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The page lists 445 projects related to the topic "revolutionary".

# achronym  title  year 
1 MMTech New aerospace advanced cost effective materials and rapid manufacturing technologies 2015
2 LYNCEUS2MARKET An innovative people localisation system for safe evacuation of large passenger ships 2015
3 X-probe Advanced XFEL and Synchrotron based Probes of Protein Structure and Dynamics 2015
4 Dynamic Nano Dynamic Nanoplasmonics 2015
5 SYNTECH Synthesis Technologies for Reactive Systems Software Engineers 2015
6 INFO TECHNOLOGY Information Technology and Institutions Supporting Human Capital Accumulation and Exchange 2015
7 preQFT Strategic Predictions for Quantum Field Theories 2015
8 RED-Heat-to-Power Conversion of Low Grade Heat to Power through closed loop Reverse Electro-Dialysis 2015
9 SIMDEQ SIngle Molecule DEtection and Quantification (SIMDEQ): A new platform for genetic and epigenetic analysis 2014
10 CHOReVOLUTION Automated Synthesis of Dynamic and Secured Choreographies for the Future internet 2015
11 PRISAR Preclinical Intra-Operative Image-Guided Surgery and Post-Operative Radiotherapy of Tumours 2015
12 AIDE Adaptive Multimodal Interfaces to Assist Disabled People in Daily Activities 2015
13 TUNEMEM Externally Tuneable Separations for Membrane Reactors 2015
14 NICHOID Mechanobiology of nuclear import of transcription factors modeled within a bioengineered stem cell niche. 2015
15 VIBRA Very fast Imaging by Broadband coherent RAman 2015
16 INTERACT Intelligent Non-woven Textiles and Elastomeric Responsive materials by Advancing liquid Crystal Technology 2015
17 PROFIT Cost-effective high speed Production for Fasteners in Titanium for the automotive industry 2014
18 MONILET Monitoring Bracelet for Health Use 2014
19 QFast2 Fast Multitarget Pathogen Detection Platform Traceable within a Quality Assurance System 2014
20 Ownerchip Digital Rights Management Infrastructure For 3D Printed Artifacts 2014
21 KIT Kidney Injury Technology 2014
22 ARTE Atomic Research for Topological Engineering 2015
23 MOSUDO Water and Drug Mobility at Silica Surfaces probed with DOSY NMR 2015
24 Baltic Mikrorayon Past, Present, and Future Lives of Soviet Housing Estates in the Baltic States 2016
25 AWWO A world without objects: the metaphysics of indeterminacy in ancient philosophy, from Democritus to Aenesidemus. 2015
26 CSDP Construction of Self-Dividing Protocells 2015
27 distraction Distraction as a Philosophical Concept and a Stylistic Device in France and Italy.17th-19th Centuries 2015
28 OPERACQC Operational characterization of quantum correlations 2015
29 RemoteControl Device Remote Controllable Devices 2015
30 HitSeedSME-1-09-14 HitSeed application for the Horizon 2020 dedicated SME Instrument - Phase 1 2014. September 2014. 2014
31 PRINTOO PRINTOO - flexible, thin, printed electronics prototyping kit 2015
32 EMInstr Development of a New Wavelength Scanning Interferometer for Embedded Metrology 2015
33 MISSION Mid Infrared SpectrometerS by an Innovative Optical iNterferometer 2015
34 HEATSENS_S Lab-on-a-chip microfluidic device based on plasmonicdriven thermal sensing for rapid detection of Salmonella typhimurium in agro-food field. 2015
35 FREEWAY FREEWAY : safely and effortless commute in an urban environment 2015
36 BrainPEER Brain Performance Enhancement Revolution - Advanced Cognitive Training System for Football Players 2015
37 WONDANTS Wonder Ants — A new eco-friendly-innovation solution to persistent invasive ants. 2015
38 MgSpa A highly efficient and eco-friendly electric shower offering health benefits through magnesium sulphate 2015
39 MultiScaleNeurovasc Quantifying the structure-function of the neurovascular interface: from micro-circuits to large-scale functional organization 2015
40 IRIS Infrared imaging and sensing: the single-photon frontier 2015
41 Microflusa Fabricating colloidal materials with microfluidics 2015
42 NEMF21 Noisy Electromagnetic Fields - A Technological Platform for Chip-to-Chip Communication in the 21st Century 2015
43 InnoSMART An Innovative Method for Improving the Structural Integrity using SMA Revolutionary Technology 2015
44 DigiArt The Internet Of Historical Things And Building New 3D Cultural Worlds 2015
45 OCAMIR The world’s fastest low noise infrared camera: Optic camera infrared 2015
46 SULTAN SUstainabLe Tunnel Agriculture with light cascade techNology 2015
47 DAHDAC DAHDAC project: Disruptive Approach to Highly Distributed Application Creation 2015
48 ImagePlanetFormDiscs Imaging the Dynamical Imprints of Planet Formation in Protoplanetary Discs 2015
50 HISPOB HISPOB- High Speed Potato Breeding: securing healthy food for the future 2015
51 VirtuCrete A new integrated process to valorise hazardous leaded glass from CRTs and transform it into high performance geopolymer blocks - VirtuCrete 2015
52 ADiRaS Alzheimer’s Disease Diagnosis by Spectroscopy. Accurate and Non-Invasive Medical Device for the Diagnosis of Early Stage Alzheimer's Disease. 2015
53 UFPC Technology Hybrid Ultra Flexible Printed Circuits combining flexible and low-cost printed electronics with high performance traditional silicon components. 2015
54 Excalibur 2.0 Revolutionary trustworthy platform for seamless authentication of Internet users 2015
55 VIRMETAL Virtual Design, Virtual Processing and Virtual Testing of Metallic Materials 2015
