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1 LUNA 2014 LUnga notte della ricerca - Lange NAcht der Forschung 2014 2014
3 Let's Do The Science Life is Science, Science is Life: LET'S DO THE SCIENCE! 2014
4 FAWORIT 2014-2015 Looking over the Horizon - horizontal priorities in research and in everyday challenges of the researchers' career! 2014
5 NEPHSTROM Novel Stromal Cell Therapy for Diabetic Kidney Disease 2015
7 DORA Door to Door Information for Airports and Airlines 2015
8 E-ferry E-ferry – prototype and full-scale demonstration of next generation 100% electrically powered ferry for passengers and vehicles 2015
9 REWARD REal World Advanced Technologies foR Diesel Engines 2015
10 SteamBio Flexible Superheated Steam Torrefaction and Grinding of Indigenous Biomass from Remote Rural Sources to Produce Stable Densified Feedstocks for Chemical and Energy Applications 2015
11 CPVMatch Concentrating Photovoltaic modules using advanced technologies and cells for highest efficiencies 2015
12 VAMOS ¡Viable and Alternative Mine Operating System! 2015
13 NoHoW Evidence-based ICT tools for weight loss maintenance 2015
14 PROGRESS-TT PROs GRowing Europe through best practice SolutionS for Technology Transfer 2015
15 M3TERA Micromachined terahertz systems -a new heterogeneous integration platform enabling the commercialization of the THz frequency spectrum 2015
16 bettervest Crowdfunding for a low carbon energy system: addressing major challenges for EU-wide public and private investments in energy and carbon saving measures 2014
17 4FOLD 4FOLD Reduction of the International Transport of Empty Containers by Folding 2014
18 Smartick Games Smartick games. Augmented math learning. 2014
19 OPTIFUEL A reliable and transparent solid biofuels online quality control system 2014
20 SWH Demonstration of a Binary-Logic Hybrid Transmission for Heavy-Duty Vehicles 2014
21 HEATBOOST Sorption Heat-pump Component Boosting Energy-efficiency in Gas-fired Boilers 2014
22 odis Ensygnia Onescan Market Disruptive Technology 2015
23 PhenoMeNal PhenoMeNal: A comprehensive and standardised e-infrastructure for analysing medical metabolic phenotype data 2015
24 JELLYPACTS Assessment of Jellyfish Socioeconomic Impacts in the Mediterranean: Implications for Management 2016
25 EffectorTargets Development of functional genomic screens to identify conserved host cell processes targeted by fungal effector proteins 2015
26 East-West Exploring the Eastern and the Western Debate: the Case of Mathematics Teachers’ Professional Knowledge and Students’ Achievement - A Comparative Study between Germany and China 2016
27 GEODEM Geography of Demography: modelling plant population responses to global habitat patterns 2015
28 MicroFrac Visualization and modelling of fracture at the microscale 2015
29 PFSEXOME Identification of protein kinases and signalling pathways important for Plasmodium falciparum malaria transmission 2015
30 GESTATE testinG massivE STar formATion modEis 2015
31 LearningDeterminants Inter-individual variability in learning: an investigation of its determinants 2015
32 CHP Upscaling and commercialization of a highly efficient wood pellets fired steam engine CHP for heat and power generation 2015
33 ID_MOBILE Solution to authenticate and read ID documents using mobile devices at point of origin in real-time, eliminating manual handling and providing better, more secure services. 2015
34 ADDITION Arthritis Differential DIagnostic validaTION 2015
36 REFEREE pREcise Fluids mEteRing EquipmEnt 2015
37 AstroFIt2 Astronomy Fellowships in Italy 2 2015
38 I-WSN Intelligent Wireless Sensor Networks for Asset Integrity Monitoring 2015
39 MicroLAB MicroLAB lab-on-a-cartridge, a disruptive concept. Towards an innovative solution for food safety 2015
40 Vaprosep Validation of Progranulin as Biomarker in Diagnostics and Prognosis of Sepsis 2015
41 PREKIND PreEclampsia diagnosis by Early Kidney Injury Detection 2015
42 Watergate Watergate: Development of a low-cost solar desalination technology 2015
43 HySolarKit Converting conventional cars into hybrid and solar vehicles 2015
44 DWAVE Designing waves for the people 2015
45 LEO Low-cost / energy Efficient Oleds for lighting 2015
46 POWERSTEP Full scale demonstration of energy positive sewage treatment plant concepts towards market penetration 2015
47 PreventSepticShock Bioactive AdrenoMedullin is a Novel Outstanding Marker to Predict and Prevent Septic Shock 2015
49 RAIL Radiomics of lung cancer (RAIL): non-invasive stratification of tumour heterogeneity for personalised cancer therapy 2015
50 OrchardMan A novel vision based orchard system to maximize fruit tree yields and Class 1 quality by 20% while reducing waste by 50% 2015
51 3L-HeCoMe Advanced manufacturing process to obtain a partially Bio-Resorbable Adhesive/Non-Adhesive Triple Layer Mesh for intra-peritoneal Hernia Containment 2015
52 DAHDAC DAHDAC project: Disruptive Approach to Highly Distributed Application Creation 2015
53 ALISE Advanced Lithium Sulphur battery for xEV 2015
54 PVPS Powerstar Virtual Power Station (PVPS) solution - Powerstar Virtue 2015
55 SCHOCKO3 Novel Ozone and Thermal Shock Conservation Process for Vegetables 2015
56 VirtuCrete A new integrated process to valorise hazardous leaded glass from CRTs and transform it into high performance geopolymer blocks - VirtuCrete 2015
57 Mucky MUCKY: The circular solution for the valorisation of mixed municipal waste streams. 2015
58 platinDx A test for predicting the efficacy of common platinum drugs enabling personalized chemotherapy for bladder cancer patients. 2015
