of Public Projections 2019
350 Metasonics Examining the use of Metamaterials for acoustic applications 2019
351 DIAPASoN Differential Program Semantics 2019
352 ROBOTOD The first toddlers-optimized, AI-based social robot supporting early and friendly 2nd language acquisition 2019
353 ICEI Interactive Computing E-Infrastructure for the Human Brain Project 2018
354 ANTICIPATE Anticipatory Human-Computer Interaction 2019
355 MUSSILAMS Mussila MS (Mussila Music School) - An innovative solution in Music Education 2019
356 SinFonia Synthetic biology-guided engineering of Pseudomonas putida for biofluorination 2019
357 ENGRAVINg Engaging Grammar and Visual Networks 2019
358 INTEGRITY INTEGRITY: empowering students through evidence-based, scaffolded learning of Responsible Conduct in Research (RCR) 2019
359 RES4BUILD Renewables for clean energy buildings in a future power system 2019
360 AN-ICON An-Iconology: History, Theory, and Practices of Environmental Images 2019
361 MAP Music-assisted programmes: Developing communication in autism spectrum disorder through music making 2019
362 IaM NUBIAN Identity and Memory in Christian Nubia: A study on strategies of (self-)presentation and preservation of the past in medieval African society 2019
363 aqua3S Enhancing Standardisation strategies to integrate innovative technologies for Safety and Security in existing water networks 2019
364 SAPPAN Sharing and Automation for Privacy Preserving Attack Neutralization 2019
365 PREVENT PRocurEments of innoVativE, advaNced systems to support security in public Transport 2019
366 secretPOL The PIDE and Portuguese Society under the Salazar Dictatorship 1945-1974: Fear, Self-Policing, Accommodation. 2019
367 HACKS Heating And Cooling Know-how and Solutions 2019
368 TVSM Teotihuacan Virtual Sound Map: Exploring the Sonic Sphere of the City of the Gods, Mexico 2019
369 ActiveMatter Active Matter: From Fundamental Science to Technological Applications 2019
370 CREST Fighting Crime and TerroRism with an IoT-enabled Autonomous Platform based on an Ecosystem of Advanced IntelligEnce, Operations, and InveStigation Technologies 2019
371 GRID Spreadsheets run the world. We run spreadsheets. 2019
372 Totem Spoon Interactive Digital Signage with emotional intelligence for smart cities 2019
373 AI for a faster web An automatic approach for creating faster websites using HTTP/2, machine learning, and AI 2019
375 ATEMPGRAD Analysing Temperature Effects with a Mobile and Precise Gradient Device 2019
376 EEENIMAC Enhancing Innovation Management Assessment Capacity of Enterprise Europe Network partners and Innovation Management Capacity of SMEs 2019
377 Yetitablet Yetitablet - the most intuitive and versatile giant tablet 2019
378 TACTILITY TACTIle feedback enriched virtual interaction through virtual realITY and beyond 2019
380 iv4XR Intelligent Verification/Validation for Extended Reality Based Systems 2019
381 CARBP Interactive web-based tool for the design of multi-RNA binding protein binding site cassettes 2019
382 Plant-FATE Predicting global vulnerability of forests to drought using plant functional trait evolution 2019
384 SARIDAS SARIDAS: Saratoga Integrated Dental Simulation Platform 2019
385 CATANA Composite AeroelasTics ANd Aeroacoustics 2019
386 NeuroCompSkill A neuro-computational account of success and failure in acquiring communication skills 2019
387 3DEPLAN Platform for 3D planning of future energy and linear network connected with augmeted reality for improved public participation 2019
388 Anatomus Personalised multimedia digital consultation to revolutionise the doctor-patient consultation process. 2019
389 SMARTPROTECT SMART agriculture for innovative vegetable crop PROTECTion: harnessing advanced methodologies and technologies 2020
390 NL4XAI Interactive Natural Language Technology for Explainable Artificial Intelligence 2019
391 DIMOFAC Digital Intelligent MOdular FACtories 2019
392 i2connect Connecting advisers to boost interactive innovation in agriculture and forestry 2019
393 Phyron Phyron platform for automated production of top-quality customizable product videos with 80% higher conversion rate for a fraction of today`s cost 2019
394 Movi Player SDK New mobile video platform technology for interactive experiences and added-value from video distribution 2019
395 ReconCycle Self-reconfiguration of a robotic workcell for the recycling of electronic waste 2020
396 TeNDER affecTive basEd iNtegrateD carE for betteR Quality of Life 2019
397 Nanodink Quantum Photonic Digital-Ink Solution for Large Format Displays 2019
398 IMPACT EdTech Incubating High-IMPACT New Generation EdTech Disruptors for Inclusive & Personalised Learning 2019
399 TRACTION Opera co-creation for a social transformation 2020
400 QuantMig Quantifying Migration Scenarios for Better Policy 2020
401 PROCareLife PeRsOnalized Integrated CARE Solution for Elderly facing several short or long term conditions and enabling a better quality of LIFE 2020
402 SO-CLOSE Enhancing Social Cohesion through Sharing the Cultural Heritage of Forced Migrations 2020
403 FORCE-UI Force-responsive Deformable User Interfaces 2020
404 aiD aRTIFICIAL iNTELLIGENCE for the Deaf 2019
405 MindTrack Analysis of eye vergence responses for the early detection and monitoring of cognitive and mental disorders 2019
406 HUGODECA Human Gonad Developmental Cell Atlas 2020
407 INTERACT Interactive Machine Learning for Compositional Models of Natural Language 2020
408 POINT.IoT Stimulating the fusion of IoT and GNSS technologies 2019
409 Osto.Me Ostomy Market Disruption: First Leak Proof Ostomy Appliance removing the need for Accessories in the Ostomy Market 2020
410 ICone ICone: a novel device to scale up robotic rehabilitation and unlock the potential of motor recovery for stroke survivors. 2019
411 VEO Versatile Emerging infectious disease Observatory 2020
412 CONBOTS CONnected through roBOTS: physically coupling humans to boost handwriting and music learning 2020
413 HIGHLANDS.3 Collective Approach of Research and Innovation for Sustainable Development in Highland 2020
414 ImpHandRehab The development and validation of a hand-based stroke rehabilitation product 2020
415 OPTIMAL Coming-of-age of Process Research: Connecting Theory with Measurement and Modelling 2020
416 EPN-2024-RI Europlanet 2024 Research Infrastructure 2020
417 NANOVR Nanoscale Design using Virtual Reality 2020
418 Sustainable-CPS Designing Human-centered Sustainable Cyber-physical Systems of the Future 2021
419 HABISS Eco-hydrodynamics of cold water coral habitats across integrated spatial scales 2020
420 ViRMA Virtual Reality Multimedia Analytics: An interactive approach to large-scale multimedia analysis in a virtual environment 2020