56 ACEP Airlander Civil Exploitation Project 2015
57 LESA Laser bonding of linear edged super-abrasive blades 2015
59 BrailleJet Digitally controlled Braille jet printing 2015
60 iNanoEOR In-situ produced nanoparticles for enhanced oil recovery 2015
61 BNYQ Breaking the Nyquist Barrier: A New Paradigm in Data Conversion and Transmission 2015
62 FlexLogIC Using existing methods to develop a modular, integrated and autonomous ‘Factory-in-a-box’ production line for manufacturing high volumes of flexible integrated logic circuits 2015
63 SOWELL Social Preferences, Well-Being and Policy 2015
64 V-Tex Multi Demonstration and optimisation of a highly innovative beverage cooling system that will deliver up to90% energy savings 2015
65 StableVax Commercialisation of a world changing invention for the stabilisation and delivery of vaccines 2015
66 GEO Green Efficient Outboards 2015
67 EPICHECK Detection of Various Cancer Types for Screening and Diagnosis through Blood Samples with Epigenetic Biomarkers Panels 2015
68 XPRESS XPRESS ENGINE - The Future of Affective Market Research 2015
69 SMAV SMAV: Best for the Environment Soda Fountain Smart Valves 2015
70 SWAPOUT Smart Wireless Access Point with Objective User-Targeting 2015
71 MARA Molecular Analytical Robotics Assays 2015
72 PROSEQO PROtein SEQuencing using Optical single molecule real-time detection 2016
73 SORBET Spin Orbitronics for Electronic Technologies 2015
74 HUNTER Advanced Humidity to Electricity Converter 2015
75 IMERSO IMERSO - Virtual Reality System 2015
77 WASCOP Water Saving for Solar Concentrated Power 2016
79 DELASTI DEvelopment of advanced LASer based technologies for the manufacturing of TItanium HLFC structures 2016
81 TROCONVEX Turbulent Rotating Convection to the Extreme 2016
82 INNOHEM Innovative 5-part haematology analyser for near-patient diagnostics 2015
83 NANOSCREEN Disruptive portable device for pre-screening of Persistent Organic Pollutants –POPs- in food products and water 2015
84 HYDRA Hydraulics modelling for drilling automation 2016
85 ORPHEUS Object-based broadcasting – for European leadership in next generation audio experiences 2015
86 SPEXOR Spinal Exoskeletal Robot for Low Back Pain Prevention and Vocational Reintegration 2016
87 PLASMOfab A generic CMOS-compatible platform for co-integrated plasmonics/photonics/electronics PICs towards volume manufacturing of low energy, small size and high performance photonic devices 2016
88 INTUI-VIEW Intelligent needle tracking using ultrasound imaging for improved minimally invasive interventions 2015
89 ISABEL Triggering Sustainable Biogas Energy Communities through Social Innovation 2016
90 XoSoft Soft modular biomimetic exoskeleton to assist people with mobility impairments 2016
91 Liqbiopsens Reliable Novel Liquid Biopsy technology for early detection of colorectal cancer 2016
92 BCOOL Barocaloric materials for energy-efficient solid-state cooling 2016
93 LDMThExp Going Beyond the WIMP: From Theory to Detection of Light Dark Matter 2016
94 FUTURA FUTUre RAil freight transport: cost-effective, safe, quiet and green! 2016
95 SENCOGI SENCOGI® : a revolutionary gaze-tracking technology for real world applications. 2016
96 SUPPLEPRINT Super Productive Line Printing Inkjet 2016
97 ARIADNE ARgon ImAging DetectioN chambEr 2016
98 MultiSens A revolutionary quality indicator platform for the food industry 2017
99 ConAQuMe Quantum Control for Advanced Quantum Metrology 2016
100 AmpiDots Exponential Amplification and Rapid Detection of miRNAs using DNA-Quantum Dot Bioconjugates for Disease Diagnostics 2017
101 EnterTerra Transcriptional regulation and mechanistic insights on the telomeric lncRNA TERRA 2016
102 QuP Long Range Surface Plasmon Polaritons as an Alternative Information Carrier for Nanoscale Quantum Circuitry 2016
103 COMPLEX Control and Optimization of Energy Flow in Complex Molecular Networks 2016
104 CORNposite Valorisation of corn processing by-products into plastic bio-composites 2016
105 TMS Cloud ePos Revolutionary secure payment management system to integrate the different elements of the payment industry with the use of SEPA 2016
106 CCP Feasibility assessment on sustainable bulk products, made from coconut fibers 2016
107 DIDSON Paracoustics : System active sound reducing system against noise pollution due to transport 2016
108 ESPCSS Efficient Spin-Photon Coupling in the Solid-State 2016
109 Back2theFuture Back to the Future. Perceiving the future and the development of early modern capitalism, 1500-1700 2016
110 ODESI Optoelectronic detection of single spin in silicon 2016
111 InjectCHA Local delivery of PTH(1-34) from an injectable collagen-hydroxyapatite scaffold for non-invasive treatment of bisphosphonate associated atypical femoral fractures 2016
112 Schizophrenia Organoids Understanding the role of parvalbumin interneuron development in schizophrenia using human cerebral organoids 2017
113 INCOMMON In praise of community: shared creativity in arts and politics in Italy (1959-1979) 2016
114 SEA-More-Yield Sea-More-Yield: A Blue Biotechnology Solution for the Reduction of Pod Shatter in Bio-Oil Producing Crops 2016
115 MagnonCircuits Nano-Scale Magnonic Circuits for Novel Computing Systems 2016
116 TechTanks Revolutionary rib-welding system for the worldwide first fully automated production of large, high quality, on-site welded tanks, bringing considerable cost savings to drinking water applications 2016