59 BINPICKING 3D Generalized bin picking system for automatic handling of unsorted parts in industrial applications 2015
60 CIGUALERT Reference standards for a specific, reliable and early detection of the marine toxins that causes ciguatera disease 2015
61 SMART FIRE BARRIER Innovative Forest Fires Prevention Infrastructure for Residential Areas, Forestry and Critical Infrastructures 2015
62 CHeaP Cost-effective Combined Heat and Power generator for camping vans 2015
63 MITIGATE Multidimensional, IntegraTed, rIsk assessment framework and dynamic, collaborative Risk ManaGement tools for critical information infrAstrucTurEs 2015
64 Ada Ada 2020 | Visual Reasoning Support for Healthcare Professionals 2015
65 BuildHEAT Standardised approaches and products for the systemic retrofit of residential Buildings, focusing on HEATing and cooling consumptions attenuation. 2015
66 TENCENT The next generation of Hybrid Concentrating Solar Power Plants 2015
67 GOTSolar New technological advances for the third generation of Solar cells 2016
68 REFEREE pREcise Fluids mEteRing EquipmEnt 2015
69 SafeAST Continuous structural condition tank integrity monitoring of Above Ground Storage Tanks, aka “SafeAST, no entry: no empty.” 2015
70 MOSAIC Multi object spectrometer with an array of superconducting integrated circuits 2016
71 VanderSat High Resolution Soil Moisture Mapping 2015
72 HIGHER HIGHER: “High performance Engine for Light Sport Aircraft 2015
73 STREAMS Smart Technologies for eneRgy Efficient Active cooling in advanced Microelectronic Systems 2016
74 Re-Deploy Re-deployable solar boilers based on concentrating solar collecotors for ESCO type sale of thermal energy to industrial processes. 2016
75 DMC-MALVEC Automated diagnostic platform, data management system and innovative communication tool, for improving the impact of malaria vector control interventions 2016
76 EVA EVA - patient ventilation beyond limits 2015
77 BioVill Bioenergy Villages (BioVill) - Increasing the Market Uptake of Sustainable Bioenergy 2016
78 VIP4SME Value Intellectual Property for SMEs 2015
79 FEVER Forecasting the recurrence rate of volcanic eruptions 2016
80 HiTech AlkCarb New geomodels to explore deeper for High-Technology critical raw materials in Alkaline rocks and Carbonatites 2016
81 FITSYOU Development of a low cost, high resolution 270° 3D solution for full face capture to provide low cost customised eyewear 2016
82 SCULTMARKET Feasibility Study to Combat Physical Inactivity and Improve Sporting Skills through SCULT Sport Mentors and Coaches Marketplace 2016
83 PIANOSILICA Pianosilica – new, eco-friendly and fire-resistant construction materials. 2016
84 MobiLab Development of a mobile device for the quick on-site measurement of soil nutrients 2016
85 DiaMon Continuous Diaphragm Monitoring for mechanically ventilated patients 2016
86 PROTECT-2 PeRsonnel lOcation and Tracking for safEty of Critical InfrasTructures 2016
88 ANIMATION Automatic Neurovascular Image Analysis and Quantification 2016
89 biowave Upscale and demonstration of a integrated novel microwave pre-treatment system for efficient production of biogas from anaerobic digestion of pig manure to create a sustainable waste management system 2016
90 EnerTwin EnerTwin: A different approach to micro CHP 2016
91 AlgDates Dating Plastid Endosymbiosis and Diversification in Eukaryotic Algae 2016
92 REBOOT Retrofit all-Electric Bus for reduced Operator Operating costs in urban Transport (REBOOT) 2016
93 PREPARE Preventing Respiratory Events through Proactive Assessment of Respiratory Effort 2016
94 BEST Postdoctoral Programme in Bioengineering Excellence Scientific Training 2017
95 pressureNose Enhance efficiency of combustion engines by monitoring internal chambers Pressure with Novel contactless Optical SEnsor 2016
96 COCOAPRO COCOA In Vitro PROpagation 2016
97 FINESSS Financing Energy Saving Solutions for SMEs 2016
98 OXM Patent pending gearboxA patent pending gearbox for ships that decrease fuel consumption with 25% (appr 500 ton fuel and 1500 ton carbon dioxide per ship and year) 2016
99 LINGOKIDS LINGOKIDS: Adaptive mobile platform for language learning for early age children 2016
100 VISONby3DSTIM Restoration of visual perception by artificial stimulation performed by 3D EAO microscopy 2016
101 INTEGROIL Demonstration of a Decision Support System for a Novel Integrated Solution aimed at Water Reuse in the Oil & Gas Industry 2016
102 PMTFOS Plant metallothioneins as potential players in food security 2017
103 4FOLD Phase 2 4FOLD Reduction of the International Transport of Empty Containers by Folding 2016
104 ProGeo ProGeo 2016
105 DMD2CURE Correction of duplications in the DMD gene by a CRISPR/Cas9 approach 2017
107 LT2016 Researchers' Night: It's Your Friday to Discover! 2016
108 IE-E Innovative heat-to-power engine for very low temperature heat recovery applications 2016
109 Drygair20 Energy efficient greenhouse dehumidifier for warm climate operating at wide temperature ranges (4-40° C) and free of fluorinated gases 2016
110 Science Uncovered Science Uncovered 2016
111 SpaceInvader SpaceInvader – Gain value from empty and unused cargo space 2016
112 PACE Pathway to a Competitive European FC mCHP market 2016
113 LUNA 2016 LUnga notte della Ricerca - Lange NAcht der Forschung 2016
114 SmartWASTE Smart logistics for WASTE and recycling operations in European cities 2016
115 MYA MYA, the innovative diagnostics platform for the full mapping of personal allergies 2016
116 BloodStemPLUS Commercial feasibility study of a technology that multiplies blood stem cells to increase the success of transplants for cancer treatment 2016