117 S.D.S. an innovative system for building hulls for recreational and work boats 2016
118 ECO-TURBINE Development of lamella type of wind turbine made of bio composite polymers 2016
119 Drygair20 Energy efficient greenhouse dehumidifier for warm climate operating at wide temperature ranges (4-40° C) and free of fluorinated gases 2016
120 PROFIT Cost-effective high speed Production for Fasteners in Titanium for the automotive industry 2016
121 GPBOX GPBOX Energy Platform 2016
122 LAURA Efficient photobioreactor for the production of algae-based chemical resources 2016
123 DG-PESP-CS Deterministic Generation of Polarization Entangled single Photons Cluster States 2016
124 TRISORP Energy saving and reducing carbon dioxide emission by applying advanced ammonia/water absorption chillers and decentralised Trigeneration (CCHP) technology to small and medium enterprises 2016
125 ICARUS Towards Innovative cost-effective astronomical instrumentation 2016
126 BSD Euler systems and the conjectures of Birch and Swinnerton-Dyer, Bloch and Kato 2016
127 PhysSF Physics of Star Formation and Its Regulation 2016
128 EXOPLANETBIO Exoplanet atmospheres as indicators of life: From hot gas giants to Earth-like planets 2016
130 RitualModes Divergent modes of ritual, social cohesion, prosociality, and conflict. 2016
131 CRESUCHIRP Ultrasensitive Chirped-Pulse Fourier Transform mm-Wave Detection of Transient Species in Uniform Supersonic Flows for Reaction Kinetics Studies under Extreme Conditions 2016
133 EVEARA EVEARA: Testing a New Business Model for Digital Music Distribution 2016
134 ATOMIX Boosting the efficiency of current agricultural atomisers by using ultrasonics emitters 2016
135 SSL Novel microfiltration technology for emissions reduction 2016
136 CROPTI The disruptive management software that turns agricultural traceability information into actionable business data 2016
137 OILBLOCK Immediate Oil Spill containment to mitigate impact on the marine ecosystem 2016
138 HIPER Heterogeneous Integrated Platform for Electronic system Redistribution: A revolutionary I/O Planning Solution for Micro/Nano 2.5-D Electronic Systems Design 2016
139 MICROCLEANERS Active microcleaners for water remediation 2016
140 4DHeart 4D analysis of heart development and regeneration using advanced light microscopy 2017
141 PACMAN Prognostics And Computer Aided Maintenance 2016
142 PLASMECS NanoPlasmoMechanical Systems 2016
143 New Gluten World A Revolutionary, Safe and Cost-effective Industrial Process for Gluten Detoxification in Cereals 2016
144 GLAUrious External Automatic Glaucoma Laser (EAGLE) for the first-line glaucoma treatment: Commercial prototype development and validation 2016
145 MATERIALIZABLE MATERIALIZABLE: Intelligent fabrication-oriented Computational Design and Modeling 2017
146 Diet-namic From fast food to healthy diet: Addressing the dynamic molecular mechanism of sequential diet switch-induced T cell plasticity for the purpose of developing new treatments for immuno-mediated diseases 2016
147 SISCERA Smart Implants from Safe CERAmics 2017
148 DASHIN Data Should Inspire – Development of a Disruptive Big Data Analysing Solution for Marketing Agencies 2016
149 GALAHAD Glaucoma – Advanced, LAbel-free High resolution Automated OCT Diagnostics 2016
150 ELG-blocks Sustainable production of lightweight thermal concretes and concrete blocks with use of recycled industrial waste for construction of energy-efficient and/or highly seismic-safe masonry buildings 2017
151 theEoE A novel drug candidate for the treatment of Eosinophilic Esophagitis - an innovative solution for a significant unmet medical need 2016
152 OCTOLY REVIEWS Plugin A revolutionary Influencer Marketing solution that creates a new sales channel for SMEs and self-employment opportunities for Social Media influencers 2017
153 SORCERER Structural pOweR CompositEs foR futurE civil aiRcraft 2017
154 PRE-EST Preparatory Phase for the European Solar Telescope 2017
155 SolMAG Unravelling The Structure and Evolution of Solar Magnetic Flux Ropes and Their Magnetosheaths 2017
156 THz-FRaScan-ESR THz Frequency Rapid Scan – Electron Spin Resonance spectroscopy for spin dynamics investigations of bulk and surface materials (THz-FRaScan-ESR) 2018
157 InnoSpace Revolutionizing fibre-wireless communications through space-division multiplexed photonics 2017
158 FITTOM PVC-O Fittings based on MOLECOR’s Molecular Orientation TOM® technology 2017
159 WONOWO Search engine for organising complete collaborative economy experiences. 2017
160 PEA Aluminium Portable Element Analyser 2016
161 GASMETRIC New multi-parameter automaton for measurement of indoor environmental conditions in livestock exploitations 2017
162 AQUARAMAN Pipet Based Scanning Probe Microscopy Tip-Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy: A Novel Approach for TERS in Liquids 2017
163 SPINBEYOND Spin Transport Beyond Electrons 2017
164 BITRIDE BIKE SHARING The solution for flexible bike sharing initiatives without fixed stations 2017
165 Simecos Novel Arthritis Treatment with focus on natural Chitin Oligosaccharides 2017
166 EYE21 EYE2021. Glasses to see with 3D sound, arrival to market. 2017
167 Sure-Rider Boats Boats with revolutionary Hull design for safer and more comfortable cruising. 2017