117 CreativeNet Enhancement of an advanced media sharing and networking platform to ensure connectivity among world’s creatives 2016
118 FLUSENSOR FLUSENSOR - innovative, ultra-sensitive, fast and cheap micro-test to detect influenza virus 2016
119 SOSLeM Solid Oxide Stack Lean Manufacturing 2016
120 STEM-BCPC Signal Transduction and Epigenetic Mechanisms of Breast Cell Plasticity and Cancer 2016
121 IsoMet Bacterial isoprene metabolism: a missing link in a key global biogeochemical cycle 2016
122 TOUCHVIE Catch what you watch; a game-changer technology that will change how people watch TV and revolutionise in-movie advertising and product placement 2016
123 Reedsy Connecting authors and publishers with the world`s best publishing professionals to create high-quality books 2016
124 MobileRecycle Green mobile recycling technology for dirty (none-recyclable) plastic waste 2016
125 Homebiogas The Domestic Biogas System - Turning Waste into Value 2016
126 ESCaPE A game-changing light aircraft enabled by advanced materials and novel production menthods 2016
127 EVEARA EVEARA: Testing a New Business Model for Digital Music Distribution 2016
128 BLUE SNOW Integrated system for queue monitoring and speed automatic modulation in ropeways. 2016
129 ATOMIX Boosting the efficiency of current agricultural atomisers by using ultrasonics emitters 2016
130 OILBLOCK Immediate Oil Spill containment to mitigate impact on the marine ecosystem 2016
131 freescoo Low temperature heat / solar driven air conditioning system for heating, cooling, dehumidification and ventilation of buildings 2016
132 BMX-11 Providing Antifouling Additives for Marine Paints Inspired by Nature and Engineered for Industries 2016
133 EDURIO Edurio – a revolutionary web platform for school networks to improve the quality of education through deep analytics of stakeholder feedback 2016
134 Qlice Qlice: Environmentally-friendly system to combat sea lice in salmon farms 2016
135 GreenProtein Revalorisation of vegetable processing industry remnants into high-value functional proteins and other food ingredients 2016
136 DeMAnD Dynamic aircraft MAterial property Database 2016
137 NEW-MINE EU Training Network for Resource Recovery through Enhanced Landfill Mining 2016
138 FUNGUSCHAIN Valorisation of mushroom agrowastes to obtain high value products 2016
139 FMF-Dia Immunological Diagnosis of Familial Mediterranean Fever 2016
140 CarbSens An ultra compact greenhouse gas remote sensing system for ranges between 500 and 2000 m 2017
141 MIMODETECT Improved detection of underground pipes by Multiple Input Multiple Output (MIMO) radar for The Radar Networks 2016
142 SKIN Short supply chain Knowledge and Innovation Network 2016
143 ThreatMark Advanced Fraud Detection System - Protecting digital transactions against cyber attacks 2016
145 MOUSIE Multi-Organ UltraSound-based Inborn Evaluation 2016
146 PYCSEL PYroelectric Conformable SEnsor matrix for Large area applications in security and safety 2017
147 SMARTSAND Transforming fly ash waste from coal-fired power plants into lightweight engineered sand formultiple applications 2016
148 Cargo Beacon Cargo Beacons – no unexpected delays or losses in shipments of valuable cargo 2016
149 PEGASUS The makeup of the modern horse: a history of the biological changes introduced by human management 2016
150 GFF Green Fast Ferry - the world’s first 30 knots battery powered Air Supported commuter ferry 2016
151 SYNERGY Plugplay gasification plant for onsite conversion of otherwise unusable waste into renewable energy 2016
152 TT Transforming Transport 2017
153 PJ28 IAO Integrated Airport Operations 2016
154 DAFIA Biomacromolecules from municipal solid bio-waste fractions and fish waste for high added value applications. 2017
155 GoOpti GoOpti – Profitable, Smart and Professional DRT over Long Distances 2016
156 ThermaSiC New generation wear and corrosion coating enabling European industry growth 2016
157 IE2advisor Intelligent Energy Efficiency Advisor 2016
158 NEOSURANCE Neosurance's objective is to propose innovative short-term insurance policies,proposed to the client a few hours before an event he is going to participate,through an advanced machine learning engine 2016
160 ELG-blocks Sustainable production of lightweight thermal concretes and concrete blocks with use of recycled industrial waste for construction of energy-efficient and/or highly seismic-safe masonry buildings 2017
161 TOPBALAT Setting up high-value Sea cucumber chain in Europe through a new fishing trawl with no environmental impact and advanced processing equipment 2017
162 GRAILS-SWE Greater RAIL Safety using the Smart Washer Ecosystem 2017
163 KAROS KAROS – Integration of a dynamic and predictive short distance carpooling offer into route planner services 2017
164 Large enHANCEMENT Large Surface Heating and Cooling Element 2017
165 ESSI Developing the EFAS Smart Services Initiative to introduce a game -changer in the digital tachograph market 2016
166 GATEKEEPER Keeping insects out of the greenhouse gate with odor-masking natural extracts 2017
167 qSOFC Automated mass-manufacturing and quality assurance of Solid Oxide Fuel Cell stacks 2017
168 MEMPHYS MEMbrane based Purification of HYdrogen System 2017
169 GGP-EPI Generations and Gender Programme: Evaluate, Plan, Initiate 2017
170 FORCE Cities Cooperating for Circular Economy 2016
171 Ultimate The best drug discovery platform 2016
172 BINCI Binaural Tools for the Creative Industries 2017
173 One-Flow Catalyst Cascade Reactions in ‘One-Flow’ within a Compartmentalized, Green-Solvent ‘Digital Synthesis Machinery’ – End-to-End Green Process Design for Pharmaceuticals 2017
174 OPTELA Disrupting the telematics market with an ultra-low cost and high performance self-learning open platform 2017
175 I-MUST A handheld, ultra-sensitive device for rapid contactless explosive vapour detection in open air, based on Ion Mobility Universal Sensor Technology 2016
176 SMILE Synchrotron Miniaturization enabling Innovative Laboratory Equipment in soft x-ray tomography. 2017
177 TREATCilia Novel Therapeutic Avenues for dynein-related Ciliopathies 2017
178 ACTIVEPHANTOM Active Organ Phantoms for Medical Robotics 2017
179 smartFEEsh Smart FEEding Systems for Hatcheries: Automatic central feeding system of live food and microdiets for farmed fingerlings 2017
180 TAMI Tests for leakage identification on Aircraft fluid Mechanical Installations 2017
181 UPALET Strong, sustainable and waterproof cardboard pallet that equals load carrying capacity of wooden pallets 2017
182 SERVONE The Intelligent Service Network Operator 2017
183 VisionBot Innovative and Affordable Pick and Place Robots with 10µm high mechanical accuracy and Advanced Computer Vision Algorithms for automatic electronics assembly manufacturing 2017
184 ENFIR ENergy efficient Far InfraRed process of manure valorisation 2017
185 CROSSROADS Human Evolution at the Crossroads 2017
186 MIREDI Mechanisms of Immune Receptor Diversification in Cereals 2017
187 NK-52-2016 Next generation authentication for the digital age 2017
188 CoPOWER Government of Life and Death: The Rise of Coercive Power in European Late Prehistory 2017
189 HappyHR Commercialising Innovative Disruptive Solution for Improving Human Resources Management and Practices 2017
190 Runway-Star A Novel Solution for Aircraft Washing and De-Icing 2017
191 UltraSafe Advanced modelling of ultrasonic wave interaction with damage for enhanced failure identification technologies in industrial composite structures 2018
192 EBOVAC2 Development of a Prophylactic Ebola Vaccine Using an Heterologous Prime-Boost Regimen: Phase II - Sofia ref.: 115861 2014
193 EBOVAC1 Development of a Prophylactic Ebola Vaccine Using an Heterologous Prime-Boost Regimen – Sofia ref.: 115854 2014
194 MUSICAL Chip-based MUSICAL nanoscopy for imaging endocytosis pathways of phage viruses in liver sinusoidal endothelial cells 2017
195 Tau Seeding Identification and validation of human proteins that control tau seeding in cell-based and in vivo models 2017
196 CreepUT An ultrasonic non-destructive testing system for detection and quantification of early stage subsurface creep damage in the thermal power generation industry 2017
197 GEOCOND Advanced materials and processes to improve performance and cost-efficiency of Shallow Geothermal systems and Underground Thermal Storage 2017
198 INNODIA Translational approaches to disease modifying therapy of type 1 diabetes: an innovative approach towards understanding and arresting type 1 diabetes – Sofia ref.: 115797 2015
199 HOPE Humans On Planet Earth - Long-term impacts on biosphere dynamics 2018
200 FOSTER Plus Fostering the practical implementation of Open Science in Horizon 2020 and beyond 2017
201 EcoBioMass EcoBioMass – harvesting forest energy biomass in the 21st century 2017
202 MINDb4ACT Mapping, IdentifyiNg and Developing skills and opportunities in operating environments to co-create innovative, ethical and effective ACTions to tackle radicalization leading to violent extremism 2017
203 EMBRACED Establishing a Multi-purpose Biorefinery for the Recycling of the organic content of AHP waste in a Circular Economy Domain 2017
204 Fibersail Fibersail: Shaping the Structures of Tomorrow 2017
205 AlbaSolar Developing perovskite-based solar panels 2017
206 PALAEOSILKROAD A Silk Road in the Palaeolithic: Reconstructing Late Pleistocene Hominin Dispersals and Adaptations in Central Asia 2017
207 PlastiCircle Improvement of the plastic packaging waste chain from a circular economy approach 2017
208 Dendromass4Europe Securing Sustainable Dendromass Production with Poplar Plantations in European Rural Areas 2017
209 INNO PV-SWITCH Innovative Fireman's Switch for Photovoltaic Systems: towards large-scale production 2017
210 TeaM Cables European Tools and Methodologies for an efficient ageing management of nuclear power plant Cables 2017
211 MOWOOT Integral Intestinal Transit Management System for chronic constipation 2017
212 ULTRAWAVE Ultra capacity wireless layer beyond 100 GHz based on millimeter wave Traveling Wave Tubes 2017
213 NBS2017 Nature-based Solutions: From Innovation to Common-use 2017
214 Hubble Hubble – smart workplace allocation platform 2017
215 IFM Micro Thruster The unique modular propulsion system suitable for all small satellites from 1 to 500 kg 2017
216 Locus Ludi Locus Ludi: The Cultural Fabric of Play and Games in Classical Antiquity 2017
217 MFDS Multi-Functional Detective System (MFDS) – Advanced, ‘Intelligent Transport System’ creating smarter and safer European roads 2017
218 NEPTUN Novel closed-cage system for high-value marine aquaculture 2017
219 Railscope Improving Railway Safety Through Innovative Sensor System 2017
220 SENSE Affordable CFD simulation software for SMEs in the transportation industry 2017
221 ULTIMATE The best online drug discovery platform, Building the Ultimate chemical database for drug discovery 2017
222 DiaMon Continuous Diaphragm Monitoring of mechanically ventilated patients 2017
223 BRIOAGRO Intelligent low-cost, scalable, adaptive ecosystem for intelligent irrigation and fertilization ensuring high performance and quality crops 2017