168 KWIDO_TELECARE Multidevice software platform for caring elderly patients at home 2017
169 DUSTCOMB A Novel Method to Reduce Industrial Dust Pollution of Respirable Air 2017
170 BriScrew BioResorbable Ostheosynthesis Implant 2017
171 Elbee Elbee, a worldwide unique drive-from-wheelchair vehicle 2017
172 SOUNDBITES Sound it out: inferring foraging ecology from a predator-embarked acoustic recorder 2018
174 NONLINMAT Functional extreme nonlinear nanomaterials 2017
175 CTFMAUTOMATION Automation of Correlative Optical Tweezers-Fluorescence Microscopy Experiments 2017
176 THEcore Thermally efficient, cost-reduced nanostructured foams for vacuum insulation panels 2017
177 FASTR 3D SIM Focus on Advancing Spatial and Temporal Resolution of 3D Structured Illumination Microscopy 2017
178 REALITY Revolutionary projector platform for virtual and augmented reality eyewear 2017
179 SymbiCoat A breakthrough in rechargeable N-Halamine technology for unparalled antimicrobial efficacy on hard surfaces 2017
180 ATRA Atlas of Renaissance Antiquarianism 2017
181 NMRNTECH NMR-based Sensor Technology at Nanoscale 2017
183 ESCAPE_COPD Elimination of Senescent Cells Approach for treatment of COPD 2017
184 EPICODE Programmable Readers, Writers, and Erasers of the Epigenetic Cytosine Code 2017
185 CHIMERA A novel instrument to identify chiral molecules for pharmaceutics and bio-chemistry. 2017
186 QCLAB Revolutionary new quantum chemical software for molecular simulations 2017
187 DATATRANS PROVENTA Smart Database Transformation Framework 2017
188 MoQuOS Molecular Quantum Opto-Spintronics 2017
189 GENERALIZED Generalized geometry: 3-manifolds and applications 2018
190 ACME ACME, fly with me, fly with ACME 2017
191 pHenom A cost effective, smart, calibration free, low maintenance pH sensor providing an integrated approach to monitoring sea and drinking water, facilitating improvements in ocean, animal and human health. 2017
192 BUNGEE Directed crop breeding using jumping genes 2017
193 TRADE Turbo electRic Aircraft Design Environment (TRADE) 2017
194 NOLEAK Self-powered system for leakage detection in water pipes and self-sealing fissures with natural products 2017
196 ASGARD Automatic SaaS Governing of Hybrid Networks for Growing Infrastructure Demands 2017
197 MATRIX CHARGING Novel, automated charging infrastructure for electric vehicles 2017
198 Railscope Improving Railway Safety Through Innovative Sensor System 2017
199 SWING Smart connected poWer continuity system enablING European industrial renaissance 2017
200 ThermalMR Thermal Magnetic Resonance: A New Instrument to Define the Role of Temperature in Biological Systems and Disease for Diagnosis and Therapy 2018
202 abcdeSIM-VR The flight simulator for Medical and Health Professionals 2017
203 EcoLeather Durable, Environmentally Friendly and High-quality Leather Alternative 2017
204 Classizer A novel and revolutionary instrument for the classification and sizing of micro-” and nano- particles in biological, industrial and environmental complex fluids. 2017
205 EFINED Energy Filtering Non-Equilibrium Devices 2018
206 MAGISTER Machine learning for Advanced Gas turbine Injection SysTems to Enhance combustoR performance. 2017
207 NanoMAPs High performance algorithms for high precision GPS and cloud solutions for super resolution microscopy 2017
208 PD UpReg Gene knock-up via 3’UTR targeting to treat Parkinson’s disease 2017
209 COSY-BIO Control Engineering of Biological Systems for Reliable Synthetic Biology Applications 2017
211 WATER4AGRI Securing water for food and safety with the world's most advanced soil moisture information derived from satellites 2017
212 WFNQMC Development of a Novel Computational Toolbox for Stochastic Electronic Structure in Chemistry and Condensed Matter 2018
213 MuDiLingo A Multiscale Dislocation Language for Data-Driven Materials Science 2017
214 Plume Air Cloud Plume Air Cloud – Air Quality Data Crowdsourcing Platform for Environmentally-friendly Cities 2017
215 AdAI Revolutionary Artificial Intelligence Solution for Managing and Optimising Google AdWords 2017
216 QuadraComb Quadratic dispersive resonators for optical frequency comb generation 2018
217 DOMUS Design OptiMisation for efficient electric vehicles based on a USer-centric approach 2017
218 SUPPLEPRINT Super Productive Line Printing Inkjet 2018
219 ErasingFear Understanding the Stability and Plasticity of Emotional Memory 2018
220 MUSE Multi-perspective Ultrasound Strain Imaging & Elastography 2018
221 4SUNS 4-Colours/2-Junctions of III-V semiconductors on Si to use in electronics devices and solar cells 2018
222 GreatMoves General Relativistic Moving-Mesh Simulations of Neutron-Star Mergers 2018
223 PRIViLEDGE Privacy-Enhancing Cryptography in Distributed Ledgers 2018
224 SDS-OmiProbe Revolutionary opto-biological methodology for aggressive HER2 cancer 2017
225 Lambda lambda -- full colour, energy efficient, ultra-thin and bendable reflective display. 2017
226 ECO-Thrust Green Reaction Control System (RCS) 2017
227 EXACT-dna EXtended Analysis of Circulating Tumour DNA to improve cancer management strategies 2017
228 4DRepLy Closing the 4D Real World Reconstruction Loop 2018
229 PICOMETRICS Picometer metrology for light-element nanostructures: making every electron count 2018
230 JetDynamics High precision multi-jet dynamics at the LHC 2018