224 FIBRACEP “Valorization of European onion waste by-products into dietary fibre-based formula with hypocholesterolemic, hypoglycemic, and antioxidant effects” 2017
225 H2S ANALYZER Introduction of an online hydrogen sulphide analytic device for the creation of an efficient andeconomical and ecological sustainable waste water infrastructure in Europe 2017
226 AMable AdditiveManufacturABLE 2017
227 Corvid AI-based autonomous flight control for the electric passenger aircraft of the nearest future 2017
228 DRIVE Development of Robust and Innovative Vaccine Effectiveness 2017
229 FreeBC_Orgs The Freebird Club organisational membership portal 2017
230 SAGAPROPLUS A Unique Herbal Product for the Symptomatic Treatment of Over Active Bladder 2017
231 CellPrintArray CellPrintArray – on-demand nano-scale printing of live cells and compounds for miniaturized cell screening applications 2017
232 Portapower Device for much improved performance portable power 2018
233 Aftermath THE AFTERMATH OF THE EAST ASIAN WAR OF 1592-1598. 2018
234 InSightPro Commercialising an Innovative and Autonomous Analytical Solution Combining On-Line Measurements with Intelligent Cloud Functionalities for Adding Value to Dairy Products. 2017
235 Multicellularity The genetic basis of the convergent evolution of fungal multicellularity 2018
236 AIOSAT Autonomous Indoor Outdoor SafetyTracking system 2017
237 OnTrack Development of a commercial manufacturing process for embeddable RFID and NFC Tags forcomplete lifecycle tracking of tyres 2017
238 BIOSIM Accelerating the commercialisation of a disruptive analytical technology which enables the biopharmaceutical industry to manufacture drugs faster, cheaper and with greater regulatory confidence 2017
239 IMMUNISA A Next Generation Immunotherapy for Human Papilloma Virus induced Cervical Cancer 2017
240 NOVEL Nanoscale Vertical Cavity Surface Emitting Laser and its Arrays 2018
241 TWIGA Transforming Weather Water data into value-added Information services for sustainable Growth in Africa 2018
243 GAMER Game changer in high temperature steam electrolysers with novel tubular cells and stacks geometry for pressurized hydrogen production 2018
244 TAHYA TAnk HYdrogen Automotive 2018
245 Startup Lighthouse Lighthouse: Lighting the way for European scale-ups 2018
246 PREDESA Non-invasive technology for remote screening and personalised therapy of sleeping disorders: EU piloting and commercialisation project 2017
247 SDS-OmiProbe Revolutionary opto-biological methodology for aggressive HER2 cancer 2017
248 KoolZone KoolZone- refrigeration control technology to minimise food waste, avoid food poisoning and minimise energy consumption 2017
249 ePersonam The simplest and most efficient platform to unify medical records and manage health careprofessionals. 2017
250 CERATONIA Valorisation of the carob pod into an added value natural extract for the food and drink industry 2017
251 ECO-Thrust Green Reaction Control System (RCS) 2017
252 DeepSolar Artificial Intelligence-based diagnostic system for Solar PV Plants 2017
254 KB plus Ultra Compact and Highly Eco-efficient Heating System 2017
255 SPACEIT-MCS Development of cloud based Mission Control System for satellite missions 2017
256 TheTocharianTrek The Tocharian Trek: A linguistic reconstruction of the migration of the Tocharians from Europe to China 2018
257 XHaLe Hanover experimental lung research project 2018
258 HIGDARS High Bandwidth Flexible Satellite communicationSystem for 1 Gigabit/sec communications 2018
259 TrueTalent TrueTalent - Creating the new artist economy 2018
261 Multi-AD Feasibility High performance MULTIphase Anaerobic Digester for agroindustrial wastewater treatment 2018
262 BLUESKY Robust kit to convert diesel vehicles to Natural Gas and Biogas for extended life and reducedcontaminants emission 2018
263 Pewas AQS New seed treating method - hydrostimulation - for higher crop yields in water deprived regions 2018
264 FINSEC Integrated Framework for Predictive and Collaborative Security of Financial Infrastructures 2018
265 DiaMoND Development of composite Metamaterials having Negative stiffness inclusions and exceptional Damping properties 2018
266 ECHOE An Electronic Corpus of Anonymous Homilies in Old English 2018
267 EMOMETER EMOMETER: Developing an Integrated Toolbox for the Assessment of Emotional Functioning in Dogs 2018
268 TRAINEE TowaRd market-based skills for sustAINable Energy Efficient construction 2018
269 NS-COMP Development of composite structures having negative stiffness inclusions and exceptional dampingproperties 2019
270 Mind4Stormwater Innovative stormwater asset management in future cities 2018
271 CYBERWISER.EU Civil Cyber Range Platform for a novel approach to cybersecurity threats simulation and professional training 2018
272 GOPV Global Optimization of integrated PhotoVoltaics system for low electricity cost 2018
273 GAP Global dynamics of mountain diversification and persistence 2019
274 METLINK METLINK: Identification of links between cancer cell growth and metabolism genes. 2018
275 MUST Magnetoelectric Ultra-low-power Spin-wave Transducers 2018
276 HYBRICYL Organic-Inorganic Hybrid Heterojunctions in Extremely Thin Absorber Solar Cells Based on Arrays of Parallel Cylindrical Nanochannels 2018
277 RE-HOUSING The Refugees’ Right To Housing: State Policies and Housing Commons in Istanbul, Athens and Belgrade 2018
278 MECoCaM Human gut Microbiome, gene Expression and Colorectal Cancer: Assigning causal roles from a novel Mendelian randomization perspective. 2018
279 iHand The First Soft Robotic Glove for Hand Injury Prevention and Rehabilitation 2018
280 Piql-GO Ultra-secure data storage - and long-term preservation of digital and analogue data 2018
281 FUELSAVE FS MARINE+: Hydrogen syngas injection unit for ships to save fuel and cut emissions 2018
282 INSYLO Disruptive IoT solution for optimising the animal feed supply chain 2018
283 SafeMobile Monitor the attacks, not the children - an innovative cloud platform designed to effectively identify and combat cyberbullying events while protecting children’s privacy. 2018
284 MEISTER Mobility Environmentally-friendly, Integrated and economically Sustainable Through innovative Electromobility Recharging infrastructure and new business models 2018
285 PREMOL At the crossroad of molecular physics, quantum optics and spectroscopy:ultra-high-precision molecular spectroscopy for fundamental physics 2018
286 DeCRyPT Deciphering Cis-Regulatory Principles of Transcriptional regulation: Combining large-scale genetics and genomics to dissect functional principles of genome regulation during embryonic development 2019
287 GasHeatPumpSaltX Disrupting the European domestic space heating market with the lowest cost, energy-efficient Gas Heat Pump 2018
288 Better Dairy A diagnostic tool for endometritis in cows, based on a portable automated image recognition software 2018
289 EXICOM 3D experience anywhere, at any time 2018
290 TS3.0 New Technology for Multi-Axial, Slim and High Performance Timber Structures 2018
291 TRILLIO TRILLIO, a porTable pRescription assistant Improving heaLth of Europeans citizens by increasing therapeutic adherence in eLderly people and in patIents affected by chrOnic diseases 2018
292 MIGNEX Aligning Migration Management and the Migration-Development Nexus 2018
293 DAYUSE DAYUSE: the European game changer that creates a disruptive value-adding exploitation model for Hotels. 2018
294 HYBRiX Hybrid fuel-electric multicopter RPAS with 10 times more flight time than current solutions in the market 2018
295 DG Island Mode Deep Green Island Mode 2018
296 StrawToGold Revolutionizing the packaging industry with a patented treatment to lignin fibres 2018
297 CLEAN CABINET A unique and innovative cleanliness test bench that allows to increase test efficiency and reduce costs for cleanliness assessment of hydraulic, automotive and aeronautic components and systems 2018
298 WeShare Innovative Platform for horizontal collaboration in Road freight transportation 2018
299 L2L Leap-to-Lead platform for expanding Drug Discovery beyond its current limits 2018
300 OxygeAte First long-lasting super-oxygenated water to promote post-exercise recovery and plant health, boosting crop yields sustainably 2018
302 HemoScreen Point-of-care hematology analyser based on visco-elastic focusing, digital imaging, image processing and machine learning 2018
303 PhagoPROD GMP manufacturing & GLP diagnostic: Towards a personalised phage therapy against antimicrobial resistance 2018
304 IoT4ALL Ultimate connectivity platform for global IoT devices: boosting the competitiveness of IoT device makers 2018
305 MiRAGE Enhanced mission autonomy through on-board Artificial Intelligence for next generation spacecraft 2018
306 POM: Peace of Mind for everyone's invoice administration 2018
307 ILO Innovative dual cycle tracking system for contraception and conception on a single device 2018
308 ALTFInator Capacity-building of the financial ecosystem and its participants for improving innovative SME´s access to alternative forms of finance in Europe with focus on SE and CEE 2018
309 DeCAS The first real-time monitoring device able to determine the impact area of space vehicles’ fragments during re-entry into the Earth’s atmosphere and minimize risks for people and property 2018
310 Milis Milis, a novel sweet protein for use as flavouring in the food and beverage industry 2018
311 LUNA LUnga notte della ricerca - Lange NAcht der Forschung 2019
312 WeCreate European Researchers' Night We Create Science and History 2018
313 NOCMOC Noč ima svojo moč, European Researchers’ Night (NIGHT) 2018
314 ERN-Apulia European Researchers' Night Apulia 2018-2019 - Discovering the fascinating world of research 2018
315 ROLL-IT Radically innovative technology for efficient manufacturing of preforms for ceramic matrix composite (CMC) brake disks 2018
316 PICVOLC DePICting the interior of active VOLCanoes to reduce volcanic hazards: application to the present unrest at Nevado del Ruiz (Colombia) - PICVOLC 2019
317 OILBLOCK Immediate Oil Spill containment to mitigate impact on the marine ecosystem 2018
318 NaturalPhilosophy The normalisation of natural philosophy: how teaching practices shaped the evolution of early modern science 2019
319 AgroBioHeat Promoting the penetration of agrobiomass heating in European rural areas 2019
320 NextGenRoadFuels Sustainable Drop-In Transport fuels from Hydrothermal Liquefaction of Low Value Urban Feedstocks 2018
321 ARCADE Aligning Research & Innovation for Connected and Automated Driving in Europe 2018
322 1000kmPLUS Scalable European Powertrain Technology Platform for Cost-Efficient Electric Vehicles to Connect Europe 2019
323 ScienceWars ScienceWars - May Science be with you! 2018
324 NHM Night 7 NHM Researchers Night 2018
325 SemanticCity Structuring Raw Scans 2018
326 Matrix Charging Matrix Charging: Novel, automated charging infrastructure for electric vehicles 2018
327 MORPHEUS Deciphering Bacteria-induced Morphogenesis and Protection in marine Eukaryotes 2019
328 pvDesign A Cutting-Edge Software for the Feasibility Analysis and Design of Photovoltaic Power Plants 2018