231 ElIonT Electron- and Ion Transfer at the Interface: a Hyphenated Dynamic Multi-Frequency Approach 2018
232 ARION Reusable launch vehicle for small payloads 2018
233 SRSensor A breakthrough high resolution, real-time, industrial molecular analyser for advanced process control in the biogas production industry 2018
234 REBOOT Toolbox of multipotent bioactive composite implants for the full functional regeneration ofbones after a trauma 2018
235 PiedPiper PiedPiper®: smart pest control 2018
236 VILT-DEV Virtual Instructor-Led IT Developer Training Program 2018
237 QUEM-CHEM Time- and space- resolved ultrafast dynamics in molecular-plasmonic hybrid systems 2018
238 RENShip Hybrid Carbon-free electrically driven fishing longliner with low power methanol combustion enginefor propulsion back-up and auxiliary equipment 2018
239 AMPERE Accounting for Metallicity, Polarization of the Electrolyte, and Redox reactions in computational Electrochemistry 2018
240 DREAM Drafting and Enacting the Revolutions in the Arab Mediterranean.In search of Dignity, from the 1950’s until today 2018
241 MINIRES A Minimalist Peptide Elastomer 2018
242 GuEst New Directions in Guaranteed Estimation of Nonlinear Dynamic Systems and Their Applications toChemical Engineering Problems 2018
243 SHINE Self-Healthcare for breast cancer detection using an INtegrated paper-based Electrochemical device 2019
244 NEUROTILES Bioengineered hippocampal organoids for epilepsy treatment 2018
245 NI HTS machine Developing novel high temperature superconductor rotor windings for electric aircraft propulsion machines 2018
246 MONMETAL Generation of monolayer thin 2D nanosheets of noble/semi-noble metals: Investigation of their structural, electronic and catalytic properties 2018
247 MeSoMat Metabolic soft matter with life-like properties 2018
248 ThermoQuantumImage Thermal imaging of nano and atomic-scale dissipation in quantum states of matter 2018
249 NanoBioNext Nanoscale Biomeasurements of Nerve Cells and Vesicles: Molecular Substructure and the Nature of Exocytosis 2018
250 TRANSFORMER Structural transformations and phase transitions in real-time 2018
251 HyPhOE Hybrid Electronics based on Photosynthetic Organisms 2018
252 H-Reality Mixed Haptic Feedback for Mid-Air Interactions in Virtual and Augmented Realities 2018
253 CARAMBA SLAMF7-CAR T cells prepared by Sleeping Beauty gene-transfer for immunotherapy of multiple myeloma – a rare hematologic disease 2018
254 QSA Quantum Coordination and Support Action 2017
255 ComFyt ComFyt, the revolution in compression therapy. A novel Electro-Active Polymers technology applied to a smart stocking that mimics rhythmic calf muscle contractions and stimulates the blood flow. 2018
256 DDoS Analyser Revolutionary Non-Disruptive DDoS Testing Technology that significantly strengthens resistance to DDoS attacks and provides ongoing visibility on identified DDoS mitigation vulnerabilities. 2018
257 ARcopter The Game Changer Free-wing VTOL Drone for Commercial and Governmental Missions 2018
258 EXICOM 3D experience anywhere, at any time 2018
259 Graphext A REVOLUTIONARY SYSTEM IN THE EMERGING MARKET OF ADVANCED ANALYTICS. Graphext bridges the gap between Data Science and Business Intelligence, democratising Advanced Analytics. 2018
260 Green Radar An advance Multi-Side Boating Platform working with Passive Radar technology boosting a new emerging market 2018
261 Print4Caps Printing cap system with LED UV drying system with improved efficiency and quality 2018
262 LEAD Miniature colon spectral scanner that gives real-time automatic alerts for pathological findings. 2018
263 Phytoponics A sustainable, affordable scalable hydroponic system for large-scale agriculture 2018
264 HIPER A revolutionary I/O Planning Solution for 2.5D & 3D Nanoelectronic Systems Design 2018
265 ADDPRIME Multifunctional smart inhibitors for anti-corrosive coatings, enabling a significant reduction of maintenance costs on metallic surfaces 2018
266 Medika Commercialisation of dental medical device for measuring salivary pH 2018
267 FuseX Novel device for simple and effective prevention of post-surgical adhesion build up. 2018
268 Bac-Tracker Empowering food manufacturers with a novel device for fast, accurate and cost-effective food safety testing 2018
269 STET CLEAN Disinfecting the Stethoscope membrane through a hi-tech UV device 2018
270 AORTA 2 Alginor's Ocean Refining Total utilisation Application 2018
271 Nanosynex Ultra-fast Antimicrobial Susceptibility Test for diagnosing antimicrobial resistance to provide personalized antibiotic treatments 2018
272 OUTLIVE OUTLIVE: a disruptive non-invasive ultrasound therapy to treat all patients affected with aortic stenosis. 2019
273 FAERSK FAERSK – Innovative fish processing and logistics solution 2018
274 a tool for security assessments of emerging and legacy platforms 2018
275 reinventing the tyre A disruptive innovation improving functionality, increasing product life span and removing the need for tyre change through a patented modular tyre system. 2018
276 BQ-Technology BrainQ, non-invasive, very low intensity, BCI-based frequency dependent electromagnetic field tailored treatment for neuro recovery (BQ). 2018
277 ProPeeler ProPeeler: Enhanced shrimp peeling machine with full control and optimisation of the process to enable full automation of the shrimp peeling industry 2018