329 i-GRAPE Integrated, Low-Cost and Stand-Alone Micro-Optical System for Grape Maturation and Vine Hydric Stress Monitoring 2018
330 C2C4LMB Gigstarter — A C2C Solution for Live Music Bookings 2018
331 Mokita The NGOs’ virtual reality content viewing platform 2018
332 STADY STADY: Autonomous intelligent cleaning robot for stables 2018
333 BGV1 New vaccine for a paradigm shift in Brucellosis 2018
334 Medicortex Launching the First Non-Invasive Point of Care Diagnostic Test for Traumatic Brain Injury 2018
335 BEAWARE Early warning system for enteropathies in intensive broiler farming. 2018
336 B2C Beasts to Craft: BioCodicology as a new approach to the study of parchment manuscripts 2018
337 eolACC Advanced wireless system for predictive monitoring of structural wind turbine components 2018
338 HYDROGO Energy from water in motion: efficient, customisable off-grid hydro-electricity for rural areas with stream access 2018
339 MOCEAN INTELLIGENCE Empowering SMEs to take part in the Ocean Industry with an Intelligent Platform that will support their Business decisions 2018
340 MNSWLGM An optofluidic platform based on liquid-gradient refractive index microlens for the isolation and quantification of extracellular vesicles 2019
341 C-Air An innovative, reliable, lifesaving industrial air purification system that contains, cleans, and purifies air contaminated by toxic gases. 2018
342 CARDIACSENSE A new clinically proven and reliable medical solution for continuous heart arrhythmia and blood pressure monitoring 2018
344 WASTE2WATTS Unlocking unused bio-WASTE resources with loW cost cleAning and Thermal inTegration with Solid oxide fuel cells 2019
345 NbyN Transitioning Textile Industry Into the 21st Century: the New Generation Needle by Needle Knitting Machine 2019
346 IE-2018-Vienna Innovative Enterprise Vienna 2018 2018
347 ImpactVision A new standard for food safety and quality 2019
348 DEADSEA_ECO Modelling Anthropocene Trophic Cascades of the Judean Desert Ecosystem: A Hidden Dimension in the History of Human-Environment Interactions 2019
349 CONCISE Communication role on perception and beliefs of EU Citizens about Science 2018
350 DECOAT Recycling of coated and painted textile and plastic materials 2019
351 CeraText Tailoring Microstructure and Architecture to Build Ceramic Components with Unprecedented Damage Tolerance 2019
352 LOQR Digital Identity Management Platform: Verifying, Authenticating and Managing the end-to-end Digital Identity Lifecycle 2019
353 MagentiqEye Automatic Polyp Detection System 2019
354 BiowatchID A secure wearable for payments, ticketing, access control and ID management 2019
357 BioHealx Anal Fistula Treatment 2019
358 BTPin Market Disruptive Pin Technology for Improving Heavy Machinery Operations and Safety 2019
359 RAINOLVE Accurate irrigation controller with multi-sensoring and interactive cloud-based platform to evaluate real plant needs and save up to 80% of water 2019
360 SRRP A disruptive pre-assembled Self-Regenerating solvent Recovery Plant based on the vapor recompression principle in order to diminish the emission of volatile organic compounds to environment. 2019
361 I-SOFT Intelligent Electrochemical Cooling Water Softening System 2019
363 MLU250 The Game Changer Two Stage Micro Liquefaction Unit for (Bio) LNG 2019
364 DACTREOC Disruptive Attitude Control Technology foR Earth Observation Competitiveness 2019
365 Change Dyslexia Development and scale-up of cognitive detection and stimulation platform for dyslexia by using automatic learning and scientific validations in educational environments 2019
366 Cr Free REAL Development and testing of innovative Cr Free solution for REmoval of Anodic Layers 2019
367 DAIRYCULTURES Cultures of dairying: gene-culture-microbiome evolution and the ancient invention of dairy foods 2018
368 FR8RAIL II Digitalization and Automation of Freight Rail 2018
369 LEWIATH LEveraging WInd-Assisted THrust 2019
370 Facer The First Cell Culture Platform that Enables Affordable Cell Therapies at a Large Scale 2019
371 ULTIMATE ULtra-ThIck Multi-mAterial baTtery Electrodes 2019
372 INSPIRE In Situ Probing of transition metal-oxide heteroInterfaces for high-peRformance solid-state Energy devices 2019
373 DROSI Death Rites and the Origins of Social Inequality 2019
374 UNBIAS UNravelling BIvAlve Shell chemistry: Advanced Techniques for Accurate Reconstructions of Sub-annual Climate 2020
375 ImmUne Towards identification of the unifying principles of vertebrate adaptive immunity 2019
376 FARMYNG FlAgship demonstration of industrial scale production of nutrient Resources from Mealworms to develop a bioeconomY New Generation 2019
377 3DConfigurator Fully-automated software platform with 3D freeform configurator for design and production of individual and affordable furniture 2019
379 ROCS Moving Towards Sustainable Mining With ROCS Real-Time Ore Composition Monitoring 2019
380 IBL-302 Inflection Bioscience unique dual mechanism, small molecule, orally available therapeutic targeting major unmet medical needs in breast cancer 2019
381 CIRCULAR FLOORING New products from waste PVC flooring and safe end-of-life treatment of plasticisers 2019
382 Career-FIT PLUS Career Development Fellowships in the National Technology Centre Programme 2019
383 UNA4CAREER UNA Europa, an alliance of universities FOR the emergence of talent and the development of research CAREERs 2020
384 GreenArc500 The first effective oil and water pre-separator, enabling clean water release and fuel efficiency onboard ships 2019
385 TalentMondo Connecting families with optimal homecare providers through a real-time machine learning matching platform. 2019