278 HuMaInn DataMall DataMall (Behavee) is an open ecosystem for the eCommerce cyberspace 2018
279 PPROI Restoring competitiveness – Information system for the 21st Century Manufacturing 2018
280 PAMPAS Productionisation of Advanced Modular Passenger Autonomous Seating 2018
281 PerPedes PerPedes: AI-assisted therapy in stroke rehabilitation 2018
282 Global-assembly Building up the Milky Way Halo in the era of multiple stellar populations 2018
283 SEABOAT Sustainable Environmentally-friendly Advanced-Composite Zero-Emission Boats 2018
284 AbCURE_COPD Antibody mediated clearance of senescent cells for treatment of COPD 2018
285 NextBillionMusicians The Next Billion Musicians: Leading the Digital Disruption of Music Education 2018
286 MM Mister Maginky The new product which solves men’s incontinency problem 2018
288 PGplant The Facade of Industrial Internet 2018
289 EQUALITY Efficient QUantum Light for TechnologY 2018
290 5G-Enhance 5G Enhanced Mobile Broadband Access Networks in Crowded Environments 2018
291 PEA aluminium Portable Element Analyzer 2018
292 FLUO Industrial implementation of a step-change technology to measure fluorescence 2018
293 2D-SIPC Two-dimensional quantum materials and devices for scalable integrated photonic circuits 2018
294 DELIVER DELIVERy of advanced therapies for diabetes training network 2019
295 Microrobots Engineering Biohybrid MicroRobots from Magnetic Swimmers and S-layers 2018
296 OILBLOCK Immediate Oil Spill containment to mitigate impact on the marine ecosystem 2018
297 PulseTester Next-Generation Thyristor pulse technology for testing of high power magnetic components in DC Smart Grids 2018
298 BioRen Development of competitive, next generation biofuels from municipal solid waste 2018
299 HALT Hydrodynamical approach to light turbulence 2019
300 ReverseAndCat Reversible Creation of Non-Inherent Reactivity Patterns in Catalytic Organic Synthesis 2018
301 QMiCS Quantum Microwave Communcation and Sensing 2018
302 MammoWave Cutting edge microwave imaging device for safe and accurate breast cancer screening 2018
303 GrowBot Towards a new generation of plant-inspired growing artefacts 2019
304 SAPIENS Shaping the social brain through early interactions 2019
305 IMPACT HAU The Hau of Finance: Impact Investing and the Globalization of Social and Environmental Sustainability 2019
307 UBQ Material Converting household waste into sustainable bio-based materials 2018
308 Citrus End-to-End Remote Site Monitoring and Clinical Trial Management Solution 2018
309 PHARMS Bacteriophage inhibition of antibiotic-resistant pathogenic microbes and founding for novel therapeutic strategies 2019
310 ProDIS Provenance for Data-Intensive Systems 2018
311 FUCOPRO Fucoxanthin production from microalgae Isochrysis galbana - a solution to solve the global obesity 2018
312 EPIC-XS European Proteomics Infrastructure Consortium providing Access 2019
313 ANTI-ATOM Many-body theory of antimatter interactions with atoms, molecules and condensed matter 2019
314 PerformB Innovative digital platform based on machine learning to analyze large databases, aggregate them and provide results to questions made in natural language. 2018
315 WingtraOne A VTOL (Vertical Take-Off and Landing) drone for mapping and surveying, uniquely combining long range, heavy payloads and ease of use. 2018
316 OFF-SITE Violence, State formation and memory politics: an off-site ethnography of post-revolution Iran 2019
317 EXPLO Exploring the dynamics and causes of prehistoric land use change in the cradle of European farming 2019
318 Super-Pixels Super-Pixels: Redefining the way we sense the world. 2019
319 Sinusway Sinusway- a revolutionary single-use endoscope device for treatment of severe sinuses infection (Sinusitis) 2018
320 WATERMAX First European Aeration Systems based on NANOBUBBLES TECHNOLOGY for Waste Water Treatment 2019
321 GLADIATOR Next-generation theranostics of brain pathologies with autonomous externally controllable nanonetworks: a trans-disciplinary approach with bio-nanodevice interfaces 2019
322 CANCER SCAN A Body Scan for Cancer Detection using Quantum Technology 2019
323 Synx BIOS Synx BIOS: The revolutionary web-BIOS that fully enables the Internet of Things (IoT) through the Real Time Web 2019
324 TriQ New technology for improved food security and food safety to meet the increasing demand from consumers 2019
325 F-BioIce Fundamentals of Biological Ice Nucleation 2019
326 DiSeTCom Dirac Semimetals based Terahertz Components 2019
327 STOP-COPD PulseHaler™: A Novel Treatment Device for COPD. 2019
328 Metachip A pan-cancer diagnostic platform based on nanobiotechnology and machine learning for simple and accessible early cancer detection 2019
330 IntelliGen Advanced control platform for next generation Free Piston Engines (FPEs) for clean and efficient power generation 2019
331 SUSTONABLE From bottle to stone. Recyclable engineered stone for countertops. 2019
332 Plasmanorg Environmental-friendly organic chemical synthesis in plasma reactor 2019
333 SQP Opening new markets for Single Quantum Photodetectors 2019
334 SWALLIS SWALLIS - a disruptive wearable device that uses sound patterns to diagnose and monitor swallowing disorders 2019
335 EventAI Revolutionary Artificial Intelligence Platform for Managing and Optimising Event Planning 2018
336 ProtonSuite The most secure collaboration suite in the world 2019
337 IRF4 Degradation Using a novel protein degradation approach to uncover IRF4-regulated genes in plasma cells 2019
338 DIMCO Development and Investigation of Manganese-doped NiFe nanosheet Catalyst for Oxygen Evolution Reaction 2019
339 IPQNet Information Processing in Future Quantum Networks 2019
340 PROMINENT Solar prominences: unraveling the ultimate condensation catastrophe 2019
341 FORMSofLABOUR Forms of Labour: Gender, Freedom and Experience of Work in the Preindustrial Economy 2019
342 ReSOLeS New Reconfigurable Spectrum Optical Fibre Laser Sources 2019
343 PersVR Unraveling the persuasive power of 360º-video Virtual Reality narratives 2019
344 NSFTA New Strategies For Therapeutic Antibodies – Synthetic bispecific antibodies & Antibody-Drug Conjugates with controlled drug loading. General methods for unexplored ADCs and personalised therapies. 2020
345 MARS Versatile mass and rheological sensing platform 2020
346 PocketLight Compact all-fibre nonlinear resonators as technological platform for a new generation of miniaturised light sources. 2020
347 LightBosons Search for Higgs boson decays into Light Bosons in Boosted Hadronic final states 2019
348 GenDels Development of a new CRISPR-Cas3-based tool for large genomic deletions 2019
350 B4TDM Making Contracts Digital with Civilised Blockchain 2019
351 LICE LICE CULTIVATOR: Fast mechanical cultivator reducing fuel and herbicide use 2019
352 MEC Mercury Emissions Control (MEC) technology to enable thorough assessment of combustion and waste incineration plants to meet upcoming legislation directives for the reduction of mercury emissions 2019
353 CLS Technology to use any standard microscope for correlative imaging 2019
354 WHISSPER WHISSPER - fighting traffic noise exposure by diffraction 2019
356 Coldab An innovative Pulsed Laser Deposition process for next generation of Li-ion batteries 2019
357 TailWind Revolutionary electric plane technology that can be used for new build aircraft as well as to convert existing non-electric turboprops into fully electric aircraft. 2019
358 IP-SMS The Augnet Platform - Using Internet Protocol as the SMS Data Communication System 2019
359 Patwiser A revolutionary patent drafting tool powered by cutting-edge AI algorithms 2019
360 Pearls Constellation A next generation telecommunication platform based on a nano-satellites constellation 2019
361 NGI Next Generation Imaging 2019
362 NASALFLOW A medical device for airflow simulation of the human upper airways 2019
363 ElectroGas New Technology for Efficient Electrochemical Production of Synthetic Natural Gas 2019
364 KOALA FOCUS KOALA FOCUS: A disruptive e-health approach to treat at home, attention deficits without drugs 2019
365 Evo Constructor A fully Robotic and 3D Printing solution for large scale building delivery 2019
366 ARTimmune Programmable ARTificial immune systems to fight cancer 2019
367 BE Therapy A revolutionary digital therapeutics platform for personalized and effective neurocognitive rehabilitation 2019
368 NEXTER Next generation eco-friendly, microbiome preserving and reduced resistance therapeutics 2019
369 BLOCKPOOL Pooling SME adoption and deployment of Blockchain and other DLTs 2019
370 PyroSafe Integration of new nano-engineered safe energetic layers with Sensors and Electronics to manufacture Safety-Critical Microsystems 2019
371 VW Glare control with media functionality - VideowindoW 2019
372 AGRICAM AGRICAM – reducing the usage of antibiotics and increasing animal welfare through advanced thermal imaging system for detecting early cases of mastitis in dairy cows 2019
373 WMT A scalable, low cost solution for healthy mineralization of drinking water 2019
374 Igentify The disruptive personalized machine-based genetic counseling platform 2019
375 InAir An Air Quality Monitoring Station in a Chip 2019
376 ALGABOOSTER Marine microalgae immunostimulant complex to boost the competitiveness of the EU aquaculture sector 2019
377 Bio2Skin Bio2Skin, a novel biomaterial for medical skin adhesives 2019
378 H2COLOR-AUX An innovative polymer particle used for textile dying which massively reduces water and energy consumption 2019
379 AVATAR SW application for smartphones enabling accurate and easy-to-use 3D body scanning for digitalized design and production process in fashion and textile industry. 2019
380 Biztribution Towards a fully decentralized distribution for next generation of travel and tourism distribution 2019
381 Pacefish GPU-accelerated CFD software - Highest accuracy in unparalleled speed 2019
382 NPP NanoPowder Plant – Metal nanopowders for a world of great opportunities 2019
383 QUDOT-TECH Quantum Dots for Photonic Quantum Information Technologies 2020
384 EMP Motion planning technology for autonomous driving 2019
385 POSEIDON NanoPhOtonic devices applying SElf-assembled colloIDs for novel ON-chip light sources 2020
386 RSENSE Revolutionizing disease and environmental detection with portable optoacoustic sensing 2020
387 s-NEBULA Novel Spin-Based Building Blocks for Advanced TeraHertz Applications 2020
388 IQLev Inertial Sensing Based on Quantum-Enhanced Levitation Systems 2020
389 Winegrid Fiber optic sensor for real time analytics of the critical parameters for vinification 2019
390 CAPTIS An Embolic Protection Device for stroke prevention during heart valve replacement. 2019