386 KYLUS Fully autonomous real-time inventory management system, based on drone technology with high precision indoor localization 2019
387 SUPAIR Spectroscopy SUPAIR Spectroscopy: Single-Use Process Analytical Infrared Spectroscopy 2019
388 Goodwall The Professional Development Network for the Next Generation 2019
389 ElectroGas New Technology for Efficient Electrochemical Production of Synthetic Natural Gas 2019
390 E-RESCUE E-RESCUE - Changing forever the way we rescue crash victims - Saving time and lives during the Golden Hour 2019
391 EEENIMAC Enhancing Innovation Management Assessment Capacity of Enterprise Europe Network partners and Innovation Management Capacity of SMEs 2019
392 Breeze A cloud-based big data analytics platform for air quality sensing using distributed sensors and an unparalleled AI-powered decision support system 2019
393 Weekend Shop Reinventing FMCG Market Research with Real-Life Product Testing 2019
394 Waterjade Waterjade: the global platform to predict water resources 2019
395 PYRATEX Natural, health-benefiting fabrics to protect our skin from external agents 2019
396 eCARE Digital solutions supporting continuum of care for frailty prevention in old adults 2019
397 Healthy Textile Healthy Textile 2019
398 DGIM2 Deep Green Island Mode 2 2019
399 24G 24G: Accurate and Reliable Health Genetic Tests 2019
400 PRIMESYST PRecise Instrument MEtering SYSTem 2019
401 ImmunoGrow Making life-saving cancer therapies more widely available by simplifying production processes, reducing costs and enhancing patient safety through its patent-protected biomimicking mesh material. 2019
402 DATACONTROL DataControl: Reliable, Secure and Comprehensive cloud backup as a service solution 2019
403 Medusa Innovative technology for Geomechanical and Geophysical Stability Analysis in Tailings Dams 2019
404 SmartMelt SmartMelt: A Data-Driven Melting Process Optimizer 2019
405 SYNPEP Synthetic biology of non-ribosomal peptide synthetases to generate new peptides 2019
406 INLET INdustrial LEvitation Technology 2019
407 ELAPHARMA A novel approach of organ preservation using anti-necrosis agent before transplantation. 2019
408 Plan2fix Nitrogen-enriched plasma activated water, an unparalleled plant feeding system 2019
409 AIVA AI that composes complex instrumental music for movies, games, advertising and other types of digital media 2019
410 Contentflow Video Livestreaming Has Never Been Easier 2019
411 HSMonitor Pre-commercial Procurement of innovative ICT-enabled monitoring to improve health status and optimise hypertension care 2019
412 TRS A paradigm change in the treatment of blinding ocular diseases 2019
413 perGOla The first manufacturing process to obtain reduced graphene oxide at large-scale 2019
414 BRAVE VD-1: World's first autonomous blood drawing device 2020
415 LINGUINDIC Linguistics from India: new ideas for modern linguistics from ancient India 2020
416 i2connect Connecting advisers to boost interactive innovation in agriculture and forestry 2019
417 AWE Harvesting Airborne Wind Energy (AWE) using Rigid Kites 2019
418 EcoStock Mobile thermal energy storage based on recycled ceramics 2019
419 Ph.D. Phase map of dynamic, adaptive colloidal crystals far from equilibrium 2019
421 HEAT2VALUE Increased energy efficiency, flexibility and reduction of green-house gases using thermal battery 2019
422 HIPATIA HelIcon PlasmA Thruster for In-space Applications 2020
423 Preemie Personalised nutrition of low-birth-weight infants 2019
424 GRECA GRECA: Revolution in corporate transactions 2019
425 AID Artificial Intelligent Dentistry for cost-efficient X-ray analysis and diagnosis 2019
426 TIMAN262O A new generation of dry & quiet street sweepers 2019
427 SALICROP Overcoming the salinity barrier 2019
428 PRO-S PRO-S: The first highly energy efficient and eco-friendly bio based-photovoltaic module that works without sunlight or battery consumption for Smart buildings 2019
429 NGI-POINTER NGI Program for Open INTErnet Renovation 2020
430 SUBLIME Supporting Understanding of Boundary Layer Ingesting Model Experiment 2019
431 MILDTECH Affordable, low temperature, rapid and energy efficient dual frequency microwave assisted vacuum system for drying and cooking foods 2019
433 HAP2 Host-targeted Approaches for the Prevention and the treatment of Hospital-Acquired Pneumonia 2020
434 NEMASIS The next generation energy management solution for industry 4.0 2019
435 Mendi Neurofeedback The world’s most powerful brain training device for home use. 2019
436 TINTIN Visual narratives as a window into language and cognition 2020
437 INDIGO Effective and Affordable Flu Vaccines for the World 2020
438 SHOW SHared automation Operating models for Worldwide adoption 2020
439 NextMGT Next Generation of Micro Gas Turbines for High Efficiency, Low Emissions and Fuel Flexibility 2020
440 ADVOS ADVanced Organ Support – Revolution in intensive care for treatment of multiple organ failure 2019
441 DECODE reDucing the health and Economic COst of Diagnostic uncErtainty: launch and randomized control trial of the first validated bacterial versus viral test 2020
442 MYCOREV A Mycorrhizal Revolution: The role of diverse symbiotic fungi in modern terrestrial ecosystems 2020
443 CELLULO-EPI Celluloepidemiology: a novel paradigm for modeling T-cell responses on a population level. 2020
444 CYBER-PDR Disempowering Cyber-Attackers 2020
445 STAMPEDE Spatial and Temporal Analysis of Modern and Past Elephant DivErsity 2021
446 PROMET-H2 Cost-effective PROton Exchange MEmbrane WaTer Electrolyser for Efficient and Sustainable Power-to-H2 Technology 2020