391 StopAddict The game changer drug to cure alcohol use disorders 2019
392 ClearRing An innovative, minimally invasive medical device used for treatment of Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia symptoms 2019
393 FPPAs Field Programmable Photonic Arrays 2019
394 REBOOT Resource efficient bio-chemical production and waste treatment 2020
395 CREATE Crafting Complex Hybrid Materials for Sustainable Energy Conversion 2020
396 IPANEMA Integration of PAper-based Nucleic acid testing mEthods into Microfluidic devices for improved biosensing Applications 2020
397 MIMATOM Paleomagnetism and rock-magnetism by Micro-Magnetic Tomography 2020
398 APRICOT Anatomically Precise Revolutionary Implant for bone Conserving Osteoarthritis Treatment 2019
399 FOCALSPEC Solving the Root Cause of Battery Short Circuits:FocalSpec high-speed 3D imaging sensors revolutionise industrial quality control 2019
400 Movi Player SDK New mobile video platform technology for interactive experiences and added-value from video distribution 2019
401 ThermoTON Thermophone - a novel heat transfer based approach to global TOnal Noise cancellation in aviation 2020
402 EmbryoMethFunc Cell-Type Specific DNA Methylation Changes During Mammalian Development: Beyond Mapping 2019
403 ADAMtx ADAMtx: Development of Alzheimer’s immunotherapy by harnessing the natural reparative properties of microglia 2019
404 ConquerIons Conquering a New Paradigm for Addressing Ion Detection in Real Scenarios 2020
405 RadSpec A New Strategy for Vibronic Spectroscopy of Radicals 2020
406 REBOOT First-in-class implants for bone regeneration surgery after a bone, ligament or tendon injury 2019
407 AlgoQIP Beyond Shannon: Algorithms for optimal information processing 2020
408 SWOP The first non-toxic bio-based polymer resin to revolutionize the wood panel industry 2019
409 MACBETH Membranes And Catalysts Beyond Economic and Technological Hurdles 2019
410 Neuron-AFib Commercialising cardiac autonomic modulation to treat Atrial Fibrillation 2019
411 CADISS A medical device for the selective dissection of pathological tissues and fibrosis 2019
412 VEMoS Virtual eye model system for personalised refractive surgery treatment 2019
413 Self-Brett 2.0 Self-test2, wine analysis kit for Brettanomyces yeast identification 2019
414 STREAMLINE Sustainable research at micro and nano X-ray beamlines 2019
415 BATTERY PLUS High performing batteries for accelerated uptake of hybrid and electric vehicles 2019
418 MILDTECH Affordable, low temperature, rapid and energy efficient dual frequency microwave assisted vacuum system for drying and cooking foods 2019
419 Cancersensing A multi-cancer screening platform for fast and accurate early stage cancer detection from urine samples 2019
420 FimusKraft Biotechnological production of energy by electrification of biowaste 2019
421 Adams Hand Turning Disabilities into New Possibilities with the Easiest-to-Use Myoelectric Hand Prothesis in the World 2019
422 Colourganisms Microbial production of custom-made, pure and sustainable anthocyanins 2020
423 DiFacturo The Unique International Independent Decentralized Invoice Network 2019
424 WorkFREE Slavery, Work and Freedom: What Can Cash Transfers Contribute to the Fight for Decent Work? 2020
425 CUDI Implementation of contrast-ultrasound dispersion imaging for better prostate cancer care 2020
426 RePLAy Reinventing bioplastic: CO2 + sunlight = PLA 2019
427 E-Optimum Energy leading-edge technology for high performance gear shaping machines 2020
428 Mendi Neurofeedback The world’s most powerful brain training device for home use. 2019
429 GAP SIMULATOR Novel Calculation and Analysis Method, Planning and Application Platform That Personalizes the Mathematical Definition of Spinal Alignment and Shape (GAP Simulator) 2020
430 AtlanticExiles Refugees and Revolution in the Atlantic World, 1770s-1820s 2020
431 Brillouin4Life Development of advanced optical tools for studying cellular mechanics at high spatial and temporal resolution 2020
432 MAD Mechanisms of Apomictic Developments 2020
433 SUSTONABLE From bottle to stone. Recyclable engineered stone for kitchen countertops. 2019
434 Walleye The world’s first fully portable hand-held microwave imaging technology scanner 2019
435 AUTONORMS Transforming Norms Research through Practices: Weaponised Artificial Intelligence, Norms, and Order 2020
436 SILENT Seismic Isolation of Einstein Telescope 2020
437 ExploDProteins Exploiting the DNA damage response to induce degradation of proteins 2020
438 SPINHALL Computing with mutually synchronized topological insulator based spin Hall nano-oscillators 2020
439 RevolutionaryOpScan Revolutionary Opéra-Comique in Scandinavia: Transfer and Repertoire 2020
440 OXYGEN The redox evolution of arc magmas: from the oxygenation of the Earth’s atmosphere to the genesis of giant hydrothermal ore deposits 2020
441 SPECTACLE The lure of the foreign stage: Italian art and artistry serving the French and European spectacle. 2020
442 Siphony Combination of Supercritical Carbon Dioxide and Water for foaming of polymers 2021
443 SHINE Chemical Approach to Scalable Fabrication of Hybrid Plasmonic Materials in the Strong-Coupling Regime 2020
444 FUNMAT Functionally Metalized Nanocellulose For Future Smart Materials 2020
445 APT The Sound of a Healthy Herd. Revolutionising the Care of Dairy Cattle with Pioneering Acoustic Technology 